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Let me guess, that's your LP.
Also I never played it, I think it was abandoned.


Nah, it's not my LP. I saw it and was kinda curious since I had never heard it mentioned before.


Ah! I´m playing it! I like it, though I´m kind of lost at the moment. I haven´t had time to explore it at its fullest, but seems to me that for now it´s significantly smaller than Yume Nikki.
Also, as far as I know it´s been in version 0.02 since August, but I don´t think it´s abandoned.


The fangame database had it labled abandoned at that point I think, it seems like that was removed now.


Holy shit, thats my lp xD

But yeah, DG is currently at version 0.02 with 16 effects and an ending, but its still in progress, no announcement of discontinuation.


how do you get that ending? been trying for ages…. do you have to have all the music in the blue book?


In all honesty? I have no idea, I just know the basic info and that there's an ending. My LP is a semi-blind run, sorry D:


Ahhh dang! that's alright, had the effects for a while and wondered if people had info..


You can trigger an ending-esque event by jumping down a hole in the concrete hell maze, but I don't know if that's the aforementioned end or not.


Just popping in to say I enjoyed this.


Help! i cant install it! i dunno why!


help i cant install it!


File: 1329425988711.png (17.02 KB, 633x477, Playground.png)

For those who are having trouble installing it, here's a WinRAR archive I made for easy downloading.
It also includes instructions for making a shortcut to the game using AppLocale. It even has a custom icon included for the shortcut.
Yomika's name and the names and descriptions of the effects have also been carefully translated in English.
So I guess you could say this is an English version of the game.

I hope this helps everyone who was having problems downloading the game.


So today I was exploring. You know the area with the broken bridge, where you have to go underwater to get to the other side? Well I was under water and decided to use the eye effect to go back to the nexus since I decided it was a dead end, and now every where I go I keep making bubbles even though i'm not under water and it's quite annoying. Can anyone help? :c


Try going back to the underwater area and go back into the water. Then exit the water using either of the staircases. This *should* work, seeing as the bubbles are apparently disabled upon walking out of the water, but this is merely a guess.


File: 1366447374104.png (405.24 KB, 450x600, yomikavschie.png)

Excuse me for necrobumping and causing you all to hate me, but Yume Graffiti beats LCDDEM in my opinion.




>>7699 Well, we're talking about oudn. oudn from the Yume 2kki staff.


File: 1366594053658.png (122.9 KB, 500x354, yomikaismechaserisyouguys.png)

I don't pay attention to those details for I am still quite a newfag.

Humblest apologies,


Ahhh! Sorry if I sounded kind of harsh!
I don't even play Yume Graffiti (I didn't know there was an English translation… I may play it soon! After I play Me VX 0.02 of course) or Yume 2kki (SO BIG.) but I listened to most of 2kki's songs in the wiki and the ones made by oudn are just incredible.
Who knows, maybe I'll find another underrated gem in here. Just like Debris.


File: 1366744595610.png (388.8 KB, 486x600, allseeing.png)

I didn't really think you sounded harsh, it's just that I feel very unknowing compared to everyone else here.


File: 1372736512180.png (346.32 KB, 800x800, 26364871.png)


Awesome. I'm a big fan of this game, so I'm glad to see it finally receive another update.


Oh, and changelog translation from readme:

JP: 0.03: エフェクト、世界、イベントを追加。

ENG: 0.03: Effects, worlds and events added. Ending implemented.
Other fine-tuning and bugfixes.


is the true ending related with the music?


maybe, it says you must meet more events to unlock another ED

PS:i still can't unlock the FIRE_a & the last music, is it a bug?


I'm so happy to see that the game got updated, it's one of my favorite fangames. Still haven't gotten the ending yet tho.


File: 1374045667533.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 2341x1599, yumegrafitti.jpg)

Hey everyone, I have drawn a flow chart for the newest version of Yume Graffiti. For some who stuck in some of the effect or event maybe useful.

It may have some places miss up and connection or event I haven't known yet, so I hope someone can correct them or suggest to make this flow chart better.

The places names are all named by me, hope that isn't confusing anyone.


Wow thanks so much for this!


Thanks a lot!
Now I finally get the last two effects


i had gotten the ED2
so how to get the ED1?


I can't even seem to trigger any form of an ending, I have all 20 effects as well.

What do?


It seems to be related to visiting all of the places in the dreamworld and events.


I've triggered most, if not all of them.

The only ones that I can think of that I haven't done are Yomikas Dream room (which may have slipped my mind) and the Aquarium (which I may have done? because nothing happens.)

How would I go about triggering the aquarium event, if that happens to be the one I missed?


You need to go all of the places and unlock all of the music, it seems too.


I think you might have missed out some of these random events:
dragon shadow at the view site in the port

the alley's scary face poster in the playground

the guard room in the dark forest

scene change on the flooded building

or some events that hard to find:
the door behind the spider effect in aquarium

kill the monochrome girl in the villa

view site and the toriningen event at the teleport temple

digestion event in dragon intestine

it could be more that I haven't expected


File: 1374920181304.jpg (40.33 KB, 500x395, HNI_0068_JPG.JPG)

>Dream Graffiti is updated
>Tries to download and run because previous version worked just fine
>it doesn't work


>>8243 What's the issue?




File: 1375928483438.png (93.22 KB, 631x480, WHAT UP REUNIGOD.png)

been playing the game lately, having some trouble trying to figure out how to get the oni effect

according to >>8177 you get to the "inner city" from yomika's room? please don't tell me this is a random event.


Unfortunately, it is a random event
you just need to sleep on the dream bed each time entering the dream world
this action has become a logic for playing YN fangames


Could anyone say me what new things does this game add in the new version 0.03? I was exploring for a very long time and I didn't find any change.


just look at the spoiler on >>8177
most of the new worlds and effects are on the top


I know the oni is a random event, but what about the spider because I've gone to the regular way to get the aquarium but tired the other way via the port but nothing.


There's no event.



Any of you guys finish the game yet?


some events will have +1 progression
you need to have +20 progressions to unlock the ED1
at the end yomika met a graveyard(?) and cried


What makes me really love this game is the music. A lot of the tracks sound like they could each be a part of a full song rather than just a loop. Not that I mind ambient loops, but having a real melody is a nice change.

Very satisfying exploring it too. In fact, "exploration" is the word that comes to mind when I think of this game. It was cool to see so many new things in the update, I really didn't think it was still being worked on. Definitely one of my favorites.


Dream Graffiti is really good and deserves so much more attention.


Dream Graffiti is awesome. I really loved worlds, events and effects.




Please, help me. I cannot find Dragon Effect. Gimme some instructions for Intestines Maze.


when you enter the dragon mouth, there is two way, go right.
in the maze, each time you reach the fork of the road you go up, left, up, right.
go to the end will warp you to the dragon effect room.


File: 1387576274629.png (62.87 KB, 640x480, YumeGraffitinEnglish.PNG)

I have translated this game to English today! It took me forever to edit the images. And it took me forever to upload these two versions. Anyway, this is my third fangame translation T_T *tears of joy*
There are two versions of it:
1. A brand new version fully translated by me. Get it here:
2. A version that contains [most of the text from the other translation of Yume Graffiti (v0.02)] - translated by
Lyonn from >>4056 + [text which was added in v0.03, untranslated lines and images] - translated by me. Get it here:

I hope Lyonn doesn't mind me releasing this version. If you are Lyonn and you have any complains, you may contact me via my email.

I might be back with more translated games.

Happy Holidays and Happy Dreaming!


A bit off-topic: You can't edit your own messages here, can you?



You used to be able to in the old uboachan but it hasn't been featured since the switch. I miss that option.



Yeah, unfortunately you can't edit your own posts. Mods can, however, so if something important (like a fangame's first post or the like) needs to be changed/updated, you can always hop in IRC and leave a PM with one of the mod staff/admins to handle it for you.


File: 1387592755403.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 2341x1599, yumegrafitti2.jpg)

Just corrected some mistakes from the previous ver0.03 flowchart


File: 1387679461960.jpg (38.36 KB, 307x292, 1360872592678.jpg)

I swear i have gone to every single place and done all the events from the charts and i still cant get the second ending.


I mean ending 1.


There's 2 endings?
I know there was one fanmade ending, but I doubt it's in the newest version.


File: 1388278546759.png (23.54 KB, 640x480, YumeArukiEng.PNG)

I have translated Yume Aruki (ゆめあるき), the new game by UWONOZOKI, to English today. Maybe most of you haven't heard of this game yet, but here it is! …
Anyway, you can get it here:

Yume Aruki has 13 effects to collect and it is very nicely done for a version 0.00. I personally liked it very much and can't wait for its next update!

Happy Dreaming!

I will be back.



dude, you're a fucking SUPER translator.

you're santa.


How can I go to the dock?T.T


>Go to Water World and find a entrance to the Playground, go down the stair, go left and enter the door to the Docks.

By Fangames Wiki


thank you~~


File: 1390575904507.jpg (203.06 KB, 640x480, Sin título-1.jpg)

what is supposed to happen in this room???


It is the Effect Dropping room. Where you drop all the effects you collect to unlock whatever ending you've gotten.


thank you…BUT what button should I press?


so beyond the events listed on the wiki, are there anymore that I need to progress to End 1? I would think each event would give 1 point when you find them the first time.


File: 1399441268972.png (59.07 KB, 640x480, northern lights.png)


if i don't see the dragon shadow at first, should i leave the area and go back, or do i need to wake up and go back to sleep?


entering that area for lots of time with your luck


File: 1399449802726.png (Spoiler Image, 21.92 KB, 640x480, lonely.png)

first of all, there's a random chance that a rave box thing will show up on yomika's balcony in the dream world

next, refer to >>8908
the location "memory" may help, though you'll need the bug effect for it.

adding the wiki's events, that makes 19 total. i'm still trying to figure out the 20th. i'm wondering if that melting moon thing in the gray building counts. if the hidden spider web scenery does…

of course if the music really is involved, that might be why i'm still stuck with end 2. someone on here previously said the last two musics won't show up possibly due to a bug, so end 1 may just be unavailable for the time being.


File: 1399689978580.png (42.46 KB, 640x480, sunset.png)

could someone perhaps convert the soundtrack to mp3s?


I'll try that one. I think that was the the only one I haven't found yet so I'll see if it added to the points.


I can give it a go, but it may take a few weeks because I still need to finish the second half of LcdDem's OST and because my schedule's a mess right now.


File: 1400574328052.png (24.78 KB, 640x480, swing plus mold equals fun….png)

an amusing little glitch i found: equip the mold effect, sit on the swing, get off the swing, try to move around.

thankfully, it doesn't seem to crash or otherwise fuck up the game.


File: 1401121163120.jpg (25.71 KB, 423x293, image.jpg)

Hello Uboachan!

I saw some of you we're asking for Dream Graffiti's (fantastic) soundtrack to be converted to mp3, so I'm popping by to say that I've looped and converted all of the OSTs. I'm pretty sure you all know but I'll say that Oudn owns all of this anyway. Happy listening!

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4zaic8008b86cix/Yume_Graffiti_OST.zip


thank you*u*


I can't figure out how to get to the Dark Apartment from Breakdown, and I can't find any locked door in Dark Apartment. Can anyone help? Those are the last two things I need to do to get ending 1… I think…


Im going to cry
why there is no more updates???
dream graffiti is my favourite fangame T_T


I need a bit of help with finding the game's Soul effect.


File: 1459943373934.png (3.58 KB, 90x55, 55_008.png)

Do you mean ghost fire?


File: 1465707841945.png (27.45 KB, 640x480, musics.png)

fire_a won't register on the music list for some reason. does anyone know how to fix this? i've tried looking at the game in rpgmaker but i wasn't able to figure out why it won't show up.


File: 1465708687707.png (Spoiler Image, 30.22 KB, 640x480, behind stairs.png)

purple water world -> brick building -> playground -> staircase -> area behind staircase (see pic) -> docks -> door surrounded by pink lights -> underwater city -> manhole -> flooded pathway (you'll need to use the hair effect on a door at one point) -> wheel-looking house -> down the stairs -> through the door. it should be there.


File: 1484251326462.jpg (211.9 KB, 640x480, yume_graffiti___corn_c_by_….jpg)



I played the new version for a bit but the only differences I could spot were some updated songs and background images. Kinda prefer the old versions of the soundtrack though. I guess oudn is just not very good at redesigning things. The map count seems to be the same as in the previous version so I doubt there is any truly new content. But maybe the true ending is less impossible to unlock now.


Yeah it's only graphical updates.

He ruined some of his 2kki maps so I'm staying away from this.


I'll never understand why no one likes the updates oudn made to Yume 2kki, yet complained for years about the Ecstasy world. Now that that's been fixed, what's up with everyone wanting it back?


His other maps were fine the way they were though.



File: 1485284571519.png (1.13 KB, 300x140, 1320212734720.png)

Except they weren't really?

His original maps were just as gaudy, brightly coloured, loud, and just felt very amateurish. Like the sky world and the spider web.

Besides that, he didn't even change some of them heavily. All he did for the street sign world was shade it. He improved the mediocre graphics on Elvis' spaceship too and made them look less like a blob of monochrome goop. The apartments weren't changed a whole lot either.

The only areas he changed a great deal were all just very "first attempt at RPG Maker sprites". And kinda cheesy too. The new appearances could be considered great improvements.


>The apartments weren't changed a whole lot either.

He ruined those. The new interior music is awful and the outside music no longer fits. He should have improved the starry black floor, not removed it.



I agree. they look good, and IMO, represent Uro's mind is "decaying" and the worlds are changing to reflect this.


I think the changes to the apartments were more to make the area seem calmer really. Though I kinda miss the "unusual" music I understand why he'd opt for a more peaceful soundtrack. The apartments aren't supposed to be eerie.

Oudn's maps have made a general change to being more relaxed and comfortable really. I guess he just likes that sort of environment since his updates tend to lead to a more natural/peaceful feel. He at least didn't change his mushroom world.

I wouldn't call it decaying. More like settling down. The newer areas in her mind are either extremely detailed or serene. Focusing more on natural themes than the earlier more industrial worlds. Admittedly, if Yume 2kki weren't dying I wouldn't really like it, but it's better to end things on a happier note than a nightmare.


File: 1486647896324.png (385.68 KB, 1280x1440, gristlebone.png)

These are nice points! I'm excited to see what the final updates of 2kki will be.


File: 1571234258332.png (422.08 KB, 977x1500, tumblr_olaixcynLU1r252who2….png)

Does anyone have a working DL link for the latest update in english?


File: 1622934988051.png (122.1 KB, 640x480, y screen do dis.png)

playing the 0.035 edition and whenever i have it full screen it does this thing. is there a way to fix it?


update: it works fine in the japanese one. might be something the translator did then?


if you play fangames with EasyRPG player, it plays it in hd so you shouldnt have that problem.

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