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Hey, has anyone heard about this?

>"LcdDem ver.0.030

>This is a “Yume Nikki” fangame.
>This isn’t “Yume Nikki”.

>To those know about/like LcdDem:

Please avoid talking about LcdDem as much as possible. Don’t say anything about it. "

Source: http://psiwolf.tumblr.com/post/48471399826/a-psa-from-koronba-lcddem-producer-psiwolfs

What do you guys think?
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It's still the creepiest thread in ubuu's history outside of /cos/


Coincidentally, you must be the biggest faggot in ubuu's history


Everyone knows the biggest faggot in ubuu's history is that dude from the hentai fangame thread, you should know better, but I understand you're being this agressive because you can't find anything in Koronba's trash can to post in your creepy stalkerish thread.


yall i just wanna know what fonts/vsts koronba and subeana used


Famifaro gave his subeana presets on twitter if you are interested https://twitter.com/FAMI_FARO/status/1331273083198394370


Hey anyone has a translation of version 0.007 ?

I'd like what the messages in the debugroom tell you.


Hey, it's me. Sorry for my inactivity; just didn't think to check back.

That's ok; there are a lot of fan vids.

Yeah, I think that's the creator/character I had in mind. I have to look again to see if the song I have in mind shows up.

Thank you! I'm trying to download it now.

In case the zip somehow *doesn't* contain what I'm looking for, there are two particular songs I've been looking for. The one I originally thought about takes place on a stage and is sung primarily by Teto(?) with at least Aro and Fuzuki as bg vocals, and I recently got into another that has a rose in the thumbnail (if I recall), is in Fmaj/Dmin, and is sung by Defoko. I think they're both by the same person (or at least, they were (re)posted to the same channel a few months ago, but now I can't find them).


All right, the one with the stage is in there (title: ヨワニクの狂食). Thanks again to whoever uploaded that zip.

Still looking for leads on the other song though. A correction on the key: A part of it is in Fmaj/Dmin, but the song modulates to/from E♭min as well as maybe other keys at points.



Alas, I found it! The title is "水魅", and it is in fact by Kedarugi.

It used to be available as a video on YouTube in what seems to be two places, however, both are deleted, and I haven't had luck recovering either through the Wayback Machine. Even so, it can be found on BiliBili at https://www.bilibili.com/video/av668543154

It does have an audio-only reupload, though, which can be found at https://youtu.be/_qpg7lliX_o. I found it in the Kedarugi Top Tracks playlist (https://youtu.be/list=PLuVrepatOf3I1aLuuiWNTdE59DlQLOpw9).

I'm archiving both the YT audio and BB video reupload locally and on the Wayback Machine.



Apparently, I don't know how to format YT links. Here's the actual Top Tracks playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuVrepatOf3I1aLuuiWNTdE59DlQLOpw9



Sorry for so many posts; I keep finding things when I think I'm done.

I found a YT reupload with video as well: https://youtu.be/qLiofUJvKFA. Archiving this too. This should be it, then; audio and video alike on YT as well as a BiliBili reupload.


Can you really blame then tho there was a lot of conffusion back then and people didnt even know if x person with koronbas similar style was koronba or whatever (which is one of the threads old ass topics), at the end of the day I look at this thread more of an archive of what the fuck was going on with all these shit back when it was fresh. Koronba migth have dissapear but his work is archived, and the people that constantly make tribute to him didnt, which is one of the reasons I guess this thread has been revived lately.


Does anybody have koronba's music in FLAC? I already have the 2020 bootleg but I'm looking for the other albums.


What are you talking about with "2020 bootleg"?



Almost none of those are genuine .flacs, I would assume they were just downloaded off YouTube or some other reupload and converted. Just saying.
Also, you probably won't find any .flacs for any of the real albums here, or probably even in any other western community. In my years scourging for stuff I've obtained only one of the three.
I'll wish you luck if you're serious about it.


>Almost none of those are genuine .flacs
They're converted wav's
>you probably won't find any .flacs for any of the real albums here
iofnrru Tn zeduaiolqs and 魚の夜夢の夜 are available in FLAC on SLSK


probably a stupid question but does anyone know what the "oto" folders inside one of "Software"s folders are for? (Koronba Pack.rar)

i haven't found anything about it


File: 1615639423129-0.png (617.43 KB, 857x1489, image0.png)

File: 1615639423129-1.jpg (204 KB, 579x680, image0 (1).jpg)

screenshots taken from kotemuso's twitter account
こてむそ@kotemusob 2016/04/05
首吊りって普通に首の骨痛いし苦しいわこ れ、やり方間違えてんのかな

こてむそ@kotemusob 2016/04/05
いつ死んでもいいように辛くならない死の 理論も整えたし遺書も書いた。やり方も学 んだし準備万端、のはずなんだけどなぜか 首をかけて数秒で止めてしまう

こてむそ@kotemusob 2016/04/05


acid alien drawing, it is koronba.


Hanging is painful and difficult on the neck bones. Am I doing it wrong?

I want to be able to die at any time without pain. I've put my thoughts together and I've written my will.
I want to be able to die at any time without pain. I've put my thoughts together and I've written my will.
But when I try to do it, I stop after a few seconds.

I like characters with shadows on their faces and shining eyes.
(That's what "弱い" means in this case.)

I tried to draw a manga like "ねこぢる", but it turned into a gay manga in the middle.

Ashi-kun is very cute . But I've already deleted it.


is kotemusob still active?



im pretty sure the "oto" files are there to help to make the voicebank of koronba sound better. I'm not too sure with the specifics.
search "oto.ini utau" or something like that if u want to know how they work
it's nothing too important just helps the utau


I agree with the anon above that there is no need to discuss Koronba any further. I don't understand why a need for entertainment should have priority over someone's safety


File: 1616524160484.jpg (52.62 KB, 1024x677, peopleITT.jpg)

Y-ye don't understand! I have to, I NEED to know about Koronba's activity and even though they don't want this work to be shared their words say no no but my body says yes yes! I'ts not creepy, you are creepy! You want to get in the middle of Koronba and I and everything we've built together! that's right, heheheh ehEHEHEHEHehe I can't wait to find some panties in Koronba's trash can so I can sniff every morning in the altar I made in my bathroom


Whose safety? Koronba is dead. All that's happening now is archival of their works.


File: 1616712496575.png (607.25 KB, 1037x891, based.png)

based koroomber


this tread is slowly dying


you're doing a great job bumping it back up buddy


Is it?


File: 1616949825069.jpg (30.42 KB, 600x403, 9b79a9bf4f6df9ec65ea217032….jpg)

>>I tried to draw a manga like "ねこぢる", but it turned into a gay manga in the middle.
>mfw that doesn't stop me


was he gay or something


Gay,Yaoi,Transgender,Yaju senpai,Women…


Gay with inflation fetish



have some respect my dude ://


Isn't that the exact reason why this whole mess kept growing? Because people couldn't move past their fucked up admiration for Koronba/continued to pay respect to the things he created?


this thread should honestly get deleted. at least for the sake of paying respects to ko****a's wishes


Bold of you to assume this website has any moderation.


Nearly 8 years and people still are trying to get info on a being that has ghosted the internet with their whereabouts and status being unknown.

If Koronba is alive he's probably hidden away from the internet because he doesn't want to be hounded by people over this 7 year old incident and I dont blame him.

If Koronba is dead, I hope he is at peace and not rolling in his grave because people cant let this go.



Koronba's music was put on Spotify. Usually reuploaders use a label like distrokid or cdbaby, but this artist is using "Abnorok".


>>15091 hey sorry, i didn't know the thread had already discussed the spotify account


It has been out there for quite a long time actually.


>>15091 i cant check the spotify account currently, is it all of his music or just the ones he asked to be left online?


・iofnrru Tn zeduaiolqs


Possible lead for at least Nishikigatsou: Mosenite, a contributor to Yume 2kki. Music and especially art shows some resemblances to Nishikigatsuo.


Which BGM is that, for example?
I listened to it, but I didn't find any songs that sounded like Nishikigatsuo.
I would like to know more about it.


can't anyone reach mods on this fucking website? i'm honest when i say this thread needs to be deleted. it's so incredibly disrespectful



Bold of you to assume Koronba didn't deliberately invoke the Streisand effect to become a legend.

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