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File: 1345155296723.png (60.67 KB, 278x357, sisterbig4.PNG)


What are the characters referred to as by the Japanese fanbase? I've heard that Smile is a name used by both English and Japanese fans but I've also heard 'Irezumi' and for him and his sister, they are sometimes referred to as 'Irezumi Kyoudai.'

I mainly was wondering if anyone knew the name given to Sister by Japanese fans or lol and if it was any different from the one the English fans gave her.


The better question is why people don`t call oreko "orange"

seriously, every .gif image with oreko on it has "orange" written in big font letters. Is this not on par with filename?


I don't know the specific reason for it, but Oreko is a better from a naming perspective ("ore" from "orenji"/orange and "ko" from child or girl, so she's basically being called "orange girl"). Plus we're all probably used to referring to her that way by now.


File: 1345409289999.png (4.14 KB, 288x256, イベン&#….png)

the only name the english fanbase has really "coined" that wasn't already made essentially canon via filename or ingame reference was naming the first kaibutsu some baseless english name

so to reiterate: there really aren't many characters to FAN-name

unfortunately i don't really know much about the japanese fanbase, but if the english fanbase is anything to go by, those with less FANDOM significance (pic sorta related) don't really seem to matter when it comes to naming.

FTR: Oreko is also her primary file's name, and has been since early releases. Fun fact while citing this, I noticed that the ghost's filename sticks her with "hana" although this could be in reference to the level she's found in. Pretty.

File: 1345137873669.png (1.06 KB, 96x96, flow_Sabitsuki.png)


anybody have any .flow sprite rip gifs? it'd be super helplful!


File: 1345157400687.png (191.33 KB, 410x491, 1344823283468.png)

>open up your .flow folder
>open up charset folder
>accidentally start to flow at computer doing this
>sprites get

im not responsible for any bleeding that may occur

File: 1343888107501.png (30.39 KB, 635x461, oreko.PNG)


Dunno if maximum slowpoke or not, but has anyone noticed how Oreko will start to follow you in the underwater area? She won't always head straight toward you, but she's usually gravitating to your general direction. I'm not sure if it depends on friendship level or not, but it's something interesting I've noticed.


File: 1343889824115.png (22.42 KB, 600x600, 1322367848353.png)

Yaaah boy, we're gainin' on em


>>1418 Oh god my sides

File: 1344597297499.png (Spoiler Image, 43.31 KB, 642x456, orangenexus.png)


I was playing ver 0.10 and I found a very orange nexus?
I have no idea if it's because of the friendship meter (I visit Oreko everytime), or something else…


It's pretty usual at later stages of the game

Not sure what enables it but you should be able to see it during the last stages of the regular dream world, and throughout the whole Rust dream world

File: 1343927716120.jpg (100.3 KB, 754x616, fffuuu.JPG)


Hey, guys, i have a little problem with the game. I can't became rust because one of the stars that appear while you're in flow is gone. I've collected all the 24 effects, however, that star isn't there. What's wrong?


What's wrong is you have yet to find one effect


the first effect you have is the instructions.

You actually need to collect 25 effects. I know, it happened to me as well


Thanks, my bad. I'm so lazy that i didn't noticed it.



File: 1340551181971.png (29.68 KB, 636x478, rust.PNG)


Hello Uboachan (/゚Д゚)/
While I was playing .flow 0.17 in Rust mode I entered the new area, the Sweet Sugar.
I found out something interesting.
I think it's a new Rust event. Or something like that.
So I recorded everything!
Here you are~
I think I'll do other .flow videos here. This is the same channel where I'll upload Forget me not: Palette gameplays.
I hope you all will like this, enjoy (^▽^)
Pic ultrarelated.
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eugh what did you use to record this?

was it camstudio? did you use default codecs? Please please tell me you didn't record this with default camstudio codecs


Yeah, that's just a little bug.
It'll probably be fixed in the next version(s).


Hey, thanks for the response. I normally wouldn't care but I lost an empty box because of it and wandering around in the endgame isn't very fast paced…


I viewed Rust's Sweet Sugar hotel. After looking at the mirror and then exit the restroom, the game freezes, that is, I can't control Rust and the OST still plays. I don't have the problem if I don't look into the mirror. Can someone help me?


Everyone is having this problem. As stated it will probably be patched in a later update

File: 1343247246918.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.09 MB, 7015x4960, 1.jpg)


I mapped the game to think of some theories. It's only a map of what connects to what, like a simple Dark Souls map, but thought it was useful enough to share it.
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File: 1343254125407.png (256.31 KB, 1964x1640, ravemazemap2.png)

Here's part two


File: 1343254162725.png (176.03 KB, 1604x1452, ravemazemap3.png)

and here's part 3

which includes the area where the cat effect is found


Oh yes, I think I saw your work over at the wiki. What you did can hardly be compared to my scribbles, so thank you for the hard work!


File: 1343257401703.gif (71.53 KB, 156x136, flying-horse.gif)

>rainbow maze map

Please make love to me.


Also, not sure if it's important or not, but a list of Kaibutsu and where they take you to:

Red Eye World (after taking Hand Portal) - Underwater Temple

Footprint Path 1(Pigtail) - Music World (Multicolored box area)

Isometric Path (No Face) - Decaying Art Gallery

Isometric Path (Red Eyes) - Decaying Art Gallery

Bloody Plant World 1 (that calm one) - Red & Blue Sound Brick World

Industrial World 1 (Pigtail) - Red & Blue Sound Brick World

Industrial World 1 (No Face) - Footprint Path
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1342755127796.jpg (172.37 KB, 500x347, Guiltlessly_stolen_from_re….jpg)


Generic Yume nikki fangame question time.

What program are people using to look inside .flow and check out the game for object and event placement? I'm guessing this is just a version of RPG maker but am not quite sure.

General discussion of methods used to comb directory files is also appreciated


Your guess is correct. You can look at .flow's event and object placement using RPG Maker.


Many thanks -but

which version should I be using? VX? Is there an easy way to get it outside of searching a torrent site?


RPG Maker 2003 can view and edit .flow. It can be downloaded from here:

File: 1342236578679.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.79 KB, 917x922, rust.jpg)


Rust: Infection begins by taking hold in the patient's central nervous system after contact with another infected individual. As the disease progresses, various changes take place in the individual's psyche: tendencies toward aggressive behavior, loss of, memory, and more vivid dreams. The dreams may also be associated with a heightened sense of subconscious caused by increased blood.flow to the site of infection.
Vivid hallucinations may also occur, causing the fight-or-flight reaction in the individual when seemingly unprovoked; patients tend to fight, rather than flee.
After the latent period in the brain of the host, this period varying from one patient to another, Rust will migrate through lymph and blood vessels throughout the body and create cysts in various parts of the body. The cysts resemble minute bruises, but do not sport any color differentiation from the adjacent skin.
When the patient is provoked, the cysts burst outward due to a sudden increase in bloodflow. Skin directly above the cysts are especially susceptable, causing more visible haemorrhaging in the facial region.
It is worth noting that when provoked, all patients become incredibly tolerant of pain, incredibly hostile, and incredibly dangerous; patients display complete awareness of their actions and have the ability to speak, but display an almost sadistic sense of pleasure when doing harm to others.
Prolonged stimulation in this way can cause permanent harm to the individual, creating scars and loss of facial features. Most patients can recover from minor rage, but some are unable to completely calm down— in these cases, the individuals display near inhuman strength and bleed profusely, causing a complete removal of skin from the facial region after some time and ultimately death.


File: 1342236647676.jpg (31.93 KB, 500x345, parade-timeparade-time.jpg)

Treatment: Quarantine of individual.
Patients should be provided with a relaxing atmosphere to prevent stressful hormones which may increase bloodflow enough to cause hemorrhaging.
It is highly advised that the patient not be exposed to any form of human contact after contracting the disease, and any form of communication be out of reach.

Curing the disease is as of yet, impossible.
Vaccination is possible, but due to the mutating nature of the prion, nearly useless. Exterminating the disease in hospital grounds is futile after contamination, radiation and heat do not denature the structure of the prion; incineration would merely cause the prion to become airborne.


File: 1342236746927.png (483.3 KB, 600x360, 5306568.png)

Addendum A: The patient can still come into contact with individuals who have been confirmed as being infected— though patients are much more prone to violent episodes.

Addendum B: Schools can be established for infected children, the government has begun renovating infected hospitals for the task.

Addendum C: Technological advancements have created the ability to transfer infected humans into completely mechanical suits to prevent physical harm from the disease; during the process, alterations to the fight-or-flight center of the brain are made to insure rage is no longer an issue.

Addendum D: Individuals who do not wish to be transferred into mechanical bodies can now be allowed access to the outside world, although still in quarantine. Internet connections to infected households can be created on the grounds that a personal assistant in full mechanized body is hired as well to prevent damage from infected rage. See contract for details.


>all patients become incredibly tolerant of pain, incredibly hostile, and incredibly dangerous; patients display complete awareness of their actions and have the ability to speak, but display an almost sadistic sense of pleasure when doing harm to others.

So they are a Redux Version of the Crossed?



Basically, yeah; only they are more amiable when you don't provoke them, and their faces melt and rust after you piss them off.


File: 1342574448632.png (123.04 KB, 482x281, kaibutsu.png)

After reading the wiki page on The Crossed, the infected constantly seek out things to violently assault.

According to OP's description, Rust makes the person go into a bloody berserker rage.
>Loss of memory
And then there's that. The subconscious may remember what happens during these episodes, giving people bad flashbacks if they're in a state of subconscious susceptibility.

Then again, it could just be a bunch of bleeding maniacs swinging around horse-dongs.

File: 1323898913956.jpg (11.63 KB, 469x343, dotflowexample.jpg)


Hey guys, I lurk a lot but it's my first time really posting here, and I've just played .flow and can't find the information I want as it's still pretty underground.

Reading walkthroughs and having spoken to a couple of friends who've completed the game, I wanted to confirm I came across a random event.
In the hospital halls where you find the black hood effect, there is normally a bloody arrow in there pointing to the door. I don't know if that toggles on and off randomly but I didn't get that like everyone else did.
Secondly, the doctor in one of the first rooms past reception did something different for me. Normally I heard, and as it's been for me since, when you kill him with the steel pipe his glasses fall on the floor and he disappears as all other characters do. You go out and come back in and his glasses are on the desk.

Well, for me, when I hit him with the pipe, he turned into a ghost, which is to say there was an indication of something translucent with glasses hunched over on itself where I'd killed him that I couldn't hit again, couldn't interact with and couldn't walk through. I went out and came back in and it was still there.

I didn't take a screenshot as I didn't realize it might be a random event. I play v 0.10. Anyone else had this?
(Image is a gameplay YouTube still so we're on the same page)
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It was probably better when pic in >>543 could possibly have been a secret code, rather than meaning techy stuff and smelling like wet dogs.


Ahaha, I see what you mean. xD

Ooh, ooh, I know!! The code relates to what the NPCs in YN say in the FC world!!! The jumbled stuff means numbers!!!! /randomness


> code relates to words of Yume Nikki's FC world NPCs
And thus it's still a mystery…un-ruined.


I'm still here and I still say I saw this.


We're still here and pretty sure it's a huge lie.

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