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it's been 17 years, what's even left to discuss about this game anymore
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Huh, interesting take. Never thought of Block World in that way. To me it seemed like a school due to the background music, which gives me that japanese school bell vibe, and lead me to interpret Mafurako as an equally lonely/introverted friend or acquaintance of Madotsuki. The partial invisibility thing could mean that she was mostly ignored and referred to only by her clothes, like people wouldn't even bother remembering her name, or that she left that school or went missing and the fact that she's visible with the stoplight effect could mean that Madotsuki could have somehow "stopped" her from leaving if she tried.


what do you think about the witch event?
tis the season anyway.


File: 1635876594818.jpg (24 KB, 687x900, red-pill-white-background-….jpg)


Kikiyama's Yumi Nikki

is Kikiyama's Yumi Nikki


File: 1635881431516.png (11.38 KB, 338x149, yume_nikki.png)

yume nikki


If you mean the one where you talk to that tree NPC who gives you the Witch effect, then… I don't know what to make of it. Maybe it gives credence to the speculation about Kikiyama being from the country (since you reach it via train), presumably where superstition is more common (hence the faceless witches) or their customs are perceived as such by the city folk.
If you mean the one where you fly at the mall rooftop, then I'm at a loss at what it could represent. Maybe a brief respite among the nightmarish dreams to actually have fun flying, or at one point Madotsuki felt something positive about her particular upbringing, be it the previously-mentioned countryside or her possible south american ancestry.

File: 1635651486694.png (1007.7 KB, 675x1200, 033.png)


hello frens, newfag here, what translation is better, steam or uboachan? Heard steam is full of mistranslations, haven't heard anything about this here version
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There's nothing important conveyed through text in the game. I play the steam version now because it causes less issues for me.


The uboachan translation is better. The steam version is essentially the same, just with one or two annoying mistakes.


Where did you get that image from? I couldn't find the source either via iqdb or tineye.


File: 1635723574464-0.jpg (72 KB, 500x500, 1573155253593.jpg)

I prefer uboachan translation, but there's not much of a difference with steam one.
Consider using SauceNAO. Or google/yandex images. These are working great.


Like the other anons have said, the translation itself is not really important because the game barely has any text. However, the Steam version has a bunch of graphical and technical errors that really ruin the mood of certain parts of the game, and I also think the fonts they picked for things like the instructions are aesthetically inferior, so I don't recommend it in the slightest.

I recommend to either stick to Uboachan's translation or to not use any translation at all and download the game from kikiyama's site.

File: 1634946845550.png (171.83 KB, 3858x5490, madop.png)




I like your drawings, don't make a new thread for each one though, just post them here.

File: 1634688087745.png (440.41 KB, 1042x720, Sin título.png)



File: 1507104264356.png (64.85 KB, 500x720, tumblr_os8pjmhpzD1rpk3f2o1….png)


do you remember playing Yume Nikki for the first time, Anons?
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oh satan, just downloaded the game and wow, im absolutely in love. how can a cast be so compelling with zero dialogue?? madotsuki is so cute too, i feel so bad knowing whats to come…


File: 1620187513157.jpg (93.41 KB, 675x960, mybesht.jpg)



File: 1620233902715.jpeg (20.1 KB, 596x514, 1570234714487-0.jpeg)

I remember opening the game, walking a bit, and then closing it after a few minutes because the game felt very slow lmao


Yeah, and I found the Uboachan IRC channel while looking for hints back in 2009 and the rest is history. Don't remember how I found the game but I was totally enamored and explored for days. I've spent so much time since then searching for another game that would give me the same feeling all over again like new, but I never found one. It's a very special game.


File: 1634573683009.png (9.61 MB, 2440x1628, madotsuki nightwalk.png)

Yep and i was instantly immersed and left with an indelible impression like very few works of art did.
That was three years ago, funny thing is i didn't bother finish it when i first discovered it, i simply liked to play it from time to time.
It is just recently that i finished it for the first time.
I managed to go through the game without looking at the wiki or guides (okay maybe just for the uboa event and the witch effect cuz i was rly blocked), by keeping progress of my adventure by noting everything in a blocnote and i didn't have this much fun playing a video game since a long time, it was like being Madotsuki writing in her dream diary (talk of an immersive experience!),and i always thought it was the right way to play this game.
Also the ending really surprised me despite the many forshadowings found throughout the game, and now i feel dumb for not having seen it lol.

Anyway, all that rambling to say that this game really left an impression on me and will always have a special place in my heart.
It's so simple yet so unique.

File: 1557547720159.jpg (26.53 KB, 674x570, __madotsuki_yume_nikki_dra….jpg)


I think that Mado really did kill herself and the Jellies at the end where just for aesthetics
Not that I like that she killed herself
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the game should have encouraged going to monochrome world


It's common in Japan for suicide victims to take off their shoes before committing the act (the actual reason being unknown.)

its known. The japnanese take off their shoes when entering someones house, always, out of respect. they do it before committing suicide because theyre leaving this world and "entering" the next life/heaven.




the player /is/ encouraged to go the monochrome world

when you explore, you see cool stuff and you have a pretty good chance of finding effects

the simplest way I can put it is that exploration is encouraged, meaning going to the white desert is encouraged. However going to the white desert is not rewarded, at least in terms of effects (personally, I felt pretty rewarded going to the white desert despite the lack of effects just because exploring strange lands is the appeal of the game). Since the player could not have known the trek to the white desert would be unrewarded, players are still technically encouraged to go there (i.e. explore the dream world to its fullest extent)

please excuse the shitty long winded explanation, I've had too much to drink


Completely off topic but I am in love with the fanart in the op, and upon reverse image searching the artist's pixiv seems to be gone. Don't suppose anyone happens to have more of their stuff saved, or knows if they made a new pixiv or twitter or something?

File: 1580777684150.jpg (274.33 KB, 1036x780, Yume Nikki 2.jpg)


Hi, it's good to encounter a nice Yume Nikki community. Yesterday I finished the game with his Traggic ending, I felt empty at the time but then I realised it was a good ending for Madotsuki, who continuously had to face Horrific figures such as the Monster (I still don't know his name, help me out with that) that appears in Poniko's room (It's funny because I know the name of this blonde girl and I don't know the name of the monster) when you press too many times de Light Button. In inspiration for that I made a video representing the ending but with my Inksona (Yeah, I do this kind of poop too) with a Final message in the end.


Funny thing is, most of my viewers don't know about the ending so they think I really wanted to commit suicide xD or I felt too bad about it that I want that as an option.
What do you think of it?
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Hi, thanks for taking out test! We're sorry to inform you that you do, in fact, have asscancer. Get out!


wey nooooooooo


>I still don't know his name
>site literally called uboachan
also you need to be 18+ to post here kiddo


File: 1632864137512.png (101.23 KB, 235x281, LE XDDDDDDDDDD.png)


File: 1632865006909.jpg (137.27 KB, 800x800, 1495333292560.jpg)

File: 1400093858690.png (1016.44 KB, 1121x677, urywbrev.png)


stereogram thread
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to answer your original question, i think this thread would have been posted on a yume nikki board because all the images are all from…… yume nikki


It's a dead board, so do the math.


You are replying to a post I made 4 years ago. Do the math and stop bumping a dead thread?


Keep the Yume Nikki stereogram thread alive


File: 1632758075709.png (885.27 KB, 1226x1045, ju64k27j.png)

File: 1632610535918.png (1005.81 KB, 900x675, 3t7ots59a2e41.png)


do you guys have any images of monoe and monoko using the fat effect?


Rooms like this make me feel better about having a kind of messy room.

File: 1360559059946.png (25.71 KB, 200x200, 1318729036503.png)


Yume Nikki on Android… Is it possible?
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File: 1622394473574.png (1.36 KB, 283x345, white.png)

t. screen salesman


personally i think screentime on phones is usually more. For instance, sometimes i'm using phones when traveling, and there is no way i could've concentrate on something, having job and stuff to do, for 10 or so hours. Second of all, using phone makes the experience more immersive and individual since you can jump under the blanket and completely isolate yourself. On pc you're tied to the screen and it breaks immersion in a way. So i think it depends on your usage of a phone.


It's not as simple as just compiling the APK for android. First of all the mobile architecture is different so it'll just break right there. But in the rare scenario it's supported, half the libraries needed for wine to work will be missing too. I'm certain at least one (if not most) libraries you need will not build for android.


Easy RPG player can play it so long as you already have it extracted. Its on the Google play store. Also there, is someone selling classic YN for like 3 dollars…


does it work with .flow as well?

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