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Divinity Fatum thread.

Divinity Fatum - http://www.mediafire.com/?q14ccqzq1or4yi3
DF Birth - http://www.mediafire.com/?d7za12023rfe2zh


Holy shit is this still a thing?

if so OH GOD I'M SO HAPPY <3


OP, are you the guy making this? Please let me know.


OP is GreyInvidia or something. He tends to namefag.


Certainly. It is I. How can I be of service?


I'm OP. I'm an anon, not GreyInvidia.


I love this game, it's so interesting and creepy and sad.


Welp, can someone tell me how to get to the "Eye" event, going from the "God has fallen" graffetti? Or at least an area/event close to the "Eye" event?


Welp, I'm trying to find the "Eye" event. Going from the "God has fallen" graffitti, could someone tell me how to get to the event, or some area/event near to it?

Help appreciated very much, thanks.


OMG I love this game so much!!!


Sorry, I double posted here.

I would really appreciate it if someone could answer my inquiry here, thanks.


Eye event is accessible from act4 onwards (it's act where you grab a key, lying near lamp post. Just go further right.

If you mean billboard event, then just follow the lights, as advised.

Also, I've been thinkin about redoing that game and making city smaller. Then, in the end all the houses would have some doors leading somewhere.



Thanks very much.


I'm playing Birth - is there any way to enter the white and purple tent-like building?


Not yet. I've kinda stumbled upon a certain problem and have no idea how to make it look like I want it to do.

Birth overall is pretty short, linear (as for now) story, so except mood, don't expect more


Is there any progress on this? I quite like the games and want to hear if there's any progress or not. :3


Well, as for now I'm preparing to redo first game from the scratch. It's because I came up with idea, that making city smaller may be the better idea and players wont get lost so easily. Also, if any new doors would appear, player would notice them more easily, I guess. Unfortunately thought, I've lost my old plan of the story, so I've to do that from the scratch. That overall is not that much of a problem, actually. Main issue, why there is no progress as for now, is basically lack of free time. I should fake some illness, or smth to get at least a week of free time.

As for the second game, I thought ive stumbled upon some mayor problem of how to execute smth with graphics, but I've just now kinda solved that problem (only because i've started to write about it). But still - just as with Divinity Fatum - DV:B must wait till i'll have a bit more of free time.


Bump for game greater than the most.


Funny coincidence. I'm actually working on remodeled version of the game. I've scrapped the idea of making a trilogy and decided to just put all the things into one game. It won't be as big as it would be, when i'd do three separate games, but I think it'll make it more mysterious.
Things that'll change overall are:
- sprites - I'll use body base I did for :Birth: part. Main heroine's design changed a bit as well. City graphic will be the same, except just few more graphic tiles added
- city design - it'll be smaller and near the final parts of the game, all buildings will be having doors, so it should be more fun to walk around, as you won't be having to wander for xx minutes to find anything
- additional and redesigned graphics - I want to add few cutscenes, and also thinking about adding smth like character portrait appearing near the text box. Also i 'll redo pictures from the story about princess in the tower.
- moar clues - that's obvious, as i'll put all three games into one.

Also, it may sadden many, but I won't be making main character moving faster. Anyway, if anybody has any more suggestions, or anything, i'll be more then pleased to hear about them.


Damn, i've encountered some major problem with looping maps in rmxp. One script had problems with teleporting near map border, while second one was crashing game when trying to save. This means that I have to port the game to another rpg maker - RMVX Ace… Which means redesigning graphics and doing all scripting from scratch. It's so infuriating…

Anyway the game'll be short, compared to other fangames, but should i post about progress anyway?


Yes you should. At least your progress will be worth way more than Flux's.


File: 1339200287066.png (455.94 KB, 1380x1075, visual_changes1.png)

Well then, here's a little comparison of old and new version. For now, I've changed title screen a bit, and changed whole aspect of wandering around. City won't be a single map looped, but rather exploration will be more like in City River Ransom. It will be probably more confusing, but I think, it'll enchant feeling of 'being lost' a bit. I'm not completly happy with how zebra crossing looks like, but for now I'll concentrate on mapping and scripting (especially mapping, as there will be a lot of stuff to do). I have also prepared scene, where in old game main character stands in front of bilboard asking her about her concept of perfect world. Basically, bilboard idea was scrapped and replaced with tv. I'll show that, and some more screens soon.
Also I need to rethink some of the clues, I've primary intended to add. I don't want to add anything forcefully, just to make the game richer in events. After all, clues should have some kind of value and give some kind of hints.


File: 1339468751680.png (249.99 KB, 700x900, divinity fatum.png)

drawfag dropping fanart for this game and sayin' that i'm excited for what's to come. it's so pretty.


Wow, kudos for fanart. Anyway soon i'll give another update. For now I can tell, that city actually will be bigger (somehow it turned out like that), but there will be also dash option, so moving around shouldn't be such pain.


File: 1339603672658.png (45.9 KB, 193x157, angrt.png)

I just started playing…. Im already stuck -_-

Where do I go at the beginning? I don't know where to go!


Try following luminescent lamp posts. These lead to the main events.


File: 1339758164206.png (1.36 MB, 1380x2105, visual_changes1.png)

A very small update of newest event.


File: 1339973313894.png (804.08 KB, 1380x1070, visual_changes2.png)

Mirror Room event added. That's how I'd like most of events to look like.



That looks absolutely fantastic. Keep up the good work


File: 1340099652398.png (425.07 KB, 1380x562, visual_changes3.png)

"Closed Space" i practically done. What I have to do now is draw new illustrations for a Storybook, which is going to be pain in the ass. Anyway with this, main route is nearly completed.

Also, I've decided to create a small dev blog on tumblr, to share my progress there as well, as well as explain some stuff concerning plot, over the time. Feel free to check it out from time to time: http://divinityfatum.tumblr.com/


You betcha!


File: 1341915050583.png (190.13 KB, 544x416, eye.png)

After small break, some new events were added. I consider releasing demo of sort, after completing main route, covering most of the events from first DF game.


I remember this game. I've no idea why I originally decided to check it out (especially considering the lack of info and posts at the time), but I'm glad I did. However, DF:B came out when I wasn't checking, so I might have to download that. The remake is certainly going to be on my radar.

When it first came out, wasn't there a huge discussion about the wandering in this game and the possibility of running? I think I remember GreyInvidia saying running would disrupt the mood. Either way, dashing sounds like a nice compromise, and the more compact city (even if it is now larger, more events and more space for them could contribute to that) sounds enjoyable. The screenshots are looking really nice, too, especially the parallax effect and the updated storybook screenshots.

Also, did this game receive any updates during its lifetime? I downloaded it early, but didn't follow it so well, so if there were any, I probably missed them.


Nope. It wasn't updated. If I recall correctly, there wasn't really much left to do, but somehow I've lost motivation to continue with this game. Later on, motivation came back, but in the end - rather than finishing first game, I started to work on Birth.


File: 1342575758367.png (18.09 KB, 300x400, df_sword.png)

I've implemented most of the events from the first game, with addition of few new ones. Basically, main part is pretty much done. Next thing to do is adding events from :Birth:. Anyway, as promised, here's a demo:


File: 1342577789918.png (16.16 KB, 415x185, ss (2012-07-17 at 06.49.43….png)

I got this after I downloaded the newest version.

What do? ;n;


File: 1342595632797.png (157.7 KB, 439x350, 124784957849.png)

well shit i got the same error too.



As expected, there would be some problems right off the bat. It appears that I forgot to get rid of one script, that used certain .dll (which was not in the game folder). I think it should run now:



File: 1342620904400.jpg (30.94 KB, 400x300, 4047963625_570a5e7519.jpg)

"Divinity Fantum.exe appears malicious"



It's a very common issue for certain antiviruses to falsely mark files that haven't been distributed much due to their lack of data on the file. It happens pretty frequently with things like newly distributed freeware game .exes.

So basically, just ignore there error; I very highly doubt GreyInvidia's trying to infect anyone's computer.


Tried it out and I have a few opinions.

First of all, this is the worst wanderfest in recent memory. No, that is not a compliment.
There must be another way to do this than forcing you to basically wander the same street (with slight variations)over and over. I was on the verge of stopping and quitting more than once because I couldn't find anything. There are no clues on where to go, either. You basically wander at random and hope to find a door or something lying in the street.
There is some kind of system to the city, I could tell that much, but I didn't get it.

Either put some kind of guiding stuff in, like the lampposts in the earlier version, or make it easier to find your way.

Other than that it's a really solid game, great atmosphere, interesting setting and story. It's just a shame you have to be bored 95% of the time to get to the good stuff.

I'm sure some people will disagree with me and say stuff like: "But it's needed for the story", or "it's part of the setting" or whatever. But my point is, this is not how you design a game that you want to play.


Wow this is actually pretty interesting! I was a little upset but how slow I was at first but I got over it especially after I learned to navigate the streets.

So far I've got blade, map, writing on the wall, notepad, tv, book of genesis, and mirror From some of the screenshots and things on the tumblr I get the feeling I'm still missing something though


There actually is a map in this game. I guess I just got lucky that I found it at the very beginning. Street numbers are your guide in this, after you figure that out, it's very easy to find your way around. I just forget where I've been, that's my problem


In that case, make it so you get guided to the map at the start. I didn't get any map, ever. And I finished the demo.


I'd agree with this, pure dumb luck is what got me the map first. I'm pretty sure that it's in the house on street 10 if that helps anybody.


I thought this would be a main issue - getting lost. In previous version, player was told to "follow the light". However in first version ever, it wasn't mentioned. Lamp posts were leading player to the next main event, but he had to figure it by himself. It's basically the same thing here. Even without map, player can figure out how this city's topology works. Like back then, this time also I want player to try figuring stuff out, rather than simply following the path from point A to point B. This was (pretty much) something I did in :Birth:, and in the effect the game was too linear. Even if i'd guide player to the map, it alone doesn't show where he should go next. Player have to wander around in hope to find something. That's what I think, real exploration is.
Also, I never intended to make this game easy or straight-forward. It starts out boring, because it's also part of the story (however it sounds). Honestly, I'd like to avoid guiding player throught the game and turning it into achievement collecting.


There's a difference between exploration and seeing the same place for the 10th time. If you want the player to explore, at least try to make exploration less of a hazzle. It's your game and you're free to do as you please, and for some reason some people seem to enjoy walking in a circle for 10 minutes.
I am not one of those people.
My personal opinion is that in it's current stage this is not a enjoyable game, except for those 5 minutes out of 1 hour that something actually happens (I checked, and this is the actual ratio of wandering to exploring). Making "exploring" easier would change this.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to bash your game. I'm just trying to help you improve it.


Worry not. I know exactly what you mean, and I know there are ppl like that, who rather want to see something new with each map. However that's just not that kind of game. It's doesn't have that same kind of exploration as usual YN fangame - rather this one just puts you in new, unknown enviroment. Just think about it as a maze (or try getting lost in actual city, to get the feel).


ITT plebeians don't know a good game from a FLUX-level FANGAEM.

Go GreyInvidia!


This is obviously not a bad game, like I have said several times. I said that my only gripe with it is the wandering, but it is a big gripe. It's actually a dealbreaker for me.
If it's not for you, good for you.


>my only gripe with it is the wandering
>wandering is the key feature and it was before

And still you play a game main feature of which is wandering. Gee, /fg/ sure is full of faggots.

I'm the biggest of them.


Seems like I am in the minority here so I guess I'll be quiet. Let me just say that games are made to be fun. If I spend 95% of the time not being bored, that's not a game I enjoy. No matter how good the game is packaged or how much the boring parts are part of the story.

This is something that can be fixed though. I'll just leave that here.


make that "being bored" obviously.


People just find different things entertaining. I myself often seek something stimulant and usually turn off some game if it doesn't give me action right away. But on the other hand, as usual I'm looking for cryptic, confusing and simply unusual games just to experience the game, rather than just playing it. That's also how I wanted to make this one. It appears to not be game for everyone. Maybe I should try showing this game to some hipster groups lol. But on the other hand I don't care much about this game being well known or not.


So having played the old version and Birth a couple of times, I decided to try the new game (which I do think is an absolutely new-done improvement on the old version, by the way). I got up to the point where you get Sophia's Diary and left the room, and the game returned to the title screen. Is this supposed to happen? Given what happens in the older version after this event, I'm worried I screwed up somewhere and hit a bug or something else.

If it helps, here's all the items I have so far - blade, map, writing on the wall, notepad, TV, book of genesis, mirror, note [I can hear them], storybook, book of wails, eye, and Sophia's diary. Going by the old version, I'm pretty sure I missed a couple of things (the blood trails I LOVE YOU, the red splash, the shadow and the note saying don't look at me) unless these things were intentionally left out?


Sign saying "I LOVE YOU", red splash and vanishing shadow also appear in the game. As for the moment, you described in the beginning (when game brings you back to title screen) it's basically kind of 'the end' for current version. In one I'm working on currently (covering Birth), you can play further, after reading Sophia's Diary, so don't worry - it's not bug.

Also, I've been thinking about the way to make game easier. First of all, I'll add instructions, showing in the beginning of the game (like in YN, describing cycle of dreaming). It'll cover basic controls (because I've encountered some retards that couldn't even figure how to open doors), as well as few minor clues. Another thing is, I'll add direction signs, showing the shortest way to reach crucial events. This way, one can get to the end of the game without actually wandering around. However signs would only cover first part of the game (wandering around city and reaching the tower).



I think the idea that "games are meant to be fun" is a big reason I love Yume Nikki so much. I don't think it's very fun. I would even say it is a thoroughly un-fun game. Yet I value the time I spend playing it immensely, and think about it often. Maybe it's because I play it by just wandering around aimlessly, but the fun I get from it is mostly through reflection, and the emotions it stirs up.



Some of my favorite experiences are watching it being played on YouTube, even.


That is pretty much what I wanted to achieve. YN fangames recipe is to create a world stacked up with lot's of various elements and events you can interact with, as well as putting many different worlds in the game, to enchant the experience of exploration. However as DF is supposed to be smth more like a story, I decided to concentrate more on creating certain atmosphere, immersing player, making him somewhat feel like main heroine of the game. This game is supposed to be more of emotional experience, rather than normal exploration game.
However i'm trying to add more content, enchanting it's gaming value, so these players who rather want just to discover stuff would be more pleased as well.

Also, I think, this game should be in /og/, rather than here, but whatever…


Someone give me a hand? I want to find the "I LOVE YOU" event in the newest version, since it's the only event (as well as a couple others connected to it) I haven't found in any other play-through yet.


casual bump for response


It should be on street nr 23, appearing after getting Storybook and Book of Wails.


OK, so I got the books and followed the footprints that appeared on 23, but when crossing to 24 there was nothing there? I had a look around the 21-24 area and found nothing more than the footprints. Am I missing something?


And also, on that same note, where the eye event may be? I've encountered it before but I've forgotten where it is.


Hm, was there writing saying "I LOVE YOU" on street 23? If yes, then interact with it and next follow the bloody path. However there is possibility, that footsteps appeared before text. It's a certain bug i've noticed and fixed, however i'm not sure if version i've uploaded is fixed one or not.
Doors leading to it are on street 14, if I remember correctly.


No, just footsteps, no writing. If I re-download the game and copy over my save, should that fix it without me having to start all over again?


Yeah, however I doubt that I've uploaded fixed version yet. Maybe let's do that other way. Tell me exactly what clues you've got right now. I remember I've stumbled on the same problem, and later on I've found out that I mistakenly made footseps trigger on after getting Book of Wails and Storybook, while text on the ground appearing after getting different clue (perhaps Sophia's Diary, but I'm not certain).


OK, here are all the clues I've gotten: Blade, Map, Writing on the wall, Notepad, TV, Book of Genesis, Mirror, Note (I can hear them), Storybook and Book of Wails.


I've found some old backup version with bug still not fixed. According to it, text sayin "I LOVE YOU" was triggered by finding Storybook and Eye, while trails appeared after finding Storybook and Book of Wails. Thus, in version you're playing, just go on street 14, get Eye event, then return on 23.


OK, thanks for the help.


OK, the I LOVE YOU managed to appear and I found the room and the note saying "don't look at me." I did a lot of wandering and found the "Innocents" event, but I haven't found the vanishing shadow yet…

Also, by the way, on street 20 there's one of those semi-circle shadows that marks an alleyway, but when I step on the shadow nothing happens. Is this a bug of some sort?

(Apologies for all the questions, I do love this game and I would like to find all the events - this version is definitely a significant improvement over the older one.)


Yeah, i was supposed to lead to an alley, which i simply forgot to add at that time. Also, as for finding shadow, it has random chance of appearing on certain streets. Luckily, you can find him on street 20. Just leave and enter that street until you'll hear that no music in bg is playing. Then just move forward.


That event was incredibly well done. Certainly freaked me out a lot. I got the red splash and then went and slept, got Sophia's Diary, and ended the game. Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing how you go on with this!

A few bugs - I noticed that sometimes after you go through an event that makes the ENTER appear at the top of the screen, sometimes it will stay there, sometimes it'll disappear after I go to another street or close the game. Also, I think after the Eye, Storybook or Innocents event, the whispers you get after grabbing one of the Notes stop, but when you get the Shadow event, the whispers start up again.


About problem with ENTER, I'm aware of it and trying to fix it. It was even worse before, honestly, but thanks for pointing out these certain places you found the bug. As for whispering noises, I have to check it out. Most probably I forgot to set it to not play during that event.


File: 1352757070997.png (1.44 KB, 88x180, sophia_sitting.png)

Damn, after few months, I finally get back to ACTUALLY working on that game. Not much was updated, but here - new demo: http://www.mediafire.com/?7m3d1cujxn31iu3

You can read more about update here: http://divinityfatum.tumblr.com/post/35588013584/after-long-break


I'm really loving the hell out of this new version, and I can't wait for the next version. Please don't stop!

Also, I found a couple of bugs… sometimes the "ENTER v" doesn't disappear after certain events. The whispering seems to stop after viewing either the "Innocents" event or the "Vanishing Shadow" event (I can't really remember which), I can't remember if it starts up again though.

Also, during the sequences with Birth, after you complete the first section, you keep the Mask in your inventory, though it disappears when going into the second segment, I'm wondering if it staying around is just something you overlooked, since it doesn't seem to be required afterwards?

Anyways, aside from the bugs, this is some good work, Divinity Fatum is definitely one of my favorites! Again, I can't wait to see where this is going to go.


About enter, I'm aware of that problem, however I haven't found 100% working solution for that, yet. As for other bugs, thanks for pointing them out. And also, thanks for support :D


Same anon as this post, I played the game again and the whispering stops at the Innocents event and starts up again after the Vanishing Shadow event. Also, in the newly-added rooms where you can play events from Birth, there are some passability issues - and, late in the game (around after the Storybook, I believe) I starting experiencing some sound issues, but I'm not sure if it was the game or my computer refusing to play them.

Again, I'm really looking forward to the next version! This game definitely is really good so far.


Hey, how's the newest version coming along?


Hm, doesn't this thread bump?


What happened to this thread - why doesn't it bump to the top like others do?


theres a thread over on /sugg/ about how it could be only threads made in a certain time frame. the newer threads seem to be fine, it's the older threads that are autosaging for some reason

it is a mystery why its happening to these certain threads, though



It seems Seisatsu manually removed the bumplock from all the known threads with the issue, so I think this thread among others should be bumpable now. Let's find out.


Ah, great, it bumps again!

Okay, now to restate my previous question: Grey Invidia, how is the next version of Divinity Fatum coming along?


File: 1370309148264.jpg (288.18 KB, 1366x768, divinity_fatum_wallpaper.jpg)

Just announcing that once again I managed to do some work on this game - not much, but still something. Basically added few new locations to -Birth- part, and difficulty choice. On Easy mode, player have Intuition feature turned on, while on Normal player has to wander blindly. I've decided on that, because despite many complains about DF being wanderfest, other people said that with Intuition feature, this game is basically too easy, and not as memorable, as it was without it. Also, one thing: when playing new demo, it is necessary to start new game. Importing and continuing from old save states will make the game crash. It is because of new script I've implemented to the game.
And well, I guess that's all info. You guys can read more on my tumblr.

And here is the mentioned demo:


Ok, I downloaded and played the new version, and… is there a bug with the downloading? There are no changes from what I can see and I can't get any further from the white area - the one with all the masked people - in the Birth segments. Help?


On re-checking, the link to the new demo is the same as the older version. Could you please post the proper link to the new demo?


This is new demo. Link is the same, because I simply replaced old file with the new one.
Hm… did you walked all way to the right? And after cutscene tried to go past the gate?


I tried re-downloading the game and everything is fine now! I believe I just got into a file mix-up. Thanks anyway - I will play through the new version now.


Ok, maybe not everything is fine. I started up the game and straight away there is a bug - in Easy Mode, the Intuition bubble fails to show up, even when I move to a new street. I can't check to see if it reappears if I activate an event where the Intuition has to change (to another street plate or whatever) at the moment though, because I have run out of time, but if something happens I will report it here. (And other bugs, too.)


Yeah, I've noticed that problem yesterday as well. I'm working on it, as well as on few different bugs I've menaged to spot. Soon I'll post hopefully bug-free version, so please be patient.


OK, that's good.

Anyway, I played the game up to the red-brick area, and the room with the pillar and person on the pillar. Is that as far as you can go in this version?


File: 1370516630292.png (61.05 KB, 640x480, df_passage.png)

Ok, here is hopefully debugged version of latest demo:

Things that were repaired here:
- Sound (that means SE, and BGS) cuts off at some part of game. As a result, sounds of opening doors, footsteps and certain BGS didn’t play correctly.
- Alley leading up from street nr 19, upon returning back teleported player on completly different street (nr 24).
- Difficulty option didn’t work correctly. On easy mode, Intuition feature turned off at some point, and on normal mode it appeared after checking first event.
-There were still few cutscenes with “Enter” animation not dissapearing after pressing right button.
- In Secret Mansion (location of -Birth- part), after clearing each room, player could move while reading particular room’s summary.
- Some clues descriptions were too long and as a result parts of them were cut.
- Few minor typos and spelling mistakes.
Have you tried going right while in first (the one you get teleported to) basament room? There is a passage as well (I've slightly lowered opacity of "pipes" fog layer, because one of pipes appears right above this passage (however it should still be visible). Check pic to see where it should be, anyway.


Well, I've played through all the new content and it's very good! With each new update I end up loving this game more and more, it's certainly building up to something fantastic.

Also, is there a bug after the section with Milene? I didn't get a diary entry or anything after completing it.


It's not a bug. It's my laziness. I haven't wrote anything there yet. I do soon, and after that I plan to perhaps start doing few events for the third part of the game.


File: 1371118952991.png (66.97 KB, 640x480, df_new9.png)

Just a small update about current progress.
I’ve added two new events preceding entry into third and final act of the game. These actually explain (in my opinion, that is) quite a lot of what is actually going on. Before getting to the final act, there will be probably two more events explaining what actually is going on. Anyway, before finishing prelude for final act, I should finish the second one: Birth.

I’ve also found out a certain bug… let’s say. Basically, if player managed to enter second act, however after returning to city decided to go to the room where Book of Genesis is, player was kind of trapped. After leaving the room, instead of going back on street 12, player was teleported to the “Bright City” sequence. I was thinking if I should cut off option of teleporting to that part, after entering -Birth-, however instead I gave player an option to enter that stage, whenever he wishes. Player won’t be trapped anymore in room on street 12, but will be having a choice, whenever he wishes to go to the Tower, or not. Let’s say that I have a certain reason in giving player a chance to go to the Tower, when they think they should.

Also, as a bonus: kinda spoiling, but not spoiling screenshot of one of new locations.



Well, what a surprise. Someone decided to actually record LP of Divinity Fatum.

Saying that, I was thinking whenever should I record some kind of walkthrough for this game.


I must say this is an excellent game. I replayed the oldest version and Birth, and this game is a definite improvement over the other two. Good job, hope you keep going until the game is good and done.

(Funnily enough, I had a sort of weird dream about this game last night.)

By the way, the oldest version of Divinity Fatum has some system sounds for opening/using the menu and such, but none of the other versions or Birth use system sounds. I was wondering if you were going to use them again in a newer version sometime? (I hope that made sense.)


I dunno about that. I think that lack of system sounds gives this production a bit different feel as well. I may consider adding these later, but honestly I don't find them necessary.


File: 1371424595309.jpg (600.69 KB, 1024x768, divinity_fatum_wall.jpg)

For these who just want to go for the story, without experiencing feeling of being lost, and immersing themselves into atmosphere of the game, I wrote a pretty much spoiler-free walkthrough with few additional instructions. It pretty much only tells where events are located. Hope it’ll help:
Also, have in mind that this walkthrough covers stuff from most recent demo version, which you can grab here:
This one have few new events, as well as Milene Entry completed. I’ve also got rid of the problem, after reaching the Tower and interacting with Throne (basically, game crashed).


I played the newest version, and… wow. The third act certainly looks very promising!

Also, I noticed that you don't get Milene's Entry and the Note III items after reading them. Is this a bug?

Also, the door on 4F of the building - where you go through Birth segments - doesn't go anywhere now, does it?


Oh, thanks for spotting these bugs. I'll take care of them right away.
And yeah, so far Milene's Entry is the last one.


Gosh it's been almost a year since I last payed attention to this project. Seeing the walkthrough I downloaded the recent version and played it through completion. Just… oh my goodness this game!! It's nice seeing all the improvements and updates to this game

I'm really, really interested but I've reached the stopping point. Regardless this game continues to impress me every time I see it


Thanks. It's always nice to hear (read?) that people are enjoying experience coming from this game. One think that kinda sucks is that it's hard to find out how ppl feel about each even: if they're creepy, scary, or just 'meh'. The thing is that I'd like to make sure whenever I achieved what I wanted, or not.


File: 1371828417482.png (Spoiler Image, 314.34 KB, 639x476, sob.png)

I think it was definitely a bit more eerie feeling and sad

just the whole part with the shadow… it really sticks out to me ;_;

and the second part of the story, meeting all those people. The whole clockwork part reminded me especially of Higanbana with the bullying thing and standing up against it though I'm not sure if that was your intention or just the way I happened to interpret the scene


Well, the game (or at least second act) is about bad side of society. It is indeed somewhat similiar to Higanbana on that part, but I wasn't really inspired by that (as ideas for each Birth part were born few years ago).


File: 1371852848717.png (263.44 KB, 640x480, df_new13.png)

Screenie of newest location.

Protip: you can talk to walls.


Wow, I played this game last day and I was really surprised by it. I never had really good experiences with RPG Maker games but this one is pretty well done. The story is really immersing and intriguing and I can't wait to know more about it.

By the way, is the whole game a metaphor of the life of a different girl in a gray world? I mean, the last diary entries make me think that the world is not like Sophia is perceiving it right now. Birth is about Sophia's childhood and how she was rejected by other kids for thinking different, while the current story is about Sophia's confusing adulthood in a world where she feels alone. The "bad ending" means she just decides to commit suicide in order to not be alone and the scar in the chest means that she already tried to commit suicide (unrelated to the original game where it implies that the game is actually neverending cycle). The scar in the chest could also mean that she is now in a coma after trying to commit suicide and she can either stop fighting and die (bad ending) or find who she was and what was she fighting for so she can find the meaning of her life again.

I am not too sure about this, it may have some literal meaning because some clues don't actually fit in my theory, but the "I LOVE YOU" clue and subsequent ones make me think it's actually about a failed relationship she had, and the "Innocents" clue makes me think that it's her psychologist warning her that she needs to be strong with her beliefs.

Alternatively, the game is taking place in Purgatory, lol.


Neat interpretation. I won't say how right it is though, as making theories about this game's story is some kind of fun in itself. However I think that after clearing -Birth- act, everything should be explained.

Also for these endings, let me say that while going straight to the tower, without clearing second act may be seen as 'bad ending' it isn't such, as a matter of fact. You could consider it more as "uncompleted ending". Sequence in the tower occurs in every ending - the only difference is what happens afterwards. After "suicide", that is.


Ah, I see. I'm excited to know what comes next in the story and see what is the true ending about. Is it going to be the Death act or is that before entering the tower?


Tower part. Basically either after -Life- or -Birth- you can go to the tower. Going to the tower after -Birth- and collecting all clues shall trigger the last act of the game: -Death-. Before reaching that last act, player should already know who main protagonist is, what is this city, and why she's there. Final act is basically part where we shall play as completly different character, trying to set her free.


I think I remember that you mentioned something like this somewhere, that the last act was going to be much different from the rest.

By the way, Sophia is extremely cute.


File: 1372102208408.png (186.37 KB, 780x780, Sophia.png)

Hah, really? I'd rather say she's voluptuous instead of cute. There is even pornographic picture with her on /h/ XD


Why don't we have both? Either way, I would give her the D.


Small notice. I'll be taking short break from working on the game. It won't be that long, or anything. I just need to take a little break to not get tired from constantly working on one thing.

Also, I'd like to spend that time on my other hobby - drawing. Here, I'd have a small request to people from uboa. Actually it so happened that hentai pictures seem to be kind of my theme. Thus, I'd like to ask for idea of which Divinity Fatum character should I draw in that manner and in what situation eventually. I'll post result on /h/ after I'll be done.


Oh yeah, also as for the characters, there are:
-Princess from the Tower
There are also Kaoru, Shadows, citizens from Sophia’s city and Ringmaster, but these should go as ‘support’ characters, if I can say so.


Tower Princess being raped by a bunch of people/tentacles, leaving the choice to you.


Protagonist or Sophia x Milene would be quite arousing.


Maybe Sophia x Milene sharing a cup of tea together.

Regarding typos and grammar, I suggest carefully combing through all events of the game and correcting the errors.

Also, in Easy Mode, there is no little intuition hints that point you towards the places you find the World's End Diary, Salomon's Note and Note III.


Yeah, I've been thinking about adding these hints in next relase, as well as clues telling you where to go in -Birth- parts (these are usually obvious, but intuition feature should serve something more, than just leading player directly to the tower).


Gawd, I'm starting to think that this Intuition system is retarded. I mean - of course - it leads shows player where next crucial part is, but it's kinda like with driving car while using GPS - you turn off thinking. Instead I was thinking about just moving Map Room from street nr 10 onto street nr 1, so player could get map instantly. Also, as for substitute for Intuition I thought to perhaps make it kinda like in "The Path". There would be certain numbers (indicating streets where new clue can be found) appearing on the screen in somewhat random fashion, instead of just one number. Someone also suggested me to perhaps do random teleports onto streets where next clue is, but 1: it would be shitload of work, 2: it would render map pretty much useless (however in game it is mentioned that accuracy of this map isn't probabaly 100% certain).


File: 1379176624969.png (281.76 KB, 828x1195, kiriban_2_537_by_jump2537-….png)

Update time.
Birth part is pretty much done (only one small thing needs to be done).
I haven't added complete ending sequences yet, but at least it is possible to tell where the game ends, as well as distinguish bad ending from not so bad ending and beginning of 3rd act.
I've changed Intuition system completely, making it less invasive and more helpful.

Anyways you can read more here: http://divinityfatum.blogspot.com/


Yeah, and posting download link would be kind:


Wow. This game is turning out to be more amazing with each update. Keep up the good work!

Is the second TV event the last event of this current version? And is the white area with spikes the last Birth part of the current version?


Second TV is last event reachable in the city. Last event for Birth act is indeed this White Space, however it depends what you mean exactly. You have to find a certain character in this White Space, which will lead you to another sequence in this same world. To put it simply, game doesn't end on this White Space, but it is the final part of Birth chapter. After getting that event, you can go to the ending sequence, which - depending on certain circumstances - will lead you to either 3rd act, or bad ending.


Okay. I've explored the White Space for a while now, but all I've found is just space and some black spikes. Is there any help I can get when looking for this "certain character"?


Hm… technically that certain character only goes down - not in some random directions, so sooner or later you should find it. There is however a certain "shortcut" for how to find that character. Basically, when you enter that world, go considerably right until you won't notice two bigger spikes. After that go a little up and still right until you won't pass by small spike. Then go few steps to the right (let's say about 8) and considerably up. This certain character should be in your range of view then.

Hope this helps.


Pointing out a little bug: after completing the Stab Town area, the Machete item doesn't disappear from your inventory afterwards.


Yeah, I've noticed that one as well. Still, thanks for pointing that out anyway.


Another bug I found, in the newest update - when trying to interact with the TV in the alleyway in 24, you can only do so if you go the upper right side of the crate it's on and interact with it.


Oh, thanks for that info. I found out that TV event started to mysteriously dissappear and the box it was on was not there anymore (strange occurence - it just like vanished by itself), so one thing I had to do was putting box under TV. It seems that I put the wrong one… Well, toke care of it but I'll upload corrected part when I'll do more changes perhaps.


Found a typo - when you first find the Book of Wails, there are two " marks after Wails ("Book of Wails""). Should be just one.

Also, does the last entry of Sophia's Diary - the Princess entry - have a description beyond the date? Or it is intentionally left empty?


It is empty because I didn't really had an idea of what to write there. I may put something there later on, however making this one secret could be good for the sake of 3rd act.


Ah, okay then.

Anyway, I think the Sophia's Diary segments may need a look-over with typos; I think in one part of Cinderella's speech she uses "you" where I think they would fit better (It hurts not being accepted the way you are), unless that's also intentional?

And with some parts of the actual diary entries - and the World's End Diary, won't is used instead of will. So yeah, just give it a look through.


A few more things. First, after completing any of the Birth segments and getting the diary entry, you can still go back through the red door to the Birth segment itself (like in Milene's entry, you go to her garden) where I think it would be better to have the segment as a one-off thing and you go straight to the room you get the physical diary entry from (if that makes sense?). Not to mention that the entries usually can't be completed again and you get stuck because there isn't a way to go back.

Second, I replayed Birth and there's a sequence at the start, where a mysterious voice tells Sophia to "wake up, it's time." Are you going to put that into the game or will you keep it left out?

Third, I think the yellow city in the first part of the Birth segments could use some expanding. It feels far less like a city than the original and more like a street with a branch off to the "outskirts". Maybe just add an extra street or two and expand it a little bit?

Fourth, the area on street 14 where you walk up or down to access street 12 looks rather odd at the "top" - maybe change it so it's the same as other street crossings?

Last thing, there's no streets numbered 11 or 15: and you mentioned on the blogspot about adding places such as a gallery or sound test room - maybe you could add in these two "missing" streets and use them as two potential areas for such places? It's a suggestion, at the least.


Oh, one more thing I forgot: maybe make the game, when it starts up, default to windowed mode instead of full screen mode?


Hm… as for reentering rooms from act II, I checked it moment ago and it seemed to be fine (at least from looking at scripts). I remember that in older version there was such case, but it shouldn't be in the most updated version.

Line from Birth that you're talkin about wasn't really considered to be put in this game. However I could add it for upping up mystery factor. It is not necessary line, but it won't hurt having it there. We'll see anyway…

As for the yellow city (or Inhuman City, as it is called in game editor) I was at first considering making it bigger, but well, honestly I wanted to spare players from additional wandering at that point. Not mentioning that I wanted to make II act more narrative, to seem like a story, instead of usual game. Of course there is an exception to that as well (final entry, that is).

As for street 14/12 - that's actually what my wife spotted. You see, when you stand where you could go up or down, you stand on crossroad kinda thing. Going up or down simply 'turns' map in 90 degrees. Street 12 has actual street only on the right side of this crossroad. On the left, there is a big space similiar to promenade. That is what you see when you're on street 14 - above lies promenade, below - asphalt.

As for lack of streets 11 and 15 - these won't be added. Upon looking at map, you can see that there are no streets there. Numbers on map are barely designation of each 'screen' - both vertical and horizontal. Lack of these two streets comes from a fact that I designed city map first - or rather map's grid and numering it they way visible.

As for fullscreen/windowed mode - yeah, I've been thinking that perhaps starting with fullscreen may piss off some people. I personally prefer my games in fullscreen, but that's just me. I'll consider it.


File: 1388662418423.jpg (533.59 KB, 990x700, sophia_holidays.jpg)

K, small update/fix is available. Mostly got rid of grammatical errors. You can always check out more info about changes here:http://divinityfatum.blogspot.com/2014/01/delayed-updatefix.html
And link to updated demo, if anyone cares:


File: 1392564734318.png (181.04 KB, 480x270, df_contest_pic.png)

I started something like a 'contest' for Divinity Fatum. Basically, there will be an Art Gallery in 3rd act and I'd like to fill empty frames with pictures of different artists. More details can be read here: http://divinityfatum.blogspot.com/2014/02/divinity-fatum-art-gallery-contest.html
If anyone would like to participate, I'd be glad.


File: 1395493059702.png (90.11 KB, 256x286, battler_werther.png)

Small preview of first battle sequence in Divinity Fatum:


Wow, the game has advanced so much since the last time I played it.

However, I am unsure about the battle system. I guess it will be worked more when it is matured but so far it seems there is only one ability available. And I don't know, but battling seems… kinda out of place in a game like this. Could there be some way of making it more subtle, like making it play like a puzzle instead of a normal fight? I am thinking about something like FFX's Seymour Omnis battle mechanics, but with weaknesses instead of attacks.

I liked a lot what you did to the enemy's visual effects and that nice health bar though, but using the RPG Maker's combat input system clashes with the rest of the scene. Maybe you could make the box transparent or rearrange the distribution and position of the box?

Note that I'm not saying adding a fight is bad, but it feels weird to me considering the rest of the game is pretty "peaceful" (if you can call it that way).

Anyway, I gotta say I will play and love this game no matter what. I am pretty sure the third act is going to be as good as the rest, and the last two were awesome. I always recommend it whenever people ask for small horror games.


File: 1402324130308.jpg (1.19 MB, 1224x1632, 2013-11-12 19.27.54.jpg)

Thanks for feedback. I'm very well aware that battles may seem out of place. However 3rd act is supposed to be more action oriented and basically more dynamic and hopefully dramatic than previous acts. Altrough these standard jrpg battle systems ain't that dynamic, they still put some additional pressure on player. I had some suggestions before to make some puzzles instead of battles, but they wouldn't suit character of that final act. Also that movie was just a first glance of unrefined battle system. Right now - in unreleased demo - battle consists of some skills and certain battle patterns which are necessary to figure out in order to progress. Now that I think about that, these battles actually have certai feel of puzzles, I guess.


I started act 3 after the first fight when i get out of the hospital the screen goes black and i can only access the menu,is this a bug or the end of the demo?


File: 1407762823586.png (407.05 KB, 544x416, cindy.png)

It's end of the demo. I simply wanted to give a little teaser of how will Act 3 look like. I may upload some more built version after I reach certain point in development. I also consider posting save states (prolly temporary tho)letting players following development play from certain point without playing through full game. Reason behind it is that I sometimes go back to previous acts (that is 1st and 2nd)and change a bit… which oftens renders it impossible to play using old saves.


Okay,thanks for the fast reply.
You're making a great game


File: 1412402147537.png (209.81 KB, 640x480, divinity_fatum_42.png)

So, I came up with idea to implement script that would distort the screen in certain areas. With that, some tense parts now look even more (in my opinion) overwhelming. Also did next bit of the game - not much but still something. Seriously, the progress is going ridiculously slow lately…

Anyway, screenshot of second Martyr.


How's progress on the game going? There hasn't been any news in a while.


File: 1420916636954.png (416.35 KB, 544x416, salomon_riding.png)

I had a short hiatus. I got back to work after New Year. Haven't done much, though. I finished second confrontation with Martyr, added option to visit Hospital and came up with some random art titles and authors for pictures in Art Gallery. You can read more on game's blog.



wow, it looks gritty and somber
i like it.


Thanks, I guess.


What RPG Maker(s) was Divinity Fatum made in? Both the original release and the current version.


First Divinity Fatum, as well as Divinity Fatum :Birth: were made in RPG Maker XP. Current one is being developed in RPG Maker VX Ace.


Hey, is this game still alive? There's been no update since almost a year ago.


Bumping for hopeful progress report.


Purple Prose: The Game, featuring Dante from Devil May Cry series.

And to think that people actually enjoy it so much. How embarassing.


>Having this much envy.


Envy for what exactly? Appalling taste? Yeah, right, tell me about it.


File: 1506914029676.jpg (566.29 KB, 1920x1080, Bayonetta.jpg)

It is embarrassing, if you're going to use a hack n' slash character in a fangame, why not make a rhythm game where you make Bayonetta twerk? I'd play the shit out of it.

OP, in all seriousness, this looks kinda interesting. When I get on my gaming machine, I'll give it a try.


This thread should probably be moved to /og/?


It's been here for six years, there's no need.


File: 1519585345876-0.png (251.38 KB, 640x480, divinity_fatum_49.png)

File: 1519585345876-1.png (196.17 KB, 640x480, divinity_fatum_50.png)

Daaamn, after about… 3 years later, I found some time and will to tackle the game once more.

Hope I'll finish it before my daughter turn 18.


This is the best thing I've woken up to today. I love DF and have been eagerly awaiting the last pieces of the game, so it's great to hear you're working on it again!


File: 1519594472920.png (Spoiler Image, 224.34 KB, 640x480, divinity_fatum_51.png)

Glad to hear that. I hope this won't turn out like latest Duke Nukem. It was - and still is - my ambition to finish making that game.

There is still a lot to do (especially graphics), but when it comes down to the main plot, It's getting pretty close to the end now.


Dude, nice. I remember the first demo you shared on /rpgmg/. That was a while ago now lol.


You should update your DF blogs with this info. Let non-Uboachan followers know that the game isn't dead.


Been thinking about this game again after a long time not playing it. It has a special place in my heart even years later. I still hope that it will be finished one day.


How can we even be sure thats him? Anyone can crack open RPGMaker, mess with the maps amd take a screenshot

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