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File: 1428713515694.jpg (358.37 KB, 1343x1673, fckin_hilarius.jpg)


Hi ubuu, found some edgy shit about me on the internets that is fucking hilarious, wanna share a laugh?


My favorite parts are:
>always moving under shadows , moving the threads of social networks and manipulating people with absolute power, hatred and ego.
lol a mix of batman returns and Shishio from Rurouni Kenshin

>They are a secret society of Uboachan (AKA ILLUMINATI)

>they gather in IRC chat rooms and build stupidly complex plans to gather entire communities into self hatred and “board wars”
I fucking lol'd, reminds me of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2rGTXHvPCQ

>using many fake identities and even hacking emails,

If it was that easy I'd be rich now.

>>>>>they hacked a Yume Nikki Spanish Forum so many times the community just gave up.

lol no this shit again, also where are the fucking proofs
>they even discussed about hacking at the CB. (BTW CB= Chat Box)
gg we discussed about Windows Tiling Managers, Horo, Linux and internet security, if that's hacker talk I don't wanna know what /g/ is.

>Chesir is just some idiot with no talent, he doesn’t know how to make a game, he doesn’t know about art he knos shit about anything and acts as if he was some kind of advanced sciencist that knows everything about everything.

I loved this one, I didn't know I namefagged explaining Quantum Physics on this board.

The grammorz on this shit plus the fact that the poster is writing with direct info from the spanish forum just proves that who wrote this is spaniard or at least speaks spanish as their main language, or has been in the spanish forum. The pattern of how the paragraphs are separated from each other makes it easy to distinguish (or at least guess) who may be the butthurt person who wrote this, but since I have no real and solid proofs I won't tell names because I am not a fucking child.


File: 1428713551345.jpg (73 KB, 680x583, 1428461567485.jpg)

Also, there is something really funny about this second post

>They started the assault against bleet, they ruined Yume Nisshi , they ruined public images of many developers like Jojogape , they insulted and ruined many fangames like Rindre’s FLUX , they even tried to ruin Project Yume Nikki

>They started the assault against bleet

I have nothing personal against bleet, in fact, I really like TLG and I wish she continued developing it. I didn't like too much what she posted about ubuu and voiced my opinion in all the uproar, but then again just as many other users here have done too. Also she said that she was sorry and also recognized she didn't think of ubuu that way anymore either, so there is really no point in flaming with this crap.
If you're really that interested here have a post link >>10202

>they ruined Yume Nisshi

GG I don't even

>they ruined public images of many developers like Jojogape

He ruined it himself, I personally couldn't give less of a fuck about jojo, he's a cool maymay around here and that's all.
In fact. I am more scared of steelpipe and youtube.

>they insulted and ruined many fangames like Rindre’s FLUX

I have a good relationship with Rin, goddamnit I even test her game once in a while when she asks me, in what is this based on? lol
Here's my proof >>10226

>they even tried to ruin Project Yume Nikki

>what is a maymay
Jeez, I didn't know obvious jokes could be taken seriously.

It's funny how I, along another dev from ubuu, are responsible for all the bad things that ever happened in this site. I know it's kind of a forced joke we invented in ubuu's IRC since we like to play the harmless funposters, but c'mon, there's no fucking proof on anything of this and everything seems like golden buttmadery at it's finest.
Like, do I really control all of your opinions and tastes, guys? Am I some kind of authority in this fucking site? I can't even understand what's the logic behind all of this. It's basically saying that with a few posts I can literally bend reality and with brute willpower and 4 lines of text you all do as I command. gg this isn't tumblr, and I mostly post as anonymous why would my word have more value than any other anon.

Whoever wrote this is obviously wanting to start flame and drama, uboachan has been having a great pacific time for a while, but apparently somebody is mad enough as to broke it all or anything, and now that ubuu's image is trying to be cleaned it's like they're forcing the "root of evil comes from uboachan" shit again. I don't like the idea of people reading this crap and thinking uboachan is some domain as hazard as any amik2hysl8cp.ru.onion server, and the idea of somebody wanting to start more shit again is just sad. As funny as this is, there is always a probability somebody may take this seriously and, while I don't care much about what dumblr thinks about me, I don't like it being marked as a "bash" center with "SECRET SOCIETY KOOL KEDS CLUB" and loonix hackers persecuted by the NSA.

All in all, I have been off of the internet for a while due to health problems, but I fucking laughed at this pile of delusions, and wanted to share it with you ubuu. Sorry the hijack of the board, but this is actually related since it directly blames me, along with other people (but without any fucking proof), of:
>1. Controling Uboachan Opinions
>2. Starting flame with bleet
>3. Shiting Jojo's image
>4. Being the culprits of the cancelation of Flux
>5. Being the culprit of Yume Nisshi "Cancelation"
>6. Being culprit of ????? Project Fraud Nikki
>7. Probably any other drama, raid, flame war, board war, World War, /a/ naruto threads and newfags in /h/.

What do you think guys?


File: 1428715044240.png (57.19 KB, 239x237, EEEEEEH.png)

… Oh…Khay…
I don't know what to say, I mean, I'm a low profile person, the board war meme is kind of old already, I mean, cmon, just chill…
I don't really care about random drama but I'm surprised, and I think I could just comment about the things that interest me a little.

>Old project

That's kind of a low punch, yeah, I made that my first game like, three years ago, actually more, cancelled a long time ago as well, it was bad but the criticism I got from Ubuu was quite helpful and mature. It was never called a "shit". It also was my first project what did you expect Komajou Densetsu or something? I think I'm doing pretty good now tho.

>It’s about some loli version of some Rei Ayanami clone

Someone seriously is blind or desperate to throw silly flame…


This is also a chicken move, I mean, the girl dissapeared, so she can't defend herself from this pointless trash, she could be dead, man, just no.
She was also pretty relaxed, low profile and kind, this whole thing hardly makes any sense(if any) Patchy was just another dev working on her own project.

>Secret Society

Mr President, they discovered us! Tell Putin they won.

Ahem, well, this is awkward, if you have any doubts just come to my blog and ask, let's have a chat ok? No strong feelings, peace.
I'd also like to recommend Owl for your next drama, he's a pretty cool dude and much more popular than me.


File: 1428727135013.jpg (173.19 KB, 600x600, _c978301_image_0.jpg)


The tumblr got deleted?


File: 1428729211572.jpg (128.71 KB, 1024x600, WHY YOU.jpg)

It apparently changed the domain name, but it seems there's nothing posted yet here.

Either way, in OP there's a screencap with all the edgy illuminati theories. lol godspeed, butthurt-chan, I want to read what else I'm plotting in my secret club.


>they ruined yume nisshi
>saying that when the creator was so racist he tried to stop all americans from downloading his game



File: 1428764836302.jpg (147.75 KB, 1270x802, UboachanSS.jpg)

Guys there is a secret society in ubuushun, belive me


File: 1428781349190.png (154.46 KB, 500x500, Touhou_cirno_get_out.png)

>no cirnoget


File: 1428782566881.jpg (189 KB, 480x360, Patchy Illusion Team HQ.jpg)


File: 1428786291038.jpg (172.39 KB, 540x540, 1411136736296.jpg)

>As funny as this is, there is always a probability somebody may take this seriously and, while I don't care much about what dumblr thinks about me, I don't like it being marked as a "bash" center with "SECRET SOCIETY KOOL KEDS CLUB" and loonix hackers persecuted by the NSA.

aw my little chesir is growing up isnt he cute


Okay, you win, it would be pretty cool, nevermind everything, this is a hacker site now, every ubuuchoner uses gentoo and is part of anonymous and bullies little spanish forums.


just to clear up any misunderstandings, ubuu never ruined flux and i just left for a while.

i'm always here in the backseat watching the shitstorms happen and it's all so entertaining. sorry for being a whiny pissbaby before lol but i was young.

also i'm posting FLUX to /og/ when i feel like i'm ready to make a thread.

chesir recommended i post this. check my dubs

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