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New board for the 2018 game.
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 No.937[Last 50 Posts]

You can find the rest of them here. http://www.4gamer.net/games/407/G040781/20180209031/


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>FRAUD no kikiyama fake FRAUD
>kikiyama updates site
>new screenshots show it's not


>mall area has mannequins and more detail



File: 1518162474175.jpg (76.18 KB, 1815x995, 025.jpg)

PS4 release?


>still no NASU screenshots


The prevalence of aztec/nazca art in these screens is reassuring. Up until now we saw very little of that.


to me it looks like a lot of background is left dark/pitch black, hopefully it won't happen this often in the game


File: 1518169490912.jpg (213.11 KB, 1690x961, 022.jpg)

It looks a little bit too dark even in the places it's not supposed to, like the snow world and the Flute effect area.
The Pink Sea is bright as shit and it looks great so I don't know why so many shadows

Also pic related is definitely a jump, maybe it's a "Press X to do everything", but probably there's a jump button.


so that image shows us that random toriningen chase scenes might happen?


>to me it looks like a lot of background is left dark/pitch black

So like the original then


File: 1518171907034-0.jpg (156.29 KB, 1851x1037, IMG_20180209_020730.jpg)

File: 1518171907034-1.jpg (178.8 KB, 1829x1009, 009.jpg)

Got another mall screen from the twitter. Glad to see the game is not exclusively a sidescroller.


File: 1518177949789-0.jpg (108.6 KB, 1080x697, DVkkrOuUQAAVDSL.jpg)

File: 1518177949789-1.jpg (75.13 KB, 1200x663, DVloAMYU0AAVJYt.jpg)

File: 1518177949789-2.jpg (46.5 KB, 1200x673, DVlrUNHVMAAKgsg.jpg)

File: 1518177949789-3.jpg (66.93 KB, 1199x670, DVlvo_KUQAA7Jnl.jpg)

Some new images and stuff posted to the Twitter as well that aren't on 4Gamer.


File: 1518181573855.jpg (254.67 KB, 1847x1037, 028.jpg)

What a cock tease.


The more I see the more I like. I'm so glad Shitty-San is faceless too instead of being a handsome corpse.


>wears shoes to bed

I hope we get a barefoot mod


>that texture on Madotsuki's bed

Oh how nice, they really paid attention to detail.


Well some of these do look pretty alright, now we just have to see about the actual gameplay


I think platforming might be part of it judging from a few of the screenshots.


Well, I was getting pretty sceptical about all this, but these screenshots look quite good. I was gonna buy it anyway, but now I'm even slightly excited.


File: 1518192667706.jpg (153.02 KB, 1915x1055, DVljnSSVAAE7pMZ.jpg large.jpg)

possibly, but likely just the pc controller support
noticed xbox controller support in this image as well


I like how they added a little dream catcher to her balcony door in the OP pic.


File: 1518195903567.png (667.52 KB, 1293x1292, 20180209_110325.png)



damn didnt notice, thats pretty good


That's the frog effect


This is why she isn't allowed outside


With these screenshots they really got my attention


File: 1518201031824-0.png (1.25 MB, 1200x661, DVm1zAeUMAAYMzk.png)

File: 1518201031824-1.jpg (52.16 KB, 1199x672, DVm1t5rVQAAw1Z0.jpg)

File: 1518201031824-2.jpg (58.36 KB, 1199x672, DVmsuYtVQAAG0wj.jpg)

A couple new screenshots from the twitter.


Did they even show an effect yet?


the lamp i guess
aside from that nope
wonder what that torn picture is for


File: 1518205134303.jpg (1.45 MB, 1604x852, photo.jpg)

It's for Monoe


Looks like some kind of collectable. It literally says "picture fragment" over the Get!
Nice catch. This makes it look like there will be some quest-like events. May be interesting.


The second image in particular looks really interesting.


File: 1518207223070.png (58.42 KB, 608x291, Poniko's_room.png)

Why is everybody saying these look good? The unnecessary pop-corn paint textures look awful and everything is way darker than it should be. It's shot and lighted exactly like a horror game would be. The addition of more, "real world", elements is also worrisome(a playground?. The problem with realistic 3-d graphics is that they're bound to age badly. These already look like something from either ten years ago or a mobile game. Cartoonish 3-d ages much better and requires less resources, which is perfect for yn. Why they chose to make it realistic when they didn't have to just because it's 3-d and doesn't fit with yn at all, I have no clue.


They look good because they capture the atmosphere well and faithfully recreated some areas. The dark lighting actually serves to mask any of the flaws there.

> The addition of more, "real world", elements is also worrisome(a playground?.

Why do people keep complaining about this? The game had tons of 'real world' locations. It isn't remotely out of place.


>this absolute genius posts a screenshot of poniko's room
>Albert Einstein here is trying to make the point that the new game is unnecessarily dark
>Mr Modern Day Prometheus forgot that you can switch her lights off


File: 1518208890195.jpg (172.77 KB, 800x692, 27704411.jpg)

>monoe isn't trying to antagonize madotsuki here
>she just wants a photograph
>it's a photo of monoko

goddamn if they did this


File: 1518209682822.jpg (29.71 KB, 350x230, 6405542.jpg)

>they capture the atmosphere
I wouldn't say so. Getting details right is a low-bar in my opinion. The worrying part is that they're adding something else in that doesn't contribute much. A regular, ordinary playground. It's an unnecessary and uncreative addition meant to convey something that is unrelated to yn. Its spooky and dark because we need more spooky and dark things for some reason.
Not why I used that picture. Look at the wall texture. That's what I meant by unnecessary pop-corn paint. It's fuckin ugly. That doesn't change the fact that most of everything else we have seen is also dark as fuck. Stop being so presumptuous.


Also, dismissing my entire post for something as minor as what picture I used shows how defensive you are.


>Stop being so presumptuous.

That's all you've been doing though. It's fine to be worried but you're still jumping to conclusions. We don't know what the school/playground tie into but we can tell from here >>978 that it might involve Monoe.


To be fair it wasn't clear at all what point you wanted to make with that image. Most of your early point complained about darkness.


A bulk of the original game had dark areas, they just seem brighter in the original because it's a different medium. Going for the more consistently realistic style (which isn't a bad thing - trying to mimic the original in 3D would look like total shit, which is one reason I don't like what we've seen of the mural world for instance), areas that were dark in the original are going to be more obviously dark here. Pink sea isn't dark, outdoors of the school isn't dark. People complain about the "spookiness" of the trailers too but they are more surreal than anything, just like the intention of the original game. Only a couple of the screenshots we've seen have looked explicitly horror, even with the darker areas.


>That's all you've
So I was presuming that I don't like the art direction that is right in front of me? Giving Monoe a bigger role might be interesting, but I really hope they don't go the slenderman route where this horrifying monster is following you around. If Monoe has a bigger role and connection to the playground + highschool, that makes me worry that they'll try to elaborate on the backstory. At the very least it would be bait for cancerous theories.


> A regular, ordinary playground. It's an unnecessary and uncreative addition meant to convey something that is unrelated to yn.
I want some of the shit you smoke.

There are plenty of normal looking places in Yume Nikki if taken out of context. Poniko's room, the sewers, the mall's rooftop, the forest, the road, the snow world… If you take a screenshot of any of those, most of the time, it will look like an uncreative unnecessary place. You are cherry picking.


There is a weird inconsistency in screenshot quality this time around. I'm hoping that these are just (for whatever reason) really low quality, because it's really jarring in comparison to some the earlier ones that I thought looked great even in their simplicity. Barracks ground texture for instance just doesn't look good to me.


>which isn't a bad thing - trying to mimic the original in 3D would look like total shit
Why? It would be harder to do something besides generic ps2 style realism, but the product would be better in the end if it had a distinctive art style. It just like a boring 3-d art student project.
>are more surreal than anything
Not really. A bunch of repeating noises, patterns and strange music is more eerie than surreal. I just don't feel it, and i'm trying to express why.


>boring 3-d art student project

See, this is what I think it would look like if you tried to recreate the original. Areas with the Paracas details floating in the ether just would not work in 3D. It would look forced and pasted. Instead, remaking this in a more modern medium with new details and adapting for a more realistic look is a creative way of doing things that gives room for something new and allows for a depth in atmosphere that would not work for the wide open blank empty spaces in the original if they were to translate it to 3D as is.

>Not really. A bunch of repeating noises, patterns and strange music is more eerie than surreal.

The only thing eerie was the crying and screaming in the first, and even then, it was only a short portion. The visuals of the non gameplay trailers were psychedelic and mysterious, which lends itself to the dreamlike atmosphere. Music wasn't "scary". Gameplay trailer had sadder music too. Promo images we've seen haven't been too scary either, just dreamlike and sort of serene.


Snow world and other outdoors areas might have day/night


>See, this is what I think it would look like if you tried to recreate the original.
Just because the original was made by an amateur, that doesn't mean the 3-d version has to look like it was too.
>just would not work in 3D
If the art style was as surreal as possible it would. The technology exists to make games that look like 1930's cartoons. Technical limitations are not a problem anymore. The 3-d isn't even actually realistic, which might work if it was done really well. It looks like that ugly, ps2, pseudo-realistic.


>Technical limitations are not a problem anymore.
But resources limitations are.
Not the anon you replied to, but this is a game made by a dozen of people in 9 months under who knows what budget, you can't expect them to be able to do miracles.
Also nice trips.


File: 1518213780156.jpg (1.11 MB, 1330x1650, FNV_box_art_(US).jpg)

>Not the anon you replied to, but this is a game made by a dozen of people in 9 months under who knows what budget, you can't expect them to be able to do miracles.


Ok that's a fair point, but this isn't obsidian, this is a bunch of guys who before this mainly only did translation.
To quote
>This would be their second major project that's not porting or localization after The Silver Case


Bad example, most of the groundwork including the engine, scripts, models and such were done from Fallout 3.


>before this mainly only did translation
If kadokawa is such a big company, why couldn't they get more experienced people?


Because unlike fraud shitposters want to make you believe, this is not a project made to win millions. They are not that interested in it to go farther than this.


Utmost respect, huh?


Is it time once again for people to misinterpret and overanalyze the poor promo translations as something they're not? Keep parroting and maybe someday you'll be taken seriously.


File: 1518222639937.png (945.37 KB, 1849x1033, ClipboardImage.png)

>One of the most beautiful areas in the original game
>Onlookers have fucked up shoulders and the inclusion of shading on otherwise flatly textured, and lit up models looks out of place
>The building that serves as the entrance to the ghost world has a texture that's lower res than most fucking phone game textures


How am I misinterpreting it? Utmost respect to me is getting experienced people for the job, not people who have mostly done translations before. How should I interpret it? You're being defensive again.


File: 1518227832551-0.jpg (106.41 KB, 1200x680, DVo2v5YVAAACnvK.jpg)

File: 1518227832551-1.jpg (42.4 KB, 1200x662, DVoqVODVoAAGvj_.jpg)

Another couple of new screenshots from the twitter


Still dark as shit, why can't one of these worlds be in daylight? Will Pink Sea really be the only bright world?


If the White Desert and the Wilderness are in this, they're gonna be in daytime too.


The thing is they've already taken brighter worlds and darkened them.
The snow world was always bright, and now it's dark as shit.


That's the only one that's been darkened, and we don't even know the context. There could be night/day, or it could be an extension/mid-area.


O-man office has also been darkened.


Why complain about areas being dark? What we should be complaining about is the fact that they haven't shown a single effect, assuming they bothered programming them into the game.


And instead of making the thing they're looking at some kind of gorgeous city, they just inserted something blurrier than the original lol


What's with this dumb Monoe focus??


This. Madotsuki isn't becoming a frog or a cat and that fucking sucks


They're not looking at a 'gorgeous' city they're looking at the damn UFO.


File: 1518255262730.png (38.13 KB, 640x480, screen08.png)

>people think the first screenshot is snow world


What about the rolling blob thing in the teaser? Is it an actual effect or just an new NPC?


Have you not played the game? They overlook a cliff that shows lights in the distance AND the UFO. The lights look like the one's of a city. They actually have the opportunity for scenery porn here but instead they do some blurred shut I could have pulled out of my ass


File: 1518258835705.jpg (146.69 KB, 1851x1033, DVp4mvTV4AAwP6s.jpg large.jpg)

We Silent Hill now


File: 1518259109380-0.jpg (123.61 KB, 1604x899, DUdfEboU0AY7mmK.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1518259109380-1.png (265.16 KB, 904x482, trailer.png)

You push it, it rolls


File: 1518265821433.jpg (86.01 KB, 1200x677, DVqQWfIVQAAiW3u.jpg)


Ah, my bad.


File: 1518272101426.png (Spoiler Image, 16.65 KB, 639x88, ggggg.PNG)

I see alot of people complaining about the game but people forget that Kikiyama wants the game to be this way so the person you need to blame is Kikiyama, the creator of yume nikki themselves for this bad looking game.


>an new NPC
Isn't it the pain blob from the sewers area?


Under supervision is extremely vague.


File: 1518286220059.jpg (20.37 KB, 422x309, cfc0707080c572b42c820c15e9….jpg)

Everything about this game is extremely vague, i think playism is confused and needs help.


Kiki made a really nice game 10+ years ago over the course of 4 years in a very easy to use engine and didn't really finished it.
So trying to make a full 3D commercial release in a few months is pretty fucking nuts, no shit it would look bad if they really don't know what they're doing.
Also I can't really see a person that completely disappeared for 10 years being the most communicative. It took them like 2 weeks after the game announcement to update their fucking site with some text.

But for me the worst culprit is Kadokawa and all the strange decisions they are making, like the team being mostly translators, the short timeframe, being vague about everything, making this game at all, etc.
It's a pretty big company, you'd think they could handle some shit.
I just hope that the dev's love is enough to make a fun game.


File: 1518287122206.jpg (90.96 KB, 415x580, 6574698786567.jpg)

>tfw that's my favorite area
this is fucking cancer


They stated in the podcast that "nothing is being done without their approval", so there's that.


>yo kiki, is dis a'ight?
>uhhhh, yeah sure. 30% goes to me, right?


>It's the game done yet?
>No, umm Kikiyama we need your he-
>Ok,alright,see you when the game is done


>Cuts to Kikiyama doing a mountain of coke
>"What the FUCK is an effect???"


File: 1518290410939.jpg (54.8 KB, 639x502, 16fy57.jpg)

>Kikiyama please no, don't


File: 1518299338987.png (8.3 KB, 250x245, Painblob.png)

heres the dude


To be fair, these are still, unmoving pictures. The game could have some kind of motion blur effect going on, or perhaps the sky in the picture is animated and was out of focus when screenshotted so as not to spoil the prettiest area in the game. I can imagine you get a specific prompt as you get closer to it which sharpens the whole thing. Who knows.
The tent in the distance in >>1053 seems out of focus in a similar way, and the edges in the third picture in >>938 as well.


The stuff in the back looks like snow though
Watch it be open world


There's also a big difference in quality between a lot of these screenshots. I can't imagine certain areas just being shit quality while others look okay.


I'm in the dark about this new game, is it indie or 'official' (I don't know the right word)? I don't expect triple A graphics, in fact I don't mind if the 3D looks dated because CGI that looks 'off' can be really, really creepy.


i havent thought about this until just now, but im wondering what they did for footstep sounds
the blips are important, but i feel like thatd translate real weird into 3d


It's got Kikiyama involved somehow and also getting a Steam release so it's as official as it's gonna get

Shit you're right. I think they're gonna get rid of the clown shoes and go for a realistic sound instead, considering her new appearance


>the blips are important, but i feel like thatd translate real weird into 3d
I mean, LSD Dream Emulator already did the "unusual step sounds on a 3D enviroment" thing around 20 years ago.


LSD is nowhere near as realistic or graphically advanced as this.


File: 1518366491072-0.jpg (130.77 KB, 1200x661, DVwIniSVwAA8Zam.jpg)

File: 1518366491072-1.png (1.43 MB, 1200x661, DVwrSoxV4AAU7f3.png)

File: 1518366491072-2.png (1.49 MB, 1200x661, DVxHsUIVoAAqGYq.png)

New artwork from the twitter


That Onsen is absolutely disgusting


I wish this new game was more like LSD


File: 1518369521226.gif (51.74 KB, 450x600, 38d41a50126bd0d7a1e9b8fede….gif)

You can't look at me with a straight face and tell me they're not pushing this in a horror direction.


File: 1518369674854.jpg (62.74 KB, 643x482, 1242690058731.jpg)


The first thing i saw when i opened twitter and i was terrified


Onsen is a cute looking character in the game, while this new thing is very ugly and gross. 0/10 would not hug


That thing looks more like a Majin Buu fetus than Onsen-san


i like it, i think the main problem is the veins though


Well this is the concept art, I hope it will look better in the game


What the hell is that, fetish art!?


Based on what we've seen so far, it'll look even worse than the concept art. Like a low res version or something. While the veins are a problem, the main issue I have with it is insistence on humanization. The original just has no arms, while this ,"interpretation", chooses to make it look like it's wearing a fleshy straight-jacket. Why? There's also the unnecessary fish face. YN did this really interesting thing where there was clear divide between three layers. Concrete beings, imaginary beings, and the environment. Mado and Poniko were sort of more concrete. They just felt more real. Most of everything else felt like it was on a, "lower plane of existence". They looked the part. They looked unreal within the game itself. That wouldn't be easy to do in 3-d, but it's possible if the devs are skilled.


File: 1518372248037.png (148.87 KB, 334x239, kyuu.png)

>I hope it will look better in the game


I'm going to be honest, I've always for some reason saw Onsen as a giant bird coming out of the hotsprings with a long neck and drilling its beak into the ground with two tongues or something. This new form of Onsen is a revelation for me that it could even be seen as a figure sitting down with a long braid or something and blue legs.




What kind of fetish art do you see? , like wtf



well, for starters, heavy bondage.


File: 1518375785026.jpg (331.67 KB, 900x599, the_legend_of_zelda___a_li….jpg)

I mean, I don't have a better answer than that's what it's always looked like to me. Sorta' like those people who saw Agahnim in Link to the Past as something else, I guess I've always just thought Onsen was a giant bird head with a long neck coming out of the hot spring.


What did you see the legs and torso as?


Wait, never, mind. I see it now. The beak is too blocky, but I get it.


Cool, i guess


The silent hill vibes there are undeniable. So it does seem that this game might have a darker tone. Which, honestly I don't mind as long as it's done well. Some of the screenshots do show there will be calmer areas.

I'm not sure about this redesign though, it really does feel too gross for the sake of it, even if Onsen is one of the most abstract designs.


Onsen looks like a Toriningen that got boiled and debeaked.


Actually in this case, the less detail on Onsen's model the better. The gross veins are just unnecessary.


The toriningen had normal boots on their concept art.


Well boiled chickens don't have feet either


At least Tokoto is still cute


File: 1518392088945.png (736.02 KB, 1293x1292, 1518214217261-1.png)

at least mado is still cute


I legitimately find her face cute here, like when you wake up from a nap and you don't even know what year is it.

But I also find a lot of weird shit cute so


File: 1518397782684-0.jpg (64.46 KB, 890x500, skirtduh (1).jpg)

File: 1518397782685-1.jpg (68.88 KB, 892x500, skirtduh (2).jpg)

God damn that skirt looks a bit too short.


It's long enough to hide her huge throbbing cock


How else will the player know how to get to the Dark World?


File: 1518404192395-0.jpg (170.51 KB, 1200x661, DVzXDvxVQAE9zoP.jpg)

File: 1518404192395-1.jpg (137.08 KB, 1604x899, 1516961484360.jpg)

Another new artwork.
Comparison with the version in game for reference.


Wait… Why is his coat black in the right picture? I hope to god it's just a lighting issue.


It's just the lighting. If you look close enough, you can see a slightly purple hue there.


File: 1518414381470.gif (1.64 MB, 400x300, 1508951053562.gif)

>tfw dream diary could have been weird 3d that's inherently spooky, just like the original is weird 2d that's inherently spooky
>instead it's a horror game setup just with some weird objects

These recent screenshots look better, but still not great. Not gonna get my hopes up, but I'll pirate it if nothing else.


>could have been weird 3d that's inherently spooky
That would require them to get more people who aren't fucking translators and know what they're doing.


File: 1518420263794.jpg (68.92 KB, 1200x663, DVywyjeXUAEYzoG.jpg)

But it is.
Look at the green light


File: 1518449629493-0.jpg (169.29 KB, 1200x661, DV0FvOJUQAAww5z.jpg)

File: 1518449629493-1.jpg (170.34 KB, 1200x661, DV02FGLV4AEmzwS.jpg)

File: 1518449629493-2.jpg (161.59 KB, 1200x661, DV2EjhLV4AADxze.jpg)

File: 1518449629493-3.jpg (50.69 KB, 1200x659, DV1ozauUQAEJOmN.jpg)

Stuff from the twitter.


File: 1518451580465.jpg (84.52 KB, 529x685, hallelujah__by_madaxer-d85….jpg)

Holy shit! They actually bothered showing an effect! What took them so long? It couldn't have been that hard.


in the gameplay screenshot?
weve always had the knife image and the lantern was already shown


The lantern effect? Where? Can you show me?


File: 1518453899547-0.png (1.9 MB, 1366x654, umbrella.png)

File: 1518453899547-1.jpg (140.82 KB, 1200x900, knife.jpg)

The umbrella was already in the official website even, and they are really pushing the knife

I'd like to see them ingame tho


File: 1518454259949.jpg (45.63 KB, 1616x908, lamp.jpg)

Here it is, the classic "holding" a lamp effect

With her hands


Thank you buddy for me showing me this, like i did see this screenshot but somehow i didnt see the lamp


>Madotsuki's head no longer becomes a lamp
>instead she is just holding it
Of all the thing we have seen yet this is the one that makes me the most mad.
Literally why? I can't imagine a single reasonable reason for this change.
They payed attention to little details like the texture on Madotsuki'bed and other stuff, why did feel the need to change this?


I think kikiyama wants this way


Well how else is she supposed to hold it? With her head?

That's too weird and surreal for dark and 2spoopy potential psychological horror-thriller goty 2018.

This is a very serious artistic game that's supposed to make you think, there's no place for ridiculous wacky antics that you'd only see in a dream.


File: 1518461152934-0.png (303.29 KB, 429x574, 5228.lying figure.png-610x….png)

File: 1518461152934-1.jpg (171.3 KB, 1920x1080, little-nightmares-the-dept….jpg)

File: 1518461152934-2.png (337.14 KB, 773x1200, Mannequin.png)


Onsen-san is LITERALLY the fucking Lying Figure/Armless Man/Fleshjacket enemy from SH2.

They're definitely going for a more horror route now, aren't they? The original YN was dark, but it's not a damn horror game. Only fucking casuals are gonna call it a horror game because they don't understand that there are other types of dark ambience and because Uboa weakly jumpscares you for all of two seconds.

I'm not sure if Kikiyama is deliberately playing to the "2spooky4me" crowd for cash or Kadokawa is grossly misunderstanding the original game and thinks straight SH-style nightmares are the easiest route to go on. The actual screenshot make the game's "side angle view" look a great deal like Little Nightmares as well, which it's probably gonna be a great deal more like due to switches and puzzles crap. LN was fine, but YN didn't have that in the original, it was just exploring the void. I'd say they're ripping off of it too, but I'm not sure if development times would match up.

Not to mention the fucking new mannequins in "sexy" poses. >>973 which SH popularized. And the newfound advance darkness of Mado's dreams that's absent from the original.

I'm worried they're going to try and play up the sexual elements too. Just to further emulate the popular cliche psychological horror games. The mannequins definitely do have a sexual component to them, and SH milks that for all it's worth because of James' sexual frustration and pretty much all future protagonists because they desperately want to get some. It's so bad that they're really low hanging fruit nowadays for horny horror symbolism. And then you have the new dickbutt monster >>938 which looks "normal surreal" in Kiki's apparently "original" concept art, but it's 3D model looks like the creators tried to make it look as sexual as possible (bent over, legs spread, head is a dripping/cumming penis) when the sketch is more childish and not nearly as perverted. To a lesser extent, Onsen also has a pretty obvious ahegao face going on.

Are they just mining the old /t/ boards for the edgiest shit they can find for the new game? God, I hope not. I'm worried they'll give us a story that reads like an average MADO WAS RAEP'D post like "Mado is trans and is bullied and molested by teen lesbian Monoe who is being molested by her piano teacher so she kills him but doesn't feel better so she kills herself and gives Mado her uterus and then Mado becomes a prostitute and is molested by a giant pink dick and a blue leg and gets pregnant with a deformed baby and considers molesting her bff Poniko who has split personality disorder and her other personality is a rapist" or some fucking stupid dumb shit like that.

YN had dark and sensual themes sure, but that's different from horror and sexual. Rape likely wouldn't even be a popular fan theory if it wasn't for perverts and memes. KyuuKyuu doesn't even look that much like a dick anyway, but since everyone is Freud, they took the first thing that looked only vaguely like a penis and said it meant rape. I really hope it doesn't try and be shock out edge like that.

If they wanted to make a horror game they ought to have done one for .flow or LISA. Not YN.


Oh no their are changing me game that isn't supposed to like the original game is getting change oh no…isn't like on their website they say this:
>This diverging follow-up combines influences from the original game and other recent indie juggernauts to create something wholly unique.
>oh no


I wonder where they're keeping good ol Masada.


Doesn't feel "wholly unique" at all. It's more like a smorgasbord of horror elements all thrown together in a world with overused darkness. Doesn't even feel like YN at all. I honestly will play it like as if it was a SH fangame.


Some people want this new game to be a copy and paste of the original, it can't be different it, must be the same but in 3D.
I'm not saying it looks good nor bad, but come on give the game a change, they are trying new things yet at same time keep the old stuff and that's great i guess.
Yeah it doesn't look unique but people need to look at the game say "yup that horror related with a little girl on it."


Nice essay.


God you're right, look at this wall of whining here >>1156

And christ the official description for Yume Nikki describes it as having a "dark atmosphere". It wasn't outright horror but this is a RE IMAGINING. Let it be different.


I'm more mad about the Lantern effect then I am Onsen-San.


The original game was plenty "dark" both thematically and in terms of areas, the style just had brighter colors in the darker areas. Take a look at Madotsuki's original apartment and you'll see in the background that it's night time. The only original areas that are noticeably more dark are the snow world (and we don't know if there are both night and day or if that's an intermediate area), and the inside of some buildings, which for Mado's apartment as said above is already in the night time anyway. The original game also had sexual aspects to it as you said, but your assertion that the new look for that new sketch looks sexual is purely the freudian perversion you're criticizing yourself. It has humanoid anatomical likeness because, guess what, the style of this different game is to be more realistic overall. It's legs are spread in the original sketch too, but you seemed to have conveniently ignored that. Remember the other original sketches and creatures from the original game that had white liquid pouring out of their heads? The pregnant looking creatures that conveniently fit perfectly with the severed floating heads in the white desert? This'll be a good time to say that the sexual interpretations of Yume Nikki aren't as baseless as the people that got older and are just tired of seeing it all the time would say. And the new mannequins don't look overly sexual either. Have you ever been to a department store? That's how they look because they're modeling a style. I'm getting really tired of the same old "the game is missing the point, it's too spooky!" argument when it's really only based on an interpretation of the lighting in the game without any gameplay to confirm it. Every trailer we've seen is more surreal or sad than scary. I'll give you that nu-onsen looks creepier, but that's it.


File: 1518463265384.png (1.43 KB, 92x66, Onsen-san__by_QueenKami.png)

In the end the changes the new game does take NOTHING away from the original. It doesn't matter if they add in a dragon that farts rainbows, it changes not a single thing from the original.

It's not a sequel, or a remake, it is a new take on the game by fans with an OK from the creator. I prefer how Onsen looks in the original but I don't mind this "creepy" new design because it's fun seeing how it got reinterpreted by another artist, which in fact is the whole magic of fanart.

Better concerns would be how they'll handle the soundtrack, the single most important thing, and how the effects will be interpreted.


File: 1518463628978.png (21.28 KB, 262x224, 8de.png)

People need to understand nothing stays the same forever, things will change, and the new game is giving a new look through different eyes.It's fine to give something a new face and will NOT damage what came previous.Plus not everybody knows yume nikki and/or have interest in playing it. I belive this game will combine both worlds: the people who know and like yume nikki and the people who don't know or like the original game.

AND it's ok to dislike things, everybody have different opnions but be open-minded just because things changes doesn't mean its bad.

ALSO the people behind the game they are fans of yume nikki.


File: 1518465780580.jpg (325.22 KB, 1829x1011, 070ba512b7bd925cb0f5250f13….jpg)


Of course i will buy this beautiful


Good for you then.


Look at you being sassy, aren't you proud?


File: 1518466019775.png (196.71 KB, 515x712, __jennifer_simpson_clock_t….png)

1.Nobody here has said that the game will definitely be bad. They have only given their thoughts on the screen caps and speculation about the game based off of what Kadokawa chooses to spotlight before the release.
2.Something isn't good just because it's a new, "interpretation". An interpretation can be good or bad. An interpretation speaks to the intent of the interpreter. Every interpretation leans in a more heavily horror direction than the original, so what that tells me is that the creators are pushing the whole thing in the horror direction. YN was not a horror game. Dark ≠ horror. The main point of yn was not to scare. This may not ultimately mean that the, "re-imagining, will be horror, but to me it says the the makers are either making things more conventional to make it more easily digestible, or they just prefer generic horror motifs. Either way, it is insulting to the original. It does not ruin the original obviously, but I am right to be offended by an insult. That is regardless of whether kiki approves or not. YN is not kikiyama.
>I belive this game will combine both worlds: the people who know and like yume nikki and the people who don't know or like the original game.
Fuck that. How would that be a good thing? People need to get the idea that a bigger community and larger reach and unity and all that shit is an inherently good thing. I'm looking forward to the game. I really am curious about how it will turn out, but I don't have high expectations.


>Something isn't good just because it's a new, "interpretation".

And who said that?

>Either way, it is insulting to the original.

Who are you to decide that? Just because you like the game? I didn't like the Manga but I wouldn't consider it an "insult". It didn't take away anything from the game.

>I'm allowed to be offended even if the creator isn't. I decide what is right for the game, nevermind what the creator thinks.


Anyone else notice that the Medamaude is on the chalk board here?


Dude i have been in so many fandoms and the bad parts of it , it's just a small part but people let the small and meaner part talk louder and the rest. And if you think yume nikki is this perfect little fandom you are wrong, so far from what i see people are elitist assholes (just like you, irony), they prefer for this game to die in a little circle of people and let other people enjoy it.

And people have said this game looks game, its trash, they only doing for the cash that they don't care, shit like that.

Everybody says horror because nobody is going to say "Ah yes this new yume nikki dream diary game thing is psychological thriller/suspense game , mmmh yes"


Not medamaude, it's a Hindu symbol of sorts thats significance I don't remember


File: 1518467007296.jpg (61.92 KB, 426x640, image.jpg)

That's the Hamsa, it's a Middle Eastern symbol used to ward off evil, it's literally the Medamaude (Eye hand).


Where did you get this pic?


Plus thake that stick that you have up your arse out , and grow up, if little things like the new game offendeds you so much get the fuck out the internet. Kikiyama want this game to be this game, yume nikki belongs to them ,they hold the rights to the game , so kadokawa can't do anything to yume nikki without "kiki" permission. SO you should hate kikiyama i guess.




>And who said that?
>Oh no their are changing me game that isn't supposed to like the original game is getting change oh no
>the new game is giving a new look through different eyes
>It's not a sequel, or a remake, it is a new take on the game by fans with an OK from the creator. I prefer how Onsen looks in the original but I don't mind this "creepy" new design because it's fun seeing how it got reinterpreted by another artist, which in fact is the whole magic of fanart.
It's kind of heavily implied by all of the above.
>Who are you to decide that? Just because you like the game?
Disliking it is a personal thing. It's insulting to my view of the game, and a lot of other people's. That's my right to feel and express the reasoning for.
Why do you write like a kid? More people is not necessarily better. That's all I said. If people want to play yn, I don't care. I never said I wanted the community to stay tiny. Larger just isn't better because it's larger. In your case I'd prefer to understand the people I talk to.
>offendeds you so much get the fuck out the internet.
What's so much? I'm not losing any sleep over this.
>Kikiyama want this game to be this game
How do you know they would make it the same way? Approval of is not the same thing. It's extremely vague what sort of working relationship kadokawa has with kikiyama, so don't pretend like you know any better.
>they hold the rights to the game
When did I say they didn't?


Why is it okay for you to have an opinion but not others?


Literally where did I say that? Strawmanning the thread. I don't disagree with people's reason for having an opinion, I disagree with the opinion itself, and I have reasons for that.


/yndd/ is my favorite interactive soap opera.


> I don't care. I never said I ?wanted the community to stay tiny. Larger just isn't better because it's larger
Excuse me,what???


First of all, I don't think this game will actually bring it that many people, second of all, is that really too hard for you to wrap your head around?


Oh no it is not that, i just find it really odd the reason this person have to hate the ideia of a larger community


>Kikiyama wants it this way

Pick one


File: 1518472892720-0.png (48.25 KB, 660x523, dream.png)

File: 1518472892720-1.png (44.86 KB, 660x523, awake.png)

>Take a look at Madotsuki's original apartment and you'll see in the background that it's night time.
Not all the time.


File: 1518475352574-0.png (12.18 KB, 640x240, first balcony parallax bac….png)

File: 1518475352574-1.png (26.67 KB, 640x240, second balcony parallax ba….png)

File: 1518475352574-2.png (51.54 KB, 640x288, first dream balcony parall….png)

File: 1518475352575-3.png (26.68 KB, 640x240, second dream balcony paral….png)

At least post the correct screenshot, the one you posted is from the dream world, Which it's just a negative version of the daylight one.


Or you could try reading the filenames.


one good thing I can say about yndd is that it's making me appreciate the original all the more


>Just gonna' play the game when it comes out and evaluate my feelings then rather than preemptively decide how something makes me feel second hand.

Love it or hate it, the game's not that far off from release and I think coming to conclusions from the idea of things in your head is just going to alter how you perceive actually experiencing whatever.


File: 1518511837771.gif (55.62 KB, 540x480, dff.gif)

A majority of the areas in the original most certainly were quite dark colour palette wise. Just made the lighter ones stand out more. It doesn't even seem like they've shown too many screenshots of these places; we've got the pink sea and Poniko's room, but off the top of my head also the white desert, Masada's ship, Mars, the snow world, the mall's rooftop, the wilderness, the FC world, Madotsuki's own room and the balcony, sometimes.

Somehow, it feels like even .flow had a lighter colour palette. Maybe because of all the blaringly white hospitals.

Speaking of which, I wonder what they've done about the witch effect and the rooftop event. Sure was one of the cheerier parts of the original.

It's good to be positive in some way at least.


No one pointed this out but they actually made the Barracks settlement LIGHTER.


File: 1518529094406.jpg (163.91 KB, 1200x661, DV5s9nTVQAAbz5L.jpg)


File: 1518539875908.jpg (251.66 KB, 480x480, 1450472316899.jpg)

This actually bothers me. I really love the Barracks in YN, because it conveys a dreadful feeling of loneliness and isolation, at least for me. In the screenshot we've seen, >>1168 , it looks way too bright and basically just a normal village with some weird hole-people in it.


looks good to me, its just too populated


I get your point but to be fair it was the music in particular that hammered that in. The soundtrack is what is going to make or break this game.


The prevalence of these little guys and other shadowy creatures in all the urban areas gives me Spirited Away vibes.


File: 1518543468666.jpg (228.87 KB, 1827x1033, 010.jpg)

I really like how these dudes look, it's like they're made of clay. I hope there's more bizarre looking creatures like them


I dunno, the orange dusk-like tint and long shadows give it quite an ominous vibe. Like a place that's been abandoned and left to fall apart.


You are probably absolutely right.


To me it wasn't that much about the loneliness but about the implied depravity and misery, I guess. I also always for some reason thought they looked more like people in cloths with hoods than needle-heads. But oh well


File: 1518551363035-0.jpg (210.84 KB, 640x480, Barracks.jpg)

File: 1518551363035-1.png (286.77 KB, 640x480, Yume Nikki_ BGM_017 - Barr….png)

I once thought those were hoods too, but if you look at them moving you can clearly see through their heads, they got this right.

You can see it better in game


The fear of drawing in a larger fanbase isn't that unusual imo. I mean, sure, if they're well behaved, but Steam and Tumblr attract LP'ers and LP'ers bring in their cancerous fanbases.
YN might still be a good game, but if it gets so bogged down with all sorts of bullshit faggotry there's no way in hell I'm gonna associate myself with it anymore. It might still be a nice game, but would YOU admit to being a big fan of it if, say, one day PewDiePie or some other asshole plays it and makes a joke about Mado having a scat fetish because of the poop hair effect, and overnight a bunch of dumb teenagers catch on to it, draw tons of fanart of Mado shitting herself, set up hundred of threads joking about Mado shitting herself, making Mado shitting herself a new meme, and eventually you can't even look up Yume Nikki with the third result being "Madotsuki shits herself like a naughty little girl uwu" would YOU want to tell someone you like the game? Albeit that's unrealistic, but it's sadly not impossible.
Undertale was a pretty decent game until Sansfaggotry and "you're going have a bad time" and midi Megalovania remixes really ruined it for me. Is it a bad game? Not really, but I'm not going to go out and tell people I like it because I'm sick to death of Sans jokes and cancer and I do not in any way to be associated with that. FNAF was a good game too, until Lets Plays ruined that. Nowadays it's pretty much become synonymous with Baby's First Horror game because it has a fanbase of five year olds. That and furries who want to unironically bone heavy machinery.
I'd be crushed if something like that happened to YN. Tumblr is already bad, but with YNDD injecting new life into it, the fandom there is starting to become worse and worse. And with more people playing it, there's no telling how it could degenerate and spread. What if it ends up one day where Uboachan is spammed to death by a bunch of Masada/Shitai-san shipping yaoi fangirls who identify as Dave Spectorkin who have invented this really disgusting name for themselves like 'Nikkiheads' or some shit and force it upon the whole fandom, who are into Doctor Who/Sherlock/Supernatural. Fake fans who see it as a meme, treat it as a meme, pervert it and leave it for dead when it becomes too ugly for even them. No one wants that.

Before you say this is 'stupid' or 'unrealistic' or 'YN is too old for anything like that' I have six words for you.
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic


That was the most terrifying thing I've read all day


I'm pretty sure that nobody will really play this game asides from people who are fans of the original. To people who don't know about Yume Nikki, this just looks like another shitty 3d indie game of which there are thousands. And it might end up being one, we'll see.


This is stupid. I don't go around saying I like Yume Nikki. I don't even go around saying I like games.

If I meet someone that says they like YN, and I like that person, then I will tell them I like it too. If I want to connect with someone, I will tell them what I like and I don't like. It's not a greeting, not a business card, it's something you talk about after a while.

And community sites like this work exactly the same way. You see the people around you, and you decide if you want to participate or not.

No one is gonna think you are stupid for liking MLP, but they are gonna think you are stupid if that's the first thing that comes out of your mouth, you bring it up when it's not relevant, or, in general, if you act stupidly about it.


>El nuevo Madotsuki se ve tan feo como un burro. ¿Quién en su sano juicio jugaría este juego de mierda?

>Oh no, no dijiste eso sobre mi nueva esposa perra. Puta fea, debería joder a tu marido por esto.

>Bien, puta fea, porque ya te jodí la tuya y estoy cargando a sus hijos. Y no voy a exponerlos a la basura de juegos de mierda como algunas personas.

>Oh, sí, ¿adivinen con quién me he comprometido? ¿Es esa una forma de hablar con … tu madre?


Will Consuela ever admit her shit taste? What will Lupita name her new child? Find out next week on 'The Yume and the Uboachan; All My Nikkis'


>one day PewDiePie or some other asshole plays it and makes a joke about Mado having a scat fetish because of the poop hair effect, and overnight a bunch of dumb teenagers catch on to it, draw tons of fanart of Mado shitting herself, set up hundred of threads joking about Mado shitting herself, making Mado shitting herself a new meme

This would be so hot, I'd be very glad if this happened.


You can't really control where a fandom will go. And there is already art of everything you described for Yume Nikki too, but it's important to recognize that's just a part of the fanbase. Undertale had a feel-good story as well as a depressing one, and some meta "what is a video game" stuff that appealed to a lot of people. Unfortunately, anything popular is going to have this phenomenon of attracting people you don't identify with, even if the base material is good. There's no point gatekeeping, we just gotta hope the new game is as good as it promises.

So is Kiki confirmed alive? He updated his website for the new game?


File: 1518553755113.png (119.49 KB, 400x306, pew.png)

Pewdiepie played A LOT of games and nothing happened.
It takes a lot of attention and dumb people to completely shit on a fandom, and aside from dedicated sites nobody really cares about this game.


>So is Kiki confirmed alive? He updated his website for the new game?
Yes and yes. He added the new game's logo with a link to its page:

It's pretty much confirmed that everything we've been hearing is the truth, and Kikiyama is alive and well.


>Pewdiepie played A LOT of games and nothing happened.

I'm not sure how true that is because, even though those are smaller indie horror games, you really don't see anyone talking about any of them anymore. I feel like him playing these games actually drove away people who might be interested in them.

Markiplier on the other hand I think can ruin shit. I'm pretty sure it was him who ruined FNAF, and I also think he caused BATIM to acquire a degenerate cancer fanbase shortly after it's creation (not that BATIM is really that good a game to start with. The concept is kinda weak and cliche, but I thought he was first on the scene and is now the reason that it's got such a huge backing of tumblr babies.)


I know it was already asked, but where'd you find this pic at?



Ten days, huh? Wonder what else will they show.


>even though those are smaller indie horror games, you really don't see anyone talking about any of them anymore. I feel like him playing these games actually drove away people who might be interested in them.

Or it's because they're small indie games that are old?


>What if it ends up one day where Uboachan is spammed to death by a bunch of Masada/Shitai-san shipping yaoi fangirls
You really don't remember how things were back on 2011 or earlier, don't you?



even the most cancerous corner of yume nikki fanbase is beautiful. you cant prove me wrong AT ALL.

you can make the worst tumblrized version of them, the fangames and whatever and will still be beautiful.

you can literally ship a yaoi dogboa with a pink puddle and will still be beautiful.

no one can do wrong to yume nikki.


I hope they show an actual goddamn trailer with gameplay before release.
Bonus if it uses music from the actual game, since like other anons said before that will be one of the main deal breaker for the game.


Undertale was mediocre gameplay wise. It also looks like shit.




Second this.
The music were goood thought.


This isn't an Undertale thread.


On a somewhat related side note, do you think that this game would ever be ported to consoles? Personally, I think it's possible that it could happen, but I don't think it's very likely.


Considering this is made by a really small team, and that it's their second project, it would need to sell really well for that to happen. Personally, I don't see it happening.


File: 1518684808356-0.jpg (459.01 KB, 2047x1127, train1.jpg)

File: 1518684808356-1.jpg (106.19 KB, 1821x987, train2.jpg)

Concept art of one of the train dudes.
Once again, the in game model has way less detail


File: 1518696551903.png (665.58 KB, 1134x403, DWEj-jXUMAAlW0L.png)

They just posted a height chart



Honestly I think this is a good thing. Onsen-san could look a lot better.


I can hardly see anything!! So dark


I don't know if i'll feel bad when I kill any of those things.


I'm both excited about and dreading how they'll adapt the stabbing room.


Looking at Onsen-san killing them would be merciful.


File: 1518707622865.jpg (38.83 KB, 250x250, 250.jpg)

Well now we pretty much know the girls' ages compared to each other


How?? There's literally nothing that tells their age in the image. You mean you've made assumptions on their age, we don't know anything.


All we know is Monoko and MAYBE Madotsuki are younger than Poniko and Monoe. Not that it matters because it's all a dream anyway.


yeah, it obviously doesnt say
on it but it gives some pretty interesting insight on the reimagining. its a fictitious dream world, so these people arent naturally varying in height- they were drawn that way by artists with something in mind.
for example, the heights of poniko and monoe make them appear the same age, maybe high schoolers. madotsuki looks younger, maybe early high school or late middle school, while monoko is even younger than that.
the o-man is tall and looks like an adult, which makes sense since he seems like a psychiatrist or psychologist.
the height of the toriningens is interesting as well, as this line of reasoning implies that theyre adults rather than madotsukis age.
seeing a height comparison picture definitely gives something new to think about when the 4 girls were all sprites of the same heights in the original


I think the YNDD will have a more concrete 'plot' compared to YN. The character's roles will be more clearly defined, and extend beyond their gimmicks like in Monoe's case.


definitely correct, but im not sure how to feel about it
on one hand, emphasizing fan favorite characters can make people happy because it gives the characters more action, but on the other, not having that much elaboration is what made them fun to begin with.
either way has its pros and cons, just gotta hope they execute it right
god i hope they do


It doesn't matter who or what gets elaborated on because in the end this game is essentially a fancy fanwork with the creator's OK, just like the manga or light novel.


right again, but i guess i meant people will get upset no matter what happens
excited to see this interpretation


>in the end this game is essentially a fancy fanwork with the creator's OK, just like the manga or light novel.

You sure are persistent


Unless kikyama is making it and not just being consulted, it is a fanwork. Zun helps with a lot of touhou fanworks, but they're still fanworks.


File: 1518745910241.jpg (581.93 KB, 1000x700, 44478899_p0.jpg)

This. Gensou Mahjong literally features ZUN, he even composed music for it, and it's still pure fanwank shit.
Not that kiki giving the okay for stuff like the mannequins makes me feel any better though.


If you don't understand the "under supervision and with the *full cooperation* " line by now I don't know what to tell you.


What do you think full cooperation means?


That Kikiyama was actively developing the game alongside AGM and Kadokawa, what cooperation usually means.


How do you define actively? If kikyama is neither making the concept art, nor making the 3d-graphics, nor programming it, it's not their game. Cooperation in this case usually means with their permission. You don't know anything about the working relationship. From the limited information we have, it's a fan work. How is it any different from my 2hu example? Becuase a company is doing it?


Do you know whether Kikiyama can program this specific type of game, or whether he has skills in 3D? He obviously has minimal illustrative skills in the least, so of course he wouldn't be doing drawn concepts meant to be detailed for a game trying to bring Yume Nikki into a more modern medium. You're correct that we have minimal information, but everything we do know about this situation actually leans more towards that this is official than fanwork with the insistence on Kikiyama's involvement, cooperation with him, old sketches being utilized, etc., but because it's a different sort of game and not a direct sequel/prequel/whatever and because you're apprehensive about the changes, you all are consistently trying to separate it from anything official as much as possible.


Even if you assume than they dont know how to do any of those tasks, they could still be a co-director or game designer or writer or anything more than just a supervisor, otherwise the "full cooperation" line that they are showing everywhere would be a lie and we go back to the scam theory.

Also this isn't some unrelated mahjong game or fighting game, this is a full reimagining of the game with original content cut from the first game.


It wouldn't be a lie. Full cooperation is a pretty meaningless statement by itself. The idea that this could even be considered an, "official",yume nikki product seems ridiculous to me. I can't even wrap my head around it.


Full cooperation has some pretty specific connotations that I feel like are being purposely ignored here


Did you idiots all ignore the thread that fully describes that this game was made by less than 10 dedicated fans, who kept in contact with Kikiyama through email to discuss what they're doing?


Nothing there was wrong. The manga and light novel were also 'official', and they were still alternate interpretations. None of you remember that Kikiyama was also said to have given approval to the manga?


File: 1518787452288.jpg (158.83 KB, 1280x1706, 20180124-9330.jpg)

What we actually know for sure is (from the other thread)
>The game is being developed primarily by Active Gaming Media Inc. with heavy supervision and support by Kikiyama.
>Kikiyama is properly on board with the project, he worked as a designer on the project and personally signed off on everything he chose for them to move forward with on the project and contributed ideas and scrapped ideas for the original for things to be added to it(pic related). Everything has gone through and been approved by Kikiyama for this project.
>Direct quote from one of the developers "Kikiyama was involved in the design and in decisions pertaining to the game's development, and nothing is being done without their approval."

I mean, it doesn't necessary mean that this game is gonna represent his original vision for the original game, but still.

But enough about that, new trailer dropped


It's hard to say anything with certainty still. We know Kikiyama's involved somehow, we know they've given their blessing, but it's hard to say what that means, because as it's been said, the manga was also made with Kikiyama's approval, so who knows how rigid or not Kikiyama is with the idea of canon.

They've contributed and scrapped ideas, so I would say it's more involved than the manga, but how much we can't be sure. Kikiyama isn't at the studio making the game, anyway, but it sounds like they made some things for the game.

Full cooperation can mean a lot of things. "We've given the police our full cooperation during this investigation". Meaning, anything the dev team asks Kikiyama, they might be willing to answer, or it could be things like "can we make Poniko taller" and Kikiyama saying "sure, I'll let you do that" "thanks for cooperating with us". It's easy to exaggerate and say "oh every single thing was approved by Kikiyama", when they could just give them the game Kadokawa's making, and wait for a thumbs up or a thumbs down on any questions they have.

Also, the most important thing- the game is described as a Reimagining, so it's not meant to be exactly like the original.

I lean towards glorified fanwork myself (like the ZUN examples), at least unless we get more information.


>i don't want to associate with a game that's enjoyed by an audience i don't like
I can't really get into this shit. I'm going to stand with YN until the end because it's so much more than just something to enjoy because it's not tainted. The game means a lot to me and I'm going to stick by it.



Yeah, I really don't get why people are being gatekeepers.

I mean, sure, I understand not wanting people in the fan base who are like "omg the pattern on nikki's shirt looks like the floor of a pizza place. Madotsuki is from fnaf, guys, I solves the mystery! Lol XD!"

People just have to understand that all fandoms have people like that, and even though they could give the fandom a bad reputation, it's not like those people would change the quality of the original game.

Yume Nikki would still be Yume Nikki. It wouldn't really matter if the fan base has a lot of cancerous people. Yume Nikki would still be a good game. It would still be special. The game would still have a place in our hearts.



Duh! You buffoon!

We all know Madotsuki's pattern is the 90's Cartoon Network logo.


I really hope after the game release they also release all of the original concept art from Kikiyama, so we can see what he wanted to insert in the original game but didn't because of reasons.

I always thought it was meant to be a window, because of her name.



Final proof that, sometimes, stuff that looks fine in 2d looks shit in 3d. Like those shadow people, rendered in 3d space they look just dumb.


Nah you could probably manage. It's just about making them look right. They look a little too fat and they lose some of their mysticality and just kind of look oafish now. Rework the design and I think they'd be fine.


File: 1518878042404-0.jpg (81.62 KB, 1200x661, DWE6K4qUQAAhMLX.jpg)

File: 1518878042404-1.jpg (83.31 KB, 1200x661, DWN2tk-UQAAcFgF.jpg)

File: 1518878042404-2.jpg (89.9 KB, 1200x661, DWPfSOcVoAAOWGH.jpg)

File: 1518878042404-3.jpg (86.22 KB, 1200x661, DWO-BQYUMAAqRmL.jpg)


That's all the Toriningen in 1
Can't bother making all 3 I assume


File: 1518881318164.jpg (22.13 KB, 1200x663, DV6fUNQUQAEauu_.jpg)


Not dark enough.


File: 1518882179731.png (2.39 KB, 1200x663, .....png)



Yeah man, it's not like the original was a pitch black background with no lights and with realistic lighting would look dark.

Oh wait


Nah, the devs probably have a pigtail fetish.

Pigtail Tori is surprisingly popular in the Japanese fandom. Dunno why. She looks like bird!Asuka maybe?


File: 1518983628829.jpg (73.7 KB, 970x545, DWVF47HVAAEcWUb.jpg)



File: 1518983858358.png (222.94 KB, 496x384, 1516827720383.png)

Is that picture really from them? holy shit


File: 1518983986870.jpg (22.12 KB, 331x260, DEhW8s9XkAMEtU1.jpg large.jpg)


File: 1518984371145.png (506.74 KB, 964x616, Cattura.PNG)

It actually is.
I don't know anymore.


File: 1519017729080.png (270.66 KB, 582x476, screenshot_24561561.png)




Are they doing a Mac-Book giveaway campaign in Japan or something?


what the fuck
the advertising for this project is weird as hell


File: 1519061634589.jpg (39.17 KB, 500x364, 5c8.jpg)

Do you think kadokawa can do the advertising well, they only know the sweet money that they will get in the future


i honestly wouldnt even consider it bad, its just odd
it works i guess though


The TV one is definitely pretty weird but the "RT and follow pls and get a present!" thing is fairly common in Japan (It could be in the west too but I honestly don't care).




I don't know if I should call that genius, or just dumb.


RT giveaways usually give you a copy of the game it's promoting, not something completely unrelated.
I mean yeah it's a PC game but damn


File: 1519082293049.gif (4.76 MB, 369x464, yndd6.gif)

the way this twitter account is managed is kind of off to me


File: 1519139287157.jpg (74.72 KB, 1843x1031, 1f3ca255b7e8e20cdb0e64ec4f….jpg)

New pic from the steam page


File: 1519145143922.png (549.88 KB, 1024x984, 1517592887102.png)

>Madostuki finds a macbook in her dreams
>she opens it, smiles and says "Wow Apple products are so great, I sure love Apple brand Mac Books!"
>Macbook commercial plays
>after 30 secs game continues as if nothing happened


nice, wonder what number world looks like
excited for neon world too


File: 1519149106562.jpg (35.04 KB, 1024x768, DV-us23XcAAPcH3.jpg)

If(in alternative universe)that happens i wouldn't be suprised.


>She has finally done it
>The Nexus is filled, but in return she feels empty
>There's nothing else to look forward to
>Her dreams now are as dull as the world outside
>Mado opens her eyes to the familiar test card
>Only one thing left to do
>The wind playing with her hair
>Looking down, the thing she can see is the abyss
>She embraces it


>Mado opens her eyes to an unfamiliar place

>One that she's seen yet she vaguely remembers
>With renewed strength, she stands up and walks to the horizon
>But not before thanking her savior
>The NEW MacBook™ PC, available at only 214999 yen
>"I love you MacBook™, and the iPhone™ and iPad™ too" she whispers…
>Cuts to black



File: 1519229779244.jpg (178.07 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20180221_110439.jpg)

Ok, so I'm not sure if this image has been posted yet, but they posted this image on Twitter.

I realize it's just drawn art, and not a 3D model or anything like that, but does anyone else think Madotsuki looks younger in this piece of art?

Her shirt looks like it's too big for her. I mean, look at the sleeves for a moment. It looks like her sleeves are too long, and extend past her hands. Because of that, it seems like she is holding the knife through her sleeve, if that makes sense.

She looks shorter and a bit more thin than other art.

And, please correct me if I'm wrong, but her pigtails also seem shorter.

So, I have some theories.

Theory number 1: It's showcasing the midget effect.

Theory number 2: It's hinting that at some point in the game, Madotsuki becomes younger, and maybe the dream world becomes more weird as a result.


looks fine to me
she does look a little short, yeah, but nothing too major that would hint at any large gameplay changes. very likely just the art
also, since she has the knife, the midget effect theory would imply multiple theories at once, which i dont think would happen


Different artists draw the same characters differently. Looks to me like this artist's rendition of Mado is just like that and that you're looking too deep onto it.
I may be wrong but we'll know in 2 days.


It's just artistic liberties to show the vastness of the sky. And for me the clothes fit well.
Also for the first theory I think they would have made the possibility to have 2 effects more obvious, assuming that the midget effect is even in the game.


File: 1519233118138.png (140.06 KB, 93x377, madotsuki.png)

There's been a variety of artists working on the project like >>1502 said. Character artist, environmental artists, and the original poster artist, to name three of them (though I'm not positive they're different people). It looks to me more like they're showing off the knife more than anything.

Sometimes she has white socks (like this picture), sometimes she has dark socks, take the concept art with a grain of salt.


It's not THAT weird honestly, there might be people with PCs who can't run it, which makes sense since Japan uses a lot of old laptops or PCs.



File: 1519237941062-0.jpg (157.54 KB, 774x979, DWkbZyUVoAEoTlZ.jpg)

File: 1519237941062-1.jpg (278 KB, 1400x940, DWkbZyPVQAIFLsm.jpg)

File: 1519237941062-2.jpg (344.83 KB, 1646x917, DWkbZymVoAA0WhM.jpg)

File: 1519237941062-3.jpg (287.95 KB, 1594x910, DWkbZyWUMAEeQM0.jpg)

It was obvious since they showed the TV, but still nice to see it.


>inb4 nasu ends being more fun than the game


Is that a puzzle of some kind in the Wilderness in the third pic?


NASU looks so cool! Also, what's that blue creature in Mural World? And inventory??


>Buys new game
>Loads up new game
>Only plays Nasu



Can someone translate the text? It seems like it could say something interesting.


File: 1519258395640.png (309.55 KB, 884x978, Cattura.PNG)

>they didn't even bother to change the "days"

Anyway, 1days left guys.


File: 1519260326410.jpg (100.15 KB, 1200x661, DWmaFfJVQAA9Rha.jpg)


Second this, the twitter says it has dev interviews so it'd be really nice to have


Currently translating it, give me a few minutes, I'm trying to catch a few kanji that are too small. Also, don't expect me to translate the second pic because it's practically unreadable with that hazard cropping.


File: 1519264917163.png (896.77 KB, 960x813, SPOILER.png)


File: 1519265350168.png (1.01 MB, 720x1184, Capture_2018-02-21-17-07-4….png)

This is all you need to know


File: 1519265925367.png (127.92 KB, 581x443, 2 chong for me.png)


File: 1519266072311.png (1.05 MB, 774x979, 0.png)

First image.

The second says basically that it will sell on steam.


>Though movement is limited, it is only intended to familiarize yourself with the operation and controls of the game
>Her circumstances remain completely unknown

Some good signs based on recent complaints


Oh nice, thank you


good work, anon
so those screenshots are just part of an opening segment to introduce controls? interesting..
it sounds like that final opening scene will involve mado finding something familiar in the playground. with how much theyre pushing it, maybe she finds the knife effect there or something? who knows, but its weird that they gave this game an actual opening sequence


I cant believe that Kikiyama is not a 8 year old loli girl what is this


File: 1519269478091.jpg (483.13 KB, 1646x917, 1.jpg)

A fuck I didn't proofread and closed the editor already.
Well, here's the edited text:

This work is basically laid out around six worlds. I will try to introduce one of the those coming on the next playable version. This desolate world where strange plants resembling mainspring are growing everywhere can be reached by taking a "train", which makes you able to go and come from many different areas. Among those, there's one that looks like a ghost town, where mysterious creatures who raise their voices in dreadful groans loiter around. "What would happen If you got caught by them?", "How can you calm them down and make them quiet?" They were conceived to be gameplay elements with those ideas in mind.

The place just after crossing the door. For some reason, some symbolic stone objects are lined up there.

All creatures you meet on the town, or inside the train, have a vaguely human appearance. Even if you try talking with them, they won't reply in any normal way.
While on one hand it feels eerie, the thinness of the nature of their relationship with the character and their comfortable attitude makes these areas feel more relaxing.

We've been told this is "A favorite character that was almost discarded", we're sure fans will appreciate it.


>screenshot notification at the bottom of the third image



File: 1519274911746.jpg (415.9 KB, 1594x910, 2.jpg)

Yeah, it meant the blood.
You're not the only one that cringed at that.

Also, a note on this "year's first dream good omen" thing. Traditionally, the contents of such a dream would foretell the luck of the dreamer in the ensuing year. What exactly they tried to mean, I don't know, but that's literally what it says. I'm tired anyway, could be anything.


>Six worlds
There seems to be more than 6 locations, maybe they're talking about 6 basic and then deeper worlds?

Anyway, I think all the locations we have right now are:
Mural World
Snow World (and Pink Sea)
Wasteland (and Barracks)

Surely Sky Garden and the Forest considering the screenshots of the cliff with the Maussan Bros and the Endless Road

And maybe the Number World if Kyuukyuu's stairs are connected correctly and Hell if the Henkei Shita is there, but with the Mono girls outside the White Desert you never know.

I hope this is a decently long game.


File: 1519310842716-0.jpg (548.36 KB, 1210x1498, tumblr_p4iccyNy2W1vsb5ezo1….jpg)

File: 1519310842716-1.jpg (489.94 KB, 1210x1498, tumblr_p4iccyNy2W1vsb5ezo3….jpg)

Can someone translate the white bottom parts, im really curious about it.


File: 1519315732348-0.jpg (125.96 KB, 1657x1035, DWpDWxVV4AEX0oK.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1519315732348-1.jpg (217.21 KB, 1366x768, DWpUTK1V4AIpEKR.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1519315732348-2.jpg (234.71 KB, 1366x768, DWpedeDVAAAiKL3.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1519315732348-3.jpg (61 KB, 1366x768, DWpelz-VoAU4Pae.jpg large.jpg)

toriningen party reveal


Plot Twist:
It was Madotsuki, who prepared the party for the Toriningens.


Who are those people


The article may say who are these people but i dont know japanese.


Lol, you were wrong fucker. The room is dark as fuck even when the lights are on.



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