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File: 1318197598688.png (6.61 KB, 144x144, 1317178721232.png)


Is there a way to change the colourscheme to futuba lke on the old uboachan? Black on dark grey is hard to read.
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Any plans to make it so the style switcher's available even when the sidebar's gone? I don't think people who dislike the sidebar should be forced to use Uboachan Classic.


…What the fuck?

That's actually a bug. I'll look into it.





Man, that was quick.

Looks to be fine on my end, so thanks.


Thanks for the help.

You need a site style that just puts a giant uboa in the middle of the screen. :)

File: 1318007582168.gif (3.85 KB, 120x93, please-respond.gif)


Hey guys, what about that edit button, Eh?
Can we have one?
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We'll probably have an edit button in 2-3 months.


Snufkin is not amused one bit, but would like to hear you out first. Why would it take so long to add an edit button? That was one of the best things of the old boards.


We're using Tinyboard. This is the developer's feature schedule: http://tinyboard.org/wiki/index.php?title=TODO

The only way it'll get done earlier is if I can make him bump the edit feature into 0.9.4, or if I do it myself.


That's not to say neither of those things will happen. We could have the edit feature in a couple weeks. I don't know how it will play out.


:( alright, Snufkin will just make sure he thinks about his posts carefully before posting.

File: 1316977159883.gif (2.62 MB, 272x200, 1313649224543.gif)


Wallpaper board? Please?
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The inactivity is probably because there aren't many YN wallpapers out there like you said. I saw a wallpaper thread on /seccom/ though.


uboaru should have wallpapers


File: 1317154644153.png (224.21 KB, 336x342, 1312293700662.png)


Does every board really need to be active? There was a huge thread on /yn/ with awesome wallpapers, but I can't find it anymore..

A wallpaper board would serve much more as a repository I think..

Anyway, worst case scenario they could just create a Wallpaper General board and have a Yume Nikki themed wallpapers thread on it anyway.



Usually I would say yes, a board needs to be active. Otherwise what's the point of having it?

Repositories can be cool though.


File: 1317255901332.jpg (28.34 KB, 500x333, reggie_i_dunno.jpg)

Currently we want to use Uboaru for wallpapers, since it has tagging and whatnot, wallpapers are kind of a unique thing like that.But you can also just use /ot/ and /yn/ for a wallpaper thread or something. I dunno, I -really-, don't see much point in having an entire board for it.

File: 1316788955208.bmp (900.05 KB, 640x480, z.bmp)


>Thread stickying
>Spoiler images

Add 'em.
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Rozen isn't responsible for the new software, I am.

Empty replies are enabled in the settings and should be allowed. I'm coordinating with the developer right now to find out if this is a bug.


File: 1316932894734.png (1.59 KB, 124x18, bugfixtest.png)


File: 1316966796740.jpg (7.53 KB, 230x251, face13.jpg)

Thank ye.


What even is image stickying.


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