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I forgot to turn off the snow because I have only been checking the site from my phone and it doesn't show on mobile. Haha silly me.
And now, more snow!

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From now on, the >>>/rec/ board should generally be used for conversations about recovery from NEETism. This is not a hard rule but you are likely to have a better experience.

Seeing as absolutely everyone misread the /hikki/ rules sticky and used it to draw apocalyptic conclusions about the death of all that was good about /n/, here's a less flippant sticky with less room for ambiguity, in the form of a Q&A. We've also made some concessions based on your feedback in thread >>13, which was moved to /sugg/ for being meta.

What is allowed on this board? What is its purpose?
On this board you can discuss and request or give advice regarding NEETism, Hikikomoriism, anxieties and social or mental issues arising from these conditions of living, and things closely related to these topics. If you're content with being a NEET at this stage in your life, that's ok, and you won't get in trouble for saying so. The board's primary focus is self-help and advice regarding these issues. Despite rumors, threads looking for help with suicidal feelings or drug addition are also allowed.

What is not allowed on this board?
* Encouraging others to become NEET.
* Attacking or discouraging others for being NEET.
* Giving or requesting advice on how to enter the NEET lifestyle.
* Encouraging or showcasing drug usage.
* Announcing your planned suicide. Call a hotline or something just don't do it here or it becomes my legal responsibility.
* Helping others to plan or commit suicide.
* Topics not related to the purpose of the board. Such topics will be moved.
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File: 1675553172796.jpg (128.24 KB, 850x1200, 15.jpg)


I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I'm scared to live on my own. My situation could not end with me being labeled a NEET, exactly- after graduating college, my parents let me continue living with them. I fell out of contact with all of the friends I knew in university. It's been seven years since I left high school, seven since I dated or really made any meaningful connections with anyone. I work a shitty part time job that leaves me with no energy to be social. Trying to help around the house more, but I feel like such a disappointment, barely knowing how to pay bills, clean, unable to really accomplish anything.

All I can do is lay in bed and play games. That I can't fuck up, at least. I'm grateful everyday to have these resources and not be homeless, but I'm terrified of the thought that my parents could die someday, and I'd be left alone, unable to survive. Does anyone else live with this fear, losing your caretaker? How do you deal with it?


File: 1675723305780.jpeg (55.89 KB, 750x741, DB74E6A9-1B4E-4CE1-A941-1….jpeg)

as an autistic person who needs a fair bit of support still, yeah I get this. It’s super hard to clean my room, take care of myself and help others, mainly because my brain just won’t let me. It’s a huge fear of mine that I’ll have to fend for myself one day because I just don’t know how to do it. Too thankful to my family as they continue to support me


File: 1675725378148.jpg (43.95 KB, 1024x768, 1674844564700847.jpg)

As someone who gets super anxious about losing the insane support crutch my family gives me, I also understand this. I believe I could mainly live independently if needed, as my lifestyle is already almost entirely independent, but just knowing that this crutch exists keeps a torrential floods worth of anxiety pertaining to the topic at bay. The concept of my family not being in my life, whether by death or else wise, also fills me with anxiety and foresight grief.
I deal with it by simply not entertaining the thoughts about it, as thinking about it makes me want to cry.


File: 1675823794841.png (50.75 KB, 496x346, magicalgirlsiteroom.png)


Thanks for responding. It's kind of a relief to know I'm not alone there.

I wish I could stop thinking about this- unfortunately, I tend to have intrusive thoughts that revolve around it.


Hey Anon, i know you’re still with us even after only 30 days…. but you’re not alone

Please hear me out. You’re not alone out there. I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety for years, while I have made progress in recovering over the past 3 years, it’s still tough. I never figured out what I wanted to do in life, I never liked the education system here in the US so I saw no point in attending university either.

I graduated from hs almost 6 years ago and I’ve felt lost since, it’s what I kept telling myself. Sure I was able to make some money and everything, but I felt empty, I felt repulsed by myself because I didn’t know what I wanted to do in this life.

I still keep in contact with some friends and was introduced to new people through them, but god I feel embarrassed being with them sometimes because of my situation. Sometimes I don’t see them for months at a time, yet they welcome me with open arms every time. I still live with my parents of course, it’s normal in most cultures worldwide to do so so I’m really grateful that they’ve helped support me.

Can I be able to live independently? i don’t know, but i’m open to getting my own place one day if i can be able to afford it.

It was a few months ago where I decided I should do something more and figure out something…a stable income in a remote position is all I’m looking for.

I honestly do like being outside and being social when I can. I went to the beach today and walking down the path and seeing the people there make me realize how much I really do love the world and my life in general. My judgment was so clouded because of my negative thought patterns about myself that going out and looking at the world in this bigger picture really helps me.

I hope you’re doing good anon and I hope your situation improves. I used to hang around other hikki/neet servers on discord, but idk what happened to a lot of the people there.
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File: 1615110184712.jpg (1.47 MB, 2338x1656, Cover.jpg)

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I do not mean on this site but in general where are all the losers hanging out online now because all the imageboards are very slow and any of the bigger platforms are suffocating by censoring controversial opinions driving discussion of those topics away yet where is everyone?

ver the past 5 years it is like nearly every hikikomori realized that online communities for losers were not worth the drama or they killed themselves.
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>not worth the drama or killed themselves
That's what happened to the communities I found on here 7-8 years ago. Suicide and the drama that occurs when terminally online people are around each other for too long
I miss my friends man, life was shit then but at least I wasn't alone


Same. Met some friends on some other imageboard but they are gone too now. Hopefully they can rest now. I still miss them though.


real board


i stopped trying to find people in the NEET/hiki sphere cause as mentioned way too much drama.
found a couple on forums and imageboards unrelated to NEET/hiki corners and that's where i stay however i still lurk.


File: 1671718190236.png (7.29 KB, 683x384, room2.png)


Could be a floorplan, 1st person, or anything
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Pantsu ripper?


File: 1678205320049.png (3.95 KB, 200x181, mado2.png)

no. i hate that faggot


File: 1678221999483.png (21.66 KB, 725x574, ClipboardImage.png)

not entirely to scale. needs vacuuming


so much vitriol. anyone could have made the mistake anon, reassess yourself.


..you are right, i am sorry for using those words. i just have known that person since before he got popular online and i always thought his attitude towards art was mean spirited, so it didn't feel nice to be compared. whenever i see his art it makes me feel icky because i know a lot of the people who share it around are the same kind of people he is mocking in private. but i don't want to be spreading more negativity.

File: 1672903836754.jpg (283.19 KB, 1440x1440, 1672436141042247.jpg)


I absolutely hate everyone here. You are all whiny babies who do mental gymnastics in order to justify your inaction. You need to grow up before it`s too late, BECAUSE THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION. Free yourselves from this desperation and torture and FIGHT against the cruel reality that surrounds you. BECAUSE. THERE. IS. NO. OTHER. OPTION!!!!!!!!!
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Lets hope you don't get rejected



dont go back to art school. i dont know if you're talented or not, but if you actually are, i promise you theres nothing good thats going to come of chasing fame in media or social media whatever. even if you start to get the flow of cash, commissions, attention, whatever you're seeking, its all empty empty empty in the end. very empty especially the connections. always trying to climb some social ladder to get what? more normalfags who dont fucking get it looking at your art. what a waste of time. i used to be mildly popular on twitter when "schizo core" was at its peak during covid 2020ish. blew my ego up without realizing fully that the attention came from an aesthetic, not from my talent. then i got weirder and more schizo irl, real schizo, and dropped off online. now i have my own site i maintain. the long story short is that if you are an actual schizoneet talented sufferer please dont waste yourself on normalshits. me? i hate my life and i want to die – at least i get to neet around all day and play with myself in my mind thru my art. you are your own best friend.


It sucks that this was your experience but twitter is not representative of meatspace. If that anon actually managed to get out there the experience would be different. Maybe it would be bad in a different way, maybe it would be beneficial. Only way to know is to try.


Sorry if this is uncouth, may I ask what your site is?


I don’t really want to achieve any kind of fame or whatever, I know my art is bad and no one cares about it, I don’t think I have any kind of real talent, and most of the time I have no idea what I’m doing. I can’t even draw properly a lot of the time. All things considered I should just die. All I want to do is create and find meaning in this hellish existence. I just want to feel like I’m good enough I don’t really know what I’m saying I’m not entirely stable at the moment. Idk what the best course of action is I hate myself so fucking much and everything around me I don’t know if I’ll even be able to go to school without snapping and hurting someone but I need to improve my art it’s one of the few reasons to keep existing I will dedicate however long I have left to live to improve and create someone that can touch someone deeply on some level. Either way chances are I’ll be unable to even function properly in any social setting I will probably remain a recluse going back to school is probably not gonna happen. I might not be good at art now but I will dedicate my life to becoming good enough and no one will look down on me again. I’m feeling nauseous and delirious now it wasn’t a good idea to think

File: 1652535844675.png (527.73 KB, 640x935, disposal.png)


What works depict hikikomori/shut-in characters that you found relatable?
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I loved "My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness." and basically binge read all other works of her after reading it. She has a really neat autobiographical style and I love her art aswell. Really good stuff can recommend it to the fullest. Looking forward to reading her newest series "Meisou Senshi Nagata Kabi: Gourmet de Go!"


OP here. Thank you for recommending this one- I'm Izumi's age and work part time, so a lot of chapters hit close to home.

I'll check it out when possible. The art style looks interesting.

Read this years ago. It's neat to see that other people are enjoying it. I remember it started out as a comic on pixiv before Kabi-san was able to publish the manga- an audience gave her the inspiration to work commercially.


File: 1676230493254-0.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, Es_1.png)

File: 1676230493254-1.jpg (135.53 KB, 643x858, 643x0w.jpg)

New recommendation: Alter Ego

An app by Caramel Column about psychoanalysis. You are a wanderer searching for aspects of your personality, which the owner of a library, Es, helps you recover. The interpretations are surprisingly insightful, and the game has you learn about different forms of literature as well, if you're looking for new books to read. It has multiple endings and is free to download.


File: 1676541393748.jpg (30.61 KB, 350x490, hachiman-hikigaya-48851-24….jpg)

I think that Hachiman Hikigaya from OreGairu is a kinda relatable character for me. He's not a hikki but his mindset is relatable.
Since I grew up in a poor family with divorced parents in a small rural dying village I always was kinda cynical and had extreme trust issues. I could never really connect to the people in school who all came from distant citys and knew each other.

Tomoko was also interesting but I never really wanted to be popular. I always thought that wanting to be the center of attention or chasing after girls is kinda pathetic. I just wanted to have fun with my bros.

This pic is interesting. As a kid it was completly normal for me to shower only once a week. I also dont had that much clothes, I changed them also only once per week. Funnily since I became a NEET I actually have the time to shower every day and buy new clothes.


File: 1677084918577-0.jpg (107.52 KB, 580x822, 61ZuJhxzFVL_580x.jpg)

File: 1677084918577-1.jpg (123.86 KB, 544x750, blood-on-the-tracks-vol-01….jpg)

When I recommended Chi no Wadachi earlier in this thread, it was for similar reasons. It's interesting that people are recommending stories about characters that don't quite fall under the definition of full NEET here.

Seichii Osabe, the protagonist, ends up living as a recluse when he reaches adulthood, working a deadend job, with no close relationships or people to rely on but himself. This is in part due to his mother, Seiko, who abused Seiichi as a child and ruined his life, to the point where he hallucinates about her nearly twenty years later. The manga has heavy subject material, but worth checking out if you read Aku no Hana/The Flowers of Evil. It's still ongoing, to my knowledge.

File: 1675126627282.jpg (103.26 KB, 850x1020, sample_cc6094abb0de79cfe63….jpg)


so, i'm just assuming most people on here that don't live alone are housed (begrudgingly or not) by their family.
from what i read, it seems like this is always a major stressor and cause of strife, but this isn't the case for me, more like the way of life.
am i alone here in having asocial / avoidant parents who have just accepted it as the way to exist for themselves and their kin?
how do you break free of something like this, and still keep your bonds intact?


My father is an ex hikki as well as a current hermit so I've probably inherited his taste for solitude. However to my knowledge he's not a schizoid, whereas I am, perhaps making me an example of how kin commonly amplify the behaviors learnt from their parents?
Regardless; what are you trying to break free from? Learnt asocial behavior or your familial expectations of asocial behavior?
If it's the first: learnt familial behaviors are quite difficult to overcome, if not impossible to overcome fully, however really the only way you can improve your social prowess is to force yourself to be uncomfortable in any social situation.

File: 1606335892042.jpg (240.9 KB, 602x339, 1580250470097.jpg)


Is anyone else sad when their posts get no replies? I don't mean here but on bigger sites. I'm kinda lonely.
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File: 1627749046567.jpg (63.4 KB, 1025x1006, 9ae208a9e65bf6ad6bda1f7a25….jpg)

>Sometimes what people say can be overwhelming, and responding can be difficult. I know that I struggled with that before. Especially when people say a bunch of truly horrible things, I can struggle to even know how to react appropriately. I'm sure that I made other people feel the same in the past. I could tell.
I relate and really feel what you're saying since this just happened to me yesterday. I tried to interact with people outside of what I'd usually browse, on an 8gag spinoff to see if it was any good, but they were pretty hostile. Maybe it was because I tried to make a random rambling post to fit in, but yeah I feel like I am just failing really hard at trying to branch out because deep inside most people on imageboards look down on people who aren't the regular kind that they expect. I wish I understood people, even those who I think would get me. Honestly I wish there was a better alternative besides imageboards but there just isn't.


>person asks something
>I and another person reply
>OP only talks to the other person
sounds like real life.


Seems that way. I can only relate to a few people in boards like this and for the most part that's about it because I guess I'm too weird, but it never goes beyond that because leaving contact information at all feels like pressuring people too much, so I have never done it.


File: 1628100789274.jpg (43.21 KB, 319x310, nice board.jpg)

>I wish I understood people, even those who I think would get me

Relate to this a lot. I think that's what makes finding places I can interact in so special for me, though: I feel somewhat more understood, and like I can understand more. Maybe it's just because of the similar pains we find ourselves going through that many of us find boards like this more welcoming.

I tend to get worked up about this, as well. Sometimes, it makes me wonder if the way I speak/type makes me seem like either a stuffy arsehole who is impossible to talk to, or just a total retard, even if the actual content of what I say is the same as another person.


I wish hikkichan still existed so you could regularly get replies

though I'd want it to be a hard vetted site so people don't just come in and pretend

File: 1603582259377.jpg (160.8 KB, 1280x720, sign.jpg)


Hey uboachan, I'm trying to do an art project on NEETcaves and coming to the end of my search but figured it would be good to get in some diversity from the sites I use. Anyway I am trying to get an art gallery up and running displaying NEETrooms + thoughts and feelings from NEETs. If you would like to help it would take a few minuets and you can find a link to the google form here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1TjcxnVdl_cAk7cPTjgzzS2H8TZz2HAQ6dWw2_whsSMM it’s editable so you can edit or withdraw your submission whenever, if you are interested but don’t wanna sign into google feel free to email me at connectedculturesociety@gmail.com and I can copy paste the stuff your way or feel free to poke my brain about anything else.

Thanks for reading, hope you lot have a good one.


This is a really good idea, thankyou. I'll email you if I have the motivation soon!


u still doing this?


leech off some other group of people

File: 1429605240425.jpg (12.34 KB, 167x288, The unhappy stapler.jpg)


post itt if you are sickly as well as NEET

i got CFS/ME/SEID/whatever docs wanna call it, but basically im too tired to leave the house or even bed most of the time, and its not depression or anything mental

also get mad headaches, nausea, and dizziness from just standing up

also relevant is itt NO BULLYING ALLOWED!!
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well just read through this thread. Really like this format. Its nice seeing how you progress through life :) Looking forward to future updates !


Fucking hell lads I made it, I literally cried tears of joy yesterday on hearing the news. I've been working as an au pair in Poland since early January, and the host mom got me an interview in the local private school as an English teacher. We fucking made it.

My house is still hopefully about to be sold, but my life is finally where I wanted it to be. Living in Poland is great I have friends here and been dating, just need to get in shape again after the year off since getting COVID on my birthday last February brought back chronic fatigue symptoms.

My dad is in the process of going bankrupt but I'll be fine at least. Sister just applied for her master's and is doing well. Mom and stepdad well.

Follow your dreams and never give up lads :)


File: 1674740068815.jpeg (746.49 KB, 1728x2304, IMG-20230124-WA0001.jpeg)


Your Cat is nice, otherwise wrong board jackass. You're not a hikki, you're not even a NEET. And I don't want to see your face either.


I was for 7 years and this is my thread fuck off

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