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Now don't go jumping to conclusions when you read the subject. I've noticed that whenever a theory thread is/was made on /t/ concerning a fangame, it gets/got moved to /fg/. But /fg/ is mainly for American fangames in progress nowadays, or for programming/running help, or for "DERP WHERE DO I DOWNLOAD THIS" threads.

Basically, what I'm getting at is…what if we made an "/ft/" for fangame theories?




Why not. I've seen it asked a couple of times about where fangame theories go. Heck, some people just may not feel like making these theory threads because they don't feel like they fit on /t/ or /fg/.
I agree OP.


This is actually a good idea.


>/fg/ is mainly for American fangames

So anything that comes from the west is now american…

As for /ft/, I think it's pointless. There were always theories about 2kki, .flow, or Lcd Dem on /t/, there's no point to make another board. And what will come next? Separate theory boards for every fangame? Come on…


Not to mention that… no offense… a lot of the traditional fangames aren't really good enough at providing material suitable for helping fans formulate theories. Or the creators try so hard that they basically make the theories themselves or contrive the shit out of the imagery to get the theories they want. Broken Bottles and Me BOTH had this. IN FUCKING SPADES.


You….obviously haven't played a lot of fangames



I've played a whole shitload of them. Probably not as many as die-hards have (haven't played UBOK, Dream Book, nostAlgic, or Double Dream), but I think that's more than enough to come to the conclusion I came to. .flow is an exception because there's plenty of theories floating around about the game and it's suitably symbolic without being contrived.

There's western fangames I guess, but the newer round of 'em doesn't really want to be speculated on (which is just fine). I mean, you can't tell me that you have a theory about a game like The Looking Glass or Hell Diary because those games aren't trying to lend themselves to speculation.


I never said a separate board for every single fangame, I just meant a whole board dedicated to fangame theories


> speculation
I myself wonder about things in the Looking Glass. Like; "What did the faceless man do in his apartment". There are some things to theorize about, for those who want to theorize; at least until they are explained in future updates (if they ever are explained).
As long as there are mysteries, there are theories.


Not enough theories per game to warrant their own board, however. As it is now, theories are few enough that they can fit comfortably in the game's thread proper.


File: 1332791265300.gif (180.29 KB, 384x264, tumblr_m1i3i96bpI1qlzmk7.gif)

"Bitch bitch moan moan whine whine! My work here is complete"





That anchor on the door is the Space Battleship Yamato crew insignia.

Just how did they dare to use ANYTHING from a legendary anime like that, in a piece of crap western garbage?




Just saying. FG is inactive enough that yet another board dedicated to its topics is pretty much a wasted link.


Hm. I'm going to agree with you here.

This may not seem like much, but: What if we add one of those subtitles to /fg/ (e.g. /sugg/'s "Trollthreeads and Moderator Scapegoating" subtitle…bad example) like "Fangames and Fangame Theories".


File: 1332799817568.jpg (70.22 KB, 550x428, 117154_v1.jpg)



The reason that there are less fangame theories and "not enough to have it's own board" is probably because other than .Flow and Yume 2kki, there isn't exactly a proper place to put theories. /t/ is for Yume Nikki, /fg/ is for Fangame development and talking about popular Japanese fangames.


Going to say the same thing I said to Jizzy, you obviously haven't played a lot of fangames.

At this point I'm not sure if the story in other fangames is hard to figure out or if the people who say there are "no theories to make" are just too dense to see it.



Opinions, we all have them. If there were more theories to make, the respective threads would probably be more active.

The beauty is that, inherently, there is nothing to "get". You "get" what you want to get out of the games, which for me was mostly frustration because some of the creators were either trying too hard or wouldn't shut the hell up and let me think for myself. Kind of like you're doing right now.


No need to be a cunt and jump her (assuming its a her, Mihari is a girls name, right?) ass about it.

Can't we all just be friends here? Or just stick with a simple "I respect your opinion but I disagree"? Jeebsus.



It's a lot easier to respect someone's opinion when they're not tripping over themselves trying to make assumptions about your intelligence or how many games you've played.


Actually, I made the same conclusion until you said otherwise. You really seemed to hint at that you've only played games made in north america/other english speaking countries. And I've noticed that in the english fangames that the creators try to get their story across, unlike in the ones made in Japan, which are more open to interpretation.



And why didn't you make this same post about >>751, who basically just said people with a different opinion than his are just too dense to see the theories? Way to white-knight there


They said they couldn't tell.

And I'm pretty sure I asked "can't we ALL just get along", not "Can't everyone except the OP just get along"


File: 1332916186912.jpg (31.43 KB, 500x339, tumblr_lv39rgLvtu1qkf2kwo1….jpg)

I agree with the op that a /ft/ would be a good idea. But I think you're all a bunch of faggots for fighting about it.

Random anon: out.



True, you did. While saying >>752 was being a cunt and linking his post, so while universally applicable the post was still pretty much directed to him


Mainly because I just wanted to address that and get it out of the way.

This is uboachan, you silly bitch. We're all faggots here.



I have played mostly Japanese fangames, and it's not that the creators are trying to tell you there's some meaning you need to look out for, it's just random nonsense clones of Yume Nikki, with a few exceptions; namely .flow, which has its own board, and Neta Dream, which nobody fucking talks about despite being designed with REAL PLAYERS in mind and not just shitty wannabe philosophers.

If you want to look too deep into something, that's fine. Just for God's sake don't talk about your own conclusions as if they're absolute fact. "Hurrdurr Jizzy hasn't played any fangaems, I can tell bcuz their all SOOO DEEP and THOUGHTFUL. NONE of them are POORLY THOUGHT OUT or using Yume Nikki as a crutch for poor design decisions!" Please.


Hey, your aloud to have your own opinion, but can you please not be a total douchebag about it?



I would like to not be a douchebag, but when you are being jumped on by several rabid fans at once, it's difficult to be as civil as you'd normally be.

I basically just said "There really doesn't need to be an /ft/ board, here's why:" only to be told I was an idiot, then to be told I was an asshole for being defensive about my stance.

So I'm going to tell you your perception of me is invalid because you've only seen how I'd act in this situation. Is it really? Nope. But hey, it's fine to say THAT, so I will.

The trouble with this community is that a whole bunch of us are really far up our own asses. The folks making games in /fg/ are a bit more grounded and down-to-earth, but they haven't been around as much recently.



Neta Dream is actually a parody of all the YN fangames, making fun of the major cliches present in basically all fangames, be it Japanese or western.

It's overlooked because it contains a lots of text, and not many people speak Japanese here. I'm working on an englisht translation, by the way, but it goes slowly because I have many other things to do.



* english translation

(Yay for that damned edit button.)


Hey, hey, you wanna know what I think?

You're all a bunch of retards fighting over a suggestion.




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