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A major software upgrade has just been completed. Please report any issues to the administrator.

File: 1333233709134.jpg (284.84 KB, 600x685, 24610609.jpg)



oops, subject disappeared, this is .flow 0.16




too excitewd to find a rreaction image bye


this is hella exciting this is so cool


File: 1333234837144.png (20.5 KB, 500x500, New Canvas.png)

i get that missing rtp 2000 message, seriously can someone help me out please?


File: 1333235208473.png (5.52 KB, 400x400, 1295098876282.png)

So this isn't April fools?


So far, it doesn't seem like it. The whole game is in the folder, but I'm stuck in one new area right now.


if you mean the hospital then yeah i am too
i don't think you can go anywhere else
i think it's an april fools day update


WELL. Even if it is only a tiny/April Fool's update.

It's rather good.



guys i dont have this computer set up for jap yn games

god help me i dont want to go through this process again


File: 1333235948003.gif (6.8 KB, 100x100, 32.gif)



File: 1333238864585.png (11.95 KB, 640x480, SS.png)

lol is a kind person

I'm not saying the maids are whoring themselves out. But I'm not saying they aren't, either


File: 1333239117009.jpg (24.12 KB, 277x400, 945213-a-man-standing-on-a….jpg)

It is a great day.


File: 1333239464351.png (11.23 KB, 640x480, SS2.png)

And I'm not saying they're all normal, but I'm not saying they aren't, either


File: 1333239583286.png (10.47 KB, 640x480, SS3.png)

And I'm not saying a particular maid, with a big shadow cast over her face, standing in a room with no background music, kills people after she does her thing


File: 1333239623346.png (Spoiler Image, 10.69 KB, 640x480, SS4.png)

But I'm not saying she doesn't, either


hey man how did you get there


Is the girl in the room after Oreko's room Smile's lil sis?
Maybe that was how Sabi met Smile suddently I understand everything and nothing at the same time


Looks like a new area in the psychedelic city. I would assume you would have to edit the game so that you go into flow like you used to and visit the psychedelic city to get there.


i thought it was machine girl in the monochrome area
and yeah i don't know how to edit the game i guess i'll just have to wait a while to play with this new stuff



Changed a few things in RPG maker. Look around older threads, I've uploaded a modified map from which you can access the debug room, pretty sure it'll work with this version too


I'm quite sure it's the machine girl from the monochrome area


aww. you cheater. ):

ridiculously desperate not to spoil everything for myself before playing. it's so tempting, though. i already gave in and dug through charsets. grab your herbicides!



All's fair in love and .flow

There's a good bit of stuff most people won't get to see even if they're able to access the Dream World, since they have either hard to get, or just plain weird, requirements. The event on >>1296 is one such example

I can also almost guarantee that this new past version of the child testing facility will be included in future versions of .flow (as an event much like the Corrupted School, probably). There are a few hidden, disabled events in there which lol made, yet chose not to include in this release


The last sentence at the bottom of the readme says "一日だけ。" which roughly translates to "only one day". What does this mean exactly?…
Is it alluding to the fact that this is an April fool's update and that's it's "only one day" of the year?


I can't tell if your Jackass Not Me, or awesome NotMe. It seems like awesome Not Me. Also, I agree with you.

Welp, it's official. My headcanon came true.

Sabitsuki is an inter galactic space-whore.



File: 1333253265833.png (1.77 KB, 288x256, [fc]sabituki A8.png)

Now we can combine effects
TV effect will help us


File: 1333253440677.png (2.26 KB, 288x256, sabituki A11.png)






guys we need an english locale version of this


but no so fast, I think


I'm… Not sure whether to look into the game with rpg maker to unveil all the new events or not. It feels so wrong to spoil all the surprises, and I it is so close. Yet I WANT TO KNOW. So I think I'll just stop coming to this board for a while, I'll be busy staying in the dark corner of the room, crying tears of joy because .Flow is coming back.


This is obviously a joke, but the ending was heartwarming. I'll never be able to view those maids as hostile from now…


File: 1333293941400.png (21.96 KB, 543x118, Screen shot 2012-04-01 at ….png)

google translate tells me it "was a terrible trick"

lol went to bed shortly after posting the update, so i sort of have my hopes up for an actual update where we can play outside of the hospital pretty soon


Can someone reupload it???


File: 1333304825879.png (7.49 KB, 640x480, robotgirl.png)

Well there is 0.17 already. (found a mini robot-effect girl)


here's the 0.17 link:

crossing fingers for the real update…


File: 1333307456018.png (Spoiler Image, 10.85 KB, 640x480, aw man.png)



0.17? What are you talking about?


File: 1333309358736.png (13.76 KB, 640x480, untitled.PNG)

was this girl in .15?
she gunna fall off the bed.
if anyone notices something new in .17, please speak up.


No, she wasn't.
If the content of v.0.16 can be considered canon, then we can assume that that's Oreko, seeing as her signature orange helmet was sitting right next to her in v.0.16. So I guess we finally know what her face looks like now…


If you're talking about v0.16, then I am seconding and thirding. WHY did have to be so busy yesterday?! T_T

On the bright side; yay! 0.17!
And the board is indeed on fire again…for now.



I started a new game, and collected all the effects (then became Rust). The only change I noticed so far is that if you equip the TV effect, you can "switch you on".



And I mean switch yourself on, of course.


Also, in the new area of the red light district, Sabi refuses to go in the men's bathroom, so I'm sure it can be considered canon that Sabi is a girl. (I don't know if there was a debate for this or not, but there were many of these for Mado.)



i sort of took that as an intentional nod to the trans theories floating around, hahaha. either way.


File: 1333322129545.png (31.76 KB, 243x243, smilebrowsesthetheorythrea….PNG)

I took that as him not wanting a woman to go into the men's room



hey i 1337 got don't even hate mayne


i couldn't get it to work lol


The corrupted school no longer seems to be accessible (at least not in Sabitsuki mode). I woke up and gone to the eye and pipe world repeatedly (about 30 times), and the entrance was not there.



Nevermind. After I posted this, I checked it again, and the entrance was there…


i've tried everything but .flow is just not happening for me even versions that worked in the past???

counting on you guys to either fix it or upload some serious videos



We won't be able to help if you don't explain what exactly is the problem, or post a screenshot, or something like that.


the download link for .16 isn't working. Does anyone have another link?

Also, I'm an idiot so I can't tell, but is .17 a serious update? I've noticed some things I don't remember…


From what I can tell, v0.16 is a joke update [that you may still want to see because it sounds interesting and entertaining (I know I want to see it)].
v0.17 is the real update, and should have some (or a lot of) new content.


ver. 0.16 > http://www.mediafire.com/?3cmqtu54n66u69d

And yes, 0.17 is a complete update.



As far as I could tell by going through the game and files, v0.17 is basically a playable version of the 0.16 update, minus the actual maps for the event lol gave us on v0.16. So in a sense, v0.16 actually has more content than v0.17

I've been thinking of modding the v0.16/v0.17 files and make a version where people could see the event whenever they wanted. It's a shame to let it go to waste like that


Uhm, I don't want to look into the game's files yet, but


Apart from the Tv Effect that now does SOMETHING and the rooms into the hospital with Oreko and the mecha girl i didn't found anything new. And I've just begun the Rust chapter.




And we have actual spoiler function, you know. Use double *s before and after the section you'd like to spoiler.


Also, Oreko's behavior has been slightly changed. Now she spends most of the time inside her workshop, but if you'd like to talk to her to increase the friendship counter, you no longer need to wake up if she's working on the machine. Just exit the house and go back a few times, and eventually you'll find her walking on the floor.


She did that in 0.10 too.


File: 1333393740541.png (14.3 KB, 640x480, 432235.png)

In the Rust chapter corrupted school, the red demons still don't harm Rust, but now neither do they harm the Kaibutsu under certain conditions. In this situation, the Kaibutsu just flashes red, but refuses to turn into a demon.



Oh my, thank you! Let me try
Sabi's mother is Gordon Freeman



Ok maybe I'm retarded but after this message it seems like I can't spoiler anymore.
Long story short, I finished the game (all of it) and I really can't understand why lol released this version since there is almost none new content and dhu, maybe I'm missing something, who knows.


Maybe he released it because of all of the pressure to release it. I don't know either. Just guessing aha


i'll take my issue to the help desk because that seems like the responsible thing to do

>>I've been thinking of modding the v0.16/v0.17 files and make a version where people could see the event whenever they wanted.
brace yourself for some manloving


you guys rushed too much.
dress, plant and gas mask have shift animations now.
also its kawaii seeing hospital oreko waving when you leave and freaking out during the gunshot. this is pretty much .15 with more polish.

but yeah april fools event in .16 is pretty major. shouldn't have been removed in my opinion.



He released it for many reasons:

-Now we know that Sabi is officially female.

-Now we know how Oreko looks like without her helmet.

-Now we know that lol is actively working on .flow, and it'll be updated, even if it seems that there's nothing going on.


Thanks dude :D Now I can check out .16 and .17 and shit will be awesome!


maybe my ears were playing tricks on me but

after i knocked a couple times on the occupied ladies' room door, i heard a louder knock as i approached the exit



I can confirm that for you mate. 35% chance every time you enter the Dream World, you'll get that sound after knocking on that door, right before the area below the mirror


Well I'll be sure to carry a cork at all times then


File: 1333519780911.png (19.12 KB, 461x523, nonononononono.png)

i would PAY for a locale version of the latest updates.
I would love to be capable of supporting east language files on my computer so i could collaborate in making a tranlation and a locale version of this glorious game.
But i just can't.

I feel so useless right now…

Please, someone there…

/drama shit.

No seriously, we need a locale version.


I decided to stop translating this but… how much would you pay me?



It depends.


Care to reupload it on Mediafire? 4shared won't let me download the file.


File: 1333632566960.png (30.78 KB, 640x480, 1326847661641.png)



Here you go. Reposted the image as well in case anyone's wondering where to go to use the Debug Room


File: 1333679126465.png (11.58 KB, 640x480, flow.png)

okay i checked and this is definitely not in my 0.15
but then my rust file does have all the boxes
it's in the room where smile stands looking sad usually


…or not, i got the rooms mixed up oops



That's the room where there used to be a passive twintail Kaibutsu, I believe. Might be wrong though



oh fuck me, i still saw that as the twintails. ooooh boy.


How do i English patch.



you don't


im having trouble running both 0.16 and 0.17. please help me, already have applocale, i dont know what to do….



Are you having any sort of trouble starting/playing the game, or do you not know how to use applocale?


File: 1334202572639.png (169.5 KB, 931x582, Captura.PNG)


it crash when i try to run the game it just pops up this error message

>pic related, its the error message from the 0.17



I'm guessing the game files didn't get extracted correctly. Try using Applocale to open whatever program you're using to extract the game files. It probably won't screw up the original filenames that way


File: 1334203812002.png (60.86 KB, 859x567, 0.17.PNG)


I finally find out how to run the 0.17, just when to the charset folder and then make a copy of a random file then rename it as:


looks it worked,btw the 0.16 for no reason its running. anyway thanks for your help guys

>pic related, the 0.17 now running



Oh fuck me, it's the fucking vehicle file again

It's completely worthless as far as I could see, but the game doesn't start when it can't find that file

Anyway here's the original Vehicle file http://uboachan.net/flow/res/8.html#1460

You can save it and rename it to 乗り物 in order to prevent any possible problems that might arise from not having it

And you're very welcome. Have fun


So, what are the new things?
Apart from non-helmet Oreko

spoiler tag it or something



Motel in Moonside, couple new effect animations
that's about all i've seen aside from the .16 intro


File: 1335748570194.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.64 KB, 291x307, neweffect.jpg)

Okay guys

how do I get it



There's no known way to get it.



debug room

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