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Post any problems here and you should get some answers.
Remember that this isn't a "Where do I find effects" help thread, it's for technical problems and such droll.

[If a mod could sticky this that would be great]

Some downloads:
Ver. 10 English Locale (http://www.mediafire.com/?u5oxw5vq8sh9koh)

Ver .15 (http://loda.jp/lol_rust/?id=4)

1) Go to Control Pad, into Regional and Language Options. Go to the Languages Tab and be sure that "Install East Asian files" is checked.

2) Download Applocale (http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=13209). Then set it up on your computer.

3) Download .flow ver. 15 if you haven't already.

4) In the CharSet folder, duplicate a file and rename it 乗り物.

5) Now download this RPG_RT .exe file: (http://www.4shared.com/file/E6t5pE3y/RPG_RT.html) and put it in the main folder with all the maps and such.

6) Run Applocale and select the above .exe file. Choose the bottom-most language (Japanese).

7) In the set-up thing, save the RPG_RT as a shortcut, rename it dotflow ver15 or something, so you don't have to do the step-by-step thing again and again.

8) You can now play .flow ver 15!


File: 1316821682920.jpg (100.39 KB, 504x600, 19875709_m.jpg)

Thank you for reposting my thread and adding a walkthrough for installation.



You're welcome! =)


File: 1316830471870.png (35.68 KB, 660x520, No Text.png)

I installed version .15 according to the wiki's instructions, but none of the text is showing up. The game itself runs fine; it's just the text I'm having a problem with.


I've done everything on here, but when I try to open it, it gives me some RPG_RT.lmt error (I can't read it since it's in Japanese)



Don't know how to help you, sorry.


Try removing the strange symbols in the folder's file name.



Ah! Everything works fine now. Thank yooouuu.


I was on my way to get all of the GET boxes and I died from the blood cell demons. I sort of thought you were supposed to catch them all (I'm… stupid) and I collapsed into a mess.

Do I have to start the GET quest all over again?


Nop, once you got a GET (ehehe) box you "carry" it with you until the end of the game, no worries.



ahh! thank you, friend.


File: 1316905924982.png (28.37 KB, 475x160, Untitled.png)

I get all the way to running RPG_RT in AppLocale, but the program tells me that my computer is already compatible and that it is going to automatically run the program. Afterwards, I get the message in the picture. Wat do?


I'm having the same problem. T-T Help me, please. I'm seriously going to cry, I've been trying to play the new version for MONTHS


Um, where would I find my savefile so I can transfer it to .flow 15?


File: 1317184646973.png (89.17 KB, 667x527, aaaaaaaaaaaa.png)

did everything you said but—


File: 1317255004858.png (32.98 KB, 560x601, oh for shit's sake.PNG)

Skittering over here from /tkki/ with a question. I downloaded the English Locale .flow (because this dinosaur computer is less willing to work with my shitty XP .ISO copying skills, thus it won't install East Asian languages) and Norton flipped its shit and ate the file. Should I be worried? Didn't have this problem with Mcafee on my laptop.


>>95 Get a better anti-virus. the .flow ver 10 english locale has absolutely no viruses on it.

Also, I'm stupid, in the installation guide I forgot to post "REMOVE STRANGE SYMBOLS FROM FOLDER NAME".

If you have any troubles I suggest do that if you haven't already.

Where is post editing ability.


>>41 here
I'm still getting this message, no matter what I do. I've tried installing RPG Maker Runtime Package and everything, but I always get that message. I'm not sure what to do, really… I've deleted strange characters, etc….


>>108 Well I'm not sure what to do either! Maybe someone else could help?


Well the message says that you have a bad runtime package, try re-installing the runtime package for 2000 and 2003 and get a new RT.exe, if this doesn't work then i don't know what will (as long as you followed the instructions correctly)


After turning Sabitsuki into Rust, when I try to enter the area that looks like some orange docks after the seewers, I get this message that says "opperation annulated" and the game shut down. Any ideas?



(I assume you have V15)

1. Did you remove the strange symbols from the title's folder?

2. Try reinstalling (be sure to follow the steps precisely)

Other than that I have absolutely no idea.


Yes, all my folders are in latin characters, do I have to change also all the strange characters from images and sounds?

And, I mean, I´ve followed this to install it and the game has been working perfectly.

Thank you anyway~



No, just the characters in the main folder's name.


I can't seem to get the effects to work. I'm playing 1.5. Everything else seems to be working fine.


When i downloaded ver 10 it said i that RPG maker is needed to open it.
Um. Its an exe


i'm having the 'not implemented' error like a lot of people get in yume nikki- however, i've never gotten it before on my laptop, only on my pc. ;___;
not exactly sure how to fix, would anyone know?


I searched "rpg maker not implemented error" on google and this came up: http://www.rpgrevolution.com/forums/?showtopic=9420 Not sure if it'll help you, but it's worth a try


how do you run .flow in a window instead of fullscreen on xp?


Press F4 on your keyboard?


oh okay, thank you! sorry for the stupid question.


Hey, when i download the english version of .flow (ver 10) and i try to sleep,theres a error message saying not yet implemented.


I guess you should wait until sleeping is implemented in .flow then.
Wait, I mean that's apparently a pretty system-specific error with RM2k - I remember getting it in one room on Yume2kki on my main Windows XP partition, but not getting it anymore on my test Windows 7 partition. What's worse, reinstalling the RPG Maker RTP doesn't seem to change anything.

In other words: it is a mystery


Is there the true ending on v.10?


I cannot make a shortcut in Applocale… how does it work???


Well, as far as I know, it prompts you to make one every time you launch something using it. What exactly did you do?


unfortunately the link inside that link is broken
so what YOU linked is p much a dead end ):


Yeah, I think I'm getting the same thing. I'm looking for their Language Interface Packs and for some reason their download page is missing too. :\


File: 1321234467177.png (569.44 KB, 975x765, sending to uboa2.png)

Now I tried every resolution setting and nothing worked, how can I fix this?



Use applocale. the instructions are in the very first post, at least read them


I'm not sure which .flow I downloaded (a friend sent it to me), but I'll try Applocate.


File: 1321322394112.jpg (8.82 KB, 300x180, shit fuck piss.jpg)

Anyone know how to get rid of this? Or even know what it says?



Have said this countless times already in fg/ -_- all errors starting with ファイル and ending with 開けません is basically "x file cant be opened" which is a problem with the file's names being corrupted


Hey, when I try to download it (ver 10, ofc. it's my Gma's shitty comp :/ ), it doesn't work. It does work on my laptop, but then Norton tries to be a bitch and won't let me use it, so is there any way I can get it to work on this computer?


For those who want a translated Ver. 15, Saya-chan made on in /media/


File: 1322995146048.png (20.96 KB, 640x480, .flow problem.png)

whenever i open the game, at the loading screen it acts as if im holding down the down arrow key, when im not. then when i press the up arrow key, it stops and my up arrow key doesnt work, so i pick the start button with the down arrow key. when istart the game, it sends my character upwards and i cant control her. so im basically stuck in this corner. this happens for every yume nikki game i play(lcd, .flow, yume nikki, yume 2kki)



Sounds like a weird DirectImput problem. What operating system do you use?



(I mean DirectINput, of course.)


windows 7



First, try to reinstall the directx runtime (http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=35).


doing so right now



installed Search Results
Refine Results
1-10 of 1,240 results in:
"All Microsoft"

Download: DirectX End-User Runtime - Microsoft Download Center …

started up the game and its still doing it



Okay then, take a look at the device manager (control panel -> system and security -> system -> device manager). Do you see any kind of game controller (joystick/gamepad/etc) installed?


well, i use a gaming mouse/keyboard… other than that no



What kind of keyboard is that?

It could be the problem if it has many special keys/buttons.


it's a Razer Lycoasa, mainly i just use it before it lights up, not really any extra buttons aside from the extra headphone/mic jack and button that lights it up





Hm. Nothing special, indeed.

Anyway, try to disconnect it, plug in an ordinary keyboard, and see what happens.



Here they write about a problem with this keyboard where some keys appear to be stuck sometimes.


So if the game works with a simple keyboard, then check the serial number of your Lycosa.


i plugged in an older, keyboard and restarted my computer, it still did the same thing… but said "you must restart your computer to apply these changes, after i restarted it, not really sure if that would make a difference or not


als, o i saw someone with the same problem as me in the yume nikki general help thread, i posted there too saying i had the same problem



Now I really have no idea what this could be.

Obviously, something is constantly sending signals to directinput. This could be a fake game controller (none of these are "installed" on your system), or a faulty keyboard (I doubt that your older keyboard is defective as well, so neither is this the case).

But since now I'm very curious about this, I'll keep on looking for some kind of solution.


i could make a video showing the problem if that would help




i made the video anyways if you wanna see, would be really great if you could find a solution.


>>393 here.

That keyboard still intrigues me, so start over again: unplug the Lycosa, plug in the old keyboard, then do a cold restart (turn off the machine, wait about a minute, then turn it on), and tell us what happens.


the thing is, i unplugged my keyboard and started up the game, and it still did the down arrow key… so i dont think its a keyboard problem



Have you tried the cold restart?

Because the problem is either the keyboard, or a nonexistent controller. If it still doesn't work after restarting the system with the old keyboard, show us a screenshot of your device manager…


hey, games working fine now, turns out i had my webcam plugged in while i was playing the game, so i took it out of the usb port and the game stopped spazzing out, pretty weird but it works now


I had come across a post suggesting that one should disconnect all peripherals, but it sounded far-fetched. Good to know it worked out though



Wow, so the webcam was acting as some kind of controller. Weird, but glad you've found out and the game works now.


I'm stuck at the enterbrain logo at the beginning. Did I do something wrong…?



I think I'm a bit late with this, but try to reinstall the RTP.


Is someone working on a locale version of .flow 0.15?

i can't play any other fangame because my computer won't accept east asian languages.


I agree with this person - a .flow V15 locale should be made.

After all if one for V10 can be made, why not make a V15 one?



That's not an English Locale like V10 or Yume Nikki V10.

English Locale does not need AppLocale or any stuff like that - all you need to do is install the game, then click the .exe to run it.


File: 1324566093023.jpg (230.68 KB, 423x600, eet.jpg)


We've read eveerything there, and… yeah, i actually tried to play Saya's translated version before you linked me there.

I don't care if the game is translated or not, all i need is a Locale Version just because i want to play it, the one you install and it doesn't require AppLocale and such.

I'd help if i could to make a Locale Version of 0.15, but i don't even know what to do.

Is there any way to contact the dude who made the last locale version? Just to know what he did or which software he used, not specifically to ask him to make V15 locale.


To make a localed version, you need to change every filename so it doesn't have any japanese (or otherwise foreign) characters, then assign them to everything in RPG Maker.
It's a real pain in the ass. I tried.



Wasn't that what Saya-chan did?…
And i think that wouldn't resolve the problem with applocale


No, all Saya did was translate the in-game text.

If you saved it in an English RPG Maker I think it would resolve the need for Applocale, but I haven't tried it so I can't confirm.


The Version 15 link is now a 404.


Try removing the ?id=4 from the link.
It should work now.


Thank you.


what is the difference between version .10 and .15?



A few bugs get fixed, and a new, incredibly awesome (and most likely important) event is added


Which random event? Where does it happen?


Go to the Corrupted School event as Rust.

If you don't know about the Corrupted School event, look it up on the wiki or YouTube.


this has probably already been asked, but is someone working on translating v0.15?


i think its been already translated for awhile


For anyone who had the " Not Implemented Error " I have fixed it for myself and this fix might work for you.

You need to go into the .flow music folder and convert .flowbeet,bgm6,bgm8,bgm13,bgm19,fc bgm, fc bgm3,lainbow2,naminooto,olg to Wave. After you do that the game shouldn't crash anymore and the songs will still play properly.


So I downloaded this file and extracted it in 7zip, but everything was out of the folders, how can I fix this?


7-zip is not supposed to discard folders. Are you sure you didn't mess up somewhere?


Well, I had my friend help me with this since I'm not experienced with downloading files. A lot of messages came up during the extraction, so she said yes to all. I think I'm going to re-extract it.


version 10 seems to work fine for me until I need to use any of the 1-0 keys, the keypad will work as directional keys but pinching or using 1 to like swing the pipe or anything doesn't work??


Folks with Arrow Key problems:
- Run game
- Disconnect all USB Devices (save mouse and keyboard)
- Reconnect each device one by one while the game is running to determine what is the cause of the problem.


- Disable Bluetooth or disconnect whatever device manages Bluetooth.

Had this problem on 2 Win 7 machines. Popping out my Bluetooth adapter solved it for my desktop and disabling Bluetooth for my netbook. Game works fine for both now. I've read some people need to disable their wifi devices if bluetooth is integrated.


Why does the game crash every time I try to get the broom effect from the witch?

I'm playing the English version 0.10.

I get error messages saying "Invalid bitmap image" and "Application error. RPG Advocate is cool." What the fucking shit?


Anyone know a way to make .flow 0.10 start in a window? I've tried adding -w or -window to the target line, and it failed to change anything. I realize I can just hit F4 or Alt+Enter, but even going to fullscreen for a short time makes my comp freeze.


I'm pretty sure you have to use the F4 thing.


I'm running on a vista and therefore cannot install Applocale. I tried the cmd thing and I have the User Control turned off by default. Is there a work-around, or alternatively can I run it on Fedora? I have Fedora on a flash drive.


it IS possible to install applocale on vista. have done so myselft.


Yes, and unless you didn't use the elevated command prompt or didn't turn off the UAC that doesn't help me much, because as I said both those methods didn't work for me.


File: 1333401849084.png (17.46 KB, 434x152, rtp.png)

so i'm on windows 7 and i get something along the lines of the pictured error for every version of .flow i try to play, ranging from the recently released v0.17 to ones that worked in the past or on other computers

so far no steps or workarounds have helped me



Interesting, because .flow was made with RPG Maker 2000, as far as I know. Anyway, did you install the Japanese RTPs from the Famitsu site?


as far as i can tell yes i did

english yume nikki and .flow seem to work (up to a point where .flow crashes due to a missing file but i don't know what that's about) but i guess japanese rpgmaker is where the problem is



Start over again, uninstall all RTPs you have, and reinstall the ones from Famitsu. I'm sure there's a conflicting, unofficial RTP installed on your system.


File: 1333407085440.png (12.52 KB, 644x484, HALP.png)

interesting i discovered a japanese rpgmaker2003 rtp in my old yume nikki folder and installed it

v0.17 runs but the text and options are all freaked up see image

and v0.16 still won't run because it wants rpgmaker2000 hmm



The text is wrong because you didn't configure your system to use Japanese for non-unicode apps.

I'm not sure why 0.16 wants the 2000 RTP, but why don't install it, then?


uh yet another update

downloaded and installed japanese rpgmaker2000 and v0.16 ran fine

copied the rpg_rt.exe from v0.16's folder into v0.17's and now that works fine too

hope this helps other people thanks


File: 1333413831563.png (16.77 KB, 624x482, flowerror.png)


when i did that, i got this message?


>>In the CharSet folder, duplicate a file and rename it 乗り物.



Again, this file comes with the Japanese RTP. Some people seems to use some kind of unofficial/bogus RTP, and now I'm sure this causes most of the missing file/startup issues…


I don't have a windows XP cd which is needed to install Eastern Asian Languages. What do I do? I tried Microsoft but they still end up needing you to input the CD.


File: 1333508913302.jpg (85 KB, 251x350, tumblr_m0wwyzZ4lL1qe9v0qo1….jpg)

I can play most of the game except that it crashes when I try to get in bed to save the game.

No error message appears, so I have no idea what's causing this.




Download it and burn/use daemon tools. It'll probably work


So it just closes, and doesn't mention anything about a crash? Where did you get the game from?


I downloaded it from >>1325



Probably not the cause then. Do you see all japanese characters fine? Post a screen of the menu you get when you press X


File: 1333553180435.jpg (59.36 KB, 640x480, screen1.jpg)


Like I said, it's fine until you get in bed to save. I don't think it has to do with the locale, that seems fine.

I should amend my earlier comment; there *is* an error message, but not from RPG maker; rather, there is a general Windows error message saying that RPG-RT has stopped working; do you want to close the program/look for solutions.



And, the problem occurs only and always with the bed/saving, as far as I can tell. I've tried walking around worlds, picking up effects, interacting with things, and that's all fine. But, every time I've run the program, it freezes when I try to save.



Alright then, I'll look into the event. Can you tell me exactly when does it crash? As in, is it when you lie down, when you try to enter the save screen or when you actually select the file where you want to save?



It's when I lie down and the screen fades to black/circle closes around you.



Do you get to see the circle getting smaller? You don't even see the save screen at all before crashing, right?


You do see the circle get smaller, but you don't get to the save screen at all, no.



Alright then. You wouldn't happen to have any SaveXX.lsd (XX as in any number) file on your game folder, would you?


No, I don't.



So I'm assuming you're able to go to bed and hear the olg.mp3 sound file. It crashes the precise moment you press the action key again after you're already "asleep", right?


No, actually, it freezes when the circle has not quite completely shrunk, so you don't hear olg.mp3 at all. It's more or less right after the sound effect for getting into bed has finished.



Download this file http://www.mediafire.com/?9ohd2cdzw19rle6 and paste it to your game folder. Overwrite (or save the old map under a different name, your call)

Talk to your bookcase and see if you can access the save screen


That works! :D



I believe the problem is the MP3 file. Maybe you have some sort of program that loads to play MP3 files and conflicts with RPG Maker games. I'll need you to do one last thing to verify this, and then I can make a custom event

Try to play Shinsoku Neko. If you are able to play it (and hear the song), open olg.mp3 and see if it opens up alright. Tell me the results


Shinsoku Neko also crashes it; I hadn't thought to try playing it before since I am terrible at it. But if it's an mp3 problem, why do other BGMs work? I don't know much about this at all…


Also, the default music program on my computer is just Windows Media Player, which opens olg.mp3 with no problems.



Most are on a .wav format, you see. If it's universal then it's a bit more complex, I'm afraid. Try downloading a codec pack, I use CCCP and have no trouble. Get it, install it, and try Shinsoku Neko


links for ver.15 is dead, can someone help me there?


No change, unfortunately…



v0.17 is out already, check the thread made by Kozato


I've looked at several threads made by people having the same problem. It's most likely related to your sound drivers/codecs/anything in between

First, update your sound card drivers. I can't tell you the link to them since I don't know what sound card you have

Next, download and install the following programs


If nothing else works, download Audacity, open the mp3 files and re-save them as mp3, and check if it works (Shinsoku Neko's BGM is called "fc bgm.mp3", if you want an easy way to test this)

Hopefully one of these steps will solve your problem, but do let me know if they still don't


Okay, I'll try that. But also, now that I know the problem is the wav/mp3 thing, if it doesn't work I can just convert the mp3s to wavs! Brute force, and spatially inefficient, but I tested it with one file and it works.

Thanks for all your patience and help!



It does work, yes, but does the game immediately recognize those new .wav files?

I was thinking about modifying all the areas that had mp3 files to wav (because, on their BGM settings, it explicitly says "olg.mp3" , for instance) and uploading them as a last resort, but if the game automatically fetches a .wav file with the same name then it might be simpler do convert them all, yes

And you're very welcome, glad I could help


>Rename a file to 乗り物.
rename which file?


File: 1334093309331.png (10.94 KB, 288x256, 乗り物.png)


Here's the vehicles set from the RTP.


I'm looking to download version 0.15, but I can't find a page with the actual download; all the links seem to be broken. Anyone help a gal out?



I can't guarantee this is a "good" download, since I'm pretty sure this is a version of 0.15 I modified a while ago

Anyway here's the link http://www.mediafire.com/?5gf1rfii65647ce

Only difference from the regular 0.15 should be you'll get most of the random events all of the time


So 0.17 doesn't have English Patch? Can't i use the English files from 0.15 or something?


File: 1334289538636.png (34.93 KB, 641x487, flow.PNG)

im playing the 0.17 version but i can interact with the effects and cant equip them. as you can see the effect menu do not appear



Doesn't look like it's properly applocale'd. Can't say if fixing that will fix the problem with the effects though


mind if i ask you how to applocale'd properly? other wise i think im done with flow, its the same fucking problem over and over again when i try to play a new version.


File: 1334356154250.png (18.95 KB, 640x480, Proper Menu.png)


Open Applocale -> Next

Launch an application -> "Browse…" and select .flow's RPG_RT.exe -> Next

Language of the application: -> Scroll down and select the very last option -> Next

Create a shorcut so you don't have to repeat this process, and press finish. Your menu should look like my pic



oh man…those are the same steps i always follow to run flow with applocale…stupid game…well,im done with flow then.
thank you man


So… is there any way to keep at least the english effect translation, while playing 0.17?

Like overwriting map files, but leaving some other ones intact?



I see. Are you sure your computer has Eastern Languages installed? Do other japanese RPG Maker games work?

Sorry I couldn't help any further mate



I'm not sure. Not certain of where the effect names and descriptions are stored, file-wise

It's likely the translator is the only one who'd be able to answer


File: 1334373595544.png (41.32 KB, 648x503, finally.PNG)


geez man…im really sorry for all the trouble, i just installed the RTP 2000,just in case somebody else have the same problem it can be downloaded from here :


again thank you so much

>pic related my effect menu



Sorry mate, I thought you had that installed already

It's good that you were able to get it running either way. Hope you have fun



In fact i have installed the RTP 2003 long ago, so i thought it might be enough, guess i was wrong


How fix screen flicker
am running Win 7
ssend help.


The download link for version .15 isn't working.


File: 1336015003469.png (16.74 KB, 186x188, sabiasdasd.png)


File: 1336086667385.gif (640.89 KB, 800x563, Bring it.gif)

Much appreciated.


Right - I've actually successfully installed .flow version .15 prior and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Attempting an encore with the installation of version .17 has me wracking my brain.

I believe there's an English rendition up on DotFlowWiki at this point, if anyone's curious as to playing outside of Weeaspeak.

Anyways, I'm failing and failing and failing again to run version .17

I've tried running Applocale, which is curious in the sense that it says it "Cannot Launch" things like RPG2000 and despite having Weeaspeak working a-okay and having set everything possible to "Japan," everything seems to explode into Mojibake one I open a installer.

If no one else is having this probably, I can be readily convinced that it's my SEAFARING BANDITed OS.


Hello. I have .flow 0.10 installed and I was wondering if the titlescreen is supposed to be silent, or if there is supposed to be music playing like yume nikki's.


Why would you use 0.10?
I don't know about that version but 0.15 has starting menu music.


I'm assuming english locale

Something that pegs a lot of us down


0.10 has music in the tittlescreen


File: 1336466528560.png (12.21 KB, 640x480, ..............png)

I tried re-downloading .flow ver. 0.17 after my laptop (It's Windows 7) was reformatted (it worked before the reformatting) but whenever I try to play, the text is different, and I can't access the effects menu (as shown in the picture)

I tried changing my locale to Japanese, using AppLocale, and installing the 2000 RTP and the 2003 RTP, but so far, I still get the same weirded-up text.

What could I do to fix this? Do I have to stick with the English ver. 0.10 while there isn't an English translation for ver. 0.17 yet?


Japanese RPG Maker 2000 RTP (or just the Japanese RPG Maker 2k). This was said IN THIS VERY THREAD, mind you. All I did to know how to help you was just scroll up a bit. (the screenshot was identical lol)
Also, did you extract the game using an Applocale'd 7zip? This is important.
Also, try picking up a different RPG_RT.exe


"I tried…. installing the 2000 RTP…"

I did say that I installed it. Sorry I didn't specify it's the Japanese one though. ._.;;

Anyway, thanks for the other advice. I'll try those right now, hopefully it'll work.



File: 1336622019254.png (326.87 KB, 531x809, 1305939957470.png)

detections: 1/42


So? It's a fucking trojan.



Got any hard evidence for that? Antivirus programs have the occasional tendency to alert the user with a false positive when it comes to .exe files; especially ones that don't have a whole lot of downloads.


That one thing is all. And Norton online (lol all u want).

I'm just extra careful. In reality, i don't see why there'd be one in the flow file but still.


Norton gets so many fps it's not even funny.

Upgrade yo


File: 1336655544791.png (5.67 KB, 303x207, crash.png)

I already intalled RTP and when i try to start it with applocale or normal this aapears


did you duplicate a file in the charset folder and rename it as 乗り物?


So how can I be super sure it's not the trojan which is detected? -_-

It's not something to lightly gloss over…

How do I find out if it's not a false positive/or if it's safe?

I really wanna play floe and I dont wanna deal with applocale for now. Can I just play the .10 version?


1. Get rid of norton
2. Install Malwarebytes Anti Malware

Congrats, the majority of the false positives that you would normally detect are not there, efficiency in virus protection has increased x10, and you are now part of the modern internet era.


Malwarebytes is installed…

I don't use norton. I used the Site itself that checks files. Two other sites say it's not a false positive.


>still worries about malwares


File: 1337030390637.jpg (12.89 KB, 318x238, fuckme.jpg)

So I downloaded ver 0.17 (never played any of the previous versions). Extracted the files, renamed one of the .png's copy as "norimono", ran the game… And my menu looks like this. I tried downloading and running ver 0.10 and menu was complete there.

So tell me, guys, how fucked am I?


Are you using RPG Maker 2000's RPG_RT file? It's blue with a guy holding a sword.
It looks like you're using the yellow icon that's the RPG_RT file for RPG Maker 2003 games.


Thank you a lot, kind sir.


okay, anyone want to explain to a dumbass how to run the english 0.17 version (as linked here: http://dotflow.wikidot.com/downloads)?? i've tried the suggestions in this thread to the best of my ability, and nothing's seemed to work. could i get a real simple step by step (with links)?
sorry, and thanks!


>English 0.17
What? I though it wasn't going to be translated… Checking it…

As I thought, it's not in English.
And you need japanese locale to play it.


ah, okay, thanks! v0.10 is the last translated one right? i'll keep playing that then.


>>1656 0.15 is translated.

There's not much text anyway, so you could play 0.17 even if you don't know much Japanese.


I'm having a bit of trouble with the v0.17 update. I have AppLocale and everything runs fine until I try to enter the new area in the Red Light Ditrict. It just comes up with something along the lines of "Event script references a map that does not exists," but I have all of the updated maps. Also, the dress, tv, and gun effects aren't updating properly.


File: 1338164907495.png (44.21 KB, 604x328, why.png)

I'm trying to use .flow 0.17, but I'm getting this error message. I have 0.15 installed, but I can't remember if I ever got this message.

I downloaded the .rar from the wiki and moved 0.15's RPG_RT.exe to 0.17's folder. I'm already using App locale, and I also downloaded RPG maker 2000 since I thought that might solve the issue.

Any help? ;_;


It's been a looong time since I played .flow or any other fan game (even YN) and I've forgotten how to run it. I downloaded applocale, but there is no .exe file in my .flow folder. All RPG files are .ini .ldb and .lmt, what am I supposed to do.
Sorry if this question is dumb.


There's a file in the OP called RPG_RT.exe , you should get it and run it with applocale.
We all forget things but please look through the thread (or at least the OP….) before asking!


I already tried this, I'm afraid that file is no longer available. ;_;


Do try google for another version of it. There should be plenty of them.
If you don't find one, I'll upload it myself for you.


I'm having a lot of issues downloading RPG maker, I did all the previous steps (downloading applocal and language packs) but when I open RPG maker to download, its still all in gibberish rather than Japanese and when it gets to 44% I get an error that says "filename, directory name, or voolume level syntax is incorrect" about a .wav file. I'm running windows 7 so I can't simply open regional settings and change the language, unfortunately. My friend an I are stumped on what to do.


Well. So I got all the 24 effects but I cant turn into Rust. When I try to enter .flow while in .flow Sabitsuki just sits in front of her computer doing nothing. Did I forget something?


Selfix. Oh, I remembered how to trigger Rust, but there's still something wrong. Sabitsuki won't leave the room and won't jump into flow while it is loading.


File: 1338825921295.png (5.13 KB, 320x240, flow_glitchy_menu.png)

To anyone experiencing the glitched menu text problem (as pictured), please go down the following list:

1) Install the RTPs for Japanese RPG Maker 2000 and 2003.
2) Check that either your system locale for non-Unicode applications is set to Japanese or that AppLocale is installed and is running the game correctly.
3) Replace the RPG_RT.exe in the game directory with another one.

An appropriate RPG_RT.exe and the installers for AppLocale and the 2000 and 2003 Japanese RPG Maker RTPs are all included in this download:

I *think* the RPG_RT.exe files may have some sort of internal locale, and using an English RPG_RT.exe (such as the one from the English version of Yume Nikki) with a Japanese fangame (such as a non-translated .flow) may cause problems such as this.

If anyone thinks that I should add more files to the above collection of RTPs and whatnot, please let me know and I'll get a new file up ASAP.


File: 1339049275657.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, howtosetup japanese locale.png)

I have Windows 7 home edition, the one for $100.

I'm pretty retarded when it comes to setting stuff up, but I try my best to work it out myself. I really really direly want to play .flow, whatever version is best completed/solid.

So I attached an screenshot of what I could find—is this all I need to do to change my language to Japanese locale?

Then download APPlocale?


I'm getting this same problem, can someone please explain? I finally got a new computer and have been exciting to play flow. College finals ended and I don't have much more free time left. Halp? ;_;


I was playing .flow yesterday and everything was fine. I collected 20 of the 24 effects and I turned it off. When I turned it back on, the controls no longer work! Occasionally I can bring up the menu, and sometimes random button presses will allow Sabitsuki to move down, but other than that nothing works!


So… I'm trying to use ver. 10. But for some reason, I can't actually use anything? Like, when I try to press enter, and type of action button to get INTO the game, the menu does nothing but play music and flicker.


Have you installed the Japanese RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 RTPs? If not, you can download them (along with the AppLocale installer and an RPG_RT.exe) here:


File: 1343026474735.png (Spoiler Image, 472.21 KB, 1366x768, .flowproblem.png)

I'm having an issue with some file not reading properly.

I've already followed the instructions completely (even having some trouble installing the AppLocale, but it's fixed).

Anyone know how to fix this? I've tried the google net, and I have no clue how to type those in so it's not proven to be very helpful lol.




Well that's in Hangeul. Why is there a korean file error? I don't have any korean files related to .flow or in the RTP. You sure you got the right game, even?


File: 1343151143931.png (303.42 KB, 1366x768, i do not understand.png)

i am about to shoot something
halp B[


File: 1343254464299.png (Spoiler Image, 78.28 KB, 924x545, whhhhyyyyyyyyy.png)

I keep trying to download RPG Maker 2000 from all of the links in the tread, but instead I get this and it doesn't install. And I've tried to use the AppLocal I downloaded but it wouldn't work either. What does it mean? Help? D:


First thing to do.
Download east asian language files.


See post


How do I run .flow v17? I don't know what file to select for applocale


Hello, just really interested in playing the .17 version of .flow. I know it's been asked a couple times… but does anyone know who translated .10 so I can ask if the retained translation can be used while playing .17? And would it really be possible to understand the story and game without it being in English? I can read hiragana/katakana, would that be enough? I don't want to miss out on the story/experience… Should I just play through .10 English and then .17 Japanese? Thanks for your time!



The game has very, very little text. In fact, I can't remember any text apart from the menus

Only thing you'll have to worry is the effects. Anything else I'm sure you'll memorize easily enough


Ok, thank you!


There's no languages tab in my regional and languages options. Any ideas on what I should do?


Get drunk and punch everything.


I've downloaded both .15 and .10

.10 goes to dream sequence, it fades out after I press enter and suddenly this things shows up saying this file is corrupted. File is not english or Japanese or jibberish too. So how do I fix it? Strangely, day I download .10 it said it was gone. Hm.

.15, I have no idea how to start it off. I'm being stupid and downloaded the 2003 RPG maker. Currently my computer has problems so I can't get the 2000 Japanese one. I go to applocate and press the RPR Rt (which is not in the .flow file), and it says I have a bad runtime package. How do I fix it, could you give me the link?

Sorry sorry, after a few hours of trying to download either I got kinda tired.


could anyone direct me to a new download link for the english one? the one listed, and all that i can find online, say that it has been removed from mediafire.


I'm looking for the 10 version too. It would be nice if someone reuploaded it.


File: 1349884534814.jpg (105.4 KB, 505x413, nope.jpg)

I can't even install Applocale.


Same thing here. Anyone have solutions?


File: 1349925040764.jpg (52.71 KB, 450x345, 24004362.jpg)


iirc you have to run the installation in pre-vista compat (xp or anything prior)

if that doesn't work then like google it or something


File: 1349936341542.png (50.72 KB, 656x503, whatisthis.png)

So when I open .flow, it seems to start to work but then this little thing comes up and then I have to close it. I don't even get to see the menu.


That error always comes up if you don't use Applocale set to Japanese on it. So use Applocale, set to Japanese, and you shouldn't get the error.


I did. Or at least I think I did. I selected the very bottom option.


Did you create a shortcut for the Japanese-locale'd version, though? And are you running that shortcut, if you did make one?


All of english download links seem to be down. Could anyone please upload it anywhere else? Playing on japan is times less fun than i thought.


File: 1350172457684.png (5.66 KB, 267x170, flowerror.png)

I got the game running under the Japanese locale but when I press enter after the character first appears on the screen it gives me this error and shuts down. What should I do?



File: 1350257769113.png (5.1 KB, 320x240, .flow menuless.png)

I got .flow version 17 to work, but for some reason I can't use any effects or wake up because part of the menu is missing. Help…?


Looks like you're using the RPG_RT file for RPG Maker 2003, not 2000. .flow is an RPG Maker 2000 game, so a 2003 file's no good.
^There's an RPG_RT file from RPG Maker 2000 that I use. It's even from .flow.


I get this error too even though I downloaded the english version. Is all that Applocale stuff required to the english version too? Because in that case I seem to be out of luck.


File: 1350348108908.png (182.06 KB, 953x572, Untitled.png)

There's an error message every time I try to open .flow, but it's in Japanese
so I can't read it. ._.


You need the RPG Maker 2000 Runtime Package.
Download: http://2drpg.com/2000.php
Scroll to the veeeery bottom and click "RTP 1".
("Download" will download the program itself, which you don't need to play .flow, and "RTP 1.32" is just has more resources, which again, you won't need to play .flow)


Thank you. ^^ I finally got .flow to work.


So for some reason I can't make Sabitsuki walk down. She'll automatically walk forward and get stuck somewhere and then I can't move her at all. I trying pressing different buttons, I deleted and downloaded the game again and I'm STILL getting the same problem. Anyone know what to do?


For whatever reason, my copy of .flow stopped working, but only for certain things. My save files are no longer there, the save spot in her room is unclickable, and certain other things stopped working as well, like I can't press 0 and wake up, I have to go into the menu. I'm not sure what happened but do you think I should just redownload the game?


If someone could fix this, it would be much appreciated…


The links for ver. 10 are dead! can someone upload it for god's sake?T_T We want to play it with my gf :/ it's ironic, the only version which isn't avaible is the one that's in english


the download for ver.10 has been deleted


Now what are we gonna do?:/ can someone be so kind to upload yours?


What wallpaper is that?



Please? Everyone, Ver. 10 is missing, any of the fans who still have a copy in their computer, would you please upload for us poor game-less folk?


Do you need .10 specifically? Because I uploaded .15 here in >>2020
and that's in English too. Unfortunately I don't seem to have .10 still v_v


Hi, um is there another link for Flow ver. 10? The mediafire link doesnt work :( If there is another link, can u please inform me. That would be very helpful :)


The thing is that I downloaded version 15 and it doesn't work, I already installed the rpg maker 2000 and when I open it it appears a window saying "???? *some gibberish, probably vehicle* ????" the thing is that I don't know what to do D;


File: 1352163922742.png (38.46 KB, 676x542, please help me.PNG)

What have I done wrong?
Besides using Vista, I mean.


Not using Linux


File: 1352164652125.png (251.14 KB, 800x600, heatmiser.png)




I thought I did. I must be wrong though if I'm getting that error. It's version .17 I'm trying to run. Does it have different set up than .15?


File: 1352769372063.png (18.86 KB, 567x522, how bout I slap your shit.png)

I'm trying to get my friend a DL link to the English .10 ver, but everywhere links to the same Mediafire thing and it's deleted. Is there somewhere else I can grab it? (sorry if in wrong thread, couldn't find somewhere else to put it.) pic unrelated


If someone knows how to make it an English locale version, I'd be happy to make a translation of v.0.17 so that people can play the most recent version in English. I actually have almost all of 0.17 translated anyways, I just need to translate and check the effect-get windows.


Haven't done it before but I'm fucking around with some tools now and it doesn't seem that hard. Worst case it would still require the Japanese executable, and thus applocale.


Here's a dump of all the text in Ver.0.17 from DreaMaker.


File: 1352934177188.png (63.1 KB, 1056x338, error.png)

The english versions have all been removed, and I can't seem to get the japanese one to open. Could someone put up the english version again, or onto another website?


This is v0.15, latest English translation, download works for me: http://www.mediafire.com/?fr2rx9bi5ncmekx


File: 1352949531623.bmp (872.1 KB, 625x476, translationflow.bmp)

Oh, thank you for that!

A small update on the translation:
Everything's pretty much done. All I have to do is playtest to make sure I didn't break anything. Also, I managed to fix the freeze issue that happens in the Sweet Sugar building's bathroom!


Ooooh, that's what you meant. Awesome. Thanks for all the work you put into it.
I *think* it would require renaming all of the Japanese files and replacing their references, since the localized executable probably uses one of those pre-Unicode encodings like Windows-1252, and renaming the RTP references to those of the localized version. Not sure though. Can't find the translated version 0.10 to see what they did to get it to work with the English localized executable.


Er, 'Japanese files' that is files with Japanese filenames like Panorama/兄妹.png. Simple string comparison for the internal variables and such probably wouldn't break with the wrong encoding, but when it tries passing something like that to fopen bad things happen. That would explain why just dropping the English executable into a Japanese game directory gives you the error about not being able to find a file with a garbage name.


Here's a correspondence table for the rtp files: https://easy-rpg.org/wiki/development/rtp-database/2000-rtp


Hey guys, I found a new link for the .10 in english that works without the applocale: http://www.mediafire.com/?olg0ps4yn13bgce


How the heck do I get .17 to run? I downloaded it from lol's site and there's no little RTP icon to run it.


hurrrr never mind, I read the thread and figured it out.


Where can I download ver 0.16? It seems to have vanished from the internet…


File: 1354400315517.jpeg (12.83 KB, 300x100, 1318622120293.jpeg)

I need a WORKING 0 .10 English .flow file, STAT.
(Pic unrelated)



Any reason you need 0.10 in particular? There's a link to a translated download of 0.15 at >>2089 .

It also looks like there's a link to 0.10 only a couple posts above yours, at >>2100 if you really need that version in particular.



I tried downloading this version, and needless to say, it didn't work. Everything works perfectly up until the opening scene. All it does is shift the sprite around a bit while making static noises. Is this part of the game and I'm just dense, or am I missing a file somewhere?



That's part of the game. You need to push the confirm key (Z, enter, or space) to continue.


Yes yes good. Glorious. Thanks very much.


File: 1355348355406.png (1.15 MB, 1280x720, 1354821653269.png)

Soooooo, I tried that, start the game up, see Sabitsuki standing in a black screen, I press Z and it distorts, static plays and the game crashes.
Each time.




ok the distortion and static are part of the opening so don't worry too much bout that you're not dying or anything

what's the error message though


Yeah, I remembered about a half hour after posting that message that the normal opening is like that, I just hadn't played it in months and forgot so it took me by surprise.

The error message is in ruins but there was a "me" in it.


Ruins - Runes


File: 1355374549561.png (300.47 KB, 467x344, 43.png)

take a screenshot


It's fine, I got around it, thanks though and sorry for the late reply.


my girlfriend is trying to play .flow 0.10 and is getting the error "the file m y cannot be found", whatever that could mean. the same exact files work fine on my computer, so i'm not really sure what's going on?


File: 1356048772742.jpg (64.3 KB, 300x300, tumblr_m60791Nf631qek9ql.jpg)

i messed with everything i could, first applocale was being a bitch so i had to run it on cdm, next i had to fix the bug rpg 2000 was causing everytime i played. now thanks to this thread i can play this fucking game finally i waited my whole life for this lets do this man


File: 1356758968796.bmp (636.62 KB, 448x485, adfgrh.bmp)

Can't even start the first step.

Then I try that first option cause I can't press the east asian one, and it says I'm missing ftlx041e.dll.

What to do???


Wait sorry.

I just realized that it's checked marked.

How stupid.


I really appreciate this thread and the help.
Even if my only problem was that I had my .flow in a path that had a 'weird' character (blank character) and then that made me realize "Oh. Gotta move this to my 'Games' folder then."
Anyway, thank you for having this thread up. :)


None of the controls seem to work (walking controls, main menu controls, etc). When i exit .flow and rejoin, it selects the new game option.


File: 1357951509309.png (6.83 KB, 320x240, title.png)


Awesome! Thanks for the good work.


Hey thanks!

I actually started to translate it, as nobody bothered to, but I only changed the menu and effects. This is far better!


Thank you! I hope you enjoy playing!
Also, the previous download link is no longer valid. I fixed the "missing vehicle" error that some people may encounter.

0.17 English (w/Vehicle error fix): http://www.mediafire.com/?ylxc48yy6nod8bp

Apologies for any inconveniences.


File: 1358654705401.png (434.66 KB, 680x600, 1338155658873.png)

Sabster keeps walking to the left.
(probably listened to too much beyoncé)
It's impossible to navigate to the right, I tried restarting.
Doesn't seem to be my keyboard, either. It just suddenly happen when I was in the psychedelic streets. Has anyone else ever had such a lock-up?


Press the Left Button, if that doesn't work, mash the keys. That's what I did when the problem happened and it worked. It's not PSI's fault, it seems to be a problem in the 2k3 engine.


File: 1358715971818.png (142.67 KB, 400x520, sabitsuki.png)

Tried that, it didn't help, unfortunately.

I tried yume nikki now, Mado walks to the left, too.

I tried touhou, it works fine
It's only those two games.
I guess this means goodbye, my saves.. re-installing Yume now

Thanks for the quick reply, though~


File: 1359935765270.jpg (30.35 KB, 654x518, flow error.jpg)

For .flow 0.17, I keep getting this error: ??????ea???e??????
I've put my computer's language to Japanese, and downloaded the RPG Maker RPT. The file named 乗り物 in charset was already there, and I put the RPG Maker RPT in the .flow folder. I've tried downloading Applocale, but it doesn't work—but I already put my computer's language to Japanese so isn't that the point?

At any rate, the game's still not working. Any help would be appreciated.



I'd say try every button that makes Sabi go left

From my own experience, I have a semi-faulty volume control slider on my laptop, and sometimes it sends wacky keyboard commands instead. During .flow and Y2kki this meant that the Menu button was always pressed, and I couldn't actually press it again until I released it

None of this would have mattered to the discussion if the button I had to press was X, but in fact I had to press like V or B or whatever (which also opens the menu). Took me one hell of a long time to find out

So try pressing the 4 on your numpad too, and if possible find out if there are any other default Left Movement keys on RPG Maker 2000 games and try those. You might get lucky



You will have to install Eastern Languages support or Japanese language pack on your computer. You will also need AppLocale, so try to find out how to get past whatever error you're having. You should also extract .flow using an AppLocale'd 7zip

These are the steps I follow all the time and it always works what I do and it always works


File: 1359939085985.jpg (55.18 KB, 506x413, applocale error.jpg)


Well, this is the error I get every time I try to install AppLocale.

My laptop is Windows Vista…


Yes, I *finally* got it to work. TT.TT

Thanks everyone.


File: 1360027987972.png (20.21 KB, 403x172, error.png)

I get this error when trying to install the japanese RTP, I've got the locale and everything but I can't get past this ;_;


File: 1360460144533.png (40.6 KB, 616x566, rpg help.png)

I tried to download ver. 10 english locale but when i click on the link the file on mediafire says it is invalid or deleted file, and I downloaded the Ver 15 with RPG RT but this window keeps popping up >.< I dont know what to do Any advide please >.<?


You need the RPG Maker 2000 RTP.
Download it here: http://2drpg.com/2000.php (scroll to the bottom and click the highlighted text that reads "RTP1")
After you've installed that, you should be able to play. Also note that there's an English translation of v.0.17 available here: http://www.mediafire.com/?ylxc48yy6nod8bp


When I get to the Industrial Maze map both Sabitsuki and the Kaibutsu start lagging like crazy.

Once I navigate to the menu or go back from where I came it seems to be fine, so it's just in that area.

`Has this happened to anyone else..?


I downloaded the game, and the actual application for the game isn't there. I just have all the files so I can't even attempt to start the game.
Any help?


I have problems when installing Applocale. It gives me an error upon trying to install, saying that "An application that is needed to finish the installation is missing or not present.

Is there a way around this?



Didn't work.


I can't get exactly the RTP 1 file, the winrar says it finished unexpectedly and that it's a broken file.


File: 1363970585429.jpg (15.14 KB, 654x499, this error.jpg)

I've downloaded the latest English version of 0.17, and I keep getting this error when I try to make it run. What do?
It's the English version.



Have you downloaded the Japanese locale?


I seem to be completely out of luck when it comes to RPG Maker 2000. I'm currently on Windows 8 and when I try to open any exe for it, I always get the message "This operating system is not supported!"

Well…this sucks



Try using a real SO



install gentoo


I tried to download 0.17 but it said somethin about me needing a password to authorize the download which I don't have QwQ! I have the rpg2000 thing to play it but not .flow Itself! May someone please give me the password I really want ta play this game.



what link were you using? there are quite a few in this thread looks like


I was usings Psy!qehfojwlfq's link.



>I was usings Psy!qehfojwlfq's link.

>I don't know what a Tripcode is



Thanks yo. A gaming I shall go = w=
And meh ^^


i know people wont be happy with this… but could someone give me more instructions on the setup?


File: 1365968538622.png (164.51 KB, 1029x629, flow.png)

i keep getting this window.. any idea what to do? thanks


1. Install Applocale
2. Install Japanese RPG Maker 2003 something thru the japanese Applocale.
3. Notice you don't have Japanese language installed, and yer' CD is long time lost.
4. Search on Microsoft site
5. Notice that these fuckers deleted it.
6. Jump off your balcony, cus you can't play most of Fangames.

At least, that's what i did…



Search better then. It can be found on places other than Microsoft's site, though it's a bit trickier to find. I don't have any links handy unfortunately, but I think I remember the thing I needed to search for and download was called an "East Asian Language Pack", or something along those lines.


Here's the link to RTP1 (the one on RPG Maker site is corrupted)
Helped me to get .flow working on Win8 with applocale.


File: 1369606283985.png (4.27 KB, 447x160, applocale.PNG)

So, I've tried downloading 0.15, 0.16, and 0.17, all English versions. I've tried downloading and installing multiple RTP executables within this thread, I've unzipped, reinstalled these programs multiple times. I've even tried to download applocale.

Nothing works.

Could someone please, please, please give me some kind of help here? I'm pulling my hair out to play this when I had 0.10 on my old system and it installed without a hitch.


(pic for reference)


Open cmd with administrator privileges then open the applocal installer from cmd.


File: 1371481725857.jpg (11.58 KB, 1150x480, flow.jpg)

Is it supposed to look like this? Whenever I go into a new world, it has an only black background with a few objects.


Yup, that's how it's supposed to look. The first few areas are pretty minimal like that. If there was really some background file missing I think you'd get an error message instead of it just not showing up


I have everything installed but when I click the application it gives me and "RPG????2000????????????????" error. help(/.\)


If you download HF pAppLoc, and use that to run the game after downloading the RPT linked by Scarlett, all never versions should work perfectly.

If you want to run AppLocale, you have to run it as an administrator through cmd.


is this thread still active?


File: 1374201262888.png (36.76 KB, 650x512, ujellybro.PNG)

When I hit enter at the beginning of the game with all the static, I get this "file not found" message. You have no idea what I've gone through to be able to run this game, please help!


File: 1374202952134.png (11.12 KB, 480x256, my.png)

you are missing a file!

here is the file in question, it's the chipset for Sabitsuki's room.


File: 1374205239167.png (166.51 KB, 993x588, jellypox12.PNG)

Hmm… I have the file right here in my chipset directory, but it won't recognize it. Any idea what's going on?


Hmm… it's likely the filename itself. That chipset has "my" written in a weird way. The proper version is "my", try renaming the filename with those characters, and then see what happens.


That's definitely the problem; when I renamed it, the game complained about a different file this time. Any way I can get a the proper files/filenames?


Never mind, I got it working now! That file just had the wrong name, but some of the other game files were genuinely missing. Strange. I copied the files from the Japanese version and it's working fine now.


Okay. so, I'm running the latest version (eng translated ver. 17) and so far so good EXCEPT that the whistle and psychadelic effects make no noise whatsoever.
Can anybody link me to replacement files?


Is Applocale necessary for Win7?


I believe so



Unless your computer locale was set to read nihongo-desu moonrunes, yes, your windows l33t computer needs applocale.


File: 1376379521352.png (5.48 KB, 316x240, getyourshittogether.PNG)


Try this: http://www.4shared.com/zip/cfmHVOft/flow017_eng.html?
Basically it's .FLOW VERSION 0.17 (ENGLISH) + plus a few modifications.

I got it to work after looking at a bunch of the shit on this thread and I've compiled a zip with most of the steps done so that you guys have less of a chance to fuck something up.

Basically I followed all the instructions for version 0.15 and just added the rpg_rt.exe from some rpg maker 2000 game that I ripped off the internet and never played.

All you need to do:

1. Have your japanese language packs installed. You should be able to google this pretty easily, and as far as I know, all the language packs for Windows 8 (which is my OS) should be online.

2. Install applocale. If it tells you that a program that's needed to run the installation isn't working properly or something, right click the installer, view properties, and hit the compatibility tab. Click the box under "Compatibility mode" and press OK and install.

3. Run applocale. When you're prompted for a language, click the drop-down menu and scroll all the way to the bottom. See that? That's japanese. Click it. It'll ask you if you wanna make a shortcut. You'll probably wanna do that.

4. There. That should work. It better fucking work.


version 0.18 is giving me grief. it's giving me the "cant open the master file" bs and im not sure how to fix it…


I'm having issues with v18 myself, but it's quite simply the issue that was happening all the way back in >>41. I'm getting the same message, and apparently the solution to this is to download a better version of RPG_RT, but anywhere I've found to download said file is down after such a long period of time. Does anyone have a link for where I could get this file/know of a better solution?



I'm already going to apologize in the case that this subject came up, but when I've used effects in general, the shift key isn't working. Therefore, I can't seem to use their actions. It isn't doing shit…


File: 1377113861393.bmp (118.88 KB, 259x156, hsp.bmp)

Hey there. I just downloaded 0.18 and I already have the East Asian language packs, Applocale, etc. installed. Ver 0.18 comes in a .zip folder that I extracted, it contains an executable file that has an icon showing Sabi sitting down, a folder called 'data', and a readme in confusing symbols. I tried running the application with Sabitsuki on it through Applocale and I got the error message in this image. What do?


Does anyone have the debug room map? It was posted here >>1425 but the file has been deleted and I lost my version.



hey ,uhmmm im having trouble downloading the english version of .flow from madotsukis closet, when it opens on winRAR it says it had an unexpected file end,what do i do?



So i'm using a school computer and school wifi, because i sadly don't have internet at home. ;_;
Is there anyway that someone can upload the english version of this game to 4shared because that site isn't blocked.


Here you go, .flow v18 English:


Don't forget to install RPG Maker and change your locale to Japanese (or install AppLocale).


File: 1388953516465.png (52.92 KB, 933x604, flow error.png)

So I downloaded the English version 18 from mediafire, and the game starts fine, but when I try to start a new game it shows her with the green pixelly stuff and then as soon as I hit enter it crashes and pulls up this error message. Any idea how to fix this?


Local is everything.
Make sure that you have the files for east asian languages and that your app locale is up and running.
If that doesn't work, we can help you more easily because at this point, I can't tell what your error message is saying.


Ignore that first part…
What I'm meaning to say is that it's difficult to help you when we don't know what the error message is saying. Try to reinstall/apply a japanese locale as by your system settings or through app locale. And it's always best to make sure that you have east asian languages installed… It will help a lot in the future. If it still isn't working after that, you can give us the error message again and we'll be able to tell you what to do exactly. Finally, Could you specify what link you got .flow from? It could be a faulty download.

(Also sorry everyone that I haven't been watching this thread, I've been messing around on other boards and kind of forgot >_>)


The link in >>2541 works fine, but I always play the japanese versions. I'm a weaboo at heart and I feel that the originals are more legit.
Plus I always have the feeling that someone is going to mistranslate "てつパイプ" again.
For the fourth time…


Thanks a ton, Mannosuke! I got it working :3


Glad I could be of service :D


File: 1391102626095.jpg (134.76 KB, 1434x727, herrp.jpg)

This shit(Not supported error) pops out every time I try to load save file or to interact with bed.Help me, please.


It is 0.18 eng version.AppLocale and language pack are installed.


hey so i cant seem to make applocale work. ive tried re installing it and every time i try to open .flow it doesnt work?? ive tried everything i know from here and its just not working. im trying to play the english version 18 on windows xp.


Well, you can't just open .flow without telling AppLocale what you want to do.

1. Open AppLocale.
2. Choose to Launch an application, pick .flow 0.18.
3. Choose the language of the application. Japanese is the last option.
4. You can hit finish to launch .flow, or you can create a shortcut to always run this application with AppLocale. I always create a shortcut and save it as .flow version 0.[whatever] English. Save it wherever you'll remember it.

You're done.


File: 1407987228178.png (8.81 KB, 649x510, tasukete.png)

hi. is anyone even here???
whatever so im trying to run .flow version 0.16 for kicks and after digging through the thread i figured out the 'm y' problem but then?? this 'イベント' popped up help pls


The event file is missing or couldn't be opened.
Redownload and try again. Keep us posted.


yeah i was missing like 5000000 files so i just copy pasted the map files to another version of .flow and got it to work. thanks!


File: 1408128454402.png (370.81 KB, 1200x502, rantimu error.png)

same here


Runtime package was not installed correctly.


With maidnaut's help I managed to get it running. Good times are ahead, I'm sure


File: 1408133879829.jpg (296.29 KB, 835x406, 1408034998505.jpg)



It's a virus.


So, I've tried to download Ver 18, but it gives me a question mark error. I tried to install Applocale form the Microsoft website, but it gives me an error that says "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor."

Any tips?



Nevermind, go it working.


Hey guys, I`m trying to re-install the .flow 0.18 on my computer and I`m getting the following error…

ファイル 倣倷 は開けません

"File copy couldn`t be opened" or something like that.

I sincerely don't know what file it is…I even tried using AppLocale, and I'm getting this result….And yes, I changed my system language already



You're missing a file named "copy" (倣倷).
Probably an image.

Why does people always blame AppLocale? It only fucking renders the characters correctly so they look like japanese and tell the computer how to interpretate them. It doesn't affect anything more than that.


Yes I know it's an image, but do you know where exactly it is? And yes, I know that AppLocale only renders the characters, but I tried rendering it in two different languages and I got two different problems: The one I posted, and then I got one problem which showed the directory of the image and it said that a certain name was missing…But I still have no clue what image it is.


File: 1412566490830.png (225.32 KB, 372x337, 1412389934507.png)


Try in each folder which contains images copying any of the present files and renaming it exactly like the .exe is asking you. Problem fixed, and the folder it showed you is probably the one.



Problem is, when the error which contains the file name pop up, it only shows ??.png


How about this time, try redownloading a clean copy. Maybe your copy got corrupted during download or something.




True…I downloaded mine from wikia apparently.


Filename is "倣倷", you showed it in your first picture.


File: 1420509866970.jpg (50.87 KB, 658x523, cover.jpg)

Any idea what the problem is here? I can't play.


ctrl-c it, paste in google translate and post results?


File: 1420513017309.png (11.12 KB, 480x256, my.png)

You're missing the chipset file for Sabitsuki's room.

Here, I've uploaded it. Save it into your chipset file with the filename intact.


File: 1420966669851.jpg (133.42 KB, 1082x725, ss (2015-01-11 at 12.54.23….jpg)

how do i stop this shit
i try to go to the new area you can get to from sweet sugar but every time im about to open the door to go to the city it spams the fuck out of me


File: 1420966704293.jpg (144.56 KB, 1191x702, ss (2015-01-11 at 12.54.35….jpg)

eventually freezes


and this is happening in rainbow maze btw in the collection of doors you go through.


Are you playing v0.19? You should download v0.192 and transfer your save file there. v0.192 fixes this bug.


oh i didnt even know that was a thing
download link?
thx anon


Here's the download link for the Japanese version.

I'm afraid I'm not aware of any English translations, so if you want one of those you'll either have to search for one or translate it yourself.


there are translations around somewhere in the board


File: 1425769821418.png (107.28 KB, 465x315, flow_oreko_757698784678467….png)

Ubuntu, after LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 wine RPG_RT.exe freezes on attempt to save trough bed.


File: 1426474805792.png (22.89 KB, 640x480, 439563940593059305930593.png)


VirtualBox 4.3.10 should work just fine, you know.


I REALLY wanna play this game.. But everytime I start it, it starts..
But when the first thing happens (Which is the character in a dark room I think) And I click enter, it crashes! I hope there is a way I can fix this.. It looks like a fun game! I like Yume Nikki, I want to get into this as well! Please help :c


You're not even saying what the crash error is telling you, how are we supposed to guess what is going wrong with the game?


File: 1426944698147.png (44.91 KB, 659x515, flow error.png)

hey so, its my first time playing .flow and i was all excited and right at the beginning when theres all the static and you push enter, this happened. i just pushed enter and then i hear the static noise and then the screen goes black and it crashes. anyone know how to fix pl0x?


have you really read the thread? It's literally mentioned 65 times here.


I'm having this problem too.
If it helps to say, it's version 0.192 English, at least in my case. Same conditions, same error message, windows 8.1. If anyone could help it'd be appreciated.


Read the thread, specially the first post.


I got it to work, thank you! (So far at least)
I had read the thread previously but I figured the fixes were for those specific version of the game, such as how the first post was for ver. 15.
All I had to do was run RPG_RT in Applocale after "forcing" Applocale to run on my computer.


File: 1438473718929.png (7.36 KB, 648x510, flowerror.png)


Hello, I just downloaded version 0.192 in English, but when I run the game an error appears with ????tm ?????. Is there any wayto fix this and play the game? I think I should rename one of the files that contains strange lettering, but even if I did-I have no idea what to rename it to.



I'm going to try to download Applocale, but the last time I did-it didn't quite agree with my computer. Is there any other way to fix the error?


Normally I'd help.
But that is the least descriptive error message >_<


Seems you may have to change your computer's locale to Japanese and redownloading the game.





Hey guys!
I switched the language to Japanese but now the game freezes for no apparent reason.
I've re downloaded the game twice and the same error has occured.


It would be more helpful if you could post a picture of the error you are getting.
Are you using Windows 7 0 8? If that's the case, you will have to install Applocale through cmd and they use it with administrator privileges every time.


The error I was getting before should be in the the <<2972 post. I switched the language to Japanese under control panel. Now though, the game just freezes.
I've installed the game under an administrator account? Is that what you mean?



Oh! I have Windows 7.


Hello! I fixed it now! There were a few files that were miss translated. Thank you for all your help!


never mind! I fixed it by using the dell menu thing that's mostly used to fix brightness


File: 1448419267305.png (6.37 KB, 392x172, CropperCapture[67].png)

ON a scale of 1 to 10, how dead is this? The answer is very.


I have a problem, as seen left.


File: 1448419475834.jpg (109.43 KB, 500x500, 1440031864767.jpg)

Are you even using applocale?



Win10. Wouldn't work, at least according to 2kki's wiki.


Wait, nevermind. It works NOW, since I'm using Locale Emulator to run it.

.flow and Yume Nikki now both work on my computer, but Yume 2kki won't, because RPG2000RTP won't. Strange.


File: 1449152633042.png (18.48 KB, 657x526, flow_problem.png)

Does anybody recognize this error message? What should I do?

I'm using an XP virtualbox VM inside linux, I used the files and instructions from 4x13.net


Yeah, you're missing the vehicle file.
Copy anything inside the folder "charset" and rename it to 乗り物.png


thank you so much, I don't get the error anymore.

On the other hand I just get a blank screen. I'll try in something other than XP maybe.

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