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File: 1502065119824.jpg (47.8 KB, 500x593, 42624113_p0.jpg)


What BGM's gave you the most chills/feels out of all the fangames?


I want a pai-paizuri from Sabitsuki!


File: 1502155286586-0.png (27.67 KB, 640x480, sugar cliff.png)

File: 1502155286587-1.png (29.63 KB, 640x480, ashes to ashes.png)

File: 1502155286587-2.png (47.13 KB, 640x480, eyeball tree.png)

File: 1502155286587-3.png (24.6 KB, 640x480, sweet view.png)

the bgms that correspond to the locations in these screenshots feel pretty dang chilling to me

File: 1502128941258.png (4.87 KB, 275x184, Unbenannt.PNG)


Sick Mind generates this error message when opened, help please


It's a problem with the executable - RPG_RT, I believe. Just copy the executable from a fangame that works, and paste the copied executable into the sickmind folder. This will replace the broken executable with a functional executable if you didn't stick your dick in a toaster.

File: 1499494911999.png (1.81 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-07-08-02-1….png)


Are all 35 effects attainable? No spoilers please. Thanks.



All effects are attainable, though the requirements for some have changed.

Whether the game is 'complete' depends on your definition. Since Wataru left the game pretty much slid into suspended animation, a few of the old areas were remade (usually for the worst) but very little has happened lately.


Thank you very much anon. Much appreciated.

File: 1492010512071.png (11.71 KB, 320x240, Ultra Violet.png)


Pic related - Ultra Violet is my favorite.
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File: 1495132446286.png (401.13 KB, 374x748, answered_prayers___fluoret….png)

It wasn't dropped. It's still being worked on.

It'll update any day now. Just a little while longer.


File: 1495132676609.jpg (34.58 KB, 348x302, 1474393380001.jpg)

I'm pretty sure the author himself said the game was dropped a few years ago. And, even if "it wasn't", it's been 6 years since the last update, so the chances are minimal, if any.


File: 1495133385045.jpg (218.9 KB, 1280x1120, tumblr_o2k544AAlW1rhg1fao1….jpg)

I think they said somewhere on their tumblr that they were wantin to do a remake of it someday.

Their patreon supported and possibly dead webcomic was supposed to be a spinoff in the same universe or remake or something. Can't remember what. I only read a couple of pages before I decided it probably wasn't worth my time so I have no clue how true it is.

They still draw Fluorette though, so it's nice that it's not completely forgotten.


File: 1495155581186.jpg (667 KB, 1200x1697, tumblr_n9yzrxY2zM1rhg1fao1….jpg)

He finished the first chapter of Homunculus in April (49 pages). It's been slow-but-steady updates since he launched the Patreon, with a brief hiatus when he injured his hand in October. Last I heard of Answered Prayers, he wanted to get Homunculus done before working on it again.

If anyone's interested in Homonculus, the first few pages are here: http://klaufir.tumblr.com/post/95239390983/homunculus-pages-00-11-2016-update-homunculus


File: 1497849109464.jpg (549.62 KB, 1024x1448, page08.jpg)

File: 1496101427512.jpg (294.31 KB, 640x3799, haDjoGC_d.jpg)


I may or may not be slightly responsible for this thing's existence.

Sorry, everyone.


Moved to >>>/ot/17597.

File: 1494804130322.jpg (19.14 KB, 193x261, Yume.jpg)


(Newfag/lurker so I don't know where to post this)
What do you guys think happened to a project called "Dream vs. Dream".
I've seen a sort of mockup recently but the video was made in 2015 (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1wo4sAcgn4) It did have a lot of progress and promise but it just stopped maybe I'm not up to date or something. The "team's" Tumblr hasn't been active either. Thoughts?


File: 1494808768416.jpg (187.06 KB, 392x503, .1382548309707.jpg)

Easy, two people did the real work and the rest were kids thinking that talking about memes all the day was "game development". Then the people who really did the work got tired and said "fuck it, I'm not an slave".


File: 1494809940263.jpeg (30.21 KB, 435x275, image.jpeg)

>two real programmers and a "team" of "maymay" kids = abandoned projects
This must be common with YN fan games then.

File: 1492616697720.jpeg (57.02 KB, 500x380, image.jpeg)


Can someone please explain the smile-potassium connection? I've had this photo saved, and have seen the macro about .flow sites, but have never really understood it.


iirc, it started as a misheard thing from https://youtube.com/watch?v=pZd5VtHfHGY


it's a misheard version of smile's speech when he kills you, which is lolrust speaking some broken english

iirc it was "you're a sick girl, i'll see you again" or something like that


File: 1493496959380.jpg (54.39 KB, 446x598, sugar hole.jpg)

just played .flow 0.19 for nostalgia, attacked smile in his house and just got some kaibutsu laugh mixed with smile's.
I went on to check the files for the legendary line but i sadly didn't find it, so i extracted .flow 0.16 and it still had the Potassium Ion in it's full glory

I guess 0.19 proves Smile doesn't like bananas

File: 1317004017266.png (2.71 KB, 128x128, 1310067574591.png)


This is the new thread for my Tsunagari Game Engine. As development continues, I'll post updates and new downloads in this thread. You can also see progress on the official website, linked below.

Tsunagari is a tiling game engine inspired by the cult classic game Yume Nikki. It is intended as an open source alternative to the popular proprietary RPGMaker game development suite that the original and most fangames were/are written on. The initial focus is support for all of the features of Yume Nikki, and beyond that it strives to become a fully-featured 2D game development suite. Tsunagari is written in C++, using the Gosu framework.

Tsunagari will be a comprehensive game design suite for singleplayer 2D games. The engine will support several styles, such as roguelikes, and old console-style RPGs. Multiplayer support is planned for the second stable release. Tsunagari allows Python scripting for the event system, and for additional custom functionality. As a suite, Tsunagari aims to allow as much game variation as possible without direct modifications to the engine source code. Game design will require manual file editing during the Alpha and Beta phases, but a game editor suite will be shipped with the first major release.

Website: http://tileengine.org/
Official IRC: http://webirc.datnode.net/?channels=tsunagari
Source Repository: https://github.com/omegasdg/Tsunagari
AlphaP4-R4 Source GIT Tag: https://github.com/omegasdg/Tsunagari/tree/AlphaP4-Rev4
AlphaP4-R4 Windows Binary: http://omegasdg.com/files/Tsunagari-AlphaP4-Rev4-Bin.zip
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wow, congrats for the company, I really, really hope this gets a lot of development since it's kind of an empty niche in the gaming community.



>real company

o k you have fun there sei


Wow rude. Even Amazon is an LLC.


It's been a long time, so I feel I should make one more post here about where Tsunagari has gone.

It's gone. To make a long story short, I feel that perhaps a two-man team like us were out of our league trying to make a do-everything engine by ourselves, as our first project, in C++. Our constantly changing design quickly turned into a spaghetti clusterfuck, to the point that the engine could no longer be modified without a monumental effort.

On the up-side, I think we've both learned an awful lot about designing software. Keeping in mind the mistakes of Tsunagari, a couple months ago I started on a new tile engine, "Driftwood 2D", written in Python with a cleaner and more common-sense design. This new project is quickly approaching the capability that Tsunagari had, growing as much in months as the old engine did in years.

If Driftwood 2D surpasses Tsunagari, I will make a thread about it here.


Necrobump because I made good on >>9129.

See >>>/ig/638

File: 1490922785783.png (Spoiler Image, 2.21 KB, 184x242, oreko.png)


I remember triggering an event in .flow about a year ago, but I don't see it on the wiki, or the place it happened on the map sections of the wiki. It went like this-

I managed to get to a part of the game where it was brick walls, sort of like a back street, or alleyways, and there were people that looked like fat men wearing coats.
They were different colors I think, like two? There were also girls in a red dress with long black hair, like the ones you see in other sections of the game. Reminded me of prostitution
I eventually ran across a door I couldn't interact with, so I left it. As I explored, I found a street that looped, but each time it got darker and darker, and it eventually took me to a room where there was traffic cones, blood, and one of those coat people lying on the far left side
I think I remember something about this room normally being blocked off by a maid. I went over and examined the hooded guy, but nothing happened. I went to leave, and as I was nearing the door, the thing got up and zoomed at me, and my screen went black. I was then transported to a maze looking thing, with a ton of those hooded people slowly coming after me. the ghost effect didn't work on them. I saw a door, and i got to it easily.
when I entered it, the screen cut to black and you could hear Sabitsuki walking slowly, and when they exited the door I saw earlier, she was slightly bloody and with her rusty pipe equipped.

Feel like I'm going partially blind because I swear I had read about it before, but I see nothing on the wiki. My friend also was there to witness this.

Does anyone remember this and have a way to get to it?
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>>12149 That's it! Thanks, I thought I was going batty.


>>12150 That's a shame. I could have sworn I read it somewhere.


If it's a wiki, why not update it?


File: 1491188006085.jpg (137.21 KB, 690x998, isoäiti.jpg)

That's a very good idea, why don't you update it yourself?


Because I'm not the one with the Knowledge of Things.

File: 1489879780509.png (415.28 KB, 680x570, dream_team_by_rotatingpowe….png)


If you were given the chance to ‘revive’ one or two YNFGs that are abandoned/canceled/stuck in development limbo and immediately play a polished complete version of it, which would you pick? While there are many unfinished YNFGs that I greatly enjoyed like Answered Prayers and Broken Bottles, the game I found myself yearning for the most was Elysium City. I know its status as a fangame is highly arguable, but there was something special about seeing a game that combines the beautiful atmosphere of a top tier YNFG with an actual plot with its own unique cast of characters.
And what about you, which game would you love to bring back from the dead?
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why did .flow die


Yume Nisshi the game has a ton of potential but it's too bad that the game is cancelled because of an american fan used the sprites of that game


because i guess lol moved on to other games, have you checked his game that was recently translated on /og/?


Why are people saying .flow? It's finished.


File: 1490313156613.jpg (467.07 KB, 983x706, plant effect.jpg)

.flow has endings yes, but its very much not finished
some areas could use a lot more polish, plus there was some stuff added in 0.19 that were new events then it just abruptly stopped development even though it already teased us with new content to come (that town area, vomit girl/SIAS, etc) and i recall seeing in a Yume Nisshi thread (i think it can be found in /ot/ by now) that lol_rust said .flow wasn't going anywhere

For personal opinions on areas which should be expanded, it should be the School (the empty box there is well…empty, and the school feels very desolate and devoid of anything interesting), make the Vomit Girl area a more prominent one, expand on the town area full of discounted weird red demon things, if the game wishes to break the formula of 24 effects then end, then a bit more effects, expanding the end-game of the Rust scenario, and making the multiple endings actually different

File: 1474745565091.png (752.54 KB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2016-09-24-15-3….png)


All the .flow glitches. Proof .flow is way more broken then Yume Nikki.

Using menus in chair: Enter the chair. Hold down shift in the process of entering.

Lock menus to only be able to be used in chair (chair storage): Use instructions in chair.

Speed glitch: Use broom in chair.

Broom speed without broom: Wake up in the chair. Enter back into the dream and activate the invisible chair that will be at the desk.

Walk through walls: Use iron pipe in chair. Activate it right after you leave chair. Entering any of the four nexus locations will cancel the glitch, so doing it at a chair other then the one in Sabitsuki's room would be wise. (Chair storage required for chairs other then the one in Sabitsukis room)

Make Sabitsuki invisible: Get chair storage. Sit in chair and equip arms effect. Enter bed after exiting the chair. Hold down shift, then press X while holding down shift.

Messed up movement glitch: Wake up in chair. Enter back into the dream. Activate invisible chair. Enter bed, hold down shift and press Z then X.
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File: 1480416973058.png (13.13 KB, 640x480, HOW THE FUCK.png)

i assume this is the most recent version? just making sure.

pic here was from v0.10. it's long since been fixed but it still makes me laugh.


Okay so this is pretty crazy and convoluted. Basically I found a glitch in .flow that allows you to be able to not only use effects while awake, but be able to move in a dream while being a late. Though that last part sounds contradictory I will try my best to make it make sense.
First off these are the steps to the glitch:

Enter a chair and hold shift to allow menu use

While in the menu open the instructions to get a glitch called chair storage

Walk to the blood room event

After you attempt to walk in the door in the blood room the game will reactivate your ability to use the menu

Equip the arms effect

Walk down to start the event
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File: 1488759340099.png (376.84 KB, 1919x453, 1329345305241.png)


I don't know why, but despite .flow being my favorite fangame, theres ONE thing, that's so minor that always sets me off when i play Yume Nikki or Yume 2kki later.

The hair animation.
Sabitsuki doesn't have her hair twirl around when she walks, so even Yume Nikki looks infinitely more detailed just because of that, like, fuck.

Off-topic to the thread that's already nitpicky as heck, but, imagine if lol suddenly did a special "update" of .flow on Yume Nikki's 15th anniversary or some special date where he just polishes the game's sprite, sounds and visuals and possibly even events or update on the School's empty box which is lacking (which are kinda slightly lacking from the likes of 2kki) and, most importantly…
…unblocks that pillar blocking a enterway on the School.

Seriously, what is there anyways?
Sabitsuki's old iron pipe? Her old PC that she used to chat with Madotsuki before she was raped? (haha /t/) The aliens that kidnapped Sabitsuki and infected her with a special virus called "Rust"?
No, but seriously! Would be awesome if that area was unblocked, same with the elevator by the sugar hole and other blocked areas.

I think i recall seeing a white room with a plant aesthetic with a table and a window when looking through the game files, but there's no way to acess that area normally.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>I think i recall seeing a white room with a plant aesthetic with a table and a window when looking through the game files, but there's no way to acess that area normally.
iirc, that's part of an event added on the latest version.


>Would be awesome if that area was unblocked, same with the elevator by the sugar hole and other blocked areas.

You mean this elevator? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4zJBQfi9-M

And yeah, as >>12123 said, that is a pretty recent addition to the game. You can access it by eating cake at Sugar Hole 10 times, interacting with the maid and then going up the stairs in the apartments usually blocked by a cone (now unblocked), or something along those lines.

That blocked area in the school really bugs me as well.
And that one broken locker at the entrance that is seemingly a doorway…


File: 1488842141429.jpg (57.51 KB, 500x500, 8n6tf6tf7.jpg)

.flow is one of my favorite fangames so I would certainly enjoy if lol released a major update to the game, be it in Yume Nikki's anniversary or any other date.
But I doubt it, the game feels finished as it is.

Now, about being nitpicky, there is something in Yume Nikki that almost made me give up playing right in the first seconds. I have a really low tolerance to step sounds. They easily annoy me and Mado's squishy shoes made me reconsider if I really wanted to play a game about walking and exploring while always hearing that sound. But decided to stick with it and see if I'd eventually learn to tolerate it, which I did.
Now I find that sound cute.

File: 1488740764399.gif (3.74 KB, 93x80, mebii3.gif)


Okay guys, now I'm crazy, I do not know what to do for .Flow to work, I've done everything they say in the threads to play, but every attempt ends in disgrace, I do not ask you to help me, but you are A good person, tell me what should I do ?.

Do not just play. Flow, I'm also talking about "Me" or Yume 2kki, any tolerant person that helps this being useless?


File: 1488741069206.jpg (14.09 KB, 480x480, 1354620127436.jpg)

Don't worry. I'll help you.


File: 1488742144822.png (215.97 KB, 600x529, SIAS.png)

mado was raped

i don't know if that's bait or your being serious, if so, just set your System Locale to 日本語 and done.

Literally everything i had to do to get .flow to work.


File: 1482512209723.jpg (7.33 KB, 200x200, 1314770102937s.jpg)


so i just heard the most wtf thing ever about .flow so i was talking to a whitefriend of mine who just started playing .flow and while he was screen sharing the game he told me his theory and i was like the fuck niggah so he literaly just said "so is the story of the game a abbreviation of a mother trying to cope with the fact that she aborted her kid"
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>so is the story of the game a abbreviation of a mother trying to cope with the fact that she aborted her kid
It wouldn't be the first time someone makes a theory like that, just let him be
.flow already being dead doesn't mean new people won't ever play it


I've heard that theory before, but to me it's only supported lightly by a few areas in the game, and other areas seem contradictory to it.


I played it for the first time recently as well, and I'm not sure I can quite see that…




File: 1318955149312.png (103.71 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_lt35vupZAi1qdzt1f.png)

 No.915[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Hello! I didn't originally plan on making a new thread for TLG but I decided to do it just because it would be terrible to not make the game accessible to everyone!

Here is the most recent version:

I do not know if I will continue this game as college and many other things are occupying my time, but keep a look out just in case!

Also! Thank you everyone who has ever made fanart, videos, pretty much anything to do with the game, I had no idea it would get such a good reception. Everything you guys have drawn really means a lot to me! <3

Contact info:
E-Mail: bleet@ymail.com
Skype: bombchuboom
MSN: azhoozr@msn.com
TLG has an official tumblr here: http://irenesmirror.tumblr.com
My personal tumblr: http://bombchutheragetroll.tumblr.com
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Why would it be up to "everyone in general" how your game will turn out?
Taking cues from others is fine, but I wouldn't listen too much to other people if I were you.

I liked the old faces more. These look like something from Cartoon Network.


By where the game goes, I meant if the thread will stay in fg or move to other games or something.

Also I really appreciate that you liked the old talksprites! However they were in dire need of an upgrade. They still reflect some of the old style, , especially in the eyes, but are much cleaner and expressive now, which is very important for what I'm going to do with the game.



Damn, bleet, to be honest, TLG is my favorite YNFG ever, Irene is my favorite dream ever, to my eyes, TLG never needed those changes, it was already perfect, the sprites, the talking sprites too etc. we just needed an ending.

I understand as a gamedev, we are never satisfied with our creations, and of course its your game, you can do the changes you want, but, i was really in love with the old version, i dont like the new changes at all…

i will still support TLG, and you, and play the new version all the way, but it's not the TLG i love.


why did you reply to a 2 year post for a dead game


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