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File: 1616197524510-0.jpg (74.67 KB, 540x720, ゆめにっき 窓付き スリーブ_1.jpg)

File: 1616197524510-1.jpg (67.58 KB, 610x720, ゆめにっき 携帯ストラップ&クリーナー セコムマサダ….jpg)

File: 1616197524510-2.jpg (254.87 KB, 1080x1080, ゆめにっきのためのワルツ CD_1.jpg)

File: 1616197524510-3.jpg (97.86 KB, 1080x565, ゆめにっきのためのワルツ マチゲリータジャケット版 ….jpg)


I've been searching everywhere for photos and pictures like these, and going through almost 60 pages of Mercari, as well as countless hours of night searching, I figured you'd all be interested in my discoveries to pick up every bit of detail of every released official Yume Nikki item, since this isn't exactly the easiest to find. And if you're interested in buying any of the merchandise items,just go to Mercari JP and copy and paste the name of the item that correlates to the picture.


yooooooooo i literally just opened uboachan to see if anyone has photos of the merch. this is a godsend ty


You’re a fucking GOD thank you sm


thank you so much more to put on the yume nikki march list.

File: 1618691611353.png (286.94 KB, 410x283, 1524352945653.png)


I'm looking for the blank backgrounds of rooms in Yume Nikki without Madotsuki or any NPC. Does anyone have that or advice on how to get that?


File: 1618704838567.png (406.61 KB, 1280x1117, xppp.png)

I'm pretty sure you could just find them within the games files themselves but if not:
best I got.


File: 1619156871165-0.jpg (144.78 KB, 1300x1000, 1563753797888-1.jpg)

File: 1619156871165-1.jpg (104.47 KB, 1300x1000, 1563753797888-2.jpg)

>>>/o/ has some wallpaper worthy stuff, but most of it isnt meant to be a wallpaper


That is some relay cool 3D art


OP here. Thanks.

File: 1617889363618.jpg (7.96 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


why are you guys such massive faggots?


Heh, you should see the discord server.

File: 1616023544606-0.jpg (5.39 MB, 5152x3864, IMG_0099.JPG)

File: 1616023544606-1.jpg (5.17 MB, 5152x3864, IMG_0100.JPG)

File: 1616023544606-2.jpg (4.4 MB, 5152x3864, IMG_0101.JPG)

File: 1616023544606-3.jpg (5 MB, 5152x3864, IMG_0102.JPG)


Recently just reproduced the Yume no oto album.


File: 1616023659972-0.jpg (5.12 MB, 5152x3864, IMG_0103.JPG)

File: 1616023659972-1.jpg (4.23 MB, 5152x3864, IMG_0104.JPG)

File: 1616023659972-2.jpg (5.09 MB, 5152x3864, IMG_0105.JPG)

File: 1616023659972-3.jpg (5.31 MB, 5152x3864, IMG_0106.JPG)

More pictures of the reproduction.


Would you consider uploading the art files for other people interested in reproducing this?

File: 1573234219685.jpg (149.55 KB, 1280x720, toriningen party.jpg)


I am currently working on a concept for an exploration game, which has some ties to YN, it's not exactly a fan-game, but I want it to be a surreal walking simulator.
Since YN, honestly, has its issues I am trying to figure out how to evade these issues. I am not here to roast YN or something, I am looking for design changes, that make the game easier to play, especially for people who dont know anything about the it (pic related).

Here's the most common issues i hear about and there is only one rule to go by: If there is no good design-excuse for it, cut it.

- Too much empty space. I would probably design more smaller worlds and reduce unneccecary walking. tedious looping is not fun. The map sizes need to be drastically reduced.
- Pointless effects. I would either implement some use for the effects given or get rid of the ones that only have a cosmetic purpose. There are 4 really useful effects. others are either completely pointless or they are useful like 1 time an then never again (Yukki Onna, Witch and Umbrella for example)
-Knife is good, would keep. Eye Palm is useful. I would remove the bike and just add a run-button. Stop-Light needs balancing, i would make it so that the npcs unfreeze automatically after a few secs to make it harder to escape the toriningen. The cat is kind of useful. Every other effect is of practically no use and can be removed.
-As a new player, you cannot get anywhere without the assistance of walkthroughs, wikis or youtube. That's just terrible game design and the tiniest amount of guidance would be much appreciated. However i have not yet found a way to get around this. There are no compasses or maps in dreams, really. So idk, let me know if you got any ideas.

Anything else you would change to improve the game? My goal is to make it more accessible to new players and to make exploration more rewarding.
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I would randomise parts of the map when the save file is created or when the .exe is first ran to make it harder to use online walkthroughs. Might also open up some cool opportunities like a room that has a 1/600 chance of permanently existing in some remote location.

I like this idea, I think that one of the strongest points of yume nikki is its map design. Effects are really a side note, except when they have an effect on the world around them. I think what could be changed about yume nikki and other walking simulators is the replayablitiy of it, everyone has their own special experiences with the game, but for the most part those experiences are felt in the first playthough of the game. I like the idea of parts of the map randomly changing in subtle ways, ways that would be most noteable after becoming familiar with the maps in the first few playthroughs.

I also think that there could be some events that change the layout of the world. I like how the nexus equivalent in.flow changed sometimes, it made it feel like whenever I passed through it the areas might have changed in some way. This would also help replayablitity. Once you know where exactly each effect is in yume nikki it's easy to just make your way to them without paying as much attention to the maps as in the first playthough. Perhaps the order of effects acquired could change the maps or location of subsequent effects?


>Too much empty space
Totally disagree, I found empty space was essential to the game. Cutting the time between discoveries down would ruin the rush of finding something unique.

>Pointless/OP effects

I would have liked effects to do more than they currently do in specific areas just so players can experiment and find more new things. Having gamey progression where you need specific effects to progress wouldn't be terrible, but kind of counter-intuitive to how open YN is. Maybe there was a player who found the blonde hair a super interesting effect. The useless effects are cute, nice for adding personality.

>You cannot get anywhere without help.

The two pieces of advice I needed before starting was that there is an actual goal to the game (collecting effects). Most of the game's effects can easily be found if you actually explore the oddities. Having a walkthrough that

My biggest change would be making diagonal floors automatically move you diagonally so you don't have to wiggle your arrows to get through that checkerboard spot. Other than that the more streamlining you add the farther you stray from the point. The original animal crossing felt rewarding BECAUSE of the terribly slow functionality.


I would make the worlds non-looping (?) because it is a waste of time and at some point it makes me lose interest in playing.


Samefag, there would be a map where you can only see the areas you have explored before. The map would be in the diary.


What do you plan on naming the game? I wanna see it when you show it off and I don't want it to be forever… 'lost'… in a way when this thread is archived or something

File: 1612751068454.png (167.59 KB, 608x538, Screenshot_32.png)


Hello everyone, I present to you "Yume Nikki Browser".

It's basically Yume Nikki made in plain html, but mainly to explore areas of the game with the web browser and cursor.

There're a lot of minor updates and fixing that I'll implement in the future, now that it's practically finished (except for some minor areas).

I was hoping for you to try it and give me some feedback/suggestions for it. I hope you like it!

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On checkeredtilepath2.html, there's a path missing, among some on other maps
But it's really great to see the maps in full, with animations, music and whatnot, proper kudos deserved


That's so cool


holy hell this is awesome. what a great idea!


Yoooo that's so cool, I'll send this to my friends who are too lazy to download and play Yume Nikki lol


OP this is so well made, great job! I think it would be cool to see a github repo of this

File: 1556366684892.jpg (2.3 MB, 3264x2448, 1533820350471.jpg)


Recently finished Yume Nikki despite knowing about it for a long time.

I'd like to hear what other people thought about the game when they first played it, and when they first finished it.

For me, I thought it was immensely relatable. I spend almost all of my time escaping online or in games, then going to bed to hope I might have a fun dream, almost never leaving this small space. The ending was perfect, it was predictable but in a strange way it wasn't. I feel like in my own life I predict suicide as the likely outcome, but I still repress it, and I did the same in Yume Nikki. Even as Madotsuki stepped up, I didn't know where she was going until it was too late.

I'm sorry if this has been posted a million times before, but I'd still like to hear your first impressions of the game or about my reaction.
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I loved it
I'm a loser neet too, i love the lack of dialogue I love the visual motifs, I love the designs I love it all


Even if the game technically didn't have a story it has really fucking strong themes
The hands and eyes and sexual imagery are gonna stay with me
Part of me think I am overthinking every little detail but the fact so many images and themes appear so often means that thought was obviously put into this
I got lost a lot which I was fine with and I diiiiiid use a guide for the last few effects
I didn't see the ending coming at all and it felt abrupt but tbh in a dialogueless game what else ia there to do
I hated hell
The headless pregant women freaked me the fuck out too
Also I hate to admit this but I neber found the white dessert on my first playthrough
I felt a constant sense of dead but never like fear
I played the game at 8pm to calm down after a bad day on a whim and I beat it in 4 hours and then stayed up till 5 thinking and thinking and talking to my sister about it
I really really hope she didn't die
As a massive loser who saw herself too much in her I really wsnt the both of us to get a happy ending


I've just finished it, have been reading stuff about it now.
I think I actually found this game from this website
I was in a similar position to >>8797, I hadn't played anything that is fun for the same reasons as this before.
Anyway, at first I was very confused. I was somehow aware that it wasn't gonna be a "normal" game, but it took me a little bit to figure out what the game is about and how it works.
But then it was very nice, walking and exploring stuff. Finding deeper worlds. And I mean, the stop-light effects, that's pure genius!
The only thing that bothered me a little was the often returning feeling that I didn't figure something out, but luckily I didn't get obsessed over it. I say "luckily" because often this feeling was mistaken because some things in this game "just exist", like vending machines. Not a bad thing, just unusual to me. Another example of my wrong assumptions was that I thought the floating figures in the jungle were a puzzle, like I had to combine them in a special way to get somewhere/something or something like that.
I think this is a significant weakness of games with clever combos like this one partially (for me at least). It's very very cool when you figure something out on your own (for me it was the witch effect for example), but the possibilities of such mechanics are endless, so it's almost impossible to find all such things, plus it generates wrong expectations. Like me thinking the flute (which I found early on) would play some role at some point. It didn't. That didn't stop me from playing it to several npc's in hopes of something up until I read about it on the wiki.
Now of course, my personal stupidity, limited game experience and unfounded expectations are a big culprit in this. Just keep in mind that this is my subjective experience with the game
Once I finished looking through all the nexus worlds I had probably around 16 if not a few more effects, and I didn't know where to begin looking for the remaining bunch. I ended up using the wiki.
If I had made a map of every area I went to and kept track of the world-connections I could've probably found out many more autonomously, but to me this is not too fun. Following wiki instructions wasn't too bad but it does make it less immersive.
Finally, the ending. My first reaction was to laugh. I'm sorry. After gathering 24 effects, them appearing inPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Please don't kill yourself op


Same here, op. It's like gravity.

File: 1612143113757.png (25.39 KB, 360x450, Mallshop.png)


I don't understand why people think madotsuki is locked in her room? What is the idea/evidense about this theory?
To me it kinda flies in the fave of the themes of social anxiety and being a hikkimori in my view of the game


Sounds like a weird theory and I've never heard of it before. If anyone locked her door, I think it would've been Mado herself.


seen it mentioned a few times
iir it's what the manga actually went with(not that the manga is canon but it seemed to be believed by quite a few people)

File: 1607577129443.jpg (37.13 KB, 300x395, the-arch-cat-1948.jpg)


I recently discovered Victor Brauner's artwork, and I was wondering: could it have inspired YN on some level?

4 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1607779176967.jpg (11.48 KB, 210x256, poet-in-exil-1946.jpg!Pint….jpg)

That's true. It wouldn't surprise me if some of the imagery in the game did have religious connotations, especially with the existence of Mayan/Paracas deities.


File: 1607779548545.png (603.53 KB, 500x669, rov5vJ0.png)

There are some forms of media that you'd think either referenced or inspired the game from the modern age, though it could just be coincidental


File: 1609483478147.jpg (190.18 KB, 1058x1200, unku.jpg)

Y'know, there was actually a pretty good analysis on /t/ (unheard of, I know. It was like one of the only salvageable posts on there) regarding some of the Peruvian imagery. Genuinely recommend going through it. A number of designs were directly pulled from Paracas textiles, most of which are directly symbolic of dreams and the mythology surrounding dreams in Paracas culture. I'm surprised nobody else has brought this up ever, but Madotsuki's sweater design looks strikingly similar to these military tunics worn by officers of the Sapa Incan military.

Among those, there are also various Japanese cultural references that I'm a little too tired to list off but most should be obvious if you've already gone through the game.

The reason why the discussion of this game is so limited (besides being old) is that everyone has a bad habit of trying to make massive stretches when discussing the game's imagery which lead to very personal, emotionally-charged and often very amateurish interpretations. When you only make interpretations that are nothing of worth, then I guess it's better not to discuss it seriously at all. That's why I find a lot of stuff like this riveting and I think it's depressing that this game's had little to no proper analysis done in the time it's been out.


>That's why I find a lot of stuff like this riveting and I think it's depressing that this game's had little to no proper analysis done in the time it's been out.
Feel free to drop yours whenever you have some time, I guess.


File: 1611247184796.jpg (17.32 KB, 480x360, que_me_he_perdido_yume_nik….jpg)

>I think it's depressing that this game's had little to no proper analysis done in the time it's been out.
There's an excellent one from 2013 (don't be confused by the upload date, the original was deleted) that I think it's unparalleled even to this day. Sadly, it was only in Spanish until recently the reuploader added English subtitles, so I think it's a perfect time to show it to the non-Spanish speaking community.

On the topic of this thread, the user who made this analysis also talked about the possible inspirations for the game's visual aesthetic in other two videos. One covers the pre-columbian art and the other the potential artistic influences in general, the latter one also being an amazing critique on YNDD as well as an analysis of many aspects of Yume Nikki and its fangames. These ones have not been translated to English yet, however, but I'll leave the links here anyway in case you're interested:

File: 1611237861685.jpg (17.29 KB, 318x469, 18402500.jpg)


Does anyone have a fullset of artpages from the YN light novel? Would like to obtain one.

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