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/yndd/ - Yume Nikki - Dream Diary

New board for the 2018 game.

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File: 1519581648929.png (186.82 KB, 854x462, 1463665545769.png)


So now that it's out and it's pretty heartbreakingly goddamn trash, anybody got a link to the non-virus laden crack for it?




That image is fucking great. I’m gonna go play Killer7 for the thirtieth time to take my mind off of Dream Diary’s existence.


File: 1519762752884.gif (918.88 KB, 170x196, Greg Nightmare.gif)

God bless anon, I restarted the original Yume Nikki recently just to maybe get more enjoyment out of the new one and fuck, it's had the exact opposite effect.




I replayed the original Yume Nikki hoping to remember what I liked about it as a palate cleanser, only to realize it's nothing special other than an art museum. What even am I? What is life?


>it's nothing special other than an art museum
No, you're just fucked in the head.


Why are you so mad? You can't even explain why I'm fucked in the head.


To truly enjoy something is to accept its flaws, bro. Accepting Yume Nikki as an art display is spot on, and what makes it stand out. You're the defensive fuckhead.


Bois, BOIS no need to infight, the real question is where's the non virus laden crack.
is this shit legit?


No girls exist on the internet, amirite?


go to repack sites like fitgirl or igg-games, i got the game from IGG and it works fine


> only to realize it's nothing special other than an art museum.

Yeah that's sort of like literally the point. There's nothing wrong with that.


It's not a run of the mill art gallery. At an art gallery, I feel like a passive observer. Even when I like the art, I just look at it with indifferent appreciation. YN engages me, pulls me in, is compelling and gets me emotionally invested.


Go to a museum that isn't shit, then.


I've been to lots of museums. Where the hell have you been?


I question you if a well made display never drew you in. I think you're bullshitting. You may have went to 1 or 2 shitty museums.


File: 1519871850633.jpg (109.85 KB, 850x567, __original_drawn_by_rur_ml….jpg)

I've been to art museums in Princeton, Washington D.C, Philadelphia, New York, Montreal, Quebec, Georgia, New Orleans, Rally, Boston, Copenhagen, China and a bunch of other places I took a trip to that I don't even remember. I've always went in, looked around dispassionately, read the descriptions, looked a little longer at the ones I liked, and left. Nothing has ever stuck with me. It's not a personal experience and it hasn't shaped my outlook in any significant way. Equating that to YN is insulting to me.


Uh… huh. Because you can believe anything an anon says. At least one museum should have drawn you in with eyecandy or a charismatic guide. I call bullshit yet again. Anyone can name locations.


I've written detailed descriptions of two of my recent vacations before. I can tell you about China right now too. I can tell you about the time I visited the shitty outskirts of Yale on a road trip and the Chinese restaurant we stopped at. I can tell you about the time I visited the Paula Deen store in Savannah.
What, do you want me to show you pictures too? I already said, I looked a bit longer at, "eye candy". Eye candy alone doesn't create an emotional impact that sticks with you for years. Also, I don't use guides for art museums, i'm not a cow to be herded around. Some guy spewing out trivia that i'll forget doesn't do it for me. I've done lots of that shit. Hop on hop off buses, bus tours through Beijing while some Chinese guide tells me about how often they got robbed in foreign cities and all the fake money at the silk market, fuckin payments that you have to make to get to the top of a really tall building(church of our savior, statue of liberty). I'm a well seasoned tourist thanks to my family. Walking through a bunch of buildings isn't something impressive enough to lie about.


So, you've been places. What does tbis prove about art museums? Even if you are telling the truth, I doubt you have the passion for art to even care about what you saw. Yume Nikki somehow did it for you. Maybe because it's a "game". You've got a serious sense of inflated self worth if you think being led by a guide is somehow disgraceful.


You're kind of childlike if you can only be emotionally invested in games.


>What does this prove about art museums?
It proves that I have experience to back up my claim. You can tell me that I don't appreciate art or whatever, but I don't see things that way. Have you ever saw a painting that you not only liked, but you stared at for hours? Did you go online to talk about that specific painting? Did you go onto a forum dedicated to that painting to talk about it and theorize about it and did so for years? How often do you think about that painting? Years later, do you still think, man what a great fucking painting, I want to look for a couple of hours again.
I get emotionally invested in narratives, characters and experiences. Books, movies, shows and yes, games. A bunch of still images with nothing else can only get so much out of me.


File: 1519964497904.png (67.41 KB, 1032x438, this shit legit yo.png)

This shit is legit, just has no instructions to install it. So fuck it heres how I did it
>download the torrent
>open the setup exe
>once installed go into the CODEX folder
>then YumeNikki_Data
>finally Plugins
>copy and paste into the similar folder found in the game files where you installed it


You don't have experience to back up your claim to an accepted fact. You have experience to form an opinion with. We're still talking about art, right? You know, what people love making interpretations about. To me, you come off as a spoiled snob with a lot of money to blow who just happened to click with Yume Nikki and nothing else. As for spending hours and hours looking at a painting, I have several prints of Van Gogh's Starry Night hanging in my house and I have it as my phone wallpaper. I guess you could say I've looked at it for hours. Man, I just don't understand you. You must be the kind of person who is never happy, because you've seen it all and there's no more awe and mystery to the world left for you. That's a formula for suicidal thoughts and I hope you give into them.(USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST)


Somebody's insecure about money. When did I say that only Yume Nikki clicked with me? An art museum cannot create lasting emotional investment. Humans do. Characters, narratives, empathy. I can't empathize with a Van Gogh painting. I can look at it, put it as my wallpaper, hand it up as a decoration, appreciate its artistry, but I can't put myself in its shoes. I can't see myself as a painting. Saying that YN is just an Art Museum completely downplays it's ability to actually make you feel like you're not just a passive observer. You come across as a defensive, insecure person who wildly projects things onto other people to feel superior. Honestly, white knighting art museums.


Also, something isn't good just because it's open to interpretation. If you think that's what makes YN good, you're clueless.


Because I highly appreciate something, I am white knighting it? The most important thing about art is to not take it at face value. You'll get nowhere fast appreciating it that way. You have to think of art as a window into the mind of the artist. That's when human empathy starts to stir over art and you can truly appreciate the human being for its artistic tendencies. And thanks, but I can appreciate Yume Nikki the same way. Why would Kikiyama make this game? We can only make theories and interpretations about that.


Also, I'm not insecure about money and have the kind of immaterial wealth you could only dream of.


When you tell somebody to kill themself becuase you disagree with them, yeah, you are white knighting. I couldn't less about why anybody makes anything. All I care about is the product itself, divorced from its creator. Things can be multi-layered, where there's different levels that you can understand and appreciate something, but how compelling something is depends on how much it connects with you on a surface level. You shouldn't have to dig down deeper to be emotionally invested. I don't care about the artist or what they were feeling, not in the slightest.
lol okay


You're describing a pretty shallow appreciation. I can see why you'd like a video game but not a painting. As for those of us who can appreciate something below the surface, let us do so.


Jesus, you are such a strawmanning faggot. I said that things can have multiple layers that can be appreciated. Looking at these layers and delving deeper into something however, is something that I will only want to do if that thing pulls me in with its surface layer. The surface layer has to get me emotionally invested first before I am driven to examine something closer. Stories and characters are capable of this. I also never said that I don't like paintings. I said that unlike YN, a painting does not make not make me want to think about and talk about it for hours over the course of multiple years. For such a, "spiritually developed, philosophically adapt, art aficionado with unimaginable immaterial wealth", you sure have a hard time understanding straight-forward ideas and not instead choosing to boil those ideas down to be digestable for your simplistic mind-set.


Also, a creator's feelings can be interesting, but it does not add to the product itself. A product should be just as good even if the creator is unknown and nobody had a clue what they were thinking. More pretentious, what was the artist's philosophy, bs just feels like compensation. Modern art is riddled with that.


Now I'm strawmanning and projecting, though? To me, it seems like you're just obsessed with the last word. You're repeating your points, which is a sign you're desperately trying to 'win' the conversation. You're kind of projecting, by the way. My immaterial wealth is love and general enjoyment of life. If something seems like fun, I do it and usually have fun. Talking to you, for example, is fun in a way. I'm not some stuck-up snob who rants about trips to some random imageboard. I came here because YNDD seemed interesting despite the flaws and wanted to know what others had to say. Apparently, a lot. My opinions of the original YN, however, got you to defend it by trying to force your views on what an art gallery is/can be/cannot be based on your experience with conventional ones. I also did not mean to start an argument, but here we are anyway.


I kept repeating the same points because you either: didn't understanding them, or chose to continuously misrepresent my position. I'm not forcing my views onto anything. I don't go to art galleries and tell them what they can and cannot do. First, somebody said YN was, "nothing special other than an art museum" and that that was some kind of flaw. When people asked why I disagreed, I explained it to them very clearly. You don't even have a counter-position to what mine actually is, so you resort to strawmanning and bragging about your vast, "immaterial wealth".


I'm the anon who called it nothing special other than an art gallery. I meant it to define it's best points, being an artistically sound piece of work, but you have to admit, Yume Nikki is mostly a walking simulator. Yes, I understand how it drew you in with the music, visuals and interaction combined. It did everyone who liked the game. It did me.


File: 1521130858841.png (454.93 KB, 596x390, artguide.png)

Music, visuals and interaction were certainly part of the appeal, but if the game lacked npcs or if Madotsuki was less intriguing, the impact of the game would be far less. The dream world itself is part of Madotsuki's mind which makes you think about what sort of person Madotsuki is, and the real world itself is strange because Madotsuki never leaves her room and seemingly had very little to do. That's what characterization is. Even if we never get a clear view of who Madotsuki really is, we are given many clues and that's enough to make a real character that you can empathize with like you would a real human being. You don't have to know who Kikiyama is or what they intended when making it to be drawn in. You certainly don't need a, "charismatic", guide to explain anything to you for you to care or feel some sort of empathy for another human being.
>And as you can see here, this Uboa piece is a reflection of Kikiyama's inner inhibitions towards women both as a result of his high school experiences with a blond foreign exchange student and his strained relationship with his mother. Poniko transforming into a monstrous form more widely symbolizes how kikyama views the contrast between the facade superficial people put on compared to who they are on the inside. This type of symbolism is fairly common within the post-modernist digital new-wave movement. Moving on…
They're not the same thing.


Reminder: Sei said chill


I saw Sei naked




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