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saya no uta
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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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Now this is not quite a game, it is a chat client from 1994 similar to Second Life. It is one of the very first 3D chat clients out there and surprisingly, the servers are still up.
It recently got a lot of attention for it's out dated graphics, eerie music, strange worlds and most of all, very weird regulars who have been online for years, organizing events and contest as if nothing happened despite the client being almost deserted.
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silly dsparil. didn't you say yourself that mother meat always listens?


Is this still bumpable?

When this whole Worlds.com thing started, I asked my sister to play with me. I didn't read much about it at the time so I didn't know how to get to the lesser known areas, but still it creeped me out.

Anyway, I'm posting this because I read >>1917 but it didn't mention something I found with my sister.

Have you ever been to a secret room where there's nothing but a cube in the center? I think you can get to that place from a few other places, and regular ones. At the time I got there by walking through a wall in a japanese area, or at least close to it.

This place is mostly brown-ish, and the cube in the center has nothing special about it really. This room is also empty, apart from the cube.

Anyway, I walked around it and accidentally found a invisible ledge. I went up it, and ended up on top of the cube. Then I thought "hey, maybe there's is an invisible path" and oh boy, it sure was. It took me and my sister a whole day to get through it, but we couldn't reach the end.

So I'm just wondering, I'm not sure about how many people found it, but I really wanted to know what was at the end. Anyone knows?



Does anyone still play this?

I can't even remember my username right now.


yes. of course. even when worlds is empty
it never is


this is so romantic :3


File: 1363406842740.jpg (42.77 KB, 218x462, ss (2013-03-16 at 12.00.10….jpg)

divorce> hello everyone, welcome to worlds.com
beezyremhod> sirg when did u get here
Urotsuki> hello sirg
Urotsuki> how is weather in walla walla
divorce> walla walla walla walla
divorce> who's up for some trivia?
Urotsuki> aw yeah!!
Urotsuki> :O)
divorce> okay, this one's a doosey
divorce> what is the command on a windows computer to open the task manager?
Urotsuki> oh!!!!!!!!
Urotsuki> i know this
Urotsuki> F
Urotsuki> 13
divorce> ding
divorce> gong
resllygay> uro you are too good at trivia
divorce> and that's beezy in the task tail at 16
99th> i am entertained
divorce> melissa nice to see you
Urotsuki> sirg u r worst admin
divorce> this next one's a doosey!
divorce> walla walla
divorce> ding
divorce> gong
Urotsuki> where are the other blue taggers
divorce> let's keep it pg
divorce> next question, who IS the task manager?
Urotsuki> me
divorce> ding
divorce> gong
divorce> jimi hendrix was a famous guitarist
divorce> walla walla
beezyremhod> sirg these questions r too hard
divorce> get back on the farm
beezyremhod> oh ok
divorce> You're all my sheep, I control the game Y/N
Urotsuki> n
resllygay> sirg are u feeling ok u look a little funny
divorce> walla walla
99th> really now?
Urotsuki> uh
Urotsuki> can i have some free vip
divorce> only 15 more hours of trivia
divorce> this next one is a doosey
divorce> in which world does my avatar appear suspended on a pentagram being tortured by vampire women?
Urotsuki> uh
Urotsuki> avatar gallery
divorce> ding
divorce> gong
divorce> that's urotsuki in the dungeon world tail at 4 points
resllygay> incredible
beezyremhod> sirg what happened
divorce> it's me, monopool junior
Urotsuki> where is monopool
divorce> he's at the end of this rotten maze


ohhhoooohoho divorce is a most wonderful actor. I was very fooled!


There is this guy Gluttony who stalks you and follows you around and says "Hello" every now and then, he visits the BowieWorld alot
According to my chat with him he knew Nex through aol back in 99'and he's trying to find him




File: 1378006550322.jpg (70.53 KB, 500x326, 1377926593800.jpg)

/x/ did it again.


Is there a way to play this game without having to constantly restart to download the next room?


any one know how to get this to run in windows 8?


it still sleeps but one day it will be awake again

please don't worry it will all be okay


asunnymoo here

anyone found out the significance of the skinned deer?

Nice to know people here still care about worlds. Keep lurking.


That shouldn't happen. However, it if does, I would suggest going to the beach and traveling to "gauntlet", which will allow you download all default worlds at once.


Urotsuki, please come back



File: 1397661816618.jpg (138.49 KB, 884x474, 7T7AX.jpg)


File: 1399132512708.png (92.44 KB, 680x510, 1346587495685.png)


I don't know what this thread is about.. The people there are very nice, if you think this is weird, then you haven't seen even a quarter of second life.


File: 1402163077523.png (768.13 KB, 1820x847, atlantis.PNG)

second life does not capture the essential simplicity of worlds. worlds was the first of its kind. the first generation of internet socialites went there. each world is made with love and care, but now they are empty, deserted, but full of memories. if you can appreciate internet archaeology, it is a wonderful, and mysterious, home.


Oh wow what an old post..
But even so I require some help. I cannot seem to download this game. I mean, it donwloads and everything, but everytime I try and run (Yes in administrator) it it only runs as a background process. My computer is a windows 8.
Anyone got an idea of what to do?


Try it in compatibility mode maybe.


File: 1432497779395.png (53.77 KB, 657x540, help.png)

It seems to be still running as just javaw (32 bit) in the background.


go into device manager and under "display adapters" disable the video driver while you start worlds then enable it after it opens. that might work


Is this thread still alive? I need help running worlds.


It is now.
First make sure you aren't running windows 10.


It works fine in Windows 10. Windows 8 is the one that causes problems.


Not even the worst of it. Courtesy of the polish girl with the blood paintings: https://veuwer.com/i/3hyt.png


Has anyone got a list of cool hidden places and secrets they could share?



I really miss this game


You can use a free vpn to change your IP. Most places have the common VPN IPs blocked, but since this place is outdated it may not


Any advice on how to run this on Linux?


A VM running w98/XP seems like the best approach.


Install Windows.


What was this chat service made for? How did it sell? How is the server still online? Who is keeping it online? What for?


>What was this chat service made for?
The same reason second life was made for.

>How did it sell?

It was apparently popular until 2nd life.

>How is the server still online? Who is keeping it online? What for?

Ah, the big questions nobody can answer.


How the fuck do I install this worlds and how do I go to them?


Prolly need to run an outdated java version in a virtual machine or such. I havn't dug in enough to get it to work yet myself.


i urge you all to once again enter this digital temple


tell me about it. the core grows greater


i do tho


Meet up when


meet up how


Meet up what


anyone here from nexpo?



there is no cult in worlds, it is just stupid internet shit. worlds.com is full of nice and weird people. they are a great small community, welcoming everyone.


Worlds sign up seems to be down at the moment, as in, no code phrase is being sent by email. Anyone else experiencing this issue?


Email support@worlds.com and let them know what email you've used to register so they can send the code your way. KEEP IN MIND THAT REPLIES MIGHT TAKE UP UNTIL A WEEK, there's only one person dealing with everyone so please be patient!

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