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File: 1322011335226.jpg (196.74 KB, 500x429, Nagatsuki with cleaver.jpg)


This game gets almost no love


It feels like a cross between the original Yume Nikki and .flow, and has one of the only male protagonists I've seen besides Alex. AND YET NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW ABOUT IT. I hope to remedy this.



hurr durr


I really dont see any .flow in it. And more than a cross it's something like a straight yume nikki copy to me. There's an uboa room with a random event that works exactly the same as the light switch with a guy that looks a lot like poniko, a huge red maze, theres the island area which looks like a recolor of poniko's pink sea.A world thats almost exacltly the same as the world where you get the neon effect in yume nikki, and he doesnt even get his own weapon, its just another knife. I wish there was more originality put into it, when it comes to events and effects


The graphics for the game are pretty good. But a agree with the person above. Not enough originality, I hated the maze and I got lost pretty easily *meaning more easily than in YN, but maybe it's just me*

But I like the character designs.

But dang it the MAZE, I hated it. I hate the mazes in most fangames actually, even my own.


Yumewo.'s mazes are a pain in the ass, I'll agree to that. I'm still trying to figure out how to get through the teleport one, but to no avail.


File: 1322016125925.png (Spoiler Image, 18.21 KB, 549x399, nagatsuki you sick fuck.png)

So I just ran into an event

And I




File: 1322018818230.jpg (30.88 KB, 1000x857, 22542247_p10.jpg)

Yumewo is one of my absolute favorite fangames. For the longest time I was pissed with the older version because I saw two people state it had an ending…but I couldn't find it. A huge amount of things were changed in the update, and I have to say, I disagree with what Anon said. Sure there are recolors. But the blue sea is no where near the boy in the blue room. And I agree with it being sorta like .flow, it's really dark compared to a lot of fangames, at least event and character wise. I don't wanna spoil anything, but the two endings were great. All the events and little tibbits in the game left me gushing like a fangirl, which I never do. I wish this game would get more love, as most fangames need.


Yeeesss a fellow fan!

I'm still trying to beat it on a blind run lol


…if anyone knows how to

tell me how to beat the teleport maze







If you need help with the last effect or either ending, I could probably help haha. That teleport maze I admit threw me off, it got a little more confusing in the update.


Oooooh yeah that took me a while to figure out.

I'm assuming there's still 16 effects right? I have:
Military uniform
Chaser uniform
Zombie(?)/bloody feet and hands
One leg/Medamaude equivalent
Neon snow
Blue ball/globe
Miniature boy
Leather jacket
Shinto priest (?)
Brown skin
Meat cleaver/knife


You're missing two effects. One is found in the Hotel like area, another is found from the area before it that looks kinda like a desert, but with blocks everywhere. You just go the other way.


Wait…no you're missing 4 effects. Wireframe, guitar, and two near the area with the block desert and grey town/Hotel place.


Oh boy…didn't know that. Could you be a little more specific with where they're found? I have version 0.08


Okay, I've found the block desert one, onto the grey town!


The guitar can be found by going to the blue sea, then the theatre. It's in the very last room. Wireframe, if I remember correctly, is found in an Effect room either in the room with the Gasstation eye things or the remodeled room with the big blue blocks. I might have to check myself.


Where can I find the blue sea, exactly…? sorry if I'm asking too many questions, I'm just a bit confused.


Brown door, go straight up and into the big purple door thing. go all the way to the right and talk to the thing that's name escapes me, and then find another one in the middle of the water, which is up left a bit.


Alright, thanks! One more to go now!


Okay, I've been scouring the blue blocks and the neon-gas pump-eye worlds, but still no luck. How about on your end?


The wireframe I do believe is in the neon-gas pump-eye world (I shall call it that from now on) You have to talk to the only red one.


I unlocked the, shall we say…meat cleaver ending. How do I get the other one?


File: 1322068419757.jpg (27.95 KB, 400x400, 22839608_m.png.jpg)

Keep going to sleep until your window is open again. There should now be a door open on the first floor of the apartment, I think you can figure it out from there.


Ooooh, how interesting…but what does it all mean, I wonder? Alas, can't /t/ up this thread without massive spoilers…


File: 1322069768360.jpg (44.19 KB, 242x600, 15956208_m.png.jpg)

You could probably black them out, because I would LOVE to hear theories and give my own. Though I'm a total noob when it comes to Uboachan. *laugh*
Also there's very little art of Yumewo, but here's a comic of Nagatsuki getting the school uniform I think.


It's always good to have new people here, welcome!

Testing spoiler text.. [spoiler]testing![/spoiler]


File: 1322071497377.png (41.92 KB, 405x358, chasersandme.png)

Thank you : D I lurked way back when there was no archive, but I sorta fell out of the fandom. Anyway, I think I figured it out. It should be two *'s before and after the word?
Like this? Also picture is Naga and his chaser again


Thanks Snow, I'm sure this is how to do it now! : >

It kills me not knowing whats in the letter. Do you think Naga put it there, or someone else? Honestly, I think the apartments is more of a what-could-be instead of a what-happened. Considering one of the people lying on the floor on the second floor in the room is wearing the same thing as the boy in the room on the first floor…at first I thought it might have been a younger Naga, but I have obviously thought twice about that now.


File: 1322072347140.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.57 KB, 911x463, yume wo theory.jpg)

Well that didn't work.

Might as well bite the bullet though. My theory is in the spoiler image…it's not very good at the moment, but it's sort of my 'visceral' reaction to the game, you might say.


oh darn it.

guess I should've checked the FAQ.


File: 1322072874217.jpg (79.1 KB, 600x477, 23242117_m.png.jpg)


Nice, I agree with it for the most part. not sure on the whole disposing of the bodies yet, though I didn't even notice that they were probably students. I honestly think the good ending is him sitting down and just opening up to the boy, and seeing the happy response, gained a friend. I really like your idea about Nagatsuki being weird mentally, though. I think if the boy had a bad response, or he refused to believe a good one…well, yeah.


I'm unsure as to who could've left the letter, but my gut feeling is that it was Nagatsuki…why he would've done that, I don't know.



If he had been friends with the boy, then it could have been a letter for him. A letter of where he's going, since it really seems like he won't be coming back. Maybe a suicide note. I come to these conclusions because the letter doesn't exist in the other ending, he just goes crazy when he leaves, which goes with the theory I posted before about the friends/not friends.


Ok, I didnt realize you were talking about a new version of the game and for that I apologize. I never said I didnt like the game because of it, but the lack of originality really annoys me. For example, this version even added the exact same animation nikki had when opening the doors in the nexus. I get it that most fangames do copy stuff from nikki to make people want to keep playing but this one does it way more than the rest of them. Also I never said the sea was close to the poniclone, Im just stating the map is the same.


It is rather disappointing that there was a lot of derivative content in the game, but I enjoyed it all the same.


File: 1322092277591.png (38.8 KB, 556x600, 182222522.png)


But…that's the point of fangames, isn't it? They're all heavily, heavily inspired by Nikki. That means events, sprites, and concepts, all the same. It's kinda hard for any fangame not to do something, or multiple things, just like Nikki. I don't really think it's "copy nikki so people will like it" but more of "I like this concept, I'd like to try it out"


>>1857 I really dont think the point of a yume nikki fangame is to make you go "Oh! Ive done and seen this before already!" And I know there are yume nikki stuff that are necessary like speed effects and some form of chaser, however I dont think you need to treat the game as if it were a template.

For example, when yumewo's creator made this game his/her mind probably went something like "Ok so what's my snow effect gonna look like? what about rain? and the musical instrument? How can my poniko/uboa look like? How can I make the midget effect seem different?"

I dont think any of those things were really necessary and the fact that he/she made all of them just shows that there's no risks taken. I wish there was something representative of the game, that no other game had, but so far theres none in this one.


File: 1322094716838.jpg (9.7 KB, 240x320, 23226366_m.jpg)

I didn't mean it that way, but imagine it in the eyes of someone who first opened RPGmaker and didn't know where to start. Sometimes, YN is used as a template. Things like that are used like that sometimes, but it doesn't have to be permanent. Yumewo has improved a lot with the update.

Alright, I can agree with you there. But obviously, they are still working on it. So that's a good sign.
It's hard seeing through the eyes of the creator. You don't exactly know what they were thinking when they made these things.
All I'm really trying to say I guess is there's always room to improve. I mean, they did change the poniko-boy, didn't they?


I never said there was no room for improvement, that kind of thing is always present, even in .flow or 2kki. And in any case, I dont think the nikki traits were due to lack of experience. The graphics and music quality just prove that the creator has the ability to make it different but just decided not to.


Some people just excel at music or sounds though. I don't know, opinions are opinions. I think Yumewo was great, I haven't seen a sea in any of the games, the scenes were very atmospheric for me. The colors mixed well. I enjoyed it, didn't necessarily think there was anything wrong with it. There's quite a few fangames that take obvious things too. But every fangame is still unique. *shrug!*


I agree that opinions are opinions however I'm merely answering the initial post's question "why does this game get almost no love?" and my answer is simply "because it's a perfectly forgettable game". Not a badly-made game, not a plain game and not an unknown game, just that its not unique enough to be treated the same way as other games


File: 1322242988290.png (61.11 KB, 311x435, 17746140_p112.png)


File: 1322243255506.jpg (34.46 KB, 519x451, tumblr_lr611efm1z1qkvz0h.jpg)


File: 1322243640525.png (49.27 KB, 500x500, hinaga.png)


File: 1322243697476.jpg (65.77 KB, 600x575, 23276816_m.jpg)


dat sum hanbok i see?


where can i find a download for this game?



File: 1322328003476.png (4.84 KB, 320x240, boy.png)

I know I made the connection before..but I must have forgotten. The people who made UBOK made Yumewo, and this blue haired boy looks awfully familiar.


>>1931 Considering the lack of character's details and the fact that one has black hair and the other blue, I'd say it's just a coincidence (or a lazy recolor xD)


File: 1322338230901.gif (392.47 KB, 800x520, takeiteasy.gif)


I know, but the fact that it's the same creator just gets me all kinds of excited. Plus, I always thought the dude that gives you the suit effect in Yumewo looked kinda like Eric.


Is there another download for Yumewo anywhere?
The one on Nico doesn't download correctly for me.


Disregard that.
I just got it working after fooling around with it for a while. It just didn't feel like starting the download.


File: 1324990638651.png (2.38 KB, 192x192, nagatuki2.png)

guys guys help me i can't find my last effect
it's the green one that apparently makes it snow i think
i've looked everywhere and i can't find it
i really want to finish this game have mercy please


File: 1324996436814.png (13.65 KB, 639x481, yousee.png)

There is a chance, on your dream room, of the window being open. If it is not, wake up, then sleep again until it is open.
Go through the window, and inside the building, then go on the third floor, last door from the 3rd floor entrance. The effect is gotten by interacting with this… thing.


I can't seem to get the bloody thing installed. It unpacks most of the assets, and then it just hangs. Who thought it was a good idea to have an installer for this thing?


Ah, nevermind, it worked the fifth time I tired. How odd.


Can someone post a reliable download link? The one to nicovideo is bringing me nowhere.



Really? I just downloaded it fine from the link the NicoNico fangame listing provided, though I did have to go through multiple pages of mostly Japanese to get to the actual download link.

Anyway, try this link. Assuming it doesn't expire or something, it'll probably let you bypass all that.



Download link?


this download is broken bro-
sxend a new please D:



Here you go. Since the last one expired, I figure this one eventually will as well, so if you want to download it without going through multiple pages of captcha checks, do so now.


Also, here's a link to the Japanese Fangames listing, which should help in finding the latest version of Yumewo (or other Japanese FGs) when the current link goes down.



Downloaded the game, took a while to get all the effects, and went to sleep to explore some more. Found a door in the middle; went through, found an eye. So I did what every yume nikki fan would do, stab the living shit out of it until it was gushing all over. I left, the nexus floor was white and red, couldn't go in any door but my own. Help? :c



wake up and go to you rl door. then youfinished the game. c:


File: 1330795953244.jpg (103.06 KB, 626x944, wat.jpg)



I can´t find these effects:

Blue ball/globe
Leather jacket
Shinto priest



nee where is the blue ball?


iirc the blue ball is through the blue door with some green on it, go down and left a bit until you see an entrance with four dots on it, it's in there
i'm very sorry but i can't remember where the priest and jacket effects are 3:


Thank you>.<


Anyone got a working download link? I'm dying to play this.


Bump and seconding this.


Is there no download link? It'd be good if someone could upload the file because I can't find any. Thank you ^^







Someone upload this.



Thank you.



but can you spoiler WITHIN a spoiler


game GET, here is ver.0.08. I should have shared this earlier!



I've been looking everywhere for the zombie and scooter effects and i can't find any, some help please~?;n;


We've got Yume Wo, would anyone mind if I ask someone to upload UBOK as well? I know this is not place to say this but it would be great ^^


File: 1393988302819.png (8.88 KB, 640x480, YumeWo.English.PNG)

Today I have managed to finish translating Yume Wo. (夢を。) ver.0.08 to English.

You can get it here:

This game is so dark and awesome! So translating its images then editing them with pain(t) for two weeks was totally worth it. >X[

I'll be back with DreaMarbleng and possibly Yume Utsutsu.

Happy Dreaming!


Where can I download it? ;A;



you have a link right before your post you know…

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