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Make sure to pull and configure the latest vichan commits. images are OCR'd (optical character recognition) so you can make it block those cp spam images super easily.
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File: 1465661013769.jpg (517.49 KB, 850x570, sushi after snow.jpg)

>sei is managing sushi
Rip in pieces. When are we having sushi snow?


tfw Sei is loved and appreciated in Sushi.


File: 1465663900126.png (2.14 MB, 1065x810, 3d2d06cae31f9f0a7bf4611497….png)

It's because they don't know yet.
They will understand in December.


To the best of my ability, both sites will always have the latest and greatest vichan.


File: 1465679571264.png (9.37 KB, 605x74, fixed.png)

That's our Sei.

File: 1461774450987.png (39.91 KB, 800x815, 1461485324137.png)


vichan 5.0.0

Now available, a security update for how passwords are hashed/salted. Alot of talk in metachan channel @rizon because czaks seemed complacent and got shit talked alot about security until he put this update out.

Any plans on updating? Or migrating to something like lynx?
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File: 1462849566013.webm (503.28 KB, 320x240, Nuclear Alarm.webm)

BGS of this thread.


File: 1462849764336.jpg (86.86 KB, 660x498, apocalypse.jpg)



Rest in fucking pieces.


File: 1462862735913.jpg (23.98 KB, 550x410, 8421-justasweaboo.jpg)


File: 1463067376116.gif (943.18 KB, 540x230, seiupdate2.gif)

File: 1459203443275.png (718.46 KB, 1024x907, corrupted_school_by_raimei….png)


How come there is no .flow board anymore seeing as how a lot of fans consider it the true sequel to Yume Nikki (Don't start a fight whether it is or not save that for the /fg/ board c:)
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If you want to ban me go ahead but I assume being of age makes me allowed to be here but who knows.


I'm an extremely paranoid person sorry about that lol


File: 1459630373002.jpg (17.8 KB, 472x350, NEW SHOES.jpg)

if ubuu banned every underage poster
how many do you think would be left


File: 1459630847177.jpg (44.81 KB, 480x346, aosora_38912093_480mw_p1.jpg)

The staff, the secret staff, and another 6 users.


Or as dogs. I raged against both, but that's over too.
I checked the rules and Neko was one of them to breach 1, however I spoke to Mannosuke for the original thread but there was no response.
There's more of us coming to think of it.

File: 1456140710085.jpg (340.65 KB, 640x359, 1455336546239.jpg)


So we removed and combined boards, and while I agree less is more in this case, what if we came up with one or two new boards? If we did, what could they be?
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File: 1457587739028.png (91.57 KB, 197x191, 1447483931001.png)

Holy shit, who the fuck is managing the seisatsu clone series since I left?


Thanks, I checked the rules (2, 3, & 11) on the site, so that shouldn't be a problem either.

/h/ wasn't annexed but merged into /o/, I think.

There are some 'hidden' boards within the site, like the 'corey' board… I spoke to Presul about this before he retired ;)


File: 1457641451854.png (280.95 KB, 600x450, mister.png)


delete /hikki/


File: 1459518789282.png (215.17 KB, 540x314, touhouhj.png)

>Not melons

File: 1454891643158.jpg (27.14 KB, 406x425, blue_arrows_268677.jpg)


Want a thread moved to another board? Link it here.


It would be nice if the removed content thread from /2kki/ could be moved to /fg/.


https://uboachan.net/fg/res/11319.html Here it is but it's several pages down because it's older than other posts on /fg/.


Please move this somewhere.




should probably be in /og/ or /ig/ or whatever fucking garbage system you're running here nowadays

File: 1446334933252.png (347.64 KB, 566x800, c28d40feaff4d394c7d519bcbc….png)


So, upon further investigation, it turns out that the spam bots are using countermeasures to thwart the less intensive anti-spam measures we could use. Unfortunately this means that there is no easy solution. Currently I can see three possible remedies.

1) Use captchas. (Once-a-day captchas are a feature that is specific to 8chan and I don't know if we can implement them.)

2) Use an automated spam-detection service like Akismet. The con here is that we'd have to share every post's content with Akismet's servers in order to check it for spam, including the user's IP address.

3) Hire a ridiculous number of Janitors and try to manage them all.

Word/phrase filters are impossible because the bots are too smart. Any comments or alternative suggestions are welcome.
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I just cleaned a wave and I haven't been here in a few months so I got no idea how often its been. Just noticed that it was a lot easier to clean than it used to be


File: 1456589144000.jpg (54.38 KB, 480x360, smug37.jpg)

>We haven't had spam in a good while.
See Sei?


spam came back because i decided to go give gardening advice in /hikki at 12AM on a thursday
look what i've done


Yeah the spam still happens several times a week, up to once a day. But, it hasn't been a problem since Jove made the IRC bot. Every time someone makes a post on the boards, the bot gives us a summary right away in the moderation channel. The spam posts are pretty obvious, and we have someone watching just about all the time, so we usually catch and stop new waves in their tracks in a couple minutes or less nowadays before anyone is likely to see them. For the most part it's put the issue to rest, though it would be great if the spambot would go away for good.


As a simpler solution to an IRC bot (I spoke to you on IRC about spamming like a week ago), I enabled the RSS theme on my board and installed an RSS client on my PC to show new posts.

Word filters are pretty useless since the bots adjust. Good thing is that they always post a generic message, so I can tell when a post is probably a spambot, click the rss popup and immediately D+B.

File: 1456848893209.jpg (53.37 KB, 500x705, 20090809203516f13.jpg)


Could we please address the rampant namefagging / borderling camwhoring infesting /cos/? It's not what chans are for.


I take it you've never lurked 4chan's /cgl/


Yes using the name field and trip codes, features clearly provided by any given imageboard, thus intended for use, as well people posting original content, is definitely not what imageboards are about.

They probably just wants to be recognized for their work an opinions because she knows people here want more of them. Cosplaying is exactly what people like for instance, Booger or Morgan, come here to do, because it's the only place Yume Nikki cosplayers can successfully congregate. So what if they want the attention they get for it in the one place they can get recognized for their work?

You're probably just jealous and honestly they're just seeking attention for their art, you're just seeking attention for the sake of it. If you don't like it lurk on another part of the site.

Cosplaying is a thing and people enjoy it, walk into any anime con and see.



Now that's a well constructed argument - not. Funny though, it's been a while since I met an online 12 year old whiteknight. You won't get any from them, sorry.


Just because a behavior is widespread doesn't mean it's good or that I should take it supine.


You know what's really stupid about this thread?

/cos/ is a fucking cosplay board. What did you expect? People to NOT show off their cosplay? This thread is pointless and doesn't need to be a topic of discussion, end of story.

File: 1455940401592.gif (1.13 MB, 457x268, c1ec90d6fd8ec5147dee66618c….gif)


I fixed the contrast on the main theme. Tell me I'm blind and that it sucks.


Also I made a new wip theme with transparency, pls report color fuckups and bugs.


File: 1455941239962.png (19.98 KB, 301x446, raymoo.png)

It sucks, you're fucking blind.

Also, your theme isn't covering the news frontpage, rules/FAQ/annex and mod login. I had the same problems when making r/z.


Yeah I think there's a special frontpage theme for everything but I haven't looked into it yet. I'm just going to hold off until I get the new frontpage done so I can fix that problem forever on every new theme.


File: 1455952738151.png (1002.93 KB, 900x600, vagynasquirtasplode.png)

yeah its hard to see


Umm, make sure you're using uboachan gray instead of classic, unless you're talking about the new spacemaid theme. I still need to do some work on spacemaid but it should be viewable for the most part.

File: 1454331286982.png (10.65 KB, 215x212, logo.png)


Have you considered using lynxchan?
It is much faster and got more features than vichan and there are already some pretty good front-ends, like the one over http://endchan.xyz and http://penumbra.network


Thank you, but we're already developing our own in-house solution.

File: 1454650968562.png (38.32 KB, 600x468, e75_1.png)


Original Thread: >>2690
(Please read the original thread first.)

Based on feedback in the first thread, here is the second draft for the board restructuring. At the conclusion of this thread, we will begin implementing changes.

Yume Nikki:
/yn/ - YN General
/c/ - Characters
/fg/ - Fangames
/yume/ - Dreams

Arts & Entertainment:
/o/ - Oekaki / Art
/co/ - Comics / Cartoons / Anime
/cos/ - Cosplay / Conventions
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I've begun by consolidating navigation. See the "Annex" link in the top sidebar category.


File: 1454876053868.jpg (11.92 KB, 302x202, restructuring.jpg)

As stated above, /h/ will be completely annihilated. I will also be cleaning out some hidden boards you've never heard of that existed at various times for long-past purposes, because having less boards speeds up some functions of the software and makes the moderation interface way less messy for the staff. Don't worry, most of the for-fun hidden boards will stay where they are.

A full site backup was made yesterday, so if anyone wants a copy of something after I've deleted it they can email me. The board restructuring will begin in just a few hours now. If you have any game-changing suggestions make them quick.


It's done. Little details will be smoothed out over the next few days.


File: 1454891737580.jpg (23.68 KB, 301x267, anime thumbs up.jpg)

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