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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1522448957544.png (78.13 KB, 1348x673, Uboachan_-_2018.png)


Is anyone else having problems accessing /ynnd? The board bugs out for me like in the image and I can access any of the threads, it asks me to login to be able to view it. Is it supposed to be this way, or I’m blocked from the board, or is it a problem from my side?
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Accessing that works.


It may be worth mentioning that the same issue happens to every single board in the archive.


I thought the CSS bug was only happening in the archive. Anyway, how are you visiting these threads? If it's asking you to log in then that means you're being directed through the moderation interface which makes no sense. I'm having trouble reproducing this on my end.


I'm gonna come clean since this still seems to be a remaining problem in the archive. I deleted some spam bot posts, but instead of doing it through the regular mod interface, I typed in
which the questin mark is missing from. Maybe that caused this issue. I sorta fixed the problem by posting something in each affected board, and then deleting those posts in the regular mod interface on 3/30. I think it's only still a problem in the archive.


Op here. It doesn’t happen anymore. The boards and their threads were back to normal the next morning.

I think that might be what caused it. That day I did notice the only boards I could access were the ones that had something posted recently.

File: 1521910652425.gif (912.95 KB, 200x150, 5890214449_e60d48e49b_o.gif)


The cp problem is back. Probably should unlock the janitor thread.


I'm not so interested in Janitors who take over a week to apply, or who lost interest in applying while there was a dip in the spam, or who missed applications because they visit less than once a week, because they probably won't get anything done. Janitor applications are closed with the three who applied there. If those three don't work out or if they don't provide enough time-coverage, I will open the applications again. To be clear though, I just got my Internet service back so I haven't set up their accounts yet. I sent out the first instruction emails today.

File: 1520834672564.jpg (82.13 KB, 800x533, mg22630213.200-1_800.jpg)


Oh boy! CP Spam!

…Fuck! We were doing so well.

Looks like we got too active and the pedobots have been alerted to our presence. A volley of cp or other porno spam is appearing about once a day, usually posted specifically at times when staff in the US are asleep. The devious bastards! We also don't know if or when the spam posts will increase or decrease in frequency. That means it's time to hire a bunch of janitors again.

What we Need

We need several frequent (many times daily) Uboachan users in a variety of mostly non-American timezones (or with similar availability) who would like to become Janitors and help us keep Uboachan clean of spambot posts. Users in American timezones are still welcome to apply.

What Janitors Are

Janitors are otherwise ordinary users with special limited access to the site's administrative backend. Janitors have exactly one job, and that is to regularly check the recent posts page and Perma-ban & Delete spambot posts as they appear.

What Janitors Are NOT
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File: 1520875009319.jpg (11.83 KB, 400x300, 618749aa92378d10f735955e44….jpg)

During the winter I'm GMT 0 here, during the summer it's GMT -1. I'm available from 9AM to 1AM during workdays. On weekends I don't have a fixed schedule, but it is closely the same.
I've been here I believe since 2012. I'm not sure how many times I come here in a day. On a low day I visit Ubo at least 3 times, but if I need to janitor it, I'll add a tab to it on my phone and check on it a minimum once every hour.
I don't know how much help I can be, but I've been here for so long that I don't mind giving something back to Ubo. And lately, almost each time I come here, there is cp on recents so there wouldn't be much difference except that I would be able to take it out instead of just reporting it.
The only problem I have is that you ask to be present in the discord channel. I have social anxiety and talking to people online without the anon mask makes me really uncomfortable. I don't have any problems in being presente when you needed me, but the rest of the time I'm going to shy away from being participative. Sorry for that.


(is meta discussion allowed in this thread, or only application posts?)
Not sei, but the discord chat thing is probably in case either sei needs to contact you quickly or if you have any questions for him, so don't even worry about "talking" with people because that's irrelevant for being a janitor.


Thank you, that is good to know.


File: 1520883430118.png (555.88 KB, 800x653, __izayoi_sakuya_touhou_dra….png)

I'm mostly available from 2pm to 11 pm on weekdays, and really anytime during the weekends. I first visited early in 2014, but only started frequently posting in 2016. I check up on posts around every hour or so. Spam just annoys me. It puts me in a bad mood because of how it breaks the atmosphere. I don't like it when people are trying to sell me things in general. Literally every time I see a spambot or solicitor, I report them.


Seems like as soon as I call in the cavalry, the threat disappears. Oh well, it is better to have a janitor staff on hand in case they come back.

After about a week, only three people have expressed interest. I guess that means I'm hiring all of you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My home Internet is down right now because I'm totally broke, but I will try to get around to setting things up and sending out emails within the next week.

File: 1520536858633.png (672.11 KB, 800x450, d0l2rufwly4e4zeefqwx.png)


Making a new thread so that it starts on a new thought. Old thread still relevant >>3226

I'm resurrecting this idea for another round because of interest at >>>/o/4618

In booger's case, is it possible that the stalker got hold of her real name through a reverse image search due to the huge volume of cosplay and non-cosplay pictures she has posted here over several years? Surely those weren't all posted only on Uboachan. Isn't there some kind of guideline we could implement to warn people about cross-posting images that trace back to their IRL info?

If there are still cosplayers who want to post here, I'm worried they might just end up posting in /o/ or elsewhere instead. It might be better to have a board with some clear rules and warnings than have the photos just show up elsewhere on the site. I also don't want to tell interested cosplayers that they aren't allowed to post here.

Is it better to contain cosplayer activity to a single board, or to disallow it?
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are you implying we are a welcoming place when all of this is about cosplayers being called camwhores, being offended by slurs, getting creepy sexual comments and getting brazilian monkeys stalking them?


To be fair, that tends to happen everywhere.


Except not? I know cosplay communities outside imageboards, go say the word nigger or "catcall" a girl and you get banned, you know, an actual ban, not for decoration like here.


Ooooohhhh, so terrible. People can say NIGGER. Somebody has got to get the fbi on this. How horrible. It just breaks my heart. How anybody possibly say NIGGER? Don't people know that's offensive? Words hurt.
Seriously though, if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Allowing greater freedom of expression is not a bad thing. That freedom isn't worth ten thousand cosplayers.


Yeah ok it's a pretty clear "no."

File: 1506658782892.png (194.66 KB, 932x492, 1506658572_2017-09-28_1366….png)


If I were to shelve the current /cos/ and make a new board, what should I do differently so it doesn't turn out the same way?
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We are very sorry that this happened, it's disturbing.



I'm sorry that happened boogs.

It's too bad, but maybe this really isn't the safest place for cosplayers. /cos/ used to be pretty nice, but I don't know that I can do anything to dial back the maliciousness that's plaguing the site. It's been getting worse for the past few years. People probably just shouldn't be releasing personal info or pictures here.

>>3395 I thought you were replying to >>3394 for a second.


Nobody wished Booger-chan happy birthday except a BRBR creeper. Sad!

Happy birthday Booger-chan.


File: 1517783088252-0.jpg (87.85 KB, 1000x667, shutterstock_226355545.jpg)

File: 1517783088252-1.jpg (155.66 KB, 1200x1800, ultimate-birthday-cupcakes.jpg)

Whoops, almost forgot. Here's a cold shower and cupcake.


File: 1517783479684.png (221.03 KB, 700x736, gofield.png)


File: 1520125823351.png (94.4 KB, 839x673, 449B0769-BEA6-4D53-AB02-C3….png)


>mrw i wanna donate so badly but im too lazy to set up a paypal and even then i dont have much cash at all


Why did you make this thread. This is the sugg board, not ot. Please don't spam.


You seem to forget about the ‘Meta’ half.


Site help and moderation discussion does not include whatever this thread/blog post is supposed to be.


It is a little bloggy but also seems like it reasonably could kick off a meta discussion about ability/inability of users to donate. I don't think it's necessarily off-topic. Maybe I should clarify the board description.

File: 1519693973509.jpg (197.08 KB, 600x800, 2b51bc2238586df820642e56cc….jpg)


Just like how there isn't a board for every fangame, in the long term, yndd shouldn't have its own board. Potential discussion about the game will very quickly dry up. It's only a matter of time. Yndd is also a hot bed for cancerous new users. I think yndd needs to be annexed sometime in the near future.


I agree, but wait until it dies, otherwise the cancer will flood onto /yn/ and we definitely don't want that happening.

File: 1518225709036.png (948.77 KB, 1916x7821, statistics-uboachan-feb1-7.png)


Who wants to see some anonymous visitor statistics? This is from the first week of February.

I compiled these locally by scanning the server log files.
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that was pretty cool. Motherfucking Argentinos love this site apparently lol


According to writer, it's just me multiplied ten thousand times the sum of users saying the f word.


yeah it seemed like an odd country for an English-language board dedicated to a Japanese videojuego.


File: 1518314144771.jpeg (112.05 KB, 792x567, アルゼンチンは白人ばっかですよ.jpeg)

>top downloads
Oh wow, didn't think people would be interested in these. Maybe I should post the improved versions and see if I can make more arranges. Those two are early versions and sound like shit.

I probably visit ubuu around 20-40 times per day, so I'm pretty confident most of the traffic is mine. Most argies aren't interested in weeb and don't even know the difference between nippon and chinese.


Even so, you would probably need several persons doing the same to reach that number. It's really weird.

File: 1517170505588.png (366.81 KB, 580x730, spill.png)


Wow, what a new year.

We started off January with the server crashing and a downtime of several days while the OS was reinstalled and backups were restored. At the same time, Yume Nikki was re-released on Steam after all these years, with an "official" English translation. And to top it off, a few weeks later a new 3D game inspired by the original was announced, developed by a third party game development company allegedly under the supervision of Kikiyama themselves!

A result of this has been and probably will continue to be a huge boost of interest, injecting new life into the fandom, and bringing levels of activity to Uboachan not seen for some years. We may find that we are surrounded by a newer, younger fanbase which comes from a very different background than many of us. Please remember that you were new once too, and don't treat these new fans with contempt. The atmosphere of this place may change as the world changes around it, but it is fruitless to resent the flow of time. Whether or not the new material lives up to expectations, I think it's fantastic that a new generation can be introduced to a fandom we have enjoyed for over a decade, by the emergence of new content. And hopefully, we'll enjoy it too!

A few more changes have happened on the boards recently. A new board, /yndd/, was created for discussing the new "Yume Nikki - Dream Diary". The /cos/ board was annexed for the time being, and a new board with new rules will take its place this year. This will hopefully prevent the new board from becoming a creepy mess. There is now a dedicated section for download links on the sidebar. And lastly, the board software was updated; though it was mostly if not entirely a bugfix release, some of these fixes were sorely needed.

That's all for now. Happy birthday Uboachan, and happy new year!

- Seisatsu

Art by Moga


File: 1517173113519.png (1.91 MB, 1920x1080, meet the club.png)

it's certainly been a ride
i myself am excited to see the lifeblood of this community getting a renewal

happy birthday ubuu, keep on making theories on how madotsuki is depressed irl and how she's hiding from the spanish youtube inquisition


File: 1517177420197.jpg (239.33 KB, 660x794, 1369082837441.jpg)

Happy birthday!


File: 1517177928048.jpg (55.97 KB, 669x480, sei.jpg)

Happy birthday! Good work Sei!


File: 1517251621451.png (16 KB, 637x478, Minihell.png)

A year that starts with a bang. Let's enjoy this ride.

File: 1516670991370.png (9.39 KB, 1200x630, youve-been-hacked.png)


The default name in /yn/ should be Kikiyama instead of Anonymous.


That would get old quick. Maybe for april fools.


…why? Just because it's a Yume Nikki related name? Lurk more.


These reddit baits about hacking need to stop, it's not funny.


I mean, it's a little late for such an idea.

Although anything is better than 420chan's random stupid name generator.

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