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saya no uta
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File: 1316831234198.jpg (76.98 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lnr2w0xC3v1qfboc9o1_…)


does anybody know about the game known as lsd dream emulator?


you mean

But yes, and the grey man still scares me, even though it is a really lame pop scare.


I wanna play it.

I'm 100% stupid, how I download and play a playstation/dreamcast/whatever the hell LSD is kinda game on my computer? My brother only showed me how to the NES roms ._. anyway I really wanna play LSD so bad


File: 1316841102564.gif (494.92 KB, 500x227, tumblr_lrqu3rromd1qcfba3o1_…)


the fuck is this
where the fuck is this
what the fuck is this
what the fuck are you


First, download a PS1/PSX emulator such as ePSXe or PCSX. Then, just find an ISO file of the game. You may have to register for a forum or two to get the download link like I had to do.


You made me search for a part of a walkthrough where the player jumps to the ceiling because he saw an uboaesque creature.



Once upon a time I said I'd stream game play of this. I could try again?


but dude i finally managed to play this shit on my psp



bump yall!


>only one page
>feels the need to bump

But anyway, i read somewhere that emulating this game will cause every water ingame to be a raveparty/epilepsy blinking water.


This is very true.
Also footsteps, oh god THE FOOTSTEPS


File: 1317331841530.jpg (19.35 KB, 330x268, LSD_dream_emulator.jpg)

anybody encountered these things?


That happened to me. I guess it's not just my emulater then, huh?

Yup. Multiple times. Was a bit of a surprise the first time, though.


Yeah, those guys sometimes appear at the hotel.


also those things are supposely called monsters of the bright moon.
The house is called bright moon hotel




Yes, the footsteps.
Somebody should change the sound files for the footsteps to those of yume nikki ( and flow, which uses the same sounds afaik ).


Anyone of you yet seen the jumping around babys? Im still terrified y their sound and look. q_q


>>96 i saw them… but the freakiest moment is when that spirit appears in that wearhouse in the violence district




oh and btw ive always got scared shitless by sound patterns like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJp9jW-quqE&feature=related


sorry i forgot to type my name


I'm loling rather hard at this soundtrack



>>163 i laugh my ass of at the


i find this sound pattern just disturbing


File: 1337749252708.png (25.85 KB, 738x555, lsd.png)

hit day 50
finally got to the black and white cubey place!!


File: 1337749293552.png (18.47 KB, 791x584, isaw3ships.png)

this game is beautiful, really


File: 1337874211852.png (412.5 KB, 629x480, lsd37.png)

Day 80.
The BGM has been really quiet and hollow(?) for a while. I see weird photos of women and different body parts everywhere. The game keeps teleporting me to the Violence District and Grey Man won't leave me alone. And on the 80th day I had a dream where I just kept teleporting on top of these bodies and each time I did they changed appearance and the music started to sound really cheery and silly.

What the fuck is going on.


LSD is a boring game and the only thing that brings it to life is imagination. That's not how stuff works.


I sort of agree with this.

One could argue that there is a lot to explore in LSD, but exploring is a royal pain because its so easy to accidentally bump a wall and teleport to random places; this wouldn't be too bad on its own, but the time limit just kills it because it forces you to rush everywhere and you never get enough time to really appreciate the atmosphere of the game. I can't even begin to list how many times I've slogged through a boring, redundant area and came across a neat-looking place only for the dream to abruptly end.

Overall, LSD was kind of neat for a few hours, but it got really repetitive and boring after a while. I wouldn't really rank it up as anything special if not for the clear influence it had in Yume Nikki's creation.



It's a bit like Yume Nikki, in that it sucks if you rate it like a traditional game. Yume Nikki's probably more accessible though, since it has lot less randomness, and as a result, finding new interesting things and depends more on your memory, and less on luck.

Even with all the randomness, I find LSD pretty enjoyable. It was definitely more interesting in the earlier days, when I was coming across new things more frequently, though I'm on day 81 now, and still enjoying it, since I'm still coming across new things. What's worked better to me is to play it in shorter spurts of maybe 2-5 days at a time. I also know that a bunch of the more odd and bizarre textures don't appear until you get further along, so that can help keep things more interesting on later days.


Sorry for the bother. I downloaded the LSD Dream Emulator in my PC. It suposed to work with my keyboard but it doesn't. I try to change it with the F5 but nothing happens, I can't start to play it (the intros are cool but is frustrating when they start to reproduce almost immediatly and your keyboard controls don't work). Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


assuming you're using an emulator such as ePSXe, you should be able to configure your controls in the preferences..


You were right. Thank you for the


File: 1478622879352.png (529.46 KB, 1280x720, cityeye.png)

I recently started really playing this game. I had played maybe 3 dreams and not really gotten used to the game before a few times but I finally realized whats so great about it. It feels so much like YN but so different. The gameplay feels more dynamic than just wandering around barren places. It also gives some creepy vibes without even trying. I'd take screen shots and share but I'm playing it on my psp.

I was told a while back that there's an actual ending which I'm very curious about since YN had a clear goal while this one doesn't.


File: 1588866436824.png (94.24 KB, 1280x1497, lsd__dream_emulator_mascot….png)

Full English Patch Released
22 years later I might add. Now even stupid gaijin NEETs can read the text dreams.

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