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saya no uta
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File: 1421105532868.png (307.02 KB, 413x709, Tarot 5 copy small.png)


Uboachan seems pretty quiet lately so maybe this will stir some passions. The creator of Middens has a new game.



I really want to back it, but I always convince myself that I need the money more :(


I pledged. Maybe the devil made me do it. <3


I caved…


Officially hyped.


Don't forget to spread word around to other sites :D


Honestly it'll be interesting to see if a game like this can succeed and if people will fund something this abstract.


I'm curious to see if it will succeed as well, and how things are going so far as well as knowing Clowder's reputation; I believe that it will easily reach it's full funding point.


>Them physical tarot cards at $80
I'm tempted to shell out for them, being a patron of this kind of stuff makes me happy anyway. Remember when Clowder posted Middens on /fg/? That was tight, it's nice to see him so successful and happy making games but I kinda wish he didn't get scared off by those couple of people. I wonder if he still lurks

I doubt this will be much of a problem for him, especially seeing how well Gingiva was funded


Looks noice, I'm glad someone actually pledged for the biggest reward, it will be fun to see what it comes out of it


File: 1421271183622.png (3.79 KB, 166x68, what the fuck.png)

Somebody already took the $500 tier reward?? Damn it, I missed my chance.


AFAIK Clowder doesn't go on uboachan anymore. He's mostly on tumblr and various other sites, like deviantart, etc.

I haven't talked to him for a while because he deleted skype to work on the game.


The highest tier is still open. It was the second highest that was cinched.



He pretty much posted it on the worst board he could have, I know there are notable exceptions but most of the artists who put their fangames there a bunch of envious fucks looking forward to shit on the success of others

And Middens wasn't even a YN fangame to begin with


File: 1421274396993.png (558.77 KB, 637x477, NOPE.png)


That's true. I never understood why he put it on /fg/ anyhow. There are legitimate people out there who believe that Middens is a YNFG still. They think the hub is the Love Bus and that's how you get to the 'worlds'… pff… As far as I know there are things a game has to have in order to qualify as a YNFG.


Oh, good. I still have a chance to make my wildest dreams come true.

Have my favorite Gingiva screenshot.


I think he probably posted it thinking, 'I'm a fan of Yume Nikki' and not that 'This is a fangame of Yume Nikki'


Nice. Obviously it's in the same style as Middens or Gingiva, more or less, but I recognize some of the characters on the cards which makes me believe, though I may very well be mistaken, that it might tie in with them somehow. And if not then that this is supposed to be a culmination of the sort of thing he's been doing so far. Looks as if it'll meet its mark pretty easily, I'm exited.

I hope whoever gets the $330 figurines takes pictures of them, I can't help but imagine them being really interesting, deformed clay things worth seeing.

Y'know I wasn't even aware he ever had a skype. What was he like when you did talk to him?


File: 1421369173322.png (78.05 KB, 500x376, IMPROTANT GENIE FACTS.png)

What was he… like?

…Do you remember the one time he answered some ask on tumblr about how crude he talked during a recent interview, and he was talking about how he had genitals and whatnot?

Sort of like that.
But also understanding, he's spiritual, uhhh… a little old-fashioned, … basically about as crude and weird as you can see him online as you can see him on skype, I suppose?

He's a hard one to describe. Lord I feel like I'm being watched by him right now.


Woah, that suddenly jumped! Looks like they're already at their total.


His last game too, apparently. Definitely looking forward to this one.


It's his last game? Where did you read that?

Went to the page and there's some debate about Valve going on. Turns out Clowder doesn't like Steam. Says it's like a Shinra reactor harvesting the life force out of independent games lol.


File: 1422296197765.gif (282.19 KB, 648x648, 08161.gif)


He doesn't have any plans for other games at the moment, and WTCTR is likely his last game before he takes a break or stops altogether.


He hasn't stated that he has any more plans. However, he has stated that he might produce a new work that isn't a game after WTCTR.

I'm inclined to agree with him about Steam. I just do not like the platform what-so-ever. Steam and I have never really been good, in all honesty, mostly because of computer difficulties.

I do sort of share the view that indie games shouldn't attach themselves to any particular platform. In my opinion it takes something away from it, but I'm not entirely sure what that thing is.

Have a poorly-animated Nomad shooting, courtesy of me.

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