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File: 1532952697447.gif (25.31 KB, 703x800, 1445720184492.gif)


For best interest in the userbase's safety and privacy, could there be any way we adopt or at least *consider* IRC or XMPP? It's not unknown to people that Discord is running a data mining operation and doesn't really respect the user's privacy or freedoms. The problem with IRC was that users had no way of knowing what conversations ensued due to lack of backlog support. Implementing backlog support via a bot can solve this issue quite easily.

I'm not requesting or expecting anything, but I just thought it would be neat to plug the information out in the open for discussion.
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Yes, please. Use Matrix instead of Discord, at the very least.


I also would prefer Matrix, except that it's still pretty buggy. Even so, it's not a bad idea, but it'll only attract a small subset of users. I imagine actually that it'll attract a different subset than Discord, so I may consider putting up an Uboachan Matrix as a fun little experiment. Maybe it'll go somewhere.


If anyone's interested, here's Uboachan on Matrix.



hell yeah sei


are there any Matrix clients that aren't complete garbage?
Discord has only become bearable for me because of the existence of Ripcord, but it doesn't look like there is anything remotely comparable in terms of actual usability and completeness for Matrix.
Everything other than Quaternion listed on https://matrix.org/clients/ is either a terminal client, or has some awful sparse UI design and doesn't treat channels hierarchically.

File: 1615477290411.jpg (23.66 KB, 314x309, 272185-anime-and-manga-nya….jpg)


Hello. It's good to see that some of you are still here. Apologies for the very late birthday post; losing my laptop may be a decent excuse but honestly I am just a little bit worn out. My birthday is about a month before Uboachan's, and I turned 30 this time! And I have a full time job now. So, I guess feeling tired is unsurprising. But, on to the real news.

So, what happened since my last newspost? Well, Uboacraft has been back online for a while, so that's neat. The Dream World MUD got some major updates last year, so check that out if you haven't already. And, there were also a few new scanlations, though activity has tapered off for the last while. Discord remains our most active community by far, though mostly entirely separate from the board community. And, I am still the only active board staff member. Thankfully there hasn't been much trouble lately.

I guess the biggest thing has been the rules update. I'm glad that went over as smoothly as it did, and I regret not doing it years ago. My sticky in /sugg/ has more to say about that. Still, I feel like it's too little too late, and we lost a lot of good members early on that aren't going to come back. But, there's only so much you can gain by looking backwards, so I try not to think about it too much, and to just be happy with the choices I've made more recently.

Also! Sushichan is doing really well. We took in another imageboard that shut down last year, and there's actually a lot of activity. So, that's worth checking out if you like comfy spaces.

Until next year, friends!

- Seisatsu


File: 1615484328603.png (220.05 KB, 672x480, seisatsu.png)

Cheers Sei, there is still no evidence of Kikiyama actually endorsing Project Yume Nikki btw.


I'm glad this place is still here. Thank you for keeping the lights on.


im glad this forum is still here, cheers man


I'm eternally grateful to you for maintaining this site, it is truly one of a kind.


Congrats, man.

File: 1607714129528.png (1010.51 KB, 914x700, 663.PNG)


It's circlejerky and killed all of the activity on this site. But at the same time, I've been there about two times and everyone in it was kinda pretentious so maybe it acts as a good containment center. I wouldn't be surprised if this site barely reached over 200 posts this year and more than half of those posts were me, which is sad since 2020 was the year of staying indoors
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>Why is there even a discord?
Long ago, there was only IRC. One of the users left it and created a discord, and other users from the IRC joined. Eventually, IRC died and that server became quite big, and it transitioned from being semi-official to being official-ish when some admins were invited too. At least, that's what I know, I wasn't there and I don't want to have anything to do with it.


File: 1607800165511.jpeg (149.96 KB, 991x523, 5fb1e9fdb5326.jpeg)

Yes, do it! Do it! The IRC was dead and there were not many regulars for sure, but what we have for Discord server is a complete joke, I'm pretty sure most people there have no idea this site exists.

I'd rather have a dead community hub than this circlejerk full of people who start drama with one another every time their furry erotic roleplay doesn't go as expected.

It has nothing to do with Uboachan and never will.


lmao maidnut


File: 1609219409080.jpg (35.91 KB, 623x350, oiPpuexOXWqGtuE-800x450-no….jpg)

You know, I could do the same, I make an uboachan facebook group, I fill it with my normie friends, then I go tell Sei it's the new official ubuu chat, I make him join and endorse it to later realize I have more power than him, he will show no resistance, he never does.


File: 1609261995382.png (416.56 KB, 544x565, difficult situation.png)

Jokes on you, there was already a facebook group back in 2013 or something lol

File: 1602685891002.gif (70.32 KB, 296x335, a6e552c86bc0a2974ab762ddda….gif)


I noticed that various threads on /ot/ have autosage. Why?


Nevermind. I noticed that threads don't bump correctly on the catalog. Threads bump normally on the index view.

File: 1589380789185.png (8.73 KB, 715x36, picrelated.png)


It would be nice to be able to download files with the source filename (rather than the timestamp). This is especially convenient for music files, whose names (e.g. artist - album - title) tend to be long enough to be partially elided.
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I believe NPFChan has this feature by default, or at the very least as a one-click install. Have you considered upgrading?


I was actually planning to upgrade to Lainchan's variant at some point.


You should upgrade to Cchan's premium software:)


File: 1594753773696.jpg (47.71 KB, 1280x720, sickburn.jpg)

I might humor you for a moment if I could even find "Cchan" on the first page of a Google or GitHub search.


File: 1594763438389.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1080, thismeanswar.png)

We operate in secret as to confound plebians

File: 1411406749432.png (27.14 KB, 1024x443, bug.png)


I thought it would be good to have this thread, because users then will be able to post any bugs they find and report them easily.
Right now I found this problem with banners (pic related). I don't know whether it is a general bug or browser-specified one. I checked all the boards and it seems to be present in all of them.
I'm using Firefox btw.
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I changed a server configuration a few weeks ago that might have actually fixed this.



yeah that happened when we migrated ubuu a few years ago.



Weird, I didn't know about this.



File: 1550430233081.png (4.66 KB, 356x502, fcm001all.png)


As many probably know, there is a bug in English Yume Nikki:
You have already all effects found and you go to the place known as FC world and the game crashes and oh no what now.

As the wiki says:
> In some English translations of Yume Nikki, the game may crash when entering an FC world with all effects
But it's not just "some translation",
The bug is actually present in the version which can be downloaded here, from the Uboachan.

Everyone who downloads the game from here will have to fix this by themself.

My suggestion is:
Why not fix this once and upload the fixed version here, to replace the current one?
This way everyone who will download the game will have this problem already solved.

Actually, when I found out about this bug (not much later after I found out about this game) I was surprised that nobody did this yet,
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Well, technically, Marisa is a name in spanish too. In fact, I was surprised when I saw her name written with kanji instead of kana.


I think Marisa's portable edition of Yume Nikki fixed this problem: https://mega.nz/#!QJtGCbqa!qTpWVlsyXAPf63lAtkWQQqTbBNu1QQtoabWwqyggFf4

(Speaking of which, I wonder if it'd be a good idea to host their version as well?)


File: 1551563819148.jpg (932.28 KB, 1920x1200, 1369856241090.jpg)

It's already hosted in /media/ or somewhere in the archives, it's just a matter of linking it in the sidebar




I've made a portable version of the original, Japanese version of Yume Nikki v0.1, that includes the bugfix patch on Kikiyama's site, and doesn't need the RTP to be run. Would you consider hosting a copy of my repack on this site?


File: 1567529111266.png (110.44 KB, 250x251, 1fff20af96058ad5f8a83e8413….png)


What's up ubuus? I have a little suggestion for your site and I figured this board would be the best place to share it.

What would you say to a /4chon/ board for the /4chon/ users who don't have a board to post on?

I personally think it's a good idea and that you should do it. What do you think? All opinions welcome.


File: 1567533371395.jpg (26.37 KB, 380x253, ikumi with a shotgun.jpg)

No, this community has nothing to do with them and they should go away as soon as possible.
Have a nice day.

File: 1545695132565.png (21.98 KB, 1300x648, 403forbidden.png)


Why do I get this error every time I try to access one of the boards on the Uboachan archive?


Oh, I guess I broke it during the server migration. I'll have to take a look at that.


I'll post this in here to avoid making an unnecessary thread and because the Uboaru is accessed from the archive. The first page and a half of yume.booru.org is filled with unsightly 3D posts that have no context towards Yume Nikki as far as I can tell from the thumbnails.

Thank you for looking into this and for your efforts to archive Uboachan.


Thanks for pointing that out.
I removed the 3d posts. I wish I could remember my creds for the admin account on the site though.

File: 1557462472798.jpg (135.9 KB, 993x805, 614fd47d328763d1141c760f0e….jpg)


Is there anyway to get a revival of the "community ad thread" that's linked to on the rules page? I went to follow it and got a 404. There is another site I would like to "plug" so to speak as I know multiple people that post on there. post here and on sushigirl. I would do it in /ot/ but it doesn't feel like it would fit with everything else going on there.


The thread was moved to >>>/trash/511
Most people there just practiced hit and run advertising, so after some discussion sei gave the greenlight to /trash/ it and archive it.
>There is another site I would like to "plug" so to speak as I know multiple people that post on there. post here and on sushigirl.
You can always do that in existing threads about what sites anons browse like >>>/ot/16099 or start one yourself as long as isn't a discord link advertising graveyard.


After some consideration I decided to sticky a new ad thread on /ot/. Posts in this new thread do not show up in recent posts on the front page – you have to go looking for them. I think this is a good middle ground between having a disruptive ad thread and not having one at all.

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