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File: 1580777684150.jpg (274.33 KB, 1036x780, Yume Nikki 2.jpg)


Hi, it's good to encounter a nice Yume Nikki community. Yesterday I finished the game with his Traggic ending, I felt empty at the time but then I realised it was a good ending for Madotsuki, who continuously had to face Horrific figures such as the Monster (I still don't know his name, help me out with that) that appears in Poniko's room (It's funny because I know the name of this blonde girl and I don't know the name of the monster) when you press too many times de Light Button. In inspiration for that I made a video representing the ending but with my Inksona (Yeah, I do this kind of poop too) with a Final message in the end.


Funny thing is, most of my viewers don't know about the ending so they think I really wanted to commit suicide xD or I felt too bad about it that I want that as an option.
What do you think of it?
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Hi, thanks for taking out test! We're sorry to inform you that you do, in fact, have asscancer. Get out!


wey nooooooooo


>I still don't know his name
>site literally called uboachan
also you need to be 18+ to post here kiddo


File: 1632864137512.png (101.23 KB, 235x281, LE XDDDDDDDDDD.png)


File: 1632865006909.jpg (137.27 KB, 800x800, 1495333292560.jpg)

File: 1400093858690.png (1016.44 KB, 1121x677, urywbrev.png)


stereogram thread
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to answer your original question, i think this thread would have been posted on a yume nikki board because all the images are all from…… yume nikki


It's a dead board, so do the math.


You are replying to a post I made 4 years ago. Do the math and stop bumping a dead thread?


Keep the Yume Nikki stereogram thread alive


File: 1632758075709.png (885.27 KB, 1226x1045, ju64k27j.png)

File: 1632610535918.png (1005.81 KB, 900x675, 3t7ots59a2e41.png)


do you guys have any images of monoe and monoko using the fat effect?


Rooms like this make me feel better about having a kind of messy room.

File: 1360559059946.png (25.71 KB, 200x200, 1318729036503.png)


Yume Nikki on Android… Is it possible?
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File: 1622394473574.png (1.36 KB, 283x345, white.png)

t. screen salesman


personally i think screentime on phones is usually more. For instance, sometimes i'm using phones when traveling, and there is no way i could've concentrate on something, having job and stuff to do, for 10 or so hours. Second of all, using phone makes the experience more immersive and individual since you can jump under the blanket and completely isolate yourself. On pc you're tied to the screen and it breaks immersion in a way. So i think it depends on your usage of a phone.


It's not as simple as just compiling the APK for android. First of all the mobile architecture is different so it'll just break right there. But in the rare scenario it's supported, half the libraries needed for wine to work will be missing too. I'm certain at least one (if not most) libraries you need will not build for android.


Easy RPG player can play it so long as you already have it extracted. Its on the Google play store. Also there, is someone selling classic YN for like 3 dollars…


does it work with .flow as well?

File: 1630863293921.png (1.09 KB, 28x34, Madotsuki.png)


How about we make some effects?



File: 1630864938966.png (1.8 KB, 90x105, sphere.png)

I was thinking she could copy the orb on her head and give it to NPCs that would accept it.


File: 1630981722585.png (4.3 KB, 448x544, image-1.png.png)

Farmer effect or something. I like yours better >>9415


File: 1631037999965.png (2.01 KB, 156x93, MadotWinged.png)

dude you put way more work into that though, do you think she would spread around seeds with that?

Here's my other one from the v thread, no one joined in and I'm honestly not surprised anymore.


That would be nice. I imagine yours would flap her wings and fly with her feet hanging just slightly above the ground.


File: 1631404909629.png (1.58 KB, 72x101, madoEye.png)

That actually fits alot with the rest of the game, I didn't do much for this one since Medamaude has the cyclops concept covered.

File: 1631236613341-0.jpg (1.43 MB, 1905x2490, DW1MBBxWAAAK6q1.jpg)

File: 1631236613341-1.jpg (10.31 KB, 250x250, 1418098_p0_square1200.jpg)

File: 1631236613341-2.png (532.23 KB, 480x679, 337440.png)

File: 1631236613341-3.jpg (132.59 KB, 505x700, __toriningen_yume_nikki__3….jpg)


Please do not be disruptive or leave uneaten food lying around.

File: 1627480801741.jpg (218.96 KB, 1920x1440, Staircase of Hands.jpg)


Post some of your favorite YN arts.
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your standards must be pretty low


And you're probably not an artist in the slightest. To each their own buddy.


File: 1630346652268.jpg (209.03 KB, 1000x1400, E-CqYymVgAExq1q.jpg)

You got any cool art for us, anon?


While I agree anon is kind of a jerk, you don't need to be an artist to know when art sucks.


File: 1630833912940.png (913.97 KB, 856x810, 16308691684520.png)

File: 1629223811874.jpg (66.26 KB, 884x662, Screenshot_1.jpg)


They just found the lost 0.07 and 0.08 versions, a group of fans found out some CD's from 2005 on a japanese auctions website with multiple games on them, including some old and lost YN versions.



File: 1629244635783.gif (1.28 MB, 1000x1000, 3njbb3g5lk631.gif)

that's a genuinely cool development. gonna look around the versions later and see what there is to find.


First question I have is, is this real or it's just one of you guys going too far with an elaborate troll plan again?


nice but we all ready have the versions on that CD here's my proof
also are their any other versions listed on that DC


What do you guys think is the most interesting thing that was cut?

File: 1625542202366.jpg (379.25 KB, 1536x2048, E5fB6a3WYAIkIRW.jpg)


Hello there uboa, i was surfing on twitter and found this dude that made a madotsuki plushie.
the mado plushie looks very cute.
anyone make more of this stuff?
heres the orginal account that posted the picture
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Why do these people always get the window pattern wrong? Christ.


File: 1625689075859.gif (Spoiler Image, 309.68 KB, 498x318, SPOILER_tenor.gif)

lol, i haven't noticed before but besides that is a good work !!
probably the dude made the window pattern apart from the pink top and at the he invert the pattern as an accident.


File: 1626802296930.jpg (2.53 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_5417.JPG)

I have the Fangamer plush


I thought the pics on fangamer looked pretty bad but this one actually looks fine. I might end up ordering one.



The line on the face really does suck, I don't understand why that couldn't be put lower, but I absolutely love my madotsuki plush. I wouldn't pass on her.

File: 1623334269550.png (226.94 KB, 1000x1000, 857_9f558322d2bccee8.png)


if anyone has yumenikki art archive folder, could you share it to pls.
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File: 1624731469574-0.png (1.87 KB, 146x150, tumblr_inline_o9rn49Aqsu1s….png)

There's one imageboard in "Community Services" on Uboachan's main page that you can use. *Hint, hint.*


File: 1624783432410.png (14.5 KB, 114x124, 1378486108228.png)

tnx friends


File: 1624814577425-0.jpg (10.83 KB, 300x225, 20100804211311a12.jpg)

You're welcome.


File: 1627344537230.jpg (155.77 KB, 1601x1250, madolenss.jpg)


just go to yumebooru lol

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