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【lcd dem】
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It's reassuring to see that I'm not the only one who thinks that way. It's not a bad game - it just doesn't have any appeal.


The game's actually sort of an opposite to .flow. .flow has recurring characters making characters more important than YN, LCD DEM has very few dream inhabitants and those that do exist can be permanently killed, making characters less important than YN.

.flow has a more pervasive dark atmosphere while LCD DEM has a more pervasive light atmosphere.

Other ways LCD DEM stands out is having orbs reach the ending instead of effects - I also feel like the ending provides a conclusion to the game that's open for interpretation without being overly confusing, unlike, say, YN's ending which was very clear and definite, and .flow's endings which are complete messes (maybe in a good way but still)

Gameplay still is very basic but yeah


File: 1417432064703.png (346.97 KB, 800x563, lcddem___ruins_by_nighting….png)

This. I like both games a lot, specially the different ambience they both have. Contrast is good.

When I play .flow I almost feel sick myself, even so, I keep being drawn to it (even me usually laughing at edgy games). It amazes me. Also the characters are great, and it does the "show, don't tell" story in a perfect way. Each part of the game gives you a bit of insight into what's going on, while still remaining open enough to be interpretative.

LCD DEM…yes, it doesn't have much shit going on, but as it's been said, the music and the ambience are really amazing.
The cathedral stained glass looking world is my favorite in ANY fangame/YN itself.

Also the greenish abandoned building areas remind me A LOT of Tarkovsky movies such as Stalker.

If only LCD DEM was being still developed, maybe we would have got a little bit more of life into it.


File: 1420839969309.png (51.69 KB, 577x539, koronba_tweet_15'.png)

This isn't really related to LcdDem in of itself, but Koronba made some tweets not too long ago that contain some interesting info.

He released some files that contained an assortment of .WAVs, .PNGs and .USTs and, from what I can understand, is saying that people can use them for free.

There's an odd catch though: he doesn't want credit. That's right, he does NOT want to even be associated with his own work.

You can read a bit more about it here: http://psiwolf.tumblr.com/post/107586468536/nightmargin-psiwolf-an-anon-asked-me-to



Here's a .rar archive with all of the songs that were in the files Koronba released. I also converted the original wav files to mp3s for your convenience. The filenames are unaltered from those of the originals.


thanks psi, looks like a lot of vocaloid/UTAU tracks, googling Yatsume found http://www.vocaloidbrasil.com/weekly-vocaloid-and-utau-ranking-286-228/ (ctrl-f yatsume)
Koronba's listed on there:

08(!!) – Yatsume Ana (Guy’s Hole) – Koronba (com Koronba Nº 4 e Defoko).
Que título é esse véi xD! Eletrônica chiptune comportada, com vozes bem robóticas, característico desse produtor.




5738163←this dead account has many deleted videos
please generate again
deleted videos' list↓


those videos are probably koro
n ba's.


>deleted videos' list↓ 935358234226
If you want to see the original titles he used while uploading those videos, go here num.to 425259544769


please restore these files
also songs




Found this on a random tumblr, supposedly titled "0041". Hope this isn't old news


how wonderful!

Couldn't you tell me just where you
get it?



I found a game used his song.

One of his last tweets says:

I composed music for a certain free game.
Please search it if you're free.

Its game music may be this,I think.




I recently found out that the account that posted the LCD DEM ost is run by NightMargin, the developer of OneShot. Great game if you haven't tried it out. (no i'm not her lol)


The guy is a nazi


The tumblr post was removed.


This turned mysterious and spooky real quick


omg im so offended muh disrespect xD


So anyways the old Koronba threat was locked, not that big of a deal really theres no much to say about koronba anymore but imma drip this for educational purposes. https://uboachan.net/fg/res/7735.html At least it looks like it wont get deleted lol, fucking new fags who just learned about Koronba.


File: 1626498576351.png (715.49 KB, 1080x1077, 6sLAt03.png)

>fucking new fags
>pastes link to thread


Can you fuck off already? You've complained about that thread for over 6 months now. 6 months. What the hell are you doing with your life? Move on and stop letting some supposedly dead guy live rent free in your head.
>imma drip this
Back to discord, underageshitter.


you have wurms in your head


File: 1632160856435.png (28.98 KB, 200x200, brug.png)

I'm still sharing all of Koronba's stuff. :)


the proper sendoff he deserves https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Qb7pBE8trE


>>15166 Lmfao who tf are you plus I dont use discord retard


>>15206 As you should


I still can't believe this motherfucker had inflation fetish


File: 1634332907532.png (32.94 KB, 500x500, sketch1634332834548.png)


Almost like I come to Uboachan once in a blue moon, and what drama lmfao is this pathetic interaction enough to bring you to tears fag? pitifull.

>>15240 It actually never was confirmed that fetish account belonged to him plus lots of people have that drawing style out there in japan apparently funny af tho


>Almost like I come to Uboachan once in a blue moon, and what drama lmfao is this pathetic interaction enough to bring you to tears fag? pitifull.
Can you spell and comprehend my post, ESLshitter? Fuck off with your retarded gossip. God I can't stand dumb tards like you who think its "quirky" to bring drama to dead websites like this one.
>f.aggot was filtered to "californian" for whatever reason
fuck this website


What really? Let me test: Californian


File: 1634523060220.jpg (61.03 KB, 500x700, 1634364574684.jpg)

>Can you spell and comprehend my post, ESLshitter?
jej anon you do understand that a lot of uboachan's community has historically been ESL and sudaca? just wanted to point that out, I shall make my leave, have fun murdering each other.


Koronba's robot persona is kinda hot doe


>>15245 Drama? faggot what you on I was just linking another page to something related with the author, you know, the person who created the game, for educational purpouses non related to subjective view? I dont give a shit about whatever yall think about the situation or whatever ""drama"" you are imagining in your peanutt brain, so stop accusing me of bringing drama into a fucking dead threat when that wasn't the intention and it was CLEARLY stated in that same link it wasn't, learn to read illiterate. Now go back to reddit like the friendless drama queen you are, maybe more people will pay you attention there, attention whore.


File: 1634957068196.png (5.05 KB, 256x256, communityIcon_uc5cuopqhg86….png)

4-gou is best girl


Has this place been closed too?



File: 1646062857391.jpg (224.08 KB, 520x739, __chie_lcddem_drawn_by_olm….jpg)

>>15269 Nope. Farewell Chie


i love koronba!!!!!


shame he's gone tho


He will come back, unless he is fucking dead.
Stupid ninja jannies closing the old koronba thread…..as if this place wasnt dead enough


>unless he is fucking dead.
For what it's worth, over the last couple days, that one archivist over at Twitter has been implying Koronba was alive this entire time but might have actually passed away very recently.


Wait, wtf?


You can't just say that and not link the twitter in question


File: 1693532697439.jpg (10.8 KB, 597x117, based.jpg)

Nigthmargin going out of her way to say this in the LCDDEM online announcement has me rolling


Newfag posting aside this thread is actually pretty interesting even if it loses its way in a lot of parts.


Hi Mr. Backup35778253!

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