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Captchas didn't work. Sticking to janitors while we try to think of something else.

File: 1472531700447.png (104.69 KB, 461x461, YN_Mado_in_ubuu.png)


Originally suggested some time ago, the idea has finally come true and is official now.

Uboachan is currently and actively working on the translation of Manga, Doujinshi and other fanworks related to Yume Nikki. The group behind the translations is Patchy Illusion Team. For those who don't know, we were originally a group oriented to game making/help. The team was disbanded, however, and I decided to take the reins and use it for this project. The name may ring a bell in some users.

We decided to create an all-purpose thread where we will publish new releases, post announcements, answer questions from the users and take suggestions. If you have something to say, this is the right place.

That being said, here's our first announcement: We are currently in the need of more people. If you want to give a hand, please, make sure to check the about page in our site and see what would you like to apply for:


You may also post in the thread, or send me a mail (hover over my name in the post).

More hands working on this means faster and better translations. This is a work done by the users for the users. And, as much as we all would love to translate manga as fast as possible, it is a rather time-consuming process prone to error. We're all human and we need to use our time for other things, such as work and/or college, or other people pointing out what we did wrong.

Please, notice no prior experience in any of these fields is needed at all. I personally don't have any problems with teaching people how to use gimp and what's the difference between a good and bad translation. Ultimately, we're doing this for our own enjoyment out of our own free will, so don't feel discouraged to give it a try if you want to participate. We don't bite.
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Taking advantage of the spam bump to comment something I noticed some time ago and forgot to mention.
The reader isn't working anymore, it throws out a database error.

File: 1321651154432.png (6.56 KB, 300x300, 1213102223456.png)

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here we post "WHY IS THIS NOT WORKING" and then someone else posts "THIS IS WHY AND HOW TO FIX" yay

helping the YN/fangame community, ONE HELP THREAD AT A TIME.

Previously solved problems

add LC_ALL=ja_JP@utf8 before the line to execute wine on your terminal.

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File: 1703233740214.jpg (88.53 KB, 1080x608, ashpedo.jpg)

You want to fix a problem fix it yourself

File: 1708807185520.jpg (695.48 KB, 3024x4032, 20240224_181346.jpg)


How it feels to be alone basically
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there is something about it


File: 1708821104953.gif (12.7 KB, 150x155, 1236902706627.gif)

madoCUTEky on the stairs


Always feel my subconscious observes me as a second entity, like a madotsuki with a knife


mine is more like a fat, worm-like spoiled baby


you are all welcome to the chat thread

File: 1483300367109.png (156.04 KB, 800x600, 7cb2fdb3ee68fa7ccc1507e6fa….png)


The hug thread is gone >>>/c/1313. But I want to keep reporting about it. It's been eight years since the original thread. Would be against the rules to start a new one here?
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File: 1686356040559.jpg (194.59 KB, 2048x1989, 162397582053275.jpg)

I donut


File: 1704565915110.jpg (271.74 KB, 800x868, 2024.jpg)

I wonder how many anons are still with me.

I have tried some suggestions I was given in this thread, but somehow some of them felt artificial, and others felt like I had to trick myself into believing in a new reality or something like that.

When you meet someone, talk to them, touch them. You are not tricking yourself into believing that all of it is happening, because it is actually happening, it is the unchangeable reality. So many rituals, esoteric, cults, leaders want you to follow what they say, or follow their procedures. You have to stop thinking for yourself, and must let them guide you, you have to believe in their reality, and trick your own mind into allowing it to happen. But it doesn't feel real.

Science is also not giving much of an answer. Everything is unattainable, the technology needed to even think about it is absurdly hard to grasp.

I have clues, directions, tons of theory. But why doesn't it ever feel real?

Mado is not showing up in my dreams anymore, my own mind feels like it is fading. Possibilities go from endless to void in seconds. I am facing a challenge much bigger than I anticipated. I have fought reality itself for many years now, but reality has absolutely no mercy, it is absolutely solid. No matter how much the intellectuals debate over it, reality won't listen.

What is the cry of a man against the unmeasurable vastness of the Creator.

I will recharge, and I will go once more unto the breach. Thank you, dear friends.


File: 1705874735677.png (232.9 KB, 800x425, Never-Give-Up.png)

Tulpa guy. it's good to hear from you.


File: 1705880525619.jpg (982.13 KB, 2048x1536, comf450847845.jpg)

Was just thinking about you and wondering how long it's been since we've heard of your quest. Even if you don't succeed, though I hope you do, please keep us updated on your life and such. You're such a genuine interesting person and hearing about your adventures over the years always brings me joy.


Always a treat to see your posts, man. Checking this thread to see your updates became kinda of a yearly ritual. Be careful out there, and i hope you find what you seek, in any way possible.

File: 1675309042569.png (491.81 KB, 1080x1080, file.png)


Repost from /v/thread/626284658:
Toby Fox interviews Yume Nikki's creator Kikiyama.

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i'm 100% sure tobyfox is inspired by yn


>This is how you fuckers looks like
Every time someone is defensive over "hate comments" and says they are posted by ugly fat manchildren it is usually projection.


File: 1706046612941.jpg (217.08 KB, 900x1260, __madotsuki_yume_nikki_dra….jpg)

It's pretty apparent that YN and Cave Story inspired a lot of the elements we see in Undertale.
It was interesting to note that Kikiyama didn't make any traditional rpgs before starting work on Yume Nikki. I honestly wonder what Kikiyama's art, be it manga or games, were before and after YN. Maybe he goes by a different handle and Yume Nikki is explicitly only for the Kikiyama handle. Either way, I thank him for bringing this wonderful game into the world


What would you guys have asked? I think I would have asked why they stopped developing the game or what a version 1.0 might have looked like. Or just anything they would have included if they had the chance


Honestly, I'd have asked if Kikiyama still had access to really early versions of Yume Nikki and if there was a chance of said versions ever getting reuploaded.

File: 1705619819241.png (744 B, 92x132, guy.png)


just made this character wgat should i name them



File: 1704247672348.jpeg (27.63 KB, 320x320, keypfp.jpeg)


yume nikki was my first dive into rpg maker games and i'm really grateful for it because of all the fun i've had! out of curiosity, how did it impact you?


my first rpgmaker game was supercolumbinemassacreRPG.


File: 1704304567277.jpg (544.72 KB, 1440x1441, Screenshot_20220706-204357….jpg)

I am very much the same. It was and still is my comfort game. I randomly picked it up after watching the uboa event in a: 'top 20 creepy hidden easter eggs' video. I played it at the right time too, because at the time, I was kicked out of school for my poor performance and I did not know what to do with my life. I kept to myself in my room, everyday was the same and video-games were the only thing that I felt I was good at. In contrast to Madotsuki, the game replecated my situation perfectly and I was attached to it for that reason. Of course, I played through the whole thing, with a walkthrough sadly, but I still fell in love with it for how unique it was.

File: 1700011734968.jpeg (4.1 KB, 259x194, download (3).jpeg)


I always wanted to explore my dreams like madotsuki, but i cant do it the only time i did was while i was at a nightmare but i didn't knew about being lucid in dreams

And now im here asking tips and techniques for lucid dreaming
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File: 1701190332827.jpg (950.71 KB, 1796x1807, __madotsuki_yume_nikki_dra….jpg)

Lucid dreaming is hard. It requires a lot of brainpower to not wake up inmediately after taking control. Doesn't help that people in your dreams might sabotage you. Today for example I was forcefully put in a psych ward and didn't remember how I got there then my mom showed and I told her I didn't know if what I was seeing was a dream or if it was real and she said: "Don't worry about that, don't say stuff like that" and I remember thinking thar was a pretty weird thing to say.
I should have written down the whole dream but I'm too lazy.


Bro I don't think that was a dream


I have never lucid dreames before…
That's not even what Matdotsuki is doing…
What happened in Yume Nikki is real…


There are certain things that humans are equal, and things that humans are different. So, lucid dreaming is a journey of self-discovering. There are several techniques out there, but one that worked with me is the WILD technique. There is also MILD, WBTB and several others. Some lucid dream successfully in the first night and others take weeks. It's hard for me to wake up in the middle of the night, and I think it will be harsh for you as well. But, no other technique worked for me than WILD.

Another thing that helps a lot is exercises and vitamins. Exercises will make you fall asleep earlier, and have a better quality of sleep. And vitamins… Diet, or supplements. Since you will be exercising yourself, I think you will start eating better (that's the logical thing to do). But, if you really want to have lucid dreams faster… Buy Vitamin B6, Choline and Mugwort. There are others, but they have side effects. Good luck.


just writing down dreams and rereading them for a few days is enough to start seeing more dreams. if you note the inconsistencies with real life its easier to notice too.
then employing techniques like checking your watch through every door in real life so its more likely to be done in your dream and you catch those inconsistencies. or just do more things in real life that you want to do in a dream. i like to run around empty tf2 maps and take in details, so my dreams are a lot like that. i am very lucky to just be able to tell when things are dreams. i dont use the experience to fly or do things like that, but i do enjoy going really close to objects and taking in their detail. ill circle around objects and see their 3d shape. ill focus on the backgrounds and see weird structures. its always just an adventure to me

File: 1701492894350.png (5.84 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_6555.png)


show me your sexy hikki women
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File: 1701732846361.jpeg (323.3 KB, 1638x2048, IMG_6557.jpeg)

i love this one, the slightly odd cropping gives it a little found footage vibe


Remember the cosplay board? That sure was a show


They co-opted our character for personal gain…


i feel like i do remember that from years ago, though i understand why it was archived…. fans of niche japanese acid trip game are not often the photo taking type…


File: 1701858117837-0.jpg (97.54 KB, 1080x1350, 73425468_139405960682866_3….jpg)

Madot stinky.

File: 1666247817275.jpg (634.81 KB, 4096x2392, My_Yume_Nikki_Collection_O….jpg)


I am very happy to finally own all of this! I was originally planning to start opening and using and playing with some of this stuff once I collected them all of the Fangamer merch, but now that they announced new merch on their website, I am considering waiting until those come out to do that, but for now let me know what you all think! Thank you for reading this!
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its good.


nice pins. what if you framed them?


Where do you all of that?


File: 1701475319036.jpg (130.06 KB, 1600x1165, Christmas purchase.jpg)

I got some stuff for Christmas, let's hope customs won't rape my ass this time. They already made me pay for my Mado plushie, it wasn't much, but I had to pay in cash with no option to pay with my card. I felt scammed by the mailman.


where do you live where you can only pay with cash

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