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So out of passing curiousity since I didn't see a thread for this (or maybe I just didn't lurk hard enough), has anyone played/this completed this game?

I just completed it in its entirety and I was just…got by the ending, I just couldn't keep it in at the end. I honestly recommend it to anyone looking for a Pixel Horror game that has a nice story.

You can find the game here: http://vgperson.com/games/blankdream.htm


>looking for a Pixel Horror game
Is this more of the generic little girls genre that became a fashion as of late where they're being chased by screamers and cheap tricks?


File: 1442779729094.jpg (26.26 KB, 496x288, meh.jpg)

Just played some of it, it's well done, sounds are great and the art is very pretty, but it's more of the same formula, puzzle creepy themes around some traumatized kawaii gurl, and it ABUSES jumpscares like a motherfucker, it's GenericRPGMHorror.exe


File: 1442786793976.png (37.58 KB, 438x439, 1387092164299.png)

Wish there were more MC who are middle-aged hardened detectives or something. They always seem to have something nice to bring.


I actually want to do something like this but I suck at everything related to the making of a game and my life can be resumed in eternal procrastination.
I wish I had more skill and patience.


I personally didn't find it very good. My main complain about it is too many unnecessary jumpscares and an over dramatic story.



I'm not going to lie, the first good half of the game is essentially that, with very fair puzzles throughout. It tones down on that aspect significantly once it gets the second half where it becomes more plot-oriented and personally that's where the game starts to pick up, when the bits and pieces of story you've encountered along the way start to come together

The game, I agree, is generic, though I personally think that it's still worth giving a chance despite that


I have no interest or knowledge of the game outside seeing Manly play it for a bit but seeing Band of Brothers shit on ubuu is neat.


The game was pretty good, it wasn't just a recolor of another sprite or anything like that.
They had their own art, generic RPG maker music but it was still pretty good.
Overall it reminded me of The Witches House which is my all time favorite RPG maker game so you could say that I enjoyed this once quite a bit.
I've played many, many shitty fangames (most yume nikki bullshit) so this one was very refreshing
Also there was literally like 5 jumpscares so if you're telling me that's abusing it then you don't know what the hell you're talking about


File: 1442853106585.jpg (76.93 KB, 821x594, yachattaya.jpg)

Not even one jumpscare is good if not very well used, and I mean VERY WELL, jumpscares are the lowest form of horror device because they force a scary situation.

It's like in sitcoms when they do bad jokes and use laughs as background sound to be contagious.


File: 1442856241621.png (415.79 KB, 640x570, 1418943131001.png)

The problem here is not the jumpscares, it's the fact that is ANOTHER game of the MULTIPLE horror games that are being made as of late because it's a fashion, which uses THE SAME tricks as the others to force """"scary"""" situations.
As other people said here, the game is well done, the art is actually pretty nice, but it isn't a game that is really new or anything at all. More of the same formula we've seen for at least 2 years.
It's like devs as of late misunderstand completely what horror really is and believe 2scary4u themes are pure horror, or something…

Pic related, the genre that these games should actually be to be good.


File: 1442859694561.png (1.89 MB, 1504x900, SeiMakingFriends.png)



Repetitive, boring…


File: 1443622510206.gif (692.86 KB, 369x168, notclichegame.gif)

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