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saya no uta
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Does anybody know about this title?

It's a half-retro FPS made by a single japanese(!) dev that takes a lot of inspiration from Marathon, Touhou, Doom, and cyberpunk/dark anime from 90's (GitS, Jin-Roh, Blame!, etc). The game, despite being a bit clunky in realization, has a good amount of effort and soul put into it together with a decent amount of gun autism (projectile ballistics, half-realistic reloading system, juicy sounds) + elements of guro and ryona (no porn) + fucked up cyberpunkish/religious setting, as if it was taken from some obscure japanese RPG Maker schizo game.

You can download the game here:

or/and you can buy it on steam to support the dev:


File: 1644113744594-0.jpg (381.57 KB, 1920x1080, d68041a24395044e56c1d0c11e….jpg)

File: 1644113744594-1.jpg (302.88 KB, 1920x1080, steampagepreview.jpg)

File: 1644113744594-2.jpg (69.61 KB, 670x376, 421226.jpg)

Haven't actually bought it yet (haven't really been playing games too much for a while now), but mood and tone looks great. The dev's a massive retro game sci-fi geek and gun nut that takes inspiration from all over the place (noticeably BLAME). The sequel update logs look good too, with an increase in gun handling mechanics and gameplay variation. Heard the guy got harassed by people assuming it's a guro porn game, but that evidently hasn't slowed him down.

No gameplay screenshots? Sure, initial impressions of the hud and levels push people away, but the aesthetic's cool.

Beyond Citadel Dev logs: https://twitter.com/citadeldev?s=20
Seeing all those cycling gun states, manual bolt cycling and sprites gets me excited.


Yes. Havent played an fps in a long time so I got this game, really been enjoying it. The leaning is pretty fun.


Dang. looks cool. Might check it out after I look at ultrakill


File: 1644312194044.jpg (131.95 KB, 869x1159, E_jgD4yVEAMndE3.jpg)


It started after some youtuber's playthrough videos, I think, where he blamed the dev for guro fetish (the dev's actually into guro, but seems like doesn't want to admit it lol).
Here's the interview including some words about the setting and stuff: https://nichegamer.com/doekuramori-interview-the-citadel-harassment-and-how-to-make-your-voice-heard-in-japan/


What is there to admit?


I'm fairly certain the dev just tried to play it off as "no I'm not into guro, doom had this shit and nobody claimed they were into guro right?" thing because a lot of people were super dismissive and just treating it as if it was a porn game, only because it was "anime girls". To be honest, I understand the dev, people can be huge assholes for no particular reason, and trying to play it safe is 100% fair in my book.


Download link doesn't work…

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