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Fleshchild v0.00 - A YN Fangame

[This game uses RPG Maker 2003!]

The game is still very incomplete, but here is version 0.00 of my new game Fleshchild! Things work a bit differently in this game, for sure.

Here’s one helpful tip: BE CAREFUL WHEN EXPLORING NEW DREAM AREAS. Be sure to explore every part of one dream world before moving to a new location!

Or you might miss things. Hahaha.

Nitrosparxx - Composer and Beta Tester
Cheesydicks - Beta Tester
File13 - Beta Tester
BlueNeonPinkie - Beta Tester


File: 1355700415262.png (4.54 KB, 288x256, dollhouse1.png)

Everyone here should know what to do but here's some help if you encounter the Vehicle error:

1. REINSTALL RPG MAKER 2003: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?cq9y5kse1gwvjgf


1. Save attached image as a PNG

2. Rename it to Vehicle

3. Place it in Fleshchild’s CHARSET folder


File: 1355703055027.gif (483.64 KB, 214x160, AHHHHH OHHHHH GOD OHOHHHOA….gif)

this is really good. like, "i can see this way up there with .flow and 2kki" good. its a fresh(flesh haaaa puns) idea too, theres actually a goal, a story. i like that. it's very well made too, its not someone dicking around in ms paint just to do spriting, you really worked on it to make damn sure it looked right and tight. splendid, very splendid.

i can tell you drew inspiration greatly from .flow, but this does not mean it isn't its own game entirely. god, i just see great things in store for this game.

some things though:
i would reccomend a warning system for when you're about to wake from dreaming. like, "this is the end of this dream, wanna keep going?" or something like that? i swear i might of missed a thing or two and then accidentally woken up because i didn't think that it was going to kick me out of the dreaming.

either way this is REALLY REALLY good for just 0.00. i like it a lot. it could even be its OWN game. i've never been so excited for a fangame's completion.

p.s. nice .flow easter egg in the antique shop


File: 1355711831844.png (Spoiler Image, 4.29 KB, 142x286, bp30.png)

Good lord, this game is fucking fantastic. The graphics, music, story, I love it.

Pic related, just finished the second dream. Now what? I can't find anything new.


File: 1355712060099.jpg (21.42 KB, 247x241, dmn.jpg)

You are sick as fuck but the game is beautiful please continue


I'm going to check this out tomorrow. Too tired now and I want to sleep. But I swear I'll give you my review as fast as I can.


Unfortunately there is nothing new to do past the second dream!

I am sorry I really wish I got more done but it took me about 3 weeks of nonstop work to get the game this fleshed out. Everyone will have to wait until the next installment!


File: 1355714630057.jpg (43.75 KB, 338x280, 13530782.jpg)

Hgn oh my gosh this is lovely!
Here I was just kickin' the dirt because nothing up had updated worth noting and BAM new game from bleet!

As >>6838 said it does feel a little reminiscent of .flow but in a good way that still sets it apart from it.
I've only made it through the first dream so far but man is it lovely, I look forward to all this game brings!


Just downloaded. I think I'll wait a bit to play it, though, since I'm about to head to bed.

This does seem really good, though. urgggh i'm debating staying up late playing this i'm genuinely excited


File: 1355718278926.png (Spoiler Image, 16.98 KB, 638x469, whoops.png)

Also gonna comment here how I love love love the fact that your character can go in two gender directions. I hope this proves to be of some importance down the road instead of purely cosmetic.

Also a small bug I spotted in the second dream


i keep reading "Fleshlight". You know a bad name choice when you see one.


First off, I liked the 'Creature' imagery this game has. Is something really, REALLY different of most dream games.
Although has puzzles that are not really hard, it sometimes needs time if you are slow (I am, and this keep me aware to every detail; something good).

Is a bright project, different, and I'm anxious for an upload.

10/10 dickme dickies.


File: 1355770765453.jpg (52.17 KB, 755x720, 1344452800195.jpg)

dont compar dis shet with dickme dicki or i kik ur colon with a punch




dude u should raed betta my commen i sayd it haz my dickme dicky points it means im ratin u gaem wit my favorite gaem it mean yume dicky is awsome i luv it n ill do it 5evah


I just have one request, could we keep the whole "dickme dicki" stuff out of this thread please? I would rather not have this derail, if that is all right.


lol ok


>i would reccomend a warning system for when you're about to wake from dreaming. like, "this is the end of this dream, wanna keep going?" or something like that?

This please. The first dream ended in like 25 seconds for because I went the right (the wrong?) way every time. If you don't want to script anything, then maybe try an "exit" sign graphic with a note in the instructions or something.

But other than that it seems like a very cool game so far! Keep up the goood work on the graphics and the music.


>an exit sign
actually that's ten times better than a message popping up

maybe just some kind of symbol to keep it more dreamlike (having a huge sign that says EXIT doesnt seem subtle enough for a dream imo)


File: 1355785987180.png (Spoiler Image, 8.78 KB, 640x478, NOW NEITHER OF US WILL BE ….png)

Maybe I'm just stupid, but how the balls do you leave a dream? I'm stuck in that hospital place. Already got the Conjoined mutation and saw an apparently epileptic dude. I got buzzed at and bounced away from the door when I tried to leave via the sewers (the way I came in). Is there something else I'm missing?


File: 1355786947162.gif (2.99 MB, 355x201, 1345162162236.gif)


File: 1355787067146.png (Spoiler Image, 91.1 KB, 1280x1512, sfa.png)

Here, I think this is what you are searching for.


Sorry, didn't want to start it all.
Keep working in the game, seems awesome, with a nice atmosphere, characters and things (plus, has a storyline interesting, or, at least, promising).


File: 1355794651342.jpg (12.21 KB, 275x206, 16 (1).jpg)

this is freakin awesome

but same q as >>6839 where's the stopping point for this version? because aaaah i keep trying to find other stuff because it's just so cool i don't want this to be the drop off


Oh sorry for the late response! The stopping point is immediately after the second dream, unfortunately.


im not sure how this one is so popular.
i like the game but its so similar to .flow in look and your main sprite, and possibly even the theme is similar.
im not saying this detracts for me personally, as its a fan game, i dont expect fangames to be 10000001 percent original
but ive seen fan games get bashed just because they used a sprite that looks like a mado recolour(when this one could be called a recolour of the hospital children or smile or something)

im not trying to bash, as i think this is still a cool game and that the gameplay is very interesting! i also like having the implied choice of male and female (i havent gone through completely so idk if it actually matters that there are female ish components)
it just makes me feel kinda bad for the other people who get their fangames bashed into submission because of one or two similarities, when this one seems to have much more.


File: 1355953789912.jpg (266.23 KB, 650x900, Cirno9_by_Marionette_ex.jpg)

Because of fucking elitism, they don't realize how much effort authors give.

strongest always related


File: 1355955611328.gif (517.61 KB, 200x150, not readin shit.gif)


It's too bad the creator refuses to accept any kind of criticism. Every time someone offers even the most insignificant thing that they think might not be 100% super-duper bleet blows the fucking lid sky-high.
And that's why her games will never improve. I see all the flaws from TLG all over again. Nice.


Don't start the forum drama all over again. I wasn't personally involved but I did see most of it and it was ridiculous on both sides. It doesn't need to spread to Uboachan.


If you had seen most of it, you wouldn't think it was "ridiculous on both sides".

Clearly she was bawling about criticism and kicking up shit till the admin had to ban her from the forum to keep other members from having to deal with that. End of story.

Or maybe you don't remember when she threw her "fans" under the bus to justify TLG's narrative being a mess? At any rate, the game's alright. It's kind of neat, but it's really nothing that special.


I honestly don't give a shit about the drama. My point was that she is unable to take criticism. And she is.

That is a shitty trait for gamemakers especially since she will just keep making the same shit until finally she herself realises she have been doing the same thing wrong for years.
You don't need to defend her honour, so drop it with the "both sides was wrong". I don't care.


File: 1355981143036.png (356.77 KB, 495x564, good lord.png)

I didn't know if you were just some whiny asshole that wasn't satisfied with two websites being flooded with drama and decided to carry it over here or just a regular anon. My apologies for accusing you.
I don't really care what happened or what happens in the future. Since it appears my concerns from my original reply aren't valid anymore, I'm done with this conversation. Have a cat instead.


File: 1355981340416.gif (1.64 MB, 304x268, ABANDON THREAD.gif)

Well fuck the haters, this game looks pretty damn tight.





You honestly sound butthurt to me. fleshchild is working out good so far, and although it is buggy and has parts that definitely need some retooling, it's got a solid start.


I dunno, guys. Looked to me like someone asked a stupid question/accusation to bleet, bleet gave a detailed response, that person complained to the admin about her complaint being taken apart, bleet stops, admin bans her. Then bans her again randomly after the whole thing was over because the admin didn't like her tumblr or something.

I don't know guys. Let's just enjoy the blobs of flesh.


File: 1356009620573.jpg (161.72 KB, 600x631, 4758-1433432425.jpg)

is fucking elitism, the fact that you guys know how the games are made doesn't make you leet critics,
you have to recognize that you ruined a few good games just because "duh the tiles are not so cute" fucking childs.


im the anon that asked the question about why this game seems to be less bashed than others
so im sorry for bringing up some drama
i'll say again, i like the game a lot, im just surprised(pleasantly) that there isnt a bunch of WEH RIP OFF comments all over it.



As a personal note I like to play games that I get enjoyment out of. A lot of YN-like games seem to be looped environments with flashy colors. If I get lost, I'm not having fun. I saw nothing incredibly wrong with TLG and loved it as a fangame. It did something new and I was okay with it, it kept me entertained. Now I dunno let's take N'oubliez Jamais for example. I think I've played it twice just because I'd never played it before. I really have no urge to replay it as it didn't really keep me entertained. Don't take my opinion as the end all be all of the game's worth, everybody has different tastes.

I'd like to go on record that I try to stay far away from drama. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. It's Uboachan though and some people simply live to be trouble makers and drama stirrers. Ignore the drama, play the games.



>If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.

People like you are why ChaseTheHedgehog and recolour artists exist.

And good job making all those nice assumptions, chewky. Bleet sure was innocent huh? Did nothing wrong at all! Those meanies shouldn'ta said anything about poor little bullied bleet's game.


File: 1356038909803.gif (750.68 KB, 500x281, 1353938805476.gif)

I've made this thread for the discussion of this topic, bleet must be crying, let this one about OP's game



So, back to the game, next update OP?


Bleet, what's going to happen with The looking glass after this release?


Bleet said that she is not going to work on TLG anymore (at the moment). She mentions it here among other places:



Just played through it, this game is amazing. Can't wait to see where it goes. I do agree that there should be some indication of exiting a dream though, since once you leave you can't return.


File: 1356748660978.png (18.4 KB, 640x480, pass.png)


Really nicely put together. You had me impressed by the opening instruction screens. It's a very professional, stylized look. Also an interesting aesthetic choice how you use an off-salmon candy red instead of a deeply visceral one. Great aesthetic. The spriting reminded me of Moga's work.

Music was perf, the Antique Store had the best BGM, though all of the soundtrack is high-quality.

The alternating gameplay is an interesting quirk. It gives a human side to the parasite by having him/her experience dreams. I'd only recommend to have those latter sequences longer since, as it's been said, I too ran into the endings without warning.

(and let's face it, the surreal experiences are much more fun ;D)

Storywise, it's interesting to experience horror from the "monster's" perspective — especially considering you play a parasite, and are honestly only doing what it takes to survive.

um. the current state of the Woodlic area intrigues me. "Murder Richard" being on a casual to-do list especially. nice juxtaposition and whatnot.

The only real early version passability-type issues I encountered were that in the screenshot included and another one with the first door in the Laboratory. You could only interact with it from inside the room by walking towards it from the right, not from the bottom.

continue the good progress, stay in school, keep those pearly whites shiny, etc. I'll be keeping up with this thread. bummed out to hear TLG won't be seeing further development, considering the chess world alone gave me a heart attack (that's a good thing; i was overwhelmed with sadness). i wasn't aware you apparently have adversaries. i'm somewhat drama-blind.


Working on this was such a blast! I do look forward to more stuff!


I may be dumb, but how do I obtain mutations that are not the "conjoined" and "faceless" ones?


There are two more mutations for you to find, that require a little bit of exploration! Here's a couple hints for you:

One mutation is hidden in the first dream, in the pipe maze.

The other mutation is hidden in the dollhouse; look for rooms filled with mostly/only green "B" alphabet blocks.

I hope this helped!


Ahh! I please ask that whoever posted this will remove it please. The names are kind of obvious and I don't want to spoil anyone if that is all right!


You have it requested to get pulled by the staff, because I lost the damn cookie and didn't set a password.


Fuck you
Holy shit that was the only ubuu fangame I was interested in
Kill yourself
Good god


It was taken down successfully. I found a way. I didn't mean to upset anyone with that post. RPG Maker 2003 is open source by nature and any curious fan group can find the info I found given enough time.


Yes of course, and I always offer people to look in my games if they need help too.

I just know that not everyone does, and would rather keep that information left as a treat for those adventurous explorers, such as that one person who deleted their rather interesting observations on the game (which were fine)!

Seriously all I am concerned about is the /names/ of the effects being released (i also erased all of their sprites in 0.00 to hold back spoilers), otherwise I do not mind what people post about concerning the innards of the game. :]


Yeah, I was wondering whether or not you'd like that bit of info revealed. There's over 19 effects but the graphics were removed from 0.00. Also, due to my discoveries after looking around in the game with RPG Maker 2003, I have reason the believe the eye thing is named Visceriph, which may mean Vis plus a corruption of seraph. It makes sense if it is an upper caste and possibly some kind of flesh mother.


I'd like to know if Vis/Visi/Vice is basically a fetus and has to go back into the polyp to be fed or if they can eat independently. This is a big thing when considering the loyalty they have to the Visceriph and if they can even rebel. This can come up in the slim chance that there are more branching story paths and the hero can choose to pursue human empathy granted by their memories and possibly pursue some of the things that their brain remembers (what I call the Brain Path) or just go on fulfilling their fleshchild instincts without thinking of the consequences.(the flesh path) Humanity vs. instinct is a perfect plot for a game like this, although I understand that would take a hell of a lot of event scripting and map drawing.


Yes I think you proposed this path on the devblog (or maybe great minds thing alike!). IFirst, Vis is indeed a fetus in basic terms, because even though it is born similar to those in the hive, its main purpose is to 'grow' itself (by acquiring parts of humans). Second, you're that that what you're proposing is quite a workload, haha.

I consider Vis a sort of extension of the main body, rather than an individual; I never imagined them making any sort of deviance from their 'family's goals. They aren't mindless, though. Upon being born they can readily understand their fellows and even bits of human language, and have enough intelligence to solve puzzles and problems, such as maneuvering through the labs. So I wouldn't say they are acting on instinct, rather than willingly complying with the desires of Visceriph/the colony.


*Second, you're right that what you're proposing is quite a workload, haha.
(Sorry for typos)

And to answer the feeding question, Vis doesn't technically need to feed on anything. I never thought about it, but considering where I am going with the game and the biology, the only prime concern when it comes to feeding, is ensuring that the main body is sustained.


The very fact that Vis can dream and take on a shape and identity relative to their brain is enough to imply human sentience. There is the possibility that their human brain can take over their Fleshchild feelings of duty. That's where the entire idea spawned from.


Wow, Fleshchild is spectacular! A very solid game so far, and I greatly look forward to future updates. Love playing from the viewpoint of the monster, and the dreamworlds are quite fascinating.


File: 1369867608788.png (4.92 KB, 320x240, titlescreen.png)

v0.01 is finally here:

There is not nearly as much content as I planned on, but hopefully this will be an ok update for everyone.


File: 1369873603601.jpg (168.18 KB, 632x988, capture367.jpg)

Bst bettestr evurrr


Yeah, I made a mistake leaving the save function in, but I don't really mind! I'll just remove it whenever I need to make another substantial fix.

I'd rather leave in a happy accident like a convenient save function than something that breaks the game. :]


I saw the art gallery, but in so far as the dreamscape after the new body part I'm confused on where the new effects are.


The third dream allows you to enter the dream version of the art gallery, and then continue on through the dream, further down the highway outside the hospital. :]


What a good update, I'm very pleased. dat satry effect

Sadly, it looks like this thread is broken, like many others, and it won't bump. What a shame.

Well, anyway… About how much of Fleshchild is actually finished, anyway? Arms and a head is halfway to a full body, isnt it? There's still a torso and legs to go. And of course there are the dreaming sequences.

Speaking of the dreaming part, are there plans to actually have the player dream freely at some point? Like, when the body is gathered up and those empty apartments with the save/body part storage fleshthings become Visi/Vice's rooms, where they can dream. In case someone missed an effect or two, perhaps?

Keep up the gr8 work.


No, I meant I found the mutilated effect but I can't find the other



This bugfix is not mandatory, but it does fix a few hiccups I spotted. However, it DOES get rid of the menu saving, so whether or not anyone would like to sacrifice the convenience for a more complete v0.01 is up to them. :]

>About how much of Fleshchild is actually finished, anyway? Arms and a head is halfway to a full body, isnt it?

You are correct that there is just the torso and legs to go, along with their dream segments. As a whole, I'd like to think that FC (from my original plans) is about a third of the way complete.

And I cannot give away any more details on how the rest of the game will go, so sadly I cannot say how/if dreaming will change down the line! I hope you understand and thank you for the encouragement. :]

The other effect is hidden in the dream art gallery; if you start from the large mural in the center of the world, going left will eventually lead you to that effect's branch. :]


Excuse me but what the fuck am I supposed to do after the second dream…? %D Oh, and also, was the faceless mutation in the doll house? °w° I'm so lost! %D

However, thanks for creating fleshchild, it's great! ><


Nice to see this get an update, since I find it pretty interesting; the concept especially.

I'm pretty curious about that one path that's been blocked by a flesh-creature the entire game; maybe we'll be able to get past once we have all the body parts?


After the second dream, you need to go to the new area that opened up in the city; it's location is west of the building in which you picked a brain.

As for the faceless mutation, it's found during the second dream, within the dream version of the apartments.


Is there a guide for the art gallery? I spent 2 hours to no avail. I even looked in the game's event coding, but it seems like bleet made it intentionally cryptic after I leaked some information I found in the event scripts that he didn't want revealed. It feels like revenge.


2 hours holy cow!
How does someone even do that o_o

you have to turn the lights off in each room to gradually move the person to the room with the saw making sure to puddle into goop so they don't hear your footsteps

Step by step guide for those who still need it:
First turn off the light to the room that they're in which changes depending on the gender you're playing as but should be either 1 or 3. You have to leave your body parts behind in order to puddle and sneak around them that way they won't notice you. After that they'll go to the main hallway so turn off switch 2 and after they leave to the room with the blade turn back on switch 2 so the blade is on. Then turn off switch 4 which will be the room with the saw blade in it. From there just give them a hand


i cant get past the girl/guy even in the puddle mode, they always hear me `-`


Maybe it was right in front of me and I'm just stupid, but where is the Mutilation effect?


They shouldn't :/

what worked best for me was puddling and then unpuddling right in front of the door then opening it. If you're not in front of the door puddle back up and move in the direction necessary so that you are I was being super careful when it came to this and that's what I did and it seemed to work for me.


if you continue until the dream's end you should find it on the way. It took me quite a while to figure out where the dream ended though, haha.

after leaving the dream art gallery you should be in the pipe maze. Make your way back to the hospital and try to leave through the main doors as if you were ending the first dream. You'll find entry to a forest and then a cabin. The effect is in that cabin don't leave the cabin until you get the effect


I love the twist for the art gallery.
Does this mean we'll be seeing Visi with slightly firmer, masculine arms and Vice with slender feminine arms for fanart? I hope so.


I had to cheat by editing out the event tiles. I don't like stealth games, and this is one of the most difficult. It wasn't obvious how to get past the event tiles. Puddle form DID NOT work. I hopes Fleshchild would remain item retrieval because that's what drew me in with 0.00. If this keeps up, I probably won't play subsequent versions after .02, but I'm just one person. Of course it wasn't fun. I ended up feeling incompetent and like shit for not being able to figure out how the stealth works.


The robots seem to simply be robotic fleshchildren. Does this make them brasschildren?


I looked in the game's code. The names of the new characters are Helena and Tony. Man, he looks like a Tony with that pomp style going on.


File: 1374527931359.png (Spoiler Image, 24.31 KB, 641x481, fc.png)

Hey, I've been having problems after getting the arms and finishing the game successfully. What am i supposed to do next? @_@


Uh, nothing? The game doesn't continue after that. Are you fucking with us?


I am also having this problem. I can't proceed in the game and it is really disheartening.


This isn't a problem, there's just nothing to do after. The game is unfinished.


The creator can do whatever he/she damn well pleases, i think stealth games are the bomb and that your opinion is a load of crap, how's that? Is my opinion worth more than yours? YOU BET it is. Because developers (and people in general) respond to positive reinforcements not threats of the "oh hey, if this is gonna get stealthy, i aint playing this shit" sort.

Just cause you're a sick pervert doesn't mean it's a bad title, i'm sure people who aren't sexual deviants will have no qualms with the name.

Your attempt at passive aggressive bashing is pathetic, the concept isn't that similar to flow, and if you feel like getting nit-picky, i'd argue that most fangames share the same flaw (which is why call them fangames). And addressing the fact that this has a larger following, the idea behind is simply more creative than most others.

Big woop bro, you must be one hell of a hotshot game developer to critique another person's work with this much conviction. Seriously, who do you think you are to decide how a person's work needs to evolve, let the developer work at his/her own damn pace.

l8er h8ers, sincerely yours, a person who sees a lot of potential in this game and finds your jealous bitching inane


not that your points don't need saying, but you're replying to posts from 2 years ago, also bleet's a she, you can find her on youtube under the username "boomdead0" if you're interested


Whateva dood, this game is never being finished anyway since bleet only care about drawing her own fanart and fapping to it.


Somebody is obviously very angry about games on the internet. Just let him be.



>waah people criticized this game made by another person 2 years ago waaah criticizing something is literally the worst thing you can possibly do to a person and critics are literally worse than a billion hitlers everything ever should only recieve glowing reviews or else your being a jerk waaaaaaaaaaaah

Fast Eddie, is that you?

Also I'd like to note the fact that your post sounded awfully negative. Even, dare I say… critical. Perhaps you should practice what you preach. Also I almost missed that bit on the end about "jealous bitching". Lol, the old "ur just jealous fag" defense never gets old.


File: 1398301088126.jpg (78.97 KB, 512x512, 1397953348157.jpg)


fuck off…


File: 1404068876933.png (22.42 KB, 125x61, cynder.PNG)

Is there some more screenshots of the game?


File: 1404069624537.png (54.51 KB, 1236x539, 9256.PNG)

Why is


>Got any screenshots?
Dream vs. Dream should be more worked on eg. character design.


I mean:
>was basically a hater.
>Consider this a subdued response to you
Anyway keep your work up, Bleet Dev!


Is this thing still even in development?


Yeah, she's working on 0.02 right now ^^




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>was basically a hater


File: 1406375477178.gif (457.83 KB, 500x439, MyLittlePonyPinkieSuperExc….gif)



File: 1419652240371.png (Spoiler Image, 22.43 KB, 640x480, fleshchild1.png)

Hey guys, take a look at this thing i found at the end of the game :D


File: 1426478065131.png (17.66 KB, 640x479, fcvooo2.png)

Fleshchild v0.02: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bq1v81yki13e8ho/Fleshchild_v0.02.rar

After a year of waiting, Fleshchild has been updated! Version 0.02 includes a lot of changes to game mechanics and graphics, and is a fresh new experience for everyone, new players or old!

I highly recommend everyone begin NEW SAVE FILES, as a lot of the new mechanics added will NOT WORK ON OLD SAVE FILES.

From this point forward, Fleshchild will be its own game; it is no longer a Yume Nikki Fangame, though it will continue to be inspired by it! I am asking that this thread be moved to the "Other Games" board or something similar, if that is possible.

Thanks goes to my wonderful team of beta testers listed below. Without their help, we really would not be seeing this update at all.


Nitrosparxx - http://nitrosparxx.tumblr.com

Rose - http://moga.tumblr.com
Marxilliousus - http://marxilliousus.tumblr.com
Miel - http://kaibib.tumblr.com
Simple - http://simpite.tumblr.com
Smella - http://nagitokomaedead.tumblr.com
Nyrator - http://nyrator.tumblr.com
Tom - http://tomnisekoii.tumblr.com


File: 1426479880869.png (238.08 KB, 397x493, 1413340031337.png)

>Ok so I’ve decided to vent here about uboachan’s /fg/ board because doing so there is a bad idea, and it seems many of you are much more reasonable than the /fg/ crowd and might not have even been to Uboachan.net before.
>The people there are fucking brutal.
>If a fledgling game developer steps in there and has any hint of inexperience, whether it be in music, game design, etc, the negative side will rip into that like a vulture going for the eyes of a corpse
>please be prepared if you plan on opening a thread there!


Only good thing I found was
>comes a myriad of people, from the positive users who encourage all fledgling game devs, to the cynical, bitter ones

So yeah you're basically spreading the now typical:

>Uboachan is so evil, sure, there are good people there, but your game COULD BE FUCKING HUMILLIATED LIKE A PIECE OF TRASH

How considerate of you to come here after giving us such a nice propaganda scaring she shit out of people.

Also, that post is, like, you know, excessive as well, I mean, there are countless threads with indie projects and their developers being praised for their work, actually, I think all the latest fangames here had excellent feedback.
So yeah, no.


File: 1426480286012.png (43.1 KB, 640x480, WANT SOME OF THIS.png)

Wow, backstabbing is quite common nowadays and specially in the indie world, but even bleet? Shit man.


holy shit! it's been updated!



>sees bleet return and takes the opportunity to be a shithead and prove her post right

That post is two years old. A new release of a beloved game is finally out, and you decide to get some words in edgewise against the dev because you've got some stupid axe to grind instead of just letting it go (she obviously did). Just give it a rest and enjoy the game already.


How does time even change anything?



You've gotta be kidding. Is the chip on your shoulder really that big that you're assuming people will keep in their heart, a grievance they had two years ago? Well, for one, this board is largely dead and it was pretty active in comparison to now, so time changed that. A lot of people from here have gone on to do other things and have stopped making explicit fangames, or even YN-inspired games. Games have changed their whole premise in that time. Some have even released and finished!

So in short, how hasn't time changed anything? Bleet's forgotten it, and everyone else has forgotten it. Just chill and enjoy the game (or not, if you don't like it, who cares) Negativity is bad and eats you up inside anon.


>it was pretty active in comparison to now
That's just a lie…

>people from here have gone on to do other things and have stopped making explicit fangames, or even YN-inspired games.

So Elysium City, YN3D(x2), Coma, Iter Itineris, and Nightmare Castle are not active, okay

>Just chill and enjoy the game

I actually like the game(I prefer TLG but yeah) but Bleet didn't say anything about this post and it's very easy to find even today, if you're telling me the truth, why didn't she delete it? Or just edit it.
After that it is just natural to ask
>Hey, do you still think we're a dick site?



>So Elysium City, YN3D(x2), Coma, Iter Itineris, and Nightmare Castle are not active, okay

Let's see… Elysium City, on hiatus for more than a year with no release in sight. Coma, no news for some time but I may give it to you anyway. YN3D, no updates for some time. Iter, okay. Nightmare Castle was explicitly cancelled and there are no new updates on it, so no. But two years ago we had this game, Owl's games, Hell Diary, Someday (before Jojo left), TLG, AP was in the spot EC is now, TOL was still explicitly a fangame and recently updated, Nightmare Castle was actively developed and updated, and stuff actually HAPPENED on this board besides the odd dev coming in to say "I'm working on this, I swear" and taking off for like two years and releasing fuck all. This board was never all that active but that is not the point of this.

>Asking if she still thinks we're a dick site

We are kind of a dick site tbh. We ran off a few devs and while a few deserved it not all of them did, like Clowder.


File: 1426510738390.png (788.05 KB, 881x900, yachatta.png)

Coma and YN3D's devs are working on their projects now and Mishka may be reading this now.

>the odd dev coming in to say "I'm working on this, I swear"

Don't be so harsh, let them take their time, I honestly don't want any more of those one week projects that have a hundred million downloads because they are the flavor of the month according tumblr.


>We are kind of a dick site tbh
Jojo confirmed pls leave I just want Bleet to say "yeah you guys are dicks" or "No dude it's past stfu", that's all.



Meh, fair enough. I mean I don't think the projects will ever be updated but your question to bleet is valid after I gave it some thought. The way you asked it was a bit rude but this is the internet, what are we if not confrontational.


File: 1426528326608.png (277.04 KB, 854x419, NAZI K-on.png)

>Well, for one, this board is largely dead and it was pretty active in comparison to now, so time changed that.

Actually, it stopped having activity because the "Uboachan is a mean place, don't go there!" shit was being spammed everywhere. Bleet was one of the people who started this stuff, then Jojo, and then it scattered everywhere in those cirlejerking subgroups of tumblr and between all the fandom. If you actually look at these polls somebody made where "what do you think about uboachan" question is brought up, the main reaction (obviously from tumblr sluts) is "OMG WORST THING EVER MADE", "Negative and harsh place" or "I don't like what they did with middens". Oh, casually, what bleet talks about in her post. And the funniest thing is that it's fairly recognized here that what happened with Clowder was unfair; same with Rindre, but those retards don't even check the site and repeat words they were taught and keep spreading lies, because bleet is considered a "serious" dev, therefore what she says MUST be right.
A lot of games had great feedback and appreciation here, but no; let's totally ignore that fact and talk about how bad uboachan is, because it's better to play blind on how good criticism is here and let's just rant about how bad the bashing is (even if it's been only 2 fucking threads). Let's completely ignore this is an anonymous imageboard and that people will REALLY tell you what they think instead of sucking your cook and making you feel good; let's just rant about how they bad these are.
Must be nice playing the victim all the day.

>Bleet's forgotten it, and everyone else has forgotten it

Oh, so if I posted pics of somebody fucking a 12 years old and then when that person's in jail and I tell him "It's all in the past m8 relax", would you think he would tell me "k thx for coming" or punch me in the face?
Seriously, coming here without an apology, and worst, playing like nothing happened is a big offense, mate. We're not retarded, and bleet is treating us like we were autistic little kids.



I pretty much already said "alright I see your point, it's a valid question" to the other anon (at least I'm sure it's a different person) and you're here comparing saying some unfavourable words about an anonymous imageboard to child molestation. It's apples and oranges mate, one is an unfavourable opinion stemming from an overreaction to some fairly uncommon cases on the site, and the other is a serious crime.

So basically you are an autistic little kid.


File: 1426532240704.png (224.13 KB, 486x562, 1391667570016.png)

I wasn't even trying to argue back at your or anything, I was just pointing out what's the cause of the lack of activity here. Can't you take an obvious ironic analogy as what it is, man?
Seriously, disregarding a post for only one ironic part is just too much, specially on an imageboard.




Oh, okay "buddy", you got me again. But I'd like to just point out bleet and jojo aren't the only ones who did that; your precious Mishka also talked shit about ubuu on tumblr a few years ago (after a ban for being weird and melting down over and over) but the difference is that nobody outside of uboachan gives a fuck about them because the games he makes are shit.


File: 1426532799580.jpg (10.56 KB, 238x211, 1357108026815.jpg)

>your precious Mishka also talked shit about ubuu on tumblr a few years ago
>your precious

gg when did I even mention Mishka as a good dev?
Point taken, I actually agree with you on that, but one thing is ranting about a ban and other is chasing potential devs away the site. They're too different. Still every one of those proved to be shit devs.
Is there actually any respectable developer anymore aside from PSIWolf and lol?


TOL is looking good but I doubt it will ever come out, and while lol has a good personality, .flow is actually newbie-tier shit too. Owl doesn't have a rep for trashing ubuu off site and his games are good, so I'd say him. Also Kikiyama of course.


Don't start shit, our precious Mishka apologized properly and now is more precious.



File: 1426534434487.png (69.7 KB, 411x384, preciousmishka.png)


>your precious Mishka
thank you for this


File: 1426537328444.jpg (27.29 KB, 306x273, tumblr_inline_mnqu21TYJ21q….jpg)

Man, people sure are butthurt recently, derailing a game thread to talk shit about the creator instead of talking about the game within the first day of any activity.

Thoroughly enjoyed the newest version, and it's also the first version I've had any contact with aside from just hearing "its pretty cool." I really like that there's differences between playing Visi and Vice, and I'm still trying to figure out what the trick is to the parasitoids' language. I can't wait 'til FleshChild updates again.


Talking shit you say… Bleet did that with us, we're merely asking for an explaination here.


Because it's kind of true, I'd think, at least. But at least try to talk about the game, hot damn.


Wataru and Hedgehog.


Cutting myself from all this, I shall say my thoughts about the update.

Let me start, that I was kinda disappointed by fact, that no new places were added. However I must agree that it's a new experience playing Fleshchild now. Dream parts are more visibly separated from actions in real life. There seems to be some serious plot going on. I don't remember if it was going in previous version, but now even simple thing as adding separate animation for reading stuff made me actually want to read it. Dreams also don's seem to be that important now. It's just a part that adds a little bit of spice to the game imo. That may be the reason why bleet wishes for this game to be moved to /og/. I liked visible separation of chapters - each with it's own title and description from that mother thing, I guess. Visybil character was a really neat addition which actually gave this game a sense of a real plot. Overall, I liked previous version and this one - despite not giving new locations etc - was a really nice experience. I could say that this is the direction that all Yume Nikki fangames should be going now - game about dreams, but not being a copy of original, but seriously adding something new and captivating.


First of all, I'm very sorry that my thread derailed immediately after posting. I really did not anticipate that at all.

Second, I want to address this discussion about my post I made two years ago.

Just like anon says that uboa is where you go for total honesty with critique, I was totally honest in advising potential devs about uboa. I used harsh words that I don't believe in two years later, but my stance is that this place can be difficult for fledglings if they are not prepared for the potential harsh critique or dismissal they may face.

Though I also said I thought posting on Uboa is something every dev should o when they are ready, because it is a good tool for improvement.

I apologize that my words were taken out of context. This is part of why I do not delete posts or edit them: so if a situation arises, I have all of my cards out on the table from the beginning.

I think this derailment, however, partially supports the things I said in the past.

Overall, I still like uboa, I visit regularly, and I clearly think the site is useful and important because I still would like to keep my games on here, and even two years ago, despite my other words in that post, I said I thought devs should post here when they are ready. But as another anon said, I prefer not to post unless I have content to give to everyone. Such as last year when I updated this game, and right now because it's updated again.


>Just like anon says that uboa is where you go for total honesty with critique, I was totally honest in advising potential devs about uboa. I used harsh words that I don't believe in two years later, but my stance is that this place can be difficult for fledglings if they are not prepared for the potential harsh critique or dismissal they may face.

The problem is that no matter what you have written about coming here and post a game to improve as a tip, people will twist it in a retarded way and it will end being read like this:

>Uboachan is a hard place, but criticism is good there, although there may be bad bashing sometimes.

>Uboachan is a hard place, there may be bad bashing
>Uboachan is bad, there is hard bashing
>Uboachan is evil.

Which is exactly what happened with that post (although I bet Jojo helped spreading more spergs butthurt as we have already seen). But all in all, it's that kind of things which make bad propaganda and contributed to the abandonment we see now in /fg/. Although you already recognize this so there's no point in discussing it.

>I think this derailment, however, partially supports the things I said in the past.

No, but seriously, if you write shit about someone you can't expect that said people won't get mad over your posts. There will always be a reaction, because your post is basically chasing away people from a place they are needed and indirectly telling them to get away. You're saying something around the lines of "Don't post there until you're good at what you're making", a point most of the people never pass over, specially without support that may be given here. Or if they don't have enough confidence on themselves. Plus, posting the middens threads is like saying "THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR POSTING IN UBOACHAN"; not a nice image for the site, considering middens is a good game. So, if a good game is shit for this site, what about my little fangame? Jesus, gotta tell all my tripfriends about how evil that place is and to keep away anybody from it and trust Jojo-sama about how they are worse than /b/. God may burn their server and fuck their kernel.


File: 1426553797000.jpg (125.31 KB, 747x542, nig.jpg)

>I think this derailment, however, partially supports the things I said in the past.
So you wanted us to ignore it and smile at you? Come on lol, you generated the situation you can't expect us to love you after reading that.

I guess it's okay, but the things you said are not entirely true, for example now, we're having quite a peaceful time here in /fg/ with good threads and great feedback.

>uboa is where you go for total honesty with critique

There is a titanic difference between that and "if dev has any hint of inexperience the negative side will rip into that like a vulture going for the eyes of a corpse" by these "fucking brutal" people.

As you apologized for this, I sincerely apologize as well for talking about this here, I should have sent you a messege via tumblr or email.

I don't know about the other anons, but I think it's fine if the thread just continues with the original topic.



Like I said, I had made the post two years ago. It's unfortunate that it arose such a long time later when this isn't the case any more. Furthermore, I have not and continue to not talk about uboa like that post since then.

I've been here for four years, and my opinion of uboa continues to change just as the site does the same. But I still like this place above all else; if it weren't for uboa I wouldn't be where I am at today.

I didn't think anyone thought highly of me here, and I do not expect anyone here to love me or whatever else despite the post or in tandem with my apology. I'm really just here to post about my games.

Again, sorry for being rude in the past.


File: 1426566956000.jpg (233.3 KB, 1135x632, darker_than_black_anime_gi….jpg)

Ooh damn, this is awesome. This game was always one of my most favorite fangames, even if it was still so incomplete. I really believed it had been abandoned and wasn’t going to receive any more updates. This news makes me so happy.
I don’t mind if it isn’t going to be a fangame anymore. The new title screen looks great.


Thank you for your thoughts!

I do apologize that there aren't any new locations. Thinking up puzzles is harder than I thought, so the next location's puzzle was holding me back for a while, combined with school and work. However, I decided to update all of FC's graphics and mechanics first and foremost, so that when I add the new puzzles and dreams, everything will be up to date and on the same page.

Even though the update is mostly revisions of content/addition of optional events and plot, I wanted to be sure the fixes I had in mind were functional for the most part before moving on as well. I decided all of these changes were worth uploading as an official update so that players can 1. get familiar with the new direction the game is going in and 2. know what to expect for future updates.


File: 1426737162056.png (16.13 KB, 320x240, v1.png)

Ive uploaded a patch that should improve some things for the game. I have also uploaded a version of v0.02 that includes the patch.

Game + Current Patch: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3mtatq5rw4pn4nh/Fleshchild_v0.02(2).rar
Patch Only: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bs363sv568lif84/FCv0.02_PATCH1.rar


I'm pretty much always making bugs as I fix them so here is a download for the game + patch 2:

Or patch 2 only:



File: 1426937171298.gif (1.02 MB, 540x540, 83a40a5fe0dac984e32ff07ca3….gif)

Wow, the patching really improved the gameplay even if it wasn't too much.
I'm mostly just glad the sewer doesn't have slowdown anymore.
You might wait until the next version or so, but the art gallery in the real world still has some pretty heavy slowdown. It doesn't kill the experience, but can make moving back and forth somewhat tedious.

Still, I'm really loving how Fleshchild is turning out, thanks for updating and patching and really just making the game in general!


File: 1427424290801.jpg (91.24 KB, 600x420, blllleeeerrg.jpg)

I gotta say, I'm really pumped for the rest of this game. I like how the little puzzles add to the plot and flesh out the rest of the world instead of just "lol it a city with da parasites." Also, I feel pretty bad for Visybil, for some reason…
Finished Vice's route, saved over it like a dumbass, so I'm gonna finish the Visi route I saved on it and then redo Vice so I have two save files. Are you planning on having the "routes" deviate from each other more significantly than just gender and whose head you take in the apartment? Do you think it'll matter later on if you don't gather the mutations and just leave the dream?


I love the new update. So much more was added and I loved the new characters. However, since you didn't add a new night, it mostly felt like cleaned up 0.01 than a true 0.02. When is the new night coming?


Don't take it the wrong way. Expanding the content that was already there was a great move. It had to be done sooner or later. It just felt like all of this was preparation for .03.


I felt like it was a dick move to put in an intermediate level code in without any kind of clues. Viscerian is an alphabet I've sat here for many hours trying to decode, and I can only guess what apostrophe, S, I and A are. Some of the symbols look so mashed together I can't tell if they're separate letters or one letter. I want to know what the goddamn game content says!! I shouldn't be made to feel helplessly ignorant.


Thank you very much! I know it's been a long time but I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed it all so far.

I think I want to include multiple endings based on some late game choices + effect collection? Really Vice and Visi are there more for the player's benefit than the plot; I wanted to have options for people, since at the time I was making it, masculine protags weren't really the norm and it's just nice to have a choice most of the time.

You're exactly right! This update was preparation for the next puzzle and night. I decided to release it as an update right now because while there isn't any new gameplay content, I was like "well if I want to change the format and add in plot and other things I might as well do it all now, instead of waiting until the game is finished".

Coincidentally I've been making the next puzzle area's chipsets in the past few days. There's still a lot to be done for 0.03 in regards to the puzzle, but afterward the dream segments will be really easy to make. I don't want to put a date on 0.03 yet though.

I didn't realize Viscerian was any level of code hahaha sorry. I'll admit, I designed it in a way to be difficult to understand from a face value, I borrowed a lot from the look of Japanese hiragana. I also intentionally made them look mashed together, I had the idea of "moonrunes" in my head when designing the font lol.

I'll give you some help: There's a character in the body room (where collected body parts show up) that will translate part of the code in the title screens for you each night. His translation is correct, but he doesn't translate the entire code. The rest should fall into place for you. :]


Well, it also somewhat feels like you've intentionally chosen the words so that it is hard for an amateur decipherer to guess how each letter is being used. We need to see J and Z in use, as well.


Honestly I didn't put nearly as much thought into how the players would receive the language. I intended it to be really more of an easter egg/fun activity for the players to do if they want to, and it has little bearing on the plot. If I wanted it to be a bigger part of the game I suppose I would have put a lot more of the dialogue into Viscerian, but I want the game to be accessible. So using this language for important things like speaking with Visybil and talking to the eye directly was out of the question and not my intention anyway.


It should continue to be prominent, but not for the actual dialogue or anything that is needed to understand the plot. It gives players a reason to look deeper into the game. I support Viscerian all the way. In fact, players are more likely to decrypt it if you offer more words written in Viscerian.


Maybe towards the end, most of the Fleshchildren except Visibyl and the Visceriph/mother start speaking entirely in Viscerian text to show you have become too human, and nothing anyone else says is of importance at that point. I wonder if that would be received well.


Crazy assed fan theory: Irene is Visi after she became too human to remember her origins. She was found with amnesia and eventually adopted when no one could identify her. This doesn't have any backing other than Irene is a shy girl who tries to stay out of trouble. The shy types can also be extremely suspicious. Maybe Irene has experienced her Visi anatomy and doesn't want anyone to get so close they'll figure her out. Visi's human form also looks slightly younger than Irene. Sorry about this theory if it annoys you, bleet. I love making left field theories.


File: 1427518766748.png (9.88 KB, 735x432, 2222.png)

First, an update on my contact info:

Tumblr - http://bleetdev.tumblr.com
Twitter - https://twitter.com/bleetdev
Pixiv - http://pixiv.me/bleet
Email - bltvisi@yahoo.co.jp

Yeah, one of my ideas was to put more Viscerian in the dreams. I started doing that with the hospital, but I also had plans for NPCs to speak in it as well. I'll have to wait and see how everything pans out though since the dream world isn't even halfway finished.

That's definitely an interesting take on it! I've had a few endings in mind for a long while, (at the least only two endings), but that idea opens up some more possibilities for how the game can turn out. In fact, I think it would be received very well should I do something like that. Thank you for the suggestion!

Nonono, I encourage it! It's a fact that Irene's story takes place in the same town that FC's story does. I intend on connecting the characters and storylines throughout the town; I have at least one, two other games that I want to take place in Ashvale. So I'm really excited that someone thought to connect these characters so soon!

I sort of feed off of left field theories and all that fun stuff, it's perfectly fine. :]


Oh, wow. I was half joking and was shocked that you even took me seriously, bleet. It would still be interesting to be able to connect those dots together. Anyway, Visybil provides a bit of comedy in the form of not fully understanding humans. I love him for that and hope this doesn't slow down with him.


Initially I had been very worried that nobody would like Visybil! They explain a lot more about the plot and the Vis species, and I know some people prefer subtlety, and might not like that you have such a chatty character but then the rest of the gameplay is Vis operating in silence. So I made them optional, but let players know at the beginning that they are available.

However it looks like Visybil has been received really well; beta testers and regular players alike seem to like this character very much! So I can assure you that they're not going to lose any of that quality any time soon. :]


File: 1427570810100.jpg (64.98 KB, 320x370, tumblr_inline_nfs712Opfc1r….jpg)


Oh wow, I wasn't aware that people not living Visybil was a concern. No, they're great! I actually make a point to talk to him as often as I can so I don't miss any of their dialogue.

I also don't mind the other guy, but his name escapes me right now– it's the guy in the body parts room.

regardless, can't wait to see more.


It would be interesting to come up with the spoken phonetics of Viscerian. The sounds that make up Visi, Vice, Vis, Visybil and Viscera should remain unchanged. Many phonetics are changed to sound like they start with V. I would do it as entirely fan content for a fanmade trailer if no one else is interested.


Bleet, you sneaky, sneaky woman. I just figured out why I couldn't consistently decode Viscerian. I won't spoil it for the other players reading this, but there is a certain similarity to Japanese characters that makes all the difference.


File: 1427583084504.gif (1.66 MB, 500x281, notlogic.gif)

Don't mind me, I'm just another indie developer dying of envy, I mean, look at this huge thing your game is! Look at it, beautiful enternatining, well done and full of followers and love.

Literally, not just me, I bet there is a long list of devs looking at this thread in pain.


I care more about Vis than any other fictional character. I want to see what happens when the story ends so bad. I don't care if I have to wait years to see that version, as long as it comes.


I never really thought out how the language would sound, but I do agree [v] sounds would be prominent! Kinda fitting with the whole V theme lol. For the most part I personally figure they do weird gargles and roars more than something akin to a language style/sound humans would recognize. But it would be cool to see someone attempt to make a unique sounding language out of it!

You're right! Good job figuring it out. The way I designed the language like that made it easy to add variation, but not anything very obvious for people to notice. Giving each English equivalent letter its own unique appearance is common in a lot of coded alphabets, the easiest to mention being Daedric from TES. I wanted to do a little more, make it a little more fun than that. And that's how we get Viscerian. :]

One thing that is so important is not letting envy eat up your motivation. I was a very envious person for a long time when I started working on games and I felt like I could never match devs who, to me, seemed to be so much more successful. Even now I think my stuff is nothing in comparison to games like Ultra Violet, Answered Prayers, and literally all of Moga's works.


I don't dwindle on it, I don't let it bother me. I'm really just having fun making my games. This is a great hobby for me that I love sharing with people. I enjoy everything I do, every little thing from changing wait times for teleports to drawing cutscene art, is fun for me. If you have fun and keep working at it, things like envy won't even matter anymore. Having fun is so much more important than anything else.

It makes me so happy to see that the game has affected you like this! I can only hope the endings I have in mind for Vis will satisfy that hahaha.


File: 1427627047030.jpg (19.48 KB, 320x216, HNI_0042_JPG.JPG)

I hope it isn't illegible. I wrote it on my 3DS because I'm shaky with a mouse. Viscerian text would be the best response.


File: 1427627719915.png (34.56 KB, 320x216, Viscerian thing.png)

Ahh, crap. I can't delete this because the 3DS instantly tossed out the cookie, so I'll simply post the revised character.


Oh, I'm already trying to incorporate a deep growling noise that almost sounds like I'm about to hack up something for several vowel sounds. Some sounds need to be very gurgly as well. Much like the language of the Deep Ones, it is hard to pronounce it correctly without tearing up your throat if you're inexperienced and human, so the human bastard form, like Visi/Vice might speak with human parts, might sound very different.. Of course it has many similarities to English because the species pretty much borrowed their language from observed English.


According to some players, my download links broke, probably after I was trying to organize my mediafire and I deleted things that were still linked on my public pages for FC.

These are the correct links:

Full Game + Patch 5 http://www.mediafire.com/download/g8js5iojdhhnur3/Fleshchild_v0.02+Patch5.rar
Patch 5 Only http://www.mediafire.com/download/udx2bvczoyeovc8/FCv0.02_Patch5.rar


Good job Bleet! I'll check this patch in a moment.


Patch 6 is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hbwpqqkdbja4nlp/FC_v0.02_Patch_6.rar

Patch 6 should fix/improve:
- Lag in the sewers and Art Institute
- Teleport glitches in the Art Institute


Patch 7 is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/q0nx2lgvdnp9mfn/FC_v0.02_Patch_7.rar

Patch 7 should fix:
- More teleport bugs in the Art Institute



Haven't posted in a while, I've heard that you've updated Fleschild even after the ywrd contreversy.

But I'm a bit worried about it being in /og/. But I also have a theory on Vis. ywrd said about stealth games; Vis' ability to form itself into a puddle of flesh seems to follow ywrd's exemplar.

Thank you.


I know Fleshchild has become something bigger than a fangame, so but I hope you still continue to advertise it as inspired by Yume Nikki so it can be classified as a miscellaneous game.


File: 1440075416761.png (219.39 KB, 340x368, shitpostingcup.png)

>something bigger
That's debatable, it's just not a fangame anymore, but I agree with the rest, denying it's roots after getting so many fangame players would be a dishonest move.


Well, the game has been formally cancelled. I don't know how to feel about this. It was because Bleet was too stressed to do it. RIP Fleshchild.



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