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New RPGmaker programming help thread I guess
pic unrelated (although it was used for the old thread)


I guess i'll just re direct my question here.
I'm confused about random events, say I want a sprite to be standing or sleeping every time the character enters the room. I've looked up tutorials and looked in the old help thread, but I can't find what I'm looking for? (I'm used RPG Maker XP)


Well, I think you'll need to set a switch or a variable to change randomly each time your char enters the room first. Then you tie sprite animation to a certain variable counter or a switch position.



i posted this in another thread but didn't quite get the answer that i was looking for.

can anyone help with getting effects to work in RPG maker XP?

i understand that most of them come down to common event -> change character graphic / speed / etc, but what about things like a lamp effect or something that changes to or back when a button is pressed? what about weapons?

this is all laid out pretty clearly for those who use RPG maker 2000 and 2003, but not for those using XP. any help on this from anyone, especially using xp would be greatly appreciated.


The way to do this is as you said with common events.

For stuff that requires a button to be pressed, it gets a bit more complicated.

First things first, make sure that when you put on any effect, a variable is set as 1. Also make sure that it is set to 0 when you wake up/put on another effect/turn off the effect/during cutscenes or whenever you don't wan't it.

Next, start by making a common event that is made to always be on (put a event that activates a switch at the start of the game).
In the common event, put a "conditional branch: X button pressed". X can be any button supported by RPGMaker XP (the buttons you can choose from here are not the ones that you actually get in game, for example A button corresponds to Z in game, don't ask me why).
Inside the branch, put a call for another common event (Call common event: blabla).

Now make the event (originally called blabla by me).
Inside this event, make conditional branches for each effect that you want something to happen when you press a button (for example: Conditional branch: Variable for Effect=1)
Put whatever you want to happen inside the conditional branch.

If my explanation was a bit rushed, check this quick demo i made using a old game of mine, specifically check in common events, the 8th and 9th ones.




thank you. so much.

this is immensely helpful. now i can finally get effects working. again, thanks so much, this is exactly what i needed. i can't go wrong with an example, too. i appreciate it a lot.


I'm trying to import a chipset, but it keeps giving me an "Unsupported PNG image" error. (The image is indexed and 32-bit, by the way)
It works just fine with an older version of it with the exact same settings though, so I don't know what the problem is.


Disregard that, it was a problem with the art program I use not converting the image to indexed.


could you explain that in more detail i guess? i still haven't gotten the hang of rpg maker and the variables really are the main trouble for me.


Could anybody help me?
I'm trying to make a Medamaude-like effect, that makes you return to the Nexus when you press a certain key… How do I do that?


How to make a weapon effect (like the Knife, Steel Pipe)? Because I'm new to this kind of stuff


You make a common event and an item (which is an effect). Set the item to be a switch. Then make a common event that is activated by the switch (trigger switch). Make another switch which is the item name with the word 'on' or 'activate' or 'switch'. This is the switch which will say if your effect is on or not.

Next, in the common event do a branch and say 'branch if 'effect -on' is ON. Then show a battle animation and then change the sprite back to normal. Then turn the 'effect -on' switch OFF and the 'effect' switch OFF. This is how you change back to normal if the effect is ON.

Then after the 'end', you place a battle animation and then change the sprite to the effect's sprite and faceset. Turn the 'effect -on' switch ON and the 'effect' switch OFF (the one that triggered the event, otherwise the event will go on forever).

Then, if you have other effects already set up, just set the 'other effects' switch to OFF. If you have multiple effects, you have to do it multiple times with each 'effect -on' switch.

Sorry if this doesn't make any sense, it's kinda complicated, at least when I try to explain things. This is how I make my effects.


Oh my god, I am getting SO annoyed at this problem I have.

Whenever I attempt to test my game, the program yells at me, "INVALID IMAGE FILE" (in the actual program they couldn't spell invalid right, wtf). Even though ALL of my imported images are PNG and don't show up in the program as empty black squares.

Need help on this BADLY. It's driving me insane!


Can RPGMaker games be two player?


Short answer, no.

Long answer, yes, but it blows, it's only local, you have to use the keyboard for player two, events are a pain in the ass to trigger, if both players are using the keyboard it might get too much input, only player 1 can use the default menu, it's even more difficult to do on certain versions of RPG Maker, etc. etc.

If you want multiplayer, I'd recommend using Game Maker. RPG Maker is aimed at single-player games. Now, if that new tile engine thing being made supports multiplayer, I'm all for it.


Read-only? Renamed to .png manually?



Is it possible to make a switch to automatically make a room darker, or do I have to manually make a darker version of the room and have the switch change the tileset?
Also, with the same switch, I can make it go one way, but I don't know how to make it switch back to normal.


Thank you so much :)


I tried working with the tint screen at first, and it made it darker, but it also made it monochrome. I'd rather have it "darker" as in when you switch off a light.
Of course, I could just be doing something completely wrong with it.


Tint Screen also plays with screen saturation. If you do want to make the screen just darker, don't mess with saturation bar.


File: 1318752446535.jpg (47.88 KB, 258x397, 1309489708573.jpg)

ok i'm going to be an idiot here, but what resolution does it have to be character sprites in rpg maker 2003? it keeps saying invalid image size, and i'm not sure the size i need for this


Oh, just google "rm2k3 character template", you should be fine.


ah, i was just using the wrong scaled image, thanks!



I tried this (using Paint.Net) and it didn't work - the program still rejected it - I'm using RPGmaker 2003, btw.


I've used the "sabituki" CharSet and the "my" ChipSet from .flow as templates. I just copied and pasted my sprites into these 'templates' (using paint.NET), saved it as a .png, and they imported fine into RPG Maker2k3. I'm pretty sure you could use any of .flow's Char/Chip/whateverSets to do this.
The 'run time package' sets SHOULD work as templates, but I could swear one of them wouldn't import after I edited it.


how do i make areas loop? it must be obvious or something, but when i look it up i get nothing


You should at least ask which rpg maker version he/she is using xD xp doesnt have the loop option and vx probably doesnt either. For those, you need to google some script to do so (I think Ive found some before but I havent actually saved them)


When making tilsets, do we have to deal with color restrictions?


No, not really. You can choose your own colors, but you need to set the picture edit mode to "RGB Color" while editing. Afterward, set it to "Indexed Color."


I'm having trouble getting off to a start.

I'm barely into creating the first few maps, and I can't even get things to start right. I'm using RPG Maker 2003, and I have trouble getting my sprite to move right, as a fast-paced world map speed. I tried creating an event to slow him down, but it just made him too slow. Sluggishly slow.

It's the first bit of programming I've had to do, and it's already frustrating, and I feel like an idiot for not being able to fix something so simple. Help a bro out?


this has been working fine so far with tilesets, but when i do it with charsets, is there some different requirement?


I'm having a problem, I hope this question is not too stupid.
I want an event to happen when an enemy walks in the screen, and I want it to happen once per enemy (At least until you exit the game) the problem is that I don't know exactly what to do, I tried using a variable for the enemy when the enemy is in screen, but it keeps freaking out on my and the event repeats over and over, I was thinking of binding it to the particular screen, but that's hard since the game scrolls the screen.
Other solution was just conveniently place enemies and activate the event on a certain tile, but that's really unflexible.
I'd love some help, please? Thanks.


This is prolly a stupid question but i cant get it to work for me:

Im trying to make an 'attract' effect like the Cat effect in Yume Nikki.

Ive tried multiple things but i honestly have no idea how to get this to work.


Add a new event page to every moving NPC, that is only activated when your effect is on (make it so when the effect is equipped, a switch is turned on). Once having done taht, make the movement type "Toward Hero".
I'm not sure if that's very clear, I can give you pics if you need more help.


I actually tried that.
I must have done something wrong
Ill fiddle around with it some more.

Thanks for replying!


One of my common events has an auto-start trigger and stops everything from moving when it activates when it should only affect the main character. Is there a way to keep other animations on the map moving?


It should then be a parallel process. But if that doesn't work then I don't know.


Tried that, sadly. It's a sitting animation and if put on parallel process (or even when trying to call it from another event) it still has issues, though the other animations on the map at least function. I guess I'll keep trying.

Thank you, though.


Oh it's a sitting animation?

I know how to do that! You have to set it as auto start then put in the event commands *as a common event*, key input processing *store the info in a variable such as 'Shift' and bubble in only the shift option in the bottom section of key input processing*, then do 'branch if Variable Shift=7'. Then you can do the animation for sitting! Then after the animation do 'key input processing' again and another cond. branch for the same thing and do the animation for standing up! 8D


I have all that, actually! It works just fine but it makes other animations on the same map stop whenever my character sits down, and they continue only once she's up again.


Oh, well, then I don't know how to help because I don't know exactly how you programmed it. But I managed to get it to work in my game *shrug*


Let's try this issue, then:

I'm trying to make music play on my save screen, and that works just fine. But whenever I load from the main menu, it'll play one note from the song and then stop. (When ideally, it shouldn't play at all after the load.)


Now, I have a few questions, using RPG Maker 2003. Namely, the following.

How would you go about changing the movement controls? Specifically, swapping them? I want to do something for an event that, say, inverts your up and down, or left and right keys. Is there any way to do that?

Also I can't seem to get teleporting right. Like in .flow or LcdDem when you go through a specific gate, it gives a smooth transition to wherever you went. Like in the green flowery world of LcdDem. Mine always seems to give a black flicker or something when I teleport. I don't have mine set to a specific common event or anything though so yeah.

Also a minor thing is trying to fix how some sprites clip through yours when walking alongside them. Say if the door sprite was 24 pixels wide and you walked past it. It just looks odd.

Anddd a bit of advice for anyone having color problems, I think I found some solutions. For unsupported png images, either you have to make sure they're indexed, and that they have the right amount of colors. I've tried with a palette of six or less colors and it won't work, but by using extra space to add several more colors, it works. No idea why that is.


How can you get an event to follow you behind, wherever you go? (Using RPG Maker 2003 here.)


Also, uh, scratch that about movement. I figured it out. Ugh silly new system where I can't edit posts. Apparently Key Input plus move events do wonders. Huh.






I haven't tested this, but have you tried making two pages for the event, one where it's stationary, and one where it follows you? First page, make it like a normal NPC. When you interact with it, have a Switch or Variable turn on. On the second page, have a Precondition saying that, when the aforementioned Switch/Variable is on, the Movement Type in the bottom left corner is Custom. Define it as "Toward Hero". Not sure if it needs to be repeated or not.

That's all I can think of, at least. Hope it helps.


This is a really dumb and simple issue I'm having with RPG maker 2003. Basically, only the world map tileset works. No other one will switch out or work (on the small list if I click on them and say yes nothing happens, it stays as the world map tileset) unless it's set to world map. And switching the world map to another chipset ruins the whole map. I've tried importing directly but it didnt work. It doesn't even work with the generic rpgmaker tilesets. As lame as it is, I've been stumped on how to do this for months, and I don't know how to fix it.



Uninstalling it and reinstalling it worked like a charm, thank you so much.


OK, so I made an image, saved it in Paint.Net as a 32 bit PNG image. I tried to import it to RPG Maker 2003, but the program says "Unsupported PNG file."

Am I doing something wrong?


Oh yes you do. You need index-colored PNGs.



Paint.net doesn't have seem to have that option there…


Use Photoshop, Luke.







Does anybody have any map looping scripts for rpg maker xp?
I found one on some site but it messes up the saves so that loading wont work.


Switch to VX while you still can.


Sorry but i'm quite happy with xp, i find vx to be alot more restricting in the mapping department. So about that script… anyone? I can't script myself or obviously i would do it.


How to make PNG indexed??



Open it in Photoshop, select "mode" in the image menu, and select indexed (the colour depth has to be 8 bits per channel).


PHOTOSHOP?! You're kidding, right?



Not at all; that's what I use for all my image processing, since a lot of programs don't seem to have a lot of advanced file features or plugins.


Does GIMP or Paint.Net have that option? Those are all I have (besides MS Paint of course)


Honestly, I don't know. I never deal with that freeware stuff (Especially gimp)


GIMP does.


Oh yay! Thank you!


File: 1325650608251.png (29.25 KB, 799x602, RAGERAGERAGERAGE.PNG)

OK I have a problem with an effect in my fg (Illusion).

When you equip the Witch effect, if you press the SHIFT key, Night will fly a broom and speed-up. (This turns a switch on, witch-2 to be precise)

However if I press SHIFT again, the switch doesn't turn off like it's supposed to, Night doesn't get off her broom or slow down.

< here's the code



It looks to me as if the problem lies in the variable processing… since you're hitting shift (which sets the var to 7), it looks like there's nothing to set the variable to something else so that it can get processed again. In essence, what I'm saying is that it looks as if the SHIFT key is held down the entire time (to the engine).


So, basically I have to set the variable to 0 afterwards, so that the SHIFT variable can be processed again? Is that what you're saying?


Yeah, pretty much.


OK, thanks for that!


Wait, screw that, I put in a variable operation to set the variable to 0 again, but it didn't work? Night didn't come off her broom when I pressed SHIFT… (I put the operation all over the code and it STILL didn't work. I'm probably missing something here.)


In Paint.NET, you get the option to change the Bit Depth when you save the PNG; if you don't get it, try selecting "Save As" (or pressing Ctrl+Shift+S) and save the file with any name, then you should get the option.

I don't know if this will help, but .flow appears to have the Key Input Processing in a Parallel Process Common Event, with the actual sprite/speed changing happening in a separate Auto-Start Common Event.
I couldn't find the part where the variable is set back to 0.
The Auto-Start Event is activated when a switch is turned on by the Parallel Process Event, and the Key Proc. is set to "Wait Until Key Pressed" (maybe this is why it doesn't need to set the variable to 0).


Hmm… I guess I could give that a try.


if I wanted to make an effect that makes my character huge, how would I go about doing that? I'm currently using RPG Maker 2003, and I'm talking huger than the charset template in there. If it's not possible in 2003, is there another version that allows that?


Not sure about 2k3 but in xp it's allowed.



You can do it in 2k/3. Just use several sprites at the same time (Yume 2kki did this).


I know it's also done in .flow, with the giant red demons.


>huge sprites

Pretty much exactly how I said. Use 16-pixel wide sprites on the character sheet and use several events, each with a piece of the character sheet, and have it move and act as one character.


I've tried this sort of thing before, but I couldn't seem to get them all to move as one entity; some pieces get left behind, even when they have the same movement speed. I think it had something to do with how I used Key Input Processing. And the MC was one of the parts, so that might have something to do with it too.

Not that I really need help with it like >>2792 does, but if I can find out how it works here then that's something I (and others) can use later.


help please


I've recently been getting "stream read errors" when trying to import assets into RPG Maker 2003. It's kind of annoying. I'd like to know what is causing these and how to fix them.


Shouldn't it be the same as tilesets/chipsets?; make sure it's the right size and that the Bit Depth is set to 8-bit. Charsets are 288x256.

I haven't seen "Stream Read Error" before, so I'm not sure what it is or how to solve it.
I found this though>
Main prob-solving post says: "Apparently RM cannot read if my project is interlaced. So for anyone having a similar problem, be sure to set de-interlacing on".
I have no idea what that means or if it helps.



Interlacing is a type of display method optimised for Cathode Ray Tube displays. It requires special encoding that tells the image display controller how to draw the image.

In photoshop, you can control this by selecting the "none" option in the dialogue that asks whether or not you want the image interlaced.



Thank you!


ok im going to be a retard and ask a stupid question. how do i go about importing a image to move in the back ground like yume nikki?


File: 1327165609330.png (49.81 KB, 1280x721, import_panorama.png)

There are no stupid questions; just one's that have been asked before. xP

Anyways, if importing is your only concern, you just need to import the picture to the "Panorama" folder.
If you don't know how to make the picture move in the background: You need to set it as the parallax background in the Map Properties of the map you want the picture to appear in. Then you have to change the horizontal and/or vertical scrolling options.

Picture is for visual aid; and is edited (you can't open that many windows at once in RPG maker).


I'm trying to add footsteps in my game, but only the first step will make a sound. How do I get it to keep playing as my character walks? To add, How do I change the sound with different tiles?


In the Terrain tab, you can create different "items" of terrain and add a sound to each different item.

Then in the Tileset tab, in Terrain mode there should be a list of all your terrain items next to the tileset - pick the terrain and pick the tile you want to set it to.


File: 1327443774741.png (27.96 KB, 1158x472, RPGMaker2k3rd world proble….png)

Mm, I'm having a problem with move events, I think.

Namely, these two.

The problem is is that they seem to stop other events from working. I can't teleport with them active. And the right one has weird movement patterns. Like, when I run into a wall, I'll face the opposite direction. It'll also move two spaces rather than just one.

The left one works when there isn't an active variable. Like, when I had it so that it only worked when variables equaled a certain number, I could teleport when the variable was a number in between.

Any ideas?



For the event stack on the right, make absolutely sure that you set the variables back to 0 after the move event occurs.


I read what >>226 said about random events, playing around with the switches and variables, but I cant seem to get it to work. What I'm trying to do is have a sprite change randomly every time you enter the area.



Never mind. I managed to figure out a way.


Could someone extrapolate on the exact event sequence necessary to create the weapon effect? I appreciate the previously description but I find it confusing. I'm using XP.


I don't know if this will work for RPG Maker XP, but here's something from the archives:

Every event has a page set to trigger when the "You have knife equipped" switch is on. (Kikiyama usually used page 3)
It's generally set to act just like the event would normally (though not always).
When the player presses the action key while next to the event:
1) Stabbing animation is shown
2) Event is faded out via Move Event- Increase Transparency
3) Random number is generated to see if player gets money
4) Event is erased


File: 1330867786394.png (27.23 KB, 744x562, heeeelp.png)

Hello, I just want to ask, how to do an yume 2kki like mp3 player.
I tried to understand it, but its friggin hard D:

can someone help me, or show how its possible? thanks.

/picture kind-of related.



It's pretty complicated, but it's a problem you can approach from multiple angles. I'll probably post a small tutorial for complex eventing on my site in the "For Developers" series.



and what is your website?
"For Developers" sounds kinda like help with programming on some things.. I would want to see that site :U



I know how. It's a bit more lacking than the Y2k one, but it is a bit easier.
1- Create a common event. Name it something like "music".
2- Make a separate variable.
3- On the common event, make a bunch of conditional branchs, one for each music in the game. Set 0 for the No sound/off.
4- For more customization, you can put different parallaxes/ pictures/character changes.
5- On the sound test map, make two buttons. One for foward and one backwards.
6- On the foward button, add more to the separate variable and make a conditional branch that, if the variable goes past the number of musics, it loops back.
7- On the backwards button, add less to the separate variable and make a conditional branch that, if the variable goes less than the number of musics, it loops back.

You can add new music by making the values higher on the buttons and adding more conditional branches.

I hope this helps.


And… Here's a tutorial for the PC and backgrounds.


You'll need:
A separate charset of the mouse and buttons.
Some nice parallaxes.
Understanding of eventing.

First, we assume you have a map for the PC. If you don't, do it.
When you teleport the MC (We'll call it Josh), you'll have to do the following:
Increase Josh's move speed
Disable sitting animation
Change Josh's sprite animation to Cursor
Forbid the Main Menu acess.

On the PC, you may add some icons, for the backgrounds/wallpapers, the save and the Sound player (tutorial on >>4283).
Make all of the icons, ALL OF THEM action key/BELOW hero.
The Save button is self explanatory.
The Sound player teleports you to the Sound test.
And the Wallpaper button changes your wallpaper.
The exit button exits the PC.
You need to undo all the changes done to Josh, e.g:

Decrease Josh's move speed
Enable sitting animation
Change Josh's sprite animation to his own.
Allow the Main Menu acess.

That's pretty much it.


The rather fun part.
To make the wallpaper changable, on the wallpaper button, give an option if the player wants to change wallpaper. Then use the "Show Choices" to display a list. If there is (And certainly there will be) more than 4 wallpapers, then make one option on the box for more.
Upon choosing said wall paper, assign a switches for it and turn all of the other wallpaper switches down. (Tip:
Switch range is very useful on this case.)
To make unlockable wallpapers (the fun ones!), make a switch for finding said wallpaper, and an option that will enable the wallpaper, when you got the switch for it on.

I hope this helps,

F-16 (Me's creator)



THank you very much!

I think about to upload an Seamless loop tutorial, cause the most fangames ( like Me) have good ideas and graphics, but not nice looped music.

The music is good, but the looping by some is not so good D:


Good. I look foward to that tutorial for updating Me.



doing it right now , the looping tut thread is in music.
(lol I think its in the wrong place lol)
I will use now a bit google translate, then I continue.


Question, is it possible to rig RPG maker to have an isometric camera style or is there an isometric styled RPG maker? If that's not the case I guess I'll have to try a flash engine, and I really don't wanna…


Do you think you could post an image? I feel a bit dumb for saying this but I'm not sure what you're talking about…


I'm using XP. How do I remove the party member slots on the menu screen?


It requires you changing the menu script in a number of ways, i wouldn't recommend it unless you know what you are doing. There is also the option of finding a tutorial and following that of course.


Is there a way to make an RPG Maker 2003 game playable without having to install the 2003 RTP? I believe I heard about there being a way to do this before, but I'm a bit clueless…


go into your .ini file for your rpgmaker2k3 game and add in the line at the bottom



File: 1337648386977.png (15.74 KB, 640x480, what.png)

what is happening
every time i try to test it this pops up
it's a switch menu I can't exit at all


That's debug mode, Rindre.



Thanks. I've never seen it before;;


Oh,I discovered that accidentally by pressing F9 during playtesting.

It even changes to fit your menu scheme, the dev team thinks of everything!


i am terrible at spriting

how do


i know a lot of other people have probably had issues with effects and its been explained a million times or something, but I really am having a hard time understanding practically all the explanations. None of them seem to work for me. I also wanted to say that i wanted to make it so the effect I am making can allow saving if the shift key is pressed, but only in one room. That, and I can get the effect to activate but not turn off, it just loops the activation animation when I try to turn it off through the menu.


Having a bit of trouble with an event.

I want the sprite to move randomly in every direction, but while remaining stationary. Pretty much, I want to be able to use all 12 pieces of movement. Leaving it on 'Random' and 'Spin Around' is closest I can get, but that only uses the four main directions without the walking animation bits.

I thought I came up with a solution by placing the event on an area it can't move (an X tile), then having it's movement type set to Custom > Move Randomly (ignoring possible moves).

That works at first, but after a few seconds, the sprite starts spazzing out freakishly fast.

I also want the player to be able to move around every block of this sprite, so trapping it in a box of Xs won't work.

Any advice? Using RPG Maker 2k3.


File: 1339540747948.png (326.88 KB, 639x468, sadfaic.png)

I feel dumb for not knowing how to use imported assets such as tilesets.

halp plz


Goddammit, I simply don't understand RPG Maker 2003 autotiles, anybody knows a good tutorial, generator, or explain them to me?


File: 1341802517851.png (34.01 KB, 206x179, me.png)

Ok. I didn't see any links in this thread…
Where can I download the RPGmaker3000 or whatever in the first place?


File: 1341818242787.png (1.32 KB, 102x32, yugowalk1.png)

Alright, so i've made this sprite dude (i'm just testing, the rest isnt done) based off the size of the normal sprites in Yume Nikki
. However, when I go to put him in, it moves irradically, although the distance between them is the same as in the Yume nikki spritesheets. I noticed that the sprites in the RTP stock files are MUCH smaller. How is it that these are bigger? How to you allow them to be bigger?
In general with sprite sheets and this problem, please help me! Thanks. I really need some help here…!!!


File: 1341822986108.png (1.46 KB, 73x108, 1259549554370.png)

Wait. Ok, let me make this shorter…how to you make sprite(the one used here is also a test) sheets correctly? How far apart should they be from eachother? This one still moves around like crazy.
Yiiikes, I'm just not sure what to do…


File: 1341978236889.png (11.72 KB, 640x483, screenshotpoo.png)

ALRIGHT, DISREGARD THESE. I've figured everything out and am a few maps into my game.
Pic related, a screenshot.



I wouldn't trust that chair if I were you


File: 1342027684591.png (18.05 KB, 771x485, helpneeded.png)

This skeleton of a "Get Up" event causes the game to crash.

"Event Script referenced an event that does not exist"



Well, your problem is the "move event" command says to move "this event, face down". It's a common event, so it doesn't have a facing. It should move the "hero".


Doh'! Thank you, Mishka.


Using RPG maker 2003 here. How do I make maps loop?

There was discussion on the topic in the thread, but never an answer.


File: 1342043081276.png (23.55 KB, 301x386, maploop.png)

-Right click on a map name
-Click "Map properties"
-See picture


Wow, I feel kind of retarded now, that was super simple. Thanks man!




Looping maps are cool. Everyone should have at least ten.


File: 1342118334399.png (63.2 KB, 805x599, heeeeeeelp.png)

Little problem with some move events. On this map, in particular….the events in which the character faces in different direction.It doesn't work. It just skips them… Why?
( I have another issue of the solving of this one might fix it too.)



It looks like you have "this event" changing direction instead of the Hero (which is the player character). Since this is an auto-start event with a transparent graphic, I don't think this is the event you want to change the facing of :>


File: 1342119351425.png (42.66 KB, 790x548, heeeeeeelp.png)

Oh, dur! Ok! So, that changed and all, it still doesn't work…yikes.


You should have probably kept the unlock facing command.


Ah yes, of course. Yet, even in adding that, my dude still refuses to face different directions! It's really weird. And in another event, when I have an NPC move over once and get something out of a drawer, the NPC doesn't move. Seeing as you have a lot of experience, you probably know what I'm doing wrong, and that I'm making a super simple mistake. Oops.


I've lost the use of the "X" button completely in all RPG Maker 2000-2k3 games, and I don't know why.


Anon from >>6178 , please disregard that post. It can be fixed by restarting your computer.


A simple question. How do I make the map size smaller than 20x15. It's driving me crazy. Is it by making areas on the 20x15 map? I'm using RPG Maker 2003. Thanks.



You can't go lower than that, because that's the default screensize. You could make it all black, but other than that it's impossible (unless you somehow rewrite the code of the game to make the game screen smaller or something)


File: 1343870120548.png (4.32 KB, 151x94, huuu.png)

Okay so, I feel really dumb right now:

So apparently, when making my character spreadsheet (in RPGVX, lolvista) I use the usual 1x1 pixel sprites like every other fangame does, but when I pop up my game, its too small.

I remade the exact same figure but exchanging a 1x1 pixel for a 2x2 one and the size came out perfect.(Pic related)

Is there any way I can make it look like its supposed to using 1x1 pixel characters like every other game?


Open it in gimp and resize it by 200 percent?


If you want to see the pixels, make sure to turn off interpolation during the resize.


Yeah, I figured this would be a faster way other than exchanging each pixel manually.
But the problem is that the charset won't be 1x1 pixel(like in other games).

I don't mind using a 2x2 pixel charset and maybe its just me being picky, but still!


hey guys so uh I'll cut to the point. You know when effects are supposed to be like:

>No effect

>use Effect
>-equip Effect-
>using the equipped effect will unequipped it, using another effect will unequipped it and change to the newly selected effect.

Well for me its:
>No effect
>Use Effect
>-equip effect-
>sing the equipped effect will unequipped it, using another effect will unequip it.

It must have something to do with my common events, but I don't know where, I tried a lot of different things (from switches to chains of conditional branches) but this is the best result so far, so uh, helppls?


None of the .wav files I import work.

Why is this and how do I fix it?


It could be that the .WAV settings you use aren't compatible with your RPG Maker version. Try making them 16-bit, mono and 44.1kHz? This works for me personally.


I have a question: Is it possible to make Japanese kana and kanji appear correctly in RPG Maker 2003? I've been trying to make a Japanese translation of my own fangame, but when I run my game all the Japanese writing doesn't display correctly at all (the game functions fine otherwise). Has anyone ever managed to make Japanese show correctly in RM2003?


How about you complete your game before you make our reputation with the japanese even worse.



How about you getting some manners before you make Uboachan's reputation even worse.


I'll get some manners when you start making a game worth playing.



Oh no! The japanese! Whatever shall we do if they say they don't love us anymore ;-;


Nothing, because they are the only ones that actually make games in this community, shitty as they may be. Compare the amount of finished fangames from japan to the amount of finished fangames from the rest fo the world.



1- Get proxy
2- Take what you want
3- Stop bending down for your beloved asiatic overlords


I have no idea what you are trying to say. Why would I need a proxy?
What do I need to take?
Is me telling the truth about nobody around here completing their games, ever, bending over for the japs?



I can think of at least two japanese game making communities that filters out non-japanese IPs, which is why you'd need a proxy

And about no-one ever completing their games, it's most definitely true. But surely you don't think the reason that's a problem is because of what the fucking japanese game-making community thinks about us?

They can love or hate uboachan/the western world. It doesn't matter, we can get what they make either way. And in any case, it's not like they'd make their games more accessible to us if they had a better opinion


Obviously that's not the reason.
I don't see why we need to make our reputation worse just because we can, though.
To the person asking the original question, finish the game and THEN think about shipping it somewhere.



The guy just made a question concerning RPG Maker on an RPG Maker programming help thread. He's trying someone who knows how to deal with a particular problem he came across

I'm sorry, but I just can't see how uboachan's reputation/the japanese community's opinion would even come into play here

Back on topic though


Have you tried using Applocale? If using it is a must for japanese fangames to display their text correctly, I think it's safe to assume you'll need to use it to see any japanese characters you include in your game


Just so you know: There actually ARE western people that finish their games. Just look at Owl and Moga, for example. Still, I'm more interested in making games accessible to people than to worry about the reputation about the west as a whole - the main problem is that the western fandom uses placeholder sprites from other games without permission and that's not even remotely related to my question. Oh, and I was asking if it was possible just for future reference, since it seems to be a subject that not a lot of people know about. I don't plan on translating my game unless there's enough interested from the Japanese fandom, but I still want to know whether it's possible and see if I can translate other fangames for practice.

I actually run my OS in Japanese locale all the time due to using many Japanese software that doesn't work without it. I also have Japanese keyboard options installed and I tried various ways to get my Japanese typing to show up, but the only characters that seem to display correctly are the narrow Katakana, oddly enough. It makes me believe that Japanese is possible, but I'm not overly hopeful…

If 64-bit Windows wasn't so annoying I'd definitely make my game in 2000 for language compatibility, but since the Japanese seem to be able to navigate games in English fairly well I think I value OS compatibility too much to switch. (I'd also lose a ton of eventing already done, which helps in this decision too, ehe.)

Tl;dr: Half-width Katakana shows, the rest looks weird. I have no idea why.


Hey, guys, I have no clue if this has been asked before, but whenever I try to play my game,it's always zoomed out. Whenever I play other games, though, it's normal and zoomed in. Can someone help me? :(


Post a pic
I don't really know what you mean
Try f5?


Try not playing it from RPG Maker. It should open on fullscreen mode by default. On RPG Maker, your game will always open at 2x resolution, which is usually 640x480.


Thanks Jojo. It works. ^-^


could someone explain to me their system for going to the dream world and saving (including like changing sprites when in the bed, etc)


Okay, dumb question; when importing images, MUST there be some kind of transparency? I've been trying to import the instructions for a while now and it forces me to make something transparent, and it looks like crap. Any way to import an image without making a colour transparent?


Never mind, I figured it out.
For some reason or other RPGmaker automatically turns on the transparency selection if anything of value 0 is in the picture; there were a few stray black pixels on the edge.

It's stupid that you can't use black in any of the pictures though.


My game does not have a dream system, but I can tell you how to disable effects.

Okay for example, you have a weapon effect, let's call it Knife.

In your items, you should have two copies of the item, Knife for the dream world and (Knife) for being awake. The (Knife) should be set so it can't be used in the field.

Make an event on your bedroom, in the top left is the popular place. Trigger condition is auto-start. Set a conditional branch.
The condition is Item: Knife is held.
Change item: Knife 1 remove
Change item: (Knife) 1 add

This will change the effect to an unusable effect in the real world.

Go to the dream bedroom and do the same thing except the condition is
Item: (Knife) possessed.
Change item: (Knife) 1 remove
Change item: Knife 1 add

Now with the (Knife) as the placeholder, it gives you a new one that works.

Do this for all the items you want to disable (ie all effects except instructions)

I believe that should be enough, though sometimes people make a switch with the same name as the event to keep it from doing it every time you enter the room, but I don't THINK that's necessary, as you shouldn't have any items it can replace if it was programmed correctly.


I know everyone keeps saying it but is there a way to make .PNGs color indexed or whatever? I'm trying to make a chipset and it errors when i try to add it to the game. Also, the files you extract from RPG2003 are .bmp so do i have to save my stuff in .bmp for it to work? ((I'm searching this stuff on my own as well…sorry for any dumb questions. :c ))


Use irfanview to set it to indexed, or photoshop (nobody buys photoshop, so there's a lead if you don't have it…)

You can also use a tool that supports native palette editing, such as aseprite or EDGE instead of MS Piss.


File: 1353297341782.png (4 KB, 335x314, horatsuki sprite.PNG)

Is there a way to edit a prexisiting file to that?
((I've made my first character sprite, guys. :D )


File: 1353304142193.gif (583 B, 44x56, walking.gif)

Alright, sorry to keep posting but I had the same problem as someone else…How do you slow your character down enough so they walk at a decent pace? Around what Madotsuki had in Yume Nikki.
<- My animtion


File: 1353324728536.png (36.68 KB, 792x450, if.PNG)

When starting the game, set an Auto-start event using Decrease move speed. Then turn on a switch. On the next page of the event, use action key/below hero and make it so it does nothing when said switch is on.

Pic related.


Wow, thank you very much. c:
I really appreciate your help.
(I'm sure I'll be back here later on…This is my first time trying a YN style of game.)


Okay, I've been trying to program a save event similar to the one in .flow where the protag gets in bed and then the save screen comes up, but I have literally tried everything I can think of to get her to get into the bed and the move event just fails to work, every time. Even with "ignore impossible moves" and phasing mode on, she just stands next to the bed and doesn't do what I inputted.

The event is programmed as such:
Conditional branch:
branch if hero sprite is facing left
forbid menu access
[move event: phasing mode ON
decrease move speed
move right
phasing mode OFF
increase move speed]
Proceed with movement
Sprite transparency: transparent
Switch operation: bed animation ON
Wait .5s
Show save screen

The event does all that but she just stands there instead, making it impossible for me to push enter on the tile she is supposed to move on to render her visible again and allow the menu access.

The trigger is standing on the tile immediately left of the bed and hitting ENTER. Event layer is below hero.


If the bed is to the right, wouldn't your sprite be facing RIGHT, and not left?



I mistyped there; the bed is to the left. Either way, it still doesn't work. I tried running other move events in her bedroom to make sure the other coding didn't interfere and they all failed to activate.


AHA! I have found it! I had a speed guard event that constantly ran a decrease/increase move speed in the background. I guess it didn't like me running two different move events on the protag at the same time.


File: 1353466718955.png (12.85 KB, 633x476, roomup.PNG)

Hey, look who it is. Me again. I've got the map and such all done for the bedroom I'm making but suddenly I can't use my "action button" (z and space) to do anything. I have a TV which you can turn on but it doesn't show a cinema type thing, just changes sprites. And I also can't get it to open up a save menus when I press space/z on a book I made.
List for book is simply "Open Save Menu"
and the one for the TV is: Switch operation to TV and Key sound. The switch makes it so the sprite changes to something else…I'm a little stuck and I haven't added anything for the doors yet.
Picture of the room added to see if it's a problem with what's around it. Also I have an event in the top left to slow her movement speed down like M-256 had told me.


What is the television's event code?


Actually, I've gotten it to work~ So I think I can do the saving journal thing as well.


Hey guys I'm in desperate need of help! I'm making a fangame and I cannot for the life of me get effects to work. I've looked up a few tutorials online and followed them step by step; did not work. It would never appear in the effects list, I'm not sure if I did something wrong or what. I'm using rpgmaker 2003 by the way!


File: 1356050089744.png (37.6 KB, 544x416, dyssomnia-ss01.png)

I'm not certain this is the correct thread, but I did not see another thread dedicated to game ideas or partial games. I apologize if this post should have been placed elsewhere.

Recently, I created a Yume Nikki inspired game named 'Dyssomnia' for the Halloween 'Game in a Week' contest on the RMRK forum. I have slowly been gearing up to continue with the project and further flesh everything out since then. But, as there are some changes to the typical Yume Nikki style game, and I have not gotten too much feedback, I thought that I would post the game here to gather more opinions.

One change in particular is that I am using small areas (typically one or two screens in size) which have puzzles or other tasks instead of lobbing large, sprawling maps at the player. This also allows me to focus on the quality of each area. I am also using a slightly different writing style for the few times where there is dialog or interactions, mimicking a short-story feel.

The game engine used is RPG Maker VX Ace, but you will not need to install the RTP for the game to properly function. Credits for third-party scripts, graphics and music is available within the root directory of the game in the 'readme' text file. At the moment, the game is extremely sparse due to the amount of time I had at my disposal (one week), but it can be completed and there is an ending (of sorts).

Download -


Most people just post their own threads usually.

I like it, reminds me of those old Wario games on the Gameboy. My only problem is that it's confusing to play. I didn't know if what any of my button presses were really doing. I'd see save and load screens but I had no idea what was going on. Because it's only in black and white, it can be hard to tell what is going on in the surroundings.

I found myself stumped after finding one of them and a key and dieing(?) a lot to that tree.


You didn't see another thread dedicated to partial games? That's all /fg/ is filled with pretty much (along with the help threads and the occasional thread by some massive faggot bawwing about games that don't play like Yume Nikki).

Lurk the fuck more before posting, why on earth would you post in this thread, apart from advertising to the new devs and the successful ones that help them?


Thank you for offering your feedback! I do agree, the gameplay is somewhat jumbled and confusing, at the moment. Hopefully as I get more time to tinker, this will not be the case.


The rules in the above thread state that games are to go through 'considerable developmental progress' before being posted to their own thread. I do not consider the meager amount of time that I have worked on this project to qualify as considerable, and I certainly do not think the game is worthy of its own thread.

Therefore, I tried to locate the 'idea' thread which is also mentioned in the above post. Failing that, I posted here in search of feedback.


If only everyone was like you.
That's pretty much all I wanted to say…

Haven't played the game, but from the screenshot it looks like it's in black and white?
I would add some more grayscale, not only black and white. The strong contrast is kinda hard on the eyes.



Hey, idiots, this is a help thread for programming. Ottur, quit being a retard and make your own thread for this game instead of hijacking this thread. As for Owl and Konan, quit filling the thread with discussion bullshit, this isn't what this thread is for. Get the fuck out of the thread with that stuff.


Well this isn't the place to post, either. Go make a devblog on tumblr or something.


> do not consider the meager amount of time that I have worked on this project to qualify as considerable, and I certainly do not think the game is worthy of its own thread.

Then don't post it at all, dipshit.


Effects need to be Items and they need to be switches. If you don't have them in the effects list you probably haven't picked them up. You can set up a debug room to test them.



You don't even need a debug room. There's a debug menu you can call with F9 while playtesting that can be used to operate switches and set up variables, negating the need to waste time and create possible bugs by making a "debug" room.


Hey, I'm going to start a fangame soon. Should I use rm2k3? I have more experience w/ VX ACE , and rm2k3 confuses me— but I was told it would be more authentic to use rm2k3. Any advice?


Don't use rm2k, especially if you've got experience with ace.
It limits what you can do so much compared to vx ace.
You can make any YN game in vx ace that you could do in rm2k in half the time.


Thank you!



But be sure to include the VX Ace RTP in your fangame! Fangame players usually have only the 2003 RTP, most VX games go wildly unnoticed because people are too lazy to download another RTP, yet their quality is very high!


How about XP, or just VX?
I'm currently using XP myself, is the grass greener on the other side?


A strong reason to not use XP is that newer versions of windows sometimes have trouble running games made in XP. That's pretty much the only reason I'm not using XP still, since I've been using it for a long time. I got quite a few complaints that people couldn't run Miserere. It was too late to change by then though, so I completed it in XP.
I don't really have any solid numbers on how large the percent is that can't run it, but it's there at least. Something to consider I guess.
Otherwise XP is equally good (perhaps better in my opinion) for making these types of games.

If you're interested in knowing specifically what the differences are between RPGMakers, I'd suggest googling a bit. There are literally hundreds of discussions about this topic.

My personal opinion though, is that rm2k3 and VX is crap.
VX because it is basically a watered down version of VX Ace, and Rm2k3 because it's so fucking tedious to make tilesets and a number of other stuff that you just can't do that you can do in the newer RPGMakers.


Damn, the game not working for others is a pretty big issue, that's darn unfortunate.
I'd like to continue making my game in XP since I'm pretty comfortable with most things on XP and haven't touched later makers.
VX Ace does look interesting however, and there're a few features which are pretty tempting when reading all the reviews and comparisons.


It is truly unfortunate, I would still be using XP myself if it wasn't for this. I'm just so used to XP and it's a real pain to change to Ace.
I still feel slightly uncomfortable after several months.
So I can kinda understand people still using 2k3.
But starting to use 2k3 now just because it's somehow more "authentic" than the other makers is just stupid (it's not).


So, I'm going to make the first world soon, any advice? ;v;


Don't fall into the bad YN fangame habits of just having a weird world which loops, try and add a person spin on it.


Hey guys, so I went into the debug menu and turned my effect on but nothing happened. I'm clueless as to what to do now…


What does the effect do and how're you eventing it? Can't really help otherwise.


Hello, I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge in this field of development but this is my first time posting here and I was thinking of making a fan game as a rainy-day project- But I don't have any clue where to even start. I've used RPG Maker 2003 before when I was like 12 and sort of know my way around the menus and things, but I don't really know how to turn a generic rpg generator to something similar to Yume. Apologies for the poor english, I'm quite tired tonight.


Suggestion: Read all of RPGmaker's instructions (if they're missing you can find them as .pdfs online), then go watch bleet's intro videos hosted at bleetdev.tumblr.com, then come back.

While bleet isn't my favourite game developer she does handle the basics pretty well.


So I'm having troubles with the Shift action, I can't get it to make my character unable to move while the animation is going, can anyone help me? :c


Use the script as autorun and use proceed with movement. When the movement ends, turn the switch that turns the script on off.


Well, I'm not quite sure what you mean, the script is a Parallel Process with no trigger switch.


File: 1362668127196.png (31.76 KB, 243x243, 1333322129545.png)

I feel like I'm a retard because I don't know how to keep a good skin color when saving as a 256 bitmap file. Any possible way I could do this?


Don't index with Paint. Use Photoshop or Gimp to choose your indexing colors.


I went by your advice and everything worked out but I have this character I want to put in and I keep making new files with her spritesheet and different colors used as the background but even if I index it, it keeps saying unsupported png image and I feel like crying. How can I fix this?


Okay, not sure where to put this but this seems the best place. I'm using RPG2003 and I need the RTP mainly for placeholder and testing purposes, and though the folders and files and everything is in order and there are no errors, the RTP files don't work with newly-made projects. Though I can alleviate this by copy-pasting the RTP files into the project's own, this is still rather annoying and I'd like to fix it. Anyone have any ideas?


>>7435 Are you sure the size is all right?



bumping this.


File: 1372743317617.png (27.16 KB, 162x225, junjiito3.PNG)

I'm using VX Ace and I need to play more than one track on a map (not more than one at once). I want to fade music out as my character walks away from something, and fade in a they get closer, but right now I can't seem to even have more than one track on a map at all.


File: 1372743698404.jpg (107.97 KB, 490x440, 1325610218369.jpg)

>spend all day on this problem
>hours of rage
>notice only moments after posting to Ubuu that the BGM events in question are set to Action Button and not Player Touch
>being this stupid


Still cannot for the life of me figure out effects. -_-"
I tried following bleetdev's little tutorial on tumblr, didn't work. Am I doing something wrong? Am I really just too stupid to comprehend game coding?
Here's a screen shots of what I did:
<a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=2isfsiv" target="_blank"><img src="http://i40.tinypic.com/2isfsiv.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>
<a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=yj94x" target="_blank"><img src="http://i43.tinypic.com/yj94x.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

I'm using rpgmaker 2003, in case that wasn't obvious.



are you guys seriously trying to embed images


that's jcute as fuck


File: 1378342095741.jpg (63.14 KB, 600x346, NGE_Asuka_Do_not_want.jpg)


File: 1378343355930.jpg (60.2 KB, 450x524, NGE_アスカ_あんたばか?.jpg)


Yeah, I need to not go on the computer at 3 in the morning… I try to do things, but fail.

It's sad.
But I thought I just posted links to the images? I don't know what happened really.

Can I still get help? I really want to get my effects to work.


Guys is it even possible to make chasers with rpg maker vx ace?? If not then is there an alternative way to make one?


File: 1379089329561.jpg (114.11 KB, 846x658, capture1067.jpg)

lol it's almost the same as the other engines, here's a very generic chaser page.
Or maybe you mean something else?


It's literally the same as 2k3 with a different layout and better image sizing. It even has scripting so duh of course you can do it in vx.


File: 1383550270777.png (6.77 KB, 438x173, ggg.png)

Has anybody gotten this error?? Even when I have all of my settings right, RPG maker doesn't let me import any kind of image. Its stopping me dead in my tracks for a game.


Whats behind the red don't matter, btw. Just the name of my project.




i got it no thanks to uboachan damn this board is slow



What was the problem? I think I've seen that error before (but only just now, your post about it.)


I ended up having to start a new project completely and just move all my files. I still dont know why it wouldn't let me import with that one project but eh what are ya gonna do


File: 1394708845006.jpg (55.06 KB, 210x527, commonevents.jpg)

Can any of you devs (and non devs) give tips on how to sort common events, variables and switches to make it look organized?


Separate common events by usage: For instance, separate a section for field/general usage (terrains, speed setting and removing of events), and the effects/whatever (They generally take 3 per separate common events. Maybe more if you want to make mixes). Switches also go the same way.


File: 1395902028540.png (60.45 KB, 640x480, Ultra-VIolet.png)

Does anyone have an idea how ultra violet did the animation on a tile (pic related) without making an event per panel? Can this be done in other engines?


File: 1395927400044.png (15.82 KB, 480x256, dust.png)

There is an animated tile on the default RM2003 tileset. In the pic related, it's right at the pink water. This tile can be edited to be passable.


yes but the tile will only animate if stepped on…


Your tile or Ultra Violet's tile?


Ultra violet's but I want to do the same in my game


I'm using RPG Maker VX Ace, I can't figure out how to make an effect! What do I do?? Common Event? Items?


learn how to use switches.
Effects are actually items. Set the items effect to turn on a common event.
In the common event, set a switch that would determine if the player is wearing the effect or not so that the player can remove it if selected the item again

the rest follows…


this is >>9184… now I have some other concerns.
1. say i'm making the vehicle for example. How would I go about doing that?
2. you mentioned a way for the player to remove the effect, how?


File: 1396495343155.jpg (483.35 KB, 887x843, Effect.jpg)

1.I'm not learning how to use a vehicle yet so I can't help you. Unless it's the speed effect or something
2.For the removing of the effect see picture



Is there any way that someone can explain this in more detail? I feel stupid but I don't know what op means by "set the switch so it does nothing."


File: 1406879809062.png (621 B, 48x65, border.png)

This is gonna sound stupid as fuck, but all of the Nikkis have sprites in their chipsets like this that serve as the borders around the rooms, and when I try to sprite something similar and put it around the rooms I make, it just covers up whatever wall and floor tiles I made instead of wrapping around. I've tried everything I can think of (and even cracked into Yume Nikki itself) to try to figure this shit out but there must be some wizardry I'm missing out on.


File: 1407094255279.jpg (34.28 KB, 500x336, wat.jpg)

Have you tried pressing shift?


So is black really transparent? Surely there must be a way to make the transparent not be white and have the black stay black. It's driving me up the wall.



Just select from the resource manager the 16-bit transparency color you want and click it. Done.


If you are using RPGmXP, you can double click an autotile and use the window that pops up to place the tiles directly. If you are using VX or VX ACE you'll have to put your tiles on B, C, D, or E so they don't overwrite ground tiles.


Oh my godness This makes no sense Im trying to do effects but Its no use can some one help :(


Also im using rpg 2003


Effects are done the same way in every version of RPGmaker, by using common events. This has been answered here in this thread already:


I don't know if this was already answered, but…how to you have a chaser in the game, like the toriningen? Where they run around at random, but when you are nearby they chase you?


They never run "at random", they're constantly following the hero, and also the event trigger is at collision rather than touch.


Sorry if it was already answered, but how to you do effects on RPG Maker VX Ace? Items don't have the options to be switches


use integers then, switches are just bool.


File: 1455676110705.png (45.02 KB, 918x738, Untitledvd.png)

Integers? Forgive me, I'm a total noob. I don't see integers?


In the event code page.


Not finding it….do you have screenshots?


File: 1455680261432.jpg (25.02 KB, 480x480, makingundertale.jpg)

No, no screenshots, but it's like… the only page for "coding" on the event tab there. All you have to do is point at that common event on the "effects" part of the item.


Ahh, okay. I've almost got it. But when I equip the effect, it disappears from my inventory. How do I keep it from disappearing?


File: 1455684474580.jpg (221.2 KB, 993x770, bitternshade8-1.jpg)

If this helps, this is what I have. But, how do I keep the item in my inventory when it's equipped?



Wait, I figured it out, nevermind! :)


How do you make it where you can't use effects while the character is awake?



You would want the game to keep track of whether or not the player is dreaming, and to somehow disable the Effects while the player is awake. In FOG, I use status ailments, but a switch will work just fine.


We can move this kind of discussion to /ig/ now.

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