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Found this on youtube:


Might be a bit YN inspired, but aside of that has the approach of "diving into the secrets of an art gallery".
Looks interesting, I might play it later today and take some screenshots.
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I just finished this in one go… so good. I wasn't exactly happy about the ending, though…



Did you get all the endings? Cause it's got 5 different endings.


Five!? I only got two… ;-; Is there a walkthrough or anything?


…Nevermind. x.x I looked at the rest of this thread and found one. D'oh.


I beat this game without a walkthrough (except to get an ending I couldn't figure out) or any kind of help for the puzzles… I'm so glad! It's quick but so fun and cute and askdhasd I love Ib and Garry.
Just a question, though. Anybody got an explanation for Ib's strange name? Does it mean something? Or is it a common name in Japanese?



It sounds like "Eve" (イヴ) is misspelled as "Ib". Considering the surreal nature of this game, this spelling may or may not be intentional weirdness.


The ib was also the "heart" portion of the soul in ancient Egypt


I have already played through more than once, but I can't remember where you get any of the keys for the Sketchbook Area. Could anyone help me? Even if it is just a screenshot with a spoiler slapped on it.


… so, I've only played this game once. And I'm afraid to go back and do this… but, at what point can Garry die at?


when mary is playing he loves me with his rose


… when's that yo



It's near the end of the Sketchbook area.


There's a one thing that's being bothering me…
<spoiler> I've seen lots of pictures of a Garry painting in fanarts. Is it true that it exists in the game? If so, where can I see it and when?</spoiler>



Yup, it can be found in the game.

It's at the end of the "Forgotten Portrait" ending. If you need info on how to get that, check the Ib endings guide, which was linked earlier in this topic.

Also, spoilers on Uboachan are done with double asterisks before and after the message. It's listed in the "FAQ" section at the top, if anyone forgets, or needs an example.


but then how can you nest the spoilers?


File: 1338859875313.jpg (107.69 KB, 500x250, tumblr_m4a56anHFT1r1kw0so1….jpg)

I really like Ib. What do you guys think of that theory that Ib is really mado when she was little and the reason she has all of those fucked up dreams is because she was traumatized from that night at the art gallery?


I think it's shit and you should stop trying to ruin 2 separately great games by forcefully trying to pull them together.



Sounds silly. Nothing in Ib hints at it being related to Yume Nikki in any way.

It possible that it's partially inspired by it, but even that would be a rather large assumption to make.



the themes of the two games don't match well… and there's also the matter of ib being named ib and madotsuki being named… madotsuki.


File: 1339290584589.jpg (13.33 KB, 250x283, reactionimage8.jpg)

get out.


This game is overflowing with horror cliches, its atmosphere vanishes upon the joining of Mary and PLOT TWEESTS are obvious from a mile away.



Indeed I did not think that the game was particularly scary, especially after Mary joined.
But for some reason I love Mary and I had fun voicing her poorly in my let's play like this:


Gotta say I laughed a bit.


I'm not sure why the game had to be so full of bad ends. I'm kind of sad now.


File: 1339452314559.png (191.1 KB, 1600x900, 1318109729962.png)

Can someone recomend a good 16 bit game for me?


pretty much any SNES game




sonic the hedgehog


File: 1343663839164.jpg (51.52 KB, 768x432, Ib.600.1131630.jpg)

Does anybody have any idea why in My version Ib and all the other character sprites start horribly lagging after I pick up the rose? It's really annoying and makes running away from monsters hard. There shouldn't be any problems with the settings, and the game runs perfectly before getting the rose. There's also no problem with dialogue or music, it's just the sprite movement that's laggy. And yes, I extracted it with WinRar and even reinstalled bu none of that worked.


File: 1343665706953.jpg (450.31 KB, 674x878, 311050.jpg)

Seconding Live-A-Live. I had a chance to play it when I was younger (13 or 14 or so) but didn't, and when Aeon Genesis released the second and muchly improved version of their translation patch last year-ish I decided to give it a go and immediately wanted to kick my younger self for missing this gem.

the ninja chapter sucks dick

I'll admit it has dated graphics for a late SNES game though.


For anyone who had problems with the storybook, you can fix it by changing the movie's codec to Xvid and setting the resolution at 640x480. Just figured this out, cause I was tired of having to skip it!


It's not the version, it's the sprite. Are you playing on a laptop? Is your graphics card built-in? If so, nothing can help you.

I beat the game in the same conditions as yours on my laptop, though.


File: 1344561251128.jpg (73.94 KB, 600x600, WHY.jpg)

I don't know why but every time I try to play this game it makes static sounds even with my sound off.I played it with out sound and somehow only the music was playing but it doesn't play the sound effects is there anyway to fix this…




File: 1345244718609.png (12.92 KB, 274x119, Screen shot 2012-08-17 at ….png)

alright so i just got around to downloading this game
when i unrar-ed it, the files just scattered all over my downloads folder instead of creating a new folder for the game itself, are they supposed to do that?
first error i encountered was right after going down into/under/? the fish painting and going right

i'm told this is a chipset error? how could i fix this? and for some reason it only happens when i go right, i can go to the left just fine


File: 1345246722950.png (8.49 KB, 228x349, smart unraring.PNG)

You can choose to simultaneously create a new folder while unraring the file into it.
Pic related, choose the option with a slash at the end.

As for the error, I'unno. Never had any problems with my Ib. I got it from VGboy's (the translator's) website.


File: 1345505565170.gif (697.38 KB, 640x360, Fabulous.gif)

Fixed it with using Winrar instead of my other program.


Every time I get to the part where you first get your rose, the game starts to lag a lot when Ib walks, does anyone know how to fix this?


If it's a laptop, no.


File: 1350099822025.png (Spoiler Image, 85.46 KB, 640x480, PROMISEEE.png)

Just got this ending…
Jesus, please tell me there will be a sequel or something!


>wanting sequel on an archetypical "Meet again" ending

Lrn2sweet anguish


While I liked Ib, I think a sequel would kind of ruin things honestly.

I did see a cute video of Ib and Garry's hypothetical reunion on YouTube though. They ate macarons at a cafe and painted pictures at the park.


Hey, I'm sorry about using up your time, but I've encountered a terrible issue. I just downloaded Ib, but every time I try to start playing my screen turns completely black and the only way to make my computer work again is forcing a restart.

I'm running a Windows 7 32bit version, and I followed the instructions in the manual thoroughly. Please help me, I really want to play this game.

Thanks in advance


File: 1361963953317.jpg (79.83 KB, 529x451, Mary.(Ib).full.1101030.jpg)

I love this game.
Learned how to play "Doll" from the OST, all that's left is getting a fingerpick.

>together forever ending

That shouldn't happen, try reinstalling.



File: 1362386203522.png (43.83 KB, 621x468, IbGameArt.png)

This is my 2nd favorite game next to Yume Nikki.
I love it so so much.
If you haven't played it I suggest you do. It's a great horror game.


I dont know really,
but I would like a sequel or well a spin-off, but dont
have to be related to any ending of the original game, and with anothers protagonist.
Because I really want to see new "arts" to explore, with new characters to know.


File: 1363877514496.jpg (1.56 MB, 1528x1668, 33960212.jpg)

Ver 1.04 released


>The music is compressed, so the filesize is smaller.

>There are new paintings and conversations to find in old areas.
>A new branch is available that leads to two new endings.
>After any good ending (read: Ib escapes), you can start the game over, keeping track of your endings and such.
>After you beat the game once and continue as mentioned above, a new dungeon becomes accessible in the final area.


File: 1364311285242.png (24.64 KB, 640x480, Ib Font Problem.png)

Hi, since I play Ib, I become aware that I have a problem with the font of the game, that show strangeshaped letters, that I have some difficulties to read properly.
So, I need the original font of the game.
Can anybody help me with this problem?


File: 1365051634070.png (207.01 KB, 640x511, 483480e32875335d90483e144e….png)

Ver. 1.05 released


It’s really just a bunch of bugfixes, though. Nothing to get excited about. Also, saves from 1.04 will work.

>Garry won’t comment on the Liars’ Room unless you actually do it.
>You can no longer save as solo Mary, since you’re locked onto an ending you can’t continue from.
>When on a second playthrough, the portraits for the save files have a + in the corner. For old saves, this will only take effect when Ib, Garry, and Mary first join (Ib “joining” when you get an ending).
>The new dungeon is a little easier; there are more vases (one at the start, and a second in Abyssal Park… if Garry’s dead), and the croquis room has one less red guy and no stools to get in the way.
>There are pamphlets in the true exhibition explaining New Game Plus and stuff.
>The music list in the true gallery is fancier-looking now.
>Some things that got left out of the true gallery were added, including a very special guest.

Lastly, kouri confirmed he has no plans for any further updates.


For anyone who is having trouble with the font, download and install this font and it'll go back to what it't ment to be:

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