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From now on, the >>>/rec/ board should generally be used for conversations about recovery from NEETism. This is not a hard rule but you are likely to have a better experience.

Seeing as absolutely everyone misread the /hikki/ rules sticky and used it to draw apocalyptic conclusions about the death of all that was good about /n/, here's a less flippant sticky with less room for ambiguity, in the form of a Q&A. We've also made some concessions based on your feedback in thread >>13, which was moved to /sugg/ for being meta.

What is allowed on this board? What is its purpose?
On this board you can discuss and request or give advice regarding NEETism, Hikikomoriism, anxieties and social or mental issues arising from these conditions of living, and things closely related to these topics. If you're content with being a NEET at this stage in your life, that's ok, and you won't get in trouble for saying so. The board's primary focus is self-help and advice regarding these issues. Despite rumors, threads looking for help with suicidal feelings or drug addition are also allowed.

What is not allowed on this board?
* Encouraging others to become NEET.
* Attacking or discouraging others for being NEET.
* Giving or requesting advice on how to enter the NEET lifestyle.
* Encouraging or showcasing drug usage.
* Announcing your planned suicide. Call a hotline or something just don't do it here or it becomes my legal responsibility.
* Helping others to plan or commit suicide.
* Topics not related to the purpose of the board. Such topics will be moved.
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There's probably something fucked up about how I lead my life but I just couldnt afford to do what the rest of people do, I dont want things to be predictable… I lived as a hobo with people on the road or on my own for the last 4 years but now even this is becoming to seem shallow, I dont know what to do to not get bored by life… Sometimes I feel I should just start a revolution… I feel like I'm missing something to have a fulfilling life, maybe I should get a gf and start simping but no grill will want of a hobo who lives in a trailer and digs trash to eat and live…
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Laptops, smartphones, bikes, most of the time they're already usable and just need some reconditioning, but sometimes it needs minor repairs, there's lots of stuff that's thrown and just works but I live in a rich country so that's why…


where do you scout for e-waste?


Junkyards and e-waste recycle bins of supermarkets mostly…


Anon if you feel nostalgic… go back to it. Integrate it into your present life. And make it your foundation so you can go and do new challenging things. And then return to the warm familiarity.

idk if that actually works but i do it. I want to have a varied and exciting life too but i need stability so i can pay for internet



Not like I can go back to high school and be 17 again tho and this is what I really miss… Like what can I fo to be in a thriving social environnement? Probably not much if you think about it, especially as by growing up I've developed higher standards for people I find interesting, which makes things harder but yeah, I should at least try, just don't really know where to begin, I was thinking maybe by moving to a new country starting a new life and making friends could be easier… dunno…

File: 1656719257633.jpg (59.56 KB, 720x416, 52a19ca7fe702be362e079e2b2….jpg)


I never know what to do or say when talking to people, and it makes me stressed out, and so when I was very young I got a computer and became a neckbeard autist, not really talking to people. I have all kinds of shallow ideas but what I only really want something meaningful like a nice friend group or something. In both middle school and high school I missed out on that seishun life like in the anime, and for a moment, for a brief time I thought that maybe I could live like that for college. This should be my peak right? Everything should go down after this. My social discomfort, posture, health is worse and worse. Every relation with people makes me feel worse. I feel like whatever I choose to do will not make me happy.


File: 1656813849545.jpg (70.01 KB, 978x721, FB_rQ4SXoAYUYIr.jpg)

Everyone is busy in college so connections are a lot more fragmented than you might think. 4 years go by fast and then you'll never see any of them again so might as well try to expand your circle. For me doing something embarrassing was less painful than regretting not doing anything.

>I never know what to do or say when talking to people

Expressing interest is #1 I think. Lots of people hate the monotony of small talk and they'll really latch onto to something obscure you're into

File: 1656193288594.jpg (198.36 KB, 1080x1080, f37e77ac726a3ff32f4b211dbd….jpg)


I'm embarrassed to say this, but I'm so lazy. It's a real obstacle in my life. There are things I want to do (they're not even obligations) and I just can't.


What do you think is the root of your laziness? I'm the same as you, and honestly its probably a mix of just apathy and never really ever needing to develop a work ethic for anything when I was young since I'd always be able to get by without putting in much effort.


I understand you perfectly, my friend. Procastination is the worst enemy you can afford. I know it's easier to say things than to actually get off your ass and do productive things, but try to create a habit as soon as you can, start with small tasks, like something that takes you 3 minutes to do, every day, and slowly start increasing the time and add new tasks. Getting into a habit is gradual and slow, but it is extremely satisfying when you realize that you have reduced laziness.


Lazy is not a real word. There is always a root cause of your actions (and inaction). If you're having trouble doing something consistently, question yourself as to why you're doing it. Is it what you want to do? What will you gain from it? If its something you do want to do, then question yourself as to why you're not doing it. Is it fear?


Anyone here do it? I used to cut myself open, just for the sake of it really, but I regret it a lot because the scars never faded and I'm covered in ugly lines that anyone would be able to tell are from self harming.

You may also post QTs cutting themselves up.


Nowadays it's all about the harm I can inflict on myself with my own body. While cutting was a choice, this is a compulsion. The decision is made and executed before it reaches consciousness. I've strangled myself enough to spit blood. It's not so bad though because the marks it leaves always fade away.


I'll allow the conversation, but guro images are a violation of Rule 3.


File: 1656295981843.jpg (Spoiler Image, 383.97 KB, 2788x2723, scissors.jpg)

I dunno what there really is to say or discuss, but I've self-harmed for a long time. Started cutting around 13 and am late 20s now, but have self-harmed since I was a kid by biting my hand and stuff, but didn't think anything of it.

I always cut with blunt scissors, enough that it'd cause a lot of superficial bleeding but no serious deep scars, so my arm is still scarred, but it's all very faint. Used to do it very often, multiple times a week, and it'd usually be impulsive over being upset or angry, but I've not been doing it as much recently. Doing it with a sharp blade not only scars more, it was less satisfying because it cuts so easily. Using blunt scissors felt satisfying because it took more to cause bleeding.

I've only been self harming every few weeks now though, and when I do it, it's usually so impulsive that I just punch my thigh or arm instead. It doesn't feel as satisfying as cutting with scissors, but the bruises still look nice to me in the same way that bleeding did.

Picture is a photo I took one time, I liked how it looked.

File: 1654832892114.jpg (373.3 KB, 750x929, IMG_1597.jpg)


Don’t want to mention the specifics of what happened to me, but I fucked up without a doubt. How do you anons best deal with embarrassment? I feel like a child for stressing about this shit but I’ve never really had anyone to talk about this type of social stress.


Depends on how embarrassing something is. I've gotten much better at expressing myself over time, so I clarify stuff much more often now when something does feel embarrassing to me, which isn't often. Sometimes I'll just hold in the feelings or put them behind bigger feelings if I really want to do something and need to push past the embarrassment.
Most people get embarrassed, so you shouldn't feel bad about it in the slightest. Everyone makes mistakes, so when you make yours, just accept them. If people give you shit about embarrassing stuff in the past in a malicious way, then they're bullies, and you should either leave them in silence or just kick their ass(es).


Embarrassment and shame have plagued me all my life, and I'm 31 now and still have trouble dealing with those feelings. I'm currently working on it with a psychotherapist. In my case, the embarrassment itself is relatively benign, the issue is just that it tends to lead me to negative thoughts about myself, such as "I'm stupid and fundamentally defective", which cause me to engage in harmful activities. Those thoughts are often irrational. The therapist has presented me with a sort of mental framework for analysing these thoughts and accompanying feelings, as well as the actions that trigger them. It's very useful to me. I'm still working on getting into a habit of using it. It has me specify the action that happened, the beliefs that arose in my head as a result, the changes in my physical condition (bodily responses to emotions), and the consequences of all the beforementioned, i.e. how I reacted. Then, I can confront my beliefs if they are irrational, and examine my reaction. It's a very versatile tool for introspection.

File: 1655350595859.png (167.31 KB, 2616x2012, TIME AND SOUND.png)


listening to time by pink floyd good night anons, i wish a very very nice night and sweet dreams
draw made it by me: PURRanon


File: 1655380180802.png (19.5 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Self portraits?


File: 1655401177645.png (1.19 MB, 3000x2500, me.png)

not really! I like draw random anime-girls…
this is a self portrait before i cut my hair…I'm not that pretty i only look tired


File: 1655790320831.png (15.21 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Hello. Here's me drawing


File: 1655821448180.png (19.53 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


who is the wageslave?

this is not funny

File: 1651420349285-0.jpg (538.65 KB, 791x1024, NEETzine Vol 11024_1.jpg)

File: 1651420349285-1.jpg (168.9 KB, 791x1024, NEETzine Vol 11024_2.jpg)


I'm starting a NEETzine. Help me create the next one! https://neetpride.wordpress.com/2022/04/29/neetpride-magazine-volume-1/
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As I said, hikki and NEET are usually used interchangeably


being a fucking hikki is already no work. You are a fuckin hikki or a NEET one is without the other. Saying both is retarded its either or.


Being a hikki automatically means being a NEET. You cannot work while also not contributing to society or leaving the house. Being hikki is being NEET by default, thus people using it interchangeably. You are actually retarded to argue otherwise.


Thats not what I mean though. What I am trying to say is that Hikki is already the term used for people. You don't call a hikki a neet you call a hikki a fucking hikki because they are more then just a neet. Technically a NEET can be someone who leaves the house has a bit of social interaction with people and isn't afraid to leave the house. Just means you know you are a NEET. IF you are a hikki it implies that you have a mental illness and I don't think 99% of people are going to tell you that you should suffer in your mental illness. A lot of people say being a NEET is a mental illness but it can be a way to reject society and stop helping that society harm people. Such as Varg. Do you consider Varg a normie? There are varying degrees of being a normie. No one is even saying that reddit antiwork type shit is a good idea but we are saying that in general society the one you live in is shit and isn't worth working for. You can also make a justification that humans shouldn't be striving to just work a shitty 9 to 5 job but to strive for greater things. Do you think humanity at large is meant to just struggle in the fields all fucking day picking up horse shit?


I agree with this. NEET literally means "Not in Employment, Education, or Training". I'm not any of those but I still get out into the world and socialize with people (some deep socialization at times…). NEET is more of a spectrum where you have people that just don't want to work and want to chill around to those that shut themselves in permanently because they're incapable of going out.
Not all NEET are Hikki but all/most Hikki are NEET. Hikki tend to be obsessive about one/a few specific ecosystems (like Anime/Manga and/or Gaming) and are notable in that they never, ever leave their homes (as portrayed by Japanese media). Hikki definitely is more of a fuzzy term than NEET which is self-explanatory, and really just means "shut-in" in its most simple definition, and of course that implies a lot.

File: 1654449450260.png (922.95 KB, 1409x811, 0.png)


Perhaps it's a stupid question, however having never worked a day in my life I feel this feeling is no different from the existential dread of the inevitability of growing old and dying. Just as if you're severely balding or have some kind of terminal illness, there is quite literally nothing one can do to prevent it. As of now I can only feel numb to the fact.

>Question: How can one manage to survive as a hikkikomori? Answer: Because one's food, clothing, and shelter are often assured regardless of situation. In today's society, as long as you're guaranteed the barest essentials, you can continue to live out your hollow existence indefinitely. I didn't realize it before, but in a way, being able to live as a hikkikomori is a luxury. Without the assurance of food, clothing, and shelter; unless you're prepared to die, there's no other choice but to work.


File: 1654500331031.png (43.89 KB, 500x500, 1643585351527.png)

IKTF. Everyone is an artist until they have bills to pay. I'd love to work exclusively part time or freelance doing what I like to sustain myself but that's wishful thinking, and it won't give me enough money to survive when I'm old. My will to 100% dedicate myself to my craft is simply not there due to the urgency to pay dues. I could embrace a quasi-bohemian lifestyle, but I value solitude and silence too much, don't have friends who are into that (contradicting to the former statement, IK), and I don't have a safety network to bounce back into in the case things go awry. And I'm also simply bad lol

>Question: How can one manage to survive as a hikkikomori?

If this is a literal question, you just mooch off whoever you're mooching for the longest time until you're forced to work at an older age. You better have built up some kind of meaningful skills or some kind of nest egg so you're not forced to work at 60. If you inherit property with no mortgage to pay, its very easy to live a low-cost life working a part time job, especially if you become a r*ntier.
To LIVE, however, you have to truly work. Not work for money or commodities, but work for yourself, do something you will be satisfied with in the future. A personal project, a skill, language, etc.
Work itself isn't bad, all life is work. It's just the forced socialisation, alienation (arbitrarily sticking around even though you're doing nothing, not doing what you minimally have an interest on, etc) and the sheer numbness and staticness it encourages, especially if it's a low skill job, that most people hate. Good luck forming coherent memories and experiences when you're just looking at the wall to clock in hours while listening to unstable people doing community service talking to themselves 50h a week, that kind of thing.


File: 1654571015725.png (172.23 KB, 640x360, free.png)

There's a significant problem with a society where a full time job barely nets enough to pay the bills. しょうがない。



Of course being an hikki is a luxury and it is hypocritical if not achieved at it fullest because you're just leeching on the society that you despise and gives you the bare minimum to survive in it just so they dont have your suicide on their weak consciousness… The only way to be a non hypocritical and still be a neet is by being a chad hybrid hobo/hermit who lives off grid…

File: 1640974511161.gif (3.87 KB, 250x300, lainsmall2.gif)


Even knowing there's people in the same building as me makes it impossible to fully relax and be myself, and it kills any productivity. It feels so restricting.

How do you achieve complete isolation from humans?
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No way.


I feel you. But I don't have a answer for you problem.


I'm on a trip right now, which I absolutely could not dodge. It's my parents anniversary.
I absolutely hate being here and this is the last time I'm ever coming. I hate being in the room because I'm being recorded, and even if I didn't it's uncomfortable because it's not my house. I can't go out either because everyone looks at me funny.


What do you mean you're being recorded?!?!


I know what you mean. My Mother moved in this dysfunctional family into our home who fought and screamed at each other 24/7 while she went to live with her friend for a year.

I went from a relatively productive early bird neet to somebody who only binged youtube videos and sleep excessive amounts of hours. Unfortunately for me, she has found a new family to move in as of recent.

As for your question…
I don't think it's possible to achieve complete isolation from humans. Especially not as a hikki/neet. Perhaps if you worked a nightshift or something it could be comfortable enough.

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