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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

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Shouldn't this be self-explanatory?
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Doesn't seem to be a general thread for .flow on the new /fg/ yet, so here

(this is mainly an excuse for me to upload this really cute picture of sabi)
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File: 1657938941150.png (329.24 KB, 500x551, ADVENTURE.png)

Small update: rummaging through my laptop I found it

File: 1317280140852.jpg (85.72 KB, 640x480, 8597327e3ad71d10325bae49428…)

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The solution to all your Japanese fangames troubles are in this very thread! Links provided.
Implying you read it carefully and do stuff consequtively. Otherwise, it's your problem.
Still post here if something doesn't work.

There we go:

1) Make sure you have Japanese language installed on your system - what the hell are you doing in /fg/ without that anyway?..
In case you're still here w/out it:
But you most probably have it already.

2) Install Applocale - it works both for XP and Win7.
There is also a patch and some register keys on the same page, install'em all. Well, when you read that page, it's all pretty obvious.
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Im just glad it works for you. I think its a great program im happy to share it

File: 1326860456094.jpg (414.99 KB, 1458x2592, no thats not my bike.jpg)


Ok since the thread last time had a picture and that made it weird, here is a new thread also bonus point here is the game list so far

>>178 Sickmind

>>915 The Looking Glass
>>810 Mewn
>>24 Yume Nisshi
>>852 Anarchy
>>31 N'oubliez Jamais
>>502 The Other Line
>>2068 Divinity Fatum Trilogy
>>1476 R.E.M
>>1991 Mochi Nikki
>>1786 Yumewo
>>2219 CHAIN (Lube's /fg/)
>>1628 nostAlgic and Parade
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How about yumme nikki games on VRChat Unity Engine? Does tthey exists?

File: 1335704652118.jpg (1.33 KB, 240x144, Formal.jpg)


Attention members!

Some new rules to the /fg/ Board are in effect immediately:

1. You will not use another Fangame Creator's materials without his written consent. This applies both to Uboachan Fangames and foreign Fangames.

2. Games are to go through considerable developmental progress before being posted. Members looking for help will post in the appropriate threads. Do remember we have an idea thread, too.

Threads who do not fall under these rules will be either Deleted or Locked, to the Moderation Team's discretion.

Note that while these rules are in effect immediately, they will not be applied retroactively.

Thank you for your time and enjoy your stay.


This is more of a request than a rule, but please don't bump months old threads asking about progress. The OP will post about progress if (or if you're lucky, when) any is made.

File: 1652118291188-0.jpg (216.5 KB, 722x1020, 1633288562729.jpg)


Since the original YNFG Archive has been long abandoned, I've decided to revive it by creating a new one. Not to "provide a decentralized backup", as the OG archive stated, but rather for the sake of history preservation.

Feel free to download at https://archive.yumeboo.ru/
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It finally connected :3


File: 1653247947730-0.png (1.97 MB, 1280x1894, 1587189403459.png)

That's good.

Could it actually be that some ISP's has started to block russian IP addresses because of "muh ukraine"? Had to ask an overseas friend of mine to update the archive from me, so everyone else could download the archive from him.


File: 1656876350406-0.jpg (575.44 KB, 2550x3300, 1650097620620.jpg)

File: 1656876350406-1.png (609 B, 58x35, 1606921408371.png)

New archive update just dropped. It mostly consists of Dream Diary Jam 6 submissions, but some other fangames versions was added as well, like old builds of Yume Shikki for example.

And what exactly Uboachan meant by giving me such an error? Huh…


File: 1667410874847-0.jpg (176.06 KB, 1267x2167, 1647477922477.jpg)

Holy shit, I completely forgot to tell about it here. I've update the archive ~month ago. The update is mostly an old Yume 2kki versions, but there's a bunch of other games too. Everything in the changelog as per usual.

I've also changed the directories layout a bit, so like, all the game's versions folders looks like "ver.xxx", where xxx - version's number. Also swapped places for translations, so like if there any translations - first comes language, then the version(s) that has been translated to that language.

And because of that, it would be the best to re-download the archive completely.


File: 1668957882881-0.jpg (211.12 KB, 1024x1024, 1620954531411.jpg)

Small update: the archive has been moved to the separate server and now can be accessed through web browser.

File: 1324905378043.jpg (94.91 KB, 650x195, yumenikki_mor.jpg)

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Hello there.
It's the sequal of Yume Nikki Gensou, atelierizumi's last work.

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>>15275 This game is now Abandonware, so why not?




Most times it seems Japs would rather a game be lost forever than infringe on copyright. Best to ignore them and archive/share stuff as you please.




yeah, but also, "finders, keepers"

File: 1620993608022.jpg (24.63 KB, 360x480, mado.jpg)


I'm making a Yume Nikki porn game where Madotsuki gets raped by many different dream creatures that appear in the original game, is there anything you'd like to see in it?
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the problem with criticism of "idea guys" is that if you are capable of knowing what the fuck "templates" do and are, you're probably not likely to have creative visions that are not predominately about loading ore and parcels onto trains

intracranial space and time are scarce resources and it is far easier to be one thing or another than both. furthermore, and as an aside, if you try to be both it is likely that you will end up producing A-tinged B, or A with B characteristics, ex. "fanfiction" that is mostly about finding clever things to do with game theory, or "science fiction" that is mostly about theodicy.


>"fanfiction" that is mostly about finding clever things to do with game theory, or "science fiction" that is mostly about theodicy.
which can both be good. don't let some psycho on an imageboard dissuade you


Monoko. She has several arms, use your brain.
I yearn for yuri.




File: 1667858686369.gif (1.01 MB, 480x358, getsomehelpplease.gif)

File: 1667500611845.png (7.84 KB, 144x192, Dorian No Effect.png)


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What's a good number of worlds for a first YN fangame? 23? 10? 30? I plan to have a min of 4 effects.


I've started with 12 initial worlds myself, but I've seen YNFGs having as few as 2 to 4 branched from their Nexuses. I suppose it depends on the different worlds you have planned. Maybe start with 4-10 if you want these Effects to be well-hidden and have many different worlds in mind.


Thank you! I'll make flowchart tommorow.


File: 1667650962646.png (23.67 KB, 802x551, flowo chart.png)

Here's the flowchart. (at least the first pass of it)
Is it interconnected enough?


The yellow means nothing btw I just used some random flowchart creator and it did that and I didn't care enough to fix it.

File: 1637124043707-0.png (913.48 KB, 1594x646, YNR1.PNG)

File: 1637124043707-1.png (1.08 MB, 1600x809, YNR2.PNG)

File: 1637124043707-2.png (1.34 MB, 1599x821, YNR3.PNG)

File: 1637124043707-3.png (1.27 MB, 1600x830, YNR4.PNG)


So I have this train simulator. This simulator has very good map building and many public assets for use. I recently had the idea of a Yume Nikki styled route, so here is the first part.
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So the main idea is as following: you start out at your home, in this case a 5 track shed. you can see the end of the yard which is walled in the back. you cannot go out on the mainline line because the tracks near the tunnel have been worn and broken. Your only way out is through the tunnel leading to the main terminus on the left. (nexus) this area will have an entrance to all 12 branch lines, your goal is to collect 24 pieces of rolling stock. These can be open wagons, vans, flatbeds, engines, ect.


Now, I know that starting a game an announcing here so early on is irresponsible, however, this took me like, 1-2 hours to do. I doubt the rest will be too much trouble.


The engine I have chosen to represent the player in the class 08 diesel shunter. Small and slow, just like Madotsuki. you can later find a class 03 diesel which is smaller and faster on one of the branch lines, much like the bike effect. if anyone has ideas on what loco she should be, I'm open.


nice work



File: 1446593837877-0.png (17.93 KB, 640x480, fogblog06.png)

File: 1446593837877-1.png (35.7 KB, 1280x960, fogblog07.png)

File: 1446593837877-2.png (59.1 KB, 640x480, fogblog58.png)


FOG is my Yume Nikki fangame, made with RPG Maker 2003. This traditional Yume Nikki fangame has more upbeat themes and equippable Perks that can be collected along with Effects.


You should not need the RPG Maker 2003 RTP to play, but if it asks for it, download that too.

The current version is 0.0.2. Although a very preliminary version with 1 character (Leon) and just a few effects, all 12 Nexus doors are available.

Feel free to monetize videos and streams of this game. (Usage rules have just been updated.)
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dreamfog.net will close down this month.

Google Drive downloads will still work.
The archive is here:

The official Tumblr and Twitter are still up:

Projected release date of next version v0.2.0: February 28, 2019.


File: 1667077216669.png (5.46 KB, 640x480, FOG_itch04.png)

After a long hiatus, FOG v0.1.47 has been finally completed and released. It has 7 different endings, and the game is now 100% completable with all three Dreamers.



Awesome that you're still working on the game and kept the thread up to date even after so long. I'm excited to see the differences from your last update long ago


File: 1667284378937.png (20.45 KB, 640x480, FOG_itch03.png)

Here's what to expect:

- Number of maps expanded to 192.
- A soundtrack remade with FL Studio 20.
- Leon and Tegan each have 13 Effects and 20 Perks. Leon must collect his Effects; Tegan must collect her Perks.
- Emory has 2 Effects, 5 Perks, and a radically different objective involving gift boxes.
- Appearances from the Dreamers' other friends. There is a certain character whom they're worried about. Is she dead or alive?
- There are color-coded boxes that all require a certain Effect to open: Key
- Una traducción oficial al español está disponible.

I haven't been updating my Tumblr or Twitter, but feel free to ask any questions here.



File: 1667428886428.png (8.18 KB, 320x240, screenshot_0.png)


Hey there, IK this is gonna be fuckin stupid- but does anybody know where I can find strange memo 0.8? I got 0.7, and have restored SD. I'm waiting for the creator to get back to me, as I did ask them myself. However, does like anybody somehow have strange memo 0.8?? Really desprate here.


File: 1667505809552.png (4.21 KB, 320x240, screenshot_0.png)

For some reason the person who gave me the url didnt have all the files.??? I may just make my own tbfh. Sorry for all this trouble!!!

File: 1666630231815.jpg (25.84 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)


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>>15475 here, I will expand on why I don't particularly find battles in rpgmaker engaging. Needless to say, this is my personal opinion, and I don't believe I represent a meaningful number of players or anything. But I've been playing RPGmaker games for like 13 years and I think that allowed me to see when things work in these kind of games, and when they don't.

First, turn based fights are outdated. It doesn't really feel engaging to chose options from a menu and see the sprite flash white for a second before proceeding. This is the main reason I think random encounters are absolute shit. And, god forbid, I will definitely drop any fangame that forced me to grind in order to progress. You are forced to lose time fighting a meaningless entity for NO reason, hindering the exploration, which is the main drive of these games.

If you are planning to do battles on real time, *then* I could see some potential to engage the player more. This would be much more meaningful than forcing people to use easyrpg and x10 the speed to skip the brainless default mechanic. Yume Nikki had the rain / snow effect that needs to be used in order to put out the fire in the mall. In a sense, a "boss fight" that requires you to, I don't know, do certain things in order to weaken it then let the other character finish the boss (as anon 2 suggested), that certainly could be very entertaining. The only potential "bad" thing I see with this is that you'd definitely be shoving down more story than is common in fangames. But, while ambiguity and theorizing is nice, it's been so overdone at this point that trying something new would be refreshing.

With all of that being said, I think you will need some clever ideas and think these battles thoroughly if you want to make them feel more than some tedious gimmick. If you had some ideas in mind, please do share them, so we have a better understanding of what you'd like to see or do in fangames.




Reminder that the original Corpse Party had an rpg battle for the boss.


And I hated it 10 years ago for being too long and tedious.


>First, turn based fights are outdated.
Stopped reading here

File: 1316852870932.png (29.49 KB, 640x480, 1266365553145.png)

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Yume Nisshi thread since this game is awesome

Uploader: http://loda.jp/zenmaigahara_toxic/
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Does anyone have a reupload of the Valentine's Day patch for this game?


0.05 includes the valentine patch if I remenber correctly, you could unlock what this patch features bia and event in the main game or smth, idk beign a big while since I played.

Srry for latereplay.


So is the creator of this still a racist sperg, or have they calmed down?


Idk do you see a password only japanese people can understand in her newer versions of Yume Nisshi? if your response is that you havent played Yume Nisshi to begin with I encourage you to do so.


I love this game

File: 1657100641979.png (1.07 MB, 2000x2000, Fracture The Dream.png)



You get to travel Madot's dream world as a character being dreamed about. You start out in the white desert but weirder. Then you get to… well I wont spoil it. Share it around, I don't think there's even a Wiki yet.


shut up fag, no one cares about your game.


That seems interesting OP, a fangame not being just a copy of every other fangame is an achievement on its own, don't pay attention to >>15422, it's obviously a tourist.


This is a lot of fun to explore. Is there a way to get through the hole in the ceiling of the area you get the wings in? It seems like there aren't enough flaps in the wings to get you up there but I really want to go through,


You can but not with the wings, unless you abused the physics of the game really heavily. There is a flyhack ability which is hidden at the beginning of the game which lets you go to places like that though. You should probably ask the devs for the info on how to get it if you want to explore places like that.


File: 1662834260945.png (1.03 MB, 2000x2000, tled.png)

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