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A major software upgrade has just been completed. Please report any issues to the administrator.

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Post any problems here and you should get some answers.
Remember that this isn't a "Where do I find effects" help thread, it's for technical problems and such droll.

[If a mod could sticky this that would be great]

Some downloads:
Ver. 10 English Locale (http://www.mediafire.com/?u5oxw5vq8sh9koh)

Ver .15 (http://loda.jp/lol_rust/?id=4)

1) Go to Control Pad, into Regional and Language Options. Go to the Languages Tab and be sure that "Install East Asian files" is checked.

2) Download Applocale (http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=13209). Then set it up on your computer.

3) Download .flow ver. 15 if you haven't already.

4) In the CharSet folder, duplicate a file and rename it 乗り物.

5) Now download this RPG_RT .exe file: (http://www.4shared.com/file/E6t5pE3y/RPG_RT.html) and put it in the main folder with all the maps and such.

6) Run Applocale and select the above .exe file. Choose the bottom-most language (Japanese).

7) In the set-up thing, save the RPG_RT as a shortcut, rename it dotflow ver15 or something, so you don't have to do the step-by-step thing again and again.

8) You can now play .flow ver 15!
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Runtime package was not installed correctly.


With maidnaut's help I managed to get it running. Good times are ahead, I'm sure


File: 1408133879829.jpg (296.29 KB, 835x406, 1408034998505.jpg)



It's a virus.


So, I've tried to download Ver 18, but it gives me a question mark error. I tried to install Applocale form the Microsoft website, but it gives me an error that says "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor."

Any tips?



Nevermind, go it working.


Hey guys, I`m trying to re-install the .flow 0.18 on my computer and I`m getting the following error…

ファイル 倣倷 は開けません

"File copy couldn`t be opened" or something like that.

I sincerely don't know what file it is…I even tried using AppLocale, and I'm getting this result….And yes, I changed my system language already



You're missing a file named "copy" (倣倷).
Probably an image.

Why does people always blame AppLocale? It only fucking renders the characters correctly so they look like japanese and tell the computer how to interpretate them. It doesn't affect anything more than that.


Yes I know it's an image, but do you know where exactly it is? And yes, I know that AppLocale only renders the characters, but I tried rendering it in two different languages and I got two different problems: The one I posted, and then I got one problem which showed the directory of the image and it said that a certain name was missing…But I still have no clue what image it is.


File: 1412566490830.png (225.32 KB, 372x337, 1412389934507.png)


Try in each folder which contains images copying any of the present files and renaming it exactly like the .exe is asking you. Problem fixed, and the folder it showed you is probably the one.



Problem is, when the error which contains the file name pop up, it only shows ??.png


How about this time, try redownloading a clean copy. Maybe your copy got corrupted during download or something.




True…I downloaded mine from wikia apparently.


Filename is "倣倷", you showed it in your first picture.


File: 1420509866970.jpg (50.87 KB, 658x523, cover.jpg)

Any idea what the problem is here? I can't play.


ctrl-c it, paste in google translate and post results?


File: 1420513017309.png (11.12 KB, 480x256, my.png)

You're missing the chipset file for Sabitsuki's room.

Here, I've uploaded it. Save it into your chipset file with the filename intact.


File: 1420966669851.jpg (133.42 KB, 1082x725, ss (2015-01-11 at 12.54.23….jpg)

how do i stop this shit
i try to go to the new area you can get to from sweet sugar but every time im about to open the door to go to the city it spams the fuck out of me


File: 1420966704293.jpg (144.56 KB, 1191x702, ss (2015-01-11 at 12.54.35….jpg)

eventually freezes


and this is happening in rainbow maze btw in the collection of doors you go through.


Are you playing v0.19? You should download v0.192 and transfer your save file there. v0.192 fixes this bug.


oh i didnt even know that was a thing
download link?
thx anon


Here's the download link for the Japanese version.

I'm afraid I'm not aware of any English translations, so if you want one of those you'll either have to search for one or translate it yourself.


there are translations around somewhere in the board


File: 1425769821418.png (107.28 KB, 465x315, flow_oreko_757698784678467….png)

Ubuntu, after LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 wine RPG_RT.exe freezes on attempt to save trough bed.


File: 1426474805792.png (22.89 KB, 640x480, 439563940593059305930593.png)


VirtualBox 4.3.10 should work just fine, you know.


I REALLY wanna play this game.. But everytime I start it, it starts..
But when the first thing happens (Which is the character in a dark room I think) And I click enter, it crashes! I hope there is a way I can fix this.. It looks like a fun game! I like Yume Nikki, I want to get into this as well! Please help :c


You're not even saying what the crash error is telling you, how are we supposed to guess what is going wrong with the game?


File: 1426944698147.png (44.91 KB, 659x515, flow error.png)

hey so, its my first time playing .flow and i was all excited and right at the beginning when theres all the static and you push enter, this happened. i just pushed enter and then i hear the static noise and then the screen goes black and it crashes. anyone know how to fix pl0x?


have you really read the thread? It's literally mentioned 65 times here.


I'm having this problem too.
If it helps to say, it's version 0.192 English, at least in my case. Same conditions, same error message, windows 8.1. If anyone could help it'd be appreciated.


Read the thread, specially the first post.


I got it to work, thank you! (So far at least)
I had read the thread previously but I figured the fixes were for those specific version of the game, such as how the first post was for ver. 15.
All I had to do was run RPG_RT in Applocale after "forcing" Applocale to run on my computer.


File: 1438473718929.png (7.36 KB, 648x510, flowerror.png)


Hello, I just downloaded version 0.192 in English, but when I run the game an error appears with ????tm ?????. Is there any wayto fix this and play the game? I think I should rename one of the files that contains strange lettering, but even if I did-I have no idea what to rename it to.



I'm going to try to download Applocale, but the last time I did-it didn't quite agree with my computer. Is there any other way to fix the error?


Normally I'd help.
But that is the least descriptive error message >_<


Seems you may have to change your computer's locale to Japanese and redownloading the game.





Hey guys!
I switched the language to Japanese but now the game freezes for no apparent reason.
I've re downloaded the game twice and the same error has occured.


It would be more helpful if you could post a picture of the error you are getting.
Are you using Windows 7 0 8? If that's the case, you will have to install Applocale through cmd and they use it with administrator privileges every time.


The error I was getting before should be in the the <<2972 post. I switched the language to Japanese under control panel. Now though, the game just freezes.
I've installed the game under an administrator account? Is that what you mean?



Oh! I have Windows 7.


Hello! I fixed it now! There were a few files that were miss translated. Thank you for all your help!


never mind! I fixed it by using the dell menu thing that's mostly used to fix brightness


File: 1448419267305.png (6.37 KB, 392x172, CropperCapture[67].png)

ON a scale of 1 to 10, how dead is this? The answer is very.


I have a problem, as seen left.


File: 1448419475834.jpg (109.43 KB, 500x500, 1440031864767.jpg)

Are you even using applocale?



Win10. Wouldn't work, at least according to 2kki's wiki.


Wait, nevermind. It works NOW, since I'm using Locale Emulator to run it.

.flow and Yume Nikki now both work on my computer, but Yume 2kki won't, because RPG2000RTP won't. Strange.


File: 1449152633042.png (18.48 KB, 657x526, flow_problem.png)

Does anybody recognize this error message? What should I do?

I'm using an XP virtualbox VM inside linux, I used the files and instructions from 4x13.net


Yeah, you're missing the vehicle file.
Copy anything inside the folder "charset" and rename it to 乗り物.png


thank you so much, I don't get the error anymore.

On the other hand I just get a blank screen. I'll try in something other than XP maybe.

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