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I found this Japanese RPG Maker game called An Earth, looks like it has a small following on Twitter but other than that I can't find nothing about this game. Seems like a RPG similar to Earthbound or something. It also has a sequel, anyone know anything else about this? The game is in Japanese.

An Earth:



Based on what little interactions I've seen, it appears to be a parody of the Mother series.


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Making a reply to a 5 year old thread but whatever. I've played it and shit's great. Though rather than calling it Earthbound inspired I'd say it's more accurate to call it Mother 1 inspired and not just because of the graphical style. Like a lot of other RPGMaker games (though this was made in Wolf RPG, but whatever) the game itself is easy and isn't much different than the usual RPGM stuff. What really makes the games special is the batshit insane plot and characters as well as all the different enemies you fight. Nearly every enemy you fight in any given area will be completely unique from the other enemies you fight. If there is a recolor or something similar then it's usually for the sake of a joke. Like there is a running gag in the creator's games where in every game some guy named "John" gets killed off, usually as the first enemy you fight. You'll later fight a bunch of different recolors of him named stuff like "Jon" or "P2 John" or "Mecha John". Stuff like that. Every time I went into a new area I'd fight every enemy there just to see all the different enemies there are.


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The first AN EARTH is the one most like Mother 1. It's about a silent girl named Doppel and her chatterbox best friend Pris fighting robot aliens trying to take over the Earth. They're later joined by Decker, a greedy cop who doesn't actually know what's going on and just wants to slack off from work and Eight, a two faced shit talking idol. And by fight I mean fight dirty in just about every sense of the phrase. Most battles basically consist of you ganging up on your enemies, throwing trash at them and sucker punching them all while flipping them off and yelling stuff that can't be said on TV.

AN EARTH 2 is when it starts to diverge more from the Mother series. Though it's just as batshit as the first and the characters fight just as dirty. That game is about a wiseass boy named Kipper and his chatterbox best friend Pris (she's similar but isn't the same Pris as in the first game). They realize that their sky is fake and go on a journey to find out what's going on when Kipper's favorite light novel character, a vampire girl named Vanilla, falls through a broken hole in the sky. It's not exactly a sequel to the first game, but there are plot important references to it that you'll miss if you haven't played 1 first.


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File: 1670938961158-3.png (379 KB, 1064x1085, 76201632_p12.png)

The creator SUPAI03 also did three other games. His first game, Desperate Mansion, I haven't played but from the looks of it it seems like a comedy parody of RPGM horror games. I have played Heart Nightmare and Tenseint though.

Heart Nightmare completely changes the battle system for the better. It doesn't have EXP or random encounters. It just has boss battles where every boss is basically a puzzle where you have to figure out which of your character's skills to use and when. The first few bosses are pretty easy since those were just for figuring out what your characters do but the later ones can be tricky and took me a few tries to figure out what I had to do. The plot is about a ragtag group of people from different worlds (futuristic robotic world, horror world, kemono world, etc) teaming up to fight a group of interdimensional villains. The Mother inspirations are gone but it's just as crazy as the other games. I prefer AN EARTH 1 and 2, but I still liked this a bunch too.

Tenseint on the other hand I didn't really care for and don't really remember much of since it didn't make as much of a impression. Out of all of SUPAI03's games I consider it the weakest, at least out of the ones I played. The battle system is just like the simple RPGM battles that AN EARTH used. As for the story it's got two going on at the same time that connect to each other. One is about a girl that gets isekai'd to a bizarre school while the other is about a bounty hunter is a post-apocalyptic world.


I am playing the first game with Textractor (requires manually updating the Wolf Text Hooker) and Offline Sugoi Translator and it is a surprisingly smooth experience. One hook works both for dialogue and menus which is pretty handy.
The game is fun. Main character constantly gets new skills from examining overworld objects or by defeating enemies (like weaponizing the dog's barking, or the grief for poor John or by studying mirrors and learning how to reflect attacks). Decker has a hilariously overpowered and intended ability to shoot someone with a Glock without consuming the turn, so you can just spam it to kill an enemy and then use his free ability to refill energy to shoot someone again).

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