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The other thread has been in auto-sage for some time now, so it was about time someone made a new one.

Vol. IV:
Vol. V:
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Vol. VIII:

I've been reconsidering my life. They always tell you that as you grow up things get easier since you mature and bloom into a normal human being… but I've been pondering whether people only pretend to have their lives in control only to not lose their shit about it. I mean, yeah, I don't think everybody hates their lives, but I'm sure everybody gets chocked by the pressure once in a while. The question is, what happens when your life is constant chocking? Or rather, can you go on with your live as you're chocked every second? Some years ago I remember looking at people and feeling completely distant, and knowing that one day I'd merge with the multitude. Now that it's happening, I almost can feel my old self there looking at me from outside the crowd. It's been pretty surreal. My life isn't bad in on itself, but I feel I can't fit, and no matter what I do it's never enough. I don't know, I've had this idea that I'm broken somehow, and it's been my justification for so long. If I can't be fixed, why bother?

So yeah. It's late ubuu, I'm tired and I caught a cold. Good night, hang in there, guys. I hope that even if things aren't going that well you can at least get some peace from Ritz's voice.
Good night.


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This site turned from a Yume Nikki centered board to a blogging / hugbox tripfag fest.

The rare posts at /fg/ and /yn/ restore my hope from time to time.


Since this is the new thread, I'll just post it again.

I hate single mothers by choice. I hate the culture that celebrates them and lumps them in with with parents who are single parents due to factors outside of their control. I hate how selfishness that harms people is just accepted, rarely questioned, and even encouraged. Apparently there are women who go on Facebook asking for sperm donors. I say fuck the sperm donors too for enabling this bullshit too. In fact, just fuck everything right now.


Welcome to the feminist utopia.


I demand the word Undertale to be filtered and replaced by "meme game"


File: 1491756277794.jpg (151.37 KB, 640x360, hell.jpg)

Atlantic city hardly counts as a real city. Casinos alone aren't enough to make a real economy so the place is pretty much void of any potential to make money. That's why most businesses go bankrupt there. If you go anytime other than the summer when tourists flood the place it's, bizarrely enough near empty. A lot of, if not most of the people who actually live there for some reason, are unemployed and living off government benefits. Despite being right next to the ocean there's no fishing culture there like in Boston. The government is literally giving them fish instead of teaching them to fish for themselves. Oddly enough, there's a lot of really good restaurants there, but casinos have terrible food. In that fake Taj Mahal they don't even have Indian food. They have fucking hot dogs and hamburgers. The Russian place close by called the red square or what ever the fuck doesn't have anything close to authentic Russian food either. First generation immigrants from Russia actually really loved to gamble in AC, but the newer generation isn't really into it. If you do visit, you must go to Bill's Gyros on the boardwalk.


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>This site turned from a Yume Nikki centered board to a blogging / hugbox tripfag fest.
But it's been always like that, except we had some YN in the past and almost none now.

To be fair, the YN circles are completely dead. Nobody produces fangames anymore, and YN is more than likely to never update again. Under those circumstance, the only hope you can rely on is to either expect that old content that was ignored at its time to pop up again (like the doujinshis being translated), or that the fad of yume nikki earns some attention again (which is very unlikely and would probably damage this imageboard).
I honestly don't even know how it'd be possible to give more life to it, but that's it. The cow has been milked; you can't keep milking the corpse once it's dead. And the fangame culture is dead already (for a good reason, I may add). The last time I checked the wiki, it had around 150 of them, most being those clones everybody hates, and almost none passed the v0.1. The devs aren't stupid, they know that nobody will realize they made a game if they make a fangame, because nobody is interested in those anymore. Now the trend is to make ""horror"" games, thus those are the games you see being produced now, instead of fangames.


File: 1491760350492-0.jpg (111.71 KB, 1024x731, mo.jpg)

File: 1491760350493-1.jpg (24.45 KB, 436x457, ui.jpg)

If somebody really wanted to re-spark yn's popularity, tumblr would be a good place to start. If you advertised it as game about a girl who was raped and became a recluse, a lot of tumblrinas would probably project something of themselves onto Mado. Maybe they would start questioning her gender and making fanart of her killing men in a crazed rage as some kind of vengeance. Character's like Mado, who are kind of like a blank slate, have a lot of their personality created by fans(just like in 2hu). Fans fill in a lot of the blanks, so if tumblr got their greasy, whale fingers on Yume Nikki, they would probably make Mado super emo and misandrist.


File: 1491761206871.png (2.52 MB, 2744x1544, 60c682c22f98482aaa204ff231….png)

And that's why I said that'd be damaging to our imageboard. Imagine if that shit flooded our place… I'd rather sei end the site.


Shhh, let the dream end.


File: 1491770529133.jpg (37.79 KB, 600x450, Sad Anime girl crying 2.jpg)

I know that was in jest, but even in jest I would never describe "feminist society" as any sort of utopia.

Fuck this world, sometimes. People can really be full of shit. Little kids living in broken homes and ghettos and yet we gotta talk about how some fictional video game slut somehow hurts real women. We gotta celebrate the death of family, the murder of children, and being a general selfish cunt flap. Worthless women and men, good for nothing simpletons. This is why life sucks for so many people.

Fuck feminism.


File: 1491910577526.jpg (90.7 KB, 976x840, 1491447960964.jpg)





>someone from here once told me that Mado was trans in the most matter of fact way acting like it was canon
I get having your own theories and shit but don't act like it's canon you fucking faggots.


It's strange to see dreams are actually never-ending:
Users would collabrate their experiences into an amalgamated dream, but it's dead for some time now…


File: 1492426777324.png (541.36 KB, 600x910, 1483807272907.png)


File: 1494694014245.webm (9.12 MB, 640x356, Black Lagoon.webm)

So, I noticed we have a bunch of ruskies roaming about our little shithole, so I was wondering if any of you pidors could help me with the names of these two songs, or at least helping with transcribing the lyrics in marsrunes/artist name so I can look them up myself…


File: 1494694139845.webm (3.29 MB, 640x272, 1483039976001.webm)


File: 1495260190778.jpg (813.4 KB, 959x489, 2949836-transmetropolitan_….jpg)

The nature of social animals is that they rely on each other for a sort of reassurance, a meaning. This need exists to keep them tied to one another.

Well, just like our need to mate has blossomed into something that can contain deep feelings, and just like we've gone from eating apples and liking it because sugar tastes good to us because apples are good FOR us to abusing that fact by artificially producing shitloads of sugar alone, that fact has also become convoluted by the increase in our brain size.

The thing is, we're free as men to find whatever fucking meaning we want to. But the only meanings that seem to feel deep and fulfilling all have to do with contributing–to your own growth, to your nation, or just to people that look or think vaguely like you. The reason this is fulfilling beyond other things is still just because we're fucking wired to want to better our own tribe–that's why we care more about people that think and look like us, and always will, too, because on some level we think of them as our tribe–but anyway, we can choose any fucking reason to be that we want, but most people will still either choose what's on a cross or what's on a flag. Or did. And it was better when they did, because without some strong concept of a nation or a God to live up to, people just turn to worshiping fucking plastic. I was a lot stronger of an atheist before I noticed that people's substitute for God is still being a fucking slave, but just to trivial bullshit.

Anyway, have another truthbomb fags. The reason there are so many trannies (say, those whose idea of being female seems to literally boil down to a fetish), so suddenly, is a result of social adaption by failed males who recognize internally that they would never get any attention unless they pretended to be something they're clearly not.

Men have a natural level of sexual aggression. When it's bottled up totally, it grows harsher. And some of them self-inflict it out of desperation. So it goes from wanting to fuck the girl but not being able to, to resenting the girl, to wanting to be a cartoon version of a girl. All while being, generally, a gangly, unsightly, maybe slightly more effeminate version of the common hipster.

Basically, Maidnaut.


File: 1495298106511.jpg (76.2 KB, 1001x1001, 5804_PIA14944.jpg)

I think you're mixing two interesting concepts here.
To be honest, everything ever conceived by men at any time is pretty much a conception of men and nothing else. For some reason we seem to give special meaning to certain actions and beliefs, leading to the creation of gods, nationalism, romance value, need of supremacy, and everything else ever accepted by "the tribe". However, for that very reason, I think it's stupid to care of anything of that at all. Why would valuing a god or a nation be better than valuing plastic? They're both ultimately stupid. And here, my friend, is why it is important: It keeps us away from chaos. You've said it yourself; we do certain actions to be part of the tribe, accepted, and thus protected. Anybody who isn't part of us is to not be trusted. If you're not from us, you're an stranger. In the past this may have led to physical conflict, but nowadays it only isolates the stranger away, or he just gets abused by the tribe's member to show off.

Now, what happens when you are the stranger? How likely are you to survive/not be chased away?
The trick, my friend, is to learn how to build masks. Lying should become your first weapon, and manipulation your objective. People are manipulated by plastic, use that to your favor. You're alive already, and you may as well make things better for you. People with power manipulate others all the time, even nations, and nobody complains. Nothing is important and there is no meaning in anything at all, for that very reason you are free to choose whatever you want, because your existence is as empty of meaning as every single other one. Don't fight against the current, just get out of the water and walk upstreamward. The less junk you carry in your luggage, the faster you will go. And masks, my friend, are not heavy at all.


File: 1495314377225.jpg (22.34 KB, 300x300, 1459604563083.jpg)

>Anyway, have another truthbomb fags. The reason there are so many trannies (say, those whose idea of being female seems to literally boil down to a fetish), so suddenly, is a result of social adaption by failed males who recognize internally that they would never get any attention unless they pretended to be something they're clearly not.

>Men have a natural level of sexual aggression. When it's bottled up totally, it grows harsher. And some of them self-inflict it out of desperation. So it goes from wanting to fuck the girl but not being able to, to resenting the girl, to wanting to be a cartoon version of a girl. All while being, generally, a gangly, unsightly, maybe slightly more effeminate version of the common hipster.

I remember as a child my wish for being a girl was jealously of how females seem to be treated so well, even my child self seemed to realize that humans can only care about what they see.

My asexual bias would say the reason people want to be a girl isn't purely sexual, though normies get brainwashed into becoming failed normies so easily, and inceldom is a fucking retarded concept in the first place, how does your purpose in life become mashing meat at each other? It's absurd.

>pretended to be something they're clearly not.

Here's a truthbomb for you my man, I can be whatever I want inside my head with my tulpa friends. Alternate reality.


I must be broken, because I never really felt anything like what other people describe. I never felt any gravitation towards others, I never felt any need to worship anything, whether it be a god, a country, or plastic. In fact, as a small child I felt a bit conflicted that I was "supposed" to care about certain things when I felt nothing for them. I think atheism is just as much of an object of worship as gods or countries because it's usually based on the idea or feeling that if there WAS a god, worshiping them and obeying them would be "right" or whatever people call "what you're supposed to do". Which is silly to me because if you're secure and confident in your own self and personality, it shouldn't matter who or what is at different levels of power or authority because you'll act and think regardless. Someone resolute in their self doesn't do something just when it's convenient or easy, but at any and all times regardless of who or what disagrees with it. I don't know whether or not gods or higher beings exist, or what nature they may be of, but it really doesn't matter to me because I already know who I am and what matters to me, so I'm always going to act according to that, and it simply doesn't matter to me who or what has conflicting ideas about it or how powerful they are. I'm not a hypocrite, so I see no reason to value my actions based on what deities I do or do not believe in the existence of. I know for absolute certainty that the governments exist, and they are more powerful than I am, but that doesn't mean I believe in all the values they do and would obey everything they command. Why would that change simply because the people more powerful than me were labeled gods? I'm just a stupid human with a limited knowledge of the universe and who or what it holds, I have no fucking way of knowing at this time of the existence or non-existence of gods, but that really doesn't matter to me. Well fuck, I sure did ramble on there, I hope my point was coherent.


Yep, you're definitely broken. People are inherently curious. Don't you have any interest at all in who or what might have created the universe? It's not like you're that important so I can't see how all of your worries would solely revolve around yourself like some kind of an animal. What about things like the economy or the state of film making? There had to be something other than yourself than you care about and want to know everything about. Also, the thing about gods is that if they exist, they control every aspect of your existence. The government can't cause you to have bad luck or kill you for any reason or condemn you to eternal torture after death.


If there's no way of knowing, why worry about it? Waste of mental energy. No reason to put faith in things that have no supporting evidence, especially when they don't effect the current reality in any plausible way.


I never said I wasn't curious, I just wouldn't change my own way of life based on some other persons state of existence. Do I have things I care about? Yes, of course I do, but it's because there I things I care about that I wouldn't change for anyone, god or man. It doesn't matter if I'm important or not, why should it? I never understood this line of thinking of discarding oneself, I AM myself, and no one else. Whether I am a clone, a cyborg, or a computer chip, this entity is I, and I am this entity, whatever that consists of. Why should I not value myself? My worries don't revolve solely around myself, but they do revolve around certain things which I will care for and will value no matter who or what is not okay with that. For example, were the entire universe to require the death of my waifu, I would consider the entire universe in opposition to my interests and my enemy. And you don't know that gods control every aspect of our life. They could merely be very physically and technologically powerful beings that could form this planet and other life, or great directors who instructed and guided humanity purely with knowledge and information. The possibilities are endless, as to the number and nature of gods, and it is because of this that I cannot assert to know their number or nature. And regardless of their number or nature, what I do hold to be important to myself will not change. If you truly hold something important, how could you possibly say you would abandon it simply because someone else wanted you to? Just because they're really fucking powerful compared to you? That's petty as shit.


I'm surprised that we managed to go a month and a half without this thread getting any replies. What happened? It seems that all the niche imageboards are either getting deleted or have reached unfathomable levels of slowness.

Also, what happened to the winter/new year board?


We got rid of some inactive boards, the wildcard one included. I suppose we could put it up again for Christmas…


File: 1502210880540.jpg (106.86 KB, 1343x642, things could break.jpg)


I like how that thumbnail is the one with the vice grip loli.


Please be nice to each other, you guys. Please.


I miss the Menhera thread.


File: 1504416252294.png (415.46 KB, 800x800, 人を信じることができない.png)

I stopped translating her posts because she was reposting her old drawings in higher resolution.
It seems she started posting new content again though, so I may start working on that soon.


was it rape


RPG Maker games are becoming more and more irrelevant, and maybe it's for the best.


Is it really?


While Undertale was Game Maker it certainly proved that the interests in such games are still strong.


Also nice isolated circumstantial case, certainly if some fag with the right contacts released a game, it will be massive regardless of the engine, Toby Fox is not like your average RPG Maker dev.


It's been almost six months since I made this post. Holy shit.

My anger towards single mothers by choice has quelled in all of this time. It was time for me to finally just accept that the world is often a shitty place but it doesn't mean that I have to be shitty.


File: 1505007814398.jpg (35.26 KB, 450x450, __gandalf_lord_of_the_ring….jpg)

Oh, I remember you. You were the guy who was afraid to have sex because you didn't want to magically create a, "broken family". I've been meaning to tell you for a while that you shouldn't put the cart in front of the horse. Could you actually find a girl who would be willing to have sex with you? I was going to tell you that you might want to worry about that before you worry about contraception. I was also planning on telling you that all parents are selfish. It is guaranteed that all people will go through hardship in their life. It is also guaranteed that every person will eventually have to fend for themselves. All parents choose to bring people into this world without any consideration for whether their child would grow up to actually want to be alive. Most parents also have expectations of their children. They expect them to, "pay them back". It's like if somebody ran up to you on the street, shoved one million dollars into your hand without a word, and found you eighteen years later expecting to be repaid. There's even parents who specifically have kids to work the fields and take care of them when they're old. My point is, since parents are already selfish, I don't see why it's so much worse for some random women to decide to be a single mom for the hell of it.


Yea, I'm that same waifu-poster from all that time ago.

Well, in the few months I was gone from this site, I've thought about my views and looked around myself a bit more. I see now that defining myself by whether or not I had my biological father is, quite frankly, fucking stupid. If I'm defining my personal success in terms of material gains, then a lack of a biological father didn't stop that. If I define myself by my own skills, then clearly, a lack of my biological father didn't stop me from picking up my interests.

I remember having conversations in high school where people would have rather not known their father at all. And I think on another imageboard I remember someone telling me something similar and that sometimes for people a typical "nuclear family" isn't all it's cracked up to be. My own brothers aren't even that bothered by not having their biological father, it was just me who was depressed over it.

And I see what you mean about parents being selfish. For all the bitching I did about parents being selfish, I was somewhat resentful of my mom and wanted to show her that I would be a better parent who made better choices and get some great chance to just spite the fuck out of her. I see that my motives to be a parent weren't at all noble either.

But it's as you said, I don't have a girlfriend to even worry about having sex with. I should be enjoying life a lot more than I am now, my biggest mistake I think was adopting stupid idealized tradcon memes into my life. Family will always be important to me, as it should be, but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way for people.

Sorry if this was all over the place, but that post you did kinda condensed what I was thinking to some extent. Thanks.


File: 1505426127263.jpg (286.61 KB, 1920x1080, hyperdimension_neptunia_ne….jpg)

I guess I'll just continue this blogpost of random thoughts.

Continuing from this post, my values are changing. My attitude about selfishness is different, I'm beginning to become more upfront about my wants and needs at work because for all my talk about being selfless means shit if everyone else focuses on themselves.

There really isn't anything wrong with being selfish, I guess. And at work there was this guy talking about those hurricanes and he was talking about the end of the world and how shit the world is, all I had to do was cut his blinds and much like I used to he ranted a lot about how selfish everyone is. He even told a story about how he saved a guy from a burning building, but I left that discussion wondering if he really had at least something to gain other than "Helping my fellow man" and maybe he very well didn't have another motive and I'm just the one who is cynical but I completely disagreed with him about people only now being selfish and it being a bad thing that people are selfish.

I just realized that I never really answered your question at the end, >>17890. Keep in mind that I'm just stating what I would have said months ago and I kinda made a few points that run counter to them in the first post I made.

I would have said that single mothers (and fathers for that matter) would of course have the obvious money issues, likely relying on welfare when if they had made better choices in life (part of my issues with sex, really) they wouldn't have this problem. Another issue is that I felt that single parents lack that other person to give a child proper care and a role model. Coming from a black family and living in an area with a high black population, I see a lot of people raised by single mothers, and I can't tell you how many times my grandparents showed me some people in the projects just yelling at each other and fighting, "This is why I'm glad I moved to X" or "Don't ever move to some projects, boy" I was told.

Point is, at the time, I felt that people who became single mothers by choice were just like my mom, just wanted to have kids by any means and doesn't really want to be a part of the family, no matter how much I try to include her. I guess I felt like I was just a checkmark on her bucket list. I've had debates online about this subject, and I see why people just stopped posting, because I was just projecting my mommy issues onto everyone else. There is a pretty big difference between a woman who is well to do and can afford a kid and choices to be a single mom and a poor single mother who may not had a say in the matter.

After this post, I think I'll just buy a notebook and just vent on there. Unless people want a dialog on this, then I'll just shut the fuck up and I don't know get the fuck over some shit.

Neptune picture to make this post a little happier.


I think that arguing about whether people being selfish is a good or not is kind of pointless because good and bad are subjective. What's important is to recognize the universal selfishness of people and to keep it in mind when thinking about them. When you ignore human nature things like communism are invented. I grew up in a place with almost no black people, so I really can't relate to your personal experiences. Those experiences definitely had an impact on your psyche; everybody is affected by their childhood, but it's important to distance yourself from those experiences when thinking about the world in broader terms. Right now we're in a transitional period where people still have traditional values and perceived obligations, like having children, but they aren't actually committed to them. Hopefully in the future, people with enough money who really want to can just artificially inseminate a machine at their own leisure and raise their kid however they want.


Yea, technology is going to continue refine reproduction to the point of the death of traditionalist ideas of family. We already seen it with the birth control pill for women, so artificial wombs would just continue the trend really. And the idea you had would mean children who are truly wanted are born plus be cared for and not just a "oh shit, we didn't plan for this" situation. While it would mean a lot more single mothers and fathers, that would be better than what we have now.

All I know is that my views based on my experience have fallen to pieces. I no longer define myself by a lack of a father, I see people who dislike/hate their dads, have seen great parents make shitty kids and vice versa, and I've questioned my own motives and beliefs to the point of seeing how stupid they were. Transitional period seems to be a very good way to describe where I'm at.

I have a lot of ideas, maybe I'll post them later when I can write them out better. I'll just vent and think about this offline.


File: 1506813317730.jpg (208.34 KB, 1000x1384, Nepgear photo.jpg)

So, I'm the Neptune poster. I feel a lot better, I've since gotten a used laptop I use to vent the worst of my feelings and to explore why I feel the way I do about a variety of topics. These writing exercises have done a number on my outlook since the raw emotion is not clouding my judgement.

I'm going places that I would have overlooked willing because it didn't align with my feelings. I can't change my childhood or anything but I can at least change my outlook on it and of course consider human nature a lot more when talking about big social issues and even just any decision that involves other people in general.

I'd say that I've gotten over my issues with my mom and father choose to do. That's in the past.

What I think is really interesting is that now, I'm more open to different ideas. Like while I'm just a single guy now, should I have the money to do so and a good partner, I could see myself looking into adopting kids if I'm all about giving kids a loving home. Before the idea was something I completely threw out without really thinking about it. But that's a thought I had while exploring why I got so triggered over people being selfish, yet, I see it as valid.

I still wish to be a father at some point but it's nice to finally have gotten a grip over myself for right now. I'm thinking so much more clearly now. Also, thanks again, >>17906.




What's the point of this?


It's not there anymore, what was the video about?


I've been wondering the same thing for many years about why people kept making nyan cat videos. I reached the conclusion that people are just fools fooling around because they have too much free time.

Nothing, just a counter of how many people died since the stream started.


First post here. I'm lurking and trying to understand how is the community.

I guess I'll just leave that here.


Right now the community isn't very much anything. Most of the old userbase left, and our main fuel of discussion (outside of /hikki/) is almost dead – As a consequence, we're right now on a situation where the identity of the community is diluted among the very little number of people who've been here before 2015 and those who came later (i.e. the place is pretty much fresh anew regarding "Userbase Identity").
I wish we had more activity in /ot/ with discussions as the old times but, alas, that doesn't seem to be a possibility as of now.


Lurking, waiting, wishing for more surreal walking simulators to apparate from the aether.


File: 1513371680729.jpg (438.4 KB, 862x1345, 123e530987c9c43a41b1155bbe….jpg)

I'm so close to finishing my new computer. I only need peripheral devices and a tower and I'm done with shitty laptops. Finally.


File: 1513389549942.jpg (250.73 KB, 1618x1288, Arp240_HubbleKotsiopulos_1….jpg)

In this age where any argument can be dismissed with an effortless greentext line, why do people even argue? I mean, people have always argued, always, even (more so) in "the old internet", so it's nothing really new. I'm not questioning it, I'm just wondering, why on earth do people even argue? It's not like anybody will change their mind. Boards basically are hiveminds where like-minded people gather to circlejerk on their own ideas, prove 'em wrong, and be right all the time. So I just… don't get it. Do people just feel they need to be right? Is it the sensation of fitting in? I recognize there may be people who genuinely enjoy arguing, but I doubt that really applies to the majority. After all, it's just a bunch of people yelling the same thing (but with other color) that their partners are yelling and accusing them of the same things they do, and most importantly, being in complete denial of the fact they are the same crap. I wonder… if we actually used that energy into putting things forward, would we really get anywhere? Half of the time I'm surprised we haven't nuked the way.
I don't know, it's so… pointless.


File: 1513391683723.jpg (87.6 KB, 724x1024, __itsumi_erika_and_nishizu….jpg)

Life is pointless. It has no definitive meaning. It only means what we want it to mean. The same for arguing. It means something because we choose to make it mean something. It's fun. An argument is like a wrestling match with words. You grapple and lock limbs with an opponent until either you or they submit. It's as much a test of endurance as it is skill. When you ask, "why do people argue", the answer is the exact same as to, "why do people wrestle".


File: 1513398421936.png (26.72 KB, 466x560, 49_0.png)

>An argument is like a wrestling match with words. You grapple and lock limbs with an opponent until either you or they submit. It's as much a test of endurance as it is skill. When you ask, "why do people argue", the answer is the exact same as to, "why do people wrestle".
I was thinking more on the lines of /pol/ or similar boards, where you can hardly find any real argument at all. I doubt wrestling is really the best approach here, it's more like the infantile "no, I'm right ur wrong" way of thinking. You'd think people would eventually mature out of it, but that doesn't seem to be the case.


File: 1513399911385.jpg (87.97 KB, 399x518, __shuu_inazuma_eleven_seri….jpg)

Well, I hope they don't act like that in real life. If a bunch of immature people are always around each other, they stifle each other's development. Arguing on the internet is great because it's impossible for it to devolve into a shouting match and both people have as much time as they need to formulate a response. It is impossible to interrupt somebody on the internet. Personally, I think official debates shouldn't be done orally.


File: 1513556131919.jpg (78.72 KB, 858x536, park-man-bike_2486355a.jpg)

I just made one of those working for years types of acheivements and aside from the initial euphoria, I now kind of regard it with a sort of indifference. Ít's not like I've gotten over it or anything. I'm still quite happy but really I guess I was just expecting more? I don't know anymore. I guess that further backs up the notion that all the actions we make in life are pointless. Or something to that effect.


File: 1513738093659.png (14.43 KB, 1060x522, 一期一会.png)


File: 1513747805142.jpg (134.31 KB, 1000x750, it-sucks-to-be-sober-in-ne….jpg)

New Orleans is one of the biggest shit holes that I have ever been in. It is the definition of a has-been city. In today's world, it is irrelevant. The only thing it has going for it is it's history. The first two things you'll notice is 1. The constant waves of sewer smell and 2. The culture of obsessive tipping for any kind of service. It has a service based economy and you are expected to tip, for everything. The hotel room I had was from a time share. Advertised as being a regular, standard room, it was fucking tiny because it was in the attic, where the building had previously housed slaves. The decor was serviceable, albeit old-fashioned. The window was locked and connected to some pipe service platform. The hotel was in the French quarter. Every time I walked in there was this annoying voice telling me to watch my step because of the massive ledge. It was advertised as having every feature, a court yard, a jacuzzi, a gym, but all of those things were there just to be listed. The courtroom was smaller than one of my hallways. The streets of the city are all worn down and falling apart. They're filled with trash. One notable feature lacking in the city was a readily available supply of water despite the heat. In Beijing, the only thing that kept me going was the water. New Orleans was close to as hot, but had no such convenience. When I was taking a tour of one of the cemeteries, which you have to take and pay for because of some vandals or something, I actually nearly passed out for the heat. The tour guides didn't even sell water, let alone give it to you. I had to sit in their office for like five minutes to recooperate before walking like a block to some shitty gas station. The aquarium was pretty standard fare, worse than the one in Brighton Beach like an hour away from my house. Everything outside of the French quarter was just like a worse version of New York. Very dull. The mall was very strange. The employees closed shops like an hour before they were supposed to. It's like everybody was so depressed that they didn't care about anything anymore. All of the clothes were like half-a-decade old. It was like a fashion cemetery were all of the cheaper stuff brands produced got piled in a mass grave to rot and attract the shit eating flies of this hell hole. The food fucking sucked. Only three of the restaurants I went to were decent. Creole food is so overrated, and I don't know why. The best jambalaya is only as good as a decent pilaf. Dry rice, dry meat. Shit cuts. It's greasy, unappetizing, Americana junk. New Orleans probably has a few really great restaurants that you have to be in the know about, but the average place there is terrible. The worst was at a really great location, but was basically a tourist trap pumping out cafeteria tier gruel. They didn't even clean the shrimps. The places I liked best were the church and the nunnery. I visited the cathedral daily to get a moment of peace in this city of rats loudly playing live music. The absolute worst part of my trip was the red parade. A swarm of men in ugly, red, tight fitting dresses paraded around the streets and balconies getting drunk and making noise. Grinding my way through the streets and the odor was like torture. Towards the end of my trip I went on a tour to a swamp and slave mansion. The swamp tour was cancelled midway through because of heavy rain. I got to hold an in infant alligator though, so that was nice. While waiting for the bus to the mansion under the cover of a room without walls while rain flooded down through the clouds, I sat eating my lunch and staring at the cats roaming around in a really deep trance. That was also pretty great. The mansion itself was a bit underwhelming; its surroundings were far prettier. On the last day I spent hours roaming around, going into every shop I could see to browse like some kind of twink. Every one of them had a pushy clerk. They were like spiders waiting in their den for prey. When I was waiting for my taxi the next morning, in the lobby I heard one of the worst conversation in my entire life. Some, fat, self-righteous woman was telling her friend about lecturing her son about how if that girl wasn't committed to god and him, she wasn't worth the trouble. Something about the smug air she gave off made me want to hurl. My favorite part of the whole thing was when after I quickly left a shitty looking shack of a restaurant close the aquarium after seeing the outrageous prices, I was talking about how shitty the city and its food is on the phone while walking down a seemingly empty street.


Suddenly, from like a yard away I swear a black guy was yelling at me about how New Orleans is great and how creole food is the best. I went to a Japanese place after that, and it was easily one of the best of my whole trip. They cleaned their fucking shrimp. You can always expect a certain standard from decent Asian places regardless of location. Two of three decent places I went to were Asian. So ya, don't go there.


File: 1513819526748.png (91.41 KB, 640x400, sk.png)

Sometimes I read old threads and find a post or two where I have to wonder if it was me. Sometimes I can't even tell.
It's uncanny, how fleeting memory is. It's wonderful, how my voice blends among other anons. What a blissful feeling.


Oh yeah, I forgot; there was two dead crickets in my room for like four days before the cleaning ladies, who barely spoke a word of English, bothered to remove them. I'm pretty sure that they were stealing soap from the hotel because I hardly got any extra soap like I was supposed to every time they replaced the towels. Every single fucking day they woke we up at like fucking six to ask me if I wanted them to clean right at that moment, which I obviously refused, and most of the time they didn't bother to clean while I was out for the whole day. No shit I wasn't going to want them to clean while I was still sleeping.


Also, I bought a netsuke from a pawn shop without really knowing what I was doing. It's only after that I realized the horn was chipped and both the material(supposedly turquoise) and legitimacy of the item as a netsuke was questionable. That I acknowledge as my fault for trusting a pawn shop with no obligation to give me real items. The receipt said as much and to add to that made it clear that refunds were not an option.


File: 1514124408261.jpg (599.35 KB, 1395x1200, plutia.jpg)

I'm happy. I would avoid using Neptunia pics but I'm doing it for consistency now more than anything. I don't wake up all depressed anymore on random days over things I can't change. I've avoided becoming an emotionally driven tradcon who uses his feelings to justify the desire of controlling people (i.e. You can't have babies by yourself because it triggers me) and I'm a bit more optimistic, like actual optimism not the optimism people sometimes force because they feel like trash.

I've gotten bored with imageboards though, it's time to abandon ship. I might visit them from time to time, but I think I would be better off if I quit. I'm tired of /pol/ and /r9k/ bleeding into places like Lain. I was going to make my second New Years resolutions thread this year but that's been cancelled. Anyone else is free to take over.

Also, I stopped having waifus. At first it was just me memeing around but then I had actual waifus. I had like six or seven of them. I still like the characters and consider them to be enjoyable, use them for wallpapers on computers, etc but I don't consider them more than characters I like. The waifu meme for me was just something that was holding me back. I'm slowly losing interest in monster girls too since I no longer have waifus or fap to rule 34 now, and the main board for them (/monster/) is on the shithole 8chan and like most of those boards pretty bad.

If I had to express truly negative feelings, I wish if I was just going to sit on my ass for most of the day, I wish I had just spend it playing video games instead of shitposting or jacking off to waifus.

Another thing that has help, is that under the advice of another anon in a different thread, I've stopped berating myself. I don't call myself "monster girl faggot" anymore or any other variant of that. I also don't mock myself anymore for feeling things that are natural to feel. Like sadness over learning why your father isn't around. I respect myself a lot more now.

This post is to thank anyone who I've talked to or argued with. If you recognize some of the talking points and have talked with me, thanks. If you put up with me ranting or anything like that, thanks. Merry Christmas to everyone of you.


>I've gotten bored with imageboards though
That's probably because you've only ever image boards to take out your frustrations, rant about your irrational obsessions and feel better about yourself by filling the emotional void in your heart. Best of luck to you, but please don't think that your usage of ubuu is all it's good for.


File: 1514135412864.jpg (503.44 KB, 1920x1080, valkyria-chronicles-04-art….jpg)

>That's probably because you've only ever image boards to take out your frustrations, rant about your irrational obsessions and feel better about yourself by filling the emotional void in your heart.

True, while some of my usage of imageboards was for fun, most of the time it was to vent through ranting or even worse, "trolling" to ignore serious issues in my life. And now that I'm a lot happier, I'm going back to how I was before I seriously used imageboards, trolling, and waifus as a coping mechanism.

>Best of luck to you, but please don't think that your usage of ubuu is all it's good for.

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind whenever I come back to visit. Besides, I have newer and better ways to vent that doesn't affect a small community or even a large one for that matter. So maybe next time, I can just funpost without all the baggage I had, and that's for no matter what imageboard, forum or community I might find.


File: 1514347094513.jpeg (892.25 KB, 1200x846, e7cc060c82f4b73c7afb91767….jpeg)

With all the talk of PVs and fan animation I got nostalgic again and decided to watch DAICON IV before going to bed.
Turns out two days ago /a/ uploaded a fan-made version of DAICON. Yume Nikki had its part there too https://youtu.be/G93bj1HARA4?t=142

What a miracle. It's been years since I've left 4chan but somehow I'm really glad that these things still exist. It's warming to see that even though time changes and the levels of faggotry the place has reached is suffocating there's still some of the ol' fun lurking around.


File: 1516242368182.jpg (727.18 KB, 1800x1260, 1439034524066.jpg)

It's frustrating that I am the only guy with japanese knowledge I know of. I can't discuss or even ask about stuff, I just have to suck it up until I either understand something or forget it, because all the places to do so require accounts and I couldn't care less about filling anti bot captchas only to receive hal-assed replies two weeks later.


It feels pretty weird to see tons of people coming back to Yume Nikki related spaces. Hell, even Mt.kiki started posting nonsense on the YN wiki again.


File: 1517617495637.jpg (43.58 KB, 251x231, 4567898765.jpg)



File: 1517622600910.jpg (74.9 KB, 471x394, 1464938026477.jpg)




File: 1517623777885.jpg (8.24 KB, 286x267, 1457979484770.jpg)

おいそんなこと言うな 名無しさんの日本語ええぞい


File: 1517626931096.gif (1.19 MB, 500x377, 頑張ります.gif)


>おいそんなこと言うな 名無しさんの日本語ええぞい



File: 1517630595087.png (205.44 KB, 540x405, 674596796.png)




File: 1517635837040.png (69.65 KB, 320x187, 2c7ce8e959ae4165888472cabe….png)




File: 1517799408250.jpg (216.47 KB, 850x638, __original_drawn_by_sasaki….jpg)

I've been thinking about the role nature plays in influencing humans. Just look at the word territory. A piece of land that you own by virtue of beating the shit out of anybody who goes in it that you don't want there. We can plainly see animals guarding their territory whenever we want. Now, imagine if the only animal on earth was humans and only ever was humans. Everything else, plants, fungi, etc. would still be there, just not other animals. Would we even have the concept of, "territory"? Did that concept, as we think of it, come from human's own behavior, or from human's observation of other animals? Maybe we would still have words like kingdom and country, but territory in the raw animistic sense might not be apparent to us just by seeing those tendencies in ourselves.


Well technically, because we are a product of evolution, we wouldn't "exist" if there weren't any animals other than humans, because we wouldn't have been developed. Ignoring this point though, this animal-ish instinct of "territory" we carry is something we've had inside of us since we weren't technically humans but apes. It was born as a a product of necessity to protect resources from rivals. So I think that in the end it'd be the same, because human societies see other societies as rivals and would rather fight than to share the resources.
I do believe nature influences us though. There are cases were tribes in africa (or some other hot shithole like that) mimic animal rituals and those things ended being part of their culture. So yeah, definitely.


I was thinking purely in hypotheticals. Basically, if humans were magicked onto the earth and everything was exactly the same, except there was no other animals, would humans develop concepts to describe animistic behavior? People would have no point of reference of what animistic even is. While it's true that humans probably would be able to deduce that they possessed these traits at one point, they might attribute it to simple primitiveness while refusing to degrade their current selves and acknowledging that those traits are inherent in them and remain even as they advance. Besides scientifically and before people get to that point, humans would have nothing scratching at the back of their heads telling them that they are similar in a way to these lesser beings. People would have no reason to consider it. Human's view of animals affect their view of themselves. So without animals, how do you think people would view themselves?


Nobody likes strangers. They are unpredictable and have no explicit motivation to do right by you. I think things would be similar, although the lack of recorded precedent in territorial behavior might result in a world economic system with less emphasis on controlling land and more on controlling people, slaver nations like the ancient Suevi and the medieval Kongo, and nomadic pastoralists like the Sarmatians and Lakotah, would be the majority. The birth of civilization would most likely still be in river valleys, though.


File: 1518487146098.jpg (3.18 MB, 2508x3541, 58105a81f09543af8acae7f1a7….jpg)

god I''m such a fucking faggot.


File: 1518541749342.jpg (492.78 KB, 1080x1920, Snapchat-257418684.jpg)

I like hearing other anon's thoughts on random subjects. Sometimes it feels like I can't think for myself and I have to have someone else write out my own thoughts for me.


I just like talking to people and hearing their opinions
me too lel


god i wish i lived somewhere where it was cold or snowed.


File: 1518588278633.jpg (15.11 KB, 404x296, ss (2017-10-17 at 11.21.03….jpg)

I love it until I have to drive in it/ the city decides to throw salt everywhere and make a permasludge wasteland


File: 1518794846700.jpg (124.79 KB, 1685x948, 20171127_003124.jpg)

I'm really scared about my future and what I will do if I don't get the postgraduate education place I'm trying to get to, also having to move out of my home gives me great anxiety but I do want to succeed in life really badly.

On another note I cannot stand people who try to be "special" aka come up with illnesses for themselves and try to convince people that they really do have them through tumblr or something, it's just absolutely revolting.


File: 1518919727191.png (353 B, 320x239, mystery.png)

If I told you that before filling this square with black, underneath I drew something beautiful and saved the file after hiding it, you wouldn't believe me, but it could be true. You wouldn't be able to say that i'm NOT a great artist


File: 1518920081316.png (91.43 KB, 320x239, mystery solved.png)

Worked it back to the original. It's beautiful, anon.


File: 1518922898041.png (36.8 KB, 471x700, myart.png)

Yeah, well underneath that, there was an even better picture.


>Photo forensics: This file is too small to analyze


File: 1518951673616.gif (2.96 KB, 160x138, mystery.gif)


File: 1518965424685.jpg (29.63 KB, 283x438, 1500396635367.jpg)

I don't want to reach the age of 40.


I don't want you to, either.
t. hates you


I hate how selfish, pathetic, and cowardly people are. How they constantly preach about kindness and selflessness and then don't hesitate to turn around and attack people who don't agree with them. How people claim to be your friends and then drop you when you outlive your usefulness to them. How they won't even accept the most basic of criticisms of their behaviors. How they refuse to clearly communicate even simple things and expect others to work through the incomprehensible web of invisible social cues they put up. How they promise to put in effort and then flounce when things become too hard, or do only the minimum and then cop out at the first opportunity.

Sometimes I feel like the only person who ever tries to put in the effort to care about others. And I hate myself for thinking this way, because I know I'm being just as selfish, pathetic, and cowardly as everyone else. And yet whenever I try to be the better person, as kind and forgiving and committing as I want others to be, it seems that something always happens to prove me wrong and that I'm a fool for trying to believe in other people. And as time goes on I just keep seeing more and more evidence that people will never truly change, they'll always just be so selfish and completely wrapped up in themselves despite claiming otherwise.

I can only wish I could cease to care at this point about what others do, that it isn't worth the effort, but I just seem unable to do that. I can't stop hurting no matter what happens. Maybe I should just give in and kill myself already. Why bother trying if this cycle never ends no matter what I do? Why bother when everyone just consistently proves themselves as selfish and uncaring almost without fail?

(Feel free to ignore. I just want to get these thoughts out of my head for once.)


File: 1519009297740.png (183.6 KB, 500x357, 75937543985.png)

Be the change you wish to see in the world sounds good on paper, but in reality it's hard to do it when everyone constantly pushes you to your limit, right?

It's okay. I feel the same way. However, it's best to try and look at things with an open mind and be forgiving. Be smart about it, of course, because some people really are shitty and will never change, but a lot of times people are just dumb because that's human nature. We're inclined to all try to be the one in the group who does the least because we're lazy, and the majority of our thoughts are selfish. (60 to 40 ratio if I recall correctly.) At the same time, though, being kind makes you happy, so I think it's good to be generous and do favors for people. Also, hang out with like-minded people so you don't get frustrated as much. And take breaks from the internet, everyone screams all the time here and your brain needs to rest. That'll help a bit.

I'm not very articulate, but hopefully my point gets across.


File: 1519012762937.jpg (22.12 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.1063903840_d3ac.jpg)

Learn how to derive enjoyment out of life without other people being directly involved. I feel the exact same about people, but I accept it. I accept that human beings just are a lack-luster source of happiness. Get a hobby. Focus on yourself and enjoy life. Don't try to make other people happy. That's just a waste of your energy.


there's this like, franchise of porn massage videos that I have been watching. The narrator is super fey and into it for the gay videos, and with the straight and lesbian stuff he mumbles a lot and sounds pissed off. It's like he doesn't want to be there, and I enjoy that more than anything. It's like the lamest form of schadenfreude.


you sound like someone i know. at least you can admit to yourself that you're probably exactly as awful as the people you're talking about.

the only thing i can really say is to have some respect for yourself and move on.


Love does come from within, not without after all.


Happy fourteenth birthday Mado.


I'd post some picture but my raid 0 just died and I lost all my YN image collection.
Anyway, Happy Birthday Mado!


I did not know what I did in the past few hours, I am confused.


File: 1536122186679.jpg (216.6 KB, 689x814, __hosaka_minami_ke_drawn_b….jpg)

Can a man pretend to be a fish? Can a man put on skin-tight diving suit and go in a lake and then wait for fisherman to cast their reels? Can that man then grab a hook and trick the fishermen? Then the man could reveal himself.
"I AM the man fish".


File: 1536529599604.jpg (18.23 KB, 480x360, johnthefisherman.jpg)


File: 1547610426165.png (899.52 KB, 1084x1080, sadnesz.png)

Ever since I was cheated on and fell into a depression with my only driving force being an unhealthy obsession with my now ex, I have not been dreaming as much lately and that kills me inside worse than the thought of my ex fucking someone else


lol romantic drama


File: 1548467018017.png (1.06 MB, 800x600, __ekubo_kageyama_ritsu_and….png)

I've been watching Steven Universe since when it first came out. I've lost interest years ago, but I still watch every episode out of some sense of obligation and want of closure. I want it to fucking die already so I can move on with my life. I just watched the 44 minute special. I thought it was only gonna be ten minutes, when I saw the time length, I felt pain. It's hard to keep watching without pausing every twenty seconds and taking a break. I'm also currently watching Jojo and mp100. The contrast is crazy. SU doesn't even have fights. They just roll around and shoot energy beams. It's sooo fucking lame in comparison. I have a whole document full of ideas on how I would improve it. Somewhere down the line, i'd like to make comic based on my ideas and call it space dykes or something…

I've thought about the differences between Japanese and American animation before, specifically 2-d. Japanese animation has far greater overall output, it's average far exceeds the quality of average American animation, and the best Japanese animation is better than the best American animation. Even something like Disney has stylistic choices that don't appeal to me, like making all of the characters move around like they're made of jello. This is both unrealistic and a waste of resources. While Japanese animation makes the best usage of its resources and doesn't compromise on character design for the sake of budget, American animation opts to drag every aspect down rather than be clever about it. From what I could gather, the main root of the issue is the cost of living in America, but i'm not sure how well that explanation actually holds up.

In terms of storytelling, I'd say even something on the shakier side like Chobits is better than Steven Universe. It's knows what it wants to do and executes it like how you would expect from something made by professionals.


File: 1548500704536.gif (175.9 KB, 280x375, 1471922313107.gif)

These are my exact thoughts mostly, even the part about Disney. I didn't think I'd ever be such a weeb but moving on from American animation to see how much better the rest of the world is at it, you really can't come back. You'll never see something like Mob Psycho come out from there. The closest thing I can ever think of that compared to the quality of anime is Avatar: The Last Airbender and it was clearly a fluke that couldn't be replicated ever again.

I never understood the mentality of 'I hate this thing but I have to see it through the end to move on'. If I really can't stand something anymore I'll just drop it. It might be hard at first but it really is worthwhile, you can always find something better to replace it.


File: 1548507477047.jpg (3.14 MB, 2142x3016, lucky.jpg)

On the average, most western plots and premises are more unique and creative in comparison to the average anime plot (either moe SoL romcom ecchi light novel/mangoes adaptation with self insert MC and a harem or the shounen boss of the week with power escalation). Western animation is also more trendy while most anime stick to a clear formula. Execution, on the other hand, is another matter. Most Japanese studios (and the people that make them up) have been longstay and have more experience with the medium, while western is as come and go as it can get. Most recent CalArts stuff is rather trash and focuses more on fulfilling social justice quota or appealing to children and viral media. On animation and style, anime still consistently ripoffs Disney while western animation is still dogshit and choppy.

I don't believe both mediums will reach an acceptable consensus (in the eyes of mainstream) due to demographics. Like how almost all anime characters are either lolis, teenagers or young adults because they're pandering to otaku, teenagers and people who can't let high school go. People eat both of these up, so unless the producers and the middle men meddle with something, it's unlikely for both to sell for the better.

>In terms of storytelling, I'd say even something on the shakier side like Chobits is better than Steven Universe.

I didn't like Chobits when it came out, and that was some 17 years ago. It felt like it simply gone nowhere except for the occasional "haha its okay molesting a robot" joke. I don't even know how it got to air on TV in the first place, ratings were much more strict back then. It had a sort of cool concept that could be explored more throughly, but it felt very much wasted by mindless pandering. I'd say the average /co/ shlock would be far more entertaining.

But at least anime with a promising concept have a lesser rate of being Kubo'd and hack written than western animation. Corporate meddling is insane here.
Even when it's written by a hack, at least its more visually stimulating. Inital D turned into DBZ with cars past Project D and it was still dumb, albeit formulaic, fun. JoJo is still retarded, and that's good. If any cartoon gets trolled on the other hand it turns into dogfood because there's nothing there to hold it back up, not even animation. The latest "turn your brain off" seasonal shlock have decent animation, so at least it's visually stimulating and makes time go by fast, depending on how willing one is to eat it up.

It would be great to see a more mellowed out animation with a real backdrop (no sci-fi chuuni shit, although I love it) simply dealing with office drama and what not. With none of the "it's anime, so it has to have this token aspect" bullpoop.

It's fun to witness a trainwreck.


File: 1548533192585.jpg (463.34 KB, 850x978, __bankenman_ekubo_kageyama….jpg)

>Avatar: The Last Airbender
That definitely was lightning in a bottle. Animation wasn't always the best, but the fight scenes were serviceable and the aesthetic worked. Even Korra pales in comparison because two of the creators lost sight of what made the original good and the third didn't even come back. I do have to give credit where credit it due, Gumball has done some impressive things. It's not fully 2-d though and i'm pretty sure it's produced in Canada, or somewhere else outside of the states. The humor doesn't appeal too much to me and I've only seen clips, but it does impress me with its variety.
>If I really can't stand something anymore I'll just drop it.
Normally i'd agree with you, but this has been sevenish years of investment and at one point I really did see potential in it. A tiny bit of the fight scene animation in earlier seasons showed some effort. Beginning of this clip shows what I mean. Different angles, shots, panning.
For the most part, this is shot reverse shot. It's even lamer than these two characters first fight if you've seen that.
Mob Psycho 100, beginning of the season, totally insignificant fight for comparison.
>On the average, most western plots and premises are more unique and creative
Nah. I get what you're saying, but when you look at total volume, that's just not true. There's a sea of generic slice or life/harem stuff sure, but the bulk of anime with interesting premises it larger than the total bulk of western animation, especially in the more recent past. Typical anime, especially long running stuff, does tend to stick to formulas, but those formulas are more interesting than western ones like generic, monster of the week action show and every lull zo randumbz + rellatable comedy like pickle and peanut, we we bears or whatever, and diet teen titans lite to me. Shounen, ecchi and slice of life, are the worst offenders of being boring and indistinguishable, but watching them isn't painful like Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa. Fuckin High School DxD isn't painful to watch. Being bored is better than being in pain to me. Digimon Tamers is better than anything on right now.

>On animation and style, anime still consistently ripoffs Disney

I wouldn't say they rip it off. They initially ripped off a specific type of Disney comic and went off from there to make their own thing that has a lot of variety. The way they actually animate things differs. As another guy has said.
>American animation is characterized by very simple art and the animation itself lacks momentum: objects appear to move as if they lacked any mass and there is not a good distinction between solid and liquid objects as well, to me Disney characters look like they are made of gas when they move.
>What I find impressive in some Japanese animation is the physical realism of movement, specially in films like Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. After watching a ton of anime I my eyes now hurt when I watch Western animation. Yes, they have a lot of frames but these frames fail to actually generate believable movement. Anime does not have much movement but when they move they actually look like objects in movement. In western animation they look like liquid flowing from one part of screen to the other.
Gaps only grown when you look at recent stuff.
>it's unlikely for both to sell for the better.
Don't care to be honest.
>It had a sort of cool concept that could be explored more throughly, but it felt very much wasted by mindless pandering.
Maybe give it another chance. It did explore themes about romance and technologies impact on it, for better or worse. It systematically explored sub-topics and developed an overall narrative that left me thinking. The biggest problem to me was the rushed ending. Before I was either annoyed by or indifferent to pandering type stuff, but not only am I now desensitized, but seeing it is cathartic because I know that kind of stuff wouldn't fly over here. Maybe that's juvenile, but that's my mindset.
>simply dealing with office drama and what not
Isn't that just Servant x Service?

There was this one guy who did seem to have decent chops, but he got sacked for trying to unionize nick animators. I don't know how badly that would fuck things up or if it would have improved things.
The dialogue sucks though.


File: 1548537900126.jpg (341.71 KB, 850x1202, __okazaki_yumemi_touhou_pc….jpg)

I wanna condense my point as much as possible.
Look at what's airing now. Now look at the seasonal anime chart. Do that for every season, of every year, for 30+ years. There you go.
I randomly picked Hanamaru Youchien.
For the American one, hmmmmm, how about…. apple and onion.
What about their ops?
I also looked at some truly bottom of the barrel stuff like Acchi Kocchi, that seemed comparable, but it's not average.
3.The Best
How good does it get? What's the highest quality anybody has reached? I don't really know where to start.
I don't know, this?

I didn't even look, this is just the first thing that came to mind.
For movie animation

Tarzan does look very good though.
As for the star wars clip…
>The character designs are ugly and simplified to the point of being human only by courtesy. The background art is flat and unconvincing. This is supposed to be a serious, dangerous fight. Instead we see a couple of semi human forms flit around like demented moths. The animation may be smooth but since it doesn't tell the intended story it is useless.


File: 1557011999012.png (121.97 KB, 452x391, Girugamesh01.png)

It's kinda weird seeing adverts again after mozilla fucked up the certificates blocking all extensions. It's like my sins are catching up to me.


File: 1557065701924.png (8.83 KB, 475x96, PacmanQuarter.png)


Happy 15th YN anniversary


love you


Does anyone remember a guy called School Shooter posting music here? I can't find the thread and I think the videos are down (although that might just be cos "School Shooter" is completely unsearchable)


File: 1573758268682.jpg (59.03 KB, 636x464, 2a4.jpg)


He goes by the name "Negative XP" now.


File: 1580944961969.jpg (31.83 KB, 421x421, cypher.jpg)

You know, that scene in Matrix, where Cypher goes around the ship unplugging the Matrix crew and killing them one by one?

It's like that


Love sucks.


Wow, look at that. 5 of those threads already died.


I envy them


File: 1593157034569.png (743.61 KB, 1600x1800, 69405319.png)

Once again, happy birthday Mado.


File: 1593174368239.png (43.94 KB, 2000x1168, 84487979.png)

I love this place.
Hard to say if I would like to see it more active or not. A little bit more activity could be nice but on the other hand the slowness contributes a lot to it's charm.


File: 1593720216192.jpg (471.77 KB, 900x1350, Toilet-bound Hanako-kun - ….jpg)

i want to contribute to the world. i want to create things with and for people, for myself, and enjoy this. i wish i had something to offer anyone


guess i just want to be loved for reasons past "you're family", but the world doesn't seem to find me very appealing. whether online or off or even in my dreams most of the time.



I feel you anon


File: 1597138122583.webm (161.66 KB, 480x854, output.webm)

I ride the storm!


File: 1597394410489-0.jpg (269.18 KB, 1262x1896, syez.jpg)

File: 1597394410489-1.jpg (179.53 KB, 850x1118, sygeyy.jpg)

File: 1597394410489-2.jpg (356.57 KB, 1080x1400, symaple.jpg)

I like Maple Syrup.


File: 1597828593724.webm (2.61 MB, 640x800, padthai.webm)

Wok on flames


Traditional vodkas are potato-based.


I want to own my own house! I should stop pussyfooting around and just get it, because I am already in a position to do so. I'm holding off because I think I can get a better deal if I wait. Well, that's true but it's a bit of an after-the-fact rationalisation. I feel trepidation about moving forwards with all of this because it's unknown territory for me.




File: 1598686224411.gif (5.03 KB, 57x95, 20200830.gif)


File: 1599213768905.webm (1.82 MB, 640x480, 33.webm)

Racing is about coming fast


File: 1599569806811.webm (882.68 KB, 1280x720, NZ.webm)



File: 1599731006475-0.jpg (351.4 KB, 1600x1067, A.jpg)

File: 1599731006475-1.jpg (102.8 KB, 1600x846, Akiman.jpg)

File: 1599731006475-2.jpg (311.25 KB, 1078x569, B.jpg)

Tanks a lot


File: 1600162597060.jpg (283.74 KB, 1440x781, 20200913.jpg)

No, tank you.


File: 1600198286044.jpg (36.68 KB, 960x761, 119055621_2655466431382757….jpg)


File: 1600677271007.gif (118.33 KB, 200x113, 20200920.gif)



File: 1601122056798.jpg (77.63 KB, 768x767, 20200913.jpg)

Lady Geese Howard
She's an All-Star


File: 1602390868753-0.jpg (263.17 KB, 1920x1847, f.jpg)

File: 1602390868753-1.jpg (577.63 KB, 1920x2165, ed-pantera-mtg.jpg)

What do you want? What would you give up for it?


File: 1602468881930.png (57.84 KB, 226x267, ....png)



File: 1602519606742.png (1.32 MB, 1048x1052, tumblr_96e3ae57db04d787cd9….png)

The thought the we may not have free will makes me sad.


File: 1602740532219.jpg (332.82 KB, 600x600, 1526961773387-0.jpg)

I feel really paranoid.
I keep thinking someone might dig up data on me that I left behind on the internet, connect the dots, and then dox me. I haven't really tipped off anyone much, but I still fear that some random asshole will dox me and ruin my life.
I want this feeling to go away.


File: 1603669002206.jpg (410.25 KB, 1920x2304, femtwo.jpg)

Make a wish…


File: 1604178868830.jpg (1.27 MB, 2071x2160, feast.jpg)

Kenshin X is still a fan fave




File: 1604831303460.jpg (257.09 KB, 1280x1330, sg4mtg.jpg)

Are elven princesses real?


File: 1605424013109.jpg (60.12 KB, 730x1080, ELBn23JUUAEkeTB.jpg)


File: 1605520077409-0.jpg (59.28 KB, 384x960, Clipboard01.jpg)

File: 1605520077409-1.jpg (77.16 KB, 384x960, Clipboard02.jpg)

File: 1605520077409-2.jpg (41.37 KB, 384x960, Clipboard03.jpg)

November Rains.


File: 1606995801576.jpg (221.87 KB, 1693x977, 20201220.jpg)

12th month has arrived.


File: 1607512605199.jpg (100 KB, 850x954, 20201227.jpg)

The chill envelops me…


File: 1607895349475-0.jpg (36.53 KB, 364x506, 20201227.jpg)

File: 1607895349475-1.jpg (77.88 KB, 1024x291, 20201220.jpg)



File: 1609023126464-0.webm (221.55 KB, 642x312, GH.webm)

File: 1609023126464-1.webm (425.71 KB, 1920x1120, serra.webm)

Gentlemen prefer blondes


File: 1610066745787.jpg (83.71 KB, 978x1276, 20210103.jpg)



File: 1610282564431-0.jpg (73.84 KB, 636x900, 20210117.jpg)

File: 1610282564431-1.jpg (266.48 KB, 850x1511, 20210110.jpg)


I still remember when Kyoko ruined the cirno get


>I lost my laptop again (´・ω・`)
Literally how


Winners don't do drugs.


File: 1611827299313-0.gif (14.69 KB, 250x200, f1.gif)

File: 1611827299313-1.gif (107.18 KB, 695x224, f2.gif)



File: 1613395799252-0.jpg (244.32 KB, 1080x1350, MTG1.jpg)

File: 1613395799252-1.jpg (103.48 KB, 1000x729, MTG3.jpg)



File: 1617498005034-0.jpg (209.09 KB, 1190x629, 20210418.jpg)

File: 1617498005034-1.jpg (50.01 KB, 897x720, 20210411.jpg)

Tank you for being a friend.


File: 1618482101957-0.jpg (409.73 KB, 1080x1349, mtg001.jpg)

File: 1618482101957-1.jpg (148 KB, 1080x1350, mtg003.jpg)

File: 1618482101957-2.jpg (393.22 KB, 1080x1301, mtg002.jpg)

Hard to believe these photos are the same person.


File: 1620378504589.jpg (481.23 KB, 1325x2048, atla.jpg)



File: 1621340527018-0.jpg (188.46 KB, 1448x2048, MTG21.jpg)

File: 1621340527018-1.jpg (67.13 KB, 405x628, atla.jpg)

File: 1621340527018-2.jpg (73.82 KB, 400x624, atlz.jpg)



Street Fighter women are ugly thots.


File: 1621938435749-0.jpg (115.95 KB, 1080x1080, MTG21.jpg)

File: 1621938435749-1.gif (7.58 KB, 127x151, zFF.gif)

File: 1621938435749-2.gif (66.65 KB, 200x228, zStance.gif)

Why you so mean?


File: 1622210902688-0.jpg (146.51 KB, 1080x1080, 0003mtg.jpg)

File: 1622210902688-1.jpg (99.01 KB, 1080x1080, 0002mtg.jpg)

File: 1622210902688-2.jpg (264.86 KB, 1080x1350, 01CP.jpg)



File: 1625238876539-0.jpg (144.73 KB, 680x558, c8.jpg)

File: 1625238876539-1.jpg (126.05 KB, 1280x1280, MTG21.jpg)

Lady Morrigan Aesland


File: 1626258860087-0.jpg (40.89 KB, 500x278, atla.jpg)

File: 1626258860087-1.jpg (43.74 KB, 400x400, atlz.jpg)

Oh nom nom


just used my paper shredder


I want to learn beatboxing so bad.


front page is working thats nice


must eat watermelon


File: 1626612495931.jpg (146.09 KB, 540x810, 1609006523940.jpg)



File: 1626693211024.jpg (278.22 KB, 1362x1810, ohsnap.jpg)

Blonde elf in a korean rpg should wear a hanbok.


File: 1626702657387.jpg (97.94 KB, 1280x720, 1547175870138.jpg)


File: 1626704725724.png (130.05 KB, 1135x1116, Teddit.png)

Word of advice: You can use teddit.net in place of reddit.com or old.reddit.com.
>No advertisements
>No Javascript
>No Cloudflare
>FOSS (AGPL v3.0)
>Proxy (Hides IP)



File: 1626704966285.gif (1.2 MB, 336x252, 173a5fef3b100dca2dae7e9535….gif)

woww thanks for the info, friend!



File: 1626778314295-0.jpg (1.08 MB, 2500x3017, Ad_Disney.jpg)

File: 1626778314295-1.jpg (647.54 KB, 3665x3664, Amazon.jpg)

Here's the Disney megacorp in one graphic. Also bonus Amazon megacorp.


File: 1629285051084-0.jpg (253.52 KB, 1011x1778, 04.jpg)

File: 1629285051153-1.jpg (450.76 KB, 1364x1784, 05.jpg)



File: 1629461621337.png (11.39 KB, 357x435, Madotsuki.PNG)

«Гимн наемников» by Канцлер Ги
«Волшебный мир» by Мираж


Evidently, this imageboard seems to border on dead. A real disappointment: I remember back when 8/r9k/ managed to crank out over 30 FTDDTOTs (Feels That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread) in a similar way to what happened on here, but I missed out on all these Random Thoughts threads. I didn't know of this site until a few days ago.
Guess I will be reading them from archive.org.


File: 1630070152288-0.jpg (136.89 KB, 795x1197, 3333tsukinoimin.jpg)

File: 1630070152288-1.jpg (222.98 KB, 850x1191, 3333chunliprettypurin720.jpg)

Oh, hi.


File: 1630243786886.jpg (105.91 KB, 801x1107, 2da9d60ec3489e67fd3ad72c53….jpg)

I've been gangstalked by a group of random strangers who keep harassing me in public online spaces.
I just can't stop thinking about it for months. It's the only thing that I have in my mind, the fear. Nothing else. It has ruined my mental health to the point that I couldn't think about anything else… But I just can't do anything about it.
I don't even know why do I keep blabbering like an idiot about it. Just knowing that there are a group of people who would do anything to ruin the life of someone else is just… I don't know. Just knowing that there are dozens, or possibly hundreds, of people watching me stumble around and laughing at me cowering in fear is just… Tiring. You know?
It just feels like an unwanted additional emotional baggage. Even if it's just an online thing.
They keep harassing me 24/7. Without rest. And what's worse is… They expect me to tolerate it. When I've done literally nothing wrong. And they played it off like nothing has ever happened.
I'm just tired.


can't you just make new accounts?


Post on twitter they are being racist and whateveryouare-phobic and watch them be cancelled to pieces


what really happened lol


Get off social media now; email/sms/telephones exist.


File: 1632570977440.jpg (107.13 KB, 700x1000, ar1.jpg)

Weekend is elf-tastic


I'm just so tired bros





File: 1633007068529-0.jpg (1.01 MB, 5500x2000, ar2.jpg)

File: 1633007068529-1.jpg (66.24 KB, 680x353, ar3.jpg)

Get to the chopper


File: 1633161578192.jpg (64.19 KB, 581x865, a1.jpg)

Transformers: More than Meets the Eye.


File: 1633649278637.png (384.36 KB, 526x527, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1634019651179-0.jpg (98.36 KB, 680x672, 20211017.jpg)

File: 1634019651179-1.jpg (305.96 KB, 850x1179, 20211010.jpg)

Hell Cats are coool


File: 1636541615659-0.jpg (47.05 KB, 896x968, 237mtg.jpg)

File: 1636541615675-1.jpg (44.82 KB, 566x800, 238mtg.jpg)

Love is the process in which god is allocated.

To think, is to give love and life.


File: 1637670596650-0.jpg (121.57 KB, 883x1373, 20211205.jpg)

File: 1637670596657-1.jpg (130.82 KB, 850x1202, 20211212.jpg)


File: 1641458015428.jpg (222.14 KB, 1500x1476, 20220116.jpg)



File: 1657026444905-0.jpg (112.97 KB, 485x680, A0000001.jpg)

File: 1657026444905-1.jpg (129.32 KB, 600x923, A0000002.jpg)



File: 1657882924932-0.jpg (126.12 KB, 624x415, AA1 (1).jpg)

File: 1657882924932-1.jpg (182.14 KB, 850x1200, AA1 (3).jpg)

I wanna got to EVO2022 in Las Vegas


End of summer approaching fast


File: 1660195413542.jpg (721.4 KB, 1200x848, 1590012576501.jpg)

I created this thread almost 5 years ago. Time sure flies.

Lately, I don't come to ubuu all that often, but it's still a place full of fond memories. I used to think about other people from here occasionally, even those who have left the site long ago. I had very meaningful discussions with many individuals, shared the things I found interesting, or simply complained about life and all of that. Sometimes I wonder if some people even remember me at all. Not literally me, of course; but what I have said on this place, the projection of me in their heads when we talked.

I'm incredibly depressed. Although I'm in college working towards a title, all the progress I made in this time feels like a lie. Like I have been only lying to myself. And although I feel there is no point in any of my actions, the mere force of habit drives me forward. Where to? I wish I knew.

It's not that I don't "see" my progress; I've accomplished many small victories over the last couple of years, things that made me feel like I would finally head somewhere that wasn't a dark pit where I only rot and die. But even so, I still feel alienated from my surroundings. I still don't really connect with people. And above anything else, I can't even connect with myself anymore.

In the past, a book was all I needed to feel at home, in any place. Of course, I also enjoy watching movies and playing games. But, as long as I was able to read, I felt like it didn't matter what happened to me, or where I was, or even if I couldn't connect with other people. But now? I don't even feel myself there anymore. There's a void that I just can't fill, no matter how hard I try, no matter how much it hurts.

I just wish I could turn my emotions off, go somewhere far away, in the middle of the mountains, and just watch the sun fall. I just want to feel the winds that once moved my soul again. I just want, for a last time, to remember the warmth of looking forward to things, finding them exciting, and going to sleep without hoping I never open my eyes again.


File: 1660736219081-0.jpg (59.65 KB, 850x735, a001 (1).jpg)

File: 1660736219081-1.jpg (66.28 KB, 850x694, a001 (2).jpg)

File: 1660736219081-2.jpg (67.96 KB, 850x628, a001 (3).jpg)

I hate cats


I'm glad this place is still here.


File: 1662031665699.jpg (106.47 KB, 568x680, bria (4).jpg)

The Five Stages of Grief

The first stage: Denial.

Denial is the first of the five stages of grief™️. It helps us to survive the loss. In this stage, the world becomes meaningless and overwhelming. Life makes no sense. We are in a state of shock and denial. We go numb. We wonder how we can go on, if we can go on, why we should go on. We try to find a way to simply get through each day. Denial and shock help us to cope and make survival possible.


File: 1662092630353.jpg (558.7 KB, 2591x3624, EX-n11TUEAA9TsC.jpg)

The clock is tickling, but everybody is unaware of this.
The world is blurring, but so is everybody else.
I am disappearing, yet people don't realize this fact.

Sometimes I think about walking down the road into the wilderness, and letting the void engulf me.
I possess nothing, I have no attachments. Nothing but a small case, that I can carry with me wherever I go. Why am I carrying a case in the first place? I guess I'm afraid to lose my identity. With one foot outside the threshold, and the other one inside, what does it matter who I am. I was never here in the first place.



How the US is trying to maintain dominance of the advanced semiconductor industry and limit China's ability to develop its own

The US has long dominated the advanced semiconductor industry and is going to great lengths, and expense, to stop China from catching up.

The tiny computing components are essential for almost anything that runs on power these days — from home appliances to consumer technology like smart phones, computers and cars, through to defence systems, satellites, AI systems and weapons of war.

On top of pumping billions of dollars in subsidies and other incentives into its industry, the US has sought to build alliances with South Korea, Japan, the Netherlands and Taiwan to boost production.

It has also taken steps to drastically restrict China's ability to access the critical technology, also known as microchips.

But experts warn the latest suite of US moves in the so-called "chip wars" could also backfire, and push China's industry to develop its own advanced semiconductors.


Why is Jupiter so bright right now?
There's a few reasons, according to University of Southern Queensland astrophysics professor Jonti Horner.

The first is because Jupiter will reach something astronomers call opposition.

"It just means that Jupiter is pretty much opposite the sun in the sky," Professor Horner says.

"Jupiter is rising at sunset and setting at sunrise."

This happens every 13 months and makes Jupiter appear bigger and brighter than any other time of the year.

"At that time, the Earth is at its closest to Jupiter for that year — so we'd describe that as Earth making its closest approach to Jupiter," Professor Horner says.

"However, not all close approaches are equal, some are closer than others.

"This year's close approach is the closest since 1963.

"The reason for this is that Jupiter's orbit around the Sun is not perfectly circular — nor is the Earth's.

"This year, the Earth is closest to Jupiter just at the same time that Jupiter is at its closest to the Sun, which is why this year's opposition is such a close encounter."

This will make for an "extraordinary" view of Jupiter, NASA said in a blog post.



There are basically two kinds of generators, the alternator type and the frequency inverter type. Alternator type generators are basically an internal combustion engine hooked up to an alternator which generates an AC waveform. To maintain 60 hertz frequency, the generator runs at a constant, wide open speed which makes them very loud. But they are also very cheap to build and that makes them appealing to people who think they can have a generator on a budget.

Inverter generators, as the name implies, use a DC generator with a frequency inverter to generate an AC sine wave regardless of engine speed. Thus, if the load level is low, the generator will throttle down and still provide the correct frequency and amperage needed. When the load increases, the internal combustion engine will throttle up accordingly. As a result, such generators are far quieter and more fuel efficient than the alternator type. However, is sufficiency and quietness comes of the cost. They are often twice as expensive as the inexpensive alternator type generators.

The temptation with generators is to be the person on the block who has all his lights on when the power is off. People don't like to feel helpless when situations are out of their control. Having a generator is a way of exerting control over your environment, albeit in a limited way.

What brought this to a head was a friend of mine bought an alternator type generator and installed it in their storage shed on their property, with a very elaborate system of fans and vents to keep it dry, but well-ventilated. When the storm hit, the power went off for 12 hours because Georgia Power couldn't put up the snorkel trucks in the high winds.

Rather than run the generator for a few hours to keep the fridge and freezer cold - and then turn it off - they left it on all night. Something happened - the generator caught fire, and since it was plumbed to a large propane tank, the fire quickly spread, particularly once the propane line melted. It took two hours for the fire department to extinguish the blaze - and the shed and accompanying studio were reduced to ruins.

Was it worth it? The idea was that with a generator, you would "ride out the storm" - but as we saw on Ft. Myers Beach, ten feet of water with waves of four feet or more, will push a house right off its foundations and then reduce it to scraps, in a matter of minutes.


It has been a high-profile year for improvised robotic weapons. During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, news of makeshift bombers made of off-the-shelf DJI quadcopter drones and munitions have made the rounds on social media. And in July, a widely circulated hobbyist video of a Unitree dogbot with a gun strapped to its back stirred up fears of "dystopian nightmare" in the press. On YouTube, you can find several videos of people imitating the stunt in other scenarios.

An unauthorized video of a gun bolted onto a $3,000 Unitree robodog spread quickly on social media in July.
Enlarge / An unauthorized video of a gun bolted onto a $3,000 Unitree robodog spread quickly on social media in July.
Alexander Atamanov
The open letter seems to indirectly address these recent media events, saying, "… we now feel renewed urgency in light of the increasing public concern in recent months caused by a small number of people who have visibly publicized their makeshift efforts to weaponize commercially available robots."

The NYPD retires “Digidog” robot after public backlash
The letter's specific focus on "advanced-mobility general-purpose robots" leaves room for interpretation regarding specialty robots designed for warfare or law enforcement, which the pledge does not cover. Instead, it primarily concerns public use of "widely available" robots and calls for government regulation: "We call on policymakers to work with us to promote safe use of these robots and to prohibit their misuse."

Boston Dynamics previously supplied robots to police forces for unarmed uses, causing a backlash in New York City last year, although the firm's contract with the New York Police Department prohibited using the Spot robot as a weapon. On this point, the letter carves out a sizable exception to its pledge: "To be clear, we are not taking issue with existing technologies that nations and their government agencies use to defend themselves and uphold their laws."

You can read the full statement on the Boston Dynamics website.


I'm so fucking sick of watching things, listening to things, reading things, but when I don't the mental chaos builds and I become a danger to myself.


That is another reason why few people collect on Lifetime Guarantees - laziness or forgetfulness. You have an old hat and it gets grungy - you throw it out without thinking about it. You forgot about the lifetime guarantee, or it seems like too much hassle to pack up the hat and ship it to Canada (as I did with Mr. See's hat). So you go out and buy a new hat. Statistically, few people collect on these deals, mostly because they don't bother to ask.

One reason why stores request a driver's license when you return something is so they can track who is returning. Amazon does this as well and "bans" users who buy things and then return them. People were actually buying wedding dresses, getting married, and then returning them when done. Saves the bride a couple of grand, but costs Amazon (or the seller) the same amount - no one will pay top dollar for a used wedding dress.

So when Walmart asks me for a driver's license, it is to track how many times I return things. If I become a serial returner, well, they will suspect something is up and ban me as well.

I recounted before how I was at a Lowe's once, and this crackhead lady wanted to return a $200 faucet (why are faucets so freaking expensive, anyway? Subject for a new posting, as I will need new faucets shortly). They were just starting to put RFID chips in the high-value products and the guy at the return desk told the lady she couldn't return the item because their inventory control system showed the item as being on the shelf. RFID chips can not only detect when an item is carried out without paying, but attach individual serial numbers to products, so as to identify stolen goods.

The guy was flat-out calling the lady a thief, without saying so. She tried to argue, but finally realized what he was saying. And when the clerk made noises about the police, she left the store.

Stolen goods are another source of "returns" as well, which is, unfortunately, another reason why these "lifetime guarantees" are fading from the scene.

So, "Lifetime Guarantees" may become a thing of the past - or are becoming a thing of the past, as, over time, every company that offers them, accumulates more and more liability for every product they sell. Eventually, it could bankrupt the company. So save those receipts - companies are being more strict with these guarantees - if they offer them at all.


A friend of mine like to go to garage sales and then give away what they bought. So I get all these tea towels, which we use in the kitchen in place of paper towels (for many uses - we still have paper towels around for certain things). It is nice she gives us these, but it is funny how many of them are seasonal - Christmas, Easter, Halloween, even Valentine's Day.


it funny how i keep telling myself ill feel better after x or y happens, especially when those things are usually so unlikely to happen, yet when they do happen i feel the same as always.

whether i get what i want or i get nothing im simply unable to differentiate the two emotionally anymore


wish I had a soul. my mind is a mess of unprocessed contradictory thoughts and beliefs because I've done nothing but lurk and leech during the few years I've been on the internet. i've spent so much time being a soulless follower drone, a pathological liar, overtly self-destructive, and doing mindless repetitive things - and while it used to feel nice to blame my shitty life, family and lack of internet access for all that wasted time, i can't move past the fact i actually did all that and didn't cope in some way that would at least afford me a soul and at least one place to belong.


everyone has a soul


Merry christmas ubuu.


File: 1671915916402.png (414.87 KB, 870x1109, poni.png)

>>23192 Merry christmas!!!


File: 1671917663819.png (310.51 KB, 472x464, ANORECTAL-VIOLENCE.png)

Merry Christmas vomitive shithole!


Merry Christmas you guys.


File: 1672107018526.gif (93.55 KB, 250x250, christmas padowo3453443.gif)

To another year, Merry Christmas!


Today was not a good day.


File: 1672377026865-0.jpg (54.54 KB, 774x683, 00 (1).jpg)

File: 1672377026865-1.jpg (75.68 KB, 851x575, 00 (2).jpg)

File: 1672377026865-2.jpg (69.22 KB, 1279x563, 00 (3).jpg)

Then MAKE it a good day


Monday is for Muscle Monday.
Lift & stretch until it is done!


What Happens When A CPU Starts:

This is a discussion of what happens when a CPU chip starts. It may be
thought of as what happens when a whole computer starts, since the CPU is the
center of the computer and the place where the action begins.

Generally, when a CPU chip first receives power, it must be reset by
receiving a pulse on its RESET (or RST) pin. This is because when the power
supply is first powering up, even if it only takes a second or two, the CPU
has already received "dirty" power, because the power supply was building up
a steady stream of electricity. Digital logic chips like CPUs require precise
voltages, and they get confused if they receive something outside their
intended voltage range. Thus, as soon as the chip has powered up, it is reset
to bring it to a known starting condition. This is done automatically by
circuitry on the motherboard that performs a reset upon power-up. The RESET
pin (which is usually active-low) must be activated for a certain number of
clock cycles to reset the CPU. The reset circuit keeps the RESET signal
active for a moment, then disables it, at which point the CPU begins its act.

The actions of the CPU can actually be summarized very simply: It simply
executes instructions from memory. Ultimately, all the CPU really is, is a
chip which receives instructions, and then performs those instructions.

The CPU gets its instructions from memory. "Memory" is a term that
encompasses both the RAM and the ROM. The RAM is the CPU's workspace, where
it temporarily stores data that it is currently working on. The ROM is the
permanent code that the CPU reads every time it is turned on; The ROM is
always the first code to get executed on the CPU. The CPU addresses memory
(both RAM and ROM) through the address bus, sending out a particular
combination of 1s and 0s on the address bus lines to choose a particular byte
of memory. The memory chips respond by sending the contents of the selected
memory cell over the data bus to the CPU.

Every CPU has a particular point in memory where it begins reading
instructions after it has been reset. Some CPUs will simply jump to a set
point and begin executing the instructions there, while others actually use
what is called a "reset vector", which means that it first checks a
particular point in memory for a number which is the memory address to begin
executing instructions at.

As an example of this, the Z80 CPU immediately begins executing code from
memory address 0000 when it is reset. This is a relatively simple case. By
contrast, the 6502, another popular classic CPU, has a two-byte reset vector
located at memory addresses FFFC and FFFD (in hexadecimal). This means that
the ROM in a 6502-based computer *must* be at the top of the memory space.
The two bytes are stored backwards, and thus, if FFFC contains 00 and FFFD
contains B0, then the 6502 will jump to memory location B000 and start
executing instructions there. There are two advantages to this system: First
of all, it gives the computer engineer some control over where the CPU begins
executing ROM code, and secondly, it leaves the bottom area of the memory
space (beginning at address 0000) free for RAM. The Z80's system, although
simpler, creates a "hole" in the memory, because the bottom of the memory
space is used by ROM and therefore you cannot use the beginning of the memory
space for normal RAM work.


The CPU contains a register called the instruction pointer (abbreviated IP)
which contains a number. The number in the IP is the memory address at which
the next instruction is to be performed. IP is incremented with each
instruction, and in the event of a JMP instruction (a jump instruction, which
tells the CPU to jump to another location and start running the instructions
there), IP is set to the jump location and then the CPU continues on its way
from there. The CPU's instructions are sometimes called "opcodes". They are
simply strings of binary 1s and 0s which together form an instruction. For
example, on a standard Intel 80x86 CPU (such as a 486 or Pentium), the opcode
90h (or 10010000 binary) is a NOP (no operation) opcode. NOP is the simplest
instruction in any CPU, and it simply means to do nothing and go on to the
next instruction. If a cell in RAM or ROM contains this opcode and the CPU
executes it, it will perform a NOP (in other words, it will do nothing) and
then IP will be set to the next memory cell. (On some computer platforms, the
instruction pointer is called the "program counter", inexplicably abbreviated
"PG". However, on the PC (as in "IBM PC") platform, the term "instruction
pointer" is usually used, because that term is preferred by Intel with regard
to its 80x86 CPU family.)

Regardless of where the CPU begins getting its instructions, the beginning
point should always be somewhere in a ROM chip. The computer needs startup
instructions to perform basic hardware checking and preparation, and these
are contained in a ROM chip on the motherboard called the BIOS. This is where
any computer begins executing its code when it is turned on.

Once the BIOS code has been executed, what happens next depends entirely on
what is in the BIOS, although normally the BIOS will begin looking for a disk
drive of some kind and start executing the instructions there (which is
usually an operating system). From that point onward, the OS takes over and
usually runs a shell which the user then uses to operate the computer.

It should be explained how the CPU communicates with the various memory
chips. At the very least, a computer needs two of these (one for ROM and one
for RAM), and often there are more than one. Yet they all share the same
address bus; How do the chips know when the CPU is addressing them, and when
it is not? A very popular solution to this is to use a converter chip,
usually a 3-to-8 converter, and occasionally a 2-to-4 converter is used.

The 3-to-8 converter is simply a chip with three logic inputs and eight logic
outputs. Depending on which combination of inputs is on, a single of the
eight outputs will be activated. If you remember your binary math, you should
realize that having three bits gives you eight possible combinations of 1s
and 0s, to wit: 000, 001, 010, 011, 100, 101, 110, and 111. The three inputs
are attached to the highest three lines of the address bus (A13 to A15 in a
CPU with a 16-bit address bus), and the eight outputs can now be used as chip
select signals. Very nearly every RAM or ROM chip in existence has a "Chip
Select" (CS) pin, which can enable or disable the chip, and whichever chip
receives the CS signal from the 3-to-8 converter will be the one that
responds to the memory access by the CPU.

Of course, because you are devoting 3 of your address bus lines to chip
selection, you have reduced addressing functionality within the actual chips.
However, this is not usually a problem. The remaining 13 address bus lines
give you 8K of memory space in each chip, which is usually enough for small
computers. If you have 8 memory chips, each of them with 8K of memory in
them, then you have a full 64K of addressable memory, using the full capacity
of a CPU with a 16-bit address bus.

The following are the memory ranges you get with a 3-to-8 converter on a
16-bit address bus (numbers preceding the range indicate the status of the
three inputs on the converter):

000: 0000h to 1FFFh
001: 2000h to 3FFFh
010: 4000h to 5FFFh
011: 6000h to 7FFFh
100: 8000h to 9FFFh
101: A000h to BFFFh
110: C000h to DFFFh
111: E000h to FFFFh

The following are the memory ranges you get with a 3-to-8 converter on an
8-bit address bus:

000: 00h to 1Fh
001: 20h to 3Fh
010: 40h to 5Fh
011: 60h to 7Fh
100: 80h to 9Fh
101: A0h to BFh
110: C0h to DFh
111: E0h to FFh

The following are the memory ranges you get with a 2-to-4 converter on a
16-bit address bus:

00: 0000h to 3FFFh
01: 4000h to 7FFFh
10: 8000h to BFFFh
11: C000h to FFFFh

The following are the memory ranges you get with a 2-to-4 converter on an
8-bit address bus:

00: 00h to 3Fh
01: 40h to 7Fh
10: 80h to BFh
11: C0h to FFh


After 25 years, GoldenEye 007 gets its first modern rerelease Friday
Xbox gets enhanced 4K visuals, but Switch gets online play.


I deleted my Glumcotton Dusk thread from ig. It's silly to pretend I'm anon when I have a twitter for the game and am planning to launch the game in non-anon platforms. Take care everyone.


Were you the one who'd quit their job or something to dedicate themselves to the game? On one hand I get what you're saying, but if you don't want to feign anonymity you could just namefag in that thread. That's not unusual for devs here. It might be cool to have updates where people who like these sorts of games will actually see it. Do whatever you want though.


That's me. I'll remake the thread once I have a demo, it will be coming soon.


File: 1679830895487.jpg (376.54 KB, 1080x1350, missjava.jpg)

Why do I feel so uneasy?


I wish posting online wasn't so hard but I really hate having an identity tied to me, especially after all that happened this one time. it all just makes me feel "findable" and I swear I'm not that paranoid. I suppose I do act that way, but art is just something that really follows you though


File: 1681813985118.gif (228.33 KB, 1000x1000, 2023.gif)

Black & white is such an under-rated aesthetic


File: 1682939808782-0.jpg (145.96 KB, 850x692, 20230501.jpg)

File: 1682939808782-1.jpg (1.45 MB, 5000x3000, 20230503.jpg)

Mayday mayday
Would you go meatless for monday?


It's Fry-day. I'm had a fried battered chicken burger for breakfast and want fried rice for lunch. Dinner is tempura.


File: 1688286363577.webm (3.18 MB, 640x360, whoaMGS.webm)

AI is dangerous?


File: 1692538362547-0.jpg (62.03 KB, 600x1000, 20230818.jpg)

File: 1692538362547-1.jpg (54.07 KB, 506x768, AAAcake.jpg)

Frying rice is fun!
Dessert? No thanks, trying to cut down on sugar…


File: 1693642659084.jpg (111.29 KB, 562x968, 20230908.jpg)

Time for farming * fixing


File: 1693872087284.jpg (119.44 KB, 818x506, 20230907.jpg)

Source: https://twitter.com/all_gray_ue3/status/1697588647917437110#m

This is the advertisement for 【MC☆Axis】magazine on sale 21st Sept. It features police mamas (right) and promises Mika & Youko bunnygirl pinup (left).


『ガールズ&パンツァー 最終章』第4話 Trailer 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61ZJEjBAGA0

『ガールズ&パンツァー 最終章』第4話 Trailer 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxNqHf8AnW0


File: 1694602223177-0.jpg (53.21 KB, 640x360, 20230912.jpg)

File: 1694602223177-1.jpg (557.65 KB, 2048x1608, AAA.jpg)

I must WANT to do better. Feeling lazy but I know there's work to be done. Curses!


File: 1694849663443-0.gif (126.04 KB, 200x150, 2023.gif)

File: 1694849663443-1.gif (79.79 KB, 250x145, 2Z.gif)

Punch and kick until the work is done!


Many years ago, when I was smoking pot in the tree house at Sigma Chi at GMI, I had a pot-fueled epiphany. The difference in intelligence, between the very least of us (think: mentally handicapped) and an Einstein, was insignificant, compared to the infinite wisdom of the universe. We like to think we are "smart" people, compared to others, but in relative terms, compared to the wisdom of the Gods, we are all equally as stupid.

A friend of mine, exhaling bong smoke, disagreed. From his perspective, there were dumb people who did stupid shit, and then there were smart people who didn't. And in retrospect, we both were right.


File: 1695990444994-0.jpg (215.17 KB, 656x987, 20230929.jpg)

File: 1695990444994-1.gif (74.99 KB, 126x118, 20230001.gif)

Time to spring forward or fall back; it's mid-autumn festival moon-watching time!


File: 1696506669747.gif (1.53 MB, 250x188, 20230000.gif)

I'm tired but I can't sleep


File: 1697527548465.jpg (78.58 KB, 988x656, 20231019.jpg)

Baby, it's cold outside…


File: 1697682742645.jpg (211.62 KB, 1495x1080, kotoha.jpg)

Learning Japanese and I think I'm finally at a level where I don't have to hit my head against a wall every day. Fucking hell these 10~ months immersing were probably the worst in my life, but it's mostly over and it's becoming fun now. Anyone considering doing this, you have been warned. The reward of being able to access more non-English-speaking communities in this day and age of the internet is a pretty good feeling but I learned that most of the places are run by bots now anyway.

I was thinking of immersing in Russian after this (next year most likely with this kind of speed) but I might have to halt my "plans" for now. My plan was to get fluent in both Russian and Japanese to have more leeway on the internet because I am really becoming scared how barren everything is becoming now on the internet.


sounds cool, what do you mean by immersing though? making accounts on japanese websites and forcing yourself to interact with strangers in japanese? using japanese twitter in japanese only?



I use the AJATT-method (all japanese all the time). So I have been watching anime raws first, reading raw manga and now recently started reading light novels since manga became easier. Of course, having no better things to do and being able to pump many hours a day into this because of that has helped a lot in progressing.


File: 1698738871131-0.gif (729.95 KB, 255x192, 20230009.gif)

File: 1698738871131-1.jpg (97.03 KB, 498x768, 20231102.jpg)

Are you using duolingo?


File: 1698875565967.jpg (1.26 MB, 1445x1697, 1556965741848-1.jpg)

Nay, I use Anki for that. I add raw subtitles text from anime or screenshot the text I want to add there and then learn it. While I never thought of really stopping the learning process, there are of course moments where nothing seems to make any sense so it kind of eats away the motivation a lot. At some point though you just kind of realize how deep you are in the learning process already and then just decide to go to the very end (native level).


File: 1703977534285.png (284.64 KB, 500x400, Angels-Bouguereau.png)

Why does everything have the need to be on Discord these days?
Like seriously, if you want to download some program, appeal a ban, etc. you have to join the Discord for it. Shit's so annoying. It doesn't help the fact that it's locked behind a login wall.
I'd rather use forums than Discord, at least those were easier to get around.


File: 1705362147730.jpg (168.28 KB, 850x702, sample_58f95177f61d28c822a….jpg)

I'm emotionally unavailable to my family since years ago. I stopped showing my genuine interests and emotions and thoughts. To every phrase I simply say a vague response without looking more trouble. I already have trouble with them talking about the most boring topics of conversation while my mind goes Skyler yelling "shut up, shut up, shut up". My mother is a lying narcissist (whose doesn't?) who constantly projects her virtues on everyone else, my father insulted my hobbies more than one occasion with his coworkers, and my brother for some reason has a strange tendency to step on mines that result in very unpleasant topics in almost every single lunch meal. When I meet new people with them, they present me like if I'm a trophy or a dog who knows tricks, not like I'm a son. These people are making me feel alone.

In times of distress I like to take a walk to the beach to disconnect myself from these people. It used to work wonders, but it's harder to not think about these family members each day. Every time I remember an ounce of a memory of any of them, I get mad. My usual attempts to relax ultimately became outweighed. Even with my extreme introversion I'm heavily considering in joining a gym. Maybe to meet new people, maybe to meet new friends, establish a conversation, join a friend group. Even if nothing happens I'll still be doing a healthier lifestyle and having fun doing exercise, so it's a win-win for me anyway.

Today I played around the AI Text generators, and I wrote something like
>Imagine you're my father and I'm your son who is very demoralized, write me a letter encouraging me
Before I got to the third paragraph I was already shedding tears. I felt something very emotional while I was reading that letter. What the hell is wrong with me, crying over something an AI made for me? But some of these words are things that should have come from my parents years ago. What did I get instead?
>You got bullied in school? Nah, ignore them, they'll get tired soon
>You don't want to hear the news? Time to lecture and demoralize you
>You depressed? Don't be selfish, depression is not real
Yeah. AI is not that disgusting considering the alternative. There is something very human behind these words in that letter.

Not sure what I'm hoping to accomplish writing this story. At least I can treat this as a cathartic experience and organize my ideas better. Maybe someone here feeling lonely can ask an AI to write an encouraging letter for them, or maybe get inspired and write a book about this. Whatever inspiration anyone gets from reading this, I hope they have fun doing it. Even if it's a collection of jokes about daddy issues.

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