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TL;DR: pic related.

I've been thinking about the much reviled "western 2kki" lately, and I've come up with an idea for a process that may allow for a game like this to be made. This thread isn't for starting such a game, but for review, criticism and suggestions concerning these ideas.

The process goes a bit like this:

1 - I (or any one organizer) makes a thread where people can send submissions for in-game maps that they made themselves.

2 - One week later, a new thread is made, where a small RPGM game is posted. This one-week period will be called a "phase" hereafter. The game consists of a Nexus which connects to each individual map that has been submitted through numbered doors. The thread's OP also contains a strawpoll for voting on which map do players think is the best. The one with the best score wins. It also contains another call for map submissions.

3 - Repeat step 2 for 4 phases, then go to step 4.

4 - The winners of the last 4 phases (now refered to as devs) get together in an online chat like a Discord server or IRC, and put the winning maps together in order to create a playable game. See pic related, fig. 1, for an example of what this would be like after 4 phases and fig. 2 for what the same project would look like after 8 phases. Noticed how nothing from fig. 1 is changed. What has already been released cannot be changed.

These devs have a deadline of 2 phases to do this, after which an official release is posted in the appropriate thread. The chat is managed by the organizer, who has no input in the actual conversations taking place.

5 - Repeat step 3 ad infinitum.

That's a rough outline of how the whole thing works. Here are some extra details, specifications and thoughts that are relevant:

- Communication between the organizer and the devs prior to the group chat meetup are done via email, so devs must actively check their emails otherwise they won't participate in the development process and their maps won't be added in, which renders their efforts moot without penalizing the other winners. The chat logs may also be released publicly to ensure that the organizer had no influence on the final decision.

- Who the organizer is is flexible; any one organizer may step down and leave room for someone else to pick up the project where it left off.

- There are no limitations on how big a map can be or how many submaps it can have. The voters will have to decide whether or not they want your 15 hours monolithic block of teleport mazes to be added to the game.

- Maps may contain effects or even a specific player character spritesheet to be used inside the map.

- If a submitted map has multiple connections, it may connect back to the Nexus via either a one-way or a two-way warp (Nexus door) at the submitter's request. It may also leave one or many connections empty, which would then be blocked off by a traffic cone 2kki-style.

- More global game elements such as the Nexus or the protagonist's design are problematic since they can't simply be integrated into existing maps. I've had some ideas for those things:

* Hold a democratic vote based on people's submissions as is done with maps at the beginning of the project. This is my prefered approach for the protagonist's design, since having the power to change something as important and memorable very early on would be a huge incentive for participation. I also think that this power is very much deserved; it's a way to say "thank you" for being a pioneer and contributing to the project when it's most vulnerable to failure.

* Have the organizer decide based on ideas, suggestions and contributions from the threads during the first few phases.

* Have it somehow be flexible between each iteration of the game. I have no idea how this could work, but that's what this thread is for!

- For the voting process, you can only vote for one map, which gives it +1 point. Every map starts at 0 points and the one with the best score wins. No map can win if they are below a pre-determined threshold (which will likely be based on the results of previous phases). This is in order to prevent shit maps that don't meet the threshold from getting in.

- The first phases could be extended to 2 weeks or more to give people more time since they'll likely be starting their maps from scratch. This would add one more incentive to get people to participate early on, when the project is most prone to failure.

>Why aren't you actually making this instead of talking you little bitch?

I'm making this thread for review, criticism and suggestion. Trying costs nothing but I want some feedback first in order to improve the whole process because I want it to change as little as possible (ideally not at all) during development. Also if I get universally laughed at maybe I won't do it pls be nice UwU.

TL;DR: pic related.



I hate double posting but I ran out of space. Says a lot about me, doesn't it?

Anyway, I may be kind of a newfag but I have lurked in similar threads and I've taken note of the criticisms people have of these kinds of 2kki/collab games. Here are some of them (and my responses) to stir up discussion:

>Where's the quality control?

The voting process allows for quality control. The voters effectively decide what does and doesn't make it into the game.

>I give it 2 weeks.

The only person in charge of keeping the project alive is the organizer, who has no input on the actual game, only the devs do, and they are constantly changing. Devs are free to just make one map and leave, and eventually someone else will emerge to take their place. If the organizer gives up, the development process is already laid out, and another would-be organizer can pick up the project from the latest official release.

>No one's willing to put forth the continued effort.

See above. Very little effort and very little competence is required from the organizer: Only basic RPGM skills for putting together the weekly map compilations, which doesn't take long. This rule doesn't apply to the devs, since they're replaceable.

>There are no incentives for actually working on this shit.

Devs' names/pseudonyms will be published if they so desire, which can be used for garnering attention or generating interest in their own projects, for example. Yeah maybe that's not much, but then again what incentive is there for 2kki people to participate?

>Too many "idea guys" who don't do anything productive.

There's actual discussion going on in the threads, but the only things that make it into the games are the maps that people submit. You want to make it in? Make a map. You want to influence the course of developement but you don't have the comptence/willpower to make a map? Vote or talk about it in the thread.

>It's just gonna be a boring, way too traditional fangame.

I think if you stray too far from a bog standard traditionnal YNFG, you'll end up with either a gimmicky game with a barrier of entry that's too high or a game so different that it might as well not even be called a YNFG.

>It will just end up being a random mess of maps with no theme or connection to each other.

I don't think so. That will depend on what the voters want. Say a jungle-themed map gets added to the game by someone, and then a few weeks later someone else makes a temple-themed map to go with it. Maybe the voters will decide "Hey, that'd go well with that one jungle map!" and vote in favor of the temple map. Maybe they'll think it's too cheesy and go for something else. I think this democratic style of quality control doesn't just allow for internal quality control within maps, but also for an external, game-wide, strategic kind of quality control for the whole of the game.

>No one will download and it will fall into obscurity and irrelevance very quickly.

Since a new game gets released every 4 weeks, the total number of individual version downloads will likely be low, but this is hardly comparable to most other fangames since people may download different versions at different times.

I think once the project acheives a certain level of popularity, we can really get the ball rolling and coast on that. See the OP for ideas on how to accelerate initial popularity growth.

Additionally, I'd argue that in a project like this, audience participation and the voting/submission processes are a lot more interesting and meaningful than external downloads for the project.

>This isn't worth it; it'll end up too similar to regular 2kki.

I doubt it. Since this is a primarily "occidental" version of 2kki, the cultural and societal sensibilities that will get reflected in the game are likely to be very different. Additionally, since the entire process is based on quality control, the coherence and overall quality of the game will be on a different, likely higher, level.

>Yume Nikki is a dead trend and no one gives a shit about YNFGs anymore.

Under optimal conditions, I think this project could revitalize interest in YNFGs, but that's much too optimistic. If it doesn't, well there isn't much we can do about that anyway, now is there? Besides, the goal isn't so much to expand the popularity and influence of Yume Nikki of YNFGs, but rather to obtain as much popularity and influence for this project itself in order to ensure a steady stream of content (new maps).

I also want to say that I'm sorry if this kind of process was already attempted before and failed. Like I said, I'm relatively new and my knowledge on the subject is limited.


All those filters for content are beyond pointless when there's no content to behin with. And the reason there is no content is that people have no ideas to begin with. Nor any passion for the genre, really. That's the biggest limiter to the idea of Western 2kki.


>And the reason there is no content is that people have no ideas to begin with. Nor any passion for the genre, really.
Pretty much this. The devs who worked on fangames aren't really interested in them that much anymore (we've been doing this for, what, about 10 years?). 2kki survives because the devs there love what they do, but people don't really like RPGM that much in the west nowadays (mostly for the reputation of steam games with default tilesets and such).
Your idea would work, hypothetically, if we had a bigger userbase/developers that would like to contribute, but sadly that's not the case anymore.


File: 1554846570584.png (105.41 KB, 300x300, never forget (2).png)



At first I thought it wasn't that bad but seeing how little attention this thread has gotten now makes me think I've probably been wasting my time. Part of me still wants to try it out though just to see what the fuck happens.


File: 1554901029452.png (812.11 KB, 993x700, flat.png)

It's a dead fandom and an even quieter board. Nobody makes fangames anymore aside from people who missed Yume Nikki's limelight by a decade. Most people make fangames for attention (and that's not something bad), and the attention pool has mostly run out. If you want to try somewhere with active devs to ask, try going on tumblr or the uboachan discord.

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