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General discussion thread.



.torrent where/when?


Seconding this.


Stuck on what I assume is the final boss, not sure how to progress without killing him but don't want to spoil anything by looking it up. If anyone could give me a non-spoily hint…


Like the game says, All you can do is fight. You still have the chance to spare him once you win.

And no, that's not the final boss.


I played through the demo once and it looks somewhat interesting. I can't shake the feeling that I missed out on quite a lot of content, but maybe my decisions meant nothing and I just beelined for the only real available option.


Exactly what choices did you made?


Thanks! I completed it. That was a pretty awesome game.


I don't know if they were real choices to begin with, but I'll try to keep it vague. I was in general distrustful towards everything and everyone I encountered. As a six-year-old who fell into the abyss, I chose to keep in mind what my parents taught me and not trust any strangers.

So, I turned down my free experience. I did not take any candies. I don't think I could have refused the cell phone, so I used it quite a bit. I made an unlikely friend. I never explored the area to the right of the house. I did not wait for the gift to be ready and insisted to be brought back home at once. I shattered the white heart, but that was purely on accident.

Later today, I came back to the game and tried to play God.

Anyway, what I got was unexpected. The demo definitely got me interested in what happens next. I'll be sure to play the full game once I get my hands on it.


File: 1442798918551.png (Spoiler Image, 4.12 KB, 640x480, 19.png)

Also, I've just noticed, but I'm absolutely sure that thing wasn't originally there in the instruction for the demo version of the game. The "last modified" date on the file confirms that. There's something odd going on with it. Some dialogue was altered when I played the demo from the start for the second time. Intriguing! I think I have to play it a few more times and see if I can get something else to change.


If you want a straight up answer [spoiler]yes, the game does some serious meta fuckery. And the full version does it 10 fold. If you enjoy the demo, the full version of the game far exceeds it.

Also the choices are by no means arbitrary. How you play can dramatically affect the game.[/spoiler]


Been playing it obsessively over the past half a week. Game's AMAZING. It's packed with tons of different secrets and Easter eggs, then the whole spare/kill aspect really delivers, and changes certain things in a playthrough a lot (especially if you go toward one extreme or the other). You know a lot of people loved and were impressed by the fight at the end of the demo? Every major boss fight is just as good, and I'd say some are even better. The game's also got great humor all over the place (even in most of the battles and a lot of item descriptions/use text).

This is one game everyone here should play.


>This is one game everyone here should play.
This, in a nutshell. I wish I were better at explaining things so I could tell you why I found it so good. Just go grab the demo if you're undecided. I can promise you that the full game is much, much, M-U-C-H better than it.


File: 1442977448280.gif (87.97 KB, 500x350, 281DLE4.gif)

Aw, man. I remember playing the demo of this game over and over again. The ending of it and execution of not having to fight always amazed me.
This is amazing. I can't wait to play the full version.


This is one of those games where you should try and support the creator and buy it


I was one of the anons who asked for a torrent link and now that I finished the true end, I can certainly agree with you.
Just went and brought it because holy shit, that game was a ride


File: 1443292389821.jpg (218.42 KB, 1016x672, UndertaleMarketing.jpg)

ITT: Wild marketing.


Understale is just shit if you ever liked it, you should feel bad.


/v/ please depart


tumblr please depart


File: 1443537211170.png (57.25 KB, 802x1197, 1442593990095.png)

Discussion ≠ shilling.
Would you mind saying something to show it's not a good game other than "game bad fans bad reeeeeeee"?


I remember when this same bullshit happened with OFF too

Two fucking years ago


That's because it's the same fandom.


I'm talking about you idiots screaming tumblr at anything just because a game is popular. Nothing fucking changes with you.


There were two posts, one was a harmless joke >>3953 and the other one was retarded flame >>3954

After that, two kids who can't take a joke, one of them sent both posters "back to /v/", yet you dare to complain about the easy comeback?
Who was the idiot again?


File: 1443681147486.png (242.73 KB, 1130x900, 3a19617d3608b421fcefabba81….png)

Sick shitposting guys!!!!

pumped about 20 hours into it. I could easily do more for additional content but I have other games to play. Probably my favorite game of the year in terms of overall enjoyment.

Now maybe I can finally finish LISA so I can read the thread I made!

Also what was the funniest moment for everyone? Mine was the snail race.


File: 1443738981475.gif (Spoiler Image, 66.97 KB, 636x467, 1443127348710.gif)

Second date was great from start to finish.


File: 1443811690438.jpg (62.96 KB, 528x373, koshertale.jpg)

Wild marketing worked great! Now part two.


Hello newfriend.

This isn't /v/. Games like this always have been discussed here. No one knows this board exists and would care enough to market here. Please go back to 4chan to try out your epic shill memes. I'm sure they'll be more appreciated there.


File: 1443835035618.png (403.93 KB, 853x480, smuganimugurl6.png)

Hello newfriend, as if this wasnt obvious enough already, even if it was stated before I must remind you this whole shitposting thing is a joke, to make fun of easily baited salty fangirls like you who can't take a joke.

I won't send you anywhere because if you can't identify and live with obvious jokes you're not only new to this site but to the internet as a whole.


File: 1443903513119.jpg (40.02 KB, 349x642, sHt5q.jpg)

I-It's just shitposting guys haha!


File: 1443904222718.png (573.01 KB, 708x572, 1442632605268.png)

>being this butthurt
lol man, chill out.
I as well think the game sucks balls but if I were to say it loud out here you all would jump at my throat.


It was stated here >>3961 you special anon, the same was done in project yume nikki, with the doritos and stuff, now you can't recognize inside jokes?
I am trying real hard to not send you there m8


but they weren't pretending to be anything. it was obviously shitposting from the start.


File: 1443904614531.png (76.64 KB, 277x289, 1442235775124.png)

You can't even recognize the fraud flame?
lol fucking newfag


Anyone know where Toby got some of the soundfonts he used? iirc he said most of them were free.


File: 1444105135228.jpg (36.32 KB, 848x480, mad.jpg)

The game is not my thing, not bad either, but I find it extremely overrated and the fandom acts as autistic as homestuck's, I can almost hate it now.


Another example of hating something for being popular.

I've seen enough of this shit to just stop caring. Why are you even on tumblr, anyway?


File: 1444140688899.jpg (297.06 KB, 869x873, bullshit.jpg)

When did I mention that stinky craphole? Some people in this site are very obsessed with Tumblr.
Indie game websites, forums and steam is where you go to get a serious(sometimes) reference or review.

Example of something hated for being popular? I bet MLP would love that one, as if that excuse removed the fact that the product became vomitive because of it.
Is MLP really that bad? I don't think so, it's a cartoon aimed at kids and nothing else.
This game is being praised and that's okay, but they put it the same level of mastery than Yume Nikki, Earthbound and others.

It's fashion and it's cool to talk about it, for that reason the critics everywhere will use it as traffic device, the critics will be good, and they will be shared and "reblogged".

For that reason ↑, not because the game is any good, something similar happens when a shitty youtuber likes a game and it becomes trend because of it, this case isn't even that bad because Undertale is decent, but I saw very, VERY shitty ones being in the hot trend of the month for popularity and not actual content. Ask yourself if the game is there because it is good, or because of fashions.

So it's "not another hated celebrity" Anon.


>Undertale has a lot of meta to the narrative
>Everyone is arguing about meta bullshit instead of the game



I doubt Toby likes it, but at least money flows.


>Yume Nikki, Earthbound and others.

Don't kid yourself fool, if either of these games came out in this climate, they'd get the same buzz, and you'd be bitching all the same.


File: 1444157406192.png (435.43 KB, 460x542, goodmood.png)

As I said on Steam, I can't see the brilliance in this game. It's packed with annoying and repetitive puzzles, boring 'combat' and requires a lot of trial and error. More often than not it tries too hard to be (creatively) funny and usually falls flat.
Not great, not bad, but given I used money for it BECAUSE of all the hype, I leave it on the negative side. There are lots of less hyped and pretentious games that make my day fun for free.


File: 1444157418558.jpg (29.04 KB, 598x701, 1441745128017.jpg)

Do you even read, or you just get this autistic because someone doesn't like the same shit you like?


Very wrong, even if they came in the same hype levels and fandom behavior, Yume Nikki actually deserves that place, please don't compare.


You're acting like a kindergartner now. 'NUH UH NUH UH'

But see, isn't that better? You're actually talking about why you dislike the game, instead of focusing on the fanbase.

Also, again. The OFF thread two years ago was exactly like this. Go look it up.


If Yume Nikki were released these days the chans would be full of



You fucking know it's the truth


File: 1444225998857.png (38.73 KB, 250x160, megabullshit.png)

>but you suck
Nice debate skillz broh

Anon the critics you describe already exist, it doesn't remove the fact Yume Nikki deserves to be hyped and glorified.

Also Undertale and Yume Nikki… They are in different dimensions, I don't know why you keep comparing exquisite chinese tea with cheap machine espresso coffee.


File: 1444227368778.jpg (97.36 KB, 640x562, shiggygiggy.jpg)

Actually the OFF thread is "go back to tumblr; tumblr gaem memey; tumblr game of the month yay"

Here we're discussing how overhyped this game is, that overrated fame makes people buy the game like >>4037 and they find a meh game.

I personally think Off didn't have this problem for… Obvious reasons, and Off was overrated, but it was good and entertaining, people could like it or not but no one could say Off was boring back then, but just read the bad reviews Undertale has on it's own steam page.

>Be on website and see how everyone shares Undertale content

>Go to Steam see 98% love rate
>How can this fail? Get hyped and buy it because of it
>Find yourself in a world of dense battles, trial and error, no challenge and a lot of memes trying too hard to be installed.
>I should have bought the soundtrack, it's much better than the game.
>Eat your anger.

I post this because I played the game, it's popularity isn't even the problem, the problem is that it's popularity is a bait, for a game that isn't bad, but you bought it because of the hype.

So there is a clear difference between Off thread and this, that was shitposting for the sake of retarded laughs and tumblr shaming, this is about Undertale's misleading fame which makes you buy something.

See pic for a good laugh.


File: 1444227719445.jpg (64.39 KB, 854x332, capture1591.jpg)

>Why are you even on tumblr, anyway?


but anon-kun, I bought it because I knew about it for years, loved the demo, and loved the game.

maybe it's possible that people can have different experiences than you. and while your opinions are valid and worth discussing, shitposting is just shitposting.


File: 1444235982048.gif (182.86 KB, 214x200, callingbullshit.gif)

Excuse me sir but the ones getting aggressive were not exactly the ones complaining about the misleading hype.

Different opinions=//=Shitposting.


Play fair.

But well, I agree on that, playing the demo would have prevented the bad moment, I thought reading reviews would be enough, but I learned my lesson, and it's not ALL bad, the soundtrack is beast, and the art is charming enough for this kind of game.


I'm not paying $11 for that shit lel


File: 1444237498153.gif (1.84 MB, 300x225, bannnna.gif)

Wait did you base all your opinions on reviews before?


Well this thread is fucked. Maybe next year~


Uboachan is dead, bleep. Fucking /v/ has better game conversations.


There's like, a free demo too.

I feel if this anon's friend told them to jump off a bridge they'd do it.


File: 1444237883361.png (324.12 KB, 958x718, UNDERTUMBLR.png)

This is shitposting, to check if the Underlivers notice the difference between jokes and arguments.


File: 1444237887134.jpg (337.7 KB, 950x800, 1441505272370.jpg)

He meant he trusted the reviews before playing the game, not posting here, you fucking retards


OMG I trusted the reviews before downloading a game, I am such a wild estupido!

Your fedora guys, it's falling down.


Considering the poster was shitting on a game because of reviews then played the game and admitted it wasn't really bad, its pretty ignorant of him to do. And if he didn't actually mean it that way it came off that way. It really just seemed like he saw that tumblr latched onto something and thought it was shit automatically.


File: 1444238818020.jpg (104.97 KB, 608x430, 1441762739878.jpg)

ROLF, all of those arguments were already presented countless times on chans.
Even the shilling one, remember the fucking surfer para fraud?
fucking newfag

>Considering the poster was shitting on a game
Where? I don't see any malice on that post.
You guys are jumping at conclusions for nothing.
lol this is exactly why people shit on threads like these.


Really enjoying the non-discussion guys, keep it up!

I wonder, is it the same 2-3 people shitting up both this thread and the Lisa thread?


File: 1444239062793.gif (596.33 KB, 500x280, whydoyou.gif)

Way to twist words anon…
>was shitting on a game
>because of reviews
Since the very beggining of the argument the fake-hype was the whole point, now the reviews are relevant? You can't judge a game based on a demo, and given it's being compared to Earthbound, Yume Nikki and others, following the critics is perfectly understandable.

The point is, it's sold like a masterpiece by the fans, and it's just another average meh game.

The point is not even that the fans act like horrid mlp tier hostile monsters, and the only ones mentioning Tumblr ITT were the fans and ebig meme image posters.


File: 1444239080330.png (1.55 MB, 1064x983, 1442928894455.png)

I don't see you discussing the game either. You could easily ignore it all and start something.

Seriously, everyone jumping at someone's throat screaming "SHITPOSTING" could easily ignore it all and keep discussing a thread. In fact, nothing of this would have happened if you guys just ignored the obvious bait and didn't cry when someone didn't like the game either.


File: 1444239508871.png (38.18 KB, 396x172, specialsnowflake.png)

Lisa didn't even had this problem with the fans LOL, Off had it. Alright let me guess.

>I bet they shitted FLUX's thread with their tumblr hatred!

>They are the same 2 or 3 ppl who ruined Project YN with their fraud spam!
>Oh man they are the same people who made my mom hate me, it's totally them

As I said, play fair, discussing the hype of a game is not shitposting, you're the ones getting offended at a serious critic, reacting agressive and throwing accussations here.


I agree with the bad critics, it's overrated the battles were just too dense, not even hard, just dense, as if you just wanted to finish em just to see what happens next.
It's a well made game and there is effort on it, but poorly executed, got me bored after 30 minutes and tries way too hard to be funny.
Oh damn Alphys kill it, it feels like the game tries to be more than it actually is.



Tried to earlier with >>3943 but good point. Also guess my last post might've been as overhyping it, though I still think a lot here would enjoy it if they gave it a chance. I also only said "everyone should play", never said you had to buy.

Not very good at starting discussion (and not much to respond to with how quickly the argument overshadowed things), but well, what do those that played it think of some of the game's many secrets? Anyone see Sans secret room by reloading 4 times just after talking to him in the final corridor on a Pacifist/neutral run? Anyone else been having Fun with the game?

It didn't for awhile, but look at >>3975 onward. One guy kneejerk reacting to an old joke then a bunch pointlessly arguing, similar to this thread. Only reason I figured it was probably 2-3 people is way it went down is pretty similar.


That's true, guess they weren't shitting on the game. There's just so much shit being flung its hard to tell whos posting what anymore.

As for the game it seems interesting but idk if I care enough to play it. Maybe eventually.


File: 1444241376174.jpg (48.99 KB, 672x324, FREE CHEAP BAIT.jpg)

>but look at >>3975 onward.
Anon, I don't want to disappoint you, but that's a salty faggot getting overheated by the "misuse" of a meme somebody posted ironically back 2 years ago, and he's not even complaining because it was shitting the thread but because MUH MEMES. Also, if you read more carefully, you will notice the people who started it were doing the same thing people was doing here with all the complaining and "STP SHTPOSTING PLSSSS DONT DO EET BACK TO /V/!", not "2 or 3" spirits who work 24/7 on "hating on muh vidya". And, what's funnier, in the last post I call bullshit on 'em because they were fighting against ghosts from 2 years in the past, pretty much what I also said in this thread.

Just ig-no-re. People shit like this because fangirls eat the bait. If anybody here thought people trolling are dumb and complained about it, they're actually the biggest fools in this thread.

Also, just to not hijack the thread anymore, I played it and didn't like it. It's okay, but not really that great either.


>smug anime faces everywhere

oh god just nuke this fucking thread


Christ stop posting in the thread you tool we get it already.


it's the same anon who shits on every new popular game, you can tell from the misuse of the word "fashion". probably some yume nikki spanish forum refugee who is salty about it getting ruined or whatever and still thinks it's uboachan.

y check my dubs



Go back to 4chan


File: 1444338597958.jpg (8.08 KB, 460x215, 1444120357558.jpg)

>what do those that played it think of some of the game's many secrets?

Gaster's story is pretty intriguing, but I'm not ready to have Fun yet. I don't know if I really want to perform a true reset. I've only beaten the game once and got the best ending I could ever wish for. At the same time, I want to see what the hidden hard mode is about…

I enjoyed the way little details interconnect and form a grander picture. For example, at one point in the game you can read in a book about monster funerals how they scatter the dust of their dead on the things they liked when they were alive, which causes a part of them to live on in those objects. The implications of that come in much, much later.




sagitty sage




File: 1445019479400.gif (1.33 MB, 729x410, 1442716193591.gif)

We favorite track now.


My current favorite.


File: 1445023698781.jpg (88.62 KB, 590x535, 1444147634363.jpg)

reminder that tumblr will be tumblr


File: 1445033080395.png (64.42 KB, 257x252, USSNotSponsored.png)


I personally loved the game. Played through it twice and cried both times :')


File: 1445047156522-0.gif (215.78 KB, 182x188, hype.gif)

File: 1445047156522-1.gif (411.11 KB, 172x186, help me jesus.gif)

File: 1445047156522-2.gif (114.78 KB, 250x218, smoke.gif)

I thought it was great.
I enjoyed it, the story was interesting to me and kept me guessing, I thought the battle system was fun, and the choices made me feel more involved.

(my biggest complaint was that the character's name could only be 6 letters…I wanted to use my real name because that makes it more immersive, but I had to use a shortened version that I don't like. But who cares.)

For what it was and how all over the place it was with influences and style and tone, I'd say it is amazingly well put together.

I've also realized within the last year or two that I do not enjoy any fandom for anything in the planet and thats ok. There's lots of great things out there, and talking to fans can be nice, but holy crap every fandom is a disaster.
Observe from afar do not touch.

I miss playing it already but I don't have the guts to reset after getting the good ending. I wanna see the genocide run, so I'm hoping Joel from Vinesauce will stream it someday.
Also that's how I got interested in the game was from watching his first Undertale stream, I got it and finished it before he did because I had to experience it for myself. But watching him first gave me a great voice to hear in my head for Papyrus's dialogue.


Ah come on it wasn't that bad.


this furry got shit taste sans is the best

i am baffled at how popular he got though. did anyone expect a short chubby skeleton man to be fawned there? he's even more popular than mettaton.


File: 1445277720206.png (29.74 KB, 663x492, 1443233498509.png)

I feel like an idiot because I think I'm the only one who was actually surprised Sans had more to him than "wacky chubby skeleton". Was really surprised when he started throwing jabs at me in my genocide run.

Also he's just one of those characters that sticks with you because the more you think about him the deeper the implications are.


File: 1445286445050.gif (980.55 KB, 500x360, fuckingtumblr.gif)



File: 1445286830082.jpg (16.15 KB, 313x566, 1393427249939.jpg)


>saging in a board that gets 2 posts a day

bump :^)




File: 1445293061125.jpg (169.11 KB, 1600x1200, putin.jpg)

Thank you for increasing the post count, that help us a lot.


File: 1445293492049.jpg (12 KB, 460x180, normalfag.jpg)


File: 1445293876244.jpg (80 KB, 300x281, getout.jpg)

wtf, here too? I can't belive it, this tumblr shit is everywhere, fucking plague.


Sure thing. You and your two other friends will be VERY hard to battle!



File: 1445298749456.png (288.08 KB, 540x296, logicalmuko.png)

yeah, only three people made this shitload of complains, yeah eyah eyah anon yeah.



i don't even care about Undertale. you autists are worse than the fanbase :^)


File: 1445299543145.jpg (20.36 KB, 300x250, undertaleplayer.jpg)

Have you tried like, not injecting tumblr cancer into anonymous imageboards?


gg OP


wow hot pic are you single?


>Literally same fandom as homestuck
>Partially same fandom as Off
>A train full of normalfags
>Anything worse than Undertale's fandom
I wasn't posting ITT until now, but I can't read anything is worse than that fandom following me literally everywhere.
With all my respect, both sides are retarded.


File: 1445300626903.jpg (78.96 KB, 522x947, 1444803235344-1.jpg)

Why are you accusing other people of ruining the thread when you're doing it alone?
>>4147 is right, fuck off, all of you faggots.


>I can't ignore a thread of people discussing a game I don't like and have to make up boogymen with the shitposters

Who hurt you? were you bullied?


File: 1445300814876.png (62.97 KB, 300x300, 1357767885358.png)

sorry you can't keep up with my shitposting anon I'll turn it down a notch.


File: 1445301609600.png (317.42 KB, 540x540, c2.png)

>I can't ignore a thread of people discussing a game I don't like and have to make up boogymen with the shitposters
I said I reacted to anon saying there is something worse than this fandom.

>Who hurt you? were you bullied?

If you really want to know, I use all the websites I can for entertainment, 4chan, tumblr, reddit, facebook, twitter, and obviously I'm interested in independent games.
One day all of these sites are flooded with endless loads of the same thing, I don't mind if there is just tumblr or reddit, it's common to see brony type fandoms there, but it's everywhere.
They do the same things as always, saying it's at classic games' level of quality or even better.

I know fanboyism is toxic, you asked me if someone bothered me, well yeah, when you disagree if they say Undertale is the new Earthbound they send you to /v/ with maximum hostility.

Fucking okay, I go to /v/ then, and I see this >>4046
I say it's always the same people because they react the same always, I hope this answered your question, and again, this is just my personal experience.

About the game itself, there isn't much to say, I just played the demo, you can't judge a game by its demo, but I saw the rest on youtube, the thing is an okay'ish game, it's definitely not worth 10 bucks and the art is gross, but it's absolutely not bad either, you can get tons of better games for free, there is a thread full of them in this same page and board.

Anyone can go anywhere and find a thread for undertale, even in smaller imageboards, smaller than Uboachan, there is no need.


I'm sorry you've been so sullied by a fanbase, anon. I would imagine this thread is here because it fits the mold of the games that are generally discussed in /og/. Seems like an interesting game but I haven't got around to it yet.

I'll go back to bullying the other anon because you actually seem coherent and rational.


How about you suck my cock?




File: 1445302730242.png (824.73 KB, 1280x1024, worstthread.png)

Congratulations guys, you did it.


ohh my god man go outside


Take it to /ot/
Rules 5 14


I like the game well enough. Not quite "teh GREATEST GAME EVER", but it's just long enough and the boss fights have interesting shit going for 'em. I also dig the music and like how differently the game plays between killing everything and killing absolutely nothing.

Fandom went to hell fast, though.


I just got invited to an undertale skype group, sage.


File: 1445597303145.png (142.89 KB, 540x329, 1445448102625.png)

Take it from me, little buddy. Fandoms are never good, no matter what.


How would you feel about a patch that added additional content?

On one hand, I personally hate when everything in a narrative is explicitly explained. On the other hand, I think there's plenty of important unanswered stuff in the game. Sans, Gaster, etc


I'd like to see hard mode finished, but otherwise I don't think there's much to add to the game.


The kickstarter mentioned that there might be another game in the same setting.

I'd love a full hard mode. The upgraded monster designs are so sweet.



I hope the dog behind the door gets patched as the game hinted. Wouldn't mind some more details/answers on Gaster either, though not so much clarity that all the game's mystique is gone.

More hard mode would be nice, but Toby didn't seem to keen on completing that, so it seems unlikely to happen.


>another game
Wait, does that mean we will have to tolerate another thread like this or is the same thing?




This thread wouldn't be nearly so bad if people could just ignore shit they didn't like.


But it is, also
>This thread wouldn't be so bad if salty fanboys didn't react hostile to jokes and different opinions



Tell him >>4182 that. I was merely responding.


File: 1446758168408.jpg (7.14 KB, 240x160, imagesKORTEXOS.jpg)

When I looked up Banjo-Kazooie on tumblr I found out:
- The speech is like Banjo-Kazooie's dialogue boxes where they speak nonsense.
- Mumbo Jumbo is a bit like Sans'


File: 1447268527149.jpg (53.61 KB, 540x272, memegamewins.jpg)

I know right the game was compared to that, Earthbound, YN and just kicked fallout 3's ass in GameFaqs' contest.

One certainly has to read a lot of interesting stuff.

inb4 fans force 1k/10 ign.


Here was I thinking that this shit was going to be well met here, of all places. Man, is this thread a dissapointment.


File: 1447734501637.png (43.1 KB, 640x480, WANT SOME OF THIS.png)

You weren't here back when Off was a fucking plage, right?


Let me see, Undertale threads generate drama in every fn site I visit, why did you think this imageboard was going to be different?


File: 1447869082146.jpg (47.68 KB, 770x186, capture1813.jpg)

Some laughs won't hurt.


File: 1448233500891.png (Spoiler Image, 31.06 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_nwg3vgXW5s1r4yy9vo2….png)

I found out that in the True Pacifist route you can find the Amalgamates at Alphy's lab, including Snowdrake's mother.


… what a coincidence.


Has anyone noticed that Gaster's face looks like Uboa? The attacks of the Memoryheads also looks like it.


Nice memes



>someone was autistic enough to draw that

nonono, those fanbases are supposed to be better


>any fanbase
It's time to wake up.


So, we are back to seeing a bunch of faggots being more annoying than a really obnoxious fanbase?


>any fanbase
>worse than this one


File: 1454182125188.png (296 KB, 640x446, you are disgusting.png)

Yes, yourself included for resurrecting this thread and being equally obnoxious.


File: 1466526731158.gif (5.72 KB, 560x260, Sleepy_pup.gif)

Reminder that this is a fantastic game and the current ADHD teen girl part of the fanbase (that should continue dwindling every day since no new content for this series will ever be released) should have no bearing whatsoever on your opinion of it. <3


Do you really want to re-activate this drama bomb?


>Shitty Cave Story ripoff with pieces of earthbound and homestuck full of forced attempts to vomit memes aimed specificly to SJWs and normies.
>5/10 game treated like GOTD.
>People have the balls to call some of it "bullet hell"
Amazing game indeed.


File: 1466548579999.png (49.25 KB, 2460x1492, shitygame.png)

Thanks I needed an excuse to use this.


How EXACTLY is Undertale shitty? I mean, don't hide behind memes, confront me here, tell me why exactly.


File: 1466552615586.jpg (80.73 KB, 1191x670, readingalien2.jpg)

And it begins…


You seemed to miss this post. >>4394
Also thanks, we are put to take ubuu into the right way again, but it seems you guys needed to resurrect this drama and take it all to shit. Thank you very much.


Choose any:


However, my personal problems with it are:
>Repetitive battles
>Trial and error
>Game trying WAY TOO HARD to be funny(some situations were funny)
>The moral stupidity about killing/not killing, not in some existential or deep way, just play moralfag.
>Annoying characters with ugly design(with exceptions)
>Calling a mere obstacle race with some bullets "bullet hell"

Finally, less important but there:
>Target audience, normies, homestuck fags and people who only are there for their nonbinary diversity circlejerk, I recognize it's a game not made for me or for anyone like me, though.
>The fans wanting to introduce it fucking everywhere, the pest follows you under your fucking bed.
>EVERYWHERE, like you can't say the words "deterination", or "spaghetti" without an horde of cunts dropping memes at you.
>Game gaining recognition and awards solely because of Tumblr/SJW raids and porn.(granted, still marketing)


>full of forced attempts to vomit memes
Please elaborate.


AKA spaghetti, dating a skeleton, or jokes that sound out of place because of poor writing, or simply bad puns that fail to be puns.


File: 1466737816563.webm (1.54 MB, 640x480, Undertalemoment.webm)


File: 1466823762462.jpg (43.55 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)



Fucking hell.


>Cave Story effects can change gameplay if you put Quote as your name.


Toby Fox created Homestuck and Earthbound Halloween Hack (check them out on Google).


File: 1468166474248.png (2.01 KB, 512x480, tobyfoxwithwallybear.png)

I know right! Actually Cave Story copied Undermeme! https://www.change.org/p/make-cave-story-acknowledge-that-it-copied-undertale

Why would I check a tumblr meme and a game hack made by such monstruous dev? I already know he wish he was Cave Story's dev.


Here we go again.
He didn't create that webcomic, but indeed made tons of music for it.
The name thing on Undertale is pretty much worthless, since Hard Mode is incomplete and probably won't ever be finished.


File: 1541007061402.jpg (69.84 KB, 953x928, sanspony.jpg)

It's back. God grace us on this beautiful day.


File: 1541082498354.png (161.21 KB, 426x382, Majora's_Mask_Artwork.png)

no one cares about it, but with the playing card themes, possible heart based final boss, darker tone, and high likelihood that this is an au, is this just toby's attempt at majora's mask? with more hs than needed?


Guess the meal ticket from the first one ran out after all.


File: 1543169913693.png (1.81 KB, 92x125, Lancer_overworld_static.png)

I liked it a lot, see you all in 7 years to play the rest.

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