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File: 1327173328353.jpg (44.99 KB, 794x1006, kitchen_knife_by_lolrust-d….jpg)


So i recently visited lol's dA pace (lolrust.deviantart.com) and i have several things to say.

1) His are is … um … well he should stick to pixelling

2) some of his art sheds new light on .flow, like the image to the left, which was titled "kitchen knife". It's a picture of smiles sister. Which makes me think that she might be potentially more dangerous than smile.
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okay so bear with me

what if sabi is actually lol and the maid is his mom and when sabi wakes up from her nightmares it's actually lol cutting himself and posting pictures of it on twitter


You mean the "Outside" being a bio-hazard, or Sabitsuki herself being a bio-hazard?

The outside being dangerous could be good for someone who wanted to tie in Yume Nikki and .Flow, afterall, lol has written some things about sabitsuki knowing madotsuki. And the outside being a Bio-hazard could tie in the theory of that alien disease thing. You know the video.



good try


>>724 with her eyes open

You know how she has slightly reddish eyes when she's Rust? Maybe that's supposed to represent that her eyes are open.


Regardless of how good his/her drawings are, I just love seeing detailed images of the characters. I like that the drawing of Smile finally narrows down just what the hell is going on with his eyes.

And on the subject of the characters' anatomy, even if lol can't draw very well, I've just kind of come to view that as being their style. I think it kind of fits with the game, actually, seeing how all of the characters have ridiculously bulbous heads and the general theme of the game's worlds is bodies doing weird stuff.

I am satisfied.

File: 1352171589533.jpg (12.36 KB, 250x250, Scribe - Not many.jpg)


how many dudes you know roll like this,
how many dudes you know flow like this,
not many, if any,
not many, if any,
how many dudes you know who got the skills to go in and roarck,
a show like this, uh uh, uh uh,
I don't know anybody.

File: 1346696748470.png (65.28 KB, 510x383, murder_scene.png)


On the wiki it states that there is a 0.15 english patch, but I can't find it anywhere! There's a mediafire link but it's dead :-( does anyone know where to find the patch?


I would like to know too. :(


I wouldn't know where to find it but I do have a copy on my computer still that I can upload.


Have fun!

File: 1333962723596.png (35.99 KB, 501x400, fleshworldevent2.png)


Anyone else think this is Sabitsuki's mother and perhaps she died during childbirth?
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Then that makes the black-haired girls what, neurons or standard body cells? Considering they all die when the red demons are running amok…


Vital Organs


Yeah but getting hit by a kaibutsu increases your corruption. Not to mention, they seem to have a negative association and the whole point of the game is sabi turning into one.



The only time they infect Kaibutsus is during the Rust Corrupted School event, and even then they're all Sabitsuki Kaibutsus

In fact, the Demons and the Kaibutsus are seen at peace in the Body area, more specifically in that white zone where everything goes to hell after you hit a lone passive Kaibutsu


She reminds me of Alma from F.E.A.R.
dunno why.

File: 1346804392251.png (82.45 KB, 437x324, pon.png)


Sabitsuki pony… Would you ride?
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You're being chased by kaibutsu and only Sabitsuki Pony can outrun them.


Are they Kaibutsu ponies?
I have trouble believing that Sabi is a pony but the Kaibutsu are not ponies.


They are not ponies.

Sabitsuki is a pony because she has the rare and obscure pony effect.



>Sabitsuki is a pony because she has the rare and obscure faggot effect



File: 1349828506057.png (13.29 KB, 400x400, cirno_day_by_mythicalchees….png)

yeah guys
let us just turn every fictional thing to ever exist into a pony
whoever the fuck drew that needs to die
whoever the fuck supports it needs to go into a coma until they die

File: 1322987108516.png (336 B, 24x32, sabituki1.png)


Does anyone know if lol is working on a new version of .flow?
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You're amazingly late and discussion about that has already happened.


Is the discussion buried somewhere?



no there just wasn't much aside from an update in moonside
.16 was the good shit really


I love this game aaaaaahhhhhh but it's a little scary


File: 1347128705599.png (44.75 KB, 1269x645, uhhh.png)

did anyone see the flurry of tweets from lol earlier

the old google slave translator's kinda bumming me out
(read from bottom to top)

File: 1330925765469.png (4.04 KB, 248x365, docter.png)


Does the Doctor have any fanart?
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i am so happy people like my dum doctor fan art wow
as for cosplaying the doctor, he looks a bit grey and washed out to me, his skin tone at least.
i would try using some gray tones to shade and highlight your face, maybe putting some bloody looking stains on your coat in a few places, and trying to find someone willing to cosplay one of the flower children with you, as i feel just plain bloody children, or the nurse, will still be too generic.
also maybe go with one of the lighter haired children, as the black haired ones will probably just look like your typical japanese ghost child.


Is Christopher Eccleston considered ugly in Britain?

I think he's very handsome, in a rugged kind of way. He actually looks like someone who travels all over and solves mysteries and stuff. But in-universe, people mostly seem to think he's this gawky nerd.

The current doctor looks like some Johnny Depp faggot. Blegh.


Matt Smith looks nothing like Johnny Depp


File: 1346723139537.jpg (128.32 KB, 600x500, dentist.jpg)


1. get your dr who out of my .flow
2. see 1
3. eccleston's def. most attractive of the new 3

another from pixiv


My point is he's some generically non-threatening boyish "hottie," complete with Edward Cullen hair. The kind of guy who appeals to preteens, not women.

File: 1346668670094.jpg (2.95 KB, 64x64, 1346125874318.jpg)


>game starts off with short weird dream sequence you wake from right after
>protagonist(you) has what seems to be akin to light colored bedhead hair, wearing a short skirt and sleeveless top
>uses a handgun and steel pipe sometimes for various reasons
>find themselves in white elevators going to hellish places
>symbolism of growing fetuses/birthing/abortion and whatnot fucking everywhere
>darkhaired counterpart/counterpart that is really a different you is basically the antagonist or a good guy however you look at it
>if it aint blood its dirt or rust or something. dust?
>at some point you meet some asshole in glasses and mysterious creepy but relatively polite if not mentally stable lady that only seeks to do some good even if it means fucking your shit up
>monsters, one of which have nothing but a mouth for a face and another just has some kind of wound that resembles somewhat of a hole replacing their face
>dark haired girls are a reoccuring theme in the game, one in particular actually
>lots of people think you WERE the dark haired little girl at some point or another
>obligatory sewer monster that has the ability to fuck shit up
>speaking of sewers, you can explore many places. a hospital with a morgue in it, some sewers, what seems to be some sort of bar or strip club, and you live in an apartment.
>you have more than one name, technically
>in the end you fuck whatever you have thats been growing in you right in the face several times and then the game happily ends if you did it all right… depending on how you played and how much you did
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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So wait a minute. If we just listen to what people have already figured out about SH3 we'll know what the hell is going on in .flow?

Sign me up


everything but >people think you were the dark haired girl at one point

never been down that road


various theories talk about how before she got the disease/bleached her hair in some fit of rebellion because teenager/whatever people make up, her hair was darker, and that she could even be smile's little sister

sabitsuki's earlier design WAS dark-haired after all…


>counterpart that is really a different you

Nope. All the rest I can sort of see how it fits in one way or another


rust/memory of alessa

partially smile since hes like sabitsuki's animus/some sort of counterpart, also dark haired like the memory of alessa and can kill her

File: 1345899221282.png (1002 B, 107x115, Sabitsukiicon.png)


Hey guys, figured I'd post this here. I compiled most of the sprites for .flow, and you can find 'em here: http://www.spriters-resource.com/pc_computer/flow/index.html
I figured they might be helpful for looking for certain things for reference, or what have you. They can be pretty spread out and hard-to-find in the game files. I'm still working on them, but most of the important stuff is up already.
Oh, and, it might go without saying, but these things are spoiler-TASTIC. Don't look until you beat the thing!
That's all. Hope it helps at least one of ya.


Guys, I have like…. a theory I guess?

Sabitsuki ends all her sentences with "da ze."


What the hell are you talking about da ze~


>>1893 Interesting. I thought of Sabitsuki acting that way too. Or using manly words, at least. Well maybe not manly, just not your average kawaii desu stereotype.

Maybe I should just shut up.

File: 1345598484872.png (306.81 KB, 610x582, kaibutsu___dot_flow_by_ant….png)


Alright, guys. I think I figured out what happened in the end. While you're rust, you walk down the corridor, demons attack you. Both the elevator and the corridor obviously represent time going by, as the disease was getting worse. I'm sure by now we all know this. But, here's the catch. When you get to your most injured stage, you can see little horns poking out of her head, and teeth coming out of her face. Like a kaibutsu. The female kaibutsu, in fact. So my theory is, Sabitsuki's condition got worse and worse over time and wanted to pull a madotsuki over the railing, but the maid(nurse?) stopped her for a reason. This reason is? Well, Sabi does try to attack the maid, so you can tell she was already out of her mind. And also, the maid cut off her legs. Her legs. Think of the machine effect. What if, perhaps, whenever a rust patient starts to go kaibutsu, the maids install whatever the machine effect is? What if the Kaibutsu were just poor victims of the rust disease, but became terminally ill before the machine method was invented? What if whoever invented the machine effect…was Oreko?

Also I promote the idea that the first patient to ever receive the treatment was that monochrome girl, but Sabi had seen her and her house on a black and white newspaper?


Yeah, I think I agree with you for the legs thing. I posted a theory sometime earlier that said basically the same thing about the implied suicidal intent and infection

My interpretation was that sabi had become trapped in .flow and it wanted to keep her alive to advance the infection. Your guess is as good as mine really



I like it. o_o Though I think I'd be more accepting of this theory if the Kaibutsu were wearing something like a hospital gown, or even just casual clothes like Sabi. But with the way they all wear school uniforms, including the one that resembles Sabitsuki, I think they're supposed to have some connection to the school. I'd assumed they were some kind of horrific representation of preppy kids who might have bullied her at school, but their hair does seem to connect to the idea of her disease as well.

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