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Now don't go jumping to conclusions when you read the subject. I've noticed that whenever a theory thread is/was made on /t/ concerning a fangame, it gets/got moved to /fg/. But /fg/ is mainly for American fangames in progress nowadays, or for programming/running help, or for "DERP WHERE DO I DOWNLOAD THIS" threads.

Basically, what I'm getting at is…what if we made an "/ft/" for fangame theories?
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Neta Dream is actually a parody of all the YN fangames, making fun of the major cliches present in basically all fangames, be it Japanese or western.

It's overlooked because it contains a lots of text, and not many people speak Japanese here. I'm working on an englisht translation, by the way, but it goes slowly because I have many other things to do.



* english translation

(Yay for that damned edit button.)


Hey, hey, you wanna know what I think?

You're all a bunch of retards fighting over a suggestion.




File: 1330503946090.jpg (73.25 KB, 564x705, hnnng.jpg)


Suggestion: KyuuKyuu-kun board. Honestly, I think KyuuKyuu-kun is pretty popular. Unless I've got mixed information, wouldn't he probably be atleast as popular as the Toriningen? And they have their own board.
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I think /QQ/ or /99/ would work better.


The current topic of /wild/ is now /QQ/, guys. So all Kyuu-kyuu-kun lovers head over there; while it lasts.


I get QQ, but why 99?


99 = kyu kyu


Ahhh, I forgot. I have been trying to learn counting in Japanese, but wiofewiw it's confusing.

File: 1332847871571.jpeg (70.13 KB, 768x1024, Jellie1329029172.jpeg)


Pic unrelated.
Anyways, I was just wondering why some threads don't go back to the front page of the board/the top of the board when they get new posts. Like, I could understand if it's really inactive or short or stupid or something, but for example, the .Flow theory thread, which has tons of posts, wasn't brought to the top last time I posted in it. Just wondering why since people would get replies faster and stuff if this didn't happen.


I think it hit the bump limit.



.flow's theory thread certainly does fill the "stupid" prerequisite though

Either way, here's where the mechanics are explained http://uboachan.net/sugg/res/533.html#559

Just scroll down to the
bottom of the document at http://pastie.org/private/3x9tktr3yithzjllmbg8qw to read the specifics of the modsage feature


Confirmed that the thread isn't modsage'd. Current bumplock limit is set to 250 replies, which the .Flow theories thread has exceeded.


What about Pipi thread?
I can't see it at all now.
The only way I can see it is if I go through a link in the newsfeed or a direct link or something, I can't even see it in older pages right now.


After waiting a few hours, I am now able to view Pipi thread.

File: 1332110489750.png (113.76 KB, 600x477, YNY2.F.png)


I was thinking…
An anon on another thread said "I really feel like the Off-topic and Meta boards already are making the Yume Nikki-related boards inactive, I feel like a NSFW board would just make them dead, basically."

Well, why doesn't someone make 2kkichan or Flowchan? And…uh…YNFGchan? (Yume Nikki Fangames) Whatever.

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>implying renewal fees aren't cheaper than registration fees



No, the registration and renewal fees are the same price, and subdomains are free. Domains are dirt cheap everywhere unless you run into a scam registrar.

Now let's get back on topic before we derail this thread any further. I may make an fg.uboachan.net for fangame projects. However, I will never follow MsWoot's suggestion and split the site into multiple imageboards. That's a really terrible idea and it would kill Uboachan instantly, I guarantee it.


File: 1332417771686.jpg (25.18 KB, 389x419, 1325810858321.jpg)


If we move the Metaboards onto a new chan, won't a lot of people just go to that new chan and stop posting on Uboachan?



Well, that wouldn't happen, 'cause…uh…


And so the sad, sad and already known truth comes out. I'm starting to think even having ONE chan for it is a bad idea.

File: 1332528850172.gif (126.96 KB, 801x602, show.GIF)


Anyway we can turn off Hentai/NSFW from the News feed? When ever somebody image-dumps, it just floods the news feed and is disruptive.
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:< I'm sorry. I can stop the image dumps if it bothers you that much.



I agree, but I'm not sure how to do that. I'll ask STI.

Actually, what if we just disabled the feed for posts with no text?



It's not an awful idea, but there are image-only responses too, as is customary of imageboards


File: 1332623764607.png (55.61 KB, 180x300, 1329240245924.png)

Dumps on an H board are pretty much what makes an H board an H board.
:j don't worry about it.

I love the News Feed though, if I didn't, then I wouldn't be bothered by the spamming. So please don't disable the news feed over all, I use it for fast check overs of the sight, to see if anything of relevance was posted recently.


I don't want the image-only posts to be turned off of the newsfeed too. I don't even go on the Hentai board though, so, it's kind of annoying when the newsfeed is spammed with it. I say either the turn off the picture newsfeed for Hentai or overall the newsfeed for Hentai.

File: 1332113056245.png (45.39 KB, 1364x368, taskete.png)


I'm getting this message everytime i try and upload something onto my /o/ thread.


I was upgrading the site. Try again.

File: 1331973831695.jpg (348.5 KB, 781x750, 1326509108195.jpg)


My posts seem to be disappearing completely. They post normally, but the moment I switch to a different board and come back they're gone. Sometimes they reappear, but most of the time they never see the light of day. So yeah. Is anyone else having this issue, and if so can anyone offer a solution?



Have you tried reloading after posting? Sometimes my browser doesn't show my posts (or any recent changes for that matter) until I reload the page


Try restarting your browser or right clicking and reloading the frame. You can also try removing frames and reloading the page.

Our caching still doesn't always work properly. I need to try fixing it again.


Yeah, the same thing happens to me too sometimes, when I'm using my computer (which I'm not using right now).


File: 1332014824967.png (278.55 KB, 580x660, 16669424_p3.png)

Cleared cookies and cache, restarted browser, fix'd.

File: 1331711891042.jpg (36.4 KB, 360x396, 132901790446.jpg)


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This is a constructive thread.


I suggest that we sticky this thread. :3




File: 1332108158555.jpg (60.44 KB, 500x500, 2011060221444573.jpg)

<3 .yllautneve ti teg ll'uoY !emit txen redrah tib a yrT .thgir ti gniod ton er'uoy ,oN



File: 1331224338299.png (6 KB, 300x300, 126962314838.png)


.ƨʞɔuƨ yllɒɘɿ ƚi bnɒ ,yƚilidɒƨib ɘuɿƚ ɒ ƨ'ƚI …nɒɘm I ,ƨbɿɒwʞɔɒᙠ ǫniʞɒɘqƨ qoƚƨ ƚonnɒɔ oʜw ɘlqoɘq ɿoʇ bɒɿɘʜƚ ɒ ɘvɒʜ bluoʜƨ ɘW
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p.s. /fg/ is SHIT you heard it here first. :(


Other than the fucking retarded fangame tier thread and the occasional troll, I fail to see how /fg/ is shit.


Sit down. Play a good fangame like Hell Diary or Dream Graffiti or Umbra. /fg/ is only shit if you make a whole big pile of shitty fangames and post them there.


File: 1331580569166.png (76.53 KB, 302x302, error500.png)

.gnihtemos ro /to/ ni ti tup ebyam ,hguoht esoht fo eno ekam dluohs ew kniht I .daerht tseb eht si daerht hcihw tuoba daerht a ton ,daerht gnipyt sdrawkcab a teg ot gniyrt tuoba daerht a si sihT !NWOD MLAC ,SYUG WOW ,WOW


.daerht tseb eht saw daerht sdrawkcab ediced dluow yeht, daerht tseb eht saw daerht hcihw tuo dnif ot daerht a edam yeht fI

File: 1328601544261.jpg (858.75 KB, 1000x782, 1254277611190.jpg)


I'm starting this thread to inquire this website's staff regarding a recent bout of post deletions that happened for no visible reason. Affected threads include:


I do not currently know about any other affected threads, so if anyone else does please post them here as well

This message has been saved to a text file, in case this is the work of a rogue moderator and said moderator deletes this topic
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Yeah we adults are so fucking insensitive for having nsfw material on an 18+, nsfw website. And obviously it's our fault if people are browsing nsfw websites in a public location and are busted

Damn those insensitive porn websites, I wanted to browse them in my university but they keep showing all these images of naked people :(


Way to miss the point. Is Uboachan a porn site? No. It's supposed to be a community for YN fans. All I'm saying is, you guys are being kinda douchey about it all, since it hardly effects you. It doesn't affect me, personally, but I don't see the point in or enjoy making people's lives harder for virtually no reason.

But no, you're right… whats wrong with me? Considering other people! Pshh. Honestly guys, just because you're on the internet doesn't mean you should be blatantly selfish.



Way to miss the point. Is Uboachan an 18+, NSFW site? Yes. (Oh crap, that did NOT go the way you had planned)

I also like how you're saying we should take further measures to accommodate for people who shouldn't even be here in the first place

Keywords are 18+, NSFW. Learn them. That's the kind of website Uboachan is. And just in case you were in a bomb shelter for the past few weeks, the community has spoken regarding this issue. And you know what? It said that it wouldn't have Uboachan any other way


Uboachan is an imageboard for Yume Nikki.


According to a part in the rules page, it's more like a chat amongst people who have enjoyed something about Yume Nikki. Otherwise, it's basically just a place to chat.

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