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File: 1669732416100.jpeg (30.96 KB, 422x238, 332BE7B0-7540-433C-B055-D….jpeg)


I think the only thing scarier in Poniko’s room than uboa is the fact that the foot of her bed faces the wall


you're not wrong


considering the carpet, the perspective of that desk doesn't make any sense either, I will just pretend it's a dream thing


File: 1671639454156.jpg (72.78 KB, 640x480, Ponikoroom.jpg)

I can't believe you guys. Poniko's room is a great example of excellent design. People think because the world at large is orthographic in 2d tiled games that every little part of it that is less than 1 screen in size has to be made up of orthographic squares. Poniko's room looks dynamic and interesting, and map/tile artists should learn from it.


the perspective of that desk and chair still make no sense though, but like I said, perhaps that's the intention because dreams are not supposed to make sense.


File: 1671645026388.jpg (107.05 KB, 640x480, ponikoedit.jpg)

To me that's like criticising mado's proportions for not making sense. It's a very limited medium, there's always a trade off between expression and literality. Like mado's proportions, it's a non-jarring way to allow for more expressive and interesting visuals within the confines of the tile size. Here's an edit I made to make it more literal, I think this is less pleasant to look at. I guess the "dream-like" argument makes sense too though.


Another thing I noticed about this: See how the edit draws your eyes to the right curtain, while the original breaks up the eye-pulling lines with the desk.


Obviously none of this is how perspective actually works, that's why it works. This is basically lifted directly from Earthbound and, the perspective in that game is all kinds of jank, but it's surreal, it's funky, it still looks good. The desk is just facing another direction too


It's an unfinished game, it can very well be just a human mistake, Kikiyama is a human being and can do things wrong here and there.


File: 1671661814753.png (67.9 KB, 1560x964, why.png)

the desk thing is all well and good but poniko is still sleeping like she has no fear of god. I am a little scared of her


You would be surprised to hear that there are people like my roommate who enjoys sleeping like that in reality.

But yes, it's a heresy.


I've slept on both sides of my bed *shrug*


I physically squirm at how that bed is placed jesus christ.


File: 1683520819072.jpg (29.94 KB, 700x668, 11-5de618fdb4444__700.jpg)

The layout of Poniko's room may be designed like this to increase the unsettling atmosphere. If the player notices something off, they'll stay in this area instead of leaving right away to investigate, which would lead to them discovering the Uboa event.

If that's what was intended when the Pink Sea was added to the game, then the pastel colors and cute music are meant to fool you into thinking nothing's wrong.

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