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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1323114919387.png (121.68 KB, 473x289, skrillexdeadmau5waifu.PNG)


Im suggesting more Skrillex and Deadmau5 to this site please.

( /skr/ and /mau5/ would be nice. )

Ty in advance.
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At first I lol'd, but then I serious'd but then I lol'd again.


Ice cube shares my birthday.


File: 1325775389118.jpg (28.03 KB, 450x337, ice-cube-omg.jpg)

Seconding this. There's plenty Cube fans on here and a board about him would be great.


File: 1325896666714.jpg (155.34 KB, 1024x768, nickelback-7016.jpg)

We NEED a nickleback board plz ^_- X D


bumping for /cube/

File: 1326854988988.jpg (295.63 KB, 800x684, Awww.jpg)


^ We need one. For the stupid questions like "What are those little check-mark box thingys next to everybody's names?" and so on. Because if there's not, people will make topics like this because there to afraid to ask them anywhere else.

Sorry. (Also, yeah. We really do need one.)


There was actually a thread similar to this already (which, in all honesty, was made by me when I was an Anon-ass).
Your asking better than I did though.

Check out the Ponychan FAQ
Most of the stuff there applies to Uboachan/MostLikelyAnyChan; the mark-up is different though (it's told in Uboachan's FAQ though).



Why thank you, kind sir. (…Ma'am?)


You're right, I suppose it's time I expand the FAQ, or make a guide page.

File: 1323857316401.jpg (17.9 KB, 400x311, 1310716999400.jpg)


I'm dropping in to see how everyone is doing! It's been a pretty long time since I've checked in on the site, since I'm busy all the time, so here's a thread to ask you guys all what's up! How are things going lately?
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It's just that that's EVERY theory.


Oh boy, now I'm starting to get a little interested. I wonder if there's a theory that says Madotsuki is a pro wrestler where everything in her dreams represent former rivalries, devastating finishing manoeuvres, and her career ending injury.
Don't tell me people come up with outlandish theories like THAT. O_o


when they troll or make fun of trolls or "idiots" for the umpteenth time, they post those. yes.



just sayin' that the image is awesome.


I agree. (*_*)
Maybe someone should fan-art it.

File: 1320600272803.png (5.62 KB, 428x306, too long.png)


That was half the size of some things I posted on the old Uboachan!
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Is it possible to increase the character limit any more?

I think we really need it. Just look at my latest thread: http://uboachan.net/lit/res/115.html

I needed FOUR posts to get that, and I even got a "Flood detected; post discarded" error message once.

Something needs to change.


The max post size is now 5000 characters. I don't feel comfortable increasing it any more.



If I may ask, what is the reason you do not want to increase the size any more?


If I set the allowed size too high a weaponized spam bot could cause extreme damage.


fuckin' bots.

File: 1321541650557.jpg (29.67 KB, 598x444, 1320967399704.jpg)


Would you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the default theme text color to grey/light grey?

Dark grey with black text is awful to read.. I usually change the theme but most of the times I'm using the default theme. I even like it, it would just be a little better if I didn't have to force my eyes to read things..
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File: 1322195270940.png (51.78 KB, 357x467, neimu.PNG)


It's unfortunate that you're considering changing the text. I actually had no problem ever reading anything, and I liked the darkness because it didn't hurt my eyes like some other websites.

I guess I can deal with it if you do change it, though.


I feel the same way. I really don't know what to do. There's nothing actually wrong with the colors themselves, the problem is that whether the colors look ok or not depends on the monitor they're viewed from.



While the difference in color presentation between monitors may make a difference, I think the disparity of opinion is mostly due to preference, honestly.

Why not make a 4th style, where it's basically the same as Uboachan classic, besides the text being something like a very light gray, or white?

Also, it may be a good idea to make the default theme either be this new Uboachan theme with lighter text, or one of the other themes like Yotsuba B or Yotsuba, since I think most people have an easier time reading things when the text and background are strikingly different colors.


I asked this before but is it possibl to submit themes? I'd love to make some. Is what you posted earlier with the CSS something I can edit and submit to you seisatsu?


Absolutely. Email new themes to seisatsu[AT]omegasdg[DOT]com, and I'll try to work them into the site.

File: 1322990461031.jpg (13.41 KB, 320x216, HNI_0051_JPG.JPG)


This isn't really a suggestion, but what is that thing at the bottom of the page that says "Debug" followed by a LOT of text?
I get the feeling it's not supposed to be there.


I don't see that debug thing anymore, so I guess there's no problem.

File: 1322086082733.png (531.24 KB, 630x466, pop is such a slut.PNG)


>4 locked threads
>2 stickies
>only 4 pages
What the fuck is up with these mods? Did you scrape these idiots off of 7chan or Gaia? It looks like a fucking vBulletin forum.

Seisatsu's newfag mods are confirmed for the worst thing to ever happen to Uboachan.


That was a mod from the old uboachan, but you can continue to be an asshat anyway.

the threads were locked because they were technical difficulties thread, for which a thread already exists and all of them were redirected to such.

move along.

File: 1320432709231.png (367 B, 24x32, 325470.png)


We DESPERATELY need it, Sei!



This has been discussed multiple times within the past couple weeks, idk where so I can't link any threads. We're waiting on the board software to be updated before we get an edit button.

It's coming.


Let's send them death threats to update it faster :D


This was actually even discussed in another thread, right here on this board.

it was the first thread second page.


File: 1319910828427.png (88.31 KB, 557x417, mahboa.png)


Whatever happened to that Uboachan blog idea? Did not enough people offer to help?


It's still in the works. As far as I know, tsuki/hirasawayui wants to either use wordpress or wait for Poniko's Basement .

Wordpress link here: http://uboachan.wordpress.com/
I think tsuki has contact information on it if you want to ask her directly about it.

Otherwise if it's being put in with the basement (which is going to be a huge amalgamation of YN related things), you'll have to wait a bit for it. I'm maybe a fifth of the way through coding it, and there's still quite a bit left to go!

Also we haven't taken applications for it yet either so idk.


And, by the way, I am loving that image.

File: 1319600008759.png (25.32 KB, 150x114, avatar_1_1295853919.png)


I've just pruned a few > 4 weeks inactive mods, and we have almost nobody left. So, it's time to bring in some new mod team members.

If you'd like to mod Uboachan, please answer the questions below. I will skip qualifications and choose whoever I like the most. Just kidding. Probably.

Please note that if you don't regular on IRC, you almost certainly won't be chosen. Half of the community happens there, and we don't want a bunch of half-users modding the site.

* What is your tripname on the boards, if any?

* What is your nickname on the Uboachan IRC channel?

* How often are you on the Uboachan IRC channel?

* How long have you been visiting Uboachan?

* How often do you browse Uboachan?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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* What is your tripname on the boards, if any?
I just use the tongue-in-cheek Tripfagging for now, will change soon.

* What is your nickname on the Uboachan IRC channel?

* How often are you on the Uboachan IRC channel?
Every day or so

* How long have you been visiting Uboachan?
Over 2 years now

* How often do you browse Uboachan?
Every day. Yup. Mostly /fg/ and related boards.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1319810986725.jpg (20.09 KB, 364x344, 1319728636267.jpg)

The boards pretty much became infantile with the new shift, for some reason. Uboa has been busier than this and will probably end up getting that way again. An ounce of preparation, etc.

And honestly, the IRC doesn't have anything to do with modding skills. I understand better now where you were coming from on the PR bit, now. But the thing is, Seisatsu isn't asking for moderation skills. That isn't anywhere in the application, otherwise I'd agree with the fact that the IRC point is irrelevant to being a mod. But seeing as he's looking for fresh people with likely no experience in moderation at all, there's no reasoning against it being a larger requisite of becoming a mod. Otherwise, if he were looking for qualifications, I'd agree. The IRC would take a back-seat to skill, in that case.

Mainly the IRC is wanted for the real-time communication aspect, and the insurance that a person is alive and active more than checking the mod logs to see when they logged in.

When the board picks up again in due time, the capacity of IRC will be useful. Give it a month or so when everything's a bit more stable and we've got a few functions we lack. Sorry if I came off as an ass originally (I probably did, lol).

Also, good luck to all the recent applicants!


Holy shit I don't even know where to begin with you.

Seisatsu is the administrator. He's the one in charge of hiring new mods. Now take into account he's very active in IRC. He needs to know who you are and have opportunities to talk to you and idk interview you or give you guidelines on how to mod whenever he's able. If you're a regular on IRC, whenever he's able turns into whenever you're both online.

That and he's much more willing to hire someone he knows and has talked to and has gotten to know than random text on an anonymous site. Being a regular on IRC means he can assess your skills in dealing with a community in real-time. Otherwise he doesn't know who he's hiring.


also seisatsu hire sno hire sno



That's fair enough. But since Uboachan will be busier soon, according to your prediction, that's all the more reason you guys should try to find a capable mod

And you didn't really come off as an ass at all, just a tad aggressive, but that's the way of the internet


Your trip sums you up quite nicely


Applications closed. I'll make a news post soon with instructions for phase 2.

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