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File: 1408948496657.gif (1.64 MB, 350x225, freddys band.gif)


Surprised there's no thread for this yet.
A rather simple point and click horror game that requires good strategy and fast reflexes in many cases. You work as a security guard working the night shift at a kid's pizzeria a la Chuck E. Cheese's, and can only move to check your camera monitors and the door/light switches on the side of your booth. The animatronic animals that make up the main entertainment move around the restaurant, and your goal is to survive off the minuscule power your booth is budgeted from 12 am until 6 am without getting killed and stuffed into an animatronic suit by Freddy and his gang for 5 nights. Shit progressively hits the fan harder with each passing night, including hallucinations that can kill you and the addition of a new animatronic who bumrushes your booth like he's goddamn Sonic the Hedgehog. You can also unlock a 6th and 7th night.
The game itself has a free demo but can be purchased for around 5 bucks. It's actually pretty interesting once you get past the horrifying animatronic screeching that plays when they kill you and shit. There's also a wiki up for it, but it's been vandalized recently.
>tl;dr night of the living fursuits: the game


File: 1409369836496.png (15.13 KB, 476x956, FreddyChen.png)

There's so much furry porn holy fucking shit.

I played this. People who were watching me got scared but I was like "then there's THIS ASSHOLE". The mechanics are pretty cool, and the jumpscares only happen when you die, so it builds this tension/paranoia were you MUST know where is everybody and you will freak out if you noticed someone just moved. Also the game keeps adding stuff each day, so it never gets stale.


I can't really see the point of playing this once I saw a live stream of it.
Really kills the motivation.


File: 1410120847401.png (108.29 KB, 219x376, Security Cam by Felix29.png)

I don't know man, this game has quite alot of potential IMO.

The fact that you don't move at all, just use your surroundings, devices and cameras to monitor everything, just to survive. It's practically the base mechanic for psychological thrillers. You don't know where the animatronics are, where they're going, when they will strike. Especially for Foxy, and the fact you can see him RUNNING DOWN THE HALLWAY AND FUCK YOU UP IF YOU DIDN'T HAVE THE DOOR CLOSED.

But yeah, the game is full of jumpscares, which is actually a good thing cuz most games nowadays don't scare you that much with their jumpscares. Too predictable.


File: 1440945656950-0.jpg (212.77 KB, 1600x720, yume nikki reference.jpg)

File: 1440945656950-1.png (1.17 KB, 110x161, mado.png)

I don't know why no one else has pointed this out in all this time, but isn't this a Yume Nikki reference?


That does get pointed out, but we may never know. It is probably a coincidence, because that pattern is all over the restaurant and is a fairly common border used in many restaurants. Still, I like the way you think.




Most sites wouldn't shut the hell up about it when the first game came out.


boring, repetitive game with mediocre jump scares


>fast reflexes
And I'm out…


why the fuck did you bump two 5 year old threads to say you don't like it?


Not as scary as Resident Evil VIII

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