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File: 1317860097849.png (9.52 KB, 640x480, the_other_line_title_05.png)

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The Other Line is a fangame that I've been working on for some time. In this game, you enter the "dream world" through your telephone and save by making markings in your wall. The game focuses mostly on pure exploration. There are effects to collect, but they're mostly just to either help you explore more of the "dream world" or just for fun/cosmetics. (The "goal" of the game, or rather, what you have to do to get the ending, has not been decided as of version .05, but more than likely the effects will tie into it somehow)


File: 1317860219335.png (31.3 KB, 638x477, the_other_line_room_05.png)

The current version is technically v.0.04, but because .05 is so close to completion (and has updated so much), .04 is no longer available.


Didn't it have a Japanese-sounding game ages ago? And wolves? But this looks interesting anyway, and the graphics are great!


File: 1317862009751.png (46.44 KB, 637x474, the_other_line_nexus_05.png)

The game went through a complete overhaul between v.01 and v.02, so the game's title changed, wolves were removed, and many other things were changed or removed entirely.

Also, preview video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVkrYLNM4TM

Oh, and pic=Nexus for those who don't know.


Whoa dude, that looks awesome so far. I love the nexus. At times in the beginning of the video, it sounds like he's dragging his feet…


Ok oh! I remember lurking in the old thread and it looked really interesting. It's still looking great! I'll be waiting for the release of 0.05.


I've gotta say, it's very nice seeing a protagonist who isn't in chibi style! Having a more normally proportioned sprite is something that I haven't seen much in fangames much and it's quite the breath of fresh air. Also, you've got some nice spriting going on here, and the areas look very interesting. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this!


I really cannot wait to play the finished version of this, it looks great.


Hats off to you for not having the main character be a Mado-clone


Wow, this actually looks cool! Can't wait for the download :)


Omg it's psiiiiiiiiiii<3<3<3
So uhm, how are you bro


Version 0.05 is out.
-Added an effect, but also removed one. There are 15 total.
-There's lots of traffic cones blocking off unfinished areas. I'll be sure to remove all of them in future updates, though it should be noted some of them (such as the ones in front of the building in the intro and in the industrial area) are there for decoration , not as blockades.
-Music still needs some work. This is the first time I've ever really used any type of music program, so I'm still getting used to it (or at least trying).
-Please excuse any bugs that you encounter. I tried very hard to debug the game, but there's still that chance that a bug will turn up, be it a tile error or a missing file. Please report any bugs you find. If they're severe enough (ex:crash/freeze the game or missing file errors) I'll release a bugfix patch, otherwise I'll just leave it until the next update where I'll fix it.
-There is no ending implemented yet
-You can read the readme for more info

Any comments/feedback is more than welcome. And again, sorry in advanced for any weird bugs you encounter.


Oh, and thank you kindly to everyone who's supported the game even when the only thing to show was a few screenshots and a video. I really appreciate it.

Also, hi nekumata.



/crazy ranting


I've played 0.04 and it might just be me not finding it, but there's not alot of new stuff except from a few graphics?
Also, go thunderbirds.


File: 1320213167959.png (7.37 KB, 320x240, ,,.png)

At first I felt I wasn't using the Lynx right.
Then I realized I wasn't using the Lynx right.

It also appears you can keep spamming it during screen transitions and dialogue, same with the scythe, such as when looking in the water on the altar and the chair in the library.
You have improved a lot of things considering it is taking me longer to break everything.


Absolutely loving all the references to the Mother series, specifically Mother 1.

Also, this is the first fangame that's actively scared me. (That intro!)


This is nice, been watching it for awhile and am glad it's doing so well.


File: 1320812565854.png (13.46 KB, 651x506, s.png)

After being in the phonebook and trying to go right, the game crashes for me. When extracting the folder a character 2 (?) bitmap was corrupt.


>>1533 Download the game again, extract it, and import your save (or not). That should fix it.


I've seen a lot of Yume Nikki fangames come and go, (my favorite remaining .flow), but this. This has the potential to be BIG.

Atmosphere is the name of the game when it comes to dream exploration games, and atmosphere is clearly your strong point. The dark maps have deep, lonely overtones, as the bright maps are warm and mystifying. I particularly like the tension building up in the tunnel/alleyway that leads to the NES world only for you to be startled to death by the "rpg footsteps" sound.

I think you had better come up with something vague to refer to your character by before Uboachan comes up with a dumb nickname like "Denwatsuki", though.


name him paul name him paul



Totally agreeing with this. The mood of each environment is so beautiful and well-crafted. I feel very compelled to keep exploring. Really looking forward to future updates!



i like paul.
he looks like a paul.

there's something about his sprite in general that i just enjoy. he seems very innocent and nice but sad.


Sorry for abandoning this thread for a short while, I've been rather busy with real life stuff. Speaking of which…
>>1412 There were some new areas and some new events, but they're kinda tucked away behind everything else. Next update should be bigger, real life again got in the way and made me have to work on the game slower than I had hoped for.
>>1425 Thank you! I fixed that bug as well as another bug where you were able to switch between reaper and normal scythe graphics while attacking an enemy.
I must ask, however, how did you trigger that bug in the picture? I tried all along the southern wall but couldn't find anything. (this is the East most part, right?)
>>1433 I'm glad you're enjoying them! I actually referenced several video game series
>>1168 Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying the game! The character's name is something that has been bothering me for awhile. He originally had a -tsuki, but I decided to can it in favor of something better. Or so I had planned, but I couldn't really think of anything on the spot and I didn't want to hold back a release for something like that, so I just left it blank. I actually almost thought of even letting the player name him at the beginning of the game, but that almost seems like it might be a little too out-of-place for a YN fangame. I DID actually have a small list of names I was thinking of giving him. I don't know where it is anymore, but I remember a few that were on it. I believe they were:
…I can't remember the rest of them. I do remember that they were all common English names, which is what I intended to name him. I thought about trying to go with something symbolic, but I feel like I'd just be forcing it if I tried.
…Actually, I kinda like the name Paul… I might consider that. I think what I might do is think it over for a few days and if I still haven't come to a conclusion, I'll just make a list of what I'm considering and let people here on uboachan decide which is best. Even then I may still have trouble choosing. Though I'd rather give him a final name now since I already changed it once.
>>1673 Like above, thank you!
Thank you to everyone for the feedback and bug reports. I'm especially thankful to all who commented on the atmosphere.

Also a small progress report, I slightly updated some of the maps from this version. One of the areas was the apartment halls. This is where the intro takes place, so I also slightly altered the intro monsters' behavior. Also changed up the hospital—the generic "white hospital" has been used time and time again for fangames, so I decided to give it a "warmer" feeling. i.e. not so Silent Hill-ish.
(And I deleted the bloody doors, those were actually due to a bug, I never intended them to all be bloody.)


Not sure if intentional but you can run the dog event multiple times

Also, if you have thunderbird equiped before you enter the event you still have the speed bonus the entire way through; so you end up running ahead of the dog, killing the whole atmosphere of the event.


File: 1322700442303.png (69.1 KB, 1183x645, 0.png)

Whoops, I thought I had fixed that before release, but some switches got mixed around and I ended up setting it [the switch that turns on after finishing the dog event to say "you've done this already"] to turn off when you "hang up". (pic related: the cone was supposed to prevent you from seeing the event multiple times—it just doesn't appear if you view the event then hang up and return in this version.)
Anyways, fixed. Thanks for the bug report. Here's some other things I fixed:
-If you got on top of the bridge in the snowy highway and used the alien to warp back to the nexus and went BACK to the highway, you wouldn't be able to go under the bridge unless you climbed up the ladder
-If you used the instructions in a place that's silent (like your home) then the music from the last area you were in would play
-In areas that rain there is thunder. The thunder, after playing, has some strange static noise that plays. I checked the original file but it doesn't play there. (this bug isn't fixed yet, but I know it exists)
-You were able to use the Shift animation for the scythe while in the middle of the attacking animation
And finally, not a bugfix, but the main character should have a finalized name by the next update.






So I finally played another one of those games I've been meaning to play, The Other Line, and I have to say that this game looks so professional to me.
When I started playing the game, I kept thinking to myself; "I can't believe this is a "fangame"." The events, the graphics, the mood of the areas, pretty much everything, all feel like they should be on an actual game cartridge/disc or something.
Or at least, it almost feels that way; it sort of feels more like a demo of a full version retail game right now (of course that's only because it's not finished yet).

I wouldn't call this a "Yume Nikki fangame"; I would call it an unofficial spin-off that's on a console one generation ahead of the one that Yume Nikki was on (figuratively speaking).

I can't believe everything you had to go through to get to this point, PSI. It looks like all of that hard work and determination really paid off.

On a side note: I wanted to try out v0.01a of The Other Line (when it was called something else), just to see how much it changed since then, but I couldn't get it to run.

> MC name
If you name him Pual, I guess the girl version of him can be Puala, right? xD

> glitch (pictured)
I'm not sure if you're aware of it yet, but: At the area in the school, where you can activate a "flashback" sort of event; if you activate the event, you get teleported to a spot where you're stuck.


File: 1327094701850.png (6.06 KB, 638x476, theotherline-1.png)

Well damn! I forgot the picture.


Oh god I just played this.



I LOVE the scenery in the game!! PLZ KEEP WORKING ON IT!! OwO


ver.0.06 download: http://www.mediafire.com/?wsqnmli4i5qtz58

—0.06 changelog—
-Effects+3, There's now a total of 18.
-2 major events added
-Several new areas
-Lots of bugfixes, including:
>Using the tiki mask effect in an area where it's already raining would cause a message to appear that said "it's already raining…" but then the area where the message appeared wouldn't go away and your menu would be kinda messed up
>The toilet effect didn't disply the correct face graphic
>fixed bug where effect actions were usable during cutscenes
>And other various bugs
-You can get in bedroom's bed now
-Taking off scythe then putting it back on after changing into reaper 1st time would make you change back to
'normal' again when you were already normal
-Apartment halls map change
-Intro monster's behavior slightly changed
-The intro was updated (there is now no possible way to reach the stairs to get the "better" intro end)
-Some other pre-existing areas were slightly updated

As always, if you find a bug, just let me know and I'll try and fix it.
There's not as many changes/updates as I would've wanted there to be, but I figured it's been long enough since the last update, and some important details were added, so an update was probably due about now. I'll try and have more new content in future updates.


I cannot express in words how thankful I am for your comment. I'm really not sure what else to say but "thank you"… I've actually gotten that "wow, this seems so official" feeling from other fangames before, but never my own.
In any case, I hope you continue to enjoy it, even if it's not finished yet.
Oh, and thank you for the bug report! (I had shortened that hallway and forgot to edit the teleport event that was on the flashback event's map)
Sorry for the long wait, real life caught up to me again forcing me to work on the game at a slower pace than I would've hoped. I'll try and utilize my time better by working on the a little more though.
>>3198 Thank you!
(sorry for having to delete my post just to repost it, I saw a mistake and there's no edit button so…)


Yes an update! Now excuse me as I play through this new version (in a while though, I'm taking a long break).


I can't really download stuff right now, but, when I can, this game is totally on my list of things.


Whoops, left a debug save in the game so you'll start in the debug room. Fixing the problem right now.


Alright, fixed it. Download link is the same.


Let's name him paul, if that's fine with ya'll.

See wut i did there.



File: 1328587121650.png (80.22 KB, 1283x485, ,,.png)

Become one with the table
These were in the last update too but I forgot to mention them.


Bumpan because my god this game


Can't wait to see how this all pans out PSI!


Just posting to say that I've finally gotten around to playing some of v0.06.
I'm happy to say that I'm enjoying replaying the game so far (that's always a good thing). I've only found a couple of changes, and one new area, but there's still more ground I haven't covered yet.

I gotta say that I like the sand effect; I think it's a pretty cool version of the stoplight effect.

> theory/speculation
I just noticed…
The first time MC [Nathan] goes to the other/dream world, he get's a call from "the other line"; but he goes to the other world by calling the other line back (I think).
How does he know the number of the other line? Does he have a haunted telephone that only knows one phone-number? Hmm.


I'm acting like Pewdiepie all over this. It's a great game.





This is probably one of the best YN fangames I've ever played.



I'm gonna leave this here… sorry for the shitty quality.


File: 1335159097379.png (27.22 KB, 318x509, .07_preview_.png)

That's so cool! Thank you for playing! (sounded like you were having fun.)

Thanks for the bug reports, tehdemonwolf. I swore I fixed these… guess I either dreamed it or didn't fix 'em right.

Thank you!

Also, small update.
Firstly, the game is still in development. I've actually been working on it quite a bit. I don't know when the next update will be, but… it's coming.

Pictured to the left are some prerelease screenshots.



Glad to hear you're still developing it. I played this one recently, and liked what was there.


I was playing through this on and off throughout the day and I have to say it's one of my favorite YN fangames. :) I can't wait to see more about it!



fuck yes. \m/


holy shit why did i just punch some person into a train's path WHY CAN'T I STOP KILLING PEOPLE i am ANTICIPATING PLOT AND MOTIVE GREATLY…
there's so many folks dying in this game, and i can't help but reminded of young walter from SH4 by nathan's outfit… when i first started playing i got a really sweet, innocent vibe off of him, but now it's turning into an all-out serial killer feel D:


Okay, I love this game so far, but I'm kind of dreading this Lynx effect now that I've got it. Will there be signs for when I have to use it? I don't want to have to spam it 24/7. :/


As of v.0.06 (the most recent version and the version I assume you're playing), there's really nothing that requires the lynx effect's use, so for now don't worry about it. When I implement more things that actually utilize the effect, I'll be sure to mention them here when I post the changelog.
And no, I don't plan on having the player equip the effect everytime (s)he enters a new area just to look for secrets, there will most likely be "hints" that'll let you know where you can use the effect, though nothing is set in stone at the moment.

Oh, thanks for reminding me, I'd like to mention that the game's "plot" (or rather, Nathan's story) is starting to come more and more together. If you haven't realized yet, Nathan's "story" is explained via events. Events are going to become a little more elaborate in future updates, however, and even older things will get more backstory. For example, the girl who's involved in getting the scythe effect is getting alot more development added to her character and her relation to Nathan, though as of now alot of that only exists in notes I've jotted down and probably won't appear in-game until later.


this anon is excessively excited


So let anon have his happiness. I see no reason to stop it.



I actually interpreted his post the same way at first, then re-read it, and realized he was probably referring to himself.


(polite sage)
oops, yes, i did mean myself, haha. i like this game A Lot.


File: 1338147590771.png (41.06 KB, 790x569, 23456867.png)

So out of curiosity (because I have no idea how to make pictures react to key inputs), I took a look at how Kikiyama programmed his FC menu, since I was just starting to work on mine. As you can see, it's… a mess. I mean this gives me a headache just looking at it. I'm wondering, is it worth it? I really wanted to make the 8-bit world (or FC world, I just call it 8-bit out of personal preference) as authentic as possible to an old NES game, but… this looks way too complicated for me right now. I'm gonna give it a shot, but I'm just letting everyone know that this menu might not be a reality simply due to the fact of how complicated it is. What I might also do is just can it for now and come back to it later when I have more time on my hands, especially since this is more or less details that are far from necessary to the game. Like I said, I really want an 8-bit menu, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to do this quite yet, so I may just revert what little of the menu I have done and go with what lolrust did with .flow, that would be keeping the normal menu but making it so that your sprite to an effect's 8-bit counterpart upon selecting the effect. I already know how to do that, so that wouldn't take much more than maybe a day since I have to finish some of the 8-bit effect sprites, but the menu… that might have to wait. And even if I *do* wait, that doesn't mean I'll be able to program this headache of a menu.

So in short, sorry if I have to retcon what little of the 8-bit menu I have done so far. I'm gonna mess a round with it a little bit, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be using the ".flow method" that I mentioned before. It's not that I DON'T want to put the time and effort into this game, because I DO, but when it comes to something that looks like it's just gonna hinder progress more than progress it, you have to wonder if it's really worth it. I just want to make sure people don't think I'm simply being lazy, because that's far from the cause.


I got good news for you. That is just garbled nonsense since it was probably written in japanese.
Translated to english it would be a lot easier to understand.


File: 1338173247144.png (130.05 KB, 803x591, 33545335.png)

Yeah, after clicking around I found that I can at least see the original Japanese text when looking at the source (see pic). It's weird how it's displayed in the specific "program" as though I need support for Eastern Languages, yet as you can see to the right, the rest of the Japanese text displays perfectly. I've NEVER had a problem with Japanese text before, either, so it's just RPG Maker being… stupid. I guess.

Anyways, I messed around with my own code (since I didn't want to bother deciphering what Kikiyama wrote) and… here's the results: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS3HJ6xlufI It's… well… I… KINDA got it… sorta. Not really. I at least know what I have to do, it's just that god forsaken movement of the cursor that's killing me. Here's what I'm planning to do: I'm planning to just put this menu stuff aside for now and focus on more important aspects of the game. For example, there's still 2 more areas I have planned before the next update, and I've only got the bare minimum tiles for both of them, so I really want to get going on those because those are worlds that I've put alot of thought into and I'm really anxious to see them come to live.

But anyways, sorry for the whole menu mess.
Oh, and I'm working on some music for the 8-bit areas so you won't have to walk around in dead silence anymore.


>as you can see to the right
I meant LEFT.
>I want to see them come to live
see them come to LIFE.
Sorry, it's been a long night.


File: 1338183060253.jpg (2.25 KB, 50x50, kataraicon.jpg)

I can has download link? :D


>>3811 has the download link


Are you retarded?


A small progress report for the game.

-HP system implemented (meaning those vending machines will finally come into play). You start with 3 HP and can get more by using the vending machines. If your HP hits 0 you’ll be forced to hang up and you’ll lose 1 point of your maximum HP. You’ll take damage from monsters and obstacles.

-Mail system implemented. If you view certain events or go to certain locations, you may get a letter in your mailbox (to get the mail, go to the mail room, which is accessible via the hall in your apartment). Sometimes letters may contain gifts.

-Some puzzles have been implemented. There’s not many, but I’m planning to expand upon this aspect later. Most of the puzzles are solvable with effects.

-A bit more dialogue added

Additionally, I’m going to be calling for beta testers soon. I’ll only need about 5 or 6. I don’t have the specifics, but I’ll give the testers about a week or so to play and report any issues found with the game.

As for release date, I’d say maybe a few more weeks, but my schedule’s been eratic lately so anything may come up. I’ll say if something does so everyone’s not just left hanging.

Oh, and I DID finally manage to get the 8-bit menu to work. I actually got it to work just a few days after my last post here about it, but I haven't really had time to update this thread. Sorry.

Thank you for reading.
(re-posted from http://psiwolf.tumblr.com/post/27155125075/the-other-line-7-13-12-progress-report)


That HP system thingie sounds interesting. So there will be enemies that damages you? Or is it just chasers with more than one chance (I hope not).


There will be some enemies, but to be honest, right now I have more ideas for environmental hazards than I do monsters. For example, one location will have rows of spikes on the floor and you'll have to memorize their patterns to avoid getting hit by them. I'm also planning to add that brief invincibility time that most games have between hits, but RPG Maker might not be capable of doing that (or it may make certain situations awkward in terms of… well, maybe buggy-like actions of NPCs or whatnot). I have ideas for some monsters. The monsters that're in the game will probably be a little more different in design and attack patterns compared to basic chasers in most fangames that just… well, chase you. Some monsters may not chase you at all.


About the HP system, what happens if you only have one HP max and you get hit by a monster, do you get a game over?


Version 0.07 is out!
Download it here: http://theotherline.yolasite.com/

Many thank-yous to all who helped test the game!
Also many thanks to fans of The Other Line!
Thank you!

—0.07 changelog—
-Intro slightly updated
-Several new areas added
-BGM and graphics were changed in a few existing areas
-The title screen’s BGM was changed
-Some existing areas’ layouts were also tweaked
-Some new sound effects (some replacing old ones)
-Misc. graphical updates to various characters/objects
-Mail system implemented, you can now recieve letters from people
by checking the mail room (it’s in the real-world apartments).
Sometimes letters may give you gifts.
In this version (0.07), there are 2 letters you can recieve.
+Developer’s Letter
+Friend’s Letter
You’ll be able to see the Developer’s Letter
from the start, but you’ll have to unlock Friend’s Letter.
(Friend’s Letter also gives you a gift. Although the gift itself
was in past versions of the game, you just get it this way now.)
More letters will be implemented in the future.
-HP system implemented. You’ll start with 3 hit points.
While on the other line, you’ll loose HP when you get hit by monsters
and obstacles. You can increase your HP by 1 by interacting with
the vending machines scattered throughout the areas (each one
requires $2). You can have a maximum of 10 HP at any given time.
If you lose all your HP, you’ll be forced to hang up and your
maximum HP will go down by 1. (If your max HP is 3,it won’t go
down by 1, so no matter how many times you “die”, you’ll
always have at least 3 HP.)
-Some puzzles and obstacles implemented
-New hanging up animation
-8-bit menu implemented (meaning you can use effects in the 8-bit
area now)
-Places in the 8-bit area now have BGM (And some other slight changes)
-Some events added, there’s now a total of 11
-Event(“EV”) counter added (it’s in the menu under your HP)
When you view an event, it’ll go up by 1
-Various bug fixes
-The player can no longer skip the intro. This feature was removed
because it caused several small errors that couldn’t be fixed.
-No new effects (so the total amount is still 18).
Sorry. As you can see from the above, I’ve been busy implementing
other things. There will be a total of 20 effects and the last 2
should be coming with the next update.
Planned for a future update is a sound test that will be accessed
via the radio in your apartment. You can see a small teaser screen
for it by interacting with the radio in this version, but it isn’t
functional yet. Also, the game does NOT have any endings yet.
They will be implemented soon.

—Other things to note—
-This game is still incomplete. Some of the “story” elements
may seem a bit scattered right now, but they’ll all come together
eventually. Please be patient.
-Likewise, there aren’t many enemies or obstacles yet. More will
be added in the future.
-There’s still no ending yet. However, I can comfirm that The Other
Line will indeed have multiple endings. Alot of stuff concerning
the endings is still up in the air, but I believe I can comfirm
that they won’t be labled as “bad ending” or “good ending”.
-The thunderbird effect’s wings clip into various walls and objects.
I’ll fix this in a future update, please overlook it for now.

For bug reports, see ‘contact info’ at the bottom of the readme file.
Thank you.


How do I get pass the spike? I have a few items left to get and that's what's stopping me.


Use the Alien to return to the nexus and then come back to that area.


Oh okay. I didn't think that because I thought the map would reset if I exited out or warped back.


Hii I love this game :') keep the good work on it! I'm kinda shy to leave feedback so I didn't feel like coming to tell you how much I like the game (I'm such a bad person sorry x3) but now I thought I HAD to inform you about few glitches I've seen (so I could help you improve the game :]!!).
I'm having problems with certain event that triggers when you find a mirror, when event is done the screen goes too foggy so I use alien effect or wake up to get out, now everything seems fine but I can get through walls, I save(in a different file) and restart game and I still can get through walls :s tried the vent 4 times and it keep happening.

Another thing, without that wall glitch, I can get through a library wall and I thought that wasn't intented since there's nothing through that wall.

And one last thing, I like to use the speed up the thing at the beginning offers you, but it's gone whenever I change or use and effect.

Not talking about glitches anymore, I'm playing ver.0.07 and I've found 9 effects (including the one I can't complete because it glitches) and it says there are 11, I can't find the other 2! are there really 11? I'll keep searching anyway and if I find another glitch I'll tell you about it. Waiting for update <3



I'd like to congratulate you and show my appreciation for this game.

It's really beautiful. And it isn't by any means half-assed, like so many other crappy fangames on here. You must've worked incredibly hard on it and for a long time, too. I like that it doesn't just have darkness, but very light and beautiful areas too, mixed with melancholy areas.



I'm this person again, and I noticed an error - after consulting the gears room in the high school, I went to the lower floor and was killed by that purple monster. The screen turned black and stayed black - it's still black. I'm kind of sad because I got the mohawk effect there and don't wanna do it all over again :'(

If I may make a suggestion, the ghost effect should be used to turn Nathan invisible to everybody.

By the way, this game is incredible. It really is. You've gotten the right mood, which is melancholy but still comfortable, and many of the places here are the same ones I see in my dreams.

This is a million times better than most other fangames.



Me again, I noticed 3 other errors - when you stop time in the school, enter the vine-covered guitar room where a new effect will be obtained in the new version, then exit the room, the school looks normal once again, and is populated – the clockwork is still stopped in the room, though.

The other is that you can't enter the phone booth once you have exited it, though I don't know if you have intended this or not.

The other is that if you have chosen a speed from the invisible figure outside of the phone booth, the speed goes back to normal if you change effects.


File: 1364584581254.png (56.95 KB, 640x480, screenshots2.png)

Yikes, sorry for neglecting this thread so much.
I apologize about these glaring issues… I'll be sure to be more careful/thorough with testing for the next update.

>Mirror on alternate school bug

Actually is fixed in the version currently available (0.07+). 0.07+ is a modified 0.07 that fixes some issues (such as this one).
>Library wall bug
>School normal/alternate mix-up
>Can't re-enter phone booth
Actually wasn't a bug, but I'll still fix it since it makes since that you'd be able to go back in the phone booth.
>Speed-up bug
That little shadow guy was originally just a part of debug, but I left him in since I always saw players go into the debug rooms of other fangames just to speed up. (a good example being .flow.) Since it was originally only for debug, it'll be removed in the future, thus fixing the issue.

Again, I'm really sorry about all these errors!
Did you by chance use the Debug room? I had a little thing set up so that if I entered the debug room I'd return there after dying (this was for debugging purposes). Although I'm aware that, because of some programming changes, it may cause the game to crash or act strange if a player enters the debug room and then dies.
>>7383 (and others)
I'm really happy you're enjoying the game! I hope that you'll continue to enjoy it with the coming updates!

Oh, and I also update on the game's progress via the development blog on tumblr (http://the-other-line-devblog.tumblr.com/). Attached to this post are some screenshots that I recently posted there, plus an extra.


File: 1364585028657.png (7.32 KB, 320x240, ghostscreen.png)

>If I may make a suggestion, the ghost effect should be used to turn Nathan invisible to everybody.

You mean, like, if he were to turn invisible, and you were to talk to someone, they wouldn't be aware of your presence? This actually sounds like a cool idea, if that's what you mean. Thank you for your suggestion!



The file's been updated to fix all known errors in the initial release.
2 more checkpoints for the guitar were also added, making a total of 3 checkpoints.



I really look forward to playing this!!! I'm the same person who posted the last 3 posts/comments.

Thank you so much for your hard work!!!


File: 1371599781698.png (215.88 KB, 600x800, YO SOY EL MAS FUERTE.png)

Bumping because I love this game and I can't wait to see what you do with it next. I wish I would've downloaded it before my trip so I had something to do on the plane.


File: 1371607088190.jpg (59.71 KB, 600x332, 1365382988225.jpg)


Yo soy la más fuerte*


>implying cirno isn't manly as fuck


How do you break the ice wall in the caverns?


I'm glad that you guys are enjoying the game! I'm already working on the next update, which will include at least one new dungeon. This dungeon will require a bit more effort to reach than either the Crystice Caverns or the Sewers Dungeon, so it'll be a bit tougher. I'm planning to make the difficulty of dungeons work in a similar fashion to monsters- the further they are into the other line, the tougher they'll be. Of course, there'll be some exceptions, due to the fact that some ares may be reachable earlier due to shortcuts and alternate paths, but all this will be taken into consideration when designing areas.

Hint: What's a good conductor of heat? (one of the effects utilizes this material)


File: 1373835889863.png (3.73 KB, 212x147, preview_7-12-13.png)

Here is a preview of a new dungeon that will be in the next update.
It’s still in its early stages of development as of this writing.

For the next update, I’d like to focus a bit more on polishing existing areas and features rather than new areas. That’s not to say that new areas won’t appear or that there won’t be many, because there will still be new areas, I just plan on focusing a but more on the existing stuff and improving it.


File: 1376711189110.png (15.32 KB, 640x480, screenshot_8-16-13.png)

2 things:

1) Someone sent in a pretty nasty bug, I'll be patching it within the next few days and releasing said patch to the public.

2) I have a preview screenshot for you all. Don't be fooled by it's similarity to Yume 2kki's dressing room, it's something a bit different (somewhat hinted at in the screenshot).


Yes. YES.


You're a QA, aren't you?



Way to necrobump a thread of four months and slowpoke reply to a post of two years at the same time, dipshit

this is me slowpoke-calling you out on it



File: 1390362082995.png (35.93 KB, 640x480, screenshot_1-21-14.png)

Sorry for kinda neglecting this thread…

I thought I should share what I've been posting on the development blog, since I know not everyone uses Tumblr.

First up is a screenshot from what will be a new part of the introduction.


File: 1390362214096.png (20.87 KB, 640x480, screenshot_1-11-14.png)

Next up is a new custom menu system. RPG Maker's default menu worked for me for a surprising amount of time, but it finally got to the point where I thought a custom menu would greatly benefit the game. It'll be a pain to fully implement, though.

Some of the menu fields are blank because the menu wasn't finished when I took this screenshot, all of the fields but the money window will be properly filled in the update.


File: 1390362446048.png (9.02 KB, 640x480, 12114_2.png)

A new area.


File: 1390362517511.png (26.64 KB, 640x480, 12114_3.png)

Another new area.

This one's still really incomplete (what you see in the screenshot is literally the entire map at the moment).


File: 1390362596500.png (7.56 KB, 640x480, 12114_4.png)



File: 1390362674537.png (10.48 KB, 640x480, 12114_5.png)

Aaaaand that's pretty much it for now.


Lookin' good, as always.



Here's a video that shows off the action battle system. I'm really concerned about this feature, so I need players' opinions before going any further.


I'm feelin' it


If you hammer out the bugs, I don't see any problem with playing the game with that system in it.
Would the only weapon be the scythe
or stuff like guns also?

You probably shouldn't overdo it with the enemies though. I can see it getting annoying if it's in most of the maps.


The Other Line is going through a rather large overhaul. Here are some new additions that people can expect:

-Party members will now join Nathan at certain points during the game.

-The Other Side of The Line will become more fleshed out as its own unique world.

-Related to the above, players will be able to explore 4 Ancient Cities that are scattered throughout the “Other Side” with various goals.

-There may be one exception, but I currently plan on allowing the player explore the cities in any order. In order to have a nice difficulty curve, I’m going to have the Cities’ layouts and enemies change depending on how many Cities you’ve conquered beforehand.

-5 Effects will be dropped in order to streamline the gameplay.

-The story’s outline is more or less done, but many details still need to be decided upon.

-The introduction will be vastly expanded upon, introducing the main characters of the story.

-At the end of each Ancient City, the player will face a boss. Don’t expect to just go in with your scythe and slash them all to death; there may or may not be a bit more involved…

-Combat is going to take a backseat to traps and other such obstacles.

-Despite the fact that the game will make a heavy emphasis on story, exploration of the world will still be an important aspect. As seen above, I’m also still wanting to go for a non-linear approach, though there may be some times (such as the intro) when the player will just need to accept going on a certain path.

-Stats are being introduced: Attack, Defense, and Speed. More on these later.

-Almost every music track in the game is going to either be remastered, extended, or possibly both.


With all these changes, I feel it might be getting to the point where it'd be more logical to simply refer to this as a "game inspired by Yume Nikki", rather than a direct fangame. I'll probably deal with this a bit later, right now I need to focus on getting the next demo ready.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm hoping to have some game footage out sometime soon, but I want things to look presentable, and right now things are kinda all over the place, especially since I'm internally moving around tilesets in a more sensible order to make my life easier.


File: 1407190985281.png (43.45 KB, 320x240, tol_preview_8-4-14.png)

Here's a screenshot showing a bit of progress I'm making.


I have to say, psi, it's wonderful seeing your artstyle progress! That house is so impressive; making Americana houses is difficult for me, but I'm super excited to see how good you've gotten! Keep it up, I think TOL is going to be fantastic, yume nikki fangame or not.


So when will the game be back on your site for download?


It says it'll be back when the next version comes out, so I'll assume then.


This looks mighty interesting but I can't seem to find any download links to your latest update or your site.

Anyone got a site or something?


http://the-other-line-devblog.tumblr.com/ and http://theotherline.yolasite.com/
But please keep on mind there won't be a download link available for a while.


File: 1410738828122.png (33.87 KB, 320x240, preview6.png)

Sorry to those asking for download links; I just didn't feel like the old version was worth playing. There were so many unfinished things and nasty bugs that I just decided to pull the whole thing.

This next update will be a bit different from the norm; the player will begin the game and a screen will come up. From said screen, they will be able to play through the following:


>Nexus (from here you can explore the first 6 worlds, but you won't be able to go any further than just the beginning)
>City Skywalk
>Abandoned Mall

v0.10 will add a small preview of one of the Ancient Cities I mentioned in the past, as well as a demo boss fight.

Here's a small preview of the City Skywalk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgwROZkLj4c

The box-like thing that the video starts at no longer leads to the train station, but to a new area that players will be able to visit in this upcoming update.



b-but you can't even dl the latest version

this shit's looking pretty good tho psi


File: 1421652503134.png (21.53 KB, 640x480, preview_12-31-14_1.png)

Hello, Uboachan.

I just wanted to drop by and let you all know that this game is no longer considered a "Yume Nikki fangame". It has evolved to the point where I feel comfortable and confident that it can stand on its own two legs without the fangame crutch.

That being said, I will no longer be posting updates to this thread, as this is a board for fangames. I may start a new thread in /og/, but I'm not sure how many people would even be interested in such a thing.
I will continue to answer questions that are posted to this thread. If you'd like to follow the game's progress, I have a development blog that you guys can check out: http://the-other-line-devblog.tumblr.com/
I know not everyone uses or even likes Tumblr, which is one reason why I've thought about making a new thread in /og/. Let me know what you guys think.

And now, one final update for this thread.

During the course of this past year, the game has more or less gone through a complete overhaul. It is now an action/adventure game with RPG elements. There are elements (characters, locations, plot points) that will be carried over from the initial draft of the game, but even returning things are seeing drastic updates and changes.

For the past two years (!) I've been working on the game's plot, and it's finally gotten to a near-final draft with only a few working details that need to be addressed. I've also been giving a lot of thought about what I want to do with the Ancient Cities and have come up with what I believe to be some interesting ideas. I will say that some of the ideas I have and plan on incorporating into the game are quite… controversial, to say the least, but one of my goals is to design a game that's both meaningful and fun to play. Only time will tell if I'll be able to successfully pull it off.



I'd suggest you change the protag's eyes if you want to distance the game from YN, the closed eyes is the first thing people expect from a fangame



That's already been changed tho. They're closed in that screenshot because he's getting up from bed, but if you look on the blog, there's a different screenshot that shows him with open eyes :p



I'd follow the /og/ thread if you made one. I played one of the earlier versions a few years ago and some of the areas were comfy as heck.


File: 1425844371855.png (63.41 KB, 640x480, preview_aquarium.png)

Thanks for the criticism. You don't have to worry though, because as >>10083 said, they've already been changed (see screenshot).

I'll consider making one, but for now there's not really much to say. Thanks for the support.


Anyone have a mirror link to DL?


Dude, just wait until PSI releases the next version.

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