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File: 1367836478947.png (45.61 KB, 580x496, screenshotlccddem.png)

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Hey, has anyone heard about this?

>"LcdDem ver.0.030

>This is a “Yume Nikki” fangame.
>This isn’t “Yume Nikki”.

>To those know about/like LcdDem:

Please avoid talking about LcdDem as much as possible. Don’t say anything about it. "

Source: http://psiwolf.tumblr.com/post/48471399826/a-psa-from-koronba-lcddem-producer-psiwolfs

What do you guys think?


Pretty fascinating.

I like Lcd Dem a lot, to hear this from the author is baffling and interesting. PSI sums up the creator's possible thoughts pretty well.


That's really depressing. We love your game Koronba don't abandon it like that ;_; Explain things to us! Your fans want to help


So, did he even take down the DL link for the game from his site? I wonder what would make him want to make the entire game just disappear.
>Forget about LcdDem. Don't remember it. Don't remind about it.
Just like that?


Ugh this is a real shame.

I do think it's pretty unreasonable to expect people to stop thinking and talking about a game that they enjoy. I'd understand asking people not to upload videos or use assets/music and stuff like that from the game, and I'm not sure about fanart (I was about to work on something, dammit) - but talking about it altogether? Really?

Yeah, the game link itself is gone from the website. I can't find it.


>"Please avoid talking about LcdDem as much as possible. Don’t say anything about it."

Yeah, nah, you can go fuck yourself.


As much as I hate to disrespect his wishes (I don't) anyone have the orginal game/music/etc to download for archive anyway? Now I regret putting this one off for so long.

Pretty ridiculous and a bit immature in my opinion, but eh.


I'm retarded. Download links are on Psiwolf's tumblr in the OP


For reference, a lot of stuff can also still be found on the LcdDem wiki: http://lcddem.wikia.com/wiki/LCDDEM_Wiki

As mentioned on the tumblr post I made about it, the only reason I can guess as to why Koronba is taking this approach is because LcdDem reminds him of something/someone/some time that he really, really wants to not be reminded of. That, or he's just really embarrassed about or ashamed of LcdDem. I'm sure one could come up with dozens of possibilities as to why he's doing this. The guy may just be depressed and just genuinely hate his work, as he also deleted his niconicodouga account with all his music.


File: 1367874688825.jpg (167.41 KB, 960x544, salute.jpg)


Chie…good night, sweet princess

I wonder what happened for him to want to disappear from the Internet.

Isn't he a contributor in Yume 2kki? What will happen with that?

Is it me, or has Rain been taken down too?

Fuck I erased it from my pc some days ago… damn
I loved Koronba's music style…water themes…so relaxing…

look at

Requesting Rain for archival purposes


Oh, I found it somewhere in my HDD


File: 1367883790908.jpg (222.51 KB, 512x600, 1362969259390.jpg)

There's no way he has the authority to do the same about Yume 2kki, if that's what you were wondering. It's simply too large a game with too many people working on it. I really hope he keeps contributing to that project, though. His skills shouldn't go to waste.
Wow, this is kinda depressing though. Even if it didn't quite touch me the way other fangames have, Lcd Dem was really beautiful and soothing. It's a real loss for everyone. Goodnight, sweet princess.


File: 1368026524601.png (15.23 KB, 100x100, tumblr_mkgammgMlP1qh3b7ao1….png)

His contributions from that game will probably be taken out, along with Chie's outfit from the dressing room. Gosh, it sure is a shame.


File: 1368491991960.png (13.67 KB, 574x350, erased.png)

Well, that's really a shame, since it's one of my favorite games of all time. I'm going to respect Koronba's wishes and take down all my gameplay videos. Hopefully there will be another game just like it.


Just a theory, but with him being an artist, I think I can kind of relate. When you make something that a bunch of other people like, it can get kind of frustrating if you want to work on something else but everyone just keeps going on about how they liked your old project better. I imagine he's moved past Lcd Dem and doesn't see it as being his best work any more, and is just getting ticked off with everyone badgering at him about it.

Or maybe he's having some complex personal issues that we know nothing about. I just think that's what'd make the most sense, even though these requests of his are never going to work out. :p

(And about Yume 2kki, Chie's outfit has, in fact, been removed from the dressing room. The other contributions by Koronba, however, are still there.)


Seems childish and silly to me to remove everything related to it just because of something like that.


>If he has done this so people can like more his NEW works, then it's not going to fucking work. I mad. Bad PR move.

Severe personal issues is the only quasi-aceptable explanation, even so,

I will just manually add Chie's outfit to my 2kki copy, because she deserves it.

Sorry Koronba, I won't stop loving this game.



I still think it's really quite likely. Childish/irrtational, yes, but I know a lot of people from Deviant Art/other sites who create things and go through a similar thought process of "People won't stop bothering me about it, so I'll teach them and delete all of it to shut them up for good." Since LcdDem was basically always something to be downloaded from place to place to place, he doesn't have the option of just deleting it, so he has to do something like this and be much more blunt about it. If you notice, he really isn't saying "stop playing it", he's saying "stop telling other people about it". He wants the people who already have it to see this post, blindly obey it, and keep anyone else from finding out about the game who won't have this same understanding and will start bugging him about it again. The ignorant people are his target here. Granted, his main problem is that he doesn't feel like explaining himself and actually expects people to just blindly obey him, and as you're all showing, people are just gonna say "Fuck that, I like this game."

I mean, with anyone who develops any kind of game, you *know* they'll be bombarded with "It should have x and y and z because that'd be cool." as well as the "We love this game so much and made this for you! Praise plz!", which can get really annoying. Honestly, I think it's a reasonable thing to get irritated about, but I also think it's just something he has to deal with.

I go into this much depth primarily because I can't imagine any possible "personal problem" where this would help. This post of his doesn't seem to be saying "I'm having unrelated problems but people knowing about this game is making them worse" but rather "Being reminded about this game is getting on my nerves, leave me alone and stop talking about it." People might still play it, but I certainly don't think any intelligent person will be bothering him about it again any time soon!


Oh, and it also just occurred to me that since this is translated from Japanese, he was probably only intending this for his Japanese fans, and none of what we do will probably ever even reach him anyways, so I honestly don't think we would have anything to worry about. But the sort of "moral of the story" I'm trying to get across here is that the best course of action for his Japanese fans/whoever it is that talks to him would be to just not bring up Lcd Dem in his presence, and not to do the sort of things that would transpire with fans who think he's having "personal issues" and come after him saying "omg Koronba whatever you're going through we hope everything comes out okay because you did such a good job with Lcd Dem and we want to see you be proud of it"


The problem is, it's not only LCD Dem. He also has erased his soundcamp and "Rain", etc. Which was kind of unrelated to the game.

That can't be explained by "people bugging him about the game"

But Rain is related to the game in mood and theme, so it really may be that he made them with something specific in mind, that now he wants to forget about. Or a specific moment in his life.

Anyways, the thing is that "it's not only LCD Dem what dissapeared"


I'll admit, I wasn't aware of the music part, but this just seems like a very strange thought process for him to go through. He had a deep, emotional part of his life that he wished to express through an abstract dream simulator game and music, left it out for a while, and then something occurred to make him complete backtrack on the whole idea and decide no, no, I'm actually not okay with this at all. That's a hell of a sudden change in mindset.

When you say that it was related to the game in mood and theme, then it just sounds like it's on the same level as the fan art that he wants people to stop spreading. Just the fact that people are listening to it and commenting "Wow this is nice it reminds me of your game Lcd Dem" would once again bring up the whole "God why won't people stop bugging me about that game" mindset. Similar phenomenons occur with people like, for example, Daniel Radcliffe. He's grateful that the Harry Potter franchise has made him so popular, but at the same time gets annoyed when people constantly shout out "You're a wizard, Harry!" any time he goes out in public. It's not that he doesn't want anyone to enjoy Harry Potter, he's just tired of hearing about how much people loved that version of him, since now, when he works on other things like "The Woman in Black", people are constantly going to compare him to his character in Harry Potter. I think this would be a very similar process with Koronba and his music.

I just think everyone's expecting a much more angsty, dramatic reason for all this than what's actually the case. To believe something like, "Chie represents his deluded childhood innocence and the painful loss of it through his mother's death, something that he just can't cope with emotionally ANY LONGER" is all very nice, but also a bit over the top!


Koronba doesn't want it anymore and we're to comply. Why he did this is none of our business.



Honestly I think this thread is making a lot more out of this than Koronba is.

Totally ignoring the possibility of "personal issues" or deviant art-levels of pride, the guy just seems to be done with it and moving on to greater pastures. Maybe he thinks it's not nearly as good as what he can do now and it's embarrassing for people to care about it?

Think about it; how would you feel if everyone you met loved a doodle you did in elementary school instead of the really thought out and improved art you make ten years later? It feels like all of your hard work is invalidated, kinda.

Either way, it would just be a polite move to try and follow some of his wishes. Not all of them can be helped but if fans directly ignore his requests I have a feeling he won't be coming back any time soon, if at all.


I would get over it. If he is so set on making a game with no ties to LcdDem all he has to do is basically change his nickname. This thing is just childish attention seeking.


This is the internet. Everything everyone does is our buisness.




Theory: Koronba murdered his mother. He made the game at first to vindicate himself but now he feels like it'll be evidence against him and is freaking out



look at your hand?


That makes sense.


Could anybody upload Rain somewhere? I really want to listen to it.



File: 1369408324515.png (120.3 KB, 899x724, 1362649054340.png)

He's going to come back to it right? Or maybe he's working on a new fangame. Right? Right???


File: 1369420756859.png (63.39 KB, 500x339, tumblr_m1halirrke1r8md38.png)

Well. That's disappointing.


This makes me like LCD DEM even more.
Now Chie is like a poor unwanted child.


File: 1369561818289.png (364.06 KB, 756x358, SINBAD NO.png)




File: 1383941733068.jpg (302.65 KB, 800x600, 225eb88378b8a3fabe8fc7c035….jpg)

Sweet dreams, Chie



necrobumpan in a dead thread.


>wanting to forget Chie
Don't you have a HEART?



she's not really dead if we find a way to remember her.
necrobumping is not the way


Death's vastness holds no peace.


A new message appeared in the LcdDem site today. Can anyone translate?


File: 1384426263632.png (591.87 KB, 762x948, it hurts.png)

you mean this?

"[PR] This ad is displayed because there is no update for more than three months . It will no longer be displayed in the 24 hours after the update the home page "


File: 1384429153652.gif (7.55 KB, 645x773, 1381610433597.gif)


that confirms THE THEORY


I thought that maybe some of you would like to know. Koronba just deleted the page completely.


File: 1389103650801.jpg (46.5 KB, 500x375, Chie on the left.jpg)

I hope Chie stalks Koronba in his nightmares.
With an axe.
As an undead zombie.


File: 1389104296606.jpg (53.9 KB, 565x798, 0d5ce8235244fcb4d740f6ec25….jpg)



well…. at least he's not dead?


must I get banned again commenting this? So tempting


I'm terribly sorry for necrobumping this thread, but does anyone has any link to the OST used in version 0.025 and 0.030?


I actually have .030's lying around on my hard drive, though unfinished. I still need to get a better quality version of the White Desert and fix a track that has no album art, but I'll make sure to release it soon.

I can also make a 0.025 OST too if you can just give me some time.


That would be wonderful, thank you so much. Please don't worry, take as much time as you need to do it.


speaking of this game.. does any still has the english translation of ver 0.020?


File: 1393375059633.png (122.86 KB, 500x500, Album_Artwork.png)

LcdDem Original Soundtrack (Version A): http://www.mediafire.com/download/pfcbdgj0rtzaqo8/LcdDem+OST+%28A%29.rar

Version B should be done within the next few days.

I can upload it here within the hour, I just need to de-RTP-ify it.


Thank you so much for doing this.


No prob.

LcdDem v.0.020 English: http://www.mediafire.com/download/43ychncnxbtdi31/LcdDem+v0.020eng.rar

This is actually slightly different from the old 0.020 English translation, as this one does NOT require the RTP. I also touched up some of text (not that there's really much TO touch up).

I'll give the same RTP-less treatment to my v.0.030 translation later tomorrow.


Does anyone else have trouble playing NEJI? Whenever I try to an error pops up and shuts down the whole game.


Did we ever find out what made Koronba decide to delete this game along with the rest of his music and other stuff?


File: 1396568090607.jpg (216.17 KB, 600x600, 17798387_m.jpg)

I don't think so
Who knows…


This isn't exactly some kind of news about LcdDem but maybe someone here would like to know.
Koronba has uploaded two new albums, they can be found in his bandcamp.


can anyone reupload rain? the mega link here is dead


Koronba hasn't posted anything in over 6 months, should we be worried?
Enjoy https://mega.co.nz/#!RcwVhLaZ!7jymIItZm6tIlX_3Zrmrdwj6IZdi2d6r6GSkTYBBo-A


I hope he's okay


Can anyone reupload Rain? Both MEGA links are dead.


Koronba hasn't posted anything in almost a year. In all honesty, I'm concerned.
Here you go https://www.dropbox.com/s/fxql0rnse2yjl68/Koronba%20-%20Rain.rar?dl=0


RIP Koronba.
Maybe he's just tired of it all.



Sweet dreams…


You guys may be interested on knowing that Koronba's twitter is gone.


RIP in pieces, never played it


I hope he manages to cross the Sanzu river safely.


Aw crap, he's really gone


Maybe not. Yesterday, he posted a small message on the site where he used to host LcDdem.
At the very least, the dude isn't dead yet.


File: 1457318070151.jpg (20.24 KB, 360x270, smile.jpg)


>Renotice and PS:

>If you find people talking about LcdDem please warn them.

Aw man, crap.
Dream well, my sweet princess.


And he just deleted everything out of his Bandcamp account too. RIP, the dream is over.


File: 1469600039551.jpg (90.31 KB, 720x720, koron.jpg)

Gonna ask for a bandcamp download mirror for pic related.
Koronba nuked all of his music, and no one seems to have any decent MP3's/FLACs

Please help me.

the album is called "iofnrru tn zeduaiolqs"


Here's a mirror.
>and no one seems to have any decent MP3's/FLACs
Sadly, the version Koronba himself uploaded was fairly low quality.


File: 1469739328515.png (37.62 KB, 1350x591, explain yourself.png)



File: 1469818322748.jpg (339.96 KB, 1607x2535, 1459662484717.jpg)


Thank yoU!~~


File: 1470026463920.jpg (37.78 KB, 600x380, centralized-decentralized-….jpg)

Since these music albums seem to constantly be disappearing from the internet (and even this thread) I have preserved them on IPFS, I will keep them on my node for a very long time and if anyone else knows about IPFS they can mirror it as well.



koronba - iofnrru Tn zeduaiolqs
koronba - rain
koronba - 魚の夜夢の夜 [FLAC]

If I can find better copies I will post those but this is all I have been able to gather. If you have better copies I would appreciate you sharing them.

Apologize to Koronba.


By any chance, do you happen to have back-ups of the music Koronba uploaded on both Soundcloud and NicoNico?


I don't but if they're posted I will harbor them.


Hey, anyone willing to translate the gist of http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm30179612?
It seems to be some kind of speculation on what may have happened to Koronba.


I don't have flash installed nor a niconico account, if it's text, could you paste some screencaps? I would translate it.
If it's audio I will try downloading it later and checking what it says.


File: 1481084072462.png (221.28 KB, 576x600, 1474002749927.png)

Okay, that aside, I don't know what happens in the video, but these are the messages of the twitter.
Honestly, I don't know whether it's really okay to publish them, given the fact we don't know whether it's really koronba or not. It's already in the internet so it's not like this will really make a difference, but it's a problem regarding ethics, you know. Translation is cheap because I made it quickly and didn't clean it much, but it's understandable so there you go.

The video says:
>ころんば氏 アカウント削除の直前の発言
>What Koronba said before deleting his account
>ソース http://wayback.archive.org/web/20160405082124/https://twitter.com/abnorok
>ツイッターアカウントの過去ページ 発言と同時にサイトが消えたので信憑性のあるアカウントです

Source: http://wayback.archive.org/web/20160405082124/https://twitter.com/abnorok
A page from the past of his twitter account. Since these messages and the dissapearance of his site happened at the same time it has some credibility.
Please, distribute this.
>Is in this video? I don't understand this part, probably referencing something from the video.

And the tweets are:


My mental condition is so worn out that that I've been even testing possible failures on hanging myselfº, since I feel I can't take more than this, I've deleted all my music. Thanks for everything until now.
ºLiterally it's something along the lines of "dry running hanging myself"


Even now I'm still receiving messages and tweets from fans but for me the words of fans is what me hurts the most. I've been killed by my fans. I don't need any kind of propaganda. I hate when people make a fuss out of me. It's your selfish propaganda what killed me.


I've already said that I want all the unauthorized reproductions of videos other than "magro, iwatsu, yametsu, kurage" deleted. I've only gave permission for "only" those 4 songs, you know.


If you were to find unauthorized reproduction or thoughtless propaganda, please give them a warning. (about what I said)


The guy attaching commas at the start of every line in his replies is a newbie or what? His writing style is too different from other people it feels gross.
These kind of out-of-place people are the kind that normally condemn/attack others, is that their true self or just a fake I can't tell, but if you don't know anything you'd better stay with your mouth shut.


What's with the "That person doesn't really talk too much"? Don't go deciding on your own about the personality of other people, improvised shitty newbie believer.


It's just as bad as posting a link of a game that stopped publication some years ago
I'm telling you to stop digging around so irresponsabily fucking stalker.
I can't understand the implication of the first line so the translation pretty flawed, but it goes more or less like that.


For person who wrote that reply: please take the responsability and delete it.

>「俺の話はするな」って端的に直接言わないと分からないぐらい頭悪いの? 俺にとっては話をしない事=一番嬉しいファンメッセージなんだよ

Are you so stupid that if I don't tell you "Don't talk about me" directly you don't understand it? For all I care "if it's not talking about me" = the happiest kind of message I can get.


File: 1481086767520.png (309.85 KB, 480x640, 1302806285587883.png)

Not sure if this will be useful now, since the entire video is mostly screenshots of those tweets, but here's a low quality re-upload of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxSk6PotVrM


>Not sure if this will be useful now, since the entire video is mostly screenshots of those tweets
No, there are actually a bunch of tweets that I didn't translate. It's too long for me to work on it right now so I'll only leave the transcribed script here, but I'll probably translate it tomorrow.

By the way, I've been pondering about that "この動画いる?", and I think the iru is actually 要る, meaning "to need". "Is this video needed? NO IDEA LOL".



more tweets:


2)- 本人だって証拠はないけどまあ、別に信じなくてもいい

1)- 再取得致しました。

>使われている音源全ての規約を守っていただければ動画や音声を上げても構いません 作曲者の名前は絶対に表記しないようにして下さい

3-) でもエゴサしてるのは本当。新着二次創作動画のチェックと感想聞く為だけですよ、ちゃんと聴いてます

2)- 顔文字の方の名義(もう捨てたので使わないでね♥)で呼ぶ人もその二人ぐらいだし、「言った通り」ってソースはどこなんだ、誰に聞いたんだ、二人しかブロックしてないぞ。怪しい

Note if you are translating with google: (ほんっとひっどい is actually 本当酷い, paste it there)
1)- ほんっとひっどいなあのレス、嘘ばっか。15年2月から一切レスなしの掲示板に2時間でレスが付く所が怪しい。誕生日も別の日だしブロックしたのは事実だけど何ヶ月も前の事で一切関係なく迷惑で厄介なファン(二人)とスパムしかブロックしてない

>愚痴は終わり!閉廷!平和が一番!ラブアンドピース!じゃあ俺ギャラ貰って帰るから また会おうなバイバイキンパオーン


2)- 書ける内容は配布したドット絵PV4曲とUTAU音源ぐらいですかね、この二点は載せてもOK

1)- 顔文字の方の名義は使わないので心優しい方は大百科の記事名変更かリダイレクトをお願いします。ついでに消した動画について書かれた記事内容は取り除いて(後から知った人が可哀想なので)二次創作系統の動画を関連項目に入れておいて下さい。お願いします


(here, the tweets I translated start to appear, I will transcribe the messages in the black boxes)
この発言の後 彼のサイトやアカウントは全て
この発言の後 彼のサイトやアカウントは全て



Thank you for doing this, but please take your time.


File: 1481179354979.jpg (45.46 KB, 240x240, YN_madotsuki_....jpg)

It gets really confusing, and there are a lot of things I had a hard time understanding, so I can't guarantee the quality of the translation. I wish I had somebody to discuss it with. Anyway, here it is.


Koronba passed away at the start of this year.
The "newbie believer" kept calling him by his name against his will. no idea what's this "newbie believer" thing.
This video recorded his pre-suicide remarks
2)- 本人だって証拠はないけどまあ、別に信じなくてもいい
2)- I have no proofs it's that's person, but it doesn't really matter if you believe it or not.

1)- 再取得致しました。
1)- I re-adquired it. (Not sure what, also note that he's using humble form)

"I don't mind if you want to use the music/sounds as long as the you abide by my conditions."
"Just please make sure you DO show the composer's name."

3-) でもエゴサしてるのは本当。新着二次創作動画のチェックと感想聞く為だけですよ、ちゃんと聴いてます
3-) But it's true that (I'm?) doing an egosearch. If it's just for checking and listening impressions of fan videos, I'm seriously listening.

2)- 顔文字の方の名義(もう捨てたので使わないでね♥)で呼ぶ人もその二人ぐらいだし、「言った通り」ってソースはどこなんだ、誰に聞いたんだ、二人しかブロックしてないぞ。怪しい
2)- The people going by the name of the person with the smiley (since you discarded it I won't use it ♥) are just those two, where is the sauce of the "just as I said"? note: maybe "On what are you basing that "just as I said"? who did you ask? I only blocked those two. Suspicious.

1)- ほんっとひっどいなあのレス、嘘ばっか。15年2月から一切レスなしの掲示板に2時間でレスが付く所が怪しい。誕生日も別の日だしブロックしたのは事実だけど何ヶ月も前の事で一切関係なく迷惑で厄介なファン(二人)とスパムしかブロックしてない
1)- What a cruel reply, just full of lies. A BBS that had no replies at all since since February 2015 suddenly getting replies in 2 hours is suspicious. It's a fact (my?) birthday is another date and (I?) blocked it but since it's a thing from many months ago it's completely unrelated, so I only blocked the annoying troublesome fans (two people) along with the spam.
>愚痴は終わり!閉廷!平和が一番!ラブアンドピース!じゃあ俺ギャラ貰って帰るから また会おうなバイバイキンパオーン

Stop these complains! Adjourn the court not sure if this is the correct translation in english, not my native language ! It's better if we're at peace! Love and Peace! Since I'm receiving my fee I will leave
Let's met again, bye bye kin paoun (not sure what that means, kin could mean golden, but I can't figure the "paon". Also, notice this last part is sarcasm).

2)- 書ける内容は配布したドット絵PV4曲とUTAU音源ぐらいですかね、この二点は載せてもOK
2)- Written content was about distributed the pixel art PV4 and UTAU song was it? If it's just these two points then it's OK.
(NOTE: Probably means something like "you wrote me about this and that, right? If it's only that then it's OK").

1)- 顔文字の方の名義は使わないので心優しい方は大百科の記事名変更かリダイレクトをお願いします。ついでに消した動画について書かれた記事内容は取り除いて(後から知った人が可哀想なので)二次創作系統の動画を関連項目に入れておいて下さい。お願いします
1)- Since I won't use the name of the person with the smiley can somebody be gentle and send me a redirect link of the new new name of the article in the encyclopedia? Taking the opportunity, remove the contents of the article about the deleted video (people not familiarized with it won't understand anything) and also please put it in the category of "fan videos". Please.

At this point the messages become really important.

(here, the tweets I translated start to appear, I will transcribe the messages in the black boxes)
この発言の後 彼のサイトやアカウントは全て
After this remark his site and his accounts
were all deleted.
It was still possible to listen to his music
and albums such as iwatsu were released too.

The speech and conduct change to the point it looks like a different person (it gets really confusing).

Did my best, again, I can't guarantee the quality (I feel some of them are pretty half-assed), but it goes like that more or less.
Also, the video seems to be done by an english speaker. Notice the dates are not in the japanese format and also some tweets show the "translate" option. It doesn't necessarily mean it's not a japanese person but it's an extremely curious fact, to say the least.


I wonder what's the reason behind only letting the 4 songs stay up. He separately mentions them, is it because they were popular?


File: 1481264539474.jpg (379.35 KB, 500x500, 1478485028001.jpg)

Aw fuck I was too sleepy and forgot to remove the draft text.

>2)- 書ける内容は配布したドット絵PV4曲とUTAU音源ぐらいですかね、この二点は載せてもOK

>2)- The written content was just about the distributed pixel art PV4 and UTAU song(s), was it? If it's just these two points then it's OK.

It pains me to be unable to translate the other posts better, I feel they are quite important and sadly can't get something better.

Honestly, I don't know much about koronba's music so I can't really tell. Could they be those albums he uploaded after taking his site down?

Also, does somebody have a yahoo account? I can't see what those links have but they could be related.


No, they're a set of 4 one offs. They have odd lyrics but are catchy as fuck. They've been being used in otomads for the past year or so.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_Qb1UP002c this guy subbed them all.
I just find it weird that he'd seperately mention them while deleting his more obscure stuff. You'd think he'd nuke everything.


File: 1481333996430.png (69.67 KB, 1366x768, yahoo thing.png)

>Also, does somebody have a yahoo account? I can't see what those links have but they could be related.
Pic related happens if you try to access those links while logged in.
Also, they seemingly contain the files for the 4 UTAU songs Koronba talked about. Psi went and sorta translated the whole thing back when they were "released" http://backbeatanthem.tumblr.com/post/107586468536/


The image says "you don't have the permissions to access the files".

>Please absolutely do not try to publish the composer’s name

Oh snap, for some reason my brain told me 〜ないように actually meant the opposite, that happens when you translate something at around 3 AM.


"I don't mind if you want to use the music/sounds as long as the you abide by the conditions."
"Just please make sure you DON'T show the composer's name."

That makes the whole affair more odd.
At any rate, it feels these messages are only increasing the shadows of uncertainty rather than sheding some light. Whatever may have happened to koronba is very likely to remain a mystery, it seems.


The shadows are all we have right now. We shoud keep on digging up until we find something.
What makes those four songs different?
uboachan pls i'm not a bot


File: 1481428670126.jpg (161.77 KB, 800x600, 16668474_p0.jpg)

>What makes those four songs different?
Maybe it's worth mentioning that while those songs weren't the last works he ever uploaded (that would be the albums iofnrru Tn zeduaiolqs and 魚の夜夢の夜), they were definitely his most popular works on niconico. All of them had above 25k views before getting deleted.
In comparison, his earlier videos would usually get around 3k views or less.


But again, if he wanted to vanish entirely you'd think he'd want those especially to go down.


I am Japanese. I am sorry if I made a mistake as it is English using translation.
I reached this bulletin board after searching for information on koronba.
It is very sad that he disappeared.
My heart aches when I think of suicide.


Is this the gist of things?
>Koronba told everyone to stop talking about LcdDem, accused his fans of driving him to suicide, deleted all his shit except his 4 most popular songs and then started getting extremely angry when people wouldn't comply with his wishes to "forget" about him and not publish his online handle anymore.



He seems to be angry at two particular fans, not at a general "everybody". It was more like he was pissed that people kept talking about him, but not that he was "angry" at them. That's the feeling I get, at least.












For those out of the loop: I asked anon whether japanese boards knew anything else we may be missing, but apparently they are also as lost as we are.


People at japanese boards also don't really know the full details of what happened.


After Koronba deleted his twitter and HP, he also stopped uploading videos to Niconico. This happened around March.


This ↑ is koronba's last video.


Perhaps koronba didn't like the fact this video became popular. And although he tried to change his nick, a lot of people investigated and found out, so I think he deleted all after that.







>This ↑ is koronba's last video.
Oh, that explains why there was a bunch of people mentioning that 2号 person on reprints of Koronba's videos and vice versa.
Exactly how did they found out they were the same person though?


File: 1481696633261.png (49.08 KB, 1343x607, how to quote.png)



ああ、すみません。この行の事です >>11896

「2)- 顔文字の方の名義(もう捨てたので使わないでね♥)で呼ぶ人もその二人ぐらいだし、「言った通り」ってソースはどこなんだ、誰に聞いたんだ、二人しかブロックしてないぞ。怪しい」




Welcome aboard! Our place is a bit slow but I hope you will like it.

もしLang-8を使ったら、これが私のプロフです。随分非活動かも知れないがたびに書けます(まぁ、その意図があった。でもまた1つのエントリだけがあるの) http://lang-8.com/1749387


Sorry for all the moonrunes, people. But I really value the fact we have a japanese native as interested as we are about this. My translations aren't perfect and I don't know many japanese BBS's about YN/fangames, so my sources are limited as well. But having someone else to discuss it with is really a relief, even if we can't conclude anything by the end of the day.


Yeah, when I first heard about that it creeped me out. Is your game cursed, Mr. Koranba? Hm???


search word "oimostfonwy"


Any real link between Speder2 and Koronba? I can't find one, and their music is only sorta similar.


If you don't mind the question, how did you find this on the first place?


Sorry, I forgot to translate your question.

At any rate, the game looks interesting and the music is really good, I'm enjoying it.
Thank you for sharing it.

>Speder2とKoronbaは繋がていますの具体的な証明がありますか?私には気が付けないんですが音楽はちょっと類似(?)感じがしますね。 この場合の言葉はまだ分かりません。



sorry for using poor english

I can't proof it sorry

Many people already knew it
They tried not to spread too much because they remember koronba

Thanks for nice translate.


You're welcome.

>speder2も >>11929 の投稿者も、似ているというだけで同一人物という証明はできません。

It's not possible to prove that either Speder2 or the the uploader of the video in >>11929 are the same person (koronba) only based on the fact they do resemble him in some way or another.
Saying that "there may be resemblances" doesn't seem to fit this thread, sorry.


About more than a year ago quite a few of koronba and 2gou fans found about that site, and I found about it from them.
I think they tried not to spread it too much based on experience (Note: I'm pretty sure you guys can figure out what "experience" is that.).



2gouアカウントの方でも自作曲をいくつか投稿していて、それらは今でもダウンロードすることができます。 (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/60359739/index.html)



File: 1482777042124.jpg (49.38 KB, 640x480, mahjong_daisangen.jpg)



A new Japanese anon came offering some links and information. Also, to differentiate a bit who is who I'm going to use Daisangen (in kanji) as a nick for a while when posting in this thread, I hope it doesn't bother anyone.



[I will write] in Japanese since there seems to be somebody who understands.
I'm not >>11926, but I also came here investigating about Koronba.
I will write about what I know.

In the comment section of this video, there are YahooBox links of Iwashi, Kuromaguro, Yatsumeana, and Kurage.
Note: It seems to be the wiki link at the end of the uploader's comment, after "歌詞". There, look up for the "box.yahoo" link, almost at the bottom. I personally can't see anything since I don't have an account though.


>2gouアカウントの方でも自作曲をいくつか投稿していて、それらは今でもダウンロードすることができます。 (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/60359739/index.html)
2gou was active in the Japanese OtoMAD scene. Ever since around the time Koronba deleted his account, people would write comments from time to time wondering if he wasn't koronba.
It's still possible to download a few works made under said 2gou account. ↑ the dropbox link.


このリンクは、Koronbaの曲が欲しい人が欲しい曲のリストとして出しているものです。Koronbaで活動していたときと( ̄_ ̄)という顔文字の名前で活動していた






So, after inquiring anon a bit about that link in the video, this is the reply plus some extra stuff.


What is in the comment box of that Youtube video is [material] uploaded by Koronba himself to YahooBox, although I believe this is a reupload [of that] (at least, the contents I saw).


>このリンクは、Koronbaの曲が欲しい人が欲しい曲のリストとして出しているものです。Koronbaで活動していたときと( ̄_ ̄)という顔文字の名前で活動していたときのものが混ざっていると思います。
I don't know whether this will be useful or not, but I'm leaving this link here. ↑
It's a list of [desired? I can't think of a better word] songs made by people who want [to find] Koronba's music. I think songs made during the time Koronba went by "koronba" and also by the smiley name "( ̄_ ̄)" are mixed there.


Since some particular songs not written in that list, it'd be convenient to compare it with this [last.fm list].


click ダウンロード to download this soundtrack

koronbaのアルバム"魚の夜夢の夜"では 0330 0354 0369 0397 といったタイトルが使われている
speder2のsoundcloudから曲をダウンロードすると、0517 0518 … 0751 というタイトルでダウンロードされる、新しいものほど数字が大きい

そのログの中に、0543 0547 0592 0593 といったタイトルで楽曲をアップロードし、他の制作メンバーに渡していた形跡が見られる
またその人物はドット絵にも携わっていた (これは小さな事であまり関係がないが、"死"というアイコンをデザインする際に斧を用いた)


sorry for using japanese


>koronbaのアルバム"魚の夜夢の夜"では 0330 0354 0369 0397 といったタイトルが使われている
>speder2のsoundcloudから曲をダウンロードすると、0517 0518 … 0751 というタイトルでダウンロードされる、新しいものほど数字が大きい
Koronba's album "Sakana no yamu no yoru" [T.N.:I hope I got the reading right, the title means something along the lines of "A fish's night of nocturnal dream] uses the titles "0330", "0354", "0369", "0397".
When you download songs from Speder2's soundcloud, they're downloaded with titles that go as "0517", "0518"…"0751" (the newer a song is, the bigger the number from the title is too).


>そのログの中に、0543 0547 0592 0593 といったタイトルで楽曲をアップロードし、他の制作メンバーに渡していた形跡が見られる
>またその人物はドット絵にも携わっていた (これは小さな事であまり関係がないが、"死"というアイコンをデザインする際に斧を用いた)
The game at the beggining was a collaborative project, so the logs with exchanges between members from when it was still being produced are still there.
Inside these logs, it's possible to see evidence that songs with the titles "0543", "0547", "0592", "0593" were uploaded and passed to another member of the project.
Also, that person was taking part in doing pixel art (this is a small detail and probably unrelated, but they used a hatched when they disigned the "Death" icon).


Incidentally, the space between the numbers 0519 to 0639 of the works in Speder2's soundcloud is empty, these are from when he participated in game projects and couldn't upload things, and also since the difference is quite big this could mean he created quite a few songs, or at least this is what can be conjetured.

>sorry for using japanese




When spreading it to many people, he hides more and more.
Please do not spread further.


>but they used a hatched when they disigned the "Death" icon
Exactly what do you mean?




Oh sorry, I meant hatchet. You know, like Chie's.


Has someone downloaded all Speder2's Soundcloud tracks before they wouldn't be able to be downloaded again?

I don't know whether koronba and Speder2 has a relation but I like their music. Also, I find many similar and suspicious things in ニシキガツオ games regarding koronba's style…

Unless it's just coincidence and that kind of material is kind of typical in Japan, I'm not sure.


I tried to download everything from the sites linked, but I may have missed something so please let me know if you notice that's the case.


>I find many similar and suspicious things in ニシキガツオ games regarding koronba's style
Any specific examples?



Oh, thank you very much. Once the file is downloaded, I'll tell you if something's missing.

Anyway, thanks.



Oh, well, things like:

1. Plants, Water and sometimes Colorful Lights topics are very present in their games. Just like L c d D e m and AQUOR. As well as the games' esthetic. However, according to their page, Speder2 is only responsible for the music and something else I'd translate as writing…

2. The readme files from the folders look like L c d D e m's, with the location of the title, the instructions, etc.

3. Some of the protagonists seem to be some kind of robots or strange creatures. They remind me a little bit to old koronba's avatar and other NPCs from L c d D e m.

4. DEQUIVSIA and oimostfonwy sound like anagrams. And if you guys remember, koronba's penultimate album title, "iofnrru Tn zeduaiolqs", is actually an anagram, together with the songs included there. But, I don't know if the games' titles are anagrams, but they sound like.

5. Musically, koronba and Speder2 are almost identical. Both share a great ability for composition, specially in harmony order, which is familiar between them.

In addition, both are very influenced by electronic music genres, like House, Ambient, Rave, Chiptune, etc. Also, other genres like Jazz, Swing, Bossa-Nova, Hip-Hop and Trip-Hop (this is more notorious in Speder2) and many more. Furthermore, I think they use the same digital instrumentation or MIDI files and programs for their songs, some sounds from koronba's composition can be heared in some Speder2's ones.

Even though, it's strange that Speder2 started uploading music since 2013, and although koronba put that message months before the same year, he kept releasing 2 more albums in 2014. But it's curious they both offer their music in Bandcamp for free.

I think I'm forgetting more details, but these were the first ones to come…


The song 「丑の刻」on Speder2's Veranda album on bandcamp is almost identical in composition to one of the "Dream House" songs in Lcd Dem .30 (BGM054-059). I think it's 056 or 057 but I don't have the file on hand.


I hope one day that we'll know more about Koronbo's well being.

I really wish him well, even if he seems to do everything in his power to push away the people dearest to him.



Any news?


other than stalking speder2 and anyone with some relation to korobrona nope.


Wasn't Koronba the game dev who killed himself a while back because of his gay shota fetish or something?


His what?


Aren't you talking about a furry/gurofag? Pretty sure Koronba was neither of them.


Nah, I think I confused him for the re:kinder dev.


speder2 has a link on his bandcamp now, idk if anyones noticed yet. he's made a couple games apparently! even if he somehow turns out to not be koronba they're still neat.

speaking of, anyone happen to have the utau he made?



File: 1498360724346.jpg (127.47 KB, 600x641, madotsuki___how_to_smile_b….jpg)


https://twitter.com/abnorok looks like koronba's not dead after all, though his account is locked.


I wouldn't count on that person being him. There's a bunch of people who keep messing around with Koronba's old twitter usernames since the start of the year.




Pretty sure that's just another fan.


I don't think the Chie outfit from Yume 2kki is ever getting removed because the creator of the world which it is in,Zenmaigahara (that sounds familiar), said she didn't want the outfits to be removed. Also, if Koronba did this because he wanted his fans to go to his other projects, why did he delete all his social media accounts except maybe a few. Anyways, for hope lets link this.


Zenmaigahara isn't a she, as far as I'm aware. Where did you get that from?


https://web.archive.org/web/20170702102653/https:/twitter.com/abnorok/ this is from july 2nd?? i have no idea if its him or just someone pretending to be


See >>12329
Also, did koronba live in Hokkaido? I didn't know that.


well i dont know!!
but thats weird bc he used to have the exact same icon,

indigo2s music is rly similar to koronba's and 2go's tho, and to speder2's sometimes, also the fact that they have used koronba's utau in the past and they seem to be pretty active




They don't really resemble him.
They aren't koronba.
They are just imitating his style.
And I agree on this, koronba would need a lot of time and effort to maintain this many active identities at the same time; chances are that they're just fans.


ah!! i didnt mean to say that they were the same person, only that the style was similar to koronba's


i also find it interesting how indigo2 made an arrange of 'oimostfonwy', which is a track from the game of the same name by speder2.

so i guess indigo2 was influenced by speder2?
they both have '2' in their name(like 2-gou?), which i also thought was interesting, but i guess that could be part of the influence thing.

of course, i'm probably overthinking it… but i dunno.


indigo2 made a few arranges of songs from speder2s songs, even one by koronba, i still dont think theyre the same person but thats kind of weird
like >>12377 said, koronba was still active when indigo2 and speder2 were uploading (at least speder2) so itd be hard for him to maintain all these identities


I know indigo2's twitter account.
But, His account has been deleted.
I don't know indigo2 is him.



ok well after visiting his twitter and his pixiv(id=2049454, funny cause he bookmarks ynfg stuff), it doesnt look like koronba, not at all.. ((ive came across a lot of artists who have styles similar to koronba on nnd)))
it may be better to give up with indigo2(?) also did he recently deteled his twitter?

i still think speder2s games graphics looks like koronbas in lcddem or 2kki, or even the animation style


>also did he recently deteled his twitter?
From what I could find, it was deleted a few days before his name got posted here.


i'm pretty sure most(or at least a large portion) of these artists that like to emulate koronba's style are also into the yume nikki fangames, or were at some point.

but yeah, speder's stuff definitely looks a lot like yume nikki. his soundcloud hasn't been active in a while, though, so he might be busy working on something.



someone recently left these links in one of 2gou's videos comments
people are talking about 2gou and koronba in the comments of this user's videos..((i dont really know what to think about it since most of the people i previously found who were suspected to be koronba werent (related to)him))
also excuse my english


C sure sounds like something speder2 would create, they may be onto something this time.


File: 1501649380573.gif (22.15 KB, 267x200, 200_s.gif)

This place is fucking dead


You can find videos by User ID.

Also, I have other people that I care about.



he might be another imitator, given his name is literally 'imi tate' when romanized and the fact he's tagged a few of his songs with '2号兄貴リスペクト'(respect to 2gou) which seems to be used a lot by people making deriative works(mads, remixes, etc) of 2gou's stuff.

also your english is fine! dont worry about it

it's kinda hard for this thread to not be dead, honestly. koronba and 2gou are both seemingly gone, and speder's inactive, so all we're really doing is speculating and waiting for something to happen.


File: 1501697096482.png (7.09 KB, 135x136, 1432358104575.png)

>Imi tate
Wow, that meaning does really stand out
No, really, it's a clever, I actually didn't notice).


i cant really think anything about this one, since the style is barely similar also the sounds used dont really ressemble koronba/2gou's or even speder (at least not that much)

yeah i noticed the 2gou respect thing!! and imi tate (there were lots of comments saying theyre imitating 2gou) but still its strange how everything is so similar to koronba

there are so many people that have similar styles or are trying to be like him by being mysterious (i think, like indigo and speder if speder isnt koronba) it confuses me so much
i saw dates(??) of games or soundtracks thatll be updated in the future on nishikigatsuo's website, again, im not sure if this is correct because the dates are weirdly written "28/01/05,27/11/23" also one of the lines says "oimostfonwy soundtrack release" but it has already been released, i mean we can dl it

tbh i never thought all of this would happen, few months ago i only knew about koronba deleting lcddem and his twitter etc and thats all, but all of this is quite interesting, so even tho this thread is dead im still doing research (koronbas works are really important to me)


>im not sure if this is correct because the dates are weirdly written "28/01/05,27/11/23" also one of the lines says "oimostfonwy soundtrack release" but it has already been released

It's Japanese Calendar.
"Heisei 28" = "AD 2016"

27/11/23 = 2015/11/23
28/01/05 = 2016/01/05


Any way to archive niconico that isn't just screen recording it?
I mainly just want a 320kbps rip.


On linux (cygwin?): Youtube-dl but I don't remember the quality with which it downloads (was it the shittiest, or pro?)

Windows: Firefox has a (few?) plugin(s) for downloading from niconico, I think the quality was shitty though. Don't know about any other browser.


chrome: niconico audio extractor


Speaking of 2gou, do any of you have the Soupcurry Records albums? He seemingly created a lot of songs on them.



2thがsoupcurry recordsにアップロードしたものはこれですべてです。


indigo2 is simply a fan of 2go and speder2.
He has made arrange of them
and he mentioned about them on Twitter.

After 6:00PM(JST),niconico restricts quality of video.So I recommend to download before 6:00PM if you are not premium member.

Thanks!I have looking for it!


i didnt know about the tweets but even tho i know he isnt speder or koronba, he does pretty cool things
https://youtu.be/hY_NqOC0Kc4?t=173 ((chie..?))
also u should watch this its cool, i see some koronba inspiration here


also these lyrics seem to talk about koronba and speder, it even mentions speder's games and some lcddem events (i think), teto wears the "iwashi outfit", and the pv…..this is quite interesting


most of the video seems to reference some of Koronba's nico nico videos, and I'm pretty sure I heard some motif from them. I didn't see anything speder2 related but I probably wasn't paying enough attention.


there are lots of references about speders games, even the names but spelled in a different way(i dont really know how to explain)
at 3:25, there is senkichu playing on the tv
and maybe more i missed
i think this song is about what happened to koronba, its better to check the lyrics, also speder because theyre very similar, we all suspect them to be the same person and not only here


yea this whole song seems to be one big reference to koronba, 4gou(his utau) is even there.

i'm not really confident enough to try and translate the lyrics, but google translate gives a general idea of what the song's about.



It was pretty tough, but I did a draft of the translation, which while poor here and there, at least it's better than google. I really, really took some liberties in the translation since I couldn't understand certain words/couldn't phrase they better, they're commented at the end of the paste. It's pretty late so expect some nasty errors that I'll probably regret tomorrow morning. Also, I am no poet, so naturally don't expect fancy wordings and excuse me for being too literal with the meanings. Feel free to point out errors too/fix them too.



thank you for this translation!!! also, i think "スペイダーマン" is mispelled on purpose so it sounds more like speder than spider, i might be wrong…


スイミー is probably a story written by Leo Lionni.It is famous in Japan because it is in Japanese textbook of elementary school.I've read in the textbook

Judging from lyrics スペイダーマン refers speder2.

Do you have any other SCR albums?


nice, thanks a bunch! i do have a few notes though.

>It originally said something that sounded like "A pylon crying with a corase voice". The problem is, a pylon is an architectal structure, so I'm not quite sure it's the righ term here, thus I excluded it.

no, 'pylon' is right. that whole part of the lyrics seems to be a reference to lamprey hole.

>Please don't tell me ミーム is really what I think it is…

yep, it is.

thanks again for the translation! you did a really good job on it.

i found this link on scr's nicopedia page. i'm pretty sure it's all their albums, so enjoy.



File: 1503187018253.png (245.59 KB, 495x700, 流局.png)

Wow haha I know I'd regret it. No, you are actually right, スパイダーマン would be the correct spelling of spiderman, so it's seems to hint at "spederman" there. I should start using rikaichan when reading english katakana to avoid these kind of misses.

I found about Leo Lionni last night but I erroneously assumed that since he was from the west it was just an unknown author in Japan. Then again, A Dog of Flanders, Alice in Wonderland and other books like that are pretty popular there so my assumption was very far from the truth. After reading the summary in JP's wiki I see now how it relates to the whole "fishes and sea" thing.
(For those who don't know, it's about a fish called Swimnmy who is blue while his brothers are all red, but he's very fast. One day a tuna comes and eats all his family leaving him alone wandering through the sea and meeting other animals. While on his trip he finds a lot of small red fishes who look like his brothers hiding themselves from the tuna, and he invites them to swim with him, but they don't want because they're too scared of the Tuna. Then Swimmy tells them to gather so they look like a big fish so they can go with him, and since he's the darkest he tells them he'll pretend to be the eye. Thus they all drive the tuna away and live happy ever after.

I see. That makes translating that phrase harder, though. The whole thing sounds roughly like "Cry with a coarse voice like a pylon, and until that happens (or, "when that happens") melt away". The nuance of 溶けてゆく is that "cry (and, as a product of your crying), you will slowly melt away (head towards your own melting)".

I'll try to fix it later.


Is that an open riichi daisangen?



She was in tenpai with daisangen and the hand ended.



>password protected


"A gathering of what I think happened to him.
Being careful, I decided to set a password to this post.
The password is what you could call his only "real name" + the title of 14752642.
I think it's easy enough. This way, it won't be seen for those who aren't mean to see it.
It's not for being a dick or something, it's to test how much of a fan you are. Those who are mean to see it."


File: 1503290947056.png (343.62 KB, 495x700, my first yakuman.png)

Fixed errors and made it sound more natural https://pastebin.com/VrHWFfKy

Yeah, there are two problems with it though:
1)- While the hand is in tenpai, it reached ryuukyoku, meaning she completely lost the hand because she couldn't complete it.
2)- Doing an open riichi is stupid (unless you like to brag) because a) you can only win by tsumo (since nobody is so stupid as to discard something for you to ron them), and b) you are scoring yakuman, so the extra han won't be scored (unless you're playing under aotenjou rules). All of this assuming that by rules open riichi actually earns you the extra han (can't say how common that is on causal mahjong playing).
Wish something like this happened to me at least once, the closest I've been to any gosanke yaku was getting a kokushi musou with only 1 machi left before another player scored a 1k tan'yao and fucked my game there.

TL;DR since I fucked up I made a pun with my nick about fucking up.
Interesting to see more people here into in mahjong, I thought there was none.


do any of you know what the password could be? and what 14752642 is, i thought itd be a nnd link but i only found a random video


Tried reversing the numbers and then going to the respective niconico video but that turned out to be nothing as well, then I tried bilibili with both ids and neither of them existed, and lastly I tried converting the numbers into letters using a = 1 b = 2 etc. but that lead to nothing too. I feel like it could be a 2chan thread but I have no clue what board it might be


I am Japanese. And there is no education.
For that reason I am using Google Translate because I can not speak English.
Sorry if English was strange.
I will talk about the current situation in Japan.
Right now Japanese foolish koronba fans have no ears to ask of his words.
He warned him that he would never use his own name.
Nevertheless, many writers do not keep warnings on twitter, NicoNiko, Youtube.
He also dislikes overconfidence of self-confidence. I hate those fans most.
Now, only a few people inherit Koronba's intent accurately.
I am in the midst of disappointment.
To be honest, I am hoping for all the works of Koronba.
I dream that Koronba will come back.
I'd like to be an artist like Koronnba.
But I do not want him to mourn.
If he really suffers, I cut off all hope.
That's why I hope you guys do not like foolish Japanese fans.










So, for those who can't into runes, basically I told anon I had problems understanding some of the phrases said in >>12514 and then I said that it was okay to write in Japanese. Here's what I asked and the clarified post:



In short, you mean people who make works (music, videos), create different accounts and ignore what he said? The meaning was lost there.
If that's the case, yes, I don't like them. I don't think many people overseas (westerns) like them either.

To which was replied:


What I meant included even people who don't do things such as works.
I meant the people who call him "koronba", and distribute everywhere all the things he explicitly said shouldn't be uploaded anymore.
And by doing that all through the internet, they show they don't even care for his will.

To which I replied that these kind of things are natural in the net and that even He should have knew would happen in due time, reason to why if he comes back he'll be probably using a different name. As I mentioned earlier, I had my doubts if translating things about the whole affair would be actually ethical given the fact that we were told to not make a fuss over it, but then again, even if I don't, other people will, and it will be over the place whether we like it or not. I may as well take a neutral stance and make things easier for everybody by translating.


If anyone has wav files of 18 songs that speder2 uploads to soundcloud, can you upload it, please?
From >>12096 mega link, the wav files of Daydream, Mist, Escape, Suibotsu, Meifu, Bon, Shikikai, Enbudai, ShikisokuzeKu, Higan, were included.(thank you very much)
However, Gokurakujodo, Nehan, Ashura, Kagenmi, Mujou, Asougi, Hongaku, Haramita, included only low quality mp3 files.
Sadly, we can not download wav files from speder2's soundcloud now…





Hey jap


You just have to click on "english" on the left.
>The Streisand effect is the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet. It is an example of psychological reactance, wherein once people are aware something is being kept from them, their motivation to access and spread the information is increased.


I think he means the fact that he posted the JP wiki, and therefore is probably japanese not that it contains japanese


Hmm well, there have been japanese people interacting with us in this thread for a while, I don't think that could be be considered novel at this point…



File: 1513484990466.jpg (766.7 KB, 1764x1260, 03e86d0c6d829da916ce8a1aab….jpg)

Those are just the files for those 4 UTAU songs he uploaded


Thank you kindly. I know what they are; I figured that they should be preserved in some way, despite the circumstances in which they were released. (I thought I had copies but couldn't find them.)


hey guys. I 'm Japanese.
Does anyone have "Omake no manga" written on this tweet?
It probably is not in the upper 7z …


Sorry if I ask, but I'm confused. What tweet are you talking about?
It's been a while since I've read the things in this thread but I don't recall anything about omake no manga.











>speder2's albums on bandcamp are not longer free
Either that's very good or just the final nail in the coffin.


Does anybody have speder2 albums for download? Considering that they not free anymore.





Can someone explain this whole thing with videos and different usernames or whatever the fuck to me? I'm seriously lost, and I don't know if it's all the fragmented info and speculation or because I'm just an idiot and not getting it.


It's all in this thread, honestly.
TL;DR the creator of LCD disappears and tells everybody not to talk of him or his game and nobody knows exactly why. Since he was really popular, a lot of (important) people had become fans before he went away, some of which copy his style after he did disappear. As such, some people speculate that some of those are actually him. Nobody can prove anything and nobody knows what the fuck happened yet. That should sum it up.


what???really?? so hes alive


Wasn't there a limit for free downloads per month on Bandcamp? Maybe that's what happened. But I would rather believe he's alive too
Is this link down for anyone else?


seems to be, yeah. but the mega link in >>12096 still works.


guys, i think its time to move on. i'm sure s/he is doing fine. who knows, s/he maybe still doing music and stuff and posting them under a new username and identity.
but still, i hope s/he is doing okay.


((koronba is a he))
i dont really know if hes fine after his last tweets, even tho id like him to be and know that he still makes music but i dont think he uploads anything under a new username we would have heard about it, especially in the japanese community




idont think i can move on at this point.
i am obsessed.


I don't know if you guys have seen this yet, but someone apparently saved a bunch of Koronba's videos and among them there's a lost song from him.
And a re-upload in case that link goes down:


wtf, how did you find it?




File: 1517684514036.png (378.38 KB, 800x563, lcddem___forest_by_nightin….png)


File: 1517722222766.png (455.49 KB, 540x600, 1301269634309.png)

Thank you for doing this.
I couldn't remember how to spell the name of one of his songs, so I looked it up and that link was among the results (around page 5 or so, but still)


ahh thank you for posting it here!!
i like the one titled 0346


Found another song by Koronba.
Source: https://zh.moegirl.org/Koronba
Scroll down until you see "其它(待补完)" and open it. It's the first link in there


In addition, it is also featured here at 6:47:


The Ulimate Question:koronba,2go,speder2 are the same person?


I have the right to remain silent.


日本の検索エンジンの「Yahoo Japan」「Google」それぞれでこの数列を検索すると、両方の検索結果にニコニコ動画の「ころんば4号」タグの検索結果のページがでます。






Does anyone know nishikigatsuo's other staff's information?
I searched their name through google but not get anything.


i think he made it by himself


筆者はイラストレーター?とここで書かれている某作曲者の二人を彼と呼称している様だ。見た限りでは後者の事を”音楽を作る方の彼”だとか、前者の方を語る時には”not K”などと注釈を入れていた。以上の点と、件のページタイトルが”k”である事、パスワードのヒントである謎の数列の検索結果を鑑みるとあのページの内容は作曲者の事であると断言してもいい気がする。まあ尤も、パスワードは正直わからないし、筆者も我々と同類である事からしてそこまで”彼”の核心に触れることさえ出来ないだろうが。因みに、筆者は生存確認の方法を犯罪スレスレではあるが思いついたらしい(blog entry 469)。聞けば教えてくれるそうだ。
I read through that blog a bit.
The term, “彼(he or him)” the writer of the blog uses, refers to an unknown illustrator he is obsessed with, and the composer we are all discussing about. From what I’ve read of the blog, he refers the latter to as “him, who makes music,” and when talking about the former by using a word “him”, he added a little caption, “not K”. In addition, the title of that password protected article is “k”. And also, a link about koronba 4go appears on the search result of that number he gave as a hint of the password. Combining those three points, I think it might indicate that the article is about the composer. But at the end of the day, I couldn’t figure out the password, and as a matter of fact the writer seems to be our fellow, so we wouldn’t even sense much about “him” from that article. By the way, the writer wrote that he has figured out the way to check wether “him, who makes music” is alive or not that might violate the law (blog post 469). He also said that he would tell that if he gets asked about.
The first Japanese part of this post is relatively same as the English part. I thought it would be nice to inform( this word can be so bold for that info I just wrote) people about that to collect some clues to the password. If someone got the password and google translate happens to be not working, I would translate for you. Please excuse my crooked grammar, and since this is my first post to this thread, I could have breached some etiquettes. In that case, I will apologize.


I don't care


Get lost.




File: 1527097232305.png (89.32 KB, 1108x659, Безымянный.png)


File: 1527097929196.png (409.4 KB, 500x690, 1172865544d7f1b76dc461f009….png)

We don't know, some people think so due to some messages he put on his twitter account before deleting it but we aren't sure. That guy is, as said by other used below, "just talking out of his ass", because there's no confirmation whatsoever.


File: 1527810118438.jpg (23.96 KB, 560x315, wiseau_laugh.jpg)

god i love this thread. never give up.


R.I.P. Koronba


File: 1530360804247.png (114.38 KB, 500x500, OP_273.png)

yo, is koronba still alive or wha? this investigation's been going for a while now. I've been following it since like 2016!

Is anyone sure of literally anything? Did someone check 2ch for evidence or stuff?

Sorry if I can't help.


indigo372 was died because he(not K) quit drawing picture


I think it's still too early to declare his death without any ohter basis than the fact he stopped posting. Unless there's proof that confirms his death, I'd hold on until the date he gave to abandon hope.


He may not have kicked the bucket yet, but he sure is close to.


That has been there for a while, and it's what I meant with "we should abandon hope by the date he specified".

He says that if he hasn't reached a certain amount of money per month on patreon + pixivfanbox before that date, he'll be unable to go on.


I do not like Indigo's work.
I hate his character, so I'm not interested.







he is not koronba
but the song is perfect


Very good and catchy, so it really looks perfect, maybe the sudden end is something that annoys me, but I still like the song a lot.

The song itself doesn't really match his style, but it comes close, anyway, I don't think he'll come back, this soon, at least.



any thoughts on this?


Koronba's Follower


He used to upload videos on niconico under the name of ロン毛. Now deleted videos included pretty neat pixel arts so that's why people are rumoring abound about him imo.
Also, his main account is on Youtube. He uploaded a video of himself playing Calamari inkantation on switch.


>Now deleted videos included pretty neat pixel arts
Are there any reuploads available of that?


japs are going crazy about this recently. in his latest video「.」someone has confirmed that there's morse code hidden in the song which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4W5V0j4FaE

i don't know if colomba does this but i doubt it.


File: 1537624910688.jpg (48.66 KB, 383x680, DjL4wP2UcAYmnhW.jpg)

I've decided to translate the whole song. Please don't trust my translation, I've just started learning the language. But I was really really curious about the meaning. Feel free to prove me In fact, I beg you please do it

Hidden part of mobile game:
I'll try to open its lid.
It was supposed to be empty inside
Because all the light had leaked from it.
Just for fun I've peeked inside
And it seems that Dench have no idea what it is had rotten there.

I allow you to touch it with your fingers:
It was beaten up badly.
If you peek inside, and that's inevitable,
The screen can separate us.

The joke written under umbrella (?)
Broke its own bones itself. (?)
I hear good noises inside my cranium:
They sound soaked wet and crushed.

Waterfalls of light are gushing out,
Everyone want to drink them so badly.
It was supposed to be empty inside
Because the vessel is overflowing,
But if you even take a little sip from it,
You might throw up from sweetness.

Black liquid is leaking:
Scary and unbearable liquid.
I've touched it by accident with just a fingertip
And my blood merged with it.


I hear good noises inside my cranium:
Something broke its own bones itself.
The joke written under umbrella is:
Pay for your sins.

I hear good noises inside my cranium:
Something broke its own bones itself.
The joke written under umbrella is:
Pay for *** sins.


I'm leaving Japanese lyrics here just in case:





心地よい音 頭蓋の中、





心地よい音 頭蓋の中、

心地よい音 頭蓋の中、


File: 1537625854750.png (10.71 KB, 1062x591, Untitled-1.png)

I forgot to add 2 last lines. Sorry.
Countless glowing eyes,
Were they all looking at me?

Also this video contains some kind of code in subtitles. Any thoughts about what could it be?


Translating morse code from >>13642's video:
— Why
is it gone
and closed itself?

— This question
you shouldn't ask

— Don't forget

— Please forget

Together: It's not supposed to have praticular meaning. I'm sorry.


TL note:
It should be "This is all your fault" instead of "Pay for your sins"

Am I retarded? It's 全て not 金て (which is non-existent word). I'm sorry guys… I was tired by the end


File: 1537636650544.png (127.08 KB, 874x1126, 7abfde319d5dc88a39c30d16a0….png)

First rule of japanese is: Never take anything literally, unless you're sure it is literal.
Second: When in doubt, use a japanese dictionary. I personally use https://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/ I don't know if it's the best or not, but it does the job.
Third: If possible, consult with a native.
You also misspelled a few words (出した as でした, たまらない as たまらな). I know it's a pain to check the whole text when starting, but always make sure you double-check until you feel reading japanese is no different from reading your own script.

Not like I am an expert or anything, but some solutions I found as I learned more and more japanese.
English is not my first language so feel free to correct anything (even the translation itself).

When I tried opening the hidden
lid inside the mobile game,
Even though it should have been empty,
A faint light shone through

I peeked inside, just fooling around
Only to find the battery crumbled.

The phone slipped from my hands
And slapped hard onto the floor

When forced to peek at it,
I saw the screen was smashed.

By whim, I've written my name inside the umbrella
Because being alone is too difficult for me
心地よい音 頭蓋の中、
Pleasant sounds echo inside my cranium,
As it cracks opens and becomes wet

As the light gushes forth like water,
It makes me want to try drinking it
Even though it should have been empty,
The vessel is actually at the verge of overflowing

When I took a little sip from it,
It was so sweet I threw up.

Even though this leaking dark fluid scares me
I cannot resist the impulse

To feel it with my fingertips
And merge blood with it.

心地よい音 頭蓋の中、
Pleasant sounds echo inside my cranium,
Because being alone is too difficult for me
By whim, I've written my name inside the umbrella
And it's all your fault.

心地よい音 頭蓋の中、
Pleasant sounds echo inside my cranium,
Because being alone is too difficult for me
By whim, I've written my name inside the umbrella
And it's all *** fault.

Countless glittering eyes,
Were they all looking at me?


File: 1537648017232.jpg (30.59 KB, 700x700, mig.jpg)

Oh I thought that this song is more ambiguous and mysterious than that… それは残念です!
I've even thought that this song Koronba wrote to tell everyone that they're ruining his game by mentioning and theorizing about it (hungry for a light inside a presumably empty box that's his game). But that's how things are in reality, huh.

And! Really really thank you for this dictionary. I've been using only Yarxi, context-reverso and other random and not very useful online dictionaries. Now everything is more clear! Also I've understood that I have troubles sticking words with each other time to time (and have troubles with dictionaries but now I'm not). But I'm glad that I've got at least something right. That means that I'm improving and those things that I didn't got right I'll surely got right next time thanks to your help. I can't put in words how am I grateful, really. Also English is also not my primary language

But I have a few questions:
>By whim, I've written my name inside the umbrella
Isn't たわむれ is 戯れ? Isn't that means joke? I don't really get how does this makes, I assume, "my name" part?


>I cannot resist the impulse

Everything else is more than clear, especially with this dictionary you've shared with me. Thank you sosomuch!


(I'm so sorry about pasting second quote. I didn't understood it at first but than I understood but forgot to delete it)


File: 1537675168151.gif (676.51 KB, 500x265, 1536882766032.gif)

Йо, мой русский товарищ. Sadly, that's as far as my russian goes

>Isn't たわむれ is 戯れ? Isn't that means joke? I don't really get how does this makes, I assume, "my name" part?

Well, I couldn't make "half in joke", "jesting" or "just for the kicks" sound good, so I chose the closest equivalent I found for caprice. Literally, It'd go as:

"Half in joke written in umbrella
Alone requires too much effort".

The important here is noticing that without context, this doesn't make any sense. What is written in the umbrella? Or it is implying the umbrella was written over (As in, it has something written on it)? And how does that correlate with the second part, "(Being) alone requires too much effort"?
Here's where understanding the culture of the tongue you want to learn is important: Japanese people have this thing called 相合傘 [Ai-ai Gasa], which translates as "Sharing Umbrella" but would probably be better rendered in english as "Love Umbrella". Just as faggots carve their names inside a "heart" on a tree, japanese people draw an umbrella and write their names inside, as if they shared this umbrella and that represented their love.

Half joking, I've written my name inside the umbrella
Because being alone is too difficult for me

I may be overthinking this (I sincerely would love some help from native jap speakers here), but I'm fairly confident this is what was meant here.

Actually, the て+たまらない correlation has more weight than the rest of the sentence, so it'd actually be something along the lines of:

Even though I cannot resist the fear
The dark liquid gushing induces on me

I end up feeling it with my fingertips
And merging blood with it.

But that doesn't sound as smooth.
Now you see why people claim translations are shit; they're right、だがそれは決してやむを得ないもんだ。


File: 1537689710890.png (414.89 KB, 1192x670, 639c5ce0dbec77986b0501aa6f….png)

How did you knew that I am Russian?!! Is FBI watching me?

Aaaaah, I've forgot about Love umbrella! I didn't understand that part at all, but now it makes sense, really.
Yes, if that's the case than I agree with "my name" part. I think you're pretty right with the meaning of this whole umbrella thing because every other option I can think of doesn't make any sense.

>Actually, the て+たまらない correlation has more weight than the rest of the sentence

Aww, man… I'm really bad at understanding and remembering those "word" + "te" + "huge hiragana construction" things. There are so many of them and you can't really understand them just by looking at huge hiragana construction because most of times it has meaning that can't be understood literally. Is there something I could read to learn more details about those things?

But now I have a few questions about one other parts (when I'm carefully observed):

>心地よい音 頭蓋の中、

>Pleasant sounds echo inside my cranium,
>As it cracks opens and becomes wet

How did you know that's the cranium, not the sounds "cracking" and "soaking"? I thought that in 心地よい音 頭蓋の中 part よい音 is the topic of sentence not 頭蓋, which is just addition to topic (saying where the topic subject is). Yes, it's more logical for cranium to be cracked and soaked but isn't the 湿って砕けました supposed to relate to the topic of previous sentence? I'm sure that I'm just misunderstanding something but I'd be glad if you explain why.

But with that said I everything else seems right. I think you're at least somewhere close to truth! But it would've be nice if native jap showed up and confirmed that everything is okay.

Yes, translations are shit because every language has its own specifics that can't be translated directly. So every translation is just retelling of original text in best case



But… That doesn't even looks like Koronba's artstyle in a slightest.


I know, but that's what people's been saying.
He's released some albams on his main account, but they don't sound like koronba's works at all. I think this whole thing is just him imitating koronba. Still good song tho.

I also think that translating lyrics of those songs are very difficult. Even Japanese people find it difficult to understand the whole thing. Of course, we understand each lines, but its gramatical strucuture is pretty much corrupted. His new video will be uploaded on 0:00 Sept 24th Japanese time, so there would be a lot of work to do. Keep it up guys.


The new lyrics are not difficult to translate! The song is dope too.


The full version of .. is out
What is his main account? I really would like to hear those albums you mentioned.


Fuck this guy… What's with those crazy kanjis??


File: 1537727829318.jpg (14.88 KB, 480x360, 1516209153390.jpg)

>Aww, man… I'm really bad at understanding and remembering those "word" + "te" + "huge hiragana construction" things. There are so many of them and you can't really understand them just by looking at huge hiragana construction because most of times it has meaning that can't be understood literally. Is there something I could read to learn more details about those things?
Well, the て form is a connective, so it always works to think of those AてB constructions as B affecting A directly and nothing else in the sentence. I normally think of て as a "+" sign if B is an adjective or an "and" if B is a verb).

怖くてたまらない becomes:
A: 怖くて -> 怖い (scary)
B: たまらない (unbearable, intolerable, hard to bear, etc; since it's an adjective, we'll assume て becomes "+")
Scary + Cannot bear -> (so) scary (I) cannot bear (it).

朝ごはん食べて学校に行きました becomes:
A:【朝ごはん】食べて (eat [breakfast])
B:【学校に】行きました (go (past) [to school]. Since "go" is a verb, we think of て as an "and").
Eat breakfast AND went to school -> (I) ate breakfast and (then) went to school.

In this last example, I added extra words to the sentence so you see that only the verb A (eat) and B (go) are the only things important when analyzing these て constructions. Also notice that because 行きました is in past form, it also affects 食べて (since you first ate your breakfast and then 'went' [past] to school, it wouldn't make sense for it to be "eat breakfast then went to school").

I'm not entirely sure if anything of this is in any book or something, it's basically the conclusion I came after a good while of fooling around with anime, light novels and various eroge. It seems to work fine though.
This chart has the most utilized constructions for all verb conjugations (including て) and always comes handy:

>How did you know that's the cranium, not the sounds "cracking" and "soaking"?
Well, honestly that depends entirely on the particles that aren't there.


Implies that the pleasant sounds wet and broke the cranium from inside, while


Implies the pleasant sounds inside the cranium became wet and "breaking".
The first case seems more natural to me, but I may be wrong.

Feel free to correct/ask anything.


File: 1537732026742.jpg (285.54 KB, 800x800, __kaban_and_serval_kemono_….jpg)

Yea, I'm understanding the purpose of "te" form that far, it's just while reading I feel confused whenever I see it… Time to do more grammar exercises, I suppose.

>A: 怖くて -> 怖い (scary)

>B: たまらない (unbearable, intolerable, hard to bear, etc; since it's an adjective, we'll assume て becomes "+")
>Scary + Cannot bear -> (so) scary (I) cannot bear (it).

That I understand, what what I can't understand is where comes "I can't resist the impulse" part from it. For me it sounds as "unbearable darkness"… Talk about being stupid.

As for pdf… Thank you so much! That's exactly what I've needed. Because it's strange. I can understand what almost every form means separately and I even remember all of those but when it comes to understanding words in sentence and how they connect with each other I feel like picrelated. I guess this intuitive understanding **not that I've mastered "not intuitive" understanding*… heh. life is pain* will come from practice with time.
Thank you for help and support! I won't give up!!

Those new lyrics are way too hard and cryptic… The grammar is more corrupted than last time and this time I have troubles even with understanding some words from lyrics. I have so many questions for those lyrics that I'd better take time to analyse your translation (and my confused understanding of jap lyrics) deeper to avoid asking painfully stupid questions.



>That I understand, what what I can't understand is where comes "I can't resist the impulse" part from it

The secret is the が particle after 漏れ出た黒い液.


Dark liquid gushing out *is* (が) scary (ending with て)
I cannot bear the "fear" ("scary", of the dark liquid gushing), ends in のに (so that becomes "even though")

"Even though I cannot resist/oppose/bear the fear I feel of this dark liquid gushing out," etc, etc, etc, the rest is just word choice.


Guys, this one has hidden morse code as well.


I know this is somewhat late, but does anyone have the voicebanks koronba used. specifcally Koronba 4-gou?


4-gou seems to be lost to time(as with most of Koronba's older stuff), unfortunately. I still see a couple of artists use him every so often, but they've probably had him since the geocities page was still up.
As for the rest of the UTAUs used in koronba's songs, I've put all this on a pastebin page for convenience: https://pastebin.com/MsEeW1aU



File: 1538674916145.png (16.17 KB, 808x84, Untitled.png)

Wow. That's sure is a drastic change. Have anybody translated the binary code yet?

① https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zon-jmCj8Nc
melody references ".." video

偶*、 *です。

i'll try and fill come gaps with what I feel like makes sense:
偶(像/然/発/々/数)、 *です。
That is, that thing is not *something* tricky/mechanism-like,
Idol is *something*.
You, as the (lion/chimera?)*something* too *something* as well, are
Quickly changed *something*.

Not very informative yet, I know… Your thoughts are highly appreciated

01000 00101 01000 00101 01000 00101
00100 01000 00100 01000 00100 01000
11010 10 11010 10 11010 10
00 00 00
(repeated 5 times)

② https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGUiJpK4TCE
This is everything's fault.

falling text references ".." video once more
(seems like hexidecimal code)
also there is a corrupted text for a second but I didn't bother to write it down yet…
caption: subetenosei
means 全ての所為 and that's the most obvious thing in this

③ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R66zIfH6Aec
strange caption (picrelated). this seems to me like broken character encoding.

④ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmN6WloLkfc
The thing prepared while resting.

This is all my fault.
You want to be here, yes?
Final day

I never said that there will be something more
You can do as you want


Neither the binary nor the "hexadecimal" code are encoded in utf8, unicode, sjis or reverse byte sjis, so it's probably garbage.


That's just how the Japaneese is coded to binary. I've already had the experience of decoding binary jap codes and that was not easy at all to be fair I didn't managed to decode it in the end. I think the Kanji system has its own encryption table and that's what makes jap binary codes very unreadable for regular binary decoders.


>That's just how the Japaneese is coded to binary.
I already know that; I've taken the raw binary data and then converted them through encoding tools into utf8, unicode, sjis and reverse sjis. Those are the most common encoding charsets for japanese, but neither of them gave any result. Converting to something like windows-1251 isn't on the table if we don't even know the original encoding.

>I think the Kanji system has its own encryption table and that's what makes jap binary codes very unreadable for regular binary decoders.

This is called charset and it's exactly what I've done, trying to figure out what charset they map into. Binary readers mostly decode in ascii, reason to why you only see mojibake when reading japanese. Never use them for this. First you take the raw data and parse them through a converter into the desired encoding.






What is that?


The link got taken down.
But that was the stream scheduled to happen ten hours from now, wasn't it?


Yes, it was the stream I have no idea why link was taken down thou


File: 1539372167809.jpg (14.45 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


Since nobody's there,
There is no one I could've teach,
Nobody's there, so
What are you still waiting for?

Since you're not here,
I couldn't teach you,
You're not here, so
What is that thing you're waiting for?

This is human-like form created from the soil mix.

Nerve, called 'spinal chord',
Got bigger on one end,
This is where my personal motive comes from,
Since than we became puppets.

Since 'there' itself was always non-existent,
I was always able to teach you,
This place was always non-existent, so
What are you running after?

Since you're not here,
I couldn't teach you,
You're not here, so
What is that thing you're waiting for?

This is just an empty shell, copied with the use of mimesis.

Nerve, called 'spinal chord',
Got bigger on one end,
This is where my personal motive comes from,
Since than 'us' became puppets.

New song — new shitty translation


File: 1539373627912.png (187.49 KB, 361x451, osakanoface.png)

Alternative translation: https://pastebin.com/arX7Ggxj
Watch out for *たなくて(not feeling like doing * anymore), and 見つめている (to gaze/look at, not "wait").
(自ら意思を)持ち始め means "to start holding (one's own intention/will)". It started to think by itself and thus it has a will now.


File: 1539376375516.jpg (219.6 KB, 850x850, __kafuu_chino_gochuumon_wa….jpg)

Ahh… Thank you so much (once again)!

>Watch out for *たなくて(not feeling like doing * anymore)

So that's what it is. For some reason I thought this was potential form (oh god why…) + past form (why) + nai + te, completely ignoring common sense, 教える's group, and く. But now I can clearly see that everything was more simple: it was just negative tai-form all the time.

>見つめている (to gaze/look at, not "wait").

My stupid ass read this as 見つけている and translated this as "searching for". Don't even ask…

>(自ら意思を)持ち始め means "to start holding (one's own intention/will)". It started to think by itself and thus it has a will now.

Wow. That actually makes a whole lot of sense. So that's the difference between 自ら and 自分. Now I can understand it in context yay!.

P.S. I'm reallyreally sorry for making a lot of mistakes, I'm still learning! I just hope that I'm getting a little better in understanding by time.


I don't know what's the official difference, but I feel that 自分 makes emphasis on a single subject (Doing something by oneself, deceiving oneself, etc), while 自ら makes heavier emphasis on the action being carried by a party (which could be more than one person, but without external intervention) and the means to carry said actions. It helps to think of 自ら as 自分自身, so in theory they're interchangeable and just give the sentence a little different feel. The grammar usage for each is different though:

>刃しっかり握って自分で命を奪った。Held knife tightly and killed oneself.

Sounds a little forced.
>刃しっかり握って自らの命を奪った。Killed oneself/selves through the means of holding the knife tight.
Sounds more natural/smooth.

Also, we all fuck up when learning japanese so don't worry. Just look at my older replies and translations in this thread and you will see they're full of flaws (and if you can't yet, you will eventually notice them).


File: 1539382876942.jpg (161.77 KB, 850x854, __hibiki_and_verniy_fate_g….jpg)

Yeah, I've understood it like that too. Like this "自ら" has more emphasis on SELF. Don't know how to say more clearly than you've said. Btw here's what I've found, so I think that your explanation is very close to truth. https://japanese.stackexchange.com/questions/11018/%E8%87%AA%E5%88%86%E3%81%AE-vs-%E8%87%AA%E3%82%89%E3%81%AE-when-used-for-humans
>自ら can have implied meaning of "not relying on others" or "by one's own will".
And that's exactly what it means in the song.

>Also, we all fuck up when learning japanese so don't worry.

That actually motivates a lot. Translating is so much fun, even if you fuck up a lot, especially when you have a chance to discuss and verify your translation. And especially when you're translating a nice song Btw which is your favorite? I still like . the most

>Just look at my older replies and translations in this thread and you will see they're full of flaws (and if you can't yet, you will eventually notice them).

Actually I plan to re-translate . and .. in close future for myself so maybe I'll notice some mistakes (and be somewhat sure about them being mistakes and not me being stupid). But .. still scares me a little with those complicated words to be honest.


Hello, I found this thread searching about koronba with some friends because we found this 全てあなたの所為です。guy, my boyfriend told me about koronba and what he knew about his sudden disappearance on the internet
So we found this guy and another one called subetenosei, some Japanese people we followed begin talking how their work is similar to koronba's, they even draw one of the characters that appears in some of koronbas videos
We are kinda lost at the moment so we don't know if it is really him or just another person or something worse
Here are some of the stuff we saved before some of them were deleted



(although we missed two of them and we are trying to found them again), so if you could help us with some translation we'll be very thankful cuz we are kinda worried about this guys ;_;
We don't speak Japanese so is kinda difficult relying on Google translate or twitter's one
(English is not my first language so I apologise in advance if everything sounds weird)


There really isn't much to translate.
>Why (x3)
>Kill (subject not defined, could be "kill me")
>Thank you for finding me
>It's all your fault (Subete anata no syoi desu)

Then garbage text, then
>plans for comparison (x3)
>next: a comparison video

I really doubt this guy is koronba, to be honest. He seems to be feeding on the whole affair, and unless koronba is dishonest and did this to get popularity with his alter-egos, I wouldn't bet on that.


I also think so he is not koronba.
He is just an imitator.


File: 1539623414695.png (1.47 KB, 227x222, download.png)


Part of those I've translated in >>13669. Not sure about how right am I, but here you go anyway.
The last series of videos seems to be based on https://youtu.be/e_Qb1UP002c, but with altered lyrics. I'll do a little comparison later, thank you for finding those.

In which video did you've found this text?..


>In which video did you've found this text?..
The twitters posted in imgur. The translation provided by google was just too terrible for me to bear it.


Si, somos hispanos, latinos para ser más exactos!
Yes, the video was recorded on my screen because it was deleted right after they posted it, so we didn't have any other options
And yes we can!, seria mucho más fácil!



¿Qué onda?


nos podemos contactar por ahí y pasar los datos que sepamos sobre el tema, claro, solo si quieres.



File: 1539648809108.png (279.22 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2018-10-16-02h46m3….png)

Translation on last videos:

How many years has it been since that time
Someone with scissors reference to https://youtu.be/e_Qb1UP002c ended your life
Chopped it off
And then
Created just just an imitation.

Which was glared at
Turned into one letter, in attempt to hide.

Dying like a dog
Suffering from a disease.

Letter "A" is falling from the above.

Using the gravitation.

** may be gone by now but
Our singing memory is still here
That's what the signals are showing, but this is

Your fault anyway.

In virtual world,
Nobody seems to care about
Suggestive appeal and
Renunciation, etc.

Letter "a", feeling sick.

(あ な た の 所 為 ですから)
(This is your fault, so)

The thing I'm tired hearing about
Is here as well
Even if it might come as nostalgic
For the unknown reasons.

They are not connected i think this references "Sardine" once again with this "tomorrow and yesterday was connected" because
I don't even understand the meaning of it.

Sure, you're not here but
Yellowfin tuna koronba mentioned a lot of fishes in his songs https://youtu.be/ceyr4ezheOg from the hole may be reference to https://youtu.be/2RmhTbVinV4 is starting to suspect something
It added some VSTs 'effects' after 2nd version and
The insides of it have disappeared.

The "characters" without meaning lined up
Yes, meaningless lines were flowing one after another with passion,
Is that real that he's now gone?

Dead or just disappeared?

Which was glared at
Turned into one letter, trying to hide.

Dying like a dog
Suffering from a disease.

Letter "A" is falling from the above.

Using the gravitation.

** may be gone by now but
Our singing memory is still here
That's what the signals are indicating, but this is

Your fault anyway.
Comments on the end (gathered from all 3 versions):


How many years has it been since that time
Who was with scissors?
Chopped it off
Sardines are falling from the hole
Train station's platform
Asymmetric eel
I'm not that person
lit music!!! but dunno who made it== lolllll
Smells like it's gone too far
This is all your fault
Reading vertically down horizontal text
I'm sorry
This was blaming me

It has nothing almost nothing in common with the original "A Sardine Grows from the Soil" besides some references and melody btw

Now you can build your conspiracy theories. and proof my translation What do you guys think?

Also there is a morse code once again. Can someone translate it?


Thanks to this page https://tools.m-bsys.com/development_tooles/char_corruption.php
I'm trying to translate the morse code but its too fast, even the japanese guys we are following are having some problems with that


I think there's one video you didn't get to archive from subetenosei still available on this playlist


File: 1539684715704.png (45.6 KB, 300x200, thinking-png-1-1-300x200.png)

The title of the video is the reference to ".."'s lyrics:
>Biting the sand,
>Gnawing at its hardest efforts
>The slug died.

砂 sand
鏤骨 hardest efforts
蛞蝓 slug
So it references every first word in every line from this part.

This is what was in the subtitles:
I assume that this is another corrupted text
君0ウ帰0 — that was the most logical thing I could've get with the text corruption tool still doesn't make any sense thou

Good luck with the morse code mate!
Have you tried slowing down the track? Maybe it'll help a little.

Is this Koronba?


File: 1539699668683.png (101.69 KB, 386x529, tumblr_inline_ml5ndmUOuj1r….png)

Okay, one of the guys uploaded another video, I'm not getting a good feeling about this one though
I'm saving it in case they delete it, still
there's also some morse on this one??, its kinda quiet so i'll try my best to translate it when i'm home
i'll just freak out in class and die cause i don't speak naruto


File: 1539722885997.jpg (3.12 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Wow. Thank you for the vid. This is… Pretty dark, to say the least. The lyrics may come as pretty simple but they're really corrupted in some parts.

Anyway here's my attempt of translating this:

Song named Signal (meaning the railroad signal we hear in during this song)

The surroundings are still gloomy from that time when,
Inner part was shining.

I'm just seeing things, am I?

I must be hallucinating.
(There is no mistake.)

I also think that it may be a pun
違いない — sure; no mistaking it; for certain​. 血がいない — there is no blood
But that's mostly my wild fantasy and I'm sure this isn't even grammatically correct thing to say but anyway

Only one part
Of the street
Was shining
The light
Completely alone
Meandering and

I've seen a dream where
Railroad crossing signal was echoing.

This sound is still ringing inside of my head.
But why?

(He) will never come back anymore.
This is everything's fault.
Everything's fault.

(He) can't return anymore.
This is everything's fault.
Everything's fault.


Is this channel related to the subetenosei situation?

Btw I also don't believe that this is Koronba. This is definitely a self-aware impostor (just look at the lyrics).

I have a couple of theories:
1. This was made by a close friend of Koronba who is in grief/worried about his self-being. In that case "This is all your fault" is addressed to us, the viewers, who made him freak out and his mental situation gone even worse. Maybe they know what happened to him.

2. This was made, for example, by one of those 2 fans Koronba was pissed of at before deleting his everything. And their goal is to piss off him even more and mock him this way. In that case "This is your fault" is addressed to Koronba as "this is your fault that you're like this".

3. This was made by the person who actually holds a grudge on him and wants to make him suffer even more by bringing up discussions about him. Pretty self-explanatory


Some of the videos in those lists aren't by koronba, so I'm just the tiniest bit weary of the legitimacy of these videos.
sm33897654, sm33897505, and sm33897477 are ALL stuff by Speder2…
sm33829564 is clipped from sm17094898
As for sm33840642 and sm33829756, looks like koronba audio that the guy created visuals for.
Everything else in that playlist appears to be straight from the getuploader account.

I'll assume that these are legitimate since he provided sm numbers.

More stuff from the getuploader account.

Also, if anyone else is seeking out any missing koronba music, I have compiled a list of his known music that I cannot find a mirror for.
The list can be found here: https://pastebin.com/gvfcHaH3


No tenia ni idea que habia gente hispana tambien investigando sobre el paradero de Koronba!
Yo lo unico que tengo para aportar es que "suopuestamente" se habia peleado con kikiyama, pero siento que no hace nada de sentido.



Con kikiyama?? ¿¿de donde salio esa información?? Si sabes mas me puedes contactar por twitter! Podríamos compartir información (lo deje mas arriba)


Como comente, la información puede ser falsa
Se dio en un pequeño grupo sobre juegos de RPG en facebook
Segun dicen, esa información proviene del fandom… "italiano"
Realmente no creo que sea verdad, no dijeron la razón del por que


File: 1539792348833.png (31.1 KB, 1080x581, 20181017_130447.png)

Bastante raro e interesante.
De todos modos si sabes mas sobre eso, no dudes en poner la información

And well, 全てあなたの所為です。upload a new video…"""""New"""""
but he deleted everything of the channel.


¿is a kanji?


File: 1539798017722.png (128.13 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20181017-142756.png)

Also subetenosei's twitter went private at the moment with this as their banner thingie whatever is called in English
Kinda weird, their full livestream is still in their channel but hidden
Still, I don't like the situation, especially like, two years later after the koronba situation?
If it is really related, I don't like where this is going


File: 1539798990552.jpg (51.74 KB, 640x480, 1469230026002.jpg)

>Btw which is your favorite? I still like . the most
I am not a fan of vocaloid music, but if I had to choose any, .. had the most interesting video composition, lyrics and melody.

>迫り、Which was glared at
>文字が化け。Turned into one letter, in attempt to hide.
Being watched by them,
When they approached,
The characters transformed into something else.

>擬似的に、In virtual world,

>誰も興味はなくNobody seems to care about
>露骨にアピールをし、Suggestive appeal and
>放棄をし、続ける。Renunciation, etc.
Everybody pretends not to care,
and then they openly state their interest,
Only to abandon you, once again.


Because I don't understand the meaning of it
everything feels disconnected.


Are you sure it's える気する? That sounds really weird and more like a typo.
Also, VST is basically a soundfont.

>死んで消えていったのか? Dead or just disappeared?

This is actually "Did he die and disappear?", no "or" inbetween.

>血がいない — there is no blood
Not grammatically correct, 血 isn't animated (a living thing), so it'd be ない instead of いない.

Bullshit. I don't even know whether to laugh or cry. Also, keep the spanish to a minimum.

もう戻らない (not coming back)
Either he or koronba.


File: 1539799666504.png (1.23 KB, 185x78, 314.png)


sorry for the spanish!
i will keep it in mind ; ; sorry again. although I try my best to write in English (although I often occupy the translator, in case it becomes strange.)


File: 1539801831818.png (1.15 MB, 1228x1188, KBR_Bandana_Waddle_Dee_Hea….png)

Yea, that one is pretty neat. I don't like UTAU much either but you have to agree that such robotic voices are fitting pretty well with such a mysterious songs.


Ah! So it was 迫る (the verb), not 迫り (the noun I've found). Makes sense actually!
Can you please explain in which cases verbs turn into this masu-stem form? or how is it called? I see those a lot recently and I don't understand clearly how to approach them yet.


>Everybody pretends not to care,
>and then they openly state their interest,
>Only to abandon you, once again.
Oh, I was confused at this part and completely wasn't sure about it. How did you get this? Please explain… What does をし do? I've read that it's listing the reasons but it doesn't makes much sense in this case to me…

>Are you sure it's える気する? That sounds really weird and more like a typo.

Yea, that thing weirded me out too during translation. I rechecked it once more, and that's what was written in the video for sure.

>Not grammatically correct, 血 isn't animated (a living thing), so it'd be ない instead of いない.

Yea, that was the thing I was worried about. Understandable!

Everything else you've said I understood well. Thank you so much! Very appreciated.

Well, I'm even a little proud of myself that I made a lot less mistakes this time! Beside those parts you've mentioned I was understanding the script almost freely with shit ton of dictionaries of course compared to my first attempts. Am I getting better? Yay!

Also I agree about spanish. Please, guys… Butchered english is more understandable and comfortable than good spanish besides you're not that bad at it

Yay, full version of "Signal" song! I hope there will be lyric video thou because I'm really bad at hearing japanese yet.


Sorry for that, my english is still to basic, but I'll try my best.

I'm going to translate what I said in >>13730

Someone in a little group about RPGMAKER games, said that Koronba and Kikiyama had a fight.
I don't think this can be true, but sounds interesting anyway.


¿Hay alguna otra forma de contactarte? Twitter no me deja hacerlo bien ;-;


File: 1539829238912.jpg (9.17 KB, 225x225, おk.jpg)

>Can you please explain in which cases verbs turn into this masu-stem form? or how is it called? I see those a lot recently and I don't understand clearly how to approach them yet.
It's called 連用形【れんようけい】 (conjuntive/continuative form). Also known as "masu stem", although, like Tae Kim, I prefer to call it the "stem" because it has many uses outside of masu (just like in this case). You can tell they are not nouns and that they're working as verbs because it's as if it was listing the actions (watching intently, drawing near). In 《踊りが好き》 for example, 踊り works as a noun because it is the object of the sentence, while in 《夜には踊り、歌い、そして酒を読む事は当然の行動になりました。》 (It became common practice to dance, sing and drink during the night), it works as a verb.

I mostly see them used as a "neutral" form of the て form. Normally, you find this structure in dictionaries, encyclopaedia and the like; BUT it's fairly to see characters in visual novels using it when describing the scene or their actions, for example.

>Oh, I was confused at this part and completely wasn't sure about it. How did you get this? Please explain… What does をし do? I've read that it's listing the reasons but it doesn't makes much sense in this case to me…

Same as above. し is the stem of する.


Mockingly (pretending to)
Nobody cares (not to care)
Bluntly appealing
Continuing to abandon (abandoning again and again).

Since し is working as a verb that connects the sentences, it's actually more fluid than what literal translation allows me.

On a related note, I found an alternative translation for appeal.
Which means that it actually could be interpreted as people complaining? If so, it could be interpreted like this:

Everybody pretends not to care. They complain openly, and then they abandon you, again and again/once more/etc.
Everybody only mocks you and nobody cares for you. They complain openly, and then they abandon you, again and again/once more/etc.

idk, it's really ambiguous.

Also, I think I'm gonna start a thread for japanese discussion in /ot/ so we don't flood this thread every time a new video comes up.

I understand spanish, but not everybody else does. And since we also have japanese people here, it's actually rather messy already with us shooting translations left and right in like 4 languages.

>Someone in a little group about RPGMAKER games, said that Koronba and Kikiyama had a fight.

You either were being trolled or the guy is legit gullible as fuck. Kiki has literally 0 reason for prioritizing talking with koronba over any other fan, and it's even more ridiculous to think koronba went MIA because he fought with a ghost from 10 years ago that doesn't even reply to basic mails. Specially since it's been well documented here that he was angry with 2 or 3 specific persons.

Post a mail and enjoy the spam.


File: 1539834116948.gif (32.64 KB, 48x64, char_2.gif)


>Kiki has literally 0 reason for prioritizing talking with koronba over any other fan

That was exactly what I thought when I read that.

>Specially since it's been well documented here that he was angry with 2 or 3 specific persons.

Another reason.

Also, thank ya'll for receiving me here!



Maybe eeeh…idk ¿¿Discord??

Well, 全ての所為です。uploaded a new video…a melody ¿? sounds good and relaxing



File: 1539875566154.png (820 B, 216x125, received_2242076665812275.png)

i don't really care giving out my discord so here ya go
Still if we can make another thread i don't have any problem, i can make a resume of everything me and my gf have atm, since she isn't that confident on her english and stuff
also subetenosei did a livestream with the lyrics of his song, for what i understod in my horrible japanese since i'm learning, they are goin to leave it, i don't really trust their word so i'm gonna save it in case they change their opinion

back to stalk my japanese folks who follow this channel, also some other guy was real mad about this subetenosei guy cuz they tried to imitate koronba's style, so yeah


Y envie una invitacion!

I'm going to hear it when I arrive at home.


File: 1539883735047.png (22.25 KB, 737x197, oh no.png)

La acepté!

Also, they uploaded this https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h6p6FxShHnVrvnVMu8IgqRxNLF-ru7Ps/view
sorry for the painfull google translate stuff, but i really don't like where this is going


File: 1539884384769.png (189.1 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2018-10-18-20h25m1….png)

Thank you for the explanation! Yea, let's continue our suffering with 日本語 in the /ot/, I also felt bad about spamming here…

I'll reply in jap-learning thread later then!

Translation of full version is in progress!

Btw where did you found this text, you're putting in the google translator? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Also this text is so corrupted that there is no chance google can translate it even anywhere close to the truth.

Also picrelated is in the end of googledrive's full version of the song. Another corrupted text, my god.


File: 1539886958577.png (178.2 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2018-10-18-21h19m2….png)

"Signal" FULL ver.

Speed is increasing,
As my agony intensifies.

From here, I connect
With brand new world.

|INTERMEDIA| (there is some lyrics too but I'm bad at listening jap language yet so help is really appreciated)

I've seen a dream where
Railway crossing gate​'s signal was echoing.

This sound is still ringing
Inside of my head. But why?

(He) will never come back.
This is everything's fault.
Everything's fault.

Won't return anymore.
This is everything's fault.
Everything's fault.

The surroundings are still gloomy from that time when,
Inner part was shining.

I'm just seeing things, am I?
I must be hallucinating.

Only on the one part of the street
Some glitter​ shone.
It was meandering and wandering
Completely alone.

Trains go off-schedule,
Off vector calculus.
When one departs on time,
The remaining trains abandon it.

Cicada's cry, sound of breathing,
And radio signal, just barely audible.

I've seen a dream where
Railway crossing gate​'s signal was echoing.

(He) will never come back.
This is everything's fault.
Everything's fault.

Won't return anymore.
This is everything's fault.
Everything's fault.


Remind me again, what's the bump limit here? It's been such a long time since the last time I saw a thread dropping off the catalog that I forgot
>Btw where did you found this text, you're putting in the google translator?
You probably found it already but Subetenosei posted a link to it on the comments for 信号.full


File: 1539907812274.png (35.28 KB, 175x162, nah.png)

made the thread on /ot/ with subetenosei's jap name
now on the replies i'm gonna put the other links i'm missing on that thread, also thanks to all the anons that helped translating the songs
now i'll die if you excuse me


i'm so fucking retarded here is the thing uboachan . net /ot/ res/ 19555.html


File: 1539914596550.png (154.74 KB, 356x388, underagefag.png)

I'll say it now before you are called out by some other angry anon and we have the whole "ubuu is a meanie" thing again.

There is no need to duplicate the thread, specially in a different board completely unrelated to the matter. Japanese grammar and details entailed to translation are off-topic even if the lyrics aren't, that's why it was branched into an already existing thread in a different board as to not kill another thread from /ot/. But discussing about this guy is on-topic here because he seems to be related to koronba (either directly, i.e. impersonating him, or calling out the community through his videos). Literally nobody will reply to that thread in /ot/ because all the discussion will happen here, so it's completely pointless to make one. Just kill this thread >>>/ot/19555 please. If you want to post a summary of all the things related to this guy, make a pastebin and post it here.

Also, there's no need to post links in that way, it really makes you look like a newfriend. Investigate a little more about imageboards before posting.


Link to another thread like this
Also, delete that thread, it's completely unnecessary.


File: 1540068005534.png (26.77 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2018-10-20-23h35m4….png)

Flash news to the subetenosei situation.

Meet the new member of a family, yay!

Also subetenosei had livestream today (which I missed) and his recent instrumental short video was deleted. Did you backed that up, spanish squad? Tell me that you did, please…

About video mentioned:
First half is the instrumental of "Signal" song. Lyrics haven't changed, except for 街頭が一部だけ that was 街灯が一部だけ in new video. So "In the street" changed to "street light". That's all.

Second half is more interesting thou. It is unchanged a capella of ".." song, but with changed verse in the end. I'll try to translate it out of curiosity, but mind that I'm bad at hearing Japanese, so yeah.

Soft place was
Touched by dirty fingertips
— this is my fault.

Instead of previous:
Now thousand of fingertips
Are reaching, trying to feel
That soft place. according to recent translation posted in this thread

There may be other differences, but I didn't spotted them.

Please don't newshame people… I thought that Uboachat is not _that kind_ of imageboard.

About the thread in /ot/, if every other anon is okay with this thread spammed with subetenosei things, than there is no need for it. There are no other lsddem-related news anyway so why not?

P.S. Any ideas about what picrelated could've meant?


Caption under https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeB56NMxKfg

Please, don't look any further.
If you found something, please, don't tell anyone.

Something like this


Yeah, definitely not koronba, neither somebody who respects his wishes of "don't talk about me anymore". He's clearly profiting from the attention of the whole dead-of-lcd affair. The question being, why?

>Please don't newshame people… I thought that Uboachat is not _that kind_ of imageboard.

I'm not shaming anyone, I clearly explained why it's bad behavior to duplicate threads, just like in any other forum, really. I didn't even call him a fag or something like we normally would do, and actually called him out on that before somebody else does it in a less-friendly way. That thread is out of place in /ot/, maybe (MAYBE) it'd fit in media if people are really *that* bothered about having this discussion on this thread, but nobody is/has issued a complain so far.


File: 1540112102756.jpg (305.06 KB, 816x2048, Dm6RieLWsAAE3wX.jpg)

Time to look on some interesting posts on Twitter.

- https://twitter.com/IQe1uOjv8fv4pUV/status/1050838583429423105 — sheet music for solo part from "lesson" video. This gentlemen noticed that 6th note of c minor scale (scale of the song) is the only one missing. Still no idea behind the meaning of this code (it looks to me as one for sure).

- https://twitter.com/drop_water_rink/status/1050787757658755072 — notices that begining part of "lesson" video have some motieves from BWV 1007. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9lwJPWHpHM listen to it.

- https://twitter.com/8dgi618ntuz/status/1039928595395665920 decryption of ◘ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ray9iBnP0w&t=6s.
Slipped from my hand,
And could've be completely smashed against the floor,
So when, without hesitation, I decided to take a look at it,
I've noticed that the screen broke.
Behind a frosted glass,
Countless glowing eyes,
Are staring at me, aren't they?
I froze on the spot.
Even though this leaking dark fluid scares me
I cannot resist the impulse
To feel it with my fingertips
And merge blood with it.
Behind a frosted glass,
Countless glowing eyes,
Are staring at me, aren't they?
This is all my fault.

- https://twitter.com/obvious_react/status/1040370235751071744 decryption of "notification" on the said video


Long (hair?)

Also all videos with morse code decryption (at least the ones posted in this thread) was deleted.
I'll try and decrypt text from the 信号 video later.

Okay I've got your point.


File: 1540114682696.png (27.65 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2018-10-21-12h36m1….png)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w65Fv9DPpRA — new video
(short ver.)


Abandoning everything,
I fly high into the sky
Tomorrow's weather
Was clear.

He isn't there, is he?

No idea.

All by himself someone is playing with words (literally this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_wordplay?oldid=495238646)

He was behind my back.

There is a ":(" in the description. It was ":)" during the livestream.


Subetenosei was livestreaming today. Literally. From iPad with his voice. Or was it him?.. I saved the stream recording, so I don't know if he interacted with viewers. It may be pre-recorded unrelated video… I don't know what he is saying, can someone please retell what was it about in general? Because this was really unexpected.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pz5FeO1w9Odpw6Ac2pPf5YYis8uJVjs6 — here's the part I've saved. I believe there was 2 more videos, but they're all deleted by now.

I also found two possibly-related twitter accounts:
https://twitter.com/1101125t — person, idea_0 (https://twitter.com/subetenosei) reposted. His twitter filled with ~8000 repetitive posts
Here's the post idea_0 reposted:
"Feeling called sadness makes easier seeing extreme vectors and makes signals become evidently stronger. That's why I engrave it in my memory." "It's necessary to do it to complex intelligence, thus it can be complex because of it, you could say that"

Or something like that.

https://twitter.com/longesan — I don't know if it's this guy but ロン毛さん was mentioned at least 2 times in those series. First in the corrupted notification and than in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNeOqvtS39c&t=7s video in the begining (look down, it says that he performed this recorder melody on bgm). And I assume that he could be mentioned in the corrupted text on 信号.
https://twitter.com/subeterinrinsei — hard to say if it's really related or this is some sort of edgy impostor.


He's admitted he isn't to "that person" and that he will never be a match for him. Also, apparently people found out he's from Hokkaido? There's some heavy activity with the users so it's hard to understand some of it though.


Yes, I wish I captured whole stream with chat…

For some reason I doubt that that was really him because if he was answering questions than where are all Subetenosei-related questions? About meaning of the lyrics, etc. It's strange that everybody was asking about him being in Hokkaido and about how cold is there when they could've asked a bunch of more important questions.

So I think this livestream may be someone else's video. Maybe he's leaking someone else's personal video? Or someone else's livestream? Or video from private skype call? Maybe that was koronba?


sorry for reporting this but lately I have not been able to save anything for a series of bad events that have happened to me.
My boyfriend also did not manage to save it since it was immediately erased to youtube.

I have not been able to write anything in my block of notes, statements, mentions, codes.

Soon I will update and give more information, I will also update the drive.

thanks for translate! I had not had time to do it on my own


on twitter 全ての所為です. I have not published anything of much interest that I can highlight. only the names of the songs


(If some things are rare, sorry, I never had a good education in English and little by little I learned, I help the translator)


File: 1540401572156.jpg (18.34 KB, 375x375, efyXbD5M_400x400.jpg)

no, wtf.

I think I recognize it
Who the fuck was?? I just noticed now


File: 1540411220645.png (67.55 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2018-10-24-22h42m2….png)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKY8eCJazWU&t=104s — yesterday's video

Nothing new, just some old deleted videos >>13669 + one new short video (or at least I didn't seen it before)
While wondering
In the sea,
I finally found
A little shining light
Sweet *
That gathered
What was previously separated.

I also decided to translate "announcement" on the beginning of each video.
Those are "user suspended" errors from niconico douga

No problem! (About English, I think we can still understand you, so yeah. Nobody's English is perfect)

I'm sad to hear about what happened to you. My condolences.
But I'm looking forward your updates and new information you found!
That's syamu (on twitter profile pic). Everyone on niconico makes fun of this guy. As far as I know, he's trying to became youtuber (and failing miserably). There are a lot of 音MAD's with this guy (that's something like YTPMV, but jap version). In fact I hear his voice (I think this is the audio from some otomad) here on new video https://youtu.be/rKY8eCJazWU?t=113. If anyone could tell the source that would've be epic.

Previously in this thread someone posted Subetenosei's previous channel (in which he actually uploaded a lot of mads with syamu) >>13652


File: 1540429720843.png (160.72 KB, 400x400, ClipboardImage.png)

Before my whole affair happened, I had forgotten to tell you something!

I had posted and had put a profile picture with a calendar, would it be important? How many months do they have 31 days? My paranoia about the subject is strong, but I can not concentrate enough.


by chance, did someone manage to get the morse code from the video 全 て ███ の 所 為 で す. ?? I'm still stuck in that. on twitter no japanese so far has achieved or had the time, is very fast.

I still have a lot of information, but some things are not very important.

I have a block of notes of 35 pages of information, screenshots, tweets, codes and more and more …

I'm sick lol


October has 31 days. Maybe "subeteosei" will be closed by the end of this month. I can remember him saying something like "the end is near" on stream or on twitter (but can't remember where exactly). Maybe that's the case.

>did someone manage to get the morse code from the video 全 て ███ の 所 為 で す.

I have a better question. Did someone encrypted any morse codes after ".."? I can't seem to find anything. Also, all videos with decryption were deleted recently.

>I have a block of notes of 35 pages of information, screenshots, tweets, codes and more and more … I'm sick lol

Please share! I'm also really interested in this subject. Maybe upload doc with your notes on google disk?

Also I still need help on decrypting >>13746's picrelated.

There is also some questions about >>13669. We still need to decrypt binary and corrupted text.


>Please share! I'm also really interested in this subject. Maybe upload doc with your notes on google disk?

give me a couple of days to be more 'awake' and be able to transfer everything to English, since most of the things I have written there are in Spanish and also in a very informal way. (I curse everything that exists to spend nights looking for and trying to get new information)
I'll pass the updated driver and that notebook can barely ;)

the bad thing is that Subetensei (全ての所為です.) began to block the twitters that were not Japanese speaking, and several were victims of the massive blockade and curiously most were English or with different languages, or also those who were helping the Japanese too much on the subject.

I will not be able to continue translating and saving the states of 全ての所為です. And seeing what kind of locations or profile pictures are put, they would do me a great favor if someone tries to follow them and informs if they have placed something out of place or that seems suspicious.

On the other hand, I have backed half of the videos that I uploaded, except direct ones, I have not had time to save them or record them before they are deleted.

aaaand today subetenosei will make a live


File: 1540569353133.png (185.94 KB, 540x960, received_246416369386094.png)

aaaand today subetenosei will make a live

Can someone save the video on time? my boyfriend did not catch up and I was just busy (he just managed to get a catch of something that he found intriguing at the end)


File: 1540570751813.png (303.78 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2018-10-26-19h01m3….png)

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V62QbNcLjrPnk4us1dVL-p5prk840cly/view?usp=sharing (since original video was deleted)


Smashed against the floor,
While creating new shapes.

Tomorrow's weather is:

He isn't there, is he?
What the hell happened?

Fly up into the sky,
Abandoning everything.

He isn't there, is he?
Than where he is?

All by himself someone played with words (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_wordplay?oldid=495238646)
As he was standing behind this "someone".

Current time was:
A nighttime.

He isn't there, is he?
0 ideas

Jumped into the river,
Abandoning everything.
That's where he was.

This is everything's fault.

I feel like someone's stole his place

Completely destroyed.
He was standing behind that "someone".
He isn't there, is he?
What the hell happened?

(Sample Text)

There was a new stream right after that. I've recorded it, but it's nothing new or interesting. Just otomad on "..". What was interesting is this message in the description:
This service will stop working on 28th October.

So next stream(which is called "This is all youtube's fault") will be the last one I think.


File: 1540571334506-0.png (9.12 KB, 1123x591, 1.png)

File: 1540571334506-1.png (33.02 KB, 1063x559, 3.png)

Look what I've found: he put a subtitles on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z26uJ3EfuIk video now.
Here's where this rabbit hole leads to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTBqSLXMSRA (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KwLAx5wfX6wE093ESO3waPhOkrPcU-Zo/view?usp=sharing reupload)

Yea, he blocked me on twitter as well. That's a shame.

I understand, it takes a while to translate everything. I'll wait.



I went to one of the links that I shot in the videos and took me to this other: syamu所為


>I went to one of the links that I shot in the videos and took me to this other: syamu所為

Is there anything specific that is called syamu ??

Maybe it's something like the last time, that he uploaded a cover with something about shibamata (a train station in Tokyo)


this same melody but played in 8 bits and with the wagon of a train playing repeatedly in the background, but the classic alarm distorted. the video was called in specific Shibamata 1831 and the 1 was highlighted…


File: 1540739788770.jpg (355.81 KB, 1200x1173, DqmpcHKVYAADp9q.jpg)






File: 1540748171874.png (15.26 KB, 82x104, unknown.png)

It says on the top right of the picture: By idea_0
[Shinkai oto MAD] Deep Sea Sound MAD (I think they're translated like this?)
Kibashiri (I think)

Probably about this channel / このチャネルのこと: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdrPudEZsBLKc-FQ4jUm42A

..FULL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGPKhB1MoAA
And this / それにこれ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E1fghRR7Ss




no speak english


File: 1540757216096.png (595 B, 2000x1333, 2000px-Flag_of_Afghanistan….png)


Sorry if I'm making mistakes in this message, please prove me if I'm wrong.
I really don't want to invade someone's personal life and share gossips here. Let's not cross the line and make people feel uncomfortable and stick with just translating the songs in better case. Cause I'm really feeling uncomfortable and guilty now and think that we should stop investigating.

こんにちは、大三元さん btw I didn't forgot about /ot/-thread I'm preparing questions and interesting topics to bring up — it seems to be harder than I thought at first


Thank you for understanding
I will not continue to work in the future, there is no change.
It is a fact that studied cryptography. This was to simulate the way that "xx" thought about decryption and how it felt.
I might have a sense of incongruity as I used a translation machine. I'm not good at English.
Please translate lyrics freely.


oh god, I'm really really sorry if I propagate with the investigation!
I apologize, but I get too excited about the subject.

from now on I will follow it in a healthy way! i promise ; ;

but if it does not matter to me and it allows me, I will continue with the translations of the songs, some are very catchy and I really like the lyrics (it also serves my boyfriend for his practice of Japanese)


Oh, I forgot to add something.

if there is something that you want me to delete (see the files, links, comments, etc) just tell me, I will do it with pleasure.
I admit it was very disrespectful of me.

i'm really sorry, in earnest u.u


File: 1540828963747.png (11.96 KB, 266x220, 04b4f567b245308117fda05d91….png)

Take your time, and pile up your questions until you're ready.



ちなみに、この方 >>13810 は「もしこのスレの中に何か困らせたら是非教えてください、すぐに消えます」と言いました。


File: 1540835029972.jpg (189.38 KB, 850x554, __kirby_ribbon_and_zero_tw….jpg)








File: 1540909892348.png (277.75 KB, 1366x768, スクリーンショット (259).png)



File: 1540922225869.png (62.44 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2018-10-30-19h43m3….png)








File: 1540957666578.png (413.13 KB, 500x505, yacchatta.png)

∧_∧  / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
( ´∀`)< オマエモナー
(     )  \_____
│ │ │


TL;DR for those who can't into moon speak: We're talking about ロン毛さん [Ronge] and the suspicious activity in his account (he never posted anything until those 3 tweets and it's basically some normie-tier stuff).


File: 1540962612783.png (194.92 KB, 1366x768, ClipboardImage.png)



This thread is still pretty fresh? Can someone give me a summary (I’m sorry) because reading large chunks of it is hard

И ещё как вы русские выучили японский?


I am quite new for this place in the same way, but I will give you a summary of what happened in all this time

-Although there is no idea of the whereabouts of Koromba, he is presumed dead for what I understand.
-An anon said that in the community of Italy it was rumored that koromba before disappearing had had problems with kikiyama, although for now it is discarded since they are only rumors
-It found a youtube channel that occupies a couple of melodies and references to koromba songs, it seems to be an ARG and the communities in Japanese and English are getting codes and solving things, it is quite interesting, and the truth is that the songs they're good.
in fact, I had spoken above here (lol)

sorry for my english, I likewise occupy the translator






Guys, it's pretty obvious that Ronge's real account is on youtube. Just read >>13638 find the video on youtube.The reason why i don't post his name is that he might gonna sniff this place out. The reason why i can back this statement is that when he uploaded the first vide(.) on youtube, his main twitter account tweeted about premier functions. and the strongest point i have is that the title artwork(?) of 教育 is very very similar to that of the 2nd album he released a while ago called my room.you can find that on youtube. i personally like his works, but i hate how he do things. imo, it is completely free to release something so-called 'koronba respects', but how Ronge did is that he just used koronba's fame to gain some views.






ここ >>13832 の書き込みで話はもう終わったから私はただ「もう(みんな)止めた」と答えたんだんけど?



Yes, but since people like to copycat him it's natural people discuss about them. Although I (and probably many more from here) find that disgusting.


What's disgusting about taking inspiration from someone's work?


I think it's safe to say that the phenomenon with 全てあなたの所為です。 has expanded beyond koronba. iirc koronba's most viewed video on niconico had ~120k views. 全てあなたの所為です。's nearing 1 million views on his most viewed video.


This. I don't think that Koronba is THAT popular to give so much attention. Something else is the case in subetenosei's popularity. Yes, he clearly makes references to Koronba yet he has his own distinct style. Is making reference called "to be copycat" nowdays? Besides, you're saying that this is disrespectful for him to make such references, but once again, those references are subtle and Koronba is not that insanely popular to do things like that only to gain popularity. There must be other reasons.


>Yes, he clearly makes references to Koronba
You said it. If you need any more explaining on why that could be considered bad then there's no need to discuss this further.

>Is making reference called "to be copycat" nowdays?

There is a thing called "context", and in case you don't realize, a lot of people are copying the style of an author that went MIA and acting all cryptic and mysterious and feeding from the fact some people might consider them koronba because he used a few pseudonyms before. He isn't just "referencing". Popularity has nothing to do with it nor serves as an excuse.


>iirc koronba's most viewed video on niconico had ~120k views
Wasn't it around 70k at best?
Unless you are counting reprints by other people, in which case it would be ~640k.





File: 1542206487271.jpg (44.12 KB, 640x480, 3990_large.jpg)







LcdDemのスレはあそこです >>124

This subete no sei guy is not him, people on both sides seem tired of discussing this, so it's kind of pointless to keep talking about this guy. Maybe making a thread /media/ would be the best course of action.
Also sorry for the lack of activity, but I'm going through tests on college and don't have that much free time.


>Maybe making a thread /media/ would be the best course of action

they had already created a separate thread for this theme, in ot/


>Maybe making a thread /media/ would be the best course of action
Everybody knew that he isn't Koronba from the beginning yet when one dude made separate thread about him on /ot/ I know, this is not exactly off-topic and /media/ fits better to this topic but still… to stop spamming in this thread about subetenosei, everybody got mad at him. wtf??


then we could take the issue that someone found koromba demo songs that never came out…


look at the channel, there are about 6 songs


Those are just some reposts from >>13691
Besides, demo_c.mp3 was already found and reuploaded back on early 2017




File: 1545672446171.jpg (18.89 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)



idea_0 posted a new video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=D6FmKEr3PJQ&feature=youtu.be

i took some time to post this because the site wasn't loading :v


ロン毛 = geniway ???


Literally what proof do you have that he isn't Koronba? Literally any or all of these guys could be Koronba under different synonyms. There's no evidence that they aren't.

Koronba is a mysterious and complex individual. There's more than a little evidence that he contributed to Yume 2kki recently and is still producing and uploading music under different names, something he even did when he was active. I think there's a possibility he could be making a new name for himself.


We need closure.

I don't think he's dead, just eccentric and/or mentally I'll.


File: 1547576781382.jpg (77.33 KB, 437x458, 1471566732082.jpg)

>Literally what proof do you have that he isn't Koronba? Literally any or all of these guys could be Koronba under different synonyms. There's no evidence that they aren't.
Common sense. Do you even realize how much time you need to invest into all of this just to make it plausible? Many of these names uploaded stuff at the same time.

>There's more than a little evidence that he contributed to Yume 2kki recently and is still producing and uploading music under different names, something he even did when he was active. I think there's a possibility he could be making a new name for himself.

Literally what proof do you have that it is Koronba? Literally any or all of these guys could be different people under different names. There's no evidence that they aren't.


Subetewatashinoshoidesu. Found this youtube channel yesterday. Made on 31st of December, might've been made by Subeteanatanoseidesu. 2 Full songs have been uploaded with 1 unlisted video which is the short version for the song titled Fires and also a teaser video announcing a new song on 31st of January, (has been confirmed on twitter). There is morse code inside those songs. For the teaser video, the morse code translates to this "どうしてきらうのなんでわかんないしね" while on the …… video it translates into "ぐうぞうもすうはいしやもねつこがくさればすべておわりみつをすいつづけたものがひからび". One of the commenters said that the meaning is similar to "偶像も崇拝者も根っこが腐れば全て終わり蜜を吸い続けたものが干からび". The account seems to be talking to each other as well. subeteanatanoseidesu translate to its all your fault, and subetewatashinoshoidesu translates to its all my responsibility. the twitter account linked to watashi's youtube is @or_should_you. probably a broken English for "or it's yours". The account has stated that he is indeed subetenosei, but on the qna he held on his twitter, he mentioned that he is not the same. No more info is known as of now, until the new song he'll be releasing on the end of the month.

on the 火種 video he posted, there is a string of letters on t he bottom of the description. if you put it after https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=, it'll redirect you to the unlisted video.

here is the link to the unlisted video.
its the shorted version of 火種 with a little bit difference in the video. like the color of the falling letter.


File: 1547631650352.jpg (4.67 KB, 360x270, smile.jpg)

I think all general discussions about Subeteanatanoseidesu were moved to >>>/ot/19555 by now because his relation to Koronba wasn't proved.


>Literally any or all of these guys could be different people under different names. There's no evidence that they aren't.

There's no proof that they are either.

Koronba, for all we know, could be the king of sock puppet accounts.

Aphex Twin casually releases new stuff under aliases or anonymously all the time. If he can operate two pseudonyms at once, why should Koronba be any different?


File: 1547687741815.jpg (43.4 KB, 450x337, 1451626660254.jpg)

>There's no proof that they are either. Koronba, for all we know, could be the king of sock puppet accounts.
I copied and pasted your own words, you're are replying to yourself here. I don't understand why you want to wank over this.

>Aphex Twin casually releases new stuff under aliases or anonymously all the time. If he can operate two pseudonyms at once, why should Koronba be any different?

We have like 8 names so far, going up to 2 or 3 plus koronba himself publishing at the same time. It's not the same. But if it makes you happy to pretend everybody is koronba, good for you.

t. koronba.


Guys look at this. He claims that he is Koronba himself, and will upload a song titled "夢遊病". Also, he tweeted that he thinks "Subeteanatano…" is a geneous.I highly doubt that this is legit.


Those images that he posted as "proof" of being Koronba are things that are still available on archival sites. So, make of that what you will.
Even so, any chance any of you could translate the gist of what's going on in this poll?


Just seems like a fluke. koronba doesn't strike me as the type to seek attention. If it was like that he would have catered in and revealed himself a long time ago.


In this tweet, this fake ass asked when the relase date should be. 47%ASAP 11%Hurry up 42%NOW(impossible).


So, for the past few days the nicovideo thread about Koronba has been awfully active. And it seems they aren't only talking about the twitter impostor guy anymore.


Do you have a UTAU sound source of koronba 4 gou?


I have a copy of koronba_04b.zip but mega.nz is returning server errors and won't let me log in ;u; damn it all lads


upload it to mymixtape or mediafire or something


Pretty sure you can just upload it here directly
Or, at least, you could do that a few years ago. Not sure if that whole thing still works



Is someone still hoping that he did not commit suicide?

I know that in Japan the news is numerous but none of them within the agreed date? the last record of it was (as I remember) in March of the year 2016
Has anyone found a matching source? Sincerely I even get a little sad, many old UTAU composers have appeared, but Koronba remains in mystery


File: 1550975702764.png (644.5 KB, 1920x1700, koro.png)

I have a copy of an old version of the game
v_0.007 and also one of the v_0.030

but the v_0.007 thanks to my computer and drivers not installed, does not read the extra room of the game, a room where the personification appears in pixel koromba and gives a few lines of text
Has anyone played that version if they could read or translate what they say?


Do you have a UTAU sound source of miteinanda?
old japanese name:未定なんだ
new japanese name:未ていなんだ


hey hey
look at this, it's a fanmade? imitation?

sound so good






>>14020 もうファイルが無効化されていて開けない状態じゃないですか?もしよければ貼って頂きたいのですが・・・


My upload recieved a takedown request from a yahoo.co.jp email address with a username that is plausibly related to koronba. If it is truly koronba, I have no objections, and my only hope that koronba is fine. If it is not koronba, I believe that pretending to be koronba is extrmeely distasteful.




You know, I kinda expected that if Koronba ever were to request takedowns of his creations, he would have started with the re-uploads of his albums and games.




Can someone reupload the voicebank koronba_04b once again?
as >>14034 said, if Koronba himself actually sent the take down request, he would probably start sending requests to his old reuploads.







LcdDemの話題はここです >>124




File: 1553162493450.jpg (183.07 KB, 1080x1651, _20190321_185812.JPG)



File: 1553187419999.jpg (24.34 KB, 320x320, maddy.jpg)




Seconding this. It's impossible to find it anywhere else nowadays


fanmade, really high quality, the twitter account had retweeted a MADer's tweet saying he thinks they are different people, which just confirms it


I think a @abnorok account is fake.



Yes, it is.




2th is 2gou.


His website and SoundCloud disappeared at the same time as the account's tweets.
It may be fake. But I think that koronba is the same opinion.


File: 1556443678635.png (52.66 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2019-04-28-12h25m5….png)

Shell of thousand years old tortoise is gradually returning
My memories that were lost for who knows how many years
Faint light behind the broken window
Lures me as some kind of bait.

I wonder if round moon,
That exists without taking any risks, without having any goals,
Was watching from the sky
How the egg hatched?

I've heard that if the Sea Turtle cries
Its tears are so sweet
So you laughed gently,
Shedding tears yourself as well.

I've heard that if the Crocodile cries
Its tears are just full of lies
So the spreading rain puddle
Turned all red.


What was lost won't return
Neither tomorrow, neither yesterday
Everybody knows this simple truth
How stupid you should be to realize it,
And the pain this causes you so late?

I've shouted out the name of _, even if I seem to have forgotten it
So you took off your helmet, shedding tears
I've shouted out the _ of _, even if I seem to have forgotten it
So you were buried in the ground, shedding tears
I've shouted out the _ of _, even if I seem to _
So you pricked yourself with needle, shedding tears
I've _ the name of _, even if I seem to _
So your body had melted away, shedding tears until the very end


Do we know if "Sakamotonorok" is him or not? The accounts associated with the original uploads seem to have gone down in March.


Pretty sure that was just a fan, again.


Yeah, back when he had a Twitter he stated that he was in no way related to Koronba


At the nicovideo thread for Koronba, someone recently posted the following link
From what I can see, among its files, it seems to contain several versions of Koronba4gou. But I don't know anything about UTAU and how it works, so I can't really check whenever that's actually the case or not.


Oh, now that's interesting. The link worked until up to 15 minutes ago.
Have a reupload


Damn it, I missed it yet again






This is a new link for download


All the reuploads for Sakamotonorok's content have been taken down, any chance any of you saved his videos/music and would be willing to rehost them again?


Another account similar to _thetq (sakamotonorok)
Their twitter is layed out very similarly to _thetq at the time of 予言屋さん and 運び屋さん, could be the same person or for attention as _thetq had done. The song itself still sounds decent but reminds me more of subetenosei than koronba imo.



That account is set to private now.
Next time, if you find something interesting, please try to archive it as soon as possible.


For what it's worth, I'm not the same guy and Google's translation from a few days ago seemed consistent with his. Unfortunately I didn't think to archive it since I don't really follow this thread.


this got taken down due to a "valid DMCA request"??
can anyone reupload?




>Don't say anything about it
Also OP:
>Hey, has anyone heard about this? Here is the source


You shouldn't post this


The youtuber x髥莏 has two songs in Koronba's style uploaded and recently got bumped by Youtube's algorithm, so there were rumors going around that this person (x髥莏/x虚像/x Virtual Image) might be Koronba. When I saw he was livestreaming, I joined and read what he typed. There were understandably a lot of comments about Koronba at first, so it might be insightful to English speakers who want to learn more


TL;DR ver: I don't think this person is Koronba, but he does seem to like his music style


>[Someone asks if he likes XX or 2gou's work]
Who's XX?
It's the first time I've ever heard of him, he's Koronba, right?


Yeah, whenever you see someone mention XX or OO or __ it's just them effectively censoring his name as per hia wishes


File: 1568131526865.png (46.61 KB, 698x480, Yamaidare.png)

I've been kind of addicted to XX-style compositions for some time, so I went and translated two songs from the artist loli_tummy :


Highly recommend you watch this on youtube; I gave YTSubConverter a spin, and the positioning is only preserved on the site.



All are available for free from the artist's booth.pm page: https://loli-tummy.booth.pm/items/1117310

Perhaps in the future I'll try translating 「室内機」




Good work, I appreciate it.


First-time poster; tried following the thread, but I might not be entirely up to date and in the know.

Did we just scroll past this? It might be something, but it also seems unlikely to be them. It seems a bit too far to admit being ****, and being kikiyama also.

Or is this quoting someone else in turn?


Whoops, didn’t post everything at once. Still new to -chan boards.

At least, I think the first line said “I am KIKIYAMA and koronba”. I doubt this is legitimate because I think we concluded that kikiyama and **** are different people.
Also, I don’t know about the last line. Something about Kadokawa being [a?] fraud? Not sure who that is; I only heard of **** a few days ago, to be honest.


Since you're new and I'm in a good mood, I will not be a dick.
That is shitposting. Back in 2013 when surfers para made YN merchandising, many of us suspected it not being official (as they claimed it to be), therefore we called it a fraud. It stuck and ever since then it's become a meme. You just took seriously something akin to "I'm elvis presley and I'm still alive. The US government has me secluded in area 51, next to Hitler".



Sorry about that; it was a pretty dumb question, I must admit. I figured it was not legit, but I wanted to make sure we weren't just missing something. Thank you for the explanation behind the "fraud" part, too. I hope that now that I know these things, I can avoid making such a mistake in the future.


That's not a code in the subtitles, it's a YouTube video ID. If you put it into a proper URL you get this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGDfcaqZos4



So we have another song in the works


I missed this, did anyone manage to download it?


It was just a youtube premiere notification set for the 11th of November, not the actual song itself.



honestly i came to this thread after finding the blank song.. but this was all so confusing to try and read though X_X


For context, they're probably referring to:


File: 1574227634180.gif (1.2 MB, 440x300, lordandsaviour.gif)

No. That video is from a different artist. She's just a follower of Koronba doing vocal covers of his song and making songs that are close to his style.

As of now, Koronba's current status is unknown and we're just speculating/archiving stuffs from his followers or figure if one of them is Koronba himself.ゆっくりしていってね。


oh okay, thanks for the status btw



Here's my Koronba content superpack. Please reupload this all over before it goes down. It's not the best but it helps… It has everything I could find. My idea of a Koronba Complete Archive.


Can you list its contents?



-All of his albums
-every one of his videos i could find
-documents relating to his main 4 videos
-all his niko thumbnails
-some art from his website
-his music made for yume 2kki

all i could find


same person again here, i just wanted to say that i am not entirely proud of the koronba pack, and think it could be improved in a few ways:
1. higher quality videos (i just ripped em from a youtube channel)
2. extracted audio in a separate folder then the videos
3. an extensive image art folder that contains all of koronba's drawings
4. an info section that compiles everything we know (eg websites, tweets, etc)
5. just more content that does not exist at the moment
6. more txt file annotations
7. better hosting
8. better formatting

if you download the folder, please add what you can to it and then reupload it for others to build on!


I do plan to reposting this, if I get the chance to actually download it in the first place.
There's no chance of you reuploading this but as several smaller files instead, right?


I'm just wondering whats up with all the songs and covers being done in his style this year, it's all blowing up for no reason I can understand at least. I even saw a virtual youtuber make their own song in his style.


could somebody please post links to the other forums that share information relating to xx? language does not matter


koronba full archive split up for you, princess.
extract them together


i am an idiot
rename the file "koronba.z00" to "Koronba.zip" and then extract, it should work then.



Why did you take it down so quickly?


Can someone list all the vocaloid music title that Koronba made? I am very well interested in his music style, I think it's one of a kind.


does anybody have an archive of nankanohito's songs?


File: 1576150511864.png (463.17 KB, 790x648, KORO.png)


I found all his comics


Why not reupload them then?


Attention whores who imitate his work for easy views and the retards who think its all a big meme. They say they love him because of how much he hates it.
E.g >>14415


soon the comics will be released, after that can we please stop talking about him?

there are no accounts online that are koronba, he's gone, but not dead. so stop being assholes and shut up about him. it's what drove him to madness






need translation please

^ link to 7 chapters of koronba's comic


Just wondering, how did you find this? Also, are you planning to look for the drawings he used to post on Pixiv?


long story, give me your discord and i'll tell ya.



>I could post how I did on the fan thread of the fan site in a matter which all fans of the game can see…
>…But instead I'll use this interest to solicit more members in to my discord clique!


the way you can get the pages is a trick exploiting the weird way https://seiga.nicovideo.jp/ handles their servers.
every thumbnail saved onto the website is saved with a url number 1 greater than the last
but, the thumbnails are not deleted even if the comics are.
so if you know the link to the comic, you can figure out a range of thumbnail url numbers it could be located in by checking the thumbnail numbers of the previous, and next comic using inspect element.
from there you can just brute force and guess until you find it.

here's a helper tool


Does anyone could send 4go's utau voicebank please ? I've been searching for months and all the links i found are down


check 14389


It keeps giving me an error while trying to access to the archive, and it says that i should try later, it's been a few hours tho, so should I still wait ?


here's the voicebank on it's own.
a more complete compilation will be uploaded soon



Archive of Koronba's comic, with 2 additional chapters and some updated (or at least changed) info.
Most of this was shamelessly pulled from the upload at >>14433
(so thank them, I guess)


nice find
I'm currently working on an archive of all Koronba content, as well as English translations.
Everyone please add me on discord if you want to know more. I'm also seeking out people who speak Japanese or have any information.



here is the fixed version of the koronba imitation fan videos archive:

Part 1: https://gofile.io/?c=yXGDD3
Part 2: https://gofile.io/?c=MIYrUB
Part 3: https://gofile.io/?c=haf4yW
Part 4: https://gofile.io/?c=M1Bg9e
Part 5: https://gofile.io/?c=n93fez


I am very happy that the Ghost Man Red was discovered.
But I've been searching for a manga that hasn't been discovered for years.
It is an extra manga for "クロマグロがとんでくる".
There are project files for his representative 4 songs. It was distributed by Koronba himself.
However, it seems that クロマグロ files had been distributed before then.
There was information that there was a manga included in it.
There is no other information about this.
Does anyone know anything?



that twitter account is still active, maybe try messaging them?


People have speculated that this account was run by Koronba. Can anybody get a confirm?


It certainly looks like Koronba, it has his name and personality attached to it somewhat. But we just don't know yet.


File: 1577550037944.png (88.95 KB, 256x256, RMG4G0sW7cqKdQ_QR5yfY5LCgO….png)

Ubuu can make a good detective agency


What's the difference between this and the one >>14399 had posted?


14399 doesn't work and basically just sucks? It's the worse version of 14448. I made both


Happy new years!
Here is a compilation of everything we currently have that was created by Koronba.

It includes:
His comic fully translated, all his videos translated, all his songs, all koronba voicebanks, project files, all his games, a save of his website, a song recovered from his soundcloud, and an information folder.

If more information is to come out on koronba that is not in this pack, i would please ask that it is posted in this forum. This twitter is a good resource for newly discovered content: https://twitter.com/abnorok_hokanko

Download: https://mega.nz/#!UlABEaCR!Q6txMHaVx0FJ8T-pIaPB9grsH3tEU3A8uvnI7iqIURo



Thank you for the archive !
Still, does anyone knows how to get the aviutl project to work ? They all seem empty, maybe because file directory changed for the sprites ?


those comics are fucked up


well i think they're nice


(Better) Translations for all 9 comics are here.

Since the above comic translations, as helpful as they are, are machine translations on a separate .txt file, I've gone and translated the originals by hand and put them on properly.





this is my new favorite thing wow i love koronba now


Hey guys if you want I could fix up the 4 gou voicebanks so they work? : 3


Does anyone know the URL of koronba's SoundCloud?


go ahead?



Okay I've been going crazy trying to fix up the file names as they're in Mojibake (Glitched) I've made a text file of what I think is what is being said but I'm not 100% sure.


File: 1578348867257.png (43.9 KB, 716x664, koronby.png)

Oh also I've made an MMD model of 4gou from scratch, I just need help in rigging it.



Looks like four more chapters of Ghost Man Red have been found.


^ this url can be used to get info on deleted nico videos. koronba's user id is 5738163

https://b.hatena.ne.jp/entry/www.nicovideo.jp/watch/smXXXXXXX is also a useful method


all of the comics he ever posted lie somewhere inbetween

i think


please add me on discord if you are interested in the excavation of koronba's content: somethin#0852


proof that 1hashimo is koronba: https://b.hatena.ne.jp/entry/ch.nicovideo.jp/community/co35224

https://b.hatena.ne.jp/entry/[URL] is a very good resource for recovering information from links



conversations koronba had on his old twitter


I got 3 more chapters. I have already sent them to >>14472 but I thought I would share them here too. https://gofile.io/?c=bHFl8k


Here are all 16 chapters of Ghost Man Red! And this time they're even in HD! I'm pretty sure this makes all of them since I used a brute force approach to finding them. Translations are underway.

Link: https://gofile.io/?c=Bawkuj

And here's a rough information packet: https://gofile.io/?c=iTBZum



Part 4 link is down; reupload?



hi, i recently stumbled onto this thread and remembered being a koronba fan a while back. turns out i had one of his old unarchived songs downloaded onto my harddrive. here's a link to it, 'untitled_0360'


Thank you. By the way, I'm glad makajiki was caught in the fan video archive (at least the old one) because I tried to look for it again yesterday and it was taken down (wotwo/Graybox's YouTube and SoundCloud accounts seem to have been deleted)
Cool, another xx song


great find, love the song


If you like an artist, download everything they made using youtube-dl (good for more than just youtube btw) and if they every delete anything, just reupload it. Here's a short tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wfUUZvybPY


Anyone knows what font Koronba uses in his PVs ? I've been searchkng for it for a little while now


Here is a folder compiling everything we have that was made by Koronba plus gathered information. It's the updated and corrected version of the previous pack.
Included are his tweets, all 116 pages of ghost man red (completely translated), all of the videos and music found, a software he made, project files, and the koronba utau soundbank.

Link to download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mmo25lshf1vos55/Koronba_files.rar/file

Mirror (.zip): https://mega.nz/#!ktYTwYAZ!wV_oeqGw07ZoAOQmgO9rE_gKWbM4gjGSQ5rmElFoosU

Version with most information censored: https://mega.nz/#!444RmYIL!K5IPxuL_2HbbVkJeZzo0C8ec0Z1ctpM97x4Kl40NMWY


So… here's something for you guys to check out.

(NSFW) www.pixiv.net/users/5900925


File: 1580087811789.jpg (16.07 KB, 269x339, _[w4.jpg)

Are you kidding me?
I checked it thinking it was smut, but I only got some shitty suit bsd yaoi crap?


That's not Koronba.


That is definitely Koronba.
If you listened to the song you would believe it, but it doesn't seem to exist anymore.


Plus Ghost Man Red's artstyle which is basically the same, especially the last chapter found up to date


hey that's pretty cool, thanks for sharing !


If you match the dates from the comics to the dates on the pixiv, the artstyle really doesn't seem to match especially the shading. Plus the solid-colored stickmen is a somewhat popular artstyle in Japan, it's not unique to Koronba. Any connection is just pure guesswork. All spurred from one website that drunkenly said everybody is Koronba (https://vocadb.net/Ar/34553). There's no connection.


So did you know these from the time he was active?
Have you seen locked and erased accounts with your own eyes?
Stop talking nonsense.


Kotemusob Artwork: January 17, 2013 - March 28, 2016
Koronba Comic: September 28, 2012 - July 6, 2014
We can check the time they were both active against each other.



That would be correct if Koronba died in 2014 and Kotemusob was born in 2013.


does anybody here know what DAW koronba used?




found a really cool koronba lookalike https://twitter.com/0x000002D7/status/1221050944114135041


That's pretty cool.



hi im new here,and i'm bad at english.
does anyone have Imitate's(意味立て) songs?
He uploaded A to F songs,but recently he deleted some of them.


anybody here know what kind of plugins/synths koronba used? (aside from his utauloids)


Tons of reuploads of fan-videos exist on these bilibili channels:


if you want he used synth1 on demo_c


>If you listened to the song you would believe it, but it doesn't seem to exist anymore.
It's a bit suspicious that someone else over at the basilbeat's bbs said pretty much the same thing as you did.


You're the one talking nonsense you delusional fool.


This is 8 months late, but here you go, sakamotonorok's music: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n8nnvif3fd303kv/AADpF32E5c0R7HfXaDE0AtHXa?dl=0
Sadly, I'm missing one vid that premiered and was deleted in the span of a few hours while I was asleep.


>>14537 oh wow, this is great! thank you


This is also extremely late (sorry >~<), but here are the original copies of 意味立て's videos (otoMADs included), straight from niconico. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lf0m032094bt319/AAAT4vyScANO-7xd7N3pUu_Wa?dl=0


Thank you so much!!



part 2,3,4,5 not working
can you reupload them?


Green Wisteria just uplaoded this yesterday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHSYZtsAWiQ



Hey guys!
I hope my English is right,because i like koronba,too.
In China,koronba's fans are very sad,and we hope koronba is not died.
In bilibili,we have some koronba's songs,But nobody know it.
So,today is 2/29,hope this message can help you!
From China!


Hello everyone,I'm a chinese.I listened from friends.I have a koronba 's video. Enjoy!


I mean, what is the point of all of this?
If we know the real identity of K, what will happen next?
(Seriously, no offensive attitude)


As far as I have followed this board, we are digging lots of secret code and trying to understand the meaning of the song; why they make it? what happened to * ? and hypothesize it. Well… it's slowly becoming like ARG If I have to say. Others are that we are curious.
If this all just make * worse then…I don't know what to do next.




I don't care if XX never shows up on the internet again. I just wish that we could know if he's alive or not.



Here is a working copy of youtube-dl, very useful software for downloading videos and music from any website.
File: http://www.mediafire.com/file/izaipjkmjqdn29h/youtube-dl.rar/file
Mirror: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LMG6wMDsTa3qYjlWqsPxn8mR4xGOeiGx/view?usp=sharing


File: 1583430117859.png (675.28 KB, 1280x720, filthy.png)

You realize youtube-dl is opensource and free, right?
Why are you linking a fucking exe? What kinda virus are you trying to spread?


>>14572 OH SHIT


Does anyone have お参り by kotemusob?


File: 1584309475071.png (313.66 KB, 700x700, koronba - 魚の夜夢の夜 - cover.png)

thanks to this thread i've discovered koronba, i'm actually listening to "a fish's night of nocturnal dreaming" and i've not listened to somthing as soulfull in a long time, wherever you are now thank you koronbo


Repost of >>14572 :

I recently found convincing evidence that koronba and 2gou are the same person. Before that, I'm using Google Translator, so the sentence might be awkward. ( https://web.archive.org/web/20100922035841/https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm12084498 )This is the first video uploaded by 2gou. The dropbox link on this page is the same as koronba's dropbox link.( https://twitter.com/GugenTV/status/26184187583 ) ( http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5448275 )





Dates of the final account postings:
Koronba 2016/04/04
こてむそ 2016/03/29
2号. 2016/03/28
Speder2  2016/03/03


speder2 did not make the games alone, he only did the music and helped with some of the direction http://kohada.ushimairi.com/staff.html


How can I listen???


>>14600 please i'm getting trolled



u trying to start something like Cicada3301 or what


Is this a virus?



Why are you like this?

More importantly, why am I enabling your bullshit like a fucking jackass?


(on Imgur because I'm struggling to upload the spectrogram here)


Gotta admit that was well played though, 全てあなたの所為です is stepping it up, but at the expenses of koronba. Take that as you might.

What software did you use to analyze the spectrum?


I use Spek for the spectrogram. (http://spek.cc/)

I wouldn't say that this is SubeAna; most likely just someone trying to take us on a wild goose chase. I don't necessarily have anything better to do, but I'm also way too much of a smooth brain for ARG-esque stuff.


File: 1584569962569.png (66.24 KB, 379x416, Stop at a pub to drink bee….PNG)

Someone posted this channel before already but i find this video quite interesting, looks like koronba's comic and some of kotemusob's draws



File: 1584580819133.png (86.36 KB, 246x148, Screenshot_2020-03-18_19-1….png)

>I use Spek for the spectrogram
Ah, many thanks.

>I wouldn't say that this is SubeAna; most likely just someone trying to take us on a wild goose chase.

Well, if it's not him, then they're trying to put the blame on him.


無題_037 sm5963630
053_1 LcdDem
053_2 LcdDem
無題_058 sm10598513
無題_068 sm6663096
untitled_0110 sm11668088
untitled_0111 sm11643140
0154_470k sm12494748
untitled_0209 sm13203584
0252 Aquor
0253 Aquor
untitled_0259 sm13825255
untitled_0314 sm14632051
untitled_0330 sm15565921
untitled_0346 sm15900555
untitled_0354 sm15561223
untitled_0360 sm15695116
untitled_0369 sm16273856
untitled_0370 sm16008595
untitled_0387 sm16556678
untitled_0397 sm17701273
untitled_0404 sm17082840
0484 sm19635778
0487 柴又ボッサ
0509 sm21783669
0517 Day dream
0518 Escape
0519 Mist
0543 みずのとし
0547 だいすいじゅめいきゅう
0552 いせきのしま
0592 バトル
0593 ボスバトル
0596 ラストバトル
0597 かいていどうくつ
0627 tidal hopper se
0641 Meifu
0676 Bon
0696 Shikikai
0704 Enbudai
0717 ShikiSokuzeKu
0718 Higan
0741 お参り



bro i dont think the page works


Just created a youtube channel and uploaded all of koronba's known videos + some related videos if anyone's interested https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV1vVIUy1ZnVrEAYlEJlFZw/videos


do what you want but I doubt that what he wants :-|


File: 1584810232207.jpg (181.91 KB, 706x1105, Screenshot_20200322-020313….jpg)


inb4 koronba kills himself for real now that we found his fetish pixiv account


what the fuck, what fucking pixiv account




anyone knows the original title and author ?


author is sakamotonorok, title is 運び屋さん
this is the song that >>14537 was unable to archive



Is お参り(omairi) included in the kotemusob file?


it is!



Did anyone manage to save the previous videos Green Wisteria had uploaded prior to this? Apparently they deleted two (or more) songs from their channel.





"koronba toilet" has been on bilibili for a long time though



Thank you.
My apologies for making another request like this, but any chance either of you got an complete archive of 不定積分's works?


NY channel made a reupload of all his videos i think ? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7y_56L3XOWBvBgVb4FFAWA


File: 1585947676860.png (303 KB, 672x672, krnb.png)

hi res koronba


>>14644 where did you get it? waifu2x?


File: 1586051051335.png (163.82 KB, 835x647, bruh.PNG)

https://vocadb.net/Ar/34553 This website claims Koronba's alts include ( ̄_ ̄), 楽観主義, MARK.3, Speder2, 155, and こてむそ.
Does anybody know who 楽観主義 and MARK.3 is?





reupload of >>14448 2019 koronba fan videos archive https://pastebin.com/YfjVPjHe


File: 1586678729761.png (387.36 KB, 672x672, 1585947676860.png)


Based and koronbapilled.


What about 中陰(修正版) and 中陰?
I've only managed to find evidence of their existence on a cached version of his Youtube account http://archive.is/SQt6w


Does anyone know how to make music like Mr XX and/or in his style? I've been making chords and nothing really has come out of it. You're the only people I feel like I can turn to. TTnTT


>>14671 that isn't koronba. it's a fan that is still active even on some sites. archives of all of 不定積分's old videos can still be found online too. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av76096996


I still can't manage to get chords that sounds like him, but if i can recommend you some vst, there is synth1, lazysnake, and hybrid. The NES vst ca also give a nice touch



Thanks! Having fun with the VSTs. : 3



How do you guys feel about the influx of people imitating his (and subeana's) music?


i'm actually pretty happy because it's one of my favourite kind of music, but still, since he wanted to be forgotten, it's kind of unfortunate at the same time


There's a wiki page dedicated to downloading lcd Dem but it doesn't necessarily show youthe steps on how to install it on your pc. There are so much procedures and for someone who isn't so knowledgeable about the ins and outs of it, it will be impossible toplay the game.

There's also a small youtuver who posted a let's-play on youtube. That was the reason how I learnt that people can still access it.


I'm a bit iffy on it since it seems a bit disrespectful profiting by aping someone else's style (especially so with koronba's circumstance), but at the same time I genuinely love its style and I'm glad more people are being exposed to it.
I just wish a vast majority of them weren't super derivative and would at least adopt their own flair of it


I really like 輩先獣野's music.
The quality of imitation is very high.


Yeah,some stuff sounds like Speder2


Certainly Speder2-like remixes in his works are also good, but I personally like these 2go-like music.



>>14706 Tbh does it still really matter all the "respect" thing? He left a really long time ago dude just let people enjoy his content……is not like he is going to return anyways.


I love the derivative music, and when the derivative creators are obviously respectful of the original creator, I don't think anything is inherently disrespectful or wrong about it. The songs are original, and creative- even if the style is extremely similar, it is obvious that it comes from a place of love, and, literally, 'respect'.

There have been a few instances that made me feel uncomfortable, though- specifically some things from indigo2 and the subeana ARG-ish hidden messages. It was a little questionable.


Does anyone have あさやけもゆうやけもないんだ by sakamotonorok ? I've seen a few arranges poping out recently but i never saw the orignal.


News about 不定積分!
1. 不定積分 posted almost all of his original works on SoundCloud as Ma.Phot.α

2. He changed his YouTube channel

3. He posted a Subeana-styled song as 全て星座の所為です。


Amazing, all the content in those links was deleted in less than a day.
Did anyone happened to save all those works?


>>14724 This is such a bruh moment. You are maybe looking for this btw https://youtu.be/FzYyDPS4cEU anyways Im not even suprise anymore with this guy deleting things. He takes the Koronba personality too serious lol.



The subeana song has been reprinted on bilibili


It seems that this channel has reuploaded most, if not all, of the recent deleted works of 不定積分


The original author is the creator of the most popular arrangement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezME0Wy0OAE and deleted the original because they were unsatisfied with the quality.


Summer 2018 was the last time i gave the thread a full read. Has anything interesting happened? Any new developments?


Do you know 楽観主義? I recently found out. 楽観主義 is said to be an alias of that person.



thanks anon, very appreciate it


dead invite


Does anyone remember seeing a song or three on YouTube that featured an UTAU with a yellow star for a head? It's come across my mind recently and I can't find the videos in my watch history. They were all made by the same person, I think, and it seems they may have been inspired by xx.
Been a bit too long, I don't remember a lot. I might be able to scrounge up a bit more info if nothing comes to mind.



Hmmm it was a fan vid but I cant really remenber it.


Nope Koronba is still a mystery and the thread kinda started to focus on people who made music in his style (basicaly pointless shit still good music tho)
And anyways this guy is either super dead or living a life outside the internet. Now this thread is just mainly an archive for his content and other with his similar style.


Has anyone noticed that his album "rain" is on Spotify? Did Koronba himself upload it or someone else?


That album also got an "official" upload over at Youtube through the RouteNote label, apparently.


How do these topic channels even form? Does someone else create them or is it some weird automation from Youtube?

Wondering why only the Rain album is posted on that as well.


I'm pretty sure you're talking about Fuzuki 1gou (フウヅキ1号)
His channel is now inactive, but I think his videos are still Up here


Dreamer, do you have plans to distribute that MMD model?


does anyone mind saying anything you know about the artist, i recently got into this rabbithole so i just wanna find out more


A label or distribution company makes a relationship with YouTube and YouTube auto-generates the videos.
What's weird is that all of this popped up two weeks ago. Either RouteNote just started doing this now, or he decided to upload Rain himself just recently.

Read the thread.


Routenote seems to be a free distribution service for streaming platforms like spotify, itunes, etc. The copyright for the Spotify release (and probably the others as well) is "abnorok" which is koronba backwards. Either someone else uploaded it or Koronba himself did but i'm going with the first one, i find it very unlikely that koronba himself is the uploader.


Yeah, as much as I would love to hope that Koronba suddenly came back and embraced their old music, it's wishful thinking.


koronba is dead?


who knows…


Did anyone else saw x0o0x_ on twitter making rearrangements/remixes of Koronba's music?
Normies think it's her own music


Fuzuki? Yeah, the lad deleted his channel and after a while switched to another persona named "Kedarugi" now, I think. His niconico account for Fuzuki is still up though, but only 2 songs left untouched.

I've saved all of the lad's song I could get my hands on, so I can share it if you want to.


I would appreciate a share as well!


Here you go:

Also, should I upload it to Youtube as well? I've been planning to do that, but I'm kinda worried whether or not it is necessary as well, especially when the lad's still active there and all.


You could upload it to Youtube just for easier access, but it might be nice to have it unlisted or something.

Thanks for the download link by the way~!


I just finished listening to them all. I really love these songs! I appreciate you sending them here!


here are some flac files of koronba's songs
(encoded from the original .wav files, flac -5)
includes cover images for each song


Do you (or, hell, anyone) have Speder2's bandcamp stuff in lossless?


Rain was taken down on Spotify and Youtube. That confirms that it's not koronba himself who uploaded it. Now the real question is, who took them down?


Someone in one of the servers I'm in sent an email to the Routenote staff inquiring if it was the actual Koronba or not, which probably let to them realizing it was a bad actor, and then removed it.


I wouldn't make so bold assumptions. Inquiring someone's rights to distribute a work is really common, especially on sites that allow anonymous uploads, they don't care about copyright and rights in general unless requested by a DCMA Notice. That being said, I am betting a bottle of whiskey that it's not Koronba himself and that it was uploaded by a fan or an enthusiast. On the matter of it getting removed, most companies remove anything they don't know was uploaded rightfully, after all, they don't know if the material is legal and they will happily remove even the most popular and known content when somebody says it's theirs (whose it obviously isn't.) FYI, that tactic is called copyright trolling and was used a lot thorough the Koronba war and is used on sites like YT to this day.


https://ameblo.jp/koronba0/entry-12615370485.html might be of your interest, this lad/lass claims that the album was published as a cash-grab attempt on the Koronba fandom and that the only "pure" way of listening to the music is through their YT channel. They are also one of the common Koronba stalkers.


Kedarugi/ Fuzuki's deleted works have been reuploaded on this channel with his permission


File: 1596911471431.png (172.58 KB, 591x675, k_response.png)

I am the individual >>14782 is referring to. This is what the RouteNote staff had to say about the 'rain.' upload. The album was removed relatively shortly following this response (and the response itself implies what we already know- the album was not uploaded by koronba.)

Not that it matters, given >>14784 . Crazy stuff.


Post was nuked.

I had the Google Translated version open, but that's it.

If anyone was curious what the gist of the message was, here it is.



That man, be it Skye or whoever else, is very determined on keeping their truth. They nuked even my Wayback Machine snapshot somehow. But that quick turnaround makes me feel like whoever they are, they are snitching on us.


Oh, sorry, my bad. That post isn't nuked and is still available.


Huh. It was definitely offline for a while. Glad it’s back now.


If nothing, yup, now it's nuked.


Did anyone else notice a ton of songs getting privated or deleted? Wondering if it was one specific channel who just removed a lot of their work or just some coincidence of people removing some stuff they might not have particularly enjoyed anymore.


i really miss koronba



Fucking hell, I forgot to download the songs that were recovered from his old Myspace account. Does anyone have a copy of them?

Apparently, this is what happened to that channel


It has been uploaded to another channel.



Appreciate you linking the blog post, cleared up a lot of confusion from me!


So you need 15 videos (or 3 separate claims) to delete a channel. Good to know.


So who is the "Koronba Defense Force"? I don't think he's koronba. He is not the one who can claim copyright on koronba's songs.


A group of people dedicated to wiping Koronba's existence off the internet per his request. The bitter rivals of the archive channels.


The guy who made the remix of the song that the kotemusob account uploaded and removed has an ask.fm now. Could someone ask him if he could upload the original somewhere?


So what's with non-japanese people asking archive channels and uploaders to rename or delete Koronba's music? Go to anything Koronba related, sort comments by newest and you're likely to find at least one comment requesting a title change or takedown. The Japanese don't seem to make a big deal out of it. Is it just people who recently found out about Koronba through that one "Don't look for Koronba" video someone did a while back?.


First of all, it is true that koronba tweeted that he wanted his name hidden, which can be found in the web archives.
And it's also true that the tweet and the deletion of several sites and soundclouds were contemporaneous.
And fans at the time were loyal to that wish.
There weren't as many of them as there are now, and they already had the files that were distributed.
But many of the fans today are 13-18 year olds and think the above statement is a fake.
The new loyal fans are also children as well and are repulsed by each other.
The old fans are no longer active and no longer talk about him.
At any rate, this is the situation in Japan today.


I kinda agree on current K-fans being in the younger generation but I think most of them aren't actually that dumb and know their facts, I believe most of them simply don't care.


It's all conjecture. Consider that most of these younger fans discover these songs via YouTube recommendations and simply only understand the situation from what they have seen in the YouTube comments section, which is usually wrong or has some misinformation. Not all young people are apathetic, but the YouTube comments sections are usually in disarray.

I do not think things are much different for the Japanese fans.


Indeed, there are many people who know all about it and don't hide his name.
They argue that it doesn't matter because he's already retired.
Some of them are rebelling against those who seek to hide his name.


Does anybody know any composers who make music like koronba's? Most people seem to copy his UTAU/vocaloid style but not the IDM-ish style from rain and the other two albums.



>>14828 >>14830
I forgot to add this


Fuck KDF


Fucc you :)


>Some of them are rebelling against those who seek to hide his name.
Yeah, because it's fucking retarded. You're on the internet, you made something people like. Expecting people not to do everything they can to archive what you did is the stupidest shit I've ever heard.
Like, does the "Barbara Streisand Effect" not exist in Japan, or what?


I think it's a lot more retarded to be the one who thinks he's a special person who knows unusual music and takes pleasure in it.
There's so much better music out there than xx, so why are you obsessed with it?
Is stalking common and smart behavior in your country?


Regardless of the moral implications, it could be argued that the KDF's actions in taking down reuploads is doing more harm than good. All they are doing is spurring more people into reuploading and sharing songs. If your opinion is that koronba's music should be forgotten, it would be more productive to allow it to fade into obscurity in it's time rather than encourage people like KDF to create ill will within a small but currently alive group of fans. Expecting these videos not to be continually reuploaded is unfortunately misguided.



This. I don't know the full story or any of this KDF stuff, but koronba saying to not talk about LcdDem and trying to get rid of his work is probably a big reason people still talk about it or him.
By prohibiting it, he cements it in peoples' minds, creates more mystery and false value around it.
It's psychology and economics shit. Scarcity creates value.
Companies use this principle all the time and create artificial scarcity to increase the perceived value and demand for their product.
The only outcome is to put attention on it and make it more valuable.

In a more personal sense, if some art touches me, and the artist tries to prohibit it and wipe away its existence, then I will just want to hold on to it tighter. When it affected me, it became a part of me, a precious experience that possibly even changed the course of my life.
You just can't expect someone to let go of that because you tell them to. If there's a risk of that affecting work to disappear, then there will just be more effort put into maintaining its existence.

Also just as a side note, while I played LcdDem a long time ago (and I don't think I was aware of all this stuff until after I had played it), I never looked into koronba's music, but now seeing this stuff got me to look it up and damn… funny enough, I immediately love it.

Anyway… The situation is quite unfortunate.


You misunderstood me. I'm not supporting KDF.
I can't agree that people who aren't rights holders should remove it.
All I want is for them to get bored. You guys are right, I think KDF is a bad idea.
On the other hand, I'm also not positive about uploading it.
Well, I can't say for sure, because maybe that's what xx is trying to do, to get people talking about it like that.
I'm just going to follow xx's wishes.


I think the opinions people have of his work and what to do with it are the same today as they are seven years ago.



The influx of new people hasn't changed anything.



The fact that this thread from fucking 2013 still gets comments as recently as 3 days ago is truly amazing. Koronba was a fool for believing people would just stop talking about him.


He was either a fool or a genius. I like to believe the latter.


this is ridiculous, i think you guys are getting ahead of your self's


Anon, please elaborate, what do you mean? Who were you talking to?


I believe the former






Fans today are all idiots with this level of intelligence.
There are posts on this board condemning xx's behavior, but if anything, don't think the fans are far more brain-damaged than they are.


The long time noise music creation and the use of lsd made him unfortunately suffer from neurasthenia and delusions of persecution


Does anyone know if koronba is still active on social media or something?


Hello newfag, next time try reading the thread or doing a quick five-minute google search before posting


just found out that nankanohito participated in this, posting this here for archival purpose, even though it's not really xxxx-related


Anyone here saved Fuzuki's font ? Can't find it anywhere anymore


File: 1604347635559.png (915.12 KB, 1920x1079, missing.png)

Koronba koronba koronba


This your fanart?


Not sure if anyone has found this out yet, but on this website it says that 夏毛 is Sakamotonorok. It is a wiki though, so take it with a grain of salt.



Recently, a fan of koronba's (@x0o0x_) got popular. Their video of a nameless song is recommended to a lot of people on youtube. When they see x0o0x's covers of koronba's songs, they ask, "where's the original? wtf?" and then someone else gives them the whole speech about koronba. I think that's the cause of new people's interest.
Recently, x0o0x got 6 million views. (https://twitter.com/x0o0x_/status/1328308563718987782?s=20)
I think a large part of why people are still talking about koronba is because, as much as they hate it, their music was influential and even when his fans try to make themselves obscure (x0o0x doesn't title their songs) the koronba "style" is just too good to remain undiscovered.


Looks like is gonna be a collab with x0o0x


'he' is most definitely not koronba.


The stan smell in this thread is unbearable, some people really go too far with their fan obsession.


they never said it was.
the nameless channel that's linked is x0o0x_ and the one premiering is xVirtualImage or kyozou, and even says in his about section "I'm not him"


How do you guys feel about others calling this type of music as a cult?


I hate using this word, but it's cringe. People can do what they want but I wish the wider fanbase would chill.


It annoys me to no end.
I'm the least indicated person to say something like this but it really feels disrespectful to a point not even the stalkers and copycats reached.


For people to just now come across his style and call themselves part of a "secret cult" when in reality they know nothing just screams insincerity to me. It's not really their fault for not knowing any better, in fact K would probably have wanted them to not know any more, but the way they claim ownership of the genre triggers me irrationally. It's like if you built a house all by yourself only for your kids to come and trash it with a party. He didn't make his music just to let you call yourself "quirky" for being part of a "secret cult".





…I don't understand why making works based off K's style is a bad thing? These songs are made by people who appreciate his work. Though I wouldn't be surprised if some producers are jumping on the train because of the meme and have literally no idea who K was. You can't claim ownership over a genre, you can hardly claim ownership over a style (There are patents but this is different.). He doesn't want anyone to talk about him or his work… so why are you guys so inclined to whiteknight him? lol


Wait, fuck. Misread misread misread!


After some time, I think the best behaviour I could have as "someone enjoying xx's music" is to keep all of this for myself, and if one is reuploading its content, well it's kind of an insult, but while it's here, better enjoying it alone.
I thought about it, and… why even sharing a song I like, at the first place? Yeah, other people might enjoy it, but there's no real point to do that, beside filling void in a conversation, showing people how hard I like it or popularity purposes for the creator…

I'm mainly here for the music… I think xx's will be great for a long time, but meanwhile, it made me discover other artists in this kind of genre, still active today. Though a lot of their songs aren't subtitled, and some even have xx-related lyrics, it's a kind of music I enjoy listening to, even though it still sounds incomplete without knowing what's behind the songs.
I don't know all about xx, and I think I couldn't be considered as a fan of it. Yes, I wouldn't dislike to know more about it, but this is because I kind of want to understand the true feelings of its music, knowing the real meaning of its songs.

Finally, I can only tell myself this music is already good enough, and I could be disappointed if I knew the truth.



Please do not post to this forum any more. Enjoying Koronba's content as well as fan works is ok. But continuing to acknowledge the creator like this is pointless and petty. Enjoy the content and keep it to yourselves, just don't say anything about him.


Not happening. And this is more of a message board than a forum.


Fuck off. As long as I breath I will share his work, so others can enjoy it too. If you create things other will notice and obviously talk about it and share it. Koronba brought this upon himself, he should have never posted anything if he didn't want people to enjoy his work.



I think you're all developmentally disabled and socially awkward.


thanks for proving your point i guess


File: 1609617940828.jpg (42.09 KB, 1024x576, stalking.jpg)

Kinda agree with this guy, this thread always had a creepy stalkerish obsessive smell to me.



Is koronba really Speder2???


Yes. There are posts about this earlier in the thread.


I usually try to respect Koronba's wishes when it comes to sharing but I can't help myself from appreciating this archive. Thank you.


File: 1610138302109.webm (85.79 KB, 312x236, you.webm)


I believe the politically correct term is "schizoid"


I hope people do realize this thread has been going on for years and the people that used to go on and on about the koronba stuff have move on since lmao


It's still the creepiest thread in ubuu's history outside of /cos/


Coincidentally, you must be the biggest faggot in ubuu's history


Everyone knows the biggest faggot in ubuu's history is that dude from the hentai fangame thread, you should know better, but I understand you're being this agressive because you can't find anything in Koronba's trash can to post in your creepy stalkerish thread.


yall i just wanna know what fonts/vsts koronba and subeana used


Famifaro gave his subeana presets on twitter if you are interested https://twitter.com/FAMI_FARO/status/1331273083198394370


Hey anyone has a translation of version 0.007 ?

I'd like what the messages in the debugroom tell you.


Hey, it's me. Sorry for my inactivity; just didn't think to check back.

That's ok; there are a lot of fan vids.

Yeah, I think that's the creator/character I had in mind. I have to look again to see if the song I have in mind shows up.

Thank you! I'm trying to download it now.

In case the zip somehow *doesn't* contain what I'm looking for, there are two particular songs I've been looking for. The one I originally thought about takes place on a stage and is sung primarily by Teto(?) with at least Aro and Fuzuki as bg vocals, and I recently got into another that has a rose in the thumbnail (if I recall), is in Fmaj/Dmin, and is sung by Defoko. I think they're both by the same person (or at least, they were (re)posted to the same channel a few months ago, but now I can't find them).


All right, the one with the stage is in there (title: ヨワニクの狂食). Thanks again to whoever uploaded that zip.

Still looking for leads on the other song though. A correction on the key: A part of it is in Fmaj/Dmin, but the song modulates to/from E♭min as well as maybe other keys at points.



Alas, I found it! The title is "水魅", and it is in fact by Kedarugi.

It used to be available as a video on YouTube in what seems to be two places, however, both are deleted, and I haven't had luck recovering either through the Wayback Machine. Even so, it can be found on BiliBili at https://www.bilibili.com/video/av668543154

It does have an audio-only reupload, though, which can be found at https://youtu.be/_qpg7lliX_o. I found it in the Kedarugi Top Tracks playlist (https://youtu.be/list=PLuVrepatOf3I1aLuuiWNTdE59DlQLOpw9).

I'm archiving both the YT audio and BB video reupload locally and on the Wayback Machine.



Apparently, I don't know how to format YT links. Here's the actual Top Tracks playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuVrepatOf3I1aLuuiWNTdE59DlQLOpw9



Sorry for so many posts; I keep finding things when I think I'm done.

I found a YT reupload with video as well: https://youtu.be/qLiofUJvKFA. Archiving this too. This should be it, then; audio and video alike on YT as well as a BiliBili reupload.


Can you really blame then tho there was a lot of conffusion back then and people didnt even know if x person with koronbas similar style was koronba or whatever (which is one of the threads old ass topics), at the end of the day I look at this thread more of an archive of what the fuck was going on with all these shit back when it was fresh. Koronba migth have dissapear but his work is archived, and the people that constantly make tribute to him didnt, which is one of the reasons I guess this thread has been revived lately.


Does anybody have koronba's music in FLAC? I already have the 2020 bootleg but I'm looking for the other albums.


What are you talking about with "2020 bootleg"?



Almost none of those are genuine .flacs, I would assume they were just downloaded off YouTube or some other reupload and converted. Just saying.
Also, you probably won't find any .flacs for any of the real albums here, or probably even in any other western community. In my years scourging for stuff I've obtained only one of the three.
I'll wish you luck if you're serious about it.


>Almost none of those are genuine .flacs
They're converted wav's
>you probably won't find any .flacs for any of the real albums here
iofnrru Tn zeduaiolqs and 魚の夜夢の夜 are available in FLAC on SLSK


probably a stupid question but does anyone know what the "oto" folders inside one of "Software"s folders are for? (Koronba Pack.rar)

i haven't found anything about it


File: 1615639423129-0.png (617.43 KB, 857x1489, image0.png)

File: 1615639423129-1.jpg (204 KB, 579x680, image0 (1).jpg)

screenshots taken from kotemuso's twitter account
こてむそ@kotemusob 2016/04/05
首吊りって普通に首の骨痛いし苦しいわこ れ、やり方間違えてんのかな

こてむそ@kotemusob 2016/04/05
いつ死んでもいいように辛くならない死の 理論も整えたし遺書も書いた。やり方も学 んだし準備万端、のはずなんだけどなぜか 首をかけて数秒で止めてしまう

こてむそ@kotemusob 2016/04/05


acid alien drawing, it is koronba.


Hanging is painful and difficult on the neck bones. Am I doing it wrong?

I want to be able to die at any time without pain. I've put my thoughts together and I've written my will.
I want to be able to die at any time without pain. I've put my thoughts together and I've written my will.
But when I try to do it, I stop after a few seconds.

I like characters with shadows on their faces and shining eyes.
(That's what "弱い" means in this case.)

I tried to draw a manga like "ねこぢる", but it turned into a gay manga in the middle.

Ashi-kun is very cute . But I've already deleted it.


is kotemusob still active?



im pretty sure the "oto" files are there to help to make the voicebank of koronba sound better. I'm not too sure with the specifics.
search "oto.ini utau" or something like that if u want to know how they work
it's nothing too important just helps the utau


I agree with the anon above that there is no need to discuss Koronba any further. I don't understand why a need for entertainment should have priority over someone's safety


File: 1616524160484.jpg (52.62 KB, 1024x677, peopleITT.jpg)

Y-ye don't understand! I have to, I NEED to know about Koronba's activity and even though they don't want this work to be shared their words say no no but my body says yes yes! I'ts not creepy, you are creepy! You want to get in the middle of Koronba and I and everything we've built together! that's right, heheheh ehEHEHEHEHehe I can't wait to find some panties in Koronba's trash can so I can sniff every morning in the altar I made in my bathroom


Whose safety? Koronba is dead. All that's happening now is archival of their works.


File: 1616712496575.png (607.25 KB, 1037x891, based.png)

based koroomber


this tread is slowly dying


you're doing a great job bumping it back up buddy


Is it?


File: 1616949825069.jpg (30.42 KB, 600x403, 9b79a9bf4f6df9ec65ea217032….jpg)

>>I tried to draw a manga like "ねこぢる", but it turned into a gay manga in the middle.
>mfw that doesn't stop me


was he gay or something


Gay,Yaoi,Transgender,Yaju senpai,Women…


Gay with inflation fetish



have some respect my dude ://


Isn't that the exact reason why this whole mess kept growing? Because people couldn't move past their fucked up admiration for Koronba/continued to pay respect to the things he created?


this thread should honestly get deleted. at least for the sake of paying respects to ko****a's wishes


Bold of you to assume this website has any moderation.


Nearly 8 years and people still are trying to get info on a being that has ghosted the internet with their whereabouts and status being unknown.

If Koronba is alive he's probably hidden away from the internet because he doesn't want to be hounded by people over this 7 year old incident and I dont blame him.

If Koronba is dead, I hope he is at peace and not rolling in his grave because people cant let this go.



Koronba's music was put on Spotify. Usually reuploaders use a label like distrokid or cdbaby, but this artist is using "Abnorok".


>>15091 hey sorry, i didn't know the thread had already discussed the spotify account


It has been out there for quite a long time actually.


>>15091 i cant check the spotify account currently, is it all of his music or just the ones he asked to be left online?


・iofnrru Tn zeduaiolqs


Possible lead for at least Nishikigatsou: Mosenite, a contributor to Yume 2kki. Music and especially art shows some resemblances to Nishikigatsuo.


Which BGM is that, for example?
I listened to it, but I didn't find any songs that sounded like Nishikigatsuo.
I would like to know more about it.


can't anyone reach mods on this fucking website? i'm honest when i say this thread needs to be deleted. it's so incredibly disrespectful



Bold of you to assume Koronba didn't deliberately invoke the Streisand effect to become a legend.

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