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I love Uboachan, but I feel like people insult people on here too much for no reason.


Pic unrelated.


fuk u fagot



My point exactly.


yeah, it's pretty tiring, no real content can be had if people aren't posting any and are instead attacking others.


hey shut up


File: 1328413614441.gif (143.68 KB, 480x352, andhere.gif)

Is there a point to this thread other than your emo feelings?


Exactly the reason I come around here bitching like an old man crying into his cup of whiskey at a bar full of teenagers.


Yeah, it's like some sort of imageboard/internet culture in general thing. People on imageboards either think they HAVE to act like dicks, or just act like dicks because they are dicks and they can.
Uboachan has less of that than other imageboards though, probably because the general users are different to other imageboards.


The moderators have been getting really zealous with things recently also, which is probably why there are so many arguments going on. There are a couple of people who start arguments all the time; not gonna drop any names but they probably know who they are.


If I had been more emo, my post probably would have gone something along the lines of "WHY IS THERE SO MUCH HAAAATE ON UBOACHAN?! UGHHH IT'S SO SAAADDD WHY IS THE WORLD SO HORRIBLEEEEEEEEEEE". (Not all emos are like this, I'm just saying the ones who are…)


The mood of the community is something that's also been brought up to me by the mod staff. This is the sort of thing I'll try to discuss in the next moderator meeting, and I'd also like some input here on ways we might be able to improve the mood of the users.

Being dicks on chanboards is probably a similar phenomenon to being racist on chanboards. Nobody on an imageboard is ACTUALLY racist. They only pretend to be racist to fit in, because they don't know that all the other users are ALSO only pretending to be racist. It's pretty cool how that works, but I'm not sure how to tackle it.


File: 1328503612312.jpg (206.94 KB, 650x650, dosei.jpg)

pretty much

uh also really you just have to deal with it, not everyone is going to like you or your ideas, as the saying goes

haters gonna hate


No one has to like my ideas, but, they don't have to be so dramatic about why they don't like it.


but also you can just choose to ignore the drama.

behind anonymity, anyone can say what they want without fear of being reprimanded, and while uboachan would LOVE to be a self-happy happy time place. we couldn't and wouldn't want to censor everyone's bad comments through deletions and bannings.

stay strong and carry on.


This. I mean wow, Seisatsu, I hope you just worded that badly or something, but it almost sounds like you were trying to say, "Yeah, me and the mods were just trying to figure out how to control the poster's moods so nobody here is negative."

Anyway, I was going to post this in the thread with the spoiler image argument, but since it's locked, I was wondering if it would be possible in the future to add an option to disable spoiler thumbnails, and subsequently make it clear that spoiler images are intended for NSFW images and not for actual spoilers (for the benefit of the people who disable the tag but don't want to see spoilers)?

Some people have slower connections and don't want to open full images just to see what the thumbnail is hiding.

Even if you can't add an option like that, the least you can do is add something that lets you view preview thumbnails.


holy hell I like this idea so much why did we never even think of it

I swear sti better make this option


yeah this seriously. i'd much rather see thumbs of every guro post than full size of every guro post just to figure out whether its guro or not.



Interesting idea. I wonder if we could make the spoiler turn into a thumbnail on mouseover.


Oops, software is written in such a way that no thumbnails are ever generated for spoilered images.

By the way, guro is disallowed anyway. It's either tits or not tits behind a spoiler.





I might see later if I can whip up a userscript extension to do this.



Would it be possible to just implement an option that would allow users to show spoilered images like all other images? One that would persist through visits, like the page style option. That would probably solve a good part of this problem


Oh right, I'd have to rewrite the software to do either of these, because thumbnails aren't generated for spoilered images. :<

I could make it do fake thumbnails, but they'd take just as long to load as the full image, so it wouldn't help at all for slower connections.

I'll try to write a userscript anyway, since it's a better solution than none. I won't build any sort of persistent setting into the software itself, because that would require a bunch of modifications.


A userscript isn't going to do anything for android users or users whose browsers don't support greasemonkey.

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