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/yndd/ - Yume Nikki - Dream Diary

New board for the 2018 game.
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You can find the rest of them here. http://www.4gamer.net/games/407/G040781/20180209031/
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Are they doing a Mac-Book giveaway campaign in Japan or something?


what the fuck
the advertising for this project is weird as hell


File: 1519061634589.jpg (39.17 KB, 500x364, 5c8.jpg)

Do you think kadokawa can do the advertising well, they only know the sweet money that they will get in the future


i honestly wouldnt even consider it bad, its just odd
it works i guess though


The TV one is definitely pretty weird but the "RT and follow pls and get a present!" thing is fairly common in Japan (It could be in the west too but I honestly don't care).




I don't know if I should call that genius, or just dumb.


RT giveaways usually give you a copy of the game it's promoting, not something completely unrelated.
I mean yeah it's a PC game but damn


File: 1519082293049.gif (4.76 MB, 369x464, yndd6.gif)

the way this twitter account is managed is kind of off to me


File: 1519139287157.jpg (74.72 KB, 1843x1031, 1f3ca255b7e8e20cdb0e64ec4f….jpg)

New pic from the steam page


File: 1519145143922.png (549.88 KB, 1024x984, 1517592887102.png)

>Madostuki finds a macbook in her dreams
>she opens it, smiles and says "Wow Apple products are so great, I sure love Apple brand Mac Books!"
>Macbook commercial plays
>after 30 secs game continues as if nothing happened


nice, wonder what number world looks like
excited for neon world too


File: 1519149106562.jpg (35.04 KB, 1024x768, DV-us23XcAAPcH3.jpg)

If(in alternative universe)that happens i wouldn't be suprised.


>She has finally done it
>The Nexus is filled, but in return she feels empty
>There's nothing else to look forward to
>Her dreams now are as dull as the world outside
>Mado opens her eyes to the familiar test card
>Only one thing left to do
>The wind playing with her hair
>Looking down, the thing she can see is the abyss
>She embraces it


>Mado opens her eyes to an unfamiliar place

>One that she's seen yet she vaguely remembers
>With renewed strength, she stands up and walks to the horizon
>But not before thanking her savior
>The NEW MacBook™ PC, available at only 214999 yen
>"I love you MacBook™, and the iPhone™ and iPad™ too" she whispers…
>Cuts to black



File: 1519229779244.jpg (178.07 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20180221_110439.jpg)

Ok, so I'm not sure if this image has been posted yet, but they posted this image on Twitter.

I realize it's just drawn art, and not a 3D model or anything like that, but does anyone else think Madotsuki looks younger in this piece of art?

Her shirt looks like it's too big for her. I mean, look at the sleeves for a moment. It looks like her sleeves are too long, and extend past her hands. Because of that, it seems like she is holding the knife through her sleeve, if that makes sense.

She looks shorter and a bit more thin than other art.

And, please correct me if I'm wrong, but her pigtails also seem shorter.

So, I have some theories.

Theory number 1: It's showcasing the midget effect.

Theory number 2: It's hinting that at some point in the game, Madotsuki becomes younger, and maybe the dream world becomes more weird as a result.


looks fine to me
she does look a little short, yeah, but nothing too major that would hint at any large gameplay changes. very likely just the art
also, since she has the knife, the midget effect theory would imply multiple theories at once, which i dont think would happen


Different artists draw the same characters differently. Looks to me like this artist's rendition of Mado is just like that and that you're looking too deep onto it.
I may be wrong but we'll know in 2 days.


It's just artistic liberties to show the vastness of the sky. And for me the clothes fit well.
Also for the first theory I think they would have made the possibility to have 2 effects more obvious, assuming that the midget effect is even in the game.


File: 1519233118138.png (140.06 KB, 93x377, madotsuki.png)

There's been a variety of artists working on the project like >>1502 said. Character artist, environmental artists, and the original poster artist, to name three of them (though I'm not positive they're different people). It looks to me more like they're showing off the knife more than anything.

Sometimes she has white socks (like this picture), sometimes she has dark socks, take the concept art with a grain of salt.


It's not THAT weird honestly, there might be people with PCs who can't run it, which makes sense since Japan uses a lot of old laptops or PCs.



File: 1519237941062-0.jpg (157.54 KB, 774x979, DWkbZyUVoAEoTlZ.jpg)

File: 1519237941062-1.jpg (278 KB, 1400x940, DWkbZyPVQAIFLsm.jpg)

File: 1519237941062-2.jpg (344.83 KB, 1646x917, DWkbZymVoAA0WhM.jpg)

File: 1519237941062-3.jpg (287.95 KB, 1594x910, DWkbZyWUMAEeQM0.jpg)

It was obvious since they showed the TV, but still nice to see it.


>inb4 nasu ends being more fun than the game


Is that a puzzle of some kind in the Wilderness in the third pic?


NASU looks so cool! Also, what's that blue creature in Mural World? And inventory??


>Buys new game
>Loads up new game
>Only plays Nasu



Can someone translate the text? It seems like it could say something interesting.


File: 1519258395640.png (309.55 KB, 884x978, Cattura.PNG)

>they didn't even bother to change the "days"

Anyway, 1days left guys.


File: 1519260326410.jpg (100.15 KB, 1200x661, DWmaFfJVQAA9Rha.jpg)


Second this, the twitter says it has dev interviews so it'd be really nice to have


Currently translating it, give me a few minutes, I'm trying to catch a few kanji that are too small. Also, don't expect me to translate the second pic because it's practically unreadable with that hazard cropping.


File: 1519264917163.png (896.77 KB, 960x813, SPOILER.png)


File: 1519265350168.png (1.01 MB, 720x1184, Capture_2018-02-21-17-07-4….png)

This is all you need to know


File: 1519265925367.png (127.92 KB, 581x443, 2 chong for me.png)


File: 1519266072311.png (1.05 MB, 774x979, 0.png)

First image.

The second says basically that it will sell on steam.


>Though movement is limited, it is only intended to familiarize yourself with the operation and controls of the game
>Her circumstances remain completely unknown

Some good signs based on recent complaints


Oh nice, thank you


good work, anon
so those screenshots are just part of an opening segment to introduce controls? interesting..
it sounds like that final opening scene will involve mado finding something familiar in the playground. with how much theyre pushing it, maybe she finds the knife effect there or something? who knows, but its weird that they gave this game an actual opening sequence


I cant believe that Kikiyama is not a 8 year old loli girl what is this


File: 1519269478091.jpg (483.13 KB, 1646x917, 1.jpg)

A fuck I didn't proofread and closed the editor already.
Well, here's the edited text:

This work is basically laid out around six worlds. I will try to introduce one of the those coming on the next playable version. This desolate world where strange plants resembling mainspring are growing everywhere can be reached by taking a "train", which makes you able to go and come from many different areas. Among those, there's one that looks like a ghost town, where mysterious creatures who raise their voices in dreadful groans loiter around. "What would happen If you got caught by them?", "How can you calm them down and make them quiet?" They were conceived to be gameplay elements with those ideas in mind.

The place just after crossing the door. For some reason, some symbolic stone objects are lined up there.

All creatures you meet on the town, or inside the train, have a vaguely human appearance. Even if you try talking with them, they won't reply in any normal way.
While on one hand it feels eerie, the thinness of the nature of their relationship with the character and their comfortable attitude makes these areas feel more relaxing.

We've been told this is "A favorite character that was almost discarded", we're sure fans will appreciate it.


>screenshot notification at the bottom of the third image



File: 1519274911746.jpg (415.9 KB, 1594x910, 2.jpg)

Yeah, it meant the blood.
You're not the only one that cringed at that.

Also, a note on this "year's first dream good omen" thing. Traditionally, the contents of such a dream would foretell the luck of the dreamer in the ensuing year. What exactly they tried to mean, I don't know, but that's literally what it says. I'm tired anyway, could be anything.


>Six worlds
There seems to be more than 6 locations, maybe they're talking about 6 basic and then deeper worlds?

Anyway, I think all the locations we have right now are:
Mural World
Snow World (and Pink Sea)
Wasteland (and Barracks)

Surely Sky Garden and the Forest considering the screenshots of the cliff with the Maussan Bros and the Endless Road

And maybe the Number World if Kyuukyuu's stairs are connected correctly and Hell if the Henkei Shita is there, but with the Mono girls outside the White Desert you never know.

I hope this is a decently long game.


File: 1519310842716-0.jpg (548.36 KB, 1210x1498, tumblr_p4iccyNy2W1vsb5ezo1….jpg)

File: 1519310842716-1.jpg (489.94 KB, 1210x1498, tumblr_p4iccyNy2W1vsb5ezo3….jpg)

Can someone translate the white bottom parts, im really curious about it.


File: 1519315732348-0.jpg (125.96 KB, 1657x1035, DWpDWxVV4AEX0oK.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1519315732348-1.jpg (217.21 KB, 1366x768, DWpUTK1V4AIpEKR.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1519315732348-2.jpg (234.71 KB, 1366x768, DWpedeDVAAAiKL3.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1519315732348-3.jpg (61 KB, 1366x768, DWpelz-VoAU4Pae.jpg large.jpg)

toriningen party reveal


Plot Twist:
It was Madotsuki, who prepared the party for the Toriningens.


Who are those people


The article may say who are these people but i dont know japanese.


Lol, you were wrong fucker. The room is dark as fuck even when the lights are on.



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