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File: 1539101129197.jpg (184.04 KB, 480x640, traumateam_devfeaturette3_….jpg)


Assuming there's not a general for this, I'd like some advice. A bit off topic maybe?

Basically I've had a rough 4 hours when I went into the ER yesterday for back pains, and learned I had a 1.3 millimeter kidney stone they'll have to break up "somehow", either through some weird outpatient procedure with sound waves, or by just going in and spending 2 hours breaking it out manually. The former is what we're trying first though and SHOULD get it.

What I'm worried about is them having to do the latter, as well as them having to place a stint in regardless. I'm terrified of being put under. Done it quite a few times in the past and it's just not gotten easier, so everytime they do it I start getting antsy. Additionally I am pretty protective over manhood. That sounds retarded, but it's a source of fear for me. With luck, they'll just have to put me under and fiddle with me twice to get the stint in and out, and it's all pretty easy and routine, so then why am I freaking out so much? Does anyone have any experience with these issues, or could give me some advice about how to calm down?

Please help me not be so pussy so these next few weeks can blow over smoothly.


Distract yourself as much as possible until the procedure. Just get your mind off it however you have to If by any chance something goes wrong, there's always the legal suit option. Besides they'll probably figure out how to replace penises within the next couple decades, so any loss might not be permanent.

File: 1534409538395.jpg (5.17 KB, 230x219, moon.jpg)


Hi all

I'm former "NEET", was "NEET" for 2 years in mother's house. I am going to university now. Recently, I'm computer programmer intern several times. None of my programmer jobs pay enough to survive, however, and I have difficult time succeeding socially.

I still feel like I am "NEET" and "NEET" people are the only ones I relate to, what to do?


File: 1534414147916.jpg (105.29 KB, 700x604, любая.jpg)

Practice small conversations with mirrors, imitate patterns, body language, and interactions you see come from people. Failure is natural at least once but attempt to learn from it, understand that you will fail and will stumble on the march. Practicing with a close friend (or a remote person you do not mind) is a great benefit and boon.
It takes a long time to feel natural at socialization, there will be quips around it, but as you continue to get used to it you can always adapt to the best.
The routine normalizes everything, even if you are afraid, even if it was not productive at first. Ultimately, as this becomes a comfortable zone, your feelings of being socially insufficient, or "NEET" will disappear over time.
In the context of your work, in the meantime, you can try to develop skills that you can later incorporate into your resume so that you can look better off after graduation. You should not try to support yourself when going to college because of the exorbitant cost. Unless you have a large loan or student allowance, please stay with your mother or divide costs with a roommate while you are enrolled in university.
Good luck, OP.


not op, but i really needed that. thanks

File: 1537594999875.png (935.53 KB, 750x654, Danganronpa.full.2194467.png)


hey, /hikki/.
I've been a NEET for 4 years now. I can barely stay awake anymore. I sleep for 8-9 hours and drink a fuckton of coffee and sodas and yet I still feel sleepy and sluggish. I even tried "home exercises" but that only succeeded in making my legs feel like chewed-up gum.
Do you guys have this issue, too? It only started last year.
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I understand what you're going through. Sleeping and resting are two different things. Sometimes you could sleep for 14 hours and wake up even more drained than you were before. And sometimes you sleep only 3 or so hours, and wake up totally refreshed.

This is purely psychological, and has nothing to do with being physically tired. You could exercise as much as you want, you could do the most physically demanding activities all day, in itself it's not going to force you to rest.

I, too, would drop sodas/energy drinks. They would only make things worse than they are already. Coffee, while is quite useless on people with this problem for some reason, is at least not as destructive as the aforementioned drinks.

And while I agree with >>5110 about carbs and sweets, I certainly believe that diet has nothing to do with this.

I believe what would really help is to somehow try to be at peace with your mind, even if just momentarily so. I know it's difficult. And look who's talking, I pretty much fell into the same situation, though I can't even sleep more than 4 hours on a good day, let alone have any rest. But give it a try, if you could let your feelings go before bedtime, only if for a day or two per week, you could get some rest.


Ah, shit. Must be why 1-8 is still draining. Explains a lot. Thanks! Also, shit. I'm gonna have to quit coffee, huh? Eh, if it helps.

Shit, hope you're better.
Anyways, I guess I'm gonna stop drinking sweet shit anyways, cause you both are pretty correct. And yeah, 4 hour sleep sched? I went through that, too.
I'll try to ease up at night, stop thinking 'bout school stuff. You're also right, I don't rest, ust sleep. Might just try unwinding.

Thanks, you two!


File: 1537809031657.jpg (74.47 KB, 980x718, cycle.jpg)

You should aim to wake up whilst you're dreaming (in REM sleep). If you wake during a deeper sleep you'll feel groggy no matter how long you've been asleep for.


What really shits me off is that I can go to bed at midnight or 11 pm, wake up any time from 6 to 8 am, and while I am tired most of the day I don't feel immediately groggy. But when I try to go to bed at 10 or so I just wake at 5 or so, am tired for most of the day, and on top of that I wake up groggy as fuck. Same amount of hours slept, and I just get punished for trying to keep to good sleeping habits.


Any change in your sleep schedule is hard to adjust to. Maintaining consistency is important.

File: 1537412038068.png (413.8 KB, 600x904, pokemon___sabrina_and_abra….png)


My mental state has been declining again. I was feeling alright for awhile but now there is just so much I need to worry about every day is filled with anxiety and I don't know how I can keep going like this. Recently I cant even bring myself to enjoy the things i'm passionate about, I just spend my free time under a blanket listening to music and browsing the internet doing nothing productive. As soon as I get home I am so exhausted that I fall asleep so I cant sleep at night. I don't want to live like this, I don't feel like doing anything.
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File: 1537531664223.jpg (98.53 KB, 600x913, ghana-posters-new-9.jpg)

doing while everyone is asleep won't help… we have little apartment and my mum has extremely good hearing. even if i go to the toilet at night or drink water on kitchen she instantly wakes up and going to me. doing anything in my room at night also isn't a good option because i share it with my younger sister. but thanks for the advise anyway, anon!
my door doesn't have a lock and everyone often transpassing my room to go on a balcony. but you're right. i think i can overcame anxiety of jogging in public. and maybe i could do some sit-ups as well at day because it's rather quiet and quick. and stretching…

now it's time to work on myself! thank you all for advises and motivation


Get a pretense to go outside, e.g go shopping. Walking or just being physically active (commuting) does plenty of good for the mind.


File: 1537540205364.jpg (168.8 KB, 1024x701, 4.-Эшер.jpg)

i know… thank you i've been thinking about something like this


File: 1537560448502.jpg (208.63 KB, 743x1219, IMG_20180219_162041.jpg)

Thanks for the suggestions anons, I will try my best to get a reason to want to wake up every day and hopefully break my habit of taking naps as soon as I get home so I can sleep better. I dont think I could ever get into any rigorous exercise but I think I could handle getting out and walking around a lot more, night walks have always been something ive thought about, maybe ill give that a shot when the weather starts to cool down.


I think nearly everyone has this anxiety when they first start out exercising, but after a while you realize that nobody seriously cares what your routine is or even that you're trying to better yourself. People in general are more concerned with their own health than yours, trust me.

File: 1533267074784.jpg (137.47 KB, 1280x720, K-ON!! - 17 - Large 30.jpg)


Post things you've made or things you are proud of. Creating things can feel nice when you have been alone and devoid of accomplishment.


File: 1533267263058.png (9.89 KB, 799x499, Screenshot (8).png)

OP here, Ill start. I have made a pong clone with Reimu and Cirno from Touhou, it also has health bars instead of just a score. Originally I planned to add more characters to be selectable but I never really got around to that, maybe ill come back to it one day.


post it


I guess I can. Id like to clean some of it up a bit and add a disclaimer, since it was just a personal project. but I can probably put it up somewhere tomorrow.


File: 1536899249161.png (14.76 KB, 466x321, neet trip.PNG)

i made a tripcode generator for another chan i use, pic related are some tripcodes it generated with the word neet in them


Use Meriken's.

File: 1535319649206.png (566.93 KB, 692x900, mdsf98342n.png)


Does anyone care to start a trivial relationship with a stranger online?
I want to improve my social skills to make increase my odds of survival out there.
I apologize for this post if it is not allowed, or it is looked negatively, to ask for contact information.
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I apologize for the ignorance, but I don't really know where you put your email.


Mouse over his name, and it should appear in your link bar.


Right click the part of my post that says anonymous and copy.


File: 1535369152247.png (150.82 KB, 560x600, 1483248735500.png)

Feel free to hit me up, I'm always up for a chat


File: 1536605717743.jpg (250.09 KB, 1920x1080, d.jpg)

Three times I have tried this "fast paced" online dating stuff and three times I have met actually insane individuals. Maybe you are different. Or not.

Anyway, making friends is great so hit me up.

File: 1516442636029.png (106.12 KB, 500x405, tired.png)


I just really don't like people. There are some individuals I like, but I really loathe humanity. I hate how judgmental and shitty they are to anyone who doesn't meet their narrow standards. I hate how tribal they are, deriding anyone who happens to be outside of their shitty little groups/societies/cults. I hate how dishonest people are, nobody keeps promises even though breaking a promise is one of the worst things you can do. I hate how violent and stupid people are, choosing to beat each other to death over dumb shit instead of working together to make the future better. I hate how hypocritical they are, mocking others for their actions and then turning around and doing the same exact thing. I hate how the internet which used to be a safe haven from the real world has now become the very thing I was running from. And most of all, I hate when people use power as an excuse to ruin others' lives to satisfy their fragile and pathetic egos/feelings.

It's driving me nuts and I don't know what to do. It's years away before I can just put my brain into a computer or just hide away in a bunker with some companionship AIs and just fuck off. I still have the biological desire to socialize which is frustrating. I hate people, but at the same time I need them too. Being around these people exhaust me, and I really wish I could just be alone most of the time outside of the few hours I do work or go to school, which is something I'm only doing because it's impossible for me to be a NEET anymore without dying.

Does anyone else suffer from misanthropy? Have any coping skills or tricks to become at peace with being a loner/outsider?
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File: 1527029953736.gif (18.58 KB, 528x359, timecubeflierimg.gif)

Yep. Medical science and advertising are totally in the same place that they were in the 50s. The idea that all xenoestrogens are created equal is stupid. Phytoestrogens have not been proven to be harmful. That belief is not just, "not mainstream", it's, not scientifically proven. Science is not about, "connecting the dots", and you cannot come to conclusions just by, "connecting the dots". Relearn the scientific method. You only have a hypothesis right now. If you cared about the truth above all, you would want funding to go into this line of research without dogmatically telling people that their life is in shambles because of soy. Plenty of things that weren't, "mainstream yet", ended up being totally wrong. I could say the same thing about the time cube. It's just not mainstream yet. Any day now the papers will be coming in: We live in 4 simultaneous days all happening in four different quadrants! The experts were wrong! Academia was wrong! Get 40% off on international flights! Hurrah!


>Medical science and advertising are totally in the same place that they were in the 50s
>it can't happen again!

Sure thing, which is why "scientific" studies nowadays are funded by corporations with certain interests in mind are the norm.
I won't bother with the rest, I think I've already put more effort than what I should.
>dogmatically telling people that their life is in shambles because of soy.
Yeah, hormonal disruptors are not real, it's more of a thing of faith. And I didn't specifically target soy as the original post was more about xenoestrogens in general. If you avoid soy, you are avoiding xenoestrogens.


I literally never said that soy isn't unhealthy. Maybe it is. It's not known for sure right now.
>more about xenoestrogens
Yeah, that's why you jumped into a conversation about soy. That's still not how chemistry works.
>Yeah, hormonal disruptors are not real
Not what I was arguing.
>I think I've already put more effort than what I should.
I appreciate your altruistic attempts at converting me so that I can see the light.


Which posts have been pissing you off?


If you're still here by the time I post this, I hope you can find some source of happiness in life, if not from people, from a hobby or passion. Life is always worth living because there's nothing else there. Having thoughts is always better than being a rotting carcass. Wolves will eat you regardless or how happy or miserable you were in life.

File: 1532385356532.jpg (3.95 MB, 3840x2160, 4510264-original-character….jpg)


What's the thing with the japanese stuff? A lot people here share their interest here. I mean I know some stuff and like some manga / anime artwork, but I wouldn't call me particular interested in japanese culture, language or media. Anyone who isn't really passionate about this?
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Japanese stuff is pretty different in comparison to most western stuff, I think it makes pretty good escapism because of that and attracts a lot of similar people.


File: 1533371041866-0.jpg (240.91 KB, 850x1387, 1517594650947.jpg)

File: 1533371041866-1.png (3.22 MB, 2000x1071, __original_drawn_by_mifuru….png)

File: 1533371041866-2.jpg (807.9 KB, 900x1300, 1517288813763.jpg)

that makes me nostalgic. there's something i miss about old pre-social media days where there was something more genuine developing in the communities. i miss some of my old neighbors the most and wish i kept in contact. I remember this one really cute Asian girl in my neighborhood and she would send me comics that she would slide under my front door. I always enjoyed talking to her. I wonder what she is up to now.

writing this paragraph evoked something painful in my thought process. i really don't think i meet anyone who makes me happy like that anymore except online.


File: 1533373045170.jpg (38.24 KB, 346x508, 1517437441552.jpg)

I think I know what you mean thought I didn't know my neighbors well. one of them was this old russian man who lived alone, then one year he died. once he gave me a wrench out of nowhere and I was a kid who didn't know anything about tools so I thought it was weird but now I realize how grateful I should have been. anyway I used to poke around online at my old friends and saw them reminiscing over an old picture of them and they couldn't care less about me anymore. I don't think I was the "token" in their group, I was genuinely less close to them. I didn't get an allowance and go out and do kids stuff like most kids did. Sad since the 90s was the last chance to really do that type of thing. I'd always think it was weird when I'd get presents like that, like a wallet or a keychain since I had no money or keys, I didn't care about them. I found an old power rangers wallet in my garage, from the original series(US series obviously). maybe I'll start using it for the fuck of it.


Do you have any way to contact her? I'm sure she'd be happy to see you again.


It's a combination of their culture and their "aesthetic" that draws me in. I think that too many people in Western culture that read manga or watch anime have a glamorized and biased view of Japan, me included.

File: 1532590603923.jpg (137.67 KB, 751x1063, konma.jpg)


Ayy,ive just started going outside more recently i think i can adapt more to society i try to walk out side 1nce a day


File: 1532596078962.jpg (86.77 KB, 1000x714, DLJUMvdUIAAo4BM.jpg)

Good job. If people make you too uncomfortable, try going out at really early hours in the day, when most are still asleep. Listen to the chirping birds and chase the rising sun.

I made myself a promise two years ago or so to take a photo of the sunrise from a particular place in town. I still haven't owned up to that, even though I've seen it in passing by train and car. I might be a little superstitious here, but the prettiest sunrises always seem to come up on days that mark some kind of important change in my life. Sets the mood just right.


File: 1533370119126.png (507.64 KB, 500x750, 1531795112102.png)

Sunset/sunrise is usually the most calming time of the day too. the sky is so beautiful, so dense and vibrant. sunset/sunrise and night are my favorite times of day

File: 1529243123481.png (1.3 MB, 700x996, _Umareboshi ch00 p003.png)


Sup everyone. I'm a longtime on and off lurker and recovering hikki/NEET that's nearing thirty. Looking for advice or insights on my current situation, or just shared experiences…

I've started working recently and I don't know what to do to improve my current situation. It's a menial job at a restaurant and busy days can be pretty tough, I don't want to keep doing this forever, but I don't have much in the way of qualifications. Nor am I a very able person, I've been a NEET for more than 50% of my life and lacking in a lot of common life skills, partially due to Aspergers Syndrome and possible mild narcolepsy.

I was thinking of going to university but my track record regarding my educational career had been so poor I'm afraid to do so, also I feel I might be too old, and the thing I want to study hardly guarantees a successful career. At least I'm lucky to live in a country where education doesn't cost an arm and a leg, I can afford it without going into debt.

All I do these days is work, eat, sleep, play vidya and study a little Japanese. My shitty work schedule means I can hardly go out to meet my friends. I'm sorry for being incoherent, if you read my gibberish thank you. tldr; my life sucks mildly: what do?? Especially to people that managed to crawl out of their hell holes to improve their lives. How did you do it?
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If you move to some area with flourishing tourism, you could overwork yourself to the bone during the season as many people do and then live off that for the rest of the year.The job most people here turn to and one of the only ones where you can make a meaningful profit without investing too much is waiting tables / barrista, where you can make a pretty hefty profit off of tips alone in some places, but you can probably imagine how stressful it is, and it requires at least some semblance of social and motor skills. I couldn't stand it for more than a week even in a tiny restaurant. Expecting proficiency after 7 days of lifetime experience might be too much, but I'm still fairly certain that normal people aren't as clumsy or forgetful as I was. In short, I was pathetic. So choose with some thought.


File: 1532835535153.jpg (89.91 KB, 850x396, __original_drawn_by_mocha_….jpg)

I just to Maine. What you described fits most of the people there. Working on a boat is another seasonal job that requires less on the fly social interaction. Don't know much about the pay, but I heard it was good.


File: 1533153248737.jpg (437.01 KB, 1264x1800, 41e376e7-a8af-46af-9bfd-f3….jpg)

People are hell.
Working with people is hell.

The souschef just blew up at me again for??? Reasons I don't understand?? I have no idea what I did to get on his bad side. The boss is utterly confused about what is going on but we should be discussing it tomorrow. I'm tired of walking on eggshells when the souschef is here. Everyday I give it my best shot, and I understand that my 100‰ might look like someone else's 60‰, but I know that other people can see that I'm busting my ass off. It makes me sad, because I actually like the work and my coworkers, but it is not worth all the stress this is causing me. The souschef is an stubborn old guy and even if I explain about my disability tomorrow he is likely not going to change his mind about me :(


Does he treat everybody like that? How do the symptoms of your disability affect your behavior?


File: 1533236409742.png (202.16 KB, 963x882, f4307701-ef80-4fd8-9bf2-76….png)

Well, I don't want to get too much into it, but I may appear standoff ish or curt to some people. I get along fine with all off my other collagues however And yeah, he mostly seems to have it out for me. I try not to take it personal but I can't help but think he really detests me for being weird.

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