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File: 1326072479293.png (8.27 KB, 446x336, denizen.png)


Hello im starting this project in wich i make noise songs inspired by places on .flow it seemed fitting that i posted this here.
rusting bandcamp. if anyone wants to do a collab or soemthing contact me over here jerkool.tumblr.com


I was going to check your stuff out since noise music can be pretty great, but you seem like a complete faggot judging form your tumblr.

File: 1324790769836.gif (848.39 KB, 400x330, Kaibutsu.gif)


Merry christmas, /flow/

Have an amazing gif I found a while back!



File: 1320261092223.jpg (156.5 KB, 1080x600, 22699783.jpg)


I was wondering if anyone had any older versions of the game that they could share, just out of curiosity. I want to play the older versions just to see what it's like.
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it's .10
note >>280 is .06


There is no V1.0. Not even Yume Nikki has a 1.0.



Then what would V1.0 be?


V 1.0 would be a fully finished version, with nothing else to be added.


File: 1325453188791.png (23.18 KB, 320x240, .flowbug.png)


Found a bug, didn't find a thread, to here ya' go.

(Pictured) When you open the instructions in the location you get the Arms effect, the image will pulse like the topmost particle.


Unkillable girl on the Parade corridor - "About the invincible child, it's most certainly a bug. You see, every one of those have a specific flag to tell the game they're dead (313,314,315…). That child in particular activates flag 315 but checks flag 314 to see if it died. If you kill the grey-haired child below the door, which activates flag 314, then the invincible child will die as well"

Taken from http://archive.uboachan.net/flow/res/1097.xhtml#1782 .

Demons on the Rust Corrupted School event don't harm Sabitsuki - "Also, to shine some light on that. I know I talked about how they did nothing on a previous post, but those Rust Corrupted School demons are supposed to do something. Their coding is different from other demons, in that a single touch would kill Sabitsuki, instead of needing 15 demons (thus explaining their huge size). The only thing that causes them not to do anything is a bug. You see, in all demons, there is a condition that gets checked before they corrupt you, which is whether or not you have the menu commands enabled. Why, I do not know, as I can't remember a situation where the demons and a lack of menu capabilities would conflict with each other. The fact is, this piece of code is still present in the Rust chase sequence's demons, and as we all know well, we can't access the menu in this part, so they do nothing"

Taken from http://archive.uboachan.net/flow/res/1097.xhtml#1667 .

File: 1325076025736.jpg (21.18 KB, 640x483, unkillable.jpg)


Hello everyone. So since last night (what else time would be the best to play?) I have been playing .flow for the first time. It's a really amazing game and I love it, but that's not why I am here. So I have been kinda tried out almost every single little thing in the game and I read through the wiki as well and all but I did not seemed to be able to found a kinda little interesting thing I discovered mentioned anywhere. So in the corrupted alleyway hospital in the hall where you can find the room with the Little Sabitsuki in bed there is one unusual white haired kid. That kid is actually unkillable, no matter how many times I hit it with the pipe it just never dies. On the other hand everyone else is killable, if I hit them they drop dead on the floor(which I find weird too since everywhere else if you kill a kid it will just disappear into nothing after hit as all every NPC normally). So I am not sure has this been discovered or not, I could not find it anywhere mentioned. So if it is known is anything known about it? I find it rather strange…
Oh the picture is a screenshot I took me hitting the unkillable kid. So as I said the kid has white hair but there is another white haired kid which is killable and have barely bit different face. The unkillable kid is around the far right end of the hall.




That Guy usually found these things for us, you can check the archive's theory thread for some more bugs that come out as possible curiosities

File: 1324737717278.gif (109.16 KB, 200x160, tumblr_llsk0a93VV1qztwte.gif)


Pic semi-unrelated

hey guys, im not sure if im posting this in the right place, but i need help
im not sure what to do after i get all the effects
i have them, but what now?


oops wait
Can someone take this over to the walkthrough thread? sorry about that

File: 1324076166408.png (10.4 KB, 638x477, 87.PNG)


Heads up, in V15 you can make the eye in the apartments blink if you use the mono-eye while in the room.

(BTW you can also kill it with the iron pipe for some reason)


Yeah, it's a long-known behavior, and it has been mentioned on the .flow wiki as well.

File: 1323996135740.jpg (8.84 KB, 565x66, asdf1.JPG)


Hey guys, I downloaded .flow 0.10, and I played through it a bit before noticing there's a new version available, so I was wondering… what are the differences between versions? New worlds? new effects? new endings? And can I transfer my save file from an older version to a new one?


There's a new event in the Corrupted School during the Rust chapter

And yes, you can


There's also more unlockable menus.

File: 1322973626741.jpg (459.64 KB, 1000x1000, 1311965150872.jpg)


Hi there Uboachan.
I've been bored recently and was going to give .flow a try.

But seeing as I love tinkering with games, I've decided on trying to create a simple hack that allows one to Noclip(Noclip being walk through walls), and maybe a couple other things and was wondering if anyone would be interested in having such a thing as well.

tl;dr Would you like a Noclip hack for this and maybe 2ikki.


Quite frankly, I think it'd be easier to open the game on RPG maker and check the events for yourself if you want complete exploration of the game. There are even some maps in the game files which (still?) haven't been implemented, so in the end a no-clip would only allow you to see what you're supposed to see, anyway


File: 1323022736389.jpg (76.18 KB, 500x500, 1311621412145.jpg)

This is true.
For some reason I had the idea that .flow was un-openable in the RPGMaker editor.

Eh, oh well.


Yeah, you can open it in RPG Maker 2000.
It's easy to make a noclip from there, just remove the restrictions on tileblocks to allow movement on everything.


To noclip in RPG Maker, just go to playtest the game (press the green 'play' button near the top) and hold down ctrl while walking :3
This allows you to walk on any tile, no matter what the terrain tag or what have you~

File: 1322849280428.png (6.6 KB, 320x240, I didn't notice these.png)


Hello there,
I am attempting a blind run of .flow, and until recently I didn't notice either of these.

I know the bottom left number is yen and you get it from killing things, but what is it used for?

Also, what do the numbers at the top mean? They seem to just jump around without any reason.


For the yen, you go to the cafe in the sewers and you can buy drinks and cake there (100 for drinks, 300 for cake).

Not sure what the other numbers are, though.


The top numbers are experience points. Remember, this is an RPG Maker game, so it's "supposed" to be an RPG

You gain enough XP per effect to level up, which in turn raises your level (the "E 12" in your image, the Effect counter, is actually your level indicator according to RPG Maker mechanics)

Bottom line is, don't worry about the those numbers on top


I was wondering why I couldn't get anything at the cafe when I got there. Thank you.

Ah, I get it. So it's like when you pick up effects, you're really picking up exp. That makes sense.



Oh, sorry, I made that sound kind of deceiving. What I meant was that, every time you pick up an effect, an event occurs that enables that particular effect and levels you up at the same time. It's a good way to use the native level-up system

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