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File: 1328232049673.png (115.34 KB, 320x320, buya.png)


.flow thread? cosplay thread? IDK! Hipster Sabitsuki cosplay? Yes! How is the question though.

I shall be hated forever for this….

{{Pic semi-what-not related???))



influx of bad threads today damn



Fucking this

And cosplay goes in /cos/ as any literate person would know

File: 1317015274357.jpg (942.53 KB, 1378x1001, sabitsuki.jpg)


Dunno if it matters but this is from lol's twitter


HE KNOWS ABOUT UBOACHAN (Or I'm really slow.)

http://twitter.com/#!/lol_rust Twitter here.
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File: 1317318257389.jpg (21.6 KB, 800x561, 1047-frog.jpg)

Holy crap that is awesomeee.

I assume he has known about the .flow board? Or Dream Fighter?


This person talks about uboachan too, who is this??


think of that, uboachan had linked on pixiv dictionary/wiki of yume nikki

so no wonder it has known by some japanese i guess?;; http://dic.pixiv.net/a/%E3%82%86%E3%82%81%E3%81%AB%E3%81%A3%E3%81%8D


He posted here once a really long time ago (Or some jap that people assumed was him)

So he must be talking about the update.


I wonder what he thinks of the theory thread.

File: 1319163002525.png (135.67 KB, 474x600, 75.png)


have a MONOEYE


That's pretty cool =)



File: 1324610120659.png (25.53 KB, 500x500, glitch.png)


I was wondering if anyone ad an earlier version of .flow such as 0.04 or 0.03? I already have 0.06 but I want to see how the game has changed. I think there was a thread for this before but hey, it doesn't hurt to try.
And if you do have an earlier version, would that person put up a download link for it or something, please?


File: 1324675630311.png (223.66 KB, 700x600, d'awww.png)

Go visit: >>269

Read the othe threads before making a irrelevant new one.


I know about that thread but it's kind of dead and it never went past v0.06. I said before that I thought there was a thread for it before.


It would be cool to find a download for the absolute earliest version.

File: 1327381841170.png (14.91 KB, 680x935, whateven.png)


How did we not see this before?!

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woha man


Has anyone else noticed when you're moving Sabitsuki, that for a split second, her eyes turn red?


Proof or it didn't happen.


It must be an error on their computer or something, because I looked through the normal sprite files and none of them had red eyes.


Holy girweogbiorh… I never noticed this… nope… but Rust is Rust….

File: 1317850344370.png (1.9 KB, 144x144, face.png)


When looking through the music folder of 0.15, I've found two tracks which were completely unknown to me: the first is pon1.wav, which is a creepy version of the neon world music. And there is lainbow2.wav, which is based on the rave maze theme, and is just downright scary to me for some reason.

Has someone encountered these tracks during the game?
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pon1 is just a sped up version of the music that plays in the red-and-blue-pill area after the Music World. Slow the music down to x50, it will be the same.



Thanks for pointing them out.

It's unfortunate that their speed has been altered ingame, though. They are much more creepy when played normally…


Does anyone remember where bgm23 is played?


That track is a sped-up version of the music that plays in Microscopic World/Fog World after interacting with one of the microorganisms.



Actually, that's bgm22. bgm23 is an unused, higher quality version of bgm22.

File: 1316996814354.png (8.14 KB, 641x479, flowingggg.png)


Anything to do here? You get here from the FC witch world.
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The wiki says you need to do a bunch of stuff to activate an event where a frozen Kaibutsu appears, but I think that might be bullshit.


The part about doing a bunch of stuff, that is.



What? Where?


http://dotflow.wikidot.com/kaibutsu-in-the-well It says something about needing to attack a Kaibutsu or something.



Ah, that one

That's what the link in >>57 was for, but the archive's domain changed in the meantime. For the original thread see http://archive.uboachan.net/flow/res/706.xhtml

File: 1327459027815.png (46.5 KB, 380x270, tumblr_lv7k6kL4Q51r0xx5u.png)



that awkward moment when my Smile is on uboachan. I guess that means that I should update soon? haha
Here's ask IRL Smile and IRL Sabitsuki.

File: 1320096704466.png (5.65 KB, 143x157, TV.png)


So, what's up with this event? The wiki calls it "Kaibutsu TV Channel". Does it change anything? I got it my first time playing .flow.
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File: 1322972265396.png (8.71 KB, 126x260, smilie sperm.png)

pretty sure it's one of the million sets of teeth in this game



That thing also looks like white lips. Doesn't look like teeth at all - the red inside isn't helping.


File: 1323015069756.png (18.68 KB, 545x408, 笑顔背&#….png)


Does hello's image look like teeth now?





I want to make it into a pillow design. That would be so adorable. *A*

File: 1326833271941.jpg (39.66 KB, 350x447, HAHATIMEFORYN.jpg)






So you lost your saves? Tell me the state of your deleted save (which effects you had, etc). I might have a similar one here


18 effects.


File: 1326847661641.png (27.92 KB, 640x480, Debug.png)

I'm not too keen on randomly adding 18 effects, as you might miss out on some parts of the game if I did. So instead I uploaded this file - http://www.4shared.com/file/-t7NRT_k/Map0002.html

Just replace the original file in the .flow folder and you'll be able to access the debug room. All you have to do is interact with the tile directly right of the door in the Real World (check my image)

Once there you can just talk to the effects as if you found them inside the Dream World, and obtain those you recognize

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