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【lcd dem】


I just started playing this game (I finally got a ton of fangames to finally work). So far I'm really enjoying it.

Question: What the hell are those balls of light for? I've found a good handful of them so far but I haven't the slightest what they do or where they go after you interact with them.


So am I. The music is nice and everything's really well-made.
I have no idea either though, I just started playing today.



Yeah I definitely agree with you on the music. I found myself leaving it on in the background a few times while I was doing other things today.

I was pleased when the first effect I found was the sneakers one. I'm still looking for that damn axe though.

Is it true this fangame got dropped?


The balls of light are basically stuff you need to get the ending for the game, if i remember correctly, gotta catch em all and all that, so it's not the effects that lead to the ending like in YN but the balls.


You can check and see how many orbs you've collected by getting into the bed after you're asleep. (watch out, though, there's a creepy random event there sometimes after you get the axe)


It is one of the best fangame I have ever played, too bad that the dream world is so little and you can finish the game in nearly two hours.


yeah, i heard the game got dropped sadly.
i still can't find all the orbs o nooo
here's a link for anyone interested: http://www.mediafire.com/?yd4x9tto590dn55



ahh! thank you for posting.

So there are how many effects and how many orbs?


File: 1317163411251.png (53.81 KB, 450x450, 17321252.png)

LcdDem was finished, but he was working on a sequel called LcdDem 2 with a completely different setting/character and randomly quit. Supposedly he only made it to include the little NES-style minigame (which I believe was called Neji).

The creator's pseudonym is Koronba, he's a musician kind of dude so that's another explanation for LcdDem's superior soundtrack compared to the other fangames out there (not to riff on any of them).


How do you get to the aquarium?


File: 1317166344292.png (18.06 KB, 320x240, lcd_dem_axe.png)

The axe is somewhere in this place.. I went to the left as soon as I entered, but I was just randomly wandering after that.
13 Effects; 12 Orbs (Or.. was it 13?) You're only finding 11/12 (assuming it's 12) though because the final one appears in the nexus after you've collected all but one of them.
>>154 From the red maze, you need to navigate to a blueish concrete building which leads to a block maze. After solving that you FINALLY get to the aquarium. The music and for event where you get the orb makes it so worth, though. (at least imo)


*The music FOR THE event
(Sure miss that edit button)



I know! The music is fantastic (what happened to edit anyway?) I just couldn't remember since I when I went there for the first time I was really tired and didn't get to save ・゚*。ლ(´Ð”`,ლ)



Yeah I eventually found the axe on my own this morning. Ugh that area gives me the fucking creeps. The ground as it breathes and moves makes my skin crawl


what is Aquor? It came in the same 7zip as my LCD but everything is an .xyz file and I can't play it.



I'm not really sure I played it but I don't think there's really much to do. Maybe I played it wrong because when I got to the last level there wasn't anything there (you start off in the middle of the room and there a portal on the left that takes you to the right and a portal on the right that takes you to the left but you never leave that room) and I quit. Pretty much you're this figure person going deeper and deeper underwater and the only thing you can really do is walk and occasionally interact with things.



I would really like to see what Koronba was going for there. Wasn't he supposed to completely redo lcd dem anyway?


The version I downloaded did not come with Aquor. Where did you download it?


File: 1318098247971.jpg (180.23 KB, 773x892, 1312514211401.jpg)


Guys. Ver. 0.025.



File: 1318897501100.gif (493.37 KB, 500x369, tumblr_lsrncn42Qx1qeebngo1….gif)



oh hot damn


I can't seem to get .025 to work. Has anybody played through it yet to figure out what's new with this update?


As little as I played it yesterday I noticed improved music and maps. But still, I only took the running shoes and the pajama effect.


File: 1319087256691.png (30.69 KB, 640x480, lcd_dem_aquarium.png)

this game… this game is brilliant. the graphics, the music… it's just… just fantastic.
>>922 As the anon above me said, almost all the tracks have been redone to sound even better than before. Alot of areas were also changed up a bit. (the purple sea and the block maze were the biggest changes that I noticed)


Oh, and there's a patch out that fixes the bug that disables your menu if you try to pinch with either the potted plant or fish bowl effects on. http://loda.jp/tu_ku_ru/


File: 1319301155976.png (30.02 KB, 641x481, AAAAAA.png)

As far as I can tell there should not be new areas nor effects. Still, the new musics sound great, except for the one of the area from which the screen was taken. Which happened to be my most favorite music of the game. WHY WHY WHY WHY


File: 1319301869239.png (24.17 KB, 640x481, Oh Hai.png)



Is that… is that an arrow in her head..?


>>1121 Looks more like a shovel on her back. God knows though.


File: 1319325525733.png (26.9 KB, 640x480, lcd_dem_bugfixpatch_2.png)

Looks like there's a new bugfix patch out. Not sure what it "fixes", but it actually changed some of the maps (as seen in pic)


File: 1319325971739.png (113.86 KB, 1365x529, lcd_dem_mapchange.png)

another example of an updated area. (compared to >>1108's pic of the same area)


On the other hand, LcdDem seems to have a lot of deals where things change as you get more circles/effects. Has there been anything like that added?


I used the one that Stickers gave. It says it needs "RPG?????????2000?????????"

What's the meaning o this?


You don't have the Japanese Rpg Maker 2000 RTP.


I have RPG 2003. Oooh, Do i really need to download another one?


Alright, here's what to do, since I know you haven't done it.

1. If you're running XP, you need the east asian language pack installed. If you're running 7, your system should already support Japanese. If you're running Vista, you should disregard all of the following steps and just kill yourself.

2. Change your language settings so that Japanese is supported. If you can't figure out how, ask someone else, I don't remember and I don't feel like looking it up.

3. Download Microsoft Applocale.

4. Download the *JAPANESE* RPG Maker *2000* RTP installer.

5. Use Applocale to launch the installer in Japanese and install the RTP.

6. Re-download the game you want to play (in this case, LcdDem).

7. Use Applocale to launch Winrar/7zip/whatever file extraction program you use in Japanese, and unzip the game.

8. Use Applocale to launch the game in Japanese.



i'm using 7, so your saying that I should disregard step 1?


Download a Japanese file, like the Yume 2kki file folder or something, anything that has a Japanese filename. Look at it in Windows Explorer. Do NOT extract the files, as extracting a Japanese file in English locale will corrupt the filenames and make them illegible gibberish. If you see Japanese characters in the filename, move on. If you see rectangular boxes in the file name, you need the East Asian Language Pack.


There's a new bugfix patch
Last time mr. koronba uploaded a bugfix patch it also updated some things, so I'm not sure if this updates anything besides bugfixes or not.


Here's an English translation


Lemme know if there's any issues with it.


Where can I download this? I cannot for the life of my find a download link.


Uh, the post above yours?


There are no system sounds, or footstep sounds. The rest of the sounds are perfectly normal though.



Uh, It doesn't work


I downloaded from >>2171 and I'm seeing no problems on my end


everything works fine except for the lack of footstep sounds and putting on effect sounds

i wouldn't mind knowing how to fix that though


Have you tried extracting the files using 7-Zip? Open AppLocale, choose 7-Zip and the Japanese language - then use that 7-Zip to extract the files.

Everything works!


Whoops, I forgot to translate the "Menu type changed" message.
The URL to the updated file is the same as the one mentioned in my last post >>2171
The menu changed message was the only thing changed.
(If you checked him before he may have changed your font. If you want it changed back just check him again on the new updated file.)
And yes, you CAN transfer your save file from ver.025 if you'd like. (Just copy and paste the save file, which will have a name like "Save#.lsd [Replace # with the save slot number you saved to] and start up from where you left off.)

Again, if you find any difficulties, just ask and I'll try to help.

Did you try doing what >>2330 mentioned? If you did and it still doesn't work, try downloading it again.
>>2228 Can you specify how?


File: 1324622766402.png (194.12 KB, 640x961, fgkjhjtasukeete.png)

So hey I started playing this game too, but I need a little bit of help guys!
1 and 3) Are these warps, or placeholders for future versions of the game (I have 0.020)? If I can get to them in this version, how do I do that?
2) What effects am I missing? I've looked everywhere but can't find anything else.. Also, is there any way to see how many orbs you've collected so far?
3) See 1
4) Is that cat an effect? Or there just because?
5) How do you get into these, if you can? They're a bit short for Chie to get into.


1.) I don't think that you can get past them (I may be wrong about that), so it's possible that there might be something added there in a future version.
2.) There are 14 effects - you are missing: the Yukata, Fish Bowl, and Astronaut effects. Since I am playing a Japanese version, the names might be slightly different but yeah. xD
3.) Go through the flower path in your screenshot from above, keep going down and the area will change.
4.) Just there as a decoration as far as I can see
5.) Dog effect!


oh forgot to reply about the orbs
There is an event that you can get that shows how many orbs that you have if you go to sleep when Chie is already dreaming. But it's one of the (I believe) 2 random events that you can get.


File: 1324684449731.jpg (6.96 KB, 185x82, 1314477548835.jpg)

Ohh, I see! Thank you so much!!


File: 1326059759341.png (4.48 KB, 320x240, neji.png)

v0.030 is here.


There's NEJI and things got a little more mazey.




File: 1326403275341.png (18.03 KB, 640x480, lcddem-a.png)

There's a White Desert too.



i love koronba's style.


I thought the creator dropped this?



Nope, it's still going. And it looks like Koronba consolidated the canceled "LcdDem 2" (it was just Koronba playing NEJI) into LcdDem. He also tweeted that he'd keep working on it, hence v0.030…



File: 1327469793721.png (285.2 KB, 500x666, tumblr_lxg8q1pMGh1r3auu1o1….png)

Does anybody reminded Chie of Chie Satonaka from Persona 4?


I've never played Persona 4, but, she kind of does.


Of course! =3
I haven't really played Lcddem very much though. I really need to get around to that. x_x


LCD Dem's Chie at least is mute, so she's far better than the ohpleaseshutupyourtrap version. Even if she doesn't have God Hand.


File: 1327668404465.png (12.95 KB, 619x453, Chie's Room.png)

Just thought I'd share.
It's an extracted version of .030 in a WinRAR archive for easy access.
I didn't have any problems with it myself, so hopefully you won't either.


where to find running shoes?
i may be the worse player ever, since i haven't got it until NOW


From the nexus, go to the Rave world, look around until you see a DNA-like pattern - follow this, you should eventually find the running shoes


So…I feel Stupid for saying this…Is Chie a Boy or a Girl?
(My head-canon will probably shatter into a zillion pieces but oh well.)


A girl, of course.

But I think it's easy to mistake her as a boy due to her hair and that she wears shorts and not a skirt


That's it, Lcd Dem has the best goddamn rave event ever.

I could listen to this song for hours.


File: 1330870416567.jpg (61.44 KB, 654x520, Sin título-1 copia.jpg)

I can´t play T.T



Did you follow the steps in >>229?


where is DOG EFFECT in v0.030?



From the nexus:
1. Enter the brown and green door into the garden. (north-northwest)
2. Follow the road northeast from the door.
3. Turn left (go north) on the next intersection.
4. Turn left (go west) on the next intersection.
5. Turn right (go north) on the next intersection.
6. Go east, north, then east.*
7. Go straight past the rocks to the highway maze entrance.

From the highway maze entrance from the garden:
8. Go east to the next intersection.
9. Go south.
10. Go west to the next intersection.
11. Go south.
12. Go straight east or west (this place repeats itself horizontally) until you see the dog.+

* In the area you're in at step 6, the first doorway you see is an entrance into the White Desert, which will appear more often if you dream for more than 30 nights.
+ From here, you can also enter a tunnel where you can find something similar to the Aztec Rave Monkey.


WOAH thank you so muchTuT


No more LcdDem… (for now? This isn't the first time Koronba took down LcdDem…)

Some fangames migrated to non-loda.jp uploaders as loda.jp started to close down, but LcdDem wasn't one of them. So now there's no official place to download it.



But then again, the date's kinda suspicious…



Perhaps, but it also coincided with loda.jp closing down for good. Even then, I'm still looking forward to more LcdDem when (and if) he decides to put up a new version for download. I wonder if Koronba will put in an 8-bit/NES/FC world?


File: 1334209902311.png (45.5 KB, 640x480, lcddem.png)

ahhh… i'm sorry if i'm asking too much here, but does anyone have any clue where the missing orb in the picture is maybe? i can't think of any place it might be.
sorry again, but i feel like i've exhausted all my other options. i have v0.030 uwu;


I'm new to this game, where is that area located? I'd love to see what orbs I have.



It's a random dream-in-a-dream, when Chie sleeps in her bed in the dream version of her bedroom.

However, it's really hard to tell which Point goes with which color, mainly because the orbs are white when Chie collects them throughout her dream world.


…i forgot about that oops
a list of locations would work fine too if that's okay, i'm sure it would help a lot of other people as well =w=;



Oh yeah, definitely. Check out the following locations for Points:

1. Beyond the park beyond the rice field.
2. The purple spirit tree beyond the sparkling lights world.
3. The top of the clock tower in the brown brick street past the spirit tree.
4. A closet in the ryokan, reached through an alley accessed from the brown brick street
5. Beyond the ladder in the big block maze in the green block world.
6. Beyond the twinkly thing in the small block maze in the green block world.
7. Beyond the hell maze, beyond the epic gray tower. (gray block entrance)
8. Beyond the ladder in the hell maze.
9. Beyond the aquarium accessible through the teleport maze, whose entrance is in the hell maze.
10. Beyond the dark rusty tower (gray cave entrance) in the hell maze.
11. At the southeast(?) end of the green graffiti maze, accessible from one of the block mazes.
12. At the southeast(?) end of the white graffiti maze, accessible by jumping over a hole in the green graffiti maze.
13. After all 12 Points are found, wake up, go back to sleep, and find the 13th point in the Nexus.

After you collect the 13th point, go into the center of the White Desert. There's a radio at the end of what looks like Chie's house(?)

I wish I had time to do a new longplay for v0.030. It's very much like v0.025 though, just more mazey.


asddasdf thank you so much kind sir<3


I finally got this game working, but it's missing some sounds (the sound of walking, the sound you get flipping through the menus, ect.) Does anyone know how to fix this?



I'm having the same problem.


Seriously, can someone tell me how to get the missing sound files?



Looked around, but didn't find anything. Sorry.



Whomever made the translated version also meant to localize it, they renamed all the Japanese files to have ANSI names. But, the game still has dependencies on the japanese RTP (thus you must use Japanese applocale to run it). This made it unable to read the correct sound filenames and it just didn't play anything. I've deleted all the renamed sounds from the 0.25 english version and replaced them with the 0.30 files with their names intact, this fixes the issue of things like footstep SFX not playing.

LCD DEM v0.025 English w/ Fixed Sounds:

Lemme know if this doesn't seem to fix the issue—
(Also, the file is so much smaller only because it's better compressed)



Works great, thanks. :]


File: 1336275201105.png (163.76 KB, 992x704, lcddem_mazemap_finalB.png)

Here's a map of the Red Maze (as of v.0.030). Here's an alternate version without the guidelines: http://img849.imageshack.us/img849/5474/lcddemmazemapfinal.png


Sorry I'm a noob, but how do you actually patch it when you download? I replaced the old LBD with the new one and replaced the chipset but its not different…


What the fuck I didn't expect that kind of ending.

The sleep event where she kills her bloody self makes me think that she's the one who killed…her mother? She feeling guilt, anger and a bit of realization of what actually happened before truly recognizing it in the end.

-Before the game she went psycho and murdered her.
-Then when she realized what she did, she broke and repressed it all (amnesia).
-Then she started gathering the light balls, recomposing her mind.
-When she's composed enough she gathers enough courage to see what's behind the door, and relearns what happened.
-Then she cries. A lot.

Oh god the whole game feels different now.

Why all YN-like characters get such endings ;_;


1.The theory you posted was good.
2.Because YN. Just because.


File: 1338009238014.bmp (900.06 KB, 640x480, RPG_RT 2012-05-24 01-44-25….bmp)

Hey, I need some serious help…I'm playing version .030, and I cannot for the life of me find the FETUS point. It's my last point I need and I've tried everywhere! Anyone know where this is?


File: 1341186460125.png (365.74 KB, 533x383, Ricefields.png)

So many feels in this area of the game. ;_;


Feels go to 4chan.com/ksg/

What you mean is "feelings", silly.


File: 1341283798232.png (46.37 KB, 752x616, redmaze_b.png)

Using the map at >>5443, follow the green path to the ladder. Once down there, use the map posted in this comment to get to the door. (And yes, I know I mislabled the ladder as leading to the "hand" point in the first red maze map. That's what I get for making that at 2 A.M.)



Today I felt like a retard and axed the effect in the colored tiles area of v0.30. It died, and I can't seem to get the effect to reappear.

Luckily I had an old save.


I know that may seem like a bug
Believe it or not, it was intentionally programmed that way! When you kill any of the effects givers (even if they're inanimate objects), a switch goes off that makes them disappear forever, and you can never obtain them again. I kinda wonder why Koronba did this… You don't NEED the effects to beat the game, but still. Seems kinda harsh to have an effect go away forever just because of a little mistake. (Maybe it's supposed to teach you that killing is bad?)


Given that this game gives you anything from a neutral to high cost for killing stuff, I'd say that's the idea.


Is there a good download for v0.020 anywhere? All the mediafire links I've seen on uboachan are dead and the one on the wiki doesn't work.


Playing v0.03 and I can't seem to find the purple marble in the box maze that can teleport Chie to the Glitter Matrix. I've gone over all of the building numerous times and I can't seem to find it… From videos and maps I've seen, it seems like the box maze lost a lot of rooms in the update between v0.02-0.025 and .03. If I could get some help, I'd appreciate it! If I'm just making a dumb mistake, please let me know, too.


How in god's name do you get from the smaller of the two green/hedhe-maze type places in the 4 o'clock door world (with bricks and hedges) to the monochrome beach area? The wiki and all info says the portals in there, but the only thing I find is a blank wall with a design that dtringly LOOKS like a door SHOULD be there.


File: 1344477371941.png (25.28 KB, 604x352, beach.png)

There's two different buildings that have "room mazes" in them.
Just take a glance at the map to your left.


File: 1344477795838.png (16.91 KB, 640x480, room.png)

If you're referring to the map above, then the White Desert's entrance appears in on of the rooms in Maze Room B randomly. It appears in the room in the screenshot (that's how it appears when it's empty).


Thank you very much!


Uh.. I feel like I'm failing really hard, but every link I've found to ver0.020 contains only the music and no other sprite files or maps.

um excuse me wtf am i doin.


same here. why not just download 0.03?


Am I the only one whose game freezes when I try to climb down the ladder in maze room A?


this problem gave me in the newest version, but in the english translation doesn´t appear that problem…strange (the link appear on the wiki)


For me it goes black for a few seconds and takes me back outside the ladder.


>>6677 Oh, it did take me to a new area but I didn't notice. I'm an idiot.


Is there an english translation of v0.030?



File: 1379352086114.jpg (5.72 KB, 301x167, images (1).jpg)

I can never get this god forsaken thing to work for me


This is the only fangame I've played that's legitimately made me tear up.
We need more people like Koronba in this world.


What if Chie actually committed suicide. and reverted to a younger form of herself having to constantly become aware that she is dead. maybe that is why the music is so ambient. or explain the scene where you see her kill a clone of herself with the axe.



every bgm is 3-4 minutes long, or less than a second. masterwork.


What a weird game. Most of the music is all eerily peaceful and ambient, you have the suicide ending, and then the creator goes out and tells everyone to just stop talking about the game and forget it completely. I wonder what happened?….


File: 1415735435513.jpg (712.09 KB, 1047x1417, chie ending.jpg)

Maybe Koronba felt so ashamed at how little it diverted from the YN formula with the general areas and collectibles. Maybe.

Nevertheless, the music really is great.


Somehow I doubt that was what happened. The Japanese seem to take pride in making exact clones of YN with the only thing being new is a couple of areas.


What suicide ending?


Did Koronba explicitly told only the english community not to talk about his work or does it include japs? I really don't know.


He just stated it on his website (in Japanese) that nobody should talk about LcdDem. It's taken off http://dic.nicovideo.jp/a/%E3%82%86%E3%82%81%E3%81%AB%E3%81%A3%E3%81%8D%E6%B4%BE%E7%94%9F in any case.


He asked his entire fanbase to forgot about the game and don't talk about it anymore.
Koronba also deleted his niconico account, all the music he created and uploaded to several sites, along with most posts in his Twitter.


Koronba is kill
Mado is RIP


Don't you mean Chie?


I'm still goddamn mad about the game being killed


Shhh. We're not allowed to talk about it.



is this the LcdDem theories thread?

what if Chie was raped by her mom




File: 1416961606224.png (913.48 KB, 1536x826, Untitled.png)

Here's a theory for you. This is my first time playing through the game, I'm going through mostly blind. I stumble across this place through the Tile Maze, and find this little spot. What does this look like to you? Could lead to some interesting theories.


Hint: It's not a swastika.


A Manji?


Its a propeller. What do I win?


It's a face right?


File: 1417152348365.png (162.45 KB, 1194x480, 1416961606224.png)


Obviously. I don't think it means anything though, personally. The entire map is just filled with interesting shapes is all. Plus I don't recall any other similar references in the game that it would connect with in any meaningful way.


I can never get in to lcd dem. Sure the music sounds great and some places are pretty atmospheric but I honestly feel like there's nothing more to it.

I mean, .flow has this grim edgy background story forming. 2kki has, well random incoherent shit that makes exploration a bummer and a treat. lcd dem, well it only has music going for it. Feels too much like it didn't try branching out from the YN formula.



>Sure the music sounds great and some places are pretty atmospheric but I honestly feel like there's nothing more to it

Isn't that really all there is to any of the games..? We can glorify certain games in the genre as art and whatnot but when it call comes down to it the "game" part is always just walking around and looking at shit.

Fan games are just a personal opinion though really. I think .flow is kind of boring myself for example and the trying to be so edgy you can cut yourself on it doesn't do anything for me. That's what is great about having so many fan games to choose from, there's concepts for everybody even if you don't love them all.


It's reassuring to see that I'm not the only one who thinks that way. It's not a bad game - it just doesn't have any appeal.


The game's actually sort of an opposite to .flow. .flow has recurring characters making characters more important than YN, LCD DEM has very few dream inhabitants and those that do exist can be permanently killed, making characters less important than YN.

.flow has a more pervasive dark atmosphere while LCD DEM has a more pervasive light atmosphere.

Other ways LCD DEM stands out is having orbs reach the ending instead of effects - I also feel like the ending provides a conclusion to the game that's open for interpretation without being overly confusing, unlike, say, YN's ending which was very clear and definite, and .flow's endings which are complete messes (maybe in a good way but still)

Gameplay still is very basic but yeah


File: 1417432064703.png (346.97 KB, 800x563, lcddem___ruins_by_nighting….png)

This. I like both games a lot, specially the different ambience they both have. Contrast is good.

When I play .flow I almost feel sick myself, even so, I keep being drawn to it (even me usually laughing at edgy games). It amazes me. Also the characters are great, and it does the "show, don't tell" story in a perfect way. Each part of the game gives you a bit of insight into what's going on, while still remaining open enough to be interpretative.

LCD DEM…yes, it doesn't have much shit going on, but as it's been said, the music and the ambience are really amazing.
The cathedral stained glass looking world is my favorite in ANY fangame/YN itself.

Also the greenish abandoned building areas remind me A LOT of Tarkovsky movies such as Stalker.

If only LCD DEM was being still developed, maybe we would have got a little bit more of life into it.


File: 1420839969309.png (51.69 KB, 577x539, koronba_tweet_15'.png)

This isn't really related to LcdDem in of itself, but Koronba made some tweets not too long ago that contain some interesting info.

He released some files that contained an assortment of .WAVs, .PNGs and .USTs and, from what I can understand, is saying that people can use them for free.

There's an odd catch though: he doesn't want credit. That's right, he does NOT want to even be associated with his own work.

You can read a bit more about it here: http://psiwolf.tumblr.com/post/107586468536/nightmargin-psiwolf-an-anon-asked-me-to



Here's a .rar archive with all of the songs that were in the files Koronba released. I also converted the original wav files to mp3s for your convenience. The filenames are unaltered from those of the originals.


thanks psi, looks like a lot of vocaloid/UTAU tracks, googling Yatsume found http://www.vocaloidbrasil.com/weekly-vocaloid-and-utau-ranking-286-228/ (ctrl-f yatsume)
Koronba's listed on there:

08(!!) – Yatsume Ana (Guy’s Hole) – Koronba (com Koronba Nº 4 e Defoko).
Que título é esse véi xD! Eletrônica chiptune comportada, com vozes bem robóticas, característico desse produtor.




5738163←this dead account has many deleted videos
please generate again
deleted videos' list↓


those videos are probably koro
n ba's.


>deleted videos' list↓ 935358234226
If you want to see the original titles he used while uploading those videos, go here num.to 425259544769


please restore these files
also songs




Found this on a random tumblr, supposedly titled "0041". Hope this isn't old news


how wonderful!

Couldn't you tell me just where you
get it?



I found a game used his song.

One of his last tweets says:

I composed music for a certain free game.
Please search it if you're free.

Its game music may be this,I think.




I recently found out that the account that posted the LCD DEM ost is run by NightMargin, the developer of OneShot. Great game if you haven't tried it out. (no i'm not her lol)


The guy is a nazi


The tumblr post was removed.


This turned mysterious and spooky real quick


omg im so offended muh disrespect xD


So anyways the old Koronba threat was locked, not that big of a deal really theres no much to say about koronba anymore but imma drip this for educational purposes. https://uboachan.net/fg/res/7735.html At least it looks like it wont get deleted lol, fucking new fags who just learned about Koronba.


File: 1626498576351.png (715.49 KB, 1080x1077, 6sLAt03.png)

>fucking new fags
>pastes link to thread


Can you fuck off already? You've complained about that thread for over 6 months now. 6 months. What the hell are you doing with your life? Move on and stop letting some supposedly dead guy live rent free in your head.
>imma drip this
Back to discord, underageshitter.


you have wurms in your head


File: 1632160856435.png (28.98 KB, 200x200, brug.png)

I'm still sharing all of Koronba's stuff. :)


the proper sendoff he deserves https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Qb7pBE8trE


>>15166 Lmfao who tf are you plus I dont use discord retard


>>15206 As you should


I still can't believe this motherfucker had inflation fetish


File: 1634332907532.png (32.94 KB, 500x500, sketch1634332834548.png)


Almost like I come to Uboachan once in a blue moon, and what drama lmfao is this pathetic interaction enough to bring you to tears fag? pitifull.

>>15240 It actually never was confirmed that fetish account belonged to him plus lots of people have that drawing style out there in japan apparently funny af tho


>Almost like I come to Uboachan once in a blue moon, and what drama lmfao is this pathetic interaction enough to bring you to tears fag? pitifull.
Can you spell and comprehend my post, ESLshitter? Fuck off with your retarded gossip. God I can't stand dumb tards like you who think its "quirky" to bring drama to dead websites like this one.
>f.aggot was filtered to "californian" for whatever reason
fuck this website


What really? Let me test: Californian


File: 1634523060220.jpg (61.03 KB, 500x700, 1634364574684.jpg)

>Can you spell and comprehend my post, ESLshitter?
jej anon you do understand that a lot of uboachan's community has historically been ESL and sudaca? just wanted to point that out, I shall make my leave, have fun murdering each other.


Koronba's robot persona is kinda hot doe


>>15245 Drama? faggot what you on I was just linking another page to something related with the author, you know, the person who created the game, for educational purpouses non related to subjective view? I dont give a shit about whatever yall think about the situation or whatever ""drama"" you are imagining in your peanutt brain, so stop accusing me of bringing drama into a fucking dead threat when that wasn't the intention and it was CLEARLY stated in that same link it wasn't, learn to read illiterate. Now go back to reddit like the friendless drama queen you are, maybe more people will pay you attention there, attention whore.


File: 1634957068196.png (5.05 KB, 256x256, communityIcon_uc5cuopqhg86….png)

4-gou is best girl


Has this place been closed too?



File: 1646062857391.jpg (224.08 KB, 520x739, __chie_lcddem_drawn_by_olm….jpg)

>>15269 Nope. Farewell Chie


i love koronba!!!!!


shame he's gone tho


He will come back, unless he is fucking dead.
Stupid ninja jannies closing the old koronba thread…..as if this place wasnt dead enough


>unless he is fucking dead.
For what it's worth, over the last couple days, that one archivist over at Twitter has been implying Koronba was alive this entire time but might have actually passed away very recently.


Wait, wtf?


You can't just say that and not link the twitter in question


File: 1693532697439.jpg (10.8 KB, 597x117, based.jpg)

Nigthmargin going out of her way to say this in the LCDDEM online announcement has me rolling


Newfag posting aside this thread is actually pretty interesting even if it loses its way in a lot of parts.


Hi Mr. Backup35778253!


sexo with 4gou


she used to be a massive fangamefag after all


read this YEARS and YEARS ago holy shit this takes me back.

I did track him in 2021 and it seemed there were suspicious Twitter accounts similar to his previous spottings. Do not have the source anymore but it's whatever, wouldn't be surprised if he died the last few years but to be fair I don't know. Japanese people are weird, especially wannabe mysterious people.

Also true that I've seen quite a lot of newfags on here being like "owmahgaw I saw from the youtuubz PlZ rEsPecT"


is that right? maybe you're right. you're so right!


File: 1714312137294.jpg (9.11 KB, 500x500, 1908734ad9d3adb54fd6789d2b….jpg)

hey guys i love you all and (((HİS))) art


File: 1714317922044.png (33.7 KB, 500x500, yongo.png)

This robot's pretty cool!


reading through some of these old posts made me realize how much i hate 2019-2021 internet, especially posts like >>15247 where the image and posting style is just so intentionally obnoxious and annoying. really feels good to be out of that era


If you thought that's bad you aint seen nothing yet.

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