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A major software upgrade has just been completed. Please report any issues to the administrator.

File: 1411829493868.png (38.15 KB, 1361x705, Untitled.png)


See Title
Using Chrome version 37.0.2062.124
on Windows 7.


Vichan wasn't entirely compatible with our version of PHP. I updated PHP and the bug is fixed.

File: 1411420286329.png (103.69 KB, 356x257, create3_09.png)


I suggest a staff member monitoring /2/ 24 hs to prevent another Cirno get interruption


File: 1411420542986.jpg (553.48 KB, 1000x1400, Cirno242.jpg)

I support this idea.


File: 1411422200095.png (215.58 KB, 480x600, nine.png)

I'll do my best since I'm the greatest

File: 1409596587665.png (6.76 KB, 88x84, gvhjbml;,kjkbnh.PNG)


Is it ok to protest bans?


If you believe that your ban is unjust and/or unreasonably long, you can email seisatsu at seisatsu@uboachan.net.
Please do not post about it on the boards.

File: 1407262855679.png (107.54 KB, 858x410, ewgkrhpdty.png)


What is a 'bumplock'?


Thread will not move up to the top of the page when posted in.




If threads are autosaged, is it the same as a bumplock?




File: 1409160044295.jpg (49.54 KB, 397x298, pc9801_03.jpg)


RIP best board, /comp/
You fuckers only had to post.


You others only had to post.
'Looking at the sheer lack of activity here (a couple posts every few months), I don't think this topic needs its own board here.'
but ;) for cleanup.

File: 1408215360529.jpg (759.6 KB, 1024x768, Penguins.jpg)


remember when we had facebook like buttons
i think we should that again
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/n/ is actually a circlejerk social drugfest, where being traumatized and getting high is 2deep4u and cool.
Agree with OP


File: 1408223517806.jpg (915.86 KB, 1920x1200, AG_1389846451522.jpg)


I wasn't even being ironic about whether is a bad idea or not…
I really agree with OP.

The ironic tone is aiming for something sightly different.


Don't you dare use yui's name in vain!


File: 1409022195616.jpg (762.53 KB, 1024x768, Koala.jpg)

the like buttons were so good though


File: 1409027065217.png (187.02 KB, 500x386, tumblr_n7t81oCfmV1r4o5sjo1….png)

Uhm, what's the point?

File: 1408031280125.png (38.14 KB, 695x461, Untitled.png)


I know Uboachan doesn't own the server, but Anyone else having this problem? If so, any news on why the server is down?


try getting a real irc client, might be working.


I remember reading yesterday night it would be gone for 30 minutes for maintenance.
It seems it lasted more than just 30 minutes.


Just tried it with hexchat and my phone, no dice. >>1891 is probably right

File: 1407688384659.png (1.69 KB, 260x22, 1365756703479865.PNG)



I'm getting fucking sick of this.


File: 1407690970942.png (177 KB, 289x320, neighbor.PNG)

Isn't this breaking rule 11 by now?


File: 1407691332150.png (366.82 KB, 669x587, ad0.png)


You're not banned on this site, if that's why you're posting this link to an off-site thread *again*. If you're the person who was banned on our site for five days, your ban expired. We here have no control over what other sites decide to do with you.

Posting a link to another board isn't a suggestion or asking for help with this board. If you need help with something, try to be clear about it.

Just skimming over the rules, you're in offense of:

Rule 9: Start a topic that is similar to an existing active topic. (which have been either been bumplocked or locked due to their nature)
Rule 10: Start a topic that's irrelevant to its board
Rule 11: Spam similar text, images, or threads. (Which we've had to delete the duplicate threads in irrelevant places more than once)
Rule 12: Advertise or spam links.

Please read the rules before posting.

File: 1407014784263.png (7.52 KB, 951x180, ccc.png)


This is my first week here so I'm not sure what should I do here but… some boards that are inactive should be removed.

And for some reason the stylesheet switcher at the bottom doesn't work all times for me.

Everything else is cool. Thanks!


>Some boards that are inactive should be removed.

Already discussed, the general idea was "don't touch them".
Remember /tori/ (Requiescat in pace).

>And for some reason the stylesheet switcher at the bottom doesn't work all times for me.

As far as I know Sei is working on this.


>Sei is working on this
lol no he's not


File: 1407029154457.png (153.9 KB, 353x438, Sei_presul is a sei clon p….png)




It's because everyone wanted the iframe navigation bar back when we switched to the new software that this is such a pain in the ass. Javascript across iframes is a nightmare. I'm avoiding fixing this because it's going to be a painful and retarded process.

And every time we update the software it tends to break again and I have to fix it a different way.

Just use the buttons near the top of the navbar iframe for now.

File: 1406940211973.jpg (1001.66 KB, 2303x3012, HP Sample 1 Cat.jpg)


i haven't been around since last year. when did we get a new stylesheet? i like it a lot.


One of our users made it a few months ago.

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