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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1418325769309.jpg (89.27 KB, 1098x734, capture278.jpg)


Snow ruined my oekaki of Writer, I was drawing our Nazi Cirno admin and then this shet happened.
I demand a satisfaction.
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File: 1418611569719.jpg (96.04 KB, 600x400, grinch6.jpg)

That moment when you realize seisatsu is actually the grinch


Serious moment though, the problem here is likely that the writers of the Oekaki app did not expect divs to be moving directly over the top of the app, which is a perfectly reasonable thing to not expect.

It would probably be a massive pain to armor the app against this unusual circumstance. I'll just end the snow in early January instead of leaving it an extra month like a giant asshole.


Or you could just make it so that you can click through the snow div's instead of being incompetent.


Or I could not waste 12 hours researching and trying to reverse engineer a minified alternate version of someone's defunct Javascript code to fix a problem that will disappear in a week.

Edit: Hold up sounds like there could be an easy fix.


I can't even reproduce the bug on firefox, but maybe I just fixed it.

Edit: Confirmed fixed. I added a CSS property so the mouse pointer can't interact at all with the divs.

File: 1419358219668.png (2.79 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


Can you delete >>12016 for me?



Could you delete the post stated in http://uboachan.net/ot/res/11490.html#q12016 please?


Sorry bro, no can do.
I don't have proof that you own the post.
(Different ip)

Also, you're spamming the thread with like 5 posts at a time and that's really not ok.
So please stop.


File: 1419369321480.jpg (25.33 KB, 400x291, Sabina_Karlsson.jpg)

What the hell, anon.


Mannosuke, have a Merry Christmas.
I'm sorry for spamming posts, this was to clear up the post stated in >>2135.
thank you.

File: 1418163190256.png (207.42 KB, 446x251, SUNP1435_0002.png)


Do you have any ban records?
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All bans get in there. All mod activity [thread hiding/saging/locking, deleting posts, spoilering images] goes into the mod activity log.

There is no distinction between when and how shit was done.


File: 1418578773741.png (64.5 KB, 286x323, again01.png)

Why are you so interested in this? Don't tell me you want to start another autism war because you were banned. Again.


File: 1418579979456.jpg (168.49 KB, 671x475, 1407265643941.jpg)

Board war? Can I join?


and for >>2120
>Why are you so interested in this?
I'm asking mods questions, there's no need to start wars over it.
Likewise, I'm not starting another war, I'm asking mods about ban logs and such.


File: 1418582733595.jpg (2.2 MB, 2283x3000, 1418435902153.jpg)

There's no reason for you to ask unless you're planning something.

File: 1416230540328.png (17.89 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


Mobile browsing socks


File: 1418150663595.png (544.24 KB, 1024x768, 41.png)

This place worked great with my old and cheap phone but once I got a better one it suddenly stopped working. I miss browsing in bed. Plz halp.


What exactly is the problem? I can still access ubuu on my phone without problems, though it's not a mobile site. Looks just like the normal one.

What phone/OS/browser are you using?


File: 1418162166210.jpg (99.78 KB, 900x900, yume_nikki__madotsuki_by_a….jpg)

Well it works but thumbnails take forever to load. Samsung/android jelly bean/default browser, though I just tried chrome and they seemed to load a lot quicker even if still kinda slowly if you compare with 4chan for example.

File: 1367066448629.jpg (61.5 KB, 960x640, 1365994557290.jpg)


Good job on fixing the 'your post looks automated' problem




How did it get fixed? I can't figure it out on my own install!


It's a tricky bastard, that one. I'm not sure if it actually did get fixed, or if it did, how. Sorry. Try talking to the official vichan support channel.


File: 1413319750256.png (7.07 KB, 312x312, 156-google-recaptcha.png)


Unfortunately, the rising tides of CP spam combined with the lack of a paid 24/7 moderation staff has required us to enable captchas. Please give us your feedback or suggestions here.

Known bug: When making a new post, our nifty ajax plugin makes the post appear without refreshing the page. Unfortunately, this means the captcha does not refresh. If making multiple posts in the same thread, you must refresh the captcha manually between posts.
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File: 1413617101088.jpg (61.8 KB, 492x738, snow.jpg)


File: 1413645539305.png (44.84 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)



File: 1416403139572.png (35.44 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

more seisatsu fanart


Needs more eyebrows

File: 1411942607240.png (50.68 KB, 154x158, dvsfbxrg.PNG)


It's changed a few weeks later…

Just skimming over the board, why do you 'skim over' the rules?
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File: 1415988381422.png (159.01 KB, 499x281, Snapshot 1 (14-11-2014 18-….png)

Look, dude, that ban is past.
What definition of 'skimming over'.
>absolutely no context
I was asking, don't try to start wars now.


File: 1416013008032.gif (343.6 KB, 200x154, feg.gif)

This is now a board war.






Why is every post you make completely incomprehensible?

File: 1416065120774.png (351.3 KB, 930x652, 19373982064.png)


Can you explain why?
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I've put it on /sugg/ for mods to explain, not breaking Rule 9, 6 and/or 11 in ANYWAY POSSIBLE.

This ban was found on /lit/, actually. It had a connection with my ban protest. Do you realize that I'm talking to mods?(BAN EVASION)


File: 1416084189783.png (91.89 KB, 245x281, patchyB.png)

Nigga there is an appeal thing you can use, there is even the IRC available you dont need to start public drama bout muh little ban.

I use it all the time when mod chan goes tsundere and wants me to notice them.

You saved that capture for nearly 3 years, that's deep.


>12/17/11 - You saved that capture for nearly 3 years
I saved that capture on 11/15/14 because I found that was connected with my ban protest (26.7.14) even if there is an appeal thing you can use.
Protesting bans are done via contacting Ses by email. :)(BAN EVASION)


Rolling for dubs


Please remember that the boards are not the place to appeal or request information about a ban. Bans can be discussed or appealed through the appeal form, the operator's email, or IRC.

Also, I don't have information about a ban that old.

File: 1415985974335.png (140.68 KB, 499x281, Snapshot 1 (14-11-2014 17-….png)


Old error screens?


File: 1415986945677.png (90 KB, 499x281, Snapshot 1 (14-11-2014 17-….png)

I can't find the flood detect error image, though. It was on /tkki/ and I searched everywhere for it.
Things have changed recently, Captcha and all, including popup versions of the errors.


File: 1415987046036.png (5.33 KB, 518x198, 38457123.png)

The 'wrong password' error, circa 26.7.14.

File: 1413019448198.jpg (83.07 KB, 700x525, tipici01.jpg)


Could a mod please remove the hardcore CP posted on NSFW, and make sure it doesn't happen again? thanks
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The Bots know how to get past Google's captcha?

oh fuck


File: 1413465366327.gif (2 MB, 358x240, hopscotch.gif)



File: 1413468757240.jpg (198.87 KB, 700x524, 1334633308866.jpg)

How much long until google release their hordes of robot horse-feet soldiers and take over the world with one terrifying swoop around the globe?


File: 1413473963938.jpg (196.46 KB, 1024x819, terminator.jpg)

it started


File: 1415714760906.jpg (23.04 KB, 500x375, URW.jpg)

I am the button of my report,
HTML is my <body>, and Javascript is my blood
I have reported over a thousand CP/spam
Unknown to tripfags, nor known to IRCs
Have withstood hard candy to report many posts
Yet, those hands will never hold a loli
So as I pray, Unlimited Report Works

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